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Bridle Bijoux - grey, silver and crystal - Bridle-bling - Gifts Horses-store.com3 HH Buckskin Morab NORTHWOODS TRAINING CENTER JERICHO CREEK FARM II Wendy Konichek N


STERLING (Jericho’s Mr.

Chauvinist x Ta-ket) 15 HH Grey Morab All are Stallions MBTF Nominated MARY MEL’S MYSTERY (WNS Widenstone x Mary Mel’s Glo-girl) 15.2 HH Flaxen/Chestnut Morgan JERICHO’S ROYAL STORMHAWK (Wachuset Blackhawk x Jericho’s Royal Ashlin) 14.3 HH Buckskin Morab NORTHWOODS TRAINING CENTER JERICHO CREEK FARM II Wendy Konichek N.8075 Behling Rd.

Tomahawk, WI 54487 715-453-9321 Fax: 715-453-9733 Email: morabrep@yahoo.com Website: www.jerichocreekfarms.com ♦ FOR SALE: Morabs, Morgans and Arabians of all ages.

ALL-BREED TRAINING, SHOWING AND LESSONS ♦ PAGE 2 ♦ STUD FEES: $650 (Includes $100 booking fee and first shipment of semen.) Live Foal Guarantee Mare Care: $8 per day Multiple Mare Discounts Photo credits: Pam O’Connell, Creative Equine, Karen Leitz and Brittany Wendorf MORAB PERSPECTIVE SUMMER 2008 ♦ — SUMMER 2008 ♦ FARM NEWS Continued from page 7 Finally, on the Labour Day weekend, things came together and we were able to attend the Agricultural fair in Marmora – a nice show we have attended before.

Both Mocha and Alex had been there – although this would be Mocha’s first time there on his own; previously Alex was the prime show horse.

We really hadn’t had much preparation, but there was a Trail class and that’s what I wanted anyway.

I’ve since promised Mocha I’ll do my best to overcome being a “weather-wimp” and will aim to get him out to more things next year.

There are a couple of local clubs with Trail at their shows, so we’ll try for those.

And I’ll look to get Magic out to another local club that is very handy and very quiet, a good place to start.

Alex can do his carriage driving exclusively, which will make him happy.

And I may even try to get Alex and Magic going as a pair.

An incredibly unmatched pair – but still a pair! So, considering the circumstances, I have to say I was pleased. 5 Firsts (Trail, Command, Costume, English and Western EquitaWell, that’s it for now.

I hope everyone made it through the dogtion), three Seconds (Show Hack, English and Western Pleasure) days of summer and is enjoying a lovely autumn.

And try not to and a fourth.

The fourth was in the Jack Benny class (maybe the worry too much about the coming winter! judge didn’t think I really qualified because he couldn’t see my grey hair under my cap?).

The Seconds would probably have Jericho Creek Farms been Firsts if I hadn’t been “choking” Mocha down into a frame to Tomahawk, Wisconsin make him look “pretty”.

So, my fault. By Wendy Konichek The only class where we did not place at all was Hunter Hack.

I fell off after the jump! I don’t jump and don’t like it.

I just point and hang on.

Mocha used to jump like a deer, but that was a few years ago.

Other than a short practice session a couple of days earlier, he hadn’t jumped in years.

And he wasn’t getting any help from me! On top of that, the jump was going towards the midway, so not any horse’s preferred direction.

Mocha refused the first time and looked like he might do it again on our second attempt.

I pushed him hard and he gamely tried, but was angling at the jump standard and took off too far away.

His huge leap loosened my already unsteady seat and I ended up hanging off to the left upon landing while Mocha, in an attempt to balance, started to deke right.

I knew I wasn’t getting back on so decided I might as well let go.

And was laughing by the time I hit the ground (which was nice and soft and deep) because it was all so silly and I should have known better.

Poor Mocha went another couple of feet sideways and stopped, looking very upset.

I got up, patted him and gave him a hug, still laughing as we left the ring.

There had been five entries in the class until I was eliminated – and I heard a couple of friends say (once they knew everything was okay, of course) “well, at least we’re now guaranteed a fourth.” I thought that was pretty funny! At the end of May we had two Morab foals born.

JCW Sundance of Glory a palomino filly; she is a full sister to JCW Changing Winds aka “Twister” that Carolyn has in California.

Jericho’s Thee Senor, a bay colt, is a full brother to the buckskin mare, Jericho’s Thee Senorita.

Please see their pictures on the covers of this issue of the Morab Perspective.

We had a lady from Wisconsin, that fell in love with our gaited Morgan stallion, Mary Mel’s Mystery at the Midwest Horse Fair.

She bred her Morgan mare to him via Shipped Semen and it worked on the first try.

She is very excited about this foal and wants to possibly breed another mare to him next year.

We were happy to know that we can ship semen on Mystery; hopefully some people from out-of-state will take advantage of this opportunity. This year due to the high cost of fuel, we didn’t go to any shows, except for the IMBA Region 4 show (see the results in the next issue).

This was a major blow to my training income, and we decided to hold off on breeding some of our mares.

We did rebreed the Arabian mare, Winds of Glory and the Morab mare, Jericho’s Royal Ashlin to the Morgan stallion, JCW Rev’s Cajun And we still earned overall Senior High Point English.

Fortunately Sundancer.

Ahsley’s foal is already sold to a woman from Wisconthe Hunter Hack class was not used in calculating the point total.

Sin that has been waiting for two years to get a “Danny” foal.

Unfortunately, we didn’t earn High Point Western, since the Trail was not used for that calculation, but the Game classes were.

Mocha isn’t a gaming horse and I wouldn’t do that to him anyway – not after he has already done a full day of other classes.

As it was, we were both pretty tired.

It was more riding and work than either of us had done in years.

I was glad the Western classes were after the English ones, so I could stop posting, sit down and go slow, and I’m sure Mocha felt the same way.

Anyway, other than my “unplanned dismount”, I think Mocha had a good time.

He was calm and happy.

At one point he was surrounded by a bunch of kids who were patting him as he sniffed and nuzzled them like a beagle puppy.

You wouldn’t have known he hadn’t been showing regularly.

Even the judge couldn’t believe this was the first thing he’d done in four years and we’d only started working about a month previous.

Oh, and another plus – the show announcer would regularly mention the various breeds showing in the ring.

So everyone learned Mocha is a marvellous Morab! ♦ MORAB PERSPECTIVE ♦ PAGE 10 The next Morab Perspective Deadline Is November 30 The Theme is Winter (Breeders Guide) Send your Articles and Ads to: morabperspective@yahoo.com ♦ SUMMER 2008 ♦ Looking for a smooth ride…

Consider breeding to the Gaited Morgan Stallion Mary Mel’s Mystery Mentor Stellar Omar Sheriff WNS Windenstone (Chestnut) Rockwells Valley Tan Woodrush Hilite Hi Q MARY MEL’S MYSTERY 15.1 HH Flaxen Chestnut Morgan Wingo Naiad Flying Jubilee Cynthia Ken’s Car-a-mel Deborah Stetson Starglo Morgan Son Pictured Above: Mystery Carmel a 3-day Eventing Champion Goldfield Mentor Stellar Mary Mel’s Glo-Girl (Chestnut) Stetson Irish Mist Moon Dust Naiad Fariytop Hudson Willys Flyhawk Sentola Royalle Embar Owned by: Mary Ballard and Wendy Konichek Morab Son Pictured Above: MR Barak Sakan Standing at: Jericho Creek Farm II Wendy Konichek N.8075 Behling Rd.

Tomahawk, WI 54487 (715) 453-9321 Email: morabrep@yahoo.com — This year has just flown by and foal news is the biggest thing happening here.

On May 6 th, FPS American Fayre Made Zingk, had a chestnut base coat, grey filly.

On May 9 th, Coal Creek Brown Honey, had a black base coat, grey filly, named FPS Beauty.

And not to be outdone on May 26 th (Memorial Day) FPS Fayre Tabitha Buck, presented me with a palomino base coat, grey filly, named FPS Memorial.

All the foals were sired by, Fayre Owen, our grey Morgan stallion.

For those of you who do not know, Grey Morgans are born a solid color and each hair shedding turn a little greyer, until eventually they are all white.

They don’t turn white at the same rate, so I have a large variety of shades of Grey.

See some of the 2008 foals on the Back cover of this issue.

Young stock is always available for purchase and visitors are always welcome, but please call first 315-364-7614 Windmere Gold ‘n’ Fancy, Palomino Morab mare with her 2008 Morab colt Windmere Flash Force. Six year-old Grey Morgan Stallion, F.P.S.

Fayre Ethan Hawk “Flash” with Carol checking out the dog. Frog Pond Stables Aurora, New York By Vicky McKane Hello from Frog Pond Stables.

For those of you have not heard of me, let me introduce myself.

I’m Vicky McKane, I’ve raised purebred Morgans for Thirty years.

I have co-owned a few Arabians and raised a few Morab foals with my mom.

I’m a Life member of the American Morgan Horse Association, New York State Morgan Horse Society and the International Morab Breeders’ Association.

FPS is my farm prefix.

At last count I’ve raised over seventy-five Morgan foals.

My focus is the unusual colored Morgans: Palomino, Buckskin, Dun and Grey.

I have a red dun, palomino and three grey Morgan stallions at stud.

I try not to raise more than a couple of foals a year, since I have twenty-two head on two farms and two jobs.

I breed for disposition and conformation; the color is a bonus.

Versatility is the norm, not the exception here. ♦ MORAB PERSPECTIVE ♦ PAGE 14 Seven year-old, Grey Morgan Stallion, F.P.S.

Justin’s Figure ♦ SUMMER 2008 ♦ A MAGNIFICENT MORAB BY BY KAREN KAREN TELLEF TELLEF My eyes keep watering, as I type.

Karen, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful animal with us.

His heart and spirit are beyond any other horse I have ever known.

He helped to make my son’s dream come true.

In a world where he has many challenges and obstacles to overcome, Sparks gives him wings to fly.

I’m not sure how much longer Sparks will be with us, but he has already given us some moments to treasure forever.

June Morab Gelding, Windmere Sparkler with Tommy I gave Windmere Sparkler (Moro Hill Magnum x Windrift Noriah), aka Sparks, to Juanita Dayringer in Old Fort, Ohio, to use in her therapeutic riding program.

Within the first week she was sending me heart-warming emails of the good he was already doing.

He was still too sore to be ridden, but physically and emotionally challenged adults and children alike were falling in love with him, with long sessions of grooming Sparks.

They identified with the fact that the horse had a disease, yet he was willing and patient with them.

Soon he was well enough to take some of the children to horse shows.

Sparks was happy to be back in the limelight again! But the crowning achievement is an email I received this year from June, the mother of 2 disabled children who worked with and fell in love with Sparks.

I am quoting parts of her email to me, and I dare anyone to read the last paragraph without getting tears in your eyes.

As Sparks is nearing the end of his amazing life, he has only recently begun his most important work.

He was BORN to do this, and is a tribute to all the amazing people who have worked with him thru the years.

The newspaper article June refers to is at the following link http://www.advertiser-tribune.com/page/content.detail/id/507525.html Hello Karen, I am the mother of Rebecca and Tommy Rich who take lessons from Juanita Dayringer in Old Fort, Ohio.

Last week was our county fair and I thought you might like an update on what Sparks is up to.

After three years with Sparks, Rebecca, now sixteen, had to move on to another horse who could keep up with her riding level.

Sparks was tearfully handed over to her brother Tommy who is twelve and has Cerebral Palsy.

This is Tommy’s first year in 4H and together he and Sparks wowed the crowds and the local newspaper.

There was a half page article with a large full color picture covering their successes for the day.

Tommy showed Sparks in showmanship, pleasure driving, and in-hand trail.

He walks with the aid of a walker, and with great effort, trudged through the arena, completing every obstacle for his trail class.competing against four other able-bodied 4-Hers, he won a genuine first place.

The crowd went wild with applause.

The judge came to tell me that this was not a sympathy placing.

After tallying the scores and docking points for not trotting (Tommy can’t walk that fast), Sparks and Tommy had the highest score.

The judge went on to say that Sparks did everything perfectly and she would love to have him for a trail show horse. ♦ MORAB PERSPECTIVE ♦ PAGE 15 ♦ — Morab Bay, 15HH $650 Jericho’s Mr.

Sterling Jericho’s Royal Stormhawk Mary Mel’s Mystery Montego’s Thunder Sir RAF Royale Sirocco Nightwind THI Cherokee Morab Morab Morgan Morab Morab Morab Morgan Grey, 15HH Buckskin, 14.3 HH Flaxen/Chestnut 15.2 HH Bay, 15.3 HH Palomino, 15 HH Black, 15 HH Black/Chestnut 14.3 HH $650 $650 $650 $650 $650 $400 $650 From The Editor Wendy Konichek This issue of the Morab Perspective is being printed by the online company www.docucopies.com We are hoping to offer all color in the next issue, this option will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

The next issue is the Breeders’ Guide issue so be sure to let us know what is going on with you and your horses.

There is no charge to send articles and Farm News along with pictures.

To find out the deadlines or if you need some ideas for an article go to pages 40-41.

We need your advertising support to continue to publish this newsmagazine.

Even if you do not have anything to sell think about taking our an ad to show us your horses or for only $5 you can put in an Announcement/ Greeting ad.

Talk about an inexpensive way to Thank someone for doing something or congratulate some one on a special show win; the possibilities are endless.

You might think $5 is not much, but every dollar helps support IMBA and the Morab breed.

Also my, Thanks to Linda Konichek for taking the time to proof read this issue.

Wondering where some of the horse clip art came from in this issue? I found it on the internet on these sites: www.foxtrotters.tripod.com/clipart.htm www.classichorse.com www.school-clip-art.com www.alove4horse.com www.ultimate horse.com www.awhitehorse.com Wendy Konichek ♦ MORAB PERSPECTIVE ♦ PAGE 32 ♦ SUMMER 2008 ♦ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD PROGRAM By Denise Schneider Sky King became part of the family when we were looking for a second horse.

We looked at several horses, and finally settled on Sky King.

What caught our attention was his “puppy dog” personality, his willingness to please, and his athletic ability.

He didn’t have a lot of training when we first bought him, but he has been joy to work with (doing anything we ask of him without complaint) and has taught us a few things as well.

He has proven himself to be a wonderful trail horse, has competed in hunter paces (in the ribbons), and excels in Western speed events (also in the ribbons).

We have only had him for a few years, but he is well on the way to his first award, and we have high hopes for this horse in the years to come. Freedom’s Patriot in Blue owned by Karen Petersen of Freedom Farm

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