Abiturient : (Russian) freshman in secondary school

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Abas : obs. (Arabic) vain, useless. Abbat : (Russian) abbot. Abbosiy : (Arabic) Abbasid. Abbreviatura : (Russian) abbreviation. Abdol : obs. (Arabic) pious, ascetic; dervish, vagabond. Abdolvash : obs. (Arabic) dervish‑like, simple. Aberratsiya : (Russian) aberration. Aberratsiyon : (Russian) aberrant, unusual. Abgor : in deplorable condition, ruined, abject. ~ qil‑ to ruin utterly. Abgorlik : abstr.

Of abgor; abject or deporable condition.abira lit.great‑grandchild (s.

Evara). Abiturient : (Russian) freshman in secondary school. Abjad : (Arabic) enumeration system in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet indicates a number from 1‑1000 (~ hisobi or hisobi ~ enumeration using this system. Abjaq : ~ bo’l‑/~i chiq‑ to be smashed to bits, to be totally destroyed or ruined. ~ qil‑/~ini chiqar‑ to smash to bits, to destroy, to bust. Abjaqla‑ rare : v.t.

To smash to bits, to ruin. [abjaqlan‑] Abjir : quick, adept, dexterious. Abjirlik : adeptness, quickness. Ablah : (Arabic) idiot. Ablahlarcha : idiotic(ally). Ablahlik : idiocy. Ablahona : s.

Ablahlarcha. Ablaq : (Arabic) dappled. Abonement : (Russian) subscription (s.

Obuna). Abonent : (Russian) subscriber (s.

Obynachi). Abort : (Russian) abortion (s. ~ qil‑ to perform an abortion Abortiv : (Russian) adj.

Of abort; abortive; stunted. Abr : obs.

Cloud (s. ~i nayson spring raincloud. ~i navbahor early spring cloud.

Chun ~i navbahor just like an early spring cloud. — Ballada : (Russian) ballad. Ballast : (Russian) ballast. Balli 1 : bravo! Very good! Excellent!. Balli 2 : ‑point, ‑force.

Besh ~ zilzila earthquake measuring five on the Richter scale. Ballistik : (Russian) ballistic. Ballistika : ballistics. Ballon : (Russian) tank; tire; balloon.balo‑battar coll.this and that; whatever. Balo‑ofat : calamities and misfortunes. Balo‑qazo : all kinds of trouble; calamity, misfortune. Balo : calamity, misfortune, scourge; evil, trouble; something or other, whatever (word used as a substitute for other words, usu.

With negative or sarcastic overtones); super (at doing s.t.), astounding, expert, ?Bad?. ~ bormi? What the heck is there? What the heck are you going to do with that?~dan ham qaytmaydi He doesn?T stop at anything. ~day Eplab qil‑ to do something up right, to carry s.t.

Off well. ~day/~ga qol‑ to be left holding the bag, to be held culpable. ~ga qo’y‑ to get s.o.

Into trouble, to put s.o.

Into a difficult position; to leave s.o.

Else holding the bag. ~ga uchra‑/~i azim great disaster. ~i nogahon sudden, unexpected misfortune. ~yi nafs/nafs ~si one?S just deserts (for vice).

Bir ~ dedi he said something or other.

Bir ~ qiling! Do something!.

Boshga ~ bo’ldi to be a trouble; to be a headache.

Bowga ~ qil‑ to cause trouble for s.o.; to burden s.o.

With s.t.

Boshga bitgan ~ unavoidable/inevitable misfortune.

Bunda bir ~ bor There?S something fishy about this.

Har ~ every darn thing.

Har ~ bo’lsa ham Whatever the hell happens.

Har ~ni biladi he knows everything there is to know.

Hech ~ not a blessed thing, not a damn thing.

Hech ~da yo’q, hech ~ni bilmaydi He can?T do a darn thing.

Nima (ne, qanday) ~? What the heck (is this)?.

Nima ~ bo’ldi? What the heck happened? Nima ~ qilding!? What the hell did you do?!.

Suv ~si inundation, flood.

Tuhmat ~si slander, slanderous situation.

U yerda hech ~ yo’q There?S not a damn thing there.

U juda ~ odam He?S really amazing.

Uni ~ ham urmaydi nothing will touch him, nothing will happen to him.

Uni mening boshimga ~ qilding! You brought it down on me! Balog’at : (Arabic) maturity. ~ guvohnomasi (arch.) High school diploma. ~ga yet‑ to reach maturity. Balogardon : saviour, protector. ~ bo’l‑ to serve as a protector for. Baloxo’r : freeloader, sponger. Baloyi battar : s.

Balo‑battar. Baloyi qazo : s.

Balo‑qazo. Baloyu ofat : s.

Balo‑ofat.balqamboq bot.a type of Russian thistle.balqi‑ 1 poet.to glitter, shine; to flourish. Balqi‑ 2 : to bubble up, swell; to heave, shiver, stir. Balx(i) : ~ jo’xori (bot.) A type of sorghum. ~ tut white mulberry. Bama’ni : rational, reasonable; serious. Bama’nilik : reasonableness. Bamaslahat : with due advice, with consultation. Bamaylixotir : nonchalant. Bambuk : (Russian) bamboo. Bambukzor : stand of bamboo. Bamisli : arch.


Bamisoli. Bamisoli : like, unto, as.

U ~ mashina He is like a machine. — Boshchi : head, leader, boss. Boshchilik : abstr.

Of ~ida under the leadership of. Boshda : at first, at the beginning. Boshdan‑oyoq : from head to foot, completely. ~ kiyintir‑ to clothe from head to foot. Boshdan : from the first, from the beginning. Boshkesar : bloodthirsty killer, cold‑blooded murderer. Boshla‑ 1 : v.t.

To begin, start; to lead. [boshlan‑, boshlat‑, boshlash‑] Boshla‑ 2 : v.t.

To sew the upper on a shoe. [boshlan‑, boshlat‑] Boshlab : conv.

Of yangi yildan ~ starting from the new year…

Navoiydan ~ Hamzagacha from Navoiy to Hamza. Boshlama : initial, begginning; outset, initiation. Boshlang’ich : initial; primary, elementary; primordial, beginning. ~ maktab elementary school. Boshlanma : beginning. Boshli : smart, intelligent. Boshliq 1 : head, chief, director, president, boss, superior. Boshliq 2 : upper (of a shoe). Boshlovchi : leader; leading. Boshma‑bosh : head‑to‑head; one‑for‑one (basis). ~ qil‑ to exchange one for one. Boshmaldoq : thumb; big toe.boshmiya bot.licorice. Boshmoq : felt boots; footwear. Boshoq 1 : head, spike (grain); gleanings (s.

Mashoq). Boshoq 2 : arrowhead. Boshoqchi : gleaner, one who gleans after the harvest (s.

Mashoqchi). Boshoqla‑ : to ear, grow ears (grain). Boshoqli : eared (grain). Boshpana : shelter, refuge, asylum. ~ ber‑ to shelter, give safe refuge. ~ huquqi right of (political) asylum. Boshpanasiz : w/o shelter, homeless, destitute. — Bosiqlik : reservedness, restraint, seriousness. Bosiriq 1 : nightmare.bosiriq 2 dial.s.

Bosim 2. Bosiriq‑ : s.

Bosinqira‑. Bosirqa‑ : s.

Bosinqira‑. Bosma 1 : printed; (arch.) Printing, edition; pressed; blotter. ~ harf printed (typeface).

Tosh ~ lithograph. ~ga tayyorlash to ready for printing. Bosma 2 : hand lever.bosmachi hist.name used for bands of Central Asian counter‑revolutionaries in the 1920’s; thief, bandit, robber. Bosmachilik : the bosmachi movement; bosmachi activity; plundering, banditry. Bosmaxona : publishing house. Bosqi (coll.) : scarlet fever; incursion, raid, attack. Bosqich : step, rung, stage.

Birinchi ~ sud lower court.

Birinchi ~ maktab primary school. Bosqin : raid, attack. Bosqinchi : invader, attacker, aggressor. Bosqinchilik : attacking, raiding, plundering; violation. ~ qil‑ to attack, to assault; to violate. ~ siyosati belligerent politics. Bosqon : sledge hammer. Bosqonchi : one who works with a sledge hammer. Bosqoq : regent, governor; homebody, one who never leaves home. ~ teri all kinds of leather except caracul. Bosti‑bosti : ~ bo’l‑ to die out, die down. ~ qil‑ to put down, subdue, quell. Bostir‑ : caus.

Of ~ib kel‑ to invade, conquer, overcome; to come suddenly. ~ib kir‑ to barge in, break in. [bostiril‑] Bostiriq : s.t.

Eaten or drunk together with food, medicine, etc.

To temper its effect; a type of horsecloth. ~ qil‑ to eat or drink to temper the effects of other food or drink. Bostirma : a gazebo‑like structure; covered walkway. Boston : (Russian) a type of fabric used in suit making.bosvoldi bot.a type of melon. Bot‑ : to sink; to sink into, go into, penetrate; to hurt; to set (sun, moon).

Og’ir ~‑ to hurt deeply, go to the quick. [botir‑, botiril‑] Bot‑bot : time and again, over and over; once in a while. Bot : quickly, in a pop, jiffy. Botamiz : intelligent; quick‑witted. — Dinastiya : (Russian) dynasty. Dinchi : religious enthusiast. Dindor : religious, devout. Dindorlik : religiousness, devotion, piety. Dindosh : co‑religionist. Ding’ : sound made by a plucked string, “plink” Ding’illa‑ : to make a plinking sound. Ding’ir : jingling sound. Ding’irla‑ : to clink, jingle.ding ono.qulog’i ~ bo’l‑ to prick up one’s ears.dingilla‑ coll.to kick out with both hind legs (horse, etc.). [dingillat‑] Diniy : (Arabic) religious. ~ aqidalar religious tenets. Diniya : (Arabic) ~ nazorati (arch.) Religious administration.

Madrasa ~ madrasah, religious school. Dinli : religious, pious. Dinor : dinar. Dinsiz : atheist; unbeliever, irreligious. Dinsizlik : godlessness; atheism. Diplom : (Russian) diploma. Diplomant : (Russian) student working on getting his diploma; graduate. Diplomat : (Russian) diplomat. Diplomatik : (Russian) diplomatic. Diplomatiya : (Russian) diplomacy. Diplomchi : student working on getting his diploma. Diqqat‑e’tibor : attention and regard. Diqqat : attention; tedious; upset, bored, frustrated, exasperated. ~ga sazovor/loyiq, shoyoni ~ worthy of attention. ~ni jalb Et‑/~ bo’l‑, ~i osh‑ to be upset, to feel frustrated, bored. ~ qil‑ to pay attention, to be attentive; toupset, to frustrate, to exasperate. Diqqatchilik : s.

Diqqatvozlik. Diqqatlan‑ : to become tired of, frustrated. Diqqatlik : exasperation, edginess. — Dom‑daraksiz : w/o a trace. Domangir : dissatisfied, upset. Dominion : (Russian) dominion. Domino : (Russian) domino. Domkrat : (Russian) (lifting) jack.domla coll.professor; respectful form of address; stamen. Domlapochcha : s.

Domulla pochcha. Domna : (Russian) blast‑furnace. Domnachi : blast‑furnace operator. Domod : son‑in‑law (s.

Kuyov). Domovoy kniga coll. (Russian) : addressbook. Domulla : (Arabic) teacher in a religious school; spiritual healer, reader of prayers and formulas, etc.; highschool teacher; university professor. ~ imom the imam at a mosque. ~ pochcha form of address to such an imam. Don‑dukkakli Ekinlar : cereal crops. Don‑dun : all kinds of grains. Don : grain.

Na ~, na somon neither fish nor fowl. ~ olish‑ to have an affair with, to play around with. ~ xo’jaligi grain farm. Dona : piece; kernel, grain; molecule. ~ son whole number. Dona‑dona : separate, piece‑by‑piece. Donabay : by the piece, piece work. Donacha : bit, fragment, scrap. Donador : grainy, granular, granulated. Donalab : one‑by‑one, piece‑by‑piece. Donali : composed of pieces; s.

Donador; sold by the piece.donasho’r bot.Gamanthus. Dong 1 (3pp.

Dong’i) : fame. ~ ciqar‑ to achieve fame, to make a name for o.s. Dong 2 : ~ qotib uxla‑ to sleep like a log. ~ (qotib) qol‑ to be dumbstruck.dong 3 ono.dong.dongdor, donglifamed, famous. Donish lit. : knowledge, learning.

Ahli ~ people of learning. Donishmand : learned person, wiseman, sage. Donishmandlik : learnedness, erudition; knowledge. — Eskadra : (Russian) squadron. Eskadril”ya : (Russian) (air) squadron. Eskadron : (Russian) squadron, troop. Eskalator : (Russian) escalator. Eskalatsiya : (Russian) (mil.) Escalation. Eskart‑ rare : v.t.

To remind. Eskartish : v.n.

Of eskart‑; s.

Eslatma. Eskartma : s.

Eslatma. Eski‑ : s.

Eskir‑. Eski‑tuski : old, used things. Eski : old; former, ex‑; old‑fashioned; seasoned, experienced. ~lar old people. ~ gap old story, s.t.

That everyone knows or has seen. ~ (usuldagi) maktab old school. ~ tos, ~ hammom the same old story. ~dan before, formerly. ~ dard chronic problem.

Biz ~ odammiz We’re old‑fashioned folks. Eskicha : old‑fashioned. Eskichasiga : in an old‑fashioned way, as was done/said before. Eskichi : s.

Eskifurush. Eskido’z : mender and seller of used footwear. Eskifurush : junk dealer, secondhand dealer. Eskilik : abstr.

Of eski; age; old ways. Eskimo : (Russian) eskimo pie. Eskimos : eskimo. Eskir‑ : v.t.

To become old and worn; to become antiquated. [eskirt‑] Eskiz : (Russian) sketch, draft. Esla‑ : v.t.

To remember, to recall. [eslan‑, eslat‑, eslatil‑, eslash‑] Eslat‑ : v.t.


Of esla‑; to remind. [eslatil‑] Eslatish : v.n.

Of ~ qog’ozi written reminder, memo. Eslatma : footnote. Esli‑hushli : s.

Es‑hushli. — Estakada : (Russian) arch, overpass; boom. Estet : (Russian) esthete. Estetik : (Russian) esthetic. Estetika : (Russian) esthetics. Estetizm : (Russian) estheticism. Eston : estonian. Estoncha : estonian language. Estrada : (Russian) stage, platform; variety show; western‑style pop music. Esvos : touched; God’s fool. Esxona : ~si chiqib/o’ynab ketdi to be frightened out of one’s wits. Et 1 : meat, flesh, muscle. ~ uzilishi muscle strain, sprain. ~i suyagiga/~ ol‑/~ tashla‑ or ~dan tush‑ to lose weight; to be upset.

Bir ko’lak ~ quite fat.

Bir parcha ~ tiny baby. ~i sizniki, suyagi bizniki phrase said to the schoolmaster when first bringing a boy to school (app. ‘He’s all yours.’). ~i o’lgan numbed, unfeeling; grown accustomed. ~i qotgan grown accustomed. ~ingni bir burdadan qilaman I’m going to tear you to bits. Et 2 coll. U er. Et‑ 1 : v.t.

To do, to make, to perform (usu.

Used to form compound verbs, eg, bayon ~‑, tashkil ~‑, etc.). [etil‑, etish‑, etkaz‑, etkiz‑, ettir‑, ettiril‑] Et‑ 2 coll. : v.t.

To say, to tell (s.

Ayt‑). [etil‑, etish‑, etkiz, ettir‑, ettiril‑] Etaj : (Russian) floor, story (s.

Qavat 2). Etajerka : (Russian) bookcase. Etak‑etak : loads and loads. Etak : skirt; apron‑like sack for picking cotton; outskirts; foothill(s), lower slope(s); mouth, estuary; end, trail end.

Bir ~ a lot. ~ yirtish betrothal ceremony. ~ tutqiz‑ to get caught. ~ tut‑ to hold out one’s skirts (for alms). ~ qayirib rolling up one’s skirts, setting to work with vigor. ~ qoq‑/orqa ~ida yuki yo’q not burdened with children, free of worries. ~ini yig’ishtir‑ to set one’s things straight. ~ini/~idan) tut‑ to grab onto the coattails of, to cling to. Etalon : (Russian) standard (measure). Etan : (Russian) ethane. Etap : (Russian) stage; halting‑place (for troops or deported convicts); lap (on a track). ~ qil‑ to deport (in a group under guard).etda‑betda dial.here and there; from time to time. Etdor : fleshy, fat, chubby. Etik 1 : boot. Etik 2 : (Russian) ethical. Etika : (Russian) ethics. Etikchi : s.

Etikdo’z. — Faktor : (Russian) factor. Faktura : (Russian) invoice, bill. Fakul”tativ : (Russian) optional. Fakul”tet : (Russian) faculty, department. Fal”sifikator : (Russian) falsifier, forger. Fal’sifikatsiya : (Russian) falsification. Falaj : (Arabic) paralysis; paralyzed (s.

Shol). Falajla‑ : v.t.

To paralyze. [falajlan‑] Falak : (Arabic) the heavens.

Osmoni ~ high in the sky. ~ning gardishi bilan by the whims of fate.

Parvoyi ~ apathetic, devil‑may‑care.

Fig’oni ~ka chiq‑ to hit the ceiling, to go through the roof. Falakiyot hist. : (Arabic) astronomy. Falaq : arch. (Arabic) stocks (used for punishing school children). ~qa tort‑ to put in stocks. Falloh : (Arabic) fellah. Falokat : (Arabic) calamity, catastrohpe, disaster; rascal, devil. ~ oyoq ostida misfortune can strike at any time. ~ bosib unintentionally, unwittingly. Falokatli : disastrous, unfortunate, unlucky. Falokatsiz : w/o mishap, safely. Falon : (Arabic) such and such; so (many). ~‑pismadon/~‑piston/~‑tugun such and such, this and that. ~mish, pistonmish (they say) this and (they say) that. Faloncha : so many, so much. Falonchi : so‑and‑so, somebody.

Kimsan‑~ Mr.

So‑and‑so, Mr.

Bigshot. Falsafa : (Arabic) philosophy; meaningless talk. ~ sot‑/so’q‑ to blabber, to talk on and on meaninglessly. Falsafiy : (Arabic) philosphical. Famil : (Russian) ~ choy black tea. Familiya : (Russian) family name, surname. Fan : (Arabic) science. Fanatik : (Russian) fanatic; fanatical. Fanatizm : (Russian) fanaticism. Faner(a) : (Russian) plywood; veneer. — Gilmoya : s.

Gilvata. Gilos : cherry. Giloszor : cherry orchard. Gilvata : bentonite. Gimn : (Russian) hymn, anthem. Gimnastika : (Russian) gymnastics. Gimnastikachi : gymnast. Gimnastyorka : (Russian) soldier’s blouse, tunic. Gimnazist : (Russian) (male) pupil. Gimnazistka : (Russian) (female) pupil of gimnaziya. Gimnaziya : (Russian) high school, grammar school. Gina : insult, offense; resentment, grudge. ~si qattiq sensitive, taking offense easily; bearing a grudge easily. (+dan) ~ qil‑ to take offense; to bear a grudge. ~‑gudrat/~ saqla‑ to hold a grudge. Ginachi : touchy, easily insulted. Ginachilik : bearing a grudge, being touchy. Ginador : s.

Ginali. Ginala‑ rare : to bear a grudge, to hold s.t.

Against s.o. Ginali : resentful, bearing a grudge. Ginaomuz : with real or feigned resentment. Ginaxonlik : ~ qil‑ to spill out one’s grievances. Ginaxorlik : s.

Ginaxonlik. Ginekolog : (Russian) gynecologist. Ginekologik : (Russian) gynecological. Ginekologiya : (Russian) gynecology. Giperbola : (Russian) hyperbola. Giperbolik : (Russian) hyperbolic, exaggerated. Giperboloid : (Russian) hyperboloid. — Integrallash : (Russian) (math) integration. Integratsiya : (Russian) integration. Intellekt : (Russian) intellect. Intellektual : (Russian) intellectual. Intelligent : (Russian) intellectual, member of the intelligentsia. Intelligentsiya : (Russian) intelligentsia. Intendant : (Russian) quartermaster. Intensiv : (Russian) intensive. Intensivlash : intensification. Intermediya : (Russian) interlude. Internat : (Russian) boarding house; boarding school. Internatsional : (Russian) international. Internatsional : (Russian) the “Internationale” (socialist organization).

Birinchi ~ the First International (1864). Internatsionalchilik : internationalism. Internatsionalist (Russian) : internationalist. Internatsionalistik (Russian) : internationalist(ic). Internatsionalizatsiya (Russian) : internationalization. ~ qil‑ to internationalize. Internatsionalizm : internationalism. Internatsionallashtirish : internationalization. Interpolyatsion : (Russian) interpolative. Interpolyatsiyalash : interpolation. Interpolyatsiyalovchi : interpolator. Interv”yu : (Russian) interview. ‑dan ~ ol‑ to interview s.o. ‑ga ~ ber‑ to give s.o.

An interview. Interval : (Russian) interval. Intervent : (Russian) interventionalist. Interventsiya : (Russian) intervention. — Kanaxona : place full of ticks; dungeon or jail rife with ticks. Kanda : discontinuance; absence, non‑attendance. ~ qil‑ to cease, to desist. Kandakor : metal engraver. Kandakori : engraved. Kandakorlik : engraving. Kandidat : (Russian) candidate (for office or Party membership); kandidat, holder of the equivalent of a master’s degree. Kandidatlik : (having a ) kandidat degree; candidacy. ~ minimumi academic requirements for a kandidat degree. ~ staji examination period for becoming a Party member. Kandidatura (Russian) : candidature.kandik dial.bin. Kandil : (Russian) a kind of apple (s.

Qandil).kandir bot.s.

Kendir. Kanifol” : (Russian) rosin, colophony. Kanikul : (Russian) (school) vacation, holidays. Kaniz : bondwoman, female slave; concubine. Kanizak : young bondwoman or concubine.kanop bot.amberry hemp, kenaf. Kanopzor : a field of hemp. Kanor(a) : arch.

Edge, limit.

Tog’ ~ foothills. Kanoviz : coarse silken fabric. Kantata : (Russian) cantata. Kantchi : Kantian. Kantchilik : Kantianism. Kantselyariya : (Russian) office. Kantsler : (Russian) chancellor. Kaolin : (Russian) kaolin. Kap‑katta : quite big, large. ~ odam grown‑up, grown man or woman.kap coll.s. ~ ot‑ s.

Kapaki 2. Kapa : hut. Kapaki 1 : sole leather; patch on the sole of a shoe. Kapaki 2 : (qilib) ot‑ to pop a palmful of s.t.

Into one’s mouth. — Kenglik : width, breadth; latitude. ~ qil‑ to be too wide.

Janubiy ~ southern latitude.

Shimoliy ~ northern latitude. Kenguru zool. : (Russian) kangaroo. Kenja : youngest, smallest (sibling); newest, junior. ~ avlod the new generation. ~ guruhlar sub‑groups. Kenjatoy : young one, youngster; younger sibling, junior.kennoyi coll.s.

Kelinoyi.kent arch.settlement, small town. Kepak : bran; dandruff. (s.

Qazg’oq).kepata dial.pitiable, unfortunate situation. Kepchik : a round, hand‑held device for fanning or winnowing grain. Kepka : (Russian) cap. Ker‑ : v.t.

To spread apart. ~‑ to puff out one’s chest.

Qoshini ~‑ to raise one’s eyebrows. [keril‑, kerish‑] Keraga : the lattice‑like lower frame of a yurt. Keragicha : as much as necessary. Kerak : needed, necessary; (after V+ ‑(xat yozishim ~ I need to write a letter; (after V+ ‑bo?Lsa ~ must be?; probably, in all likelihood, I guess so.

Maktabga kitob ~ The school needs books.

Nima ~? What do you need?, What is needed? Nima ~i bor? Why is (it) necessary?; Why (must)?? ~ Emas isn?T needed/necessary; shouldn?T, there?S no need to? Kerakli : necessary; urgently or badly needed. Keraklik : necessity, need. Keraksiz : unnecessary; useless. Keraksizlik : uselessness. Keramika : (Russian) ceramics. Kergi : embroidery frame; brace for holding things apart. Kerik : spread wide, open wide; full of airs, conceited, arrogant. Keril‑ : v.i.


Of ker‑; to show off, to strut around; to act haughty or conceited. Kerilmachoq : arrogant, self‑important, fat‑headed. Kerilmajon : s.

Kerilmachoq. Kerish‑ v.t., : v.i.


Of ker‑; to strut around, to act pompously. Kerk‑ : v.i.

To swell or puff up (face, eyelids). Kerk : edema. Kerkkanlik : swollenness. Kerogaz : (Russian) kerosene stove. — Ko’lmak : (mud)puddle. Ko’lob : s.

Ko’lmak. Ko’loblat‑ : v.t. ~ib suv sep‑ to sprinkle with an excess of water (so that puddles form). ~ib sug’or‑/ko’llatib sug’or‑ to irrigate with an excess of water, to flood with water. Ko’m‑ : v.t.

To bury; to cover. [ko’mdir‑, ko’mil‑, ko’mish‑]ko’ma dial.pile, group; puff, billow. Ko’mach : bread cooked in hot ashes.

O’z ~iga kul tort‑ to care only for oneself. Ko’mak : help, aid. ~ ber‑ to aid, to help. Ko’makchi : helper; postposition (eg, ~ fe’l helping verb. Ko’makdosh lit. : helper, aide. Ko’maklash‑ : v.i.

To help, to lend a hand. Ko’mik : porous bone matter;coccyx. Ko’mir : charcoal; coal.

Pista ~ charcoal. ~ puli money brought by students to pay for heating the school. Ko’mirchak : burnt part (of cooked food); cartilage. Ko’mirchi : coal worker or seller; coal miner. ~ kema collier, coal ship. Ko’mirchilik : coal working, selling or mining coal. Ko’mirxona : coal room or shed. Ko’mish : burial. Ko’mma : small holes dug in the ground for planting melon crops (and others) with manure; planted in the ground; (a fruit plant) which is normally buried during the winter to protect it from cold. ~ ustunlar posts planted in the ground. Ko’n‑ : v.i.

To agree (to); to acquiesce; to accept, to make do with. [ko’ndir‑, ko’nish‑] Ko’n : worked leather.ko’nak dial.a large leathern bag for storing kumiss. Ko’nchi : tanner. Ko’nchilik : abstr.

Of ko’nchi; tanning, the tanning business. Ko’ndalang : across, crosswise, transverse, diagonal.

Bola ~ keldi the baby is positioned transversely.

Ish ~ keldi the matter has gotten confused. ~ kesim cross‑section.

Yo?Lga ~ turib qol‑ to stop in the middle of the road, to block the road. [birovning] yo’liga ~ tush‑/masalani ~ qilib qo’y‑ to put a question point blank, to give it straight. Ko’ndalangiga : crosswise, transversely. Ko’ndir‑ 1 : v.t.


Of ko’n‑. Ko’ndir‑ 2 v.t. : obs.

To send, to dispatch. Ko’ngil 3pp.

Ko?Ngli : (fig.).heart, spirits.

Bir ~i on the one hand,… ~i love for; desire, inclination; to love. ~i ayni‑ to feel nauseated. ~ aynitadigan nauseating.

Birovning ~idagini aytib ber‑ to say exactly what s.o.

Feels. ~ berib sev‑ to love with all one?S heart. ~ini buz‑ to upset. ~i buzildi to become upset. ~i buzuq having evil intent; broken‑hearted. ~i bo?Sh soft‑hearted. ~i bo?Shlik qil‑ to be soft‑hearted. ~i bo’lmadi to not have the heart (to do s.t.). ~ yoz‑/~ga yoq‑ to be to one?S liking. ~i yo’q not wanting to, having no desire for; to not care for. ~i joyiga/~iga kel‑ to come to mind; to take affront to. ~ingizga kelmasa if you won?T be offended. ~i keng laid back, easygoing; generous, welcoming. ~idan kechir‑/~ida kiri yo’q pure‑hearted; open‑hearted. ~ini ko’tar‑ to uplift s.o.’s spirits. ~i ko’tarildi/~i ko’tarmaydi to not be able to stand, to not be able to put up with; to not be able to stomach. ~ ovla‑ to lift s.o.’s spirits, to give moral support to. ~ini ol‑to make happy, to amuse; to win s.o.’s heart. ~i ochiq, ochiq ~ open‑hearted. ~i oq, oq ~ pure‑hearted. ~iga og’ir ol‑ to take offense to. ~i og’ridi to be upset. ~ini og’rit‑ to upset. ~i sovidi/~i sof/toza ~ pure‑hearted. ~i sust ket‑ to crave. ~ so’ra‑ to see how s.o.

Is doing (after an incident). ~iga teg‑/~ini tinchit‑ to put s.o.?S heart at ease. ~ini top‑ to find the way to s.o.’s heart. ~i tinchlan‑/~i tor irritable, sensitive; stingy. ~i tosh/~i tusa‑ to desire. ~i to’l‑ to be content. ~i to’q content. ~ uz‑ to forsake. ~ uchun out of a sense of propriety. ~i xira troubled, upset. ~ xushi source of joy or amusement. ~idan chiqar‑ to forget, to put out of one’s mind; to lift the spirits of s.o.

Whom one has upset previously. ~dan chiqarib/~i chop‑ to like, to be impressed by; to have faith in (that it will happen). ~i cho’k‑ to be crestfallen. ~ini Erit‑ to melt s.o.’s heart. ~i yumshadi to soften up. ~i yarimta broken‑hearted. ~i o’ksi‑ to become saddened.

O’rgangan ~ o’rtansa qo’ymas one cannot give up what one is used to. ~iga qara‑ to take s.o.’s feelings or disposition into account. ~iga qil/~i qora evil‑natured. ~ga qo?L sol‑ s. ~i g’ash upset, troubled. ~iga g?Ash sol‑/~ini g?Ash qil‑ to upset. — Koks tech. : (Russian) coke. Koksla‑ : v.t.

To coke. ~nuvchi ko?Mir coking coal. [kokslan‑] Kolba : (Russian) retort (laboratory vessel). Kolbasa : (Russian) sausage. Kolchedan : (Russian) pyrites. Kolenkor : (Russian) calico. Kolledj : (Russian) college. Kollegial : (Russian) joint, collective. Kollegiallik : collective action or decision‑making. Kollegiya : (Russian) board, collegium; college. Kollej : (Russian) private secondary school. Kollektiv : (Russian) collective, group, body. Kollektivchi : collectivist. Kollektivchilik : collectivism; collectiveness. Kollektivizm : (Russian) collectivism. Kollektivlash‑ : v.i.

To collectivize. [kollektivlashtir‑, kollektivlashtiril‑] Kollektivlik : collectivism. Kollektor : (Russian) manifold; collector; commutator. Kollektsioner : (Russian) s.

Kollektsiyachi. Kollektsiya : (Russian) collection. Kollektsiyachi : collector. Kollodiy : (Russian) collodion. Kolloid : (Russian) colloid. ~ ximiya colloidal chemistry. Kollokvium : (Russian) oral examination. Kolonist : (Russian) colonist (s.

Mustamlakachi). Koloniya : (Russian) colony (s.

Mustamlaka). — Kom 2 : obs. ~ ol‑ to achieve, to realize (aim). Koma : chiseled groove or indentation (in woodwork). Komanda : (Russian) command; order; brigade; team. Komandadosh : co‑commander. Komandadoshlik : sharing of command. Komandir : (Russian) commander, commanding officer. Komandirovka : (Russian) official or business trip; mission; (coll.) Travel permission document. ~ puli travel allowance. ~ qil‑ to send on a trip. Kombayn : (Russian) combine. Kombaynchi : combine operator. Kombaynsozlik : combine manufacturing. Kombinat : (Russian) industrial complex; school complex tied to an establishment. Kombinatsiya : (Russian) combination; women’s undershirt. Kombinezon : (Russian) overalls. Komediya : (Russian) comedy. ~li comic. Komediyabop : humorous, suitable for comedy. Komediyachi : comedian; comic actor. Komendant : (Russian) commandant; supervisor, warden. Komendatura : (Russian) commandant’s office. Kometa : (Russian) comet. ~ yog?Dusi tail of a comet.komi ethn.Komi. Komil : (Arabic) complete, full; mature. Komintern : (Russian) Comintern. Komissar : (Russian) commissar. Komissariat : (Russian) commissariat. Komissarlik : commissariat. Komission : (Russian) adj.

Of ~ magazin commission shop. — Madda : (Arabic) pus (s.

Yiring); pangs of the heart. Maddala‑ : v.i.

To become infected. Maddoh : (Arabic) maker of lectures on religious subjects in public places; eulogist. Madh lit. : (Arabic) praise, eulogy. ~ qil‑/~ini o’qi‑/kuyla‑ to sing s.o.’s praises, to eulogize. Madhiya lit. : (Arabic) eulogy. Madhiyachi : eulogizer. Mador : (Arabic) strength, vigor. Madorsiz : feeble, weak. Madorsizlan‑ : v.i.

To lose strength, to become enfeebled. Madrasa : (Arabic) madrasah, Islamic religious school. Mafaatli : useful, advantageous, beneficial. Mafhum : obs. (Arabic) concept; meaning. Mafkura : (Arabic) ideology. Mafkuraviy : (Arabic) ideological. Maftun : (Arabic) enchanted, entranced, bewitched, spellbound. Maftunkor : enchanting, spellbinding. Mag’iz : kernel, pith, meat (of a nut); gist; edging, piping. ~ini chaq‑ to comprehend the gist of.

Sariq ~ bug’doy a type of wheat.

Harom ~ spinal cord.

Ko’rpa ~i edging on a quilt. Mag’lub lit. : (Arabic) defeated, vanquished. Mag’lubiyat : (Arabic) defeat. Mag’ora : arch. (Arabic) cave, grotto; caves.mag’ra‑ coll.s.

Ma’ra‑. Mag’rib : obs. (Arabic) the west. Mag’rur : (Arabic) proud, vain Mag’rurlan‑ : v.i.

To become proud.

Yutuqlar bilan ~‑ to become proud over success. [mag’rurlantir‑] Mag’rurlik : pride. Mag’rurona : in a proud way, haughtily. — Makkorlik : cunning, deceitfulness. Makkorona : cunningly. Makon : (Arabic) space; place, residence, site; home, refuge, abode. ~ va zamon space and time.

Jinnlar ~i an abode of jinns. Makonsiz : homeless, bereft of a homeland. Makr : (Arabic) trick, deceit. Makrli : deceitful. Makruh : (Arabic) (rel.) Not forbidden in Islam but considered reprehensible. Maksimal : (Russian) maximal, maximum. Maksimalizm : (Russian) maximalism. Maksimum : (Russian) maximum; at most. Maktab : (Arabic) school; grammar school.

Oliy ~ institution of higher learning.maktabdor hist.teacher with his own private school. Maktabdorlik : ownership and running of a private school. Maktabdosh : schoolmate. Maktabxona : school building, schoolhouse. Maktub lit. : (Arabic) letter, missive, epistle; epistolary. Mal’un lit. : (Arabic) damned. Malak : (Arabic) angel (s.

Farishta). Malaka : (Arabic) skill, expertise, experience. Malakali : skilled, experienced. Malax : (Arabic) locust. Malaxit : (Russian) malachite. Malay 1 : servant, slave. Malay 2 : Malay(sian). Malaylik : abstr.

Of malay 1; servitude. Malham : (Arabic) plaster; salve. Malik : obs. (Arabic) king (s.

Cho’li ~ great desert. Malika : (Arabic) queen; princess. Malikushshuaro : obs. (Arabic) prince of poets, poet laureate. Malina : (Russian) raspberry (s.

Xo’jag’at); jam, preserves. — Mubtalo : (Arabic) stricken, afflicted; in love with. ~ bo’l‑ to be overcome by, to be stricken with; to be enchanted by. ~ qil‑/Et‑/ayla‑ to afflict, to bring down on; to entrance.mucha arch.body part; (gram.) Part of speech (s.

To’rt ~ legs, arms, eyes, and ears. Muchal : method of reckoning according to a 12‑year animal cycle (mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, fish, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, dog, chicken), beginning on the 22nd of March of each year; the year of one’s birth according to this reckoning.muchchi dial.kiss. Mudabbir lit. : (Arabic) efficient, organized; able, proficient. Mudarris : (Arabic) teacher at a madrasah. Muddaiy : obs. (Arabic) plaintiff, accusing party. Muddao : (Arabic) real purpose, true intention.

Ayni ~ just what the doctor ordered. Muddat : (Arabic) (set) time; period, term; expiration date.

O’qish ~i study period. Muddatli : having a set time or term.

Qisqa ~ kurs a short‑term course. Muddatsiz : having no expiration date, indefinite, permanent. Mudhish lit. : (Arabic) terrible, dreadful. Mudir : (Arabic) director, manager.

Maktab ~i school principal. Mudira : (Arabic) woman director or manager. Mudirlik : directorship. Mudofaa : (Arabic) resistance, repelling, defence. ~ qil‑ to repulse; to defend. Mudofaachi : defender. Mudofaachilik : defence. ~ taktikasi defence tactics. Mudofe 3pp. ~i lit. : (Arabic) defender. Mudom lit. : (Arabic) always, continually, constantly. Mudoxala lit. : (Arabic) interference, intervention. Mudra‑ : v.i.

To drowse, to feel drowsy. [mudrat‑, mudrash‑] Mudroq : drowsiness; drowsy. Mufassal : (Arabic) thorough, complete. Mufattish : obs. (Arabic) inspector. Mufid : obs. (Arabic) beneficial. Muft : obs.

Free. Mufta : (Russian) joint, coupling. — Non‑nasiba : daily bread, sustenance. Non‑qatiq : ~ bo’l‑ to be on close terms with. Nondon : bread box. . Nonjiyda : a type of oleaster. (bot.). Nonko’r : ungrateful. . Nonko’rlik : ungratefulness. Nonpaz : s.

Novvoy. Nontepki : s.

Nonko’r. Nonushta : morning tea; breakfast, (early) lunch. ~ qil‑ to breakfast. (lit.). Nonxo’r : bread‑eater, bread‑lover; dependent; goldbricker . Nonxo’rak : (pre‑revolutionary school) midday/lunch break; lunch. . Noo’rin : out of place; baseless, foundless, uncalled for. Noobod : depopulated, not flourishing. . Nopok : unclean, vile. . Noqil : narrator, storyteller. (Arabic). Noqis : defective, faulty. (Arabic). Noqobil : incapable; stubborn, intractable. . Noqulay : uncomfortable; awkward.nor 1 (~ tuya) male dromedary camel. Nor 2 : birthmark. (Arabic). Nor 3 : pomegranate (s.

Anor). ~ po’st pomegranate husk; s.t.

Of this (brownish‑red) color. . Nor 4 : fire. (Arabic). Norasida : underaged, immature; youngster, child. . Noraso : incomplete; retarded, underdeveloped. . Norasta : s.

Norasida. . Noravo : undeserved, unworthy; inadmissable, unallowable. . Norbachcha : baby camel; bootlicker, sponge. (zool.). — O’q‑dori : ammunition. O’q‑yoy : bow and arrow; (dial.) Rainbow.o’qaloq zool.gadfly larva. O’qaloqla‑ : v.i.

To stamp, to thrash about (as when a gadfly larva bores through the skin). O’qchi‑ : s.

O’xchi‑. O’qchi : maker of arrows; rifleman, gunner. O’qdon : quiver (s.

Sadoq); ammunition case; cartridge chamber. ~‑kamar bandolier, ammunition belt. O’qi‑ : v.t.

To read; to study; to recite (esp.

Prayers, etc.) ; to give (lecture); to work on, to win around.

Duo ~‑ to recite a prayer, to make a prayer.

Namoz ~‑ to perform one’s prayers. ~b ber‑ to read to. ~gan educated. [o’qil‑, o’qit‑, o’qitil‑, o’qittir‑, o’qish‑] O’qimishli : erudite, learned. O’qish‑o’rganish : learning and study. O’qish‑yozish : reading and writing. O’qish : v.n.

Of ~ga ketyapsizmi? Are you going to school? ~ga kir‑ to start school. O’qit‑ : v.t.


Of o’qi‑; to teach. [o’qitil‑, o’qittir‑] O’qitish : teaching. O’qituvchi : teacher, instructor. O’qituvchilik : abstr.

Of o’qituvchi. O’qla‑ : v.t.

To load (gun). [o’qlan‑, o’qlat‑, o’qlash‑] O’qli 1 : loaded. O’qli 2 : ‑axled. O’qlog’i : rolling pin. O’qloq : s.

O’qlog’i. O’qlov 1 : v.n.

Of o’qla‑.o’qlov 2 dial.s.

O’qlog’i. O’qra : s.

O’qaloq. O’qray‑ : v.i.

To glare, to scowl. [o’qrayish‑, o’qrayt‑, o’qraytir‑]o’qsochar arch.

Coll.machine gun. O’qta‑ : v.t.

To point. O’qtal‑ : v.t.

To threaten with, to hold out as if to strike with. [o’qtalish‑] O’qtin‑o’qtin : from time to time, every so often. O’quv : v.n.

Of ~ soati class period. ~ yili school year. ~ plani curriculum. O’quvchi : reader; student, pupil (of grammar school). O’quvchilik : abstr.

Of o’quvchi; student days. O’r 1 : pit; trench; dropoff. O’r 2 : stubborn; ignorant. O’r‑ 1 : v.t.

To gather, to harvest. [o’rdir‑, o’ril‑, o’rish‑] O’r‑ 2 : v.t.

To braid, to weave. [o’rdir‑, o’ril‑, o’rish‑] O’r‑ 3 v.i.

Dial. : s.

O’rla‑. O’ra‑ : v.t.

To wrap, to cover; to roll up; to surround, to encircle.

Pilla ~‑ to weave a cocoon. [o’ral‑, o’ralish‑, o’raltir‑, o’ran‑, o’rantir‑, o’rat‑, o’rash‑] O’ra‑o’ra : lots of (lit., ‘pits and pits full’). O’ra : pit for storing root crops.

Chigit ~ small pool used for soaking cottonseeds before planting. O’ral‑ : v.i.


Of o’ra‑; to be busy with; to wind around, to become entwined. [o’ralish‑, o’raltir‑] O’rala‑ : s.

O’rla‑. O’ralash‑ : v.i.

To mill around; to teem, to throng; to get underfoot; to wrap o.s. (in s.t.); to be occupied, busy, or tied down doing s.t. O’ralish‑ : v.i.


Of o’ral‑; to be occupied (s.

O’ralash‑). O’ram 1 : ball, skein, coil; packet, bundle, roll; enough to wrap, or roll or twist at one time.

Bir ~ maxorka one cigarette‑worth of loose tobacco.o’ram 2 dial.neighborhood, district. O’rama : square pieces of thinly‑rolled dough rolled together and fried in oil ??; wound, wrapped around. ~ belbog’ girdle, sash. — O’rnat‑ : v.t.

To place, to install, to put in place, to set up; to establish. [o’rnatil‑, o’rnatish‑, o’rnattir‑] O’rog’li : wrapped, bundled, wound with. O’rol : opening line, opening remark. O’roq‑bolg’a : hammer and sickle. O’roq : sickle.

Mashina ~ combine.

Chalg’i ~ scythe.

Qo’l ~ sickle. ~ o’r‑ to reap with a sickle.

O’tganning ~ini, ketganning ketmonini ol‑ to trouble everyone one comes across.

Qaddini ~ qil‑ to kneel down in submission. O’roqchi : sickle‑maker; harvester, mower, reaper O’roqchilik : abstr.

Of o’roqchi; section of bazaar where sickles are sold. O’rov : encirclement. ~da qol‑ to be encircled, to be surrounded.o’roz arch.hope. O’rta‑ : v.t.

To burn, to agitate. [o’rtan‑, o’rtantir‑] O’rta‑miyona : mediocre, medium(‑sized). O’rta : middle, center, midst, midsection; space between; space around one, vicinity; middle, central; grade of ‘satisfactory’. ~da in the middle, between, among; in the vicinity, nearby; held in common, (shared) among; in the meantime. ~ga tush‑ to intercede, to act as a go‑between; to set out to do; to become a reason, to serve as an excuse. ~ ma’lumot secondary education. ~ maktab middle school. ~ (hol) dehqon farmer of average means. ~ hol neither poor nor rich, middle‑class. ~miz buzilib qoldi We’ve had a falling‑out. ~ga ol‑ to put in the middle, to surround; to call to task or petition as a group. ~ga sol‑/~ga to’k‑ to come out with, to say openly.

Ikki ~da between a rock and a hard place, thanks to the disagreement. ~mizda qolsin Let this stay just between us. ~dan ko’tar‑ to get rid of. ~ asrlar the Middle Ages. ~ yoshdagi odam person of middle age. ~ qo’l/~ga ot‑ to say, to come out with; to throw out (eg, slogan). ~ga sukut cho’kdi all became silent. ~ga qo’y‑ to place in the middle; to put forth; to propose. ~ baho fair, satisfactory grade. ~sida between, among; in the middle or center of. ~sidan from the middle of; from among. O’rtaasrchilik : medievalism. O’rtacha : medium, medium‑sized; so‑so, okay, not bad. O’rtalik : intervening space, surroundings; intermediate. O’rtancha : middlemost child. O’rtapishar : ripening in mid‑season. O’rtoq : friend, fellow; comrade; spouse; common, shared. O’rtoqchilik : friendship, friendliness. O’rtoqlarcha : in a friendly manner. O’rtoqlash‑ : v.i.

To become friends; to share (ideas, feelings). O’rtoqlik : friendship. ~ bilan as friends, amicably. ~dan chiq‑ to no longer be a friend. O’s‑ : v.i.

To grow; to increase.

Ko’ngli ~di to feel relief in one’s heart. [o’stir‑, o’stiril‑] O’sal : chronic or terminal illness; nasty, foul, bad. ~ bo’l‑ to become very sick, to take a turn for the worse; to be shamed or embarrassed. ~ tort‑ to feel extremely awkward. ~ qil‑ to shame. O’sallash‑ : v.i.

To have one’s health deteriorate. O’sallik : dire health; shame, humiliation. O’sha‑o’sha : just like before, the same old.o’sha w/ case endings, o’shan+that, that one. ~ er there, that place. ~ yoqlar (over) there. ~ yoqda over there, on that side. ~ yili that year. ~ kuyi in that manner. ~ning o’zi that very thing. ~nga for that reason. ~nda at that time, moment. ~ndan beri/~nday like that, in that way. ~nday bo’lsa if that’s the case. ~ncha(lik) that much, as much.o’shal arch.s.

O’sha. — Oshna‑og’ayni : friends, buddies, companions. Oshna‑og’aynigarchilik : friendship, fellowship; nepotism. Oshnachilik : s.

Oshna‑og’aynigarchilik. Oshno lrnd. : s.

Oshna. Oshpaz : cook, chef. Oshpichoq : cooking knife.oshqovoq bot.squash, pumpkin. Oshqozon : stomach.oshsira‑ coll.to have a craving for pilau; to feel hungry. Oshtaxta : cutting board, pastry board. Oshxamir : dough for making noodles. Oshxo’r : pilau‑lover. Oshxo’rak : bib; (arch.) Break given for meals at school. Oshxo’rlik : abstr.

Of owxour; (getting together and) eating pilau. Oshxona : eating‑house, restaurant; cafeteria; kitchen. Oshyon lit. : nest; haven; abode, home. Oshyona : obs.

Upper story or room. Osig’liq : hung up, hanging. Osil‑ : v.i.


Of (qosh‑)qovog’i ~di to have a sour look or long face. Osiltir‑ : caus.

Of boshni ~‑ to hang one’s head.

Lab‑lunjini ~‑ to put on a long face. ~ib yur‑ (vulgar) to go without sex (said of men, lit., ‘to let it hang’).

Oyoqni ~ib o’tir‑ to sit with one’s legs dangling. Osiq : hung up, hanging. Osiy : (Arabic) sinner; rebel, mutineer; wrongdoer. Oskolka Ularning orasida ~ bilan ercha farq bor there is a world of difference between them.

Dudi ~ga chiqdi to have smoke come out of one’s ears (in rage). ~ga ustun bo’larmiding Did you think you could take on the heavens? ~da yur‑ to consider o.s.

Above others. ~dan olib gapir‑ to make guesses, to speak conjecturally, w/o basis in fact. ~dan ~ o’yilib erga tushmaydi the sky won’t fall in, it’s not the end of the world. Osmoniy lit. : celestial; sky‑blue. Osmonla‑ : to ascend. — Otboqar : horse‑herd. Otbor : (Russian) select, choice (quality). Otchopar : horse racing track. Otchyot : (Russian) account, report. Otdelenie R : section. ~ komandiri section commander. Otdix (kuni) coll.

Dial. (Russian) : Sunday (s.

Yakshanba). Otdosh : namesake, one with the same name. Otil‑ : v.i.


Of ~ib chiq‑).

Vulkanning ~ishi eruption of a volcano. Otilma : igneous. Otim : dash, shot, etc.

Bir ~ nosvoy a shot of snuff. Otin : woman teacher (at home, of traditional subjects); woman who reads mystic poetry at gatherings; (coll.) Any educated woman or woman teacher; epithet attached to names of educated or distinguished women. ~ bibi/buvi/oyi woman who runs a school in her home. Otinbu : s.

Otin bibi. Otincha(xon) : young educated woman. Otish : shooting, firing. Otishma : exchange of fire, shooting, shootout. Otishuv : v.n.

Of otish‑; s.

Otishma.otiz dial.patch of arable land (separated from others by a raised border). Otla‑ : v.i.

To stride; (rare) to leap.

Ot ~‑ to go on horseback. Otlan‑ : v.i.

To mount (up); to ready o.s.

Ajinasi ~di to have a fit. [otlantir‑] Otli 1 : having a horse; horse‑drawn. Otli 2 : named, called.

Yomon ~ bo’l‑ to have a bad name. Otliq : on horseback; horseman, cavalryman. ~qa ham yo’q nowhere to be found.otnon arch.a sweet bread baked in the shape of a horse. Otoqchi : weeder. Otpuska Bir kostyumlik ~ enough material for a suit. Otryad R : detachment; group;/biol.) Order. — Panislomizm : (Russian) pan‑Islamism. Panja : hand (palm and fingers); finger; claw; grasp, control.

Besh ~ one’s five fingers. ~ orasidan qara‑ to look upon coldly, indifferently. Panjara : grating, grille. Panjarador : s.

Panjarali. Panjarali : faced with or having a grating or grille‑work.panjshanba arch.s.

Payshanba. Panno : (Russian) panel. Panogoh lit. : protector, shelterer, guardian. Panoh : refuge, shelter.

Pushti ~ protector, guardian. ~ tort‑ to rely on for protection. ~ top‑ to find refuge or shelter. Panorama : (Russian) panorama. ~ kinoteatri cinerama. ~ fil”mi cinerama film. Panshaxa : pitchfork.

Qo’lini ~ qil‑ to outstretch one’s hand while speaking. Pansion : (Russian) boarding school; boarding house. Pansionat : (Russian) holiday hotel. Panteist : (Russian) pantheist. Panteistik : (Russian) pantheistic. Panteizm : (Russian) pantheism. Pantomima : (Russian) pantomime. Pantomimik : (Russian) pantomimic. Panturkist : (Russian) panturkist. Panturkizm : (Russian) Pan‑Turkism. Papa 1 children’s speech : birdie. Papa 2 children’s speech : qil‑ to hide. Papa 3 : (Russian) pope.papala‑ coll.to mollycoddle. Papax : large fur hat with the hair on the outside. Papiros : (Russian) cigarette with cardboard mouthpiece; (coll.) Cigarette. Papirus : (Russian) papyrus. Papka : (Russian) file; document folder, paper‑case. — Paypoqdor : having long feathers covering the foot or claw. Payqa‑ : v.t.

To sense, to notice; to perceive, to grasp. [payqal‑, payqash‑] Payraha : wood chips, shavings; path in mud or snow made by many people walking on it; slice.

Bir ~ qazi a slice of horse sausage. Payrov : successor, follower; chosen topic in ~lik qil‑ to follow or carry out s.o.’s wishes. Paysa : arch.

A unit of measure of app. 50 grams; a five‑cent piece in the Bukhara khanate. Paysa‑paysa : ~ qil‑ to cover with bites or bumps (eg, of misquitoes). Paysal : ~ga sol‑ to put off, to postpone. Paysalchi : procrastinator, slacker. Paysalik : worth or weighing one paysa. Paysalla‑ : v.t.

To postpone, to put off. Payshanba : (~ kuni) Thursday.payshanbalik hist.gifts brought to a teacher on Thursday by students at a traditional school. Payt : time, moment, occasion. ~ ravishi adverb of time. ~ Ergash gap subordinate time clause. ~ini top‑ to find the right moment. ~dan foydalan‑ to take advantage of an opportunity. Paytava : foot bindings (cloths wrapped around the foot and worn inside a boot). ~ quloq dense, thick‑headed. ~siga qurt tushdi to be frantic, to run around willy‑nilly. Payvand : scion; grafting; welding; weld; inseparable. ~ choki welded joint. ~ qilingan rel’s welded rails. Payvandchi : welder. Payvandi : grafted. Payvandla‑ : v.t.

To graft; to weld. [payvandlan‑, payvandlat‑] Payvandlovchi : s.

Payvandchi. Payvandtag : stock (as opposed to graft). Payvandust : grafted element, scion. Payvast : joined, contiguous. Payvasta : interconnected. Pazanda : master chef. Pazandachilik : s.

Pazandalik. Pazandalik : abstr.

Of pazanda; the art of preparing fine cuisine. Pech : end of a turban which hangs down. — Poligrafiya : (Russian) printing trade, polygraphy. Poliklinika : (Russian) clinic. Polimer : (Russian) polymer. Poliomielit : (Russian) polio. Polisemantik : (Russian) polysemantic. Polisemiya : (Russian) polysemy. Polismen : (Russian) policeman (in foreign countries). Politeizm : (Russian) polytheism. Politexnik : (Russian) polytechnic(al). Politexnika : (Russian) polytechnics. Politexnikum : (Russian) polytechnic school. Politexnizm : (Russian) polytechnic educational system. Politruk : (Russian) political instructor (in armed forces). Politseyskiy coll. : (Russian) s.

Politsiyachi. Politsiya : (Russian) police (in foreign countries). Politsiyachi : policeman. Politsiyachilik : police… ~ hukumat police state. Politsmeyster hist. : (Russian) chief of police. Politura : (Russian) polish, varnish. Poliz : field for growing crops that grow along the ground (esp.

Melons). Polizchilik : cultivation of melons, cucumbers, etc. Polk : (Russian) regiment. Polka : (Russian) shelf; berth. Polkovnik : (Russian) colonel. Polli : floored, having a floor. Polniy coll. : (Russian) fully, completely, fluently.

O’zbekchhani ~ bilasizmi? Do you know Ozbek fluently? — Profil” : (Russian) profile; cross‑section. Profilaktik : (Russian) prophylactic; preventive. Profilaktika : (Russian) prophylaxis; preventive measures, precautions. Prognoz : (Russian) prognosis; forecast. Programm : (Russian) adj.

Of ~ nutq program speech, speech announcing the program. Programma : (Russian) program. Progress : (Russian) progress. Progressiv : (Russian) progressive. Progressivlik : progressiveness. Progressiya : (Russian) progression. Progul : (Russian) absence (from school or work). Progulchi : absentee; truant. Projektor : (Russian) searchlight. Prokat 1 : (Russian) rolled iron. Prokat 2 : (Russian) hire. ~ga mashina ol‑ to hire a car. Prokatchi : rolling mill operator. Prokatka : (Russian) rolling (in metal production). Prokatkachi : s.

Prokatchi. Proklamatsiya : (Russian) leaflet. Prokuratura : (Russian) office of the public prosecutor. Prokuror : (Russian) public prosecutor. Proletar : (Russian) proletarian. Proletariat : (Russian) proletariat. Proletarlash‑ : v.i.

To become proletarianized; to become poor. Prolog : (Russian) prologue (s.

Muqaddima). Propaganda : (Russian) propaganda. — Qirlik : high, elevated place. Qirma : ~ chopiq/chopish eliminating weeds by scraping the surface of the soil. Qirmachi : one who weeds with a ketmon. Qirmiska bot. : (Russian) a type of grape. Qirmiz(i) : red, scarlet. Qirmizak : sour (s.

Qimizak). Qirmoch : layer of (burnt) food that sticks to the bottom of the pot. ~ kal mangy person whose hair is stuck to the lesion on his scalp. Qiroat : (Arabic) method of reading the Quran aloud. ~ qil‑ to recite the Quran; to read aloud. Qiroatchilik : s.

Qiroatxonlik. Qiroatxon : reader of the Quran; blind memorizer. Qiroatxona : school for learning proper reading of the Quran; reading room. Qiroatxonlik : proper reading of the Quran; blind memorization, uncritical learning. Qirol (Slavic) : king. Qirolicha : queen. Qirollik : kingship, dominion; kingdom. Qiron 1 : slaughter. Qiron 2 coll. : (Arabic) country.

Yetti ~da the entire world. Qiron(gar)chilik : slaughter, killing. Qironqarg’a : s.

Qironqora.qironqora zool.imperial eagle. Qirov 1 : frost.

Oq ~ late fall.

Soqoliga ~ tushibdi/kiribdi one’s beard or hair has become touched with gray. Qirov 2 : metal filings clinging to a metal surface. ~i to’kilmagan brand new (eg, knife). Qirov 3 : disease of livestock characterized by nodules on the tongue. Qirovli 1 : frosty. Qirovli 2 : brand new. Qirpi(t) : worn smooth on one side (of knucklebone playing piece) (s.

Xirpa). Qirpichoq : knife‑fighting; fierce fighting. — Qorinbog’ : saddle girth. Qorinbog’ich : sash to gird one’s waist; s.

Qorinbog’. Qorincha : dim.

Of qorin; ventricle. Qorindor : potbellied. Qoriq : cupping‑glass or horn. ~ sol‑ to let blood. Qoriqchi : blood‑letter. Qorish‑ v.t., : v.i.


Of qor‑; to be mixed together, to be confused or entangled; to be splattered; to be occupied with; to busy o.s.

With, to poke one’s nose into. [qorishtir‑, qorishtiril‑] Qorishiq : mixed, confused. ~ undosh half‑occlusive ??? Consonant. Qorishma : mixture; mortar, mix. Qorishtirg’ich : mixer. Qorixona : school for memorization of the Quran; room in a mosque for reading the Quran. Qorli : snowy. Qorong’i‑zimiston : pitch dark, pitch black. Qorong’i : dark, dim; obscure.

Jahon ko’ziga ~ The world is dark before his eyes. ~ tush‑ to become dark.

Bu menga ~‑ This is unclear to me. Qorong’ila‑ : v.t.

To darken. [qorong’ilat‑] Qorong’ilan‑ : v.i.

To become dark. Qorong’ilash‑ : v.i.

To become increasingly dark; to become increasingly obscure.

Jahon ~‑ to have the world become dark before one’s eyes. [qorong’ilashtir‑] Qorong’ilat‑ : v.t.


Of qorong’ila‑; to obscure. Qorong’ilik : darkness; dimness, obscurity. Qorong’izor : place covered in darkness.qorotqi dial.toy scarecrow. Qorovul : guard, sentry, watch; janitor; sight (on gun). ~ xizmati guard duty.qorovulbegi hist.captain of the guard. Qorovulchilik : s.

Qorovullik. Qorovulla‑ : v.t.

To guard. Qorovullik : abstr.

Of qorovul; guard duty. Qorovulxona : guard house, sentry box. Qortiq : s.

Qoriq. — S.

Sharmanda : Sa’va zool. : (Arabic) finch. Sa’y : (Arabic) effort, labor, striving. Saba : a large skin sack used for storing and churning milk products, esp.

Qimiz/kumiss. Sabab : (Arabic) reason, cause; excuse. ~ shuki…

The reason being that…

Shu ~dan for that reason. ~ Ergash gap subordinate clause. ~i tirikchilik for the sake of getting by or making a living. ~ki because, the reason being…

Uzrli ~ acceptable or pardonable excuse.

Uzrsiz ~ unacceptable excuse. Sababchi : cause, reason, initiator; agent, factor. Sababdor rare : s.

Sababchi. Sababiy : (Arabic) causal. Sababiyat : (Arabic) causality. Sababkor lit. : s.

Sababchi. Sababli : excusable, for good reason; causal; because of, due to.

Kecha men maktabga ~ kelmadim Yesterday I didn’t come to school for good reason.

Shu o’qituvchi kelmaganligi ~ dars bo’lmadi Due to that teacher not coming, there was no class. Sababsiz : for no reason, pointless; inexcusable, unpardonable. Sababsizlik : pointlessness. Sabash : s.

Savash. Sabil : abandoned, neglected; dang, blasted, wretched. ~ bo’l‑/~ qolsin/qolgur! Dang…! Blasted…! Sabiy : obs. (Arabic) infant, babe; infantile, naive. Sabiylik : immaturity; infancy. ~ fe’l atvori immature character. Sabo : (Arabic) morning breeze. Saboh : (Arabic) early morning, dawn.sabon arch.plow (s.

Omoch).sabonchi zool.jungle cat. Saboq : (Arabic) lesson; lessons. Saboqdosh : classmate. Sabot : (Arabic) resolve, determination. Sabot‑matonat : resolution, steadfastness. Sabotaj : (Russian) sabotage. ~ qil‑ to sabotage. Sabotajchi : saboteur. Sabotajchilik : sabotage. — Savdoyilik : abstr.

Of savdoyi. Savil coll. : s.

Joni ~ stalwart.savir bot.thuja, arborvitae. Saviya : (Arabic) level (of development). Savlat : (Arabic) splendor, magnificence; pride and joy. ~ to’k‑ to radiate splendor. ~idan ot/~ qil‑ to give o.s.

Airs, to act pompously. Savlatdor : regal, majestic. Savlatli : majestic, magnificent. Savlatsiz : unimposing, drab, shabby. Savob : (Arabic) meritorious action, worthy of heavenly reward. Savobli : meritorious, commendable, worthy of heavenly reward. Savoblik : virtuousness, rewardability in heaven. Savod : (Arabic) literacy, education. ~ maktabi school for adult literacy. Savodli : literate; educated. Savodlilik : literacy. Savodsiz : illiterate; uneducated, ignorant. Savodsizlik : illiteracy; ignorance. Savodxon : literate, educated person. Savodxonlik : literacy. Savol : (Arabic) question; problem. ~ ber‑ to ask a question. ~ qo’y‑ to pose a question. Savol‑javob : question and answer session; questioning. Savolli : inquisitive. Savolomuz : questioning, (seemingly) inquisitive, probing. Savq : obs. (Arabic) feeling, sensation. Savr : (Arabic) Taurus. Savrinjon bot. : dogbane.savsan bot.a type of iris.savsar zool.marten. Savt : (Arabic) (end of a musical piece, ending); voice, melody. Savtiyot : obs. (Arabic) phonetics. — Sunniy : (Arabic) Sunni, orthodox Muslim. Sunniylik : Sunni, orthodox Islam. Supa : (Arabic) a platform in a courtyard made of packed earth and used for lying or sitting on; platform in general. Supacha : a small supa. Supatog’ : mesa. Superfosfat : (Russian) superphosphate. Support : (Russian) support. Supra : (Arabic) a leather mat used for making dough upon.

Oti ulug’, ~si quruq all show, not putting his money where his mouth is. ~ qoqdi treating close friends to the leftovers of a feast; a child born to a man well advanced in years.

Quloq ~si auricle. Supta : petite, diminutive. Supur‑ : v.t.

To sweep; to sweep or clear away. [supuril, supurish‑, supurtir‑] Supurgi : broom.

Xotinak ~ short‑handled broom.

Erkak ~ long‑handled broom.

Qorovul ~ a large broom used by watchmen. ~ puli “broom money” paid by students in traditional schools for school upkeep.

Muloyim ~ having a pleasant demeanor but cold or devious at heart.

Qo’li kosov, sochi ~ virtual household slave (often said referring to daughters‑in‑law). Supurgichi : broom seller. Supurgichilik : abstr.

Of supurgichi. Supurib‑sidir‑ : v.t.

To clean up, to get rid of. [supurib‑sidiril‑] Supurindi : sweepings, refuse. Supuruvchi : sweeper, cleaner; supplementary worker (in cotton picking or processing). Suq‑ : v.t.

To drive, to plunge, to stick (into).

Burun ~‑ to stick one’s nose into.

Cho’ntagiga) qo’l ~‑ to stick one’s hand into another’s pocket or purse.

Gapni gapir uqqanga, jonni jonga ~qanga Speak to those who will listen or care. [suqil‑, suqilitir‑, suqish‑, suqtir‑] Suq : greedy, grasping; the evil eye. ~im tushdi to hunger for, to be envious of. ~i kirdi lusted after (said of food seen by another who desires it, whose envious glance is believed to make the person eating it ill). Suqatoy : greedy, envious child. Suqil‑ : v.i.


Of suq‑; to snuggle up to or into; to infiltrate, to worm one’s way into.

Bag’riga/quchog’iga suqil‑ to snuggle up to.

Gapga/so’zga suqil‑ to poke one’s nose into a conversation. Suqla‑ : v.t.

To relieve a person from effects of the evil eye (s.

Suq kir‑); to say, “suq‑suq” so that no one will eat s.t. Suqlan‑ : v.i.

To look at with an evil eye, to lust after. [suqlantir‑] Suqli : desirous, covetous, envious. Suqlik : desire, covetousness. ~ qil‑ to covet, to lust for. Suqma : inserted, thrust in.suqsuq zool.shoveller.suqsur dial.s.

Suxsur. Suqtoy : s.

Suqatoy. — Tamg’ali : marked, branded; affixed with an emblem. Tamiz : intelligence, intellect; understanding, quick‑wittedness.

Ahli ~ people of intellect. Tamizli : intelligent; quick‑witted. Tamizsiz : unintelligent. Tamkin : (Arabic) majesty, dignity; sedateness. Tamli : tasty, good‑tasting. Tamom : (Arabic) end, finish; completely; whole, entire; That’s the end., That’s it. ~ bo’l‑ to be finished; to be all gone; to be used up; to be done in. ~ qil‑ to use up; to complete.

Adoyi ~ bo’l‑ to be done in, to be destroyed or put out of service. Tamoman : (Arabic) completely, entirely; (w/ neg.) Not at all. Tamomi(y) : (Arabic) complete, whole, entire. Tamomi(y)la : completely, entirely. Tamomla‑ : v.t.

To finish, to complete; to use up; to graduate (school). [tamomlan‑, tamomlat‑] Tamosho lrnd. : (Arabic) s.

Tomosha. Tamoyil : obs. (Arabic) leaning, tendency. Tamshan‑ : v.i.

To smack one’s lips; to pretend to taste s.t.; to speak as though s.t.

Is in the mouth. Tamsiz : tasteless; bad‑tasting. Tamtam : beautiful, graceful; flashy, flaunting. Tamtaroqli : high‑flown, bombastic.tamug’ arch.the underworld, hell. Tan 1 : body; person. ~ga singdir‑ to absorb, to take in. ~ tarbiyasi physical education. Tan 2 : share, lot; initial price or capital. ~ ber‑ to admit, to own, to acknowledge; to be amazed; to submit to. ~ ol‑ to admit; to acknowledge.tan‑jon, tanu jonbody and soul. Tana 1 : torso, trunk, body. ~ngga o’ylap ko’r/qara Think this over well. Tana 2 : a 1‑2 year‑old heifer. Tanacha : small heifer; (small) body; sprout, shoot. Tanaffus : (Arabic) recess, break, intermission. Tanakor : borax; adhesive agent. Tanavor : leather pieces used for making the uppers of a shoe. Tanazzul : (Arabic) decline, regression. ~ga yuz tut‑/Et‑ to fall into a decline. — To : until, all the way to. To call out “po’sht‑po’sht!’ : To differentiate [differentsiyalan‑] : To fold.

Qatlan‑ qatlanib yotibdi/turibdi : To go “bang!” [paqillat‑] : To harrow?? : To hold, to grab, to catch, to detain; to hand, to present, to hold up to; to keep, to maintain, to run; to hold back; to control (o.s.); to support, to manage, to take care of; to use; to carry on, to conduct, to adhere to (policy, idea); to consider (to be); to cover with (curtain, etc.); to fill, to take up; to take root; to come on, to overcome, to attack (feeling or condition).

Mehmonlarga sochiq ~‑ to hand guests a towel.

Papirosga gugurt ~‑ to hold a match up to a (Russian) cigarette.

O’g’rini jinoyat ustida ~‑ to hold a thief responsible for a crime.

To’g’ri yo’l ~‑ to hold a straight course.

Uy‑joyni ozoda ~‑ to keep the house clean.

Do’kon ~‑ to run a store.

Bu qo’lni ~adi this will tie things up.

Chimmat ~‑ to veil one’s face.

Bu idishni ~mang Don’t use this dish.

Ko’z oynak ~‑ to use or wear glasses.

Birovni o’ziga do’st ~‑ to consider s.o.

To be a friend.

Bo’g’ uyni ~ib ketdi Steam filled the room.

Hamma yoqni odam ~ib yotibdi Everywhere is filled with people.

Pilla ~‑ to keep silkworms.

Uning kasali ~di His illness flared up.

Ko’chat ~madi The planting did not take hold/root.

Suv ~‑ to pour water (for s.o.

To wash); to irrigate.

O’zini ~‑ to control o.s., to get hold of o.s.

Ko’zda ~‑ to keep in mind.

Motga ~‑ to defeat. ~gan joyidan kes‑ to stand firm; to get one’s way.

To’pga ~‑ to fire on/at. [tutil‑, tutin‑, tutish‑, tuttir‑/tutqaz‑/tutqiz‑, tutqazil‑, tutqizil‑] : tut bot.mulberry. ~ mayiz dried mulberries.

Qo’noq ~ an inedible variety of mulberry.

Yer ~i strawberry (s. ~day to’kil‑ to fall like flies; to tumble down, to fall apart. To rise (dough) (s.

Ko?Pchi‑) [ko’ptir‑] : To say “xix.” : To urge a horse on saying “chuv‑chuv.” : To’da : pile, bunch; group, gathering; pack, flock, school.

Arilar ~si swarm of bees. To’da‑to’da : in piles and piles. To’daboz : one who manipulates groups or cliques to his own advantage (s.

Gruppaboz). To’dabozlik : manipulating groups or cliques to one’s own advantage (s.

Gruppabozlik) To’dakash : charger which can outstrip a group of horses quickly (in buzkashi (uloq) game). To’dala‑ : v.t.

To pile up, to gather. [to’dalan‑, to’dalat‑, to’dalash‑] To’dalash‑ : v.i.


Of to’dala‑; to gather in groups. To’dalog’liq : piled (up). To’fon : (Arabic) storm, typhoon; the Flood. To’fonli : stormy, tempestuous. To’g’in : wheel rim. To’g’na‑ : v.t.

To fasten, to pin, to stick on. [to’g’nat‑] To’g’nog’ich : safety pin. To’g’on : dam; barrier, obstacle. To’g’onla‑ : v.t.

To dam. To’g’onoq : large wooden hook tied to the end of a rope, used for tying down loads; obstacle, barrier. — To’lalik : abstr.

Of u sizdan ~ qiladi He’s heavier set than you are. To’ldir‑ : v.t.


Of to’l‑; to fill out (form, etc.). [to’ldirtir‑] To’ldirg’ich : filler. To’ldiruvchi : v.n.

Of ~ Ergash gap object complement. To’lg’a‑ : v.t.

To shake, to whirl.

Bo’yin ~‑ (rare) to back out. [to’lg’an‑, to’lg’at‑] To’lg’an‑ : v.i.

To twist; to writhe, to contort; to heave, to swell; to throb (emotion).

Ilonday to’lg’an‑ to writhe like a snake. [to’lg’antir‑] To’lg’in rare : full; heavy‑set. To’lg’oq : (birthing) pains, contraction(s); pain, misery. To’lin : full (moon). To’liq‑ : v.i.

To be full of emotion; (rare) to puff up, to swell.

To’liq o’rta maktab to’liq sodda gap To’liq : full, complete; completely. ~ o’rta maktab school with grades 1‑10. ~ sodda gap complete simple sentence. To’liqla‑ : v.t.

To complete. To’liqsiz : incomplete. ~ o’rta maktab school with grades 1‑8. ~ gap incomplete sentence. To’lish‑ : v.i.


Of toul‑; to fill out.

Yuzi ~di His face has filled out. To’lov : v.n.

Of to’la‑; payment; compensation. To’lovdor : in arrears; s.

Tovondor. To’lqin : wave. To’lqinlan‑ : v.i.

To wave, to become wavy, to undulate, to stir; to rock (with emotion); to become stirred up. [to’lqinlantir‑] To’lqinlat‑ : v.t.

To rock; to stir, to agitate. To’lqinli : wavy, choppy, turbulent; stirring.

Qisqa ~ nurlar shortwave radiation. To’lqinsimon : wavy, undulating, wave‑like. To’mpay‑ : v.i.

To fall to one’s knees, then lie face down; to stick out. To’mtoq : blunt; snub‑nosed, rounded; stub (body part); dull; faulty, bad. ~ barmoq stub finger. To’mtoqla‑ : v.t.

To blunt. [to’mtoqlan‑] To’mtoqlik : abstr.

Of to’mtoq; bluntness, dullness. To’n : (Arabic) plague. To’n‑ dial. : v.i.

To stare fixedly. To’n : traditional robe or coat (s.

Copon); rind, peel. ~ kiydir‑/~ bich‑ to follow (the example of); to appraise. ~iga kir‑ to take on the guise of. ~ini teskari kiy‑ to be in a huff about s.t. — Uchra‑ : v.i.

To be met, to be come across, to be seen, to be encountered; to meet with, to visit; to run into, to meet, to come across; to be found. [uchrat‑ uchratil‑, uchrash‑, uchrashtir‑] Uchrash‑ : v.i.


Of uchra‑; to meet, to get together. [uchrashish‑, uchrashtir‑] Uchrashuv : meeting, rendezvous, date; meet; crossing. Uchta : three (w/ countable, non‑unit nouns). Uchun‑ : v.i.

To fall ill, to be indisposed. Uchun : for; in order to; because.

Shuning ~ for that reason, that’s why.

Nima ~ for what, why.

Poezdga kechikmaslik ~ in order not to be late for the train.

Ukam ~ kitob oldim I bought a book for my brother. Uchuniq : indisposition. Uchuq 1 : cold sore (believed to be caused by extreme fright).

Labiga ~ chiqdi/toshdi to be frightened out of one’s wits. Uchuq 2 : broken, chipped. Uchuriq : joke, funny story, wisecrack. ~ qil‑ to jest with, to joke about. Uchuvchi : flying; flyer, aviator. ~lar maktabi flight school. Uchuvchilik : abstr.

Of ~ maktabi flight school. ~ka o’qi‑ to study to be a pilot.

Oliy ~ san’ati the art of aerobatics. Uchyot : (Russian) registration; stock‑taking, inventory. ~ kartochkasi registration card. ~ga tur‑ to be registered. ~ga ol‑ to take into account. ~dan chiq‑ to be taken off the books. Uchyotchi : tally clerk, stock‑taker. Ud : (Arabic) lute. Udarnik 1 : (Russian) firing pin. Udarnik 2 : (Russian) shock‑worker (worker who works exceeds the norm). Udaychi : official in charge of submitting petitions to a khan and conveying his response to the petitioner. Udda : (Arabic) successful execution of an action. ~ qil‑ or ~sidan chiq‑ to pull off, to carry out. Uddaburo : capable, able, gifted. Uddaburolik : ability, aptness. Uddala‑ : v.t.

To manage, to carry out, to pull off. [uddalash‑] Udli‑shudli : quick, dexterious. Udmurt : Udmurt.udukvor coll.never. Udum : (Arabic) custom. Uezd hist. : (Russian) smallest administrative unit until 1923.uf ono.Oof! Ufla‑ : v.i.

To say “oof!”, to sigh. — Ulamolik : asbtr.

Of ulamo. Ular 1 : they; those.ular 2 zool.snow cock. Ulash‑ 1 v.t./i. : coop.

Of ula‑; to follow one another, to run together. [ulashtir‑] Ulash‑ 2 : v.t.

To divide, to apportion, to distribute. [ulashil‑, ulashtir‑]ulash‑ulash coll.pillage, plunder, ransacking. ~ qil‑ to ransack, to plunder.ulay‑bulay coll.all kinds of excuses. Ulfat : (Arabic) camaraderie; friend, fellow, companion (at social gathering); amicable, congenial. ~i chor camaraderie. ~ qur‑ to gain friends, to be sociable with a circle of friends. Ulfatchilik : banquet, social gathering, get‑together; friendship. Ulfatlash‑ : v.i.

To befriend; to get together, to sit together. Ulg’ay‑ : v.i.

To grow (up, bigger). [ulg’ayish‑, ulg’ayt‑, ulg’aytir‑, ulg’aytiril‑] Ulgi : example, model. Ulgur‑ : v.i.

To succeed (in); to be on time (for), to reach on time. Ulgurish : v.n.

Of ulgur‑; progress (in school). Ulgurji : wholesale; massive, enormous; complete, entire. Uli‑ 1 ono. : v.i.

To howl (s.

Uvla‑). [ulish‑]uli‑ 2 dial.to become inflamed (of mucous membrane). Uli : ~ tort‑ to howl (s.

Uv tort‑). Ulkan : great, grand. Ulkanlash‑ : v.i.

To grow, to enlarge, to expand. Uloq 1 : patched, mended, mishmash; knot.uloq 2 zool.kid, baby goat; a game played on horseback in which players struggle for possession of a headless goat or calf carcass (= Afghan buzkashi) (s. ~ chop‑ to play buzkashi. Uloq‑ : v.i.

To go off, to move far away. Uloq‑quroq : patched, all in pieces. Uloq‑uloq 1 : much knotted, patched. Uloq‑uloq 2 : ~ qil‑ to pull about, to struggle over. ~ bo’l‑ to be thrashed or pulled about. Uloqchi : uloq player (s.

Uloq 2). Uloqtir‑ : v.t.

To toss, to hurl. [uloqtiril‑] Ulov 1 : v.n.

Of ula‑. Ulov 2 : mount, draft animal. Ulovchi : railway coupler.ulton dial.sole leather. — Valiy rel. : (Arabic) prophet.vallamat coll.s.

Valine?Mat; guide, mentor; ruler, official, leader, elder; lad, brave, warrior. Valloh(i) : (Arabic) by God. ~ a?Lam God knows what is true; perhaps, must be. Valyuta : (Russian) hard currency. Van : lake Van. Vanadiy : (Russian) vanadium.vang’ coll.ish ~ everything is going well, all is peachy‑keen. ~ bo’lib qol‑ to be struck dumb. Vang’illa‑ v.i.

Ono. : to roar, to zoom.

Suv ~b oqayotir the water is gushing. [vang’illat‑] Vang‑vang : s.

Ang‑ang. Vangilla‑ : s.

Angilla‑. Vanna : (Russian) bathtub, bath.

Quyosh ~si sunbath. ~ qil‑/qabul qil‑ to take a bath (s.

Cho’mil‑). Vannaxona : bathroom, bathhouse.vaq‑vaq ono.the sound made by a frog, ribbit‑ribbit. ~ qil‑ to croak. Vaqf : (Arabic) pious foundation, usu.

Money donated to sustain an Islamic school, mosque, etc. Vaqfnoma : deed of trust for a vaqf. Vaqfxo’r hist. : a religious student living off of vaqf funds. Vaqilla‑ : s.

Vaqirla‑.vaqir‑vaqir, vaqir‑vuqur ono.incessant chorusing of frogs.vaqirla‑ ono.to croak; to boil heavily; to gripe and grumble. [vaqirlash‑] Vaqo : (Arabic) hech ~ yo’q There isn?T a (darn) thing., There?S nothing at all. Vaqt : (Arabic) time; hour, season. ~i kelib/(o’z) ~ida on time, at the right time, in its own time.

Tez ~da in the near future, soon.

U ~(da) at that time; in that case.

Ba’zi ~ from time to time.

Bir ~(lar)da at one time? ~i bilan at the appropriate time.

Alla bir necha ~gacha (not) for some time, for quite a while.

Ayni ~da at the same time. Vaqt‑bemahal : s.

Vaqt‑bevaqt. Vaqt‑bevaqt : at any time; late, at a late hour. Vaqt‑soat : time, hour. ~i bilan at the appropriate time ~i kelganda/etganda when its time has come. Vaqt‑vaqt : from time to time. ~i bilan on certain occasions, once in a while. Vaqtchog’lik : s.

Vaqtxushlik. Vaqtincha : temporarily, for the time being. Vaqtinchalik : for the time being, for now. Vaqtli : early; temporary; for the time being. ~ matbuot periodical publications. Vaqtsiz : at a bad time; late. Vaqtxushlik : happiness; happy times. ~ qil‑ to have a happy time, to spend one?S time happily. — Xala : s. ~ qil‑ to make a riding stick; to prod with a stick. ~ ur‑ to prod. ~ tur‑ to have a cramp. Xalacho’p : stick (for prodding camels, donkeys, etc.). Xalaf : obs. (Arabic) successor (s.

Voris).xalajoy coll.s.

Xalojoy. Xalakash : maker of riding sticks. Xalal : (Arabic) resistance, obstacle, obstruction. ~ ber‑/etkaz‑ to obstruct. Xalaqit : (Arabic) trouble, obstacle, distraction. ~ ber‑ to hinder; to distract, to bother. Xalat : (Arabic) robe, smock. Xalatbop : suitable for making a robe or smock. Xalatli : wearing a robe or smock. Xalatlik : s.

Xalatbop. Xalfa : arch. (Arabic) man learned in Islamic law; student (in old school) who helps the teacher; apprentice. Xalfalik : abstr.

Of xalfa; apprenticeship. Xalifa : (Arabic) caliph; official in the Bukhara khanate in charge of monitoring proper religious observance. Xalifalik : caliphate; abstr.

Of xalifa. Xalloq : (Arabic) the Creator. ~i olam Creator of the world. Xalo coll. : (Arabic) latrine, lavatory. Xalojoy coll. : latrine, privy, outhouse. Xalos 1 : (Arabic) liberation, release. ~ bo’l‑ to be saved, to be delivered. ~ qil‑/Et‑ to save, to release, to deliver (from). Xalos 2 : (Arabic) s.

Xolos. Xaloskor : savior, deliverer. Xaloskorlik : abstr.

Of xaloskor. Xaloxona : s.

Xalojoy. Xaloyiq : (Arabic) the people, everybody. Xalq : (Arabic) people, nation; crowd.

Xalq ~i national economy. Xalqaro : international; among the people. Xalqarochi : international affairs specialist.xalqchi arch.populist. — Yigiruvchi : spinning (worker). Yigit‑yalang : young men and boys; young folks. Yigit : young man, lad, guy; manly youth; man, soldier. ~ o’lgur! May you die young!Yigitboshi arch.officer, leader. Yigitcha 1 : youth, boy. Yigitcha 2 : like a young man; bravely. Yigitchasiga : like a young man, like a lad. Yigitchilik : actions and behavior typical of young men; bold or naughty behavior. Yigitlarcha : in a manly way, bravely, boisterously. Yigitlarchasiga : in the manly way, like a man. Yigitlik : abstr.

Of ~ chog’imda when I was a young man. ~ g’ururi youthful pride.yigna coll.needle (s.

Igna).yik coll.s.

Yig, duk.yikchi coll.spinner (s.

Dukchi). Yil : year. ~ o’n ikki oy all year round.

O’quv ~i school year. ~ ag’darish to state someone’s age according to the 12‑year animal calendar. ~ oshi feast held on the anniversary of someone’s death. ~ hisobi chronology. ~ bo’yi throughout the year. ~ing nima? Which year (of the muchal cycle) were you born? Yilbay : yearly. Yildan‑yil(ga) : from year to year.yildirim obs.lightning. ~ soqchisi lightning rod.yilg’a coll.rivulet, brook, stream (s.

Jilg’a). Yilgi : year(‘s)…

O’tgan ~ xatolar last year’s mistakes. Yiliga : per year. Yillab : by year, one year at a time; for (X) years.

O’n ~ for dozens of years. Yillarcha : for years. Yillik : yearly, annual, ‑year; anniversary.

Besh ~ maktab five year school. Yilma‑yil : from year to year, year by year. Yilnoma : annual, yearbook. Yilnomachi : compiler of a yearbook, chronicler. Yilqi : horses (as livestock); horse (in a herd). Yilqibon : horse herder. Yilqiboqar : s.

Yilqibon. Yilqichi 1 : horseman, horse‑breeder; (arch.) Rich man who raises horses. ~ kolxoz horse‑breeding kolkhoz.yilqichi 2 zool.stone curlew, thickfoot. Yilqichilik : horse breeding. Yilt‑yilt : ~ qil‑/Et‑ to sparkle, to glitter, to wink (stars). Yilt : ~ Et‑ to sparkle, to glint. Yiltilla‑ : v.i.

To sparkle, to glint, to gleam. [yiltillat‑] Yiltira‑ : v.i.

To sparkle, to glint, to shine. [yiltirat‑] Yiltiroq : shiny, bright, gleaming. ~ qurt (zool.) Glowworm. Yipran‑ rare : to become torn, to fall apart. Yiq‑ : v.t.


Yiqit‑. [yiqil‑, yiqish‑]

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