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ZONE 20 2013 PONY CLUB CAMP Tumbarumba Showgrounds Sunday 13 January to Saturday 19 January Application Forms and General Information Please study this form thoroughly and retain it for reference, all particulars contained therein will be strictly adhered to in all aspects regarding the organisation of the Camp.

ELIGIBILITY: Junior members of any Zone 20 Pony Club which is affiliated with PCA of NSW, and aged 9 and under 17 years at the time of the Camp.

All those accepted must sleep in the Camp dormitories unless a Medical Certificate is produced to support exemption.

All applicants must be financial members as at 1st January 2013.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Entries must be received by Friday 26th October 2012 and must be included as part of a club application summary form from your Pony Club.

Camp is limited to 150 riders.

In the event that more than 150 applications are received preference will be given to the following applications:  Riders that are regular attendees at club rallies or Zone events  Riders over the age of 10 (under 10 riders with older siblings will be given higher preference)  Applications received by the required date on a club group booking form (late and individual applications will be given lower priority) A summary report of confirmed bookings, along with general camp details will be sent to club secretaries in mid November.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised in mid November and placed on a waitlist in the event of cancellations.

FEES: Fees are $190.00 for one child, $170.00 for the second child and $150.00 for third and subsequent children from the same family.

In addition, riders who are not supported by a full time adult helper must pay an additional $85 per rider.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations received by Friday 30th November will be entitled to a full refund.

Cancellations received after this date will be entitled to a refund, less a $75 administration fee.

All cancellations must be received in writing (post, fax or email) by the above date to be eligible for the above refunds.

CAMP REGULATIONS: The interference of parents in any area WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

This applies particularly to the horse areas and means that NO parent may feed horses, clean out horse yards, etc., as part of the Camp training is stable management, and the children MUST do these things themselves, with adequate supervision from instructors and assistant instructors.

All entrants MUST be signed into Camp no later than 1.30 pm on the first day, once signed in they are completely under the jurisdiction of the Camp Committee and MUST comply with all the Camp rules and regulations.

These, along with the camp disciplinary policy will be prominently displayed at the Camp Office and MUST be read and understood by entrants AND THEIR PARENTS.

DORMITORY DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES (in the event of misbehavior) 1.

Initial warning from dorm staff advising reason for warning and what subsequent steps will involve 2.

Isolation from fellow riders within dorm 3.

Meeting with Officer in Charge and dorm supervisor to discuss behavior – will include detention from riding activities on the following morning, and allocation to kitchen duties 4.

Parents contacted to meet with camp executive and dorm supervisor to discuss behavior and appropriate action, which may include further exclusion from camp activities or expulsion from camp and parents to collect.

Inappropriate behavior including smoking, drinking, severe disobedience, dangerous behavior or leaving the grounds will go straight to step 4.


Initial warning from Instructor advising reason for warning and what subsequent steps will involve 2.

Rider to leave the troop and be accompanied by an Outrider back to camp to assist with kitchen duties 3.

Meeting with Officer in Charge and instructor involved to discuss behavior – will include further detention from riding activities, and allocation to kitchen duties 4.

Parents contacted to meet with camp executive and instructor involved to discuss behavior and appropriate action, which may include further exclusion from camp activities or expulsion from camp and parents to collect.

ADULT HELPERS: Camp cannot run without the assistance of full time adult helpers.

All families are expected to provide at least one full time adult helper for the duration of camp.

Riders who are not supported by a full time adult helper are required to pay an additional $85 per rider.

A helper form is enclosed along with details of the roles to be filled.

ALL CLUBS will be allocated a primary job for set up day on Saturday 12th January and pack up day on Saturday 19th January (ie set up dining room, jump courses, dressage arenas etc).

Please ensure you know who your clubs camp coordinator is and refer to them for details or advice in respect to your role in camp.

PACK UP: On the final day, all beds, luggage, etc.

Must be packed and removed from the dormitories by 9.30a.m.

ALL AVAILABLE HELPERS will be required early to help remove all Camp gear from the Showground and to clean all facilities so the street parade can commence. SIGN OUT & STREET PARADE: The street parade is scheduled to commence at 10.30 am on Saturday 19th January and will be followed by presentations on the main oval after which riders may be signed out.

The Committee accepts no responsibility for any child not signed out by 12 noon.

MEALS: No Lunch is provided on the first or last day however there will be a fundraising BBQ for those requiring lunch.

All other meals during camp are provided.

Full time helpers will be eligible for meal fee of $70 and will be issued with an ID tag for canteen identification.

Please note full time helpers are required to bring their own crockery/cutlery kit.

Casual helpers may purchase meal tickets for $10 per meal or $20 per day.

These meal tickets are available for purchase from the Camp office between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm daily.

FRIDAY NIGHT ‘TALENT QUEST’: On the Friday night of camp we conduct a ‘talent quest’.

These are for group acts by either your Pony Club or your camp troop.

You are encouraged to prepare at a club level prior to camp if possible.


If found, phones will be confiscated and returned to parents upon signing rider out at the end of the week.

MEDICAL: The Medical Officer recommends that tetanus and diphtheria injections are current, and that any Medical, Hospital and Ambulance contributions are current.

All medical conditions need to be fully disclosed.

A First Aid Officer will be in attendance at the Camp.

WORKING WITH CHILDREN: All adult helpers aged 16 years and over are required to sign a Declaration form annually with their club.

Please include a photocopy of this form with your Adult Helper form.

CITIZENSHIP AWARD: The Keith and Rita Ferry Award will be presented at the conclusion of camp to a rider who shows citizenship and contributes to camp life.

CHANGE OF HORSE: If for some reason there is a change to the horse an applicant is bringing to camp, please advise your Senior Instructor who is to then advise the Zone Chief Instructor immediately.

DORM SUPERVISION: If these roles are not filled by Full or Part Time Helpers then a roster will be created with all clubs being assigned dorm duty, based on the numbers from each club. ALL RIDERS MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE AND CARE FOR THEIR OWN HORSES AND GEAR AND MUST HAVE THEIR APPLICATION FORM SIGNED BY THEIR SENIOR INSTRUCTOR TO VERIFY THIS.

HORSE REQUIREMENTS  Bridle, saddle, halter/headstall, saddle cloths and neck strap (if required by younger riders) & horse rug.  Brush, saddle soap and cloth.

Rake and shovel for cleaning horse yards (a family may share).  4-gallon feed and 4-gallon water container, both of which must be clearly marked with name of child and Club.  Extra buckets for carrying feed and water to horse yards.

CHILD’S REQUIREMENTS  Each child must bring bedding (bed, mattress, pillow, etc) suitable for a cold climate.  Unbreakable dinner plate, cereal bowl and mug, cutlery, tea towel and a bag to hold all the eating utensils.  Adequate changes of riding clothes in case of rain, raincoat and rubber boots.

Collared shirts are required.  Riding boots, brush and polish, NSW PCA approved riding helmet, full Pony Club uniform for Street Parade.  Extra clothes for wearing after riding, swimsuit and towel (a clothes horse is handy for wet clothes/towels).  Toilet requisites, bandaids, sunburn cream, Lipsed gel for sore lips.

We also suggest that you include a large plastic bag for soiled clothes, and instruct your child to keep his/ her dormitory area in a neat and tidy manner.


NOTES & GENERAL INFORMATION  The First day of Camp! Try to arrive at the show grounds by 8.30 am on the Sunday (AT THE LATEST) and select a yard for your child/children’s horse/horses.

Each pony club is assigned a block of yards and a plan showing what yards are allocated to what clubs will be displayed at the yards.

Have your child/children saddle their horse/horses in the yard in time for their clubs allocated gear check time (provided to secretaries prior to camp).

Please ensure that all gear to be used for the week is taken to gear check (if you are using 2 saddles, 2 bridles etc).

When your child/children pass gear check they will be given a slip of paper as confirmation that they have passed gear check – keep this slip safe.

Unsaddle the horse/hoses and put it/them in their yard(s), then collect all the gear your child/children will need in the dorm.

Take the gear and the gear-check confirmation slip to the office and sign your child/children in to camp.

Take the dorm gear in to the appropriate dorm, and then have lunch.

At about 1.00 pm assemble out the front of the dining room for a brief address by the camp OIC who will introduce the camp executive and give a run down on the proceedings for the camp.

Then riders are asked to saddle up and be out on the show grounds at 2.00 pm.  Instruction.

Your child/children will be instructed in a variety of horse disciplines, and each troop will have between 10 and 15 riders.

Troops are rotated around the various disciplines during the week.  Horse Gear.

No horse gear will be permitted in the dormitories so arrangements must be made for suitable storage area adjacent to the yard area (floats, trailers etc – families/club members may share).  Shoeing.

All horses must be NEWLY SHOD before entering the Camp and any shoeing found necessary during the Camp will be done at the parent’s expense.

All horses must be over 4 years old, and have been broken in and worked for at least 6 months prior to the Camp.  Feeding Preparation.

The Vet recommends that the horse be hand fed (this means hay, chaff, etc) for at least 2 weeks prior to the Camp in order to minimise the danger of colic.  Camping.

Camping is available at the Tumbarumba Creek Caravan Park however this must be pre booked to ensure adequate space is available.

A caravan park booking form is attached and it is essential that this be submitted prior to camp (substantial discounts apply).

Accommodation alternatives are also on this form.

CAMP TIMETABLE: The camp runs on a reasonably tight 6.00 – rise and dress 6.15 – clean yards and feed horses 7.00 – breakfast 8.15 – over to yards to saddle up 8.45 –troops line up for gear check move out to first activity 12.00 – return, clean yards, feed & water horses 12.30 – lunch time frame as follows: 1.30 – over to yards to saddle up 2.00 – line up & move out for second activity 4.30 – return, clean yards, feed & water horses 5.00 – free time 6.30 – dinner 7.30 – clean yards, feed & rug horses 9.00 – lights out GEAR CHECKS: ALL HORSES AND SADDLERY WILL BE INSPECTED from 9.30 am until noon on Sunday and no child will be signed into Camp until his/her gear has been checked and passed by gear inspector.

The signed inspection slip is then to be presented at the Office and the child signed in.

Any gear found to be faulty or inadequate will be either repaired or replaced at the parent’s expense.

DOGS: No dogs will be permitted on any part of the showground controlled by the camp committee and this includes any other grounds used for troop work during the camp.

Dogs are permitted on a leash within the Caravan Park but are NOT PERMITTED on the oval side of the creek and around the dormitories. ZONE 20 PONY CLUB CAMP TO BE HELD AT THE TUMBARUMBA SHOWGROUNDS FROM SUNDAY 13 JANUARY TO SATURDAY 19 JANUARY 2013 ADULT HELPERS – JOB DESCRIPTIONS Outriders Outriders are required to accompany troops out to the various locations throughout Tumbarumba where activities are held.

Outriders are expected to be competent riders and riding sensible horses capable of coping with the camp/pony club environment.

Camp is not the place for educating young horses or riding unpredictable older horses.

The Zone Chief Instructor reserves the right to defer individuals to other roles if rider and/or horse are deemed unsatisfactory for this role.

Outriders must be current financial riding members of PCA NSW (for insurance purposes) and be wearing approved PCA NSW helmets.

Rider & horse must be capable of leading horses if required.

Approximately 20 required Horse Feed Distribution This role involves distributing horse feed (hay & chaff) to the designated locations in the yard area prior to the 4 designated feed times.

This involves some heavy lifting of hay and chaff bags. – 5 to 6 required Cleaning Required to clean boys and girls toilets and showers in both halls each morning and toilets at the Racecourse and Top Block – 6 to 8 required First Aid Must hold a current first aid certificate and ideally be (or been) employed in a medical field.

You will be required to respond to first aid situations as they arise and determine if an ambulance is required.

First aid duty will be broken into 2 shifts – AM shift (8.00 am to 2.00 pm) or PM shift (1.00 pm to 6.30 pm).

Ideally you will have a mobile phone so you can be called when required. – Approximately 5 to 6 required Drinks Assist with the distribution of drinks and fruit to troops in the morning and afternoon.

Ideally half of the drinks helpers will have access to a vehicle they can use to take drinks out to the troops. – Approximately 25 required Dining Room You are required to assist with the set up (1/2 hour prior to serving) the serving and cleaning up of the designated meal.

You are required to assist with 2 meals per day to be deemed a ‘full time’ helper.

Dishwashing coordinators are also required as part of this role – approximately 20 required in all Instructor Instructors will be coordinated by Zone Chief Instructor, Mary-Lou Hodges and are required to be either a probationary, level 1, level 2 or NCAS instructor.

Instructors may either be mounted or unmounted (please indicate on booking form) however if mounted must be current financial riding members of PCA NSW (for insurance purposes) and be wearing approved PCA NSW helmets.

All instructors attending camp will be expected to instruct and not sit on the sideline. – as many as possible required.

Dorm Duty Dorm duty involves sleeping in the dorm and generally supervising children from 7.30 pm to 6.00 am.

Junior and senior boys and girls supervisors are required.

Note – Full time dorm supervisors are entitled to all meals for themselves, as well as their 1st child rider at no charge. – 8 required (2 for boys & 6 for girls) Swimming Coordinate and supervise children who participate in swimming activities on each afternoon of camp (from approximately 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm).

Accompany children across to pool, supervise them there and bring back again.

Several ‘shifts’ may be required to enable all wishing to sw im to attend.

Ideally you will have a swimming qualification.

Note this must be combined with another job to count as a full time helper – 2 required Afternoon Supervision Required to supervise children at the conclusion of riding activities (approximately 4.30 pm) until dorm supervisor arrives (7.30 pm).

During this period children are restricted to area immediately in front of main hall, dormitories and the oval.

Ideally you will coordinate activities/games but at the minimum ‘keep an eye’ on them! – 3 to 4 required.

For further details on any of the above roles please discuss with your Club Executive or contact the Camp Secretary.

If you are able to offer assistance not covered by the above, please contact the camp secretary to make arrangements. FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES CONTACT: Colleen Worthington Phone 02 6020 4269 (AH) Fax 02 6041 2947 Mob – 0413 256 763 Email zone20campsec@hotmail.com Samantha Worthington Phone 02 6020 4269 (AH) Mob – 0437 267 262 Email zone20campsec@hotmail.com Completed applications forms to be sent to your Club Secretary. APPLICATION FOR 2013 ZONE 20 PONY CLUB CAMP – Page 1 PLEASE COMPLETE ONE FORM PER RIDER Please complete this form in BLOCK LETTERS with the signature of parent and club senior instructor, and forward it with the appropriate fees to your Club Secretary.

All individual application forms must be included as part of a club application summary form from your club.


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