Broodmare : Byalee Bub ON ACCOUNT OF BYALEE STABLES LOT 32 Pic….

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Byalee Bub ON ACCOUNT OF BYALEE STABLES LOT 32 Pic: Byalee Hoofprints Bay filly 26/09/11 Byalee Bub, pictured at just 6 days, is the latest of four full sisters from the beautiful Byalee Magnolia – a real “keeper” broodmare showing the best of Richmeed Medallion and Jazz lines.

Full brother to Magnolia, Byalee Millions was supreme South Australian junior warmblood and top 10 at the National Horse of the Year hack show, while another full brother, Byalee Mist, is achieving the dream in Qld dressage.

Like her sisters, Bub has good looks and incredible movement that just doesn’t touch the ground – hardly surprising given her outstanding genetics! Bub is by the beautiful palomino warmblood stallion Byalee Briar, who is by Bjorsells Briar, the world’s number one dressage stallion for seven fantastic international years of Olympic and World Cup success until his recent retirement.

Both Briar and the dam sire, Bernstein, are elite-listed Swedish stallions, along with Briar’s sire Magini.

Not bad! Dam Magnolia is by Grand Prix stallion Richmeed Medallion (imp, dec), campaigned by Ann-Maree Cambridge, and out of the Jazz mare Byalee Jazzmine – Jazz being an Olympic representative plus sire of Auction of the Stars’ own Jive Magic! This is a wonderful competition or breeding filly, available only due to an ongoing sisterhood!! Magini Charis Bernstein Flaurinne May Sherif Catherston Desert Gold Jazz Crystal Copy Byalee Briar (imp) Bjorsells Briar 899 Florine Byalee Magnolia Richmeed Medallion (imp) Byalee Jazzmine Duralok Post and Rail Fencing is a smart choice for rural fencing and domestic fencing in Australia.

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Applications for Duralok Post and Rail Fence System are numerous, as a replacement for steel and timber including: Rural & Domestic Fencing • Barrier Fencing Crowd Barriers • Sports & Leisure Grounds • Equestrian Facilities • Garden Barriers • Cattle Fencing • Horse Containment Applications — Newcastle 2011 Byalee Romantique ON ACCOUNT OF BYALEE STABLES LOT 35 Pic: Byalee Hoofprints Bay gelding 1/01/08 Mature 16.2hh Byalee Romantique is the first Romance youngster to be offered under saddle and the only one we have managed to keep long enough to ride! “Hamish” might have incredible three paces – but he is also incredibly comfortable to sit to and learns amazingly quickly.

He has been brought only slowly – broken in the country way out in an open paddock with no fear of traffic or dark – and is showing huge promise.

It isn’t surprising given that he is a half-brother to Grand Prix champion Byalee Magic, by Richmeed Medallion (imp).

Another half-brother, Byalee Fantasy, sold for some $20,000 under saddle, half-sister Byalee Blush is in the Ryan broodmare herd and two foals out of half-sister Byalee Miracle have sold as weanlings for $11,000 each.

Hamish’s dam, Savannah, is by Salute (imp) with Ludendorf (imp) and Monopol (imp) bloodlines and of course his sire is Byalee Romance, a stallion who can piaffe and passage easily without a hint of whip and who is of course by national Grand Prix dressage champion Regarderz Moi (imp).

It is an elite family that also offers top jumping prospects via Salute and Ludendorf.

Hamish does represent a rare opportunity to snaffle a unique product and undoubtedly will mature into a beautiful competition horse. Byalee Romance Regardez Moi (imp) Wynella Lantana Rubenstein Chlothilde Lanthan Dippers Girl Saluut Stirling Anna Ludendorf (imp) Pollyanna Stirling Savannah Salute (imp) Stirling Anna Rocklilly R ON ACCOUNT OF RYANS LOT 36 Pic: 16.2hh Brown mare 2003 PPT to Fiji R (imp) Rocklilly R is a magnificent mare who is very confident and who possesses enormous power in everything she does.

Her walk has big overtrack and a powerful four-beat rhythm.

Her trot powers around the arena like a turbo-charged metronome.

Her canter is seriously up in front with great knee action and an elevated shoulder as only the champions can do.

Rocklilly R has had some five foals, with her Jive Magic filly Juniper R being retained by the Ryans as part of their young broodmare herd.

Another filly by Fiji R, Frangipani R, was sold at AOS for $15,500 in Victoria.

Currently Rocklilly R has a Starnberg filly on her as seen in the photograph.

This filly will be kept by Ryans.

Rocklilly R will be sold in foal to Fiji R with a live foal guarantee.

Rocklilly R’s sire is the legendary Regardez Moi who has been the Australian Grand Prix dressage champion on two separate occasions.

Rocklilly R is out of the Salute mare Samphire R, Salute being famous for being the sire of Victory Salute who with Brett Parbery was 9th in the world in dressage at the recent WEG in the USA.

Salute was also the sire of Stirling Stilton who was the top-placed Australian Grand Prix dressage horse at the 2002 WEG in Spain.

There are many others.

Rocklilly R is a truly beautiful mare. Regardez Moi (imp) Rubinstein Chlothilde Rosenkavalier Antine Consul Debby Saluut Inia Ludendorf (imp) Faleten Samphire R Salute (imp) Lilac R OF THE Newcastle 2011

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