Arena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which….

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Silver plated necklace with horse shoe Horses-store.comArena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which….

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Obtain a Buyer’s Number Review the Sale Conditions Examine Horses Before Purchasing Pay Close Attention to the Announcements from the Auction Block AQHA or APHA membership cards THE HIGHEST BIDDER IS THE BUYER are REQUIRED for transfers.

Remain Seated & Sign the Buyer’s Agreement after Purchase Responsibility for Purchase Begins at the Fall of the Gavel MAKE ALL PAYMENTS FOR PURCHASES TO SALE CASHIER on date of sale Make all Checks Payable to YOUNGKER QUARTER HORSE RANCH A Release is required to remove Horses From Sale Grounds.

Horses can be removed any time after purchase and payment.

Buyer will pay $15.00 Transfer Fee (nonmember will pay $55.00 fee AQHA or APHA) All bred mares selling for over $5,000.00, if not safe in foal will carry one re-breed in 2009 (breeding fee only) All studs selling for $5,000.00 and above are guaranteed sound breeders.

Please get Health Papers from the Vet Office in the sale barn for all horses going out of state and before buyer leaves the sale barn on the day of the sale.

Sale management must be notified and arrangements must be made for all horses not schedules for pick up before noon Sunday 9, 2008.

Contact telephone 918-374-2655, 405-377-8366.

All horses left at the Youngker Quarter Horse Ranch beyond 2 days will be charged board at the rate of $7.50 per day until picked up (re-breed, waiting for transportation, etc.,) unless other arrangements are made.

NO EXCEPTIONS All registrations that are pending are guaranteed.

All prospective buyers must register and obtain a number.

All alleyways must be clear of spectators once sale starts at 2:00 p.m.

All buyers will provide their own halters.

The sale office will also have halters available for sale. Important Notices & Conditions Do not remove Hip Numbers once they are applied.

Buyer releases will be checked against hip numbers and no horses will be released without a legible hip number. No. 7 WARRANTIES: A.

Prospective Buyers are hereby cautioned and advised by Sale Management to Examine horses thoroughly prior to purchasing.

There is no warranty, Expressed or implied, by Sale Management or any representatives thereof as to the soundness, physical condition, health, disposition, merchant ability, fitness or breeding status for any particular purpose of any horse offered in this sale.

Unless otherwise stated by Auctioneer.

All horses are sold “as is” with all Existing conditions and defects.

Every horse will be sold under this rule.


Sale Management is not responsible for Buyer or Consignor misunderstanding.

A recording will be made of the entire auction, which can be used to help settle disputes regarding statements made about the horses while in the auction arena.

No. 9 Brood mares: No guarantees are made by Sale Management, or any representative thereof regarding pregnancy status, eventual foaling, or fertility of any animal offered in this sale.

Unless otherwise specified from the auction block.

No. 10 Catalog and announcements: Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention to announcements from the auction block regarding changes in the sale catalog, as such announcements take precedence over printed material.

The Sale Management or any representative thereof, does not assume any responsibility or liability of errors or omissions, or any verbal or written statement regarding the animal sold.

No. 11 Authorized Agents: Persons acting as agents for absentee principals must file notarized letters of authorization from principal stating the agent is acting in their behalf and that said principal will be solely responsible for the agent’s sales or purchases.

These letters must be filed with Sale Management prior to the beginning of the Sale.

No. 12: Registration Certificates: Buyer will pay for transfer.

Must have AQHA number available or cost $55.00 to transfer.


All original registration certificates, transfer reports, and/or applicable breeders certificates, transfer reports, and/or registration applications will be held by Sale Management until Buyer’s payment clears the drawee’s bank and become unconditional credit.

Upon payment clearance and after 21 banking days, all applicable paperwork will be forwarded directly to AQHA or APHA.

Buyer will be responsible for only one transfer fee as well as any registration and membership fees associated with a purchase selling on registration application.


Pending registration papers being processed by the appropriate registration agency at the time of sale will be returned from that agency to Consignor who shall in turn deliver to the Sale Management.

Sale Management will then forward the pending registration certificate to the buyer.

No. 13 Health: All horses in this sale have been tested negative for equine infection anemia (coggins Test).

Additionally, all horses will have a health certificate.

Out of state or other health certificate may be obtained from the Official Sale Veterinarian on the day of the sale and are at the Buyer’s Expense.


ALL PERSONS ATTENDING THIS SALE DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. ~4~ Standard Sale Conditions No. 1 Governing Law: The Sale Management or any representative thereof is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including but not limited to the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any animal, person or property before, during or after the sale.

Each horse offered in the sale is sold “as is and with all defects”.

In the event of any legal dispute between Buyer and Consignor, Sale Management will occupy the position of agent for consignor.

Sale Management will be discharged from all obligations owing to Consignor or Buyer upon delivery of any property or funds held by Sale Management to the court having jurisdiction of such dispute.

No. 2 Bidding procedures: Title to the animal shall pass to Buyer automatically at the final fall of the auctioneer’s gavel.

The highest bidder shall become the Buyer.

Any successful bidder shall sign a Buyer Agreement, which shall be presented by an auction clerk immediately after the purchase has been made.

Sale Management and/or autioneer(s) reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

No. 3 bidding disputes: IF a dispute should occur between two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall settle the dispute and his decision shall be absolute, final, and binding on all parties.

In such a case, the auctioneer has the right to reopen the bidding procedure and ask for advanced bids solely between those bidders claiming the last bid.

If there is no advanced bid, the horse shall be sold to the bidder from whom the auctioneer recognized the final bid.

If, for any reason, the bid should be reduced below the recognized bid at the beginning of such a dispute, the auctioneer may reopen the bidding to all bidders with the highest bidder becoming the Buyer regardless of whether or not the final bid exceeds the bid, which was originally disputed.

No. 4 title and delivery: “Title”-passes to Buyer automatically and immediately at the final fall of the auctioneer’s gavel.

At such a time, Buyer assumes all risk of loss and the responsibility, maintenance, care and expenses for the horse sold.

This shall especially be the condition in the case of illness, injury, or death of any horse after it has been sold.

Upon the passage of title, buyer agrees to indemnify and hold the Sale Management or any representative thereof harmless for all loss, cost and expense arising from any or all of the following: (1) the illness, injury or death of purchased animal, (2) loss or damage to property, or (3) injury or death of persons caused to Buyer, his agents, employees of the purchased animal.

Buyer assumes title and all risks whether or not ‘delivery’ has been made. “Delivery-of purchased animal shall be contingent upon the Buyer making a full settlement to the sale cashier as described in Condition No. 5 After satisfactory settlement is made, delivery will be in the form of a “release” for the horse from the auction grounds.

In addition to the ‘release’, Buyer will receive the current coggins test, a copy of the registration certificate and a copy of any applicable breeders’ certificate or registration application.

After delivery is made, Buyer shall remove the horse within the specified time announced after the termination of the auction and shall be subject to any charges associated with care and handling of such animals after such specified time.

No. 5 settlement: Settlement for any purchases must be made in full and paid to the sale cashier within the specified time announced after purchases are made.

Payment to any other source is prohibited and is not recognized as settlement.

Settlement for any purchase must be made for the full purchase price with U.S.

Currency or with funds from a U.S.

Bank in the form of certified check, travelers check, or bank check which has been verified and approved in advance by sale management.

A valid driver’s license and/or other forms of positive identification are required upon settlement.

Any person signing a check in the State of Oklahoma that is returned marked ‘payment stopped’ or ‘account closed’ or a check that does not clear the drawee’s bank for any reason will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Appropriate legal services will be obtained in whatever jurisdiction necessary to secure performance of any payment given as settlement and all costs, including attorney’s fees incurred by Sale Management shall be the responsibility of the party issuing such payment. $50.00 charge for returned checks.

No.6 Defaulters: A signing the Buyers Agreement, all Buyers shall be responsible for the full purchase price as stated on the Buyers Agreement for the horse.

Purchasers who fail in any respect whatsoever to make settlement as described in Condition No. 5 shall be declared in default.

Sale Management may resell any horse purchased by a defaulter.

Should such a resale fail to satisfy in full the defaulter’s balance due, the defaulter shall immediately pay Sale Management the amount of the balance owing.

If the defaulter fails for any reason to pay all the balance owing, Consignor or Sale Management may bring suit against the defaulter who shall be responsible for all costs, including attorney’s fees incurred by Sale Management in collection of amount owing or in enforcement or interpretation of the sale condition.

No.7 LIABILITY: Youngker QH Ranch, owners, or any of the personnel connected with the sale assume NO RESPONSIBILITY, legal or otherwise, for the safety of the buildings or premises or the behavior of the animals.

All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk. ~5~ Hip No. 1 Skip Pala, Palomino Mare 2011 Classical Skipper Skip Extraordinar My Cameo Rose Trevallion Skip Tampala Agency Skip Something Classic Skip N Teaka Super Half Time Castana Barette Im Kiddin Ima Fantastic Chick Staint Sheen Skip Agency Hip No. 4 Skip JLY Jay, Gray Mare 2011 Classical Skipper Skips Beyond Wish It Array Cool Me Down Miss JLY Tee Jay Tee Jay Romara — Hip No. 13 Skip It Dream, Palomino Stallion 2011 Mr Yella Fella Dream N Yellow Telusives First Rule Classical Skipper Classy Gold Pie Skip Gold Pie Page Impressive Lets Skip Town Telusive Rules Something Classic Skip N Teeka Jones Gold Finger Paula Skip Bar Hip No. 16 Skipitt Glow, Palomino Stallion 2011 Skip Extraordinar Skippen Glow Skip To Pride Spanish High Spanish Queen Rosita Brophy Queen Classical Skipper My Cameo Rose Trevallion Classical Lady Skip Skippa Lark Spanish Barb Brophy Turf Queen SKIP IT DREAM, 2011 Palomino stallion by Dream N Yellow (by Mr Yella Fella, multiple World Champion Producer) and mare Classy Gold Pie (own daughter of Classical Skipper).

This is a colt that will return your investment one of three ways: as a future stud, in the performance arena or at halter.

He has a super head and neck along with style and balance – a great prospect. SKIPITT GLOW, 2011 Palomino stallion by Skippen Glow and mare, Spanish Queen Rosita (dam of European Champion Stallion).

This colt is a classy colt and will grow out to be something special. Skippa Lark Something Classic Summers Trick Classical Skipper Skip N Chant Skip N Teeka Teekadoll Skip Gold Fingers Jones Gold Finger Pie’s Red Gal Skip Gold Pie Skip’s Bartender Paula Skip Bar Miss Paula Nero CLASSY GOLD PIE, 2007 Bay mare by Classical Skipper and mare, Skip Gold Pie.

This mare has all the muscle in the world! She has produced two very classy babies for me.

She has a great future as a broodmare.

Bred to Skips Beyond for a 2012 foal. Hip No. 14 Classy Gold Pie, Bay Mare 2007 Hip No. 17 Spanish Queen Rosita, Chestnut Mare 1989 Skippa Lark Spanish High Spanish Barb Brophy Brophy Queen Turf Queen Skip Alone Skippa String Spanish Nick Barbara Star Parker’s Trouble Business Tuffy’s Tip Miss Jetson SPANISH QUEEN ROSITA, 1989 Chestnut mare by Spanish High (own son of the Great Skippa Lark) and mare, Brophy Queen.

She has produced some great colts including a European Champion Stallion.

She is bred back to Dream N Yellow (son of World Champion, Mr Yella Fella).

She should have a buckskin foal that will be worth waiting for!

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Equestrian Products – Guardian Horse Bedding, Equiderma Skin Products, Equilinn Sports Bra, Learn more about Silver plated necklace with horse shoe HERE: and Arena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which…. - Arena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which…. and Arena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which…. - Arena : A recording will be made of the entire auction which….