1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County

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Silver earrings Horses-store.com1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County

From the above stats, a basic outline of his career is observable:  He moved to Texas and began his career in 1895 at the age of 26 (his last child had been born in Marietta in April, 1894); His last appearance as a professional ball player in a game was in 1929, when he was at the astonishing age of 60!    I am in possession of a photograph of him some ten years later, in 1939 (when he would have been 70).  The occasion was perhaps the death and funeral of his brother Dr.

Omer R.

Alexander in Marietta, Georgia.  The photograph is a group photo, including the then-retired Bill Alexander, two unidentified ladies presumed to be his daughter and a daughter-in-law, his sister Lillie May (Alexander) McConnell, and his half-sister Hattie (Alexander) Dobbins.

The printed date on the reverse side is “February 28, 1939”.  In the photograph, he is tall and thin–even lanky, with his hands crossed in front of his belt-line, and bears more than a passing resemblance to my Dad and myself even (interesting, considering our rather remote relationship from him).  Nothing of him is known at present after this 1939 photograph was taken.  Though I have not been able to determine when or where he died, an entry in the U.S.

Social Security Death Index may possibly refer to him: “James Alexander, born 30 August, 1869 [no location listed]; died July 1963 in Texas.”  [He was almost 94 years old]  This was the only person by this name listed in this index who was born in 1869 and died in Texas, so I would conclude that the likelihood is strong that it may be him.

The April, 1947 obituary for his brother Greer, however, does not list him as a surviving relative.

Only his wife is mentioned: “Mrs.


Alexander, Dallas, Texas.” This would seem to indicate that he had died prior to April, 1947.    1g2)  Dr.

Omer Rocellous Alexander, Sr., born in September 1871, in Cobb County, Georgia; died in 1939, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida.  He (like his siblings) was raised in the Fair Oaks section of Marietta, just across the road from where the Forrest C.

Brooks home would later be built (his half-sister and brother-in-law), and graduated in 1891 from the old Atlanta Medical College which later became part of Emory University.  Dr.

Omer Alexander was a M.D.

And a pharmacist, with an office in Smyrna, Georgia.  He married Willie Pearl McAfee in 1891 in Georgia.  She was born in June 1878 in District 34 (Lemon’s), Cobb County, Georgia, a daughter of Robert McAfee and his wife Armanda E. [LNU].

Years ago, I remember an Alexander cousin (perhaps Charlotte McCoy??) telling me a story to the effect that one of the children of Thomas Tucker Alexander [1850-1929] used to bring him citrus fruit as occasional gifts when he was an elderly man.

It was probably his son Dr.

Omer R.

Alexander who did this, as he did in fact live in Florida for a number of years.

The descendants of Dr.

Omer R.

Alexander will be listed below.    1g3)  India Isabel Alexander.  Born 16 June, 1874, Cobb County, Georgia.  She married Zephaniah “Zeph” Hooper, born September 1859, in Lemon’s District, Cobb County, Georgia, a son of Hiram Hooper and his wife Francis C. [LNU].  India had five children, and died young (like her mother) at the age of 28, on 26 April, 1903, in Goddard, Marion County, Alabama, not long after having given birth to a child who died the same day he was born (9 February).   1g4)  George T.

Alexander.  Born 13 July,1876, Cobb County; died 10 January,1878, also in Cobb County.  Buried beside his parents at the Milford Church cemetery.     1g5)  Greer Montgomery Alexander, Sr.

Born 1878 in Cobb County; died 2 April, 1947.  He was a carpenter by profession, and married twice, first to Grace Lizzie Bundt, ca.1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County.  He had several children, and many of his descendants still live in Cobb County.

Grace Lizzie Bundt was born 1878 in Cobb County, and died 1907 in Cobb County.  Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, a daughter of Van Vert Horn II and his wife Hettie Parizade Duckett, was born 25 December, 1880, in Dekalb County, Alabama, and died 18 August, 1966, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She lies buried in Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Georgia.  “In 1923 Greer and Mary moved from the Horn farm on Austell Road in Cobb County to Atlanta, where they lived until 1935 when they returned to care for her mother.”  (per Jimmie Ryan) “Greer died in 1947, [in] Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, [and is] buried [at] Milford [Methodist] Church, Cobb County, Georgia.  While there is no tombstone to mark his grave, Greer is known to be buried in the Milford cemetery, and it is thought that his grave is just outside and beside the long cement curbed plot of [his father] T.T.

Alexander.” (ibid.)  His widow Mary later lived with a daughter in New Orleans.  “While Mary was with her daughter in Louisiana, the [Greer Alexander] home place remained unoccupied until her death in 1966, at which time her oldest son [from a previous marriage] Charles Shaw inherited the property.” (ibid.)   1g6)  Lillie May Alexander.  Born April 24, 1881, Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia; died August 7, 1974, East Point, Fulton County, Georgia. She lived in the 1920s at a home on Stewart Avenue in Atlanta, then for several years in Haleyville, Alabama (in the 1930s), and later (in the 1940s) in a house on Grant Street, also in Atlanta.

She married first, in October 1902, Henry Persons “Top” Kelly (1876-1925), born in Carrollton, Georgia; died in his home on Stewart Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.  Lillie May remarried ca.1928 to Kendred Balatka “Mr.K.B.” McConnell, of Haleyville, Alabama [born May,1867].  “Mr.K.B.” committed suicide in Atlanta’s Grant Park (where the Zoo now is) on December 20, 1949.  Thereafter, his widow Lillie May resided with her daughter and son-in-law Martha and Ralph Bunn, at their former residence at 989 Deckner Avenue SW, Atlanta, Georgia.  Lillie May Alexander was a gifted writer, and composed several poems, short, pithy anecdotes, kept a diary (which I now possess) and wrote at least one religious tract entitled “In Green Pastures”, which was actually printed and published (I have several original copies of it).  She also possessed a fine intellect and a mechanical aptitude, which she passed on to several of her descendants.  Her granddaughter Dianne Byrd has told me that on occasions when her (Lillie’s) sewing machine might happen to quit working, Lillie would simply take it apart, down to “nuts and bolts”, fix what was wrong, and then re-assemble the whole thing.  Lillie May Alexander, alas, also had a life filled with much sorrow and suffering, though, as is reflected in some of her writings.  Her final, very senile years were spent in much squalor and misery (mostly due to loneliness, senility, and physical infirmity) in a “nursing home” in East Point, Georgia, which is where she finally, mercifully, passed away at the age of ninety-three.

I remember all the old people (surviving half-sisters and brothers-in-law) who attended her funeral in Marietta in 1974 when I was an eleven-year-old.

I was mightly impressed that my “Ban” (the nickname we called her by) would have drawn such an impressive crowd, since her last years had been spent largely in isolation, comforted only occasionally by visits from her daughter and grandson “Frank” (my Dad).

To his great credit, my Dad took myself and my sister to see our great-grandmother frequently in her final years, and I can appreciate it now.   Here follows the complete, unedited, unabridged text of the religious tract which she wrote, probably in the 1940s.

The events she details therein probably took place ca. 1895 or 1896, when she would have been about fifteen or sixteen: In Green Pastures Back in the “gay nineties” when I was a mere slip of a girl and very much in love with life, I had an experience that changed the whole current of my life. It was the twenty-fifth of December and very cold.

Mother Nature had spread a beautiful ice carpet over the old red clay roads of Georgia, and the great oaks back of my home were singing as the wind swept in from the north. The whole countryside was in a bustle of excitement because of the “coming out” party of my best girl friend on her birthday, December 25. I wanted very much to go, but since it was to be a dance I felt that my dear father would not give his consent.

But older girls persuaded him and, after exacting a promise from us to leave should anyone be present who was under the influence of intoxicants, he very reluctantly gave his consent. — The children of Greer Montgomery Alexander Sr. and his first wife Grace Lizzie Bundt:   1g5a)  William Greer “Buster” Alexander.  Born 1900, in Georgia.  He married Minnie Lee (born 1900), and died in Cordell, Georgia.   1g5b)  Grace Victoria Alexander.  Born 17 October, 1901, died of tuberculosis in 1943, Cobb County, Georgia.  She married on 25 December, 1918, Wilbur Chester “Bill” Sangster (born 6 April, 1896, Dooly County, Georgia; died 5 July, 1936, Abbeville, Wilcox County, Georgia, a son of William T.

Sangster and his wife Martha C.

Deloach).  Bill Sangster was a carpenter by trade.  “Grace lived in Abbeville Georgia until Bill died, [at which point] she returned to Cobb County.”  (per Jimmie Ryan)  Bill Sangster died of Typhus “from a rat-infected flea,” and lies buried in the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church cemetery in Rochelle, Georgia (ibid.)   1g5c)  Martha Fay Alexander.  Born 1903, Smyrna, Cobb County, Georgia; died in California.  She married Lee Sherrard, a Sgt.

Major in the U.S.

Army, and was a registered nurse by profession, “assisting [a] Dr.Griffith in all phases of the operation of his eye, nose and throat [operations at his hospital] in Atlanta. “She supervised all personnel and activities at the hospital, [and] as well acted as his personal secretary.  After she was married in the late 1930s, she moved with her husband to California.”  (per Jimmie Ryan)    1g5d)  Greer Montgomery Alexander, Jr.  Born 1907, Smyrna, Cobb County, Georgia.   The children of Greer Montogomery Alexander Sr.

And his second wife Mary Alva Beatrice Horn:     1g5e)  Mary Frances Alexander.  Born 26 January, 1911, Cobb County, Georgia.  Her occupation before retirement was a C.P.A.  She married in 1929 Albert A.

Guest, a mechanical engineer born on 13 January, 1909, in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, a son of Peyton Lee Guest and his wife Maud Aiken.  Albert A.

Guest died 11 June, 1980, in Indiana, and is buried at Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Georgia.  He was “a tile setter by trade, [and] worked for the Dinkler Hotel System.  During his career with Dinkler, he traveled extensively. …”  (per Jimmie Ryan)  “Mary resided [in] 2002 in Austell, Cobb County, Georgia.  While serving with a New Orleans C.P.A.

Firm, her principal account was The Baptist Hospital.  Mary is an accomplished artist.  Her family especially enjoys her beautiful oils of roses.  One can almost smell them and feel their soft petals.”  (ibid.)     1g5f)  Richard Albert Alexander.  Born 17 July, 1913.     1g5g)  Dorothy Lucille “Ludy” Alexander.  Born 16 September, 1916, Cobb County, Georgia; died 9 January, 1985, Mobile, Alabama.  Buried Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Georgia.  She married first, 27 July, 1935, Cobb County, Georgia, Roy Lee Harris (born 29 August, 1911; died 20 August, 1961); and married second, Louis Pinter (born in Hungary; residing in 1997 in Hungary).  Dorothy Lucille “Ludy” Alexander had no children.      1g5h)  Frank Nolan Alexander.  Born 30 June, 1919.   1g5i)  Jack Leslie Alexander.  Born 1 June, 1922.  He did much research on the Alexander family.  We are all richer because of his efforts, and those of others like him.     The children of Lillie May Alexander by her first husband Henry Persons “Top” Kelly:   1g6a)  James Gilbert “Jack” Kelly (born 28 March,1905, Carrollton, Carroll County, Georgia; died 29 August,1982, West Paces Ferry Hospital, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia).

Jack Kelly married Sarah Louise Greene, on April 6th, 1925, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

She was born in Eatonton, Putnam County, Georgia on August 21, 1907, and died January 10, 1981 in Georgia.  Jack Kelly was variously a State Trooper in Georgia, and later installed heating and air with one of his sons-in-law.  I used to visit him and his wife often during the summer of 1981, when I had just graduated from high school (I used my bicycle to travel the fifteen-mile distance, a fact which impressed them).  He was my (and my Dad’s) favorite uncle, and it was during the two final summers of his life that I got to know him best.  He was also the only member of my (extended) family who both smoked cigarettes and occasionally drank whiskey (two things my very religious family has always greatly frowned upon) and thus he was, to me (as a teenager) a VERY COOL PERSON.   Very unusual, therefore, that my very pious and God-fearing father (his nephew) nonetheless respected and loved his (somewhat wayward) uncle.  

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    Horses-Store.com and 1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County
    Horses-Store.com - 1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County
    Horses-Store.com and 1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County
    Horses-Store.com - 1898 in Cobb County, and second to Mary Alva Beatrice Horn, 17 April, 1910, in Marietta, Cobb County