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Techniques in Equine Science ANS3239L Spring, 2012 Instructor Department Chair: Joel McQuagge Dr.

Geoff Dahl 125C Animal Science Bldg. 100 Animal Science Bldg.

Ph: Office: 392-6363, HTU Main:376-0562 Ph: 392-1911 Arena: 294-RIDE, Arena Office: 294-2276 e-mail: Office Hours: Typically Monday, Wednesday 9:00-11:00.

Please call for an appointment as my schedule varies.

Teaching Assistants Sarah White Rebecka Robbert 352-246-1577 352-226-5980 Course Description ANS3239L is designed to teach horse handling, management and riding skills required for proper daily horse care and conditioning.

The material is appropriate for those seeking employment requiring horse care skills and for novice horse owners.

Students will participate in a series of laboratory activities to increase their knowledge of equine behavior and horsemanship.

The final third of the semester will involve practical equitation.

The riding portion of this course is physically demanding and requires that students be able to mount horses unaided and maintain balance while riding.

Course Objectives Upon completion of this course students will have a better understanding of basic daily management techniques.

Students will have an increased awareness of safe horse handling practices.

This course will teach horse tack and equipment selection and care.

Students will develop the base skills needed to tack, mount and ride a horse.

Course Format 2 credits: two labs per week Tuesday, Thursday 6th-7th period (12:50-2:45) at the Horse Teaching Unit Class Attendance This course requires a large time commitment in order to increase your competency with horses.

If you are unable to make this commitment, do not take this course. Schedule 1/10- Tour of unit, basic behavior, safety around the horse. 1/12- Catching, leading, tying (learn knots), basic grooming. 1/17- Horse judging and evaluation Ms.

Leigh Ann Skurupey 1/19- Equine Identification 1/24- Aging by teeth Mr.

Rodney Rowles 1/26- Handling foals or Trailer loading, hauling and safety. 1/31- Hoof trimming and evaluation of a proper shoeing job.

Quiz Dr.

Ed Johnson 2/2- Restraint and handling techniques for vet, farrier visits, clipping etc. 2/7- Horse health Dr.

Michael Porter 2/9- Identification and parts of tack, Saddle fitting, cleaning and storage of tack. 2/14- Daily horse care management: feeding, stall cleaning, etc.


Sarah White 2/16- Recognition and evaluation of various styles of riding: Hunt, Saddle, Stock, Dressage.


Samantha Wilson, Ms.

Sarah White, Ms.

Rebecka Robbert 2/21- Proper tacking up procedure. 2/23- Longeing of a horse, use of line and longe whip. 2/28- Longeing of the horse and the longe ring.

Quiz 3/1- Proper mounting and dismounting; Rider on the longe. 3/6- Spring Break – No Class 3/8- Spring Break – No Class 3/13- Rider on the longe. 3/15- Rider on the longe. 3/20“ 3/22- Use of aides and riding figures in the arena. 3/27“ “ Quiz 3/29“ “ “ “ 4/3“ “ Trail Obstacles 4/54/10“ “ 4/12“ “ 4/17 “ “ 4/19- Harnessing and driving. 4/24- Plan of a riding/training session.

Quiz Grading Participation and progress Four 10-point quizzes will be given.

Each quiz will cover material presented in previous classes or from hand-outs.

Two 10-point reports on articles or videos regarding some aspect of Horsemanship@ Total A = 90-100% C = 70-74.9% B + = 85-89.9% D + = 65-69.9% B = 80-84.9% D = 60-64.9% C + = 75-79.9% E = <60% 40 pts. 40 pts. 20 pts. 100 pts. For information on current UF policies for assigning grade points, see Grades and Grade Points Academic Honesty, Software Use, Campus Helping Resources, Services for Students with Disabilities Academic Honesty In 1995 the UF student body enacted an honor code and voluntarily committed itself to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

When students enroll at the university, they commit themselves to the standard drafted and enacted by students.

The Honor Pledge: We, the members of the University of Florida community, pledge to hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

On all work submitted for credit by students at the university, the following pledge is either required or implied: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.” Students should report any condition that facilitates dishonesty to the instructor, department chair, college dean, Student Honor Council, or Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution in the Dean of Students Office. (Source: 2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog) It is assumed all work will be completed independently unless the assignment is defined as a group project, in writing by the instructor.

This policy will be vigorously upheld at all times in this course. Software Use: All faculty, staff and students of the university are required and expected to obey the laws and legal agreements governing software use.

Failure to do so can lead to monetary damages and/or criminal penalties for the individual violator.

Because such violations are also against university policies and rules, disciplinary action will be taken as appropriate. Campus Helping Resources Students experiencing crises or personal problems that interfere with their general well-being are encouraged to utilize the university’s counseling resources.

The Counseling & Wellness Center provides confidential counseling services at no cost for currently enrolled students.

Resources are available on campus for students having personal problems or lacking clear career or academic goals, which interfere with their academic performance.

University Counseling & Wellness Center, 3190 Radio Road, 352-392-1575,

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