Brushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through….

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Bridle Bijoux - Silver & crystal Horses-store.comBrushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through….

(continued on next page) out the free subscription form. • 3/2/13 PAGE 7 of 10 into the design of the program may have been difficult for dogs, but for horses there are ways to do so.

It’s a difficult mission when you love them for life like SRF, it is more costly as well, but it is money well spent.

One hundred and eight horses are now retired with the organization where they live out their lives in pasture.

Some are not sound enough for pleasure work, others are elderly and unattractive to adopters, most came back into the program during the course of their lives; had they not, their fate would have been at great risk.

It’s not that the concept doesn’t work, but so many horses find themselves in the same disturbing situation as before a charity stepped in to help, just at a later date.

Adoption programs that do not extend their mission beyond one adoption should feel compelled to do so based on these findings. Governor Chris Christie remains committed to pursuing sports betting as well. “W e believe firmly in the principles of our position on sports betting and that the federal ban is inequitable, violates New Jersey’s rights as a state and is unconstitutional,” he said in a statement Friday. “Even the trial judge has noted that he was not likely the final arbiter in the matter.

W e are confident that the federal court of appeals will conclude that New Jersey should be treated equally with other states.” Earlier this week, Christie signed a law making New Jersey the third state in the U.S.

To allow Internet gambling.

That initiative, along with sports betting, is seen as a means of shoring up the state’s casino industry, which has seen its revenues decline over the years in the face of competition from nearby states.

Horse Adoption Statistics Should Compel Changes (from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation) Twenty-four years of statistics compiled by a horse adoption organization show that 76% of horses adopted for the first time need another adoption, and 49% need more than two homes in their lifetime. “These numbers are a little higher than expected, but not surprising,” stated Judith Bokman, wife of racehorse veterinarian Dr.

Stephen Bokman, one of the founders of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF). “Unlike dogs, horses are now living into their 30’s.

People have lifestyle changes, get divorced, their kids move on to other hobbies, some have financial issues, there are so many reasons a person can no longer provide good care for a horse.

Very few organizations take on a horse for life where only the animal’s natural passing, or required humane euthanasia by a veterinarian ends the responsibility of the organization to the horse.” The SRF keeps track of every horse in their program for the life of the animal.

They require semi-annual reports on the condition and the care of the horse from the adopter’s veterinarian.

Horses adopted are never released from the safety net of the organization.

Should an adopter no longer be able to provide good care the horse must be returned to the SRF.

The design of the program made the compilation of the statistics possible.

Paula Campbell, SRF’s co-founder refers to adoption without follow-up as Hospice. “These numbers show that just finding a home is not the solution.

W hen 76% need help beyond their first adopted home and no one is there to provide it, not much is different from the common practice of horse disposal.

This is precisely what prompted the growth of adoption programs.

Starvation, abuse, neglect, and slaughter are just postponed a little longer. ” Years ago a large, national canine feed company launched a program for shelter dogs.

The idea seemed very promising, place them with elderly citizens for mutual companionship.

But what happened, because there was no follow-up, was that many dogs starved, some were left tied to trees when their owners forgot that they had a pet, others were neglected because they were unable to provide the care, and so the program was ended.

W riting a precaution By Brett Sturman Race 7, A-2/Preferred Pace DIAL OR NO DIAL returns fresh from the Presidential a month ago where he made a bold first over challenge into Golden Receiver that race.

Deserving for his first win of the season and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up as Miller’s pick over half the field.

ABELARD HANOVER was the trendy alternative to Golden Receiver last week and had little shot of closing into that rival off the slow half mile.

Beat a similar group two back at odds on.

ROCKIN THE HOUSE is an obvious threat for the track’s leading trainer and driver; aggressive try should be coming.

SHOOBEE’S PLACE has won at the top level here before and RIVER SHARK is another that shouldn’t be discounted entirely.

Race 8, B-2 Pace I know that FREDDY DAY HANOVER is yet to deliver the goods this year, but I’m willing to give him one more look from the rail in his second start at the reduced B-2 level.

He tired last out when brushing to the lead through a :54:2 half; winner of that race already came back to easily beat better at Yonkers.

This isn’t the most difficult spot.

RECENT NEW S had too much ground to make up last out; either of his last two and three races back against sharp Burke trained winners would be good enough to figure in here.

JOHNNY Z loomed in his most recent as the slight favorite but flattened late in a night the track was off.

DR C’S Z TAM was loaded late after being hopelessly driven early; chance if pilot chooses to get him involved. (continued on next page) • 3/2/13 PAGE 8 of 10 10, DD, $30,000, Pace, DELAWARE Special, 26.2, 54.0, 1:22.1, 1:50.0, FT 1-Rusty’s All In (h, 7, Western Hanover–Allamerican Nadia, by Dragon’s Lair), $70,000 2007 SHS-HBG O-Claim To Fame LLC & Carter Racing Stable LLC.

B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc.

T-Michael Hall.

D-Corey Callahan, $15,000, Lifetime Record: 132-20-26-25, $462,689 2-Wee Brother N (g, 7, Elsu–W ee Sister, by Holmes Hanover) O/B-V L & Mrs D L Devery, NZ.

T-Peter Tritton.

D-Ross W olfenden, $7,500 3-Samandar (h, 5, American Ideal–Lady Sammie, by Jenna’s Beach Boy), $15,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-M And L Of Delaware LLC.

B-Century Spring Farms, CA.

T-Bruce Saunders.

D-Eric Carlson, $3,600 Calls: 1, 1H, 1H, 2, 2H – Finish Order: Mustang Art, Catchmecullen A, Eagle All, Dirty Devil To view replay click here Race 9, C-1 Pace PRINCE SHARKA lands the rail while dropping from that competitive Exit 16W series and any number of his recent tries are hard to overlook.

W as right there against the likes of Mr Dennis and Holdingallthcards in those races and there aren’t many hotter drivers than Callahan right now.

Only knock is low percentage trainer; they’re that way for a reason.

ALEX BULVILLE couldn’t have had a more possible dream trip last out and still couldn’t reach to the longshot winner; figures to take action again.

ANDY BARAN is one I would have liked but Dauplaise chooses to drive himself tonight; at least will offer a price because of that.

BLUE CLAW could win I suppose with a trip; goes from Miller to MacDonald.

Race 10, Claiming $15,000 Pace VEAL MARSALA drops from the Survivor Series final for team Allard where he didn’t stand much chance in fending off Oil Magnet; this field is far less talented from what this one saw throughout that series.

First realistic chance to shine since the layoff; I hate to critique but his 10/1 programmed line has zero shot of sticking.

W ALL E returns at the reduced level for Burke and Gingras; no stranger to the winner’s circle here.

W ILLIE BOOTS was first over two back and then closed well in his last; will be moving forward late again.

W ESTERN TRADEMARK makes his second start back from the layoff; first start over this track and it looks like something went amiss from when we saw him here throughout last year.

Andy knows him well and even he opted off; that can’t be good.

The Plays $8 ticket ($1 base): 5-7 / 1-8 / 1-2 / 12 $36 ticket ($1 base): 4-5-7 / 1-8 / 1-2-6 / 8-12 1, M, $18,000, Trot, THE HORSE & GROOM N/W 4 Extended PM Races or $175,000 Lifetime Up to & Including 2/15/2013 1st Leg, M, 27.2, 57.0, 1:26.3, 1:54.1, FT Dw’s Ny Yank (g, 4, Dilbert Hanover–Nicky Mantle, by Muscles Yankee) O-Howard A Taylor.

B-W D La Page Stable.

T-Ron Burke.

D-Yannick Gingras, $9,000, Lifetime Record: 37-8-6-5, $98,798 To view replay click here 2, M, $30,000, Trot, A-2/A-1/FFA Handicap Post Positions Drawn According to Class, M, 27.2, 57.0, 1:25.3, 1:53.2, FT 1-Sevruga (g, 5, SJ’s Caviar–Stunning Lindsey, by Malabar Man), $18,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Kdm Stables Corp..

B-W hite Birch Farm.

T-Julie Miller.

D-Andy Miller, $15,000, Lifetime Record: 41-19-7-4, $417,991 2-Ice Machine (h, 5, Muscles Yankee–Icy Pleasure, by Super Pleasure) O/B-Robert J Key.

T-W alter Carroll.

D-Corey Callahan, $7,500 3-Opening Night (h, 5, Broadway Hall–Rare Elegance, by Self Possessed), $45,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Runthetable Stables.

B-Robert A & Lauren B Tucker.

T-Jim Campbell.

D-John Campbell, $3,600 Calls: 1Q, 1Q, 2, HD, NS – Finish Order: Photo King, Spice It Up Lindy, Don’t Know Chip To view replay click here 7, M, $20,000, Trot, B-1/A-2 Handicap Post Positions Drawn According to Class, M, 28.3, 57.2, 1:27.1, 1:55.2, FT Mugshot Jess (g, 6, Jailhouse Jesse–Photo Emmy, by S J’s Photo) O-W alter Gower.

B-Fred E Morgan Jr.

T-Taylor Gower.

D-Yannick Gingras, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 88-15-12-16, $204,368 To view replay click here Thursday’s Results: 8, DD, $35,000, Pace, Open Preferred Handicap Post Positions 1 thru 4 Drawn Post Positions 5 & 6 Drawn, 26.4, 54.1, 1:22.0, 1:50.1, FT 1-Versado (g, 6, Dragon Again–Beach Jenny, by Beach Towel) O-Kdm Stables Corp..

B-Joseph C & Nancy L Vander Heyden.

T-Nick Surick.

D-Pat Berry, $17,500, Lifetime Record: 105-32-14-10, $852,278 2-Summer Camp (g, 6, Rocknroll Hanover–Roman Art, by Artsplace), $28,000 2008 SHS-HBG O-Baron Racing Stable & Vip Internet Stable LLC.

B-Perretti Farms.

T-Josh Green.

D-Jonathan Roberts, $8,750 3-Adventure Bound (g, 5, Camluck–Unchained Speed, by Ball And Chain) O-W m Kenneth Wood & William J Dittmar Jr & Stephen J Iaquinta.

B-Millar Farms, CA.

T-Eric Ell.

D-Jim Morand, $4,200 Calls: Q, 1H, 1H, 2H, 1Q – Finish Order: Mainland Key N, Im Fulla Luck N, Powerful Mist To view replay click here • 3/2/13 PAGE 9 of 10

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Equestrian Products – Guardian Horse Bedding, Equiderma Skin Products, Equilinn Sports Bra, Learn more about Bridle Bijoux – Silver & crystal HERE: and Brushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through…. - Brushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through…. and Brushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through…. - Brushing : He tired last out when brushing to the lead through….