Blaze : rtog ge ba lnga see rtog ge sde lnga rtog….

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rte’u – colt, foal rto le – calf of a dzo, female yak. rtog – to reflect on, conceive, think over, consider, weigh, deliberate, suppose, imagine, hypothesize, intellectualize, perceive, comprehend, understand rtog ge – dialectics, reasoning, logic, speculation, a rationalist, an intellectual, logician, dialectician, speculative philosopher, dogmatist [sophist], disputation, sophistry, vain speculation, intellectualism, one who thinks discursively all the time, logician, sophist; sophistry; one who thinks discursively all the time, logician, sophist rtog ge mkhan – a logician rtog ge drug – [TRS 44-1]; six [non-Buddhist] philosophers, six non-buddhist teachers rtog ge sde lnga – syn {tar ka sde lnga}; five sophistic schools of extremists rtog ge rnams – intellectuals rtog ge ba – [speculative] philosopher, dialectician, sophist, logician, intellectual, arguing, reasoning, dialectics, sophists, dogmatist. rtog ge ba lnga – see {rtog ge sde lnga} rtog ge ‘bar ba – The Blaze of Reasoning by Bhavaviveka rtog ge smra ba – sophistry rtog ge rigs pa – intellectual reasoning, sophestry rtog ge’i lta ba – intellectualized view rtog ge’i bstan bcos – 1) treatise of intellectuals. 2) treatise on reasoning rtog ge’i tha snyad – sophistries of logicians rtog ge’i spyod yul – domain of intellectuals, the reach of the intellect rtog ge’i spyod yul ma yin pa – not within the domain of intellectuals rtog ge’i bag chags – the habit of intellectualizing rtog ge’i tshig don brgyad – eight categories of dialectical sophistry. rtog ge’i tshig don bcu drug – [TRS 43-4]. rtog ge’i gzhung – texts on logic rtog ge’i yul – the scope of logic rtog ge’i yul ma yin – not within the domain of intellectuals / the logical mind rtog ge’i rig pa – theoretical dialectics rtog ges btags spong – forsaking intellectual labelling — bde chen rgyal mo – Queen of Great Bliss bde chen chos ‘khor yongs ‘dzin – the first, ngag dbang bzang po, 1546-1615; the second, kun dga’ lhun grub, 1617-1676; the fourth, 1720-1780, alias ‘jam dpal dpa’ bo; the seventh, {‘jam dpal shes bya kun mkhyen mi pham ye shes snang ba} bde chen chos ‘khor yongs ‘dzin ‘jam dpal dpa’ bo – the 4th, 1720-1780 bde chen chos sgron – Sukha Dharma.

Dechen Chцdrцn; consort of Chokgyur Lingpa bde chen rtag pa ‘gyur med – the permanent and unchanging great bliss bde chen dung khang – bone-mansion of great bliss bde chen rdo rje’i bzlas pa – vajra recitation of great bliss bde chen pad ma chos sdings – monastery of the {bo dong} tradition in spo rong} western Tibet bde chen phug – Dechen Phuk, the Cave of Great Bliss, in Tsang. bde chen ‘bar – blazing great bliss bde chen ‘bar ba’i gdams pa – the instruction in how to make the great bliss blaze forth bde chen rdzong – once seat of Kyisho Depa bde chen zhing – realm of great bliss bde chen zung ‘jug – union, unity of bliss and emptiness bde chen bzlas pa – great bliss recitation bde chen ‘od gsal – great bliss luminosity bde chen ‘od gsal – great bliss luminosity bde chen ye shes – wisdom of great bliss bde chen ro brgyad – the eightfold taste of great bliss bde chen rlung bzlas – prana recitation of great bliss bde chen lam bzang – the excellent path og great bliss bde mchog – Cakrasamvara bde mchog ‘khor lo – Chakrasamvara bde mchog gi rdzogs rim lnga – the fivefold completion stage of Chakrasamvara bde mchog snyan brgyud – the hearing lineage of Chakrasamvara.

Syn {ras chung snyan brgyud} bde mchog rdo rje sems dpa’ – Chakrasamvara, the Vajra Being — mdo le – sedan-chair mdo shes rab snying po – Skt.

Prajnaparamitahridaya, T. 21 mdo shes rab snying po – Sutra on the Heart of Wisdom; Skt.

Prajnaparamitahridaya, T 21 mdog – color, cast, appearance; pretense; color; 1) color. 2) appearance, cast, looks 3) to pretend act like 4) kha po, seems like, appears to be mdog nyis po – ugly mdog nag – dark mdog snum – glossy mdog ma bsgyur ba – do not alter their colors mdog mi sdug pa – be ugly [skin] mdong ma – lay robe / dress mdongs – 1) the forehead. 2) the pattern of colors on a peacock feather 3) vi.

To become blind. 4) blaze, star, the eye in a peacoks’s feather mdongs pa – 1) blind. 2) forehead mdod ma’i mgon po ‘od mi ‘gyur ba – original protector Changeless Light mdod ma’i mgon po ‘od mi ‘gyur ba – Primordial lord Changeless Light, the teacher of complete mastery in the dharmakaya realm. mdod ma’i sangs rgyas kun tu bzang po – Adi Buddha Samantabhadra mdon pa – mdon mthod mdoms kyi sba ba sbubs su nub pa – private parts hidden in a sheath.

One of the {skyes bu chen po’i mthan sum bcu rtsa gnyis} the thirty marks of a great being mdo’i theg pa – Sutrayana mdo’i sde – general teachings, one of the {gsung rab yan lag bcu gnyis} twelve divisions of the teachings mdo’i sde snod – Sutra Pitaka, Sutrapitaka, Sutra Collection mdo’i phyag chen – Sutra Mahamudra.

The Mahamudra system based on the prajnaparamita scriptures and emphasizing shamatha and vipashyana and the progressive journey through the five paths and ten bodhisattva bhumis. mdor – joined; the lower part mdor bstan – summary, synopsis; briefly stated; brief explana tion; summary, synopsis, briefly stated, brief explanation mdor bstan pa – brief statement, brief presentation; to present concisely; briefly stated mdor sdud – va.

To abbreviate / summarize / abridge mdor bsdan pa – to explain in brief — byin rlabs kyi rtsa ba bla ma’i rnal ‘byor sgom pa – the meditation on guru yoga, the root of blessings byin rlabs kyi tshan kha – the power of blessings byin rlabs ‘jug pa – to receive the blessing byin rlabs gtor dbang – torma empowerment as consecration byin rlabs rtags mtshan – blessings and signs byin rlabs dam rdzas – blessed samaya substance byin rlabs don gyi brgyud pa – true lineage of blessings, blessed transmission of the ultimate / innate nature; the ultimate blessing lineage byin rlabs bab chen po – immense blessings byin rlabs bla ma’i ‘pho ba – guru phowa of blessings byin rlabs zhugs pa – receive the blessings byin rlabs gzi ‘od ‘bar ba – blaze with blessings and majestic brilliance byin rlabs rang la thim – gather the blessings back into you, dissolve the blessings into oneself byin rlabs lam byed – forging the path with blessings byin brlab – blessing byin brlab dbang bskur – Consecration and empowerment byin brlabs – blessing, sacred medicinal plants byin len – return gratitude for gifts.

Vinaya practice of reciting verse in thanks for receiving gift byin len med – not properly offered [to the gelong] byib pa – to cover, to wrap up byib rlabs kyi tshan kha rab tu rno ba – supremely powerful byi’u – bird, sparrow; little bird, bird, alpine hare; mice byi’u – Little Bird, near Lake Manasarovar. byi’u khri ‘ur – parakeet byi’u mchil ba – sparrow byir – g.yu byir – coral and turquoise byil – imp.

Of {‘byil ba} — ‘ba’ zhig – only, exclusively, unique ‘ba’ zhig gis – exclusively, only, unique. ‘ba’ zhig po – sole, single, exclusive ‘ba’ ra ba rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po – great master of the ‘brug pa bka’ rgyud; 1310-1391 ‘ba’ re ‘bo re – careless ‘ba’ rom bka’ brgyud – Barom Kagyu.

The lineage founded by Barom Dharma Wangchuk. ‘ba’ rom dgon pa – Barom Monastery; the seat of {‘ba’ rom dar ma dbang phyug} ‘ba’ rom dar ma dbang phyug – Barom Darma Wangchuk, the founder of the {‘ba’ rom bka’ brgyud} ‘ba’ rom dar ma dbang phyug – Barom Dharma Wangchuk.

A disciple of Lord Gampopa who founded the Barom Monastery in northern Lato and who is regarded as the father of the Barom Kagyu lineage. ‘ba’ rom pa dar ma dbang phyug – syn {‘ba’ rom dar ma dbang phyug} ‘bar ba – 1) blazing, shining, glowing, resplendent, flaming, radiant, ablaze, burning, brilliantly radiant. 2) to blaze, shine, glow, flame, be ablaze, burn, catch fire, shine, flare up; {‘bar ba, ‘bar ba, ‘bar ba} intr.

V. ‘bar ba – to be alight ‘bar ba khro bo’i lha tshogs – the blazing wrathful deities ‘bar ba lnga bcu rtsa brgyad – the fifty-eight blazing [deities] ‘bar ba chen po he ru ka – Great Blazing Heruka ‘bar ba gsum – Three Blazes.

The blazing of blissful warmth in the body {lus la bde drod ‘bar ba} the blazing of potency in speech {ngag la nus pa ‘bar ba} and the blazing of realization in the mind {sems la rtogs pa ‘bar ba} ‘bar ba’i gar dgu – [TRS 149-4]. ‘bar ba’i nyams dgu – the nine expressions of splendor [of a heruka, 1) {sgeg dpa’}. 2) {dpa’ ba} 3) {‘jigs su rungs} 4) {rgod} 5) {gshed} 6) {rngam par ston} 7) {snying rje} 8) {zhi} 9) {khrod ba} ‘bar ba’i rdo rje – {gter ston} ‘bar ba’i rnam rol – flaming, blazing, display of manifestations ‘bar ba’i phyag rgya – the flaming mudra, mudra of splendor ‘bar ‘bar – a high, pointed hill ‘bar ‘bur – slopes and curves, bumpy, uneven in surface ‘bar ‘dzag – blazes up and flows down, blazing and dripping / trickling down ‘bar ‘dzags kyi rnal ‘byor bsgom pa – to practice the yoga of blazing and dripping ‘bar ra ba rgyal mtshan bzang po – Barawa : 1250-1331 or 1310-1391 (Stein) — sbongs – imp.

Of {sbong ba} sbod pa – tassel, tuft sbom – bulky, gross, thick, fat, corpulent sbom pa – {sbom pa, sbams pa, sbam pa, sboms} trans.

V.; thickening, thick, serious violation [in context of {so tar} vows] sbom po – thick, rough, coarse. sbom phra rag gsum – subtle, tangible and gross sbom rags bde ba – big, thick and smooth sboms – imp.

Of {sbom pa} sboms po – downfalls sbor – me chen sbor – Make a good fire! sbor – imp.

Of {sbor ba}; kindle, to ignite, illuminate, flash, blaze, light sbor ba – to light, kindle, inflame; {sbor ba, sbar ba, sbar ba, sbor} trans.

V. sbol – imp.

Of {sbol ba} sbol ba – pf.

Of {sbol ba}; ft.

Of {sbol ba}; {sbol ba, sbol ba, sbol ba, sbol} trans.

V. sbos – imp.

Of {sbed pa}; bloated; swollen, puffed up sbos pa – to be bloated; {sbos pa, sbos pa, sbos pa} intr.

V. sbos shel – amber sbyang – 1) jackal, wolf. 2) ft.

Pf {sbyong} 3) to train, overcome, conquer, accomplish, ascetic prac tice sbyang dka’ ba – Difficult to Conquer, {sa bcu} the 5th]. [syn {shin tu sbyang sbyang}.

Difficult to overcome, the Hard to Conquer sbyang dka’ ba – Hard to Conquer.

The fifth of the ten bhumis. sbyang dka’ ba’i sa – the Hard to Conquer stage / level sbyang sngags – refining mantra sbyang bcos – contrived training sbyang chog – purification ritual sbyang du mi rung ba – impossible to purify sbyang pa’i yon tan bcu gnyis – [TRS 57-4] expl; the twelve ascetic practices — gzi mdangs can – majestic brilliance gzi ldan – brilliance gzi ldan ‘bar ba mtshams kyi rgyud – Majestic Blazing Retreat Tantra.

One of the Eighteen Mahayoga tantras. gzi byin – overwhelming presence; splendor; shining gzi byin mtha’ yas pa – immeasurably glorious gzi byin bar – flashing gzi ‘bar – glowing / shining brilliance gzi ‘od – radiance, lustre gzi ‘od ‘bar – glowing with resplendent light gzi ‘od ‘bar ba – a diety gzi ‘od ‘bar ba – blaze with majestic brilliance gzi ris – designs drawn with the tip of the burnisher on gold gzi ru – a little nail gzig – leopard; one of the {gcan gzan che dgu} leopard gzig mo – porcupine gzigs – consider; 1) [(h).].

To see, fathom, gaze, look, watch, regard, understand, observe, perceive, witness, behold. 2) [(h).].

To buy. 3) to study. 4) to care for. 5) witnessing, fathom, care for, look upon gzigs skyong byed pa – to give preferential treatment / special consideration to gzigs mgo ma – {lha chen} leopard-head, {dbang phyug ma} gzigs rtog mdzad – looking at gzigs ltangs – syn {lta stangs} gzigs stangs – gaze, manner / way of looking gzigs stangs gsum – the three gazes gzigs tho – almanac, calendar gzigs snang – vision, [had a].

Vision; a vision gzigs pa – to see, light; {gzigs pa, gzigs pa, gzigs pa, gzigs} trans.

V.; to see, perceive; {mthong ba}; see also {gzigs} gzigs pa sgrib med dag pa’i dpe byad – the minor mark of a pure unobscured gaze

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