Arena : Jump courses will be posted at the arena on Fri….

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HUNTER OVER FENCES DIVISION Hunter type horses and ponies to be shown in proper hunter tack and attire according to the United States Equestrian Federation Rule Book.

No sidesaddle attire or tack allowed in the hunter division.

Approved safety headgear (fastened) is required for all fence classes.

Hunting soundness required.

Conformation not considered except where designated.

Classes judged on manners, suitability, performance, and way of going unless otherwise designated.

Hunters shown in this division cannot enter other divisions except equitation, showmanship, trail, and miscellaneous.

Horses shown in this division must go over fences to be eligible for ribbons in Under Saddle Class.

Obstacles in jumping courses may consist of brush, gates, pickets, aikens, post and rail, and white board fences. Horses and ponies shown in this division cannot enter other divisions.

Hunter Showmanship in Hand is required.

They may also show in hunter equitation over fences, and command break and out. Jump courses will be posted at the arena on Fri afternoon and will be included in the show packet that exhibitors will receive upon check in. Class 1s.

Over Fences Schooling Class. All exhibitors entered in an over the fences division are eligible for this class.

You must include this class on your entry forms.

It cannot be added the day of the show. Exhibitors may school the course (as it is) one time.

The jumps will not be moved or heights adjusted.

The only person allowed in the ring while an exhibitor is schooling is the class manager.

The class will be run under the class manager’s supervision and direction.

This person has complete show management authority and support.

Each exhibitor has a two (2) minute time limit, when the whistle is blown or they have jumped the course one time they are to leave the ring.

Those arriving to the show Fri May 11th will school between 5:00-8:00 PM, otherwise those arriving after 8:00 PM Fri or on Sat AM will school before the over — HORSES (over 14.2 hands) Fence 2.6″ Classes: 05.

Intermediate Working Hunter Horse – Short Course 06.

Intermediate Working Hunter Horse – Long Course 07.

Intermediate Working Hunter Horse – Under Saddle VI.

GYMKHANA DIVISION All Gymkhana riders must wear properly fitted protective and secured headgear (passing or surpassing current American Society for Testing and Materials standards) at all times while mounted at the State 4-H Horse Show.

Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place.

It is the responsibility of the rider, or the parent or guardian of the exhibitor to see to it that the headgear worn complies with appropriate safety standards for protective headgear intended for equestrian use.

The Virginia 4-H, Virginia Horse Center and volunteers are not responsible for checking headgear worn for such compliance.

Virginia 4-H makes no representation or warranty, express or implied about any protective headgear and cautions riders that death or serious injury may result despite wearing such headgear as all equestrian sports involve inherently dangerous risk and as no helmet can protect against all foreseeable injuries. Horses are over 14.2 hands.

Ponies are 14.2 hands and under.

Horses and ponies shall be of any breed or combination of breeds, serviceably sound and in good condition.

Ponies must be suitable to rider.

To be ridden and shown with Western tack and attire.

The use of tapaderos, spurs, chaps or similar gear is optional.

Rider must wear western attire, long sleeve shirt and boots.

Split or closed reins may be used and one or two hands on the reins.

Rider may hold onto saddle with hands.

Tie downs and standing martingales are optional.

Whipping is allowed only by the use of a bat, crop, whip or rope and the judge at his discretion, may disqualify a contestant for excessive use of either (especially in front of the cinch).

Whipping with reins, hat, hands, etc.

Is prohibited.

Western saddle and western bridle is required.

The use of a hackamore (including mechanical hackamores) or other types of bridles is the optional choice of the rider, however, the judge may prohibit the use of bits of equipment he may consider severe.

Tying of feet to stirrups with any material is prohibited.

After running there can be no disqualification or penalty due to equipment or attire.

During and after running the judge and only the judge may disqualify any entry for unduly severe treatment (no time penalty just disqualification).

There is no appeal upon the judge’s decision in regard to either disqualification.

Rider must enter ring mounted and unassisted and must go directly to the course when called for.

Mounts may be led to the in gate but not through the gate.

No one will be allowed a running start to the in gate.

Rider is required to dismount and lead his horse out of the ring at the end of his run.

Off course constitutes elimination.

Knocking over a barrel race barrel or a pole will not result in elimination but will constitute a (5) second penalty.

Touching a barrel or pole by the hand of the rider shall not cause a disqualification or penalty.

There will be no time-outs or re-runs in case of broken equipment, thrown shoes, etc.

All timing will be done by the average of two stop watches and/or electric timer and exact ties will be re-run one time or until broken in like manner.

Cutting the timer by circling wide while on course may result in no time.

Timing will be supervised by the judge.

Standard distances will be observed but management reserves the right to vary the distances if necessary.

The general rules in this catalog also apply, however, no rules except these listed in this division shall apply in gymkhana events.

Pole bending poles will be set at 21′ for horse and pony classes.

Keyhole Race pattern will be judged according to the following rules.

Horses and riders will be required to cross the start, run to the end of the arena, enter a designated keyhole-shaped area, and turn around in either direction without touching the perimeter of the keyhole, and run back across the finish line.

The keyhole will be 21’ in diameter, with a 5’x5’ entrance.

The perimeter will be designated with white chalk or limestone.

No cones or poles will be used to mark the entrance to the keyhole pattern. Disqualification will be judged according to the rules in Division VI.

In addition to these rules, the following situations will cause disqualification. 1. Failure to enter or leave keyhole through prescribed opening. 2. Touching of any part of the keyhole perimeter (white markings). 3.

Stepping out of the keyhole perimeter. 4.

Dismounting of the rider from the horse during the pattern. All ties on points will be broken first by fastest time on barrels, (if still tied – go to fastest time on poles). If there is a failure for electric time, then the contestant shall have the option of performing a rerun at the end of the class. Section 1: Western Cloverleaf Barrel Race Junior/Senior Riders — SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT Entrance Gate Working Western Pattern for Junior and Senior Riders 1.

Wait just outside the entrance gate while the previous horse is working.

At the gate-keepers signal, be ready to walk into the arena so that you are waiting at the first cone as the previous horse completes their pattern.

Once previous horse has exited the arena, start your pattern.

Pattern should be completed well off the rail. 2.

Lope on the right lead from the first cone to the center of the arena at X. 3.

Stop at X 4.

Perform a 540 degree spin to the left 5.

Lope a large left lead slow circle. 6.

At X perform a SIMPLE or FLYING lead change 7.

Continue loping to the right and perform a small slow circle 8.

At X begin a larger, faster right lead lope circle but do not close the circle 9.

Lope around the end of the arena, staying within the cones and stop at middle cone. 10.

Back 5 steps 11.

Exit arena at a walk. Class: 58.

Working Western Horse – Horse/Pony – Junior/Senior SECTION 8 COMMAND BREAK AND OUT To be judged on performance and control only.

Each rider and horse or pony that fails to carry out the command immediately will be eliminated from competition. Classes: 20.command, Break and Out – Hunter Pony Command, Break and Out – Hunter Horse

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