Café and saddlery shop open all day on show days

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Bracelet charm - cowboy hat [fits Pandora bracelet] Café and saddlery shop open all day on show days

UNAFFILIATED JUMPING – 9.30am IN OUTDOOR ALL WEATHER SOFTRACK ARENA SATURDAY JANUARY 26TH 2013 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23RD 2013 Class 1: Class 2: Class 3: CLEAR ROUND 0.60m OPEN 0.70m OPEN Approx 0.60m / 2’ Last ticket sold 9.45am. £5, pay at Secretary’s on day. (approx 2’) Open to all ages.

Cricklands Qualifier for 10 & Under’s (approx 2’3).

Open to all.

Cricklands 2’3 Qualifier Class 4: CLEAR ROUND Not before 11.30am.

Approx 0.75m. £5 pay at Secretary’s on day.

Limited 20 tickets Class 5: Class 6: Class 7: 0.75m OPEN 0.80m OPEN 0.90m OPEN (approx 2’6).

Open to all.

Cricklands 2’6 Qualifier (approx 2’9).

Open to all.

Cricklands 2’9 Qualifier (approx 3’) Open to all .

Cricklands 3’ Qualifier All classes will be run under single phase rules – you jump all 12 fences regardless of faults (unless eliminated) and 2nd half of course is timed.

Entry fee: £10.00 per class Prize money: £10.00 per full 10 starters.

Eg 30 starters = 3 x £10.00.

Rosettes: 1st – 5th.

All double clears will receive a rosette.

All entries on the day.

In extreme weather please telephone 07815 908017 to check show status.

In cold weather competitors will be allowed to wear coats instead of/and their normal show jackets.

Café and saddlery shop open all day on show days.

Please note no paramedic in attendance at these shows so no paramedic charge applicable. CRICKLANDS QUALIFIERS: All classes will be qualifiers for Cricklands Easter 2013 Championships.

If you wish to qualify please collect card from secretary on the day.

All double clears qualify.

For details of championship please visit COLLECT CARD FROM SECRETARY CLEAR ROUND JUMPING In outdoor all weather arena, please telephone in advance if adverse weather conditions. January 2013: Wednesday 9th, Wednesday 23rd February: Wednesday 13th, Saturday 16th, Wednesday 27th March : Wednesday 13th, Wednesday 27th, Saturday 30th. — UNAFFILIATED DRESSAGE & COMBINED TRAINING Dressage will be held in indoor school, jumping in outdoor all weather arena.

Separate warm up areas for Dressage and Jumping Saturdays February 9th and March 9th Class 1 Class 2: Class 3: Class 4: Class 5: Class 6: Class 7: Class 8: Entry Fee: Dressage : Combined Training: Dressage : Combined Training: Dressage Combined Training Combined Training Dressage Intro Intro A 2008 or Intro B 2009 Intro A 2008 or Intro B 2009 with 0.70cm jumps.

Prelim Pick A Test – Prelim 12 or Prelim 18 Prelim 12 or Prelim 18 with 0.75/80cm jumps Novice Pick A Test – Novice 28 or Novice 34 Novice 28, Novice 34 or BE95 with 0.85/90cm jumps Novice 24, Elementary 44, or BE106 with approx 95cm/1m jumps.

Novice/Ele Pick A Ticket – Novice 24 or Elementary 44 Section B: £22 per class Section A: £13 per class or £24 for 2 classes. Prize Money: Dressage: £10, £8, (1 prize money per 10 starters) .

Rosettes 1st-5th.

Prize Money: Combined Training: £20, £15, (1 prize money per 10 starters).

Rosettes 1st-5th.

Clear round will be available in jumping arena in between classes, please check time sheets £6.

Entries close Thursday 5pm, will accept late entries if spaces available, please telephone to check.

Pick-a-test classes – Riders may enter more than one test in a class.

Please state on entry form which test.

Whips and Commanders Allowed in all tests.

Times available on website day before: or telephone 01273 845545 between 3pm-5pm.

Classes will be self stewarding.

Please be on time.

Classes may be amalgamated if low entries in any class.

Please leave SAE at secretary’s if you want sheets/rosettes sent after event.

Saddlery shop and café open all day.

General other Brendon Rules & Regulations will apply.

Dressage runs under BD Rules.

BD judges have been invited to judge. All entries for these shows must be pre-paid in full (non-refundable once entries close for each respective event) DRESSAGE RULES AND QUALIFIERS: SOUTH EAST REGION CHAMPIONSHIP AT HICKSTEAD.

You can qualify for this Championship by being placed 1st or 2nd in Preliminary, Novice and Elementary Tests.

Dressage at Hickstead run this Championship and the request riders from BD Group 5 and above to ride at only Elementary Championship.

If you qualify please ask secretary for form. THE DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS OF GREAT BRITAIN – WINTER QUALIFIERS Held at Cricklands, Wales – David Broom Event Centre.

If you get 58% or above in a prelim or novice test please collect Registration Card from Secretary on the day of competition.

All information on RULES & REGULATIONS FOR 2013 All Entries must be correct on the Entry Form.

Any entries paid by cheque which is returned by bank unpaid will be charged £20 administration fee Please note that due to increased bank charges we are only able to accept cheques over £20.00.

If less than this please bring cash on day.


No entries refunded during show under any circumstances.

Classes will be CLOSED when full; The Organisers and Judges decision is Final, and reserve the right to Refuse an Entry /alter Classes Any Person misbehaving for any reason will be escorted from the Showground Horses are not allowed to be tied to horseboxes on showground.

Do not muck out horseboxes on showground.

RIDERS ARE STATING THAT THEY ARE FIT TO RIDE BY MAKING AN ENTRY. **The Organisers accept no liability for any accidents, loss, etc.

To anyone on the Showground **Health & Safety: The Organisers take reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of all people and horses present.

Everyone must also take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must follow the instructions of the Organisers, Judges, Stewards and the British Showjumping.

Spectators should avoid the horse areas, especially those with small children.

NO Long whips.

Hair to be secured at collar length for any jumping classes.

Novice/child riders must not ride in the warm up area without adult supervision.

No liability will be accepted by the organisers if children ride unaccompanied.

Practice jumps to be jumped with red wing on the right.

Riders not following this rule will be eliminated from their class.

Please inform all children of this rule for safety.

Any rider, in the opinion of the judges, misusing a whip will be eliminated from the respective class at any show as in accordance with BS Rules. ALL WEATHER ARENA – FULL SET OF JUMPS.

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE ALL YEAR ROUND TELEPHONE 01273 845545 TO BOOK The Sunshine Tour is an exciting Unaffiliated Championship Series in the South-East featuring dressage, show jumping and showing.

The Championship Show will be held at Great Bookham Equestrian Centre on 21st & 22nd September 2013.

There’s a wide choice of championship classes to qualify for and fantastic prizes to be won.

Qualification Dressage: 1st-6th qualify in selected Walk & Trot, Prelim, Novice and Elementary classes.

Show Jumping: 1st-6th qualify in selected classes: 1’9”/50cm, 2’/60cm, 2’3”/70cm, 2’6”/75cm, 2’9”/85cm, 3’/90cm and 3’3”/1m.

Must be clear in the first round.

Showing: 1st-6th qualify in selected classes of In-hand, Lead Rein, Ridden Showing and Working Hunter/Pony.

If you qualify you’ll receive a Sunshine Tour qualification card – simply register online or complete the card and send it in for an information pack and details of how to enter the Sunshine Tour Championship.


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