2 hands high stock horse gelding

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No matter what your background, where you are based, family is family and when your partner is away, the fridge requires an exorcism, the car has bombed and the kids now have reserved seating in the Emergency Room of the hospital—
at least you know that you are not alone, and you have around you a great support network within the Defence and local community to see you through. Jasmine Jarvis is an Army Brat, ex-RAAFie and Air Force wife who juggles raising two kids, working for parenting website MotherLink and is undertaking part-time study at uni. More Information For more information about mother link please see the website. HYPERLINK “http://www.motherlink.com.au” www.motherlink.com.au Posting Tales—Emma Jane and Maggie’s Story Defence families move more often than most families and it can mean a new town and new school for children every couple of years.

Despite these hardships, firm and lasting friendships form between Defence children, especially when bonding over a shared passion.

If they’re lucky they can pick up their friendship where they left off if they meet again in a new posting.

This is just one story. Emma Jane and Maggie met at the start of the school year in 2003 at Wirreanda Public School, Medowie, New South Wales.

They quickly became firm friends through a love of horses, each having a dad in the Air Force, and having a try anything attitude. Lunch breaks in the school playground and after-school play-dates always seemed to involve playing horses. This soon extended to Emma Jane watching Maggie learning to ride her horse Sam, a then 18 year old, 15.2 hands high stock horse gelding. Emma Jane was always a willing strapper and it was not long until Maggie and Emma Jane were both seen ‘doubling’ down the lane together on Sam, or switching in the saddle for short bursts. Emma Jane was born with Amniotic Banding Syndrome which caused intrauterine constriction of both her upper limbs, requiring immediate amputation of her right arm below the elbow.

Her left hand was also constricted, deforming some of her fingers, however her thumb and index finger were normal allowing her to develop a fine motor pincer grip.

Through the years she has tried numerous prosthetic devices for her right arm, however, with her fiercely independent streak, none have survived long and she has managed most things more easily without any prosthetic assistance. In addition to meeting Maggie, in 2003 Emma Jane also joined the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) at Raymond Terrace to ride once a week. One of the first challenges was her ability to command a set of reins and steer and control a horse.

Her left hand could obtain a fair grip, but she needed to be able to use her right arm to grip the rein and assist.

Various modifications to reins and gloves were required to help Emma Jane overcome this. Soon Maggie was attending some of Emma Jane’s RDA functions and Emma Jane was attending some of Maggie’s competition days.

The two were inseparable; they could often be found ringside somewhere, giggling and incessantly chatting about just one thing—horses! In May 2006, Maggie switched to a green pony to further her riding, and this gave Emma Jane the opportunity to ride Sam on her own on a regular basis, in a large ten acre paddock.

So long as Sam was near Maggie and her pony Hannah, life was good and the two girls had some independence from mothers! At the end of 2006 Maggie’s family was posted to Queensland.

Emma Jane continued with her riding, with a coach able to give her an extra three days a week in the saddle as Emma Jane took on a new challenge of dressage.

Emma Jane went on to compete at the NSW State Dressage, culminating in three firsts and her becoming overall C Grade Champion in 2010. Five years later Emma Jane’s family was set to follow Maggie’s family relocating to RAAF Amberley. The relocation required the hunt for a kind, experienced and steady horse that could move with her.

With the help of seasoned horse hunters Emma Jane’s family found and purchased Colonial Sky’s the Limit, or Max, a 14.3 hands high, quarter horse appaloosa cross. Max, a cheeky in-your-face type of horse, was once a school horse and trained to elementary level in dressage.

This enabled Emma Jane’s and Maggie to catch up again through their schools after hours on campus equestrian coaching and participation in interschool equestrian competition on the school team. With both girls’ families living close to RAAF Amberley and both girls enrolled at the same school they would have plenty of time to plan many new horse adventures—pursuing their passions, and reserving reciprocal strapper rights. Horse talk Here is an explanation for some of the terms from this article Appaloosa—a breed best known for its colourful leopard-spotted coat pattern Dressage—the art or method of training a horse in obedience and in precision of movement Hands high—a measurement to describe the height of horses, ponies and other equines in a number of different countries with one hand being four inches (10.16 cm), and the horse measured from the ground to the top of the withers Quarter horse—a breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances, its name coming from its ability to outdistance other breeds in races of a quarter mile or less Stock horse—a breed well suited for working with livestock and characterised by agility, quickness, and powerful hindquarters Strapper— a person holding a junior position looking after horses.

Duties include cleaning out the stables and strapping on the saddles—hence the name! Withers—is the ridge between the shoulder blades of a four-legged animal Find out what’s on in your neighbourhood The Southern Cross Community Connect website helps community groups and organisations promote their events to the public. To find out what’s happening in your region simply go to the website’s calendar and plug in your location details.

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