Chrome : 00 743 Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer….

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Bridle Bijoux - Silver & crystal clover Horses-store.comChrome : 00 743 Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer….

743 744 DAF membership lapel badge choice of:- white metal non maker, 10.00 745 Political naval badge artillery shell on anchor & swastika in cog traces of gold 10.00 746 SA reserve II members stick pin silver wings with enamel shield & swastika marked Ges Gesch 25.00 747 Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle head swastika and letters WB 1″ stick pin maker Ent Fee Placzek 25.00 748 Wehrmacht civilian employee eagle stick pin alloy construction , ¾” 15.00 749 Army civilian Employees issued 30/4/1936 eagle in wreath similar to police insignia * ref 6 page 127 25.00 740 RAD enamel stick pin spade with wreath marked GES GESCH,3/4′ 18.00 DAY RALLY BADGES 742 Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer brass disc with pin to attach pressed metal type 20.00 743 Adolf Hitler Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer chrome disc with pin to attach pressed metal type 20.00 744 Adolf Hitler Es Wird Kunftig nur noch einen adel geben words of AH 1933,1st pattern eagle and hammer & cog with swastika 20.00 745 NSDAP Achim 26 Mai 1935, 1st pattern eagle above shield with windmill & farm non maker 30.00 746 NSDAP large 1st pattern eagle over town Kries Gross Frankfurt 6.7-7.7 1935 25.00 747 NSDAP Oberdonau 1939 man with plough in front of factory standing on eagle RZM & maker pink plastic 20.00 748 NSDAP 1937 Gau tag Ost Hannover Der Eagle with wings around Nordic horses over swastika leather ink maker 25.00 749 NSDAP Sachsentreffen 1933 monument in wreath with swastika at base 30.00 750 NSDAP Kriegsparteilung Mobrwigon 1939 large plastic shield with eagle & crowned lion maker Walgo RZM M9/20 30.00 751 NSDAP Kriegtag Berg Land 1938 plastic shield with lion and eagle & swastika above maker R sieper & shone Ludensheid 25.00 752 NSDAP Oberdonau 1939 white plastic worker waving to factory over eagle RZM M9/25 and maker 25.00 753 NSDAP Baukurheffen 28-30 May 1937 eagle over lion in red plastic maker marked 25.00 754 NSDAP Angeburg 1937 eagle over twin column two swastikas tin press clip type to hold to ribbon 20.00 755 NSDAP Kreisatg 1938 6 x 2nd pattern political eagles in circle with details centre maker marked faint 30.00 755 Reich Kriegtag Kassel 1936 long winged eagle over veterans lighthouse shield with swastika black 30.00 756 SA Gruppe Franklin 1938 large SA sports badge with writing around outer edge maker Lauer Berlin 30.00 757 SA Gruppe Niederfachen Hannover 6-8 Sept 1935 SA insignia with crossed Nord horses with wreath none maker 25.00 — 1662 Kriegsmarine U boat award early type polished brass boat with matt gold oak leaves 75.00 1663 DRL Sports badge brass with full maker details as WW2 20.00 1664 Kriegsmarine combat bar anchor in centre as WW2 late war issue 40.00 1665 Kriegsmarine Blockade Busters early style has the silver eagle as WW2 35.00 1666 Silver plastic Panzer award with 35 were swastika was and Bamberg 10-11 Juni 1972 underneath 1.1/2 30.00 1667 Krim Shield in bronze as WW2 but no eagle 4 pins to rear slight aging 20.00 1668 Luftwaffe Ground assault matt silver with grey cloud and dark gey lighting strike has polished edges 40.00 1669 Luftwaffe Air Gunner award flying eagle exactly as WW2 minus the swastika riveted eagle to wreath 60.00 1670 Luftwaffe Air Gunner/ radio operator award flying eagle exactly as WW2 minus the swastika riveted eagle to wreath 60.00 1671 Luftwaffe gold bomber clasp two piece de-nazified original 40.00 1672 Luftwaffe Ground assault silvered chrome effect with grey cloud 35.00 1673 DRL sports in silver original swastika removed maker Wernstein DRGM 35269 30.00 1674 Horse mans medal in bronze maker Steinhauser & luck Ludenshield Ges Gesch 20.00 1675 Police 18 year long service cross 25.00 1676 Army long Service Cross in gold for 25 years service 35.00 1677 Afrika / Italy medal on short ribbon as WW2 in design 35.00 1678 Armed Forces 12 years long service medal gold medal as WW2 without swastika minute discolour base of medal 35.00 1679 Russian Front medal finish as WW2 type early one triangle ribbon 35.00 1957 MINIATURES 1680 Regimental badge of SS Flandern volunteer with business card of SS major FJT Frederick has the coloured insignia also attached Friedrich worked for Fried Krupp factory in Essen died 25.9.1995 see other items within list 35.00 1681 Knights Cross with 1st & 2nd class Iron Crosses stick pin 45.00 1682 2 x Iron Cross Infantry Assault / Gold Wound badge stick pin 20.00 1683 2 x Iron Cross/Russian Front / Infantry Assault/black wound badge/Eastern People & swords / Silver close combat on top 35.00 1684 2 x WW1 Iron Cross/1914-18 & swords/black wound badge 40 faithful with swastika removed 35.00 1685 2 x Iron Cross/Infantry Assault/Gold wound badge 30.00 1686 2x Iron Cross and silver wound badge 20.00 — 1825 Ribbon button hole types Iron Cross/Russian front ,,,Russian front War Merit & swords,,,War Merit with swords,,, WW1 Iron Cross 1914-18 medal with swords each 2.50 1826 Cap ribbon HMAS Torres wire type river class destroyer 1965 served Vietnam sunk by torpedo 1999 with full information 10.00 1827 Cap ribbon HMAS Brunei wire type Balikpapan heavy landing craft 1971 served East Timor conflict with full information 10.00 1828 Alloy plane on map of Australia Lockhead Hudson Mk III used WW2 against Japanese by RAAF squadrons nice impressive piece some minor marks in finish no corrosion plane 4” long on stand same size both propellers turn 135.00 1829 Death letter with Iron Cross upper centre & envelope and postcard with edelweiss below eagle on dress cap Alfred Schnell Wounded Ssinjavina died Kelkolowo next day 7.9.1942 letter dated same month 10.00 1830 Alloy plane Messerschmitt Bf 108B a 1934 personel transport plane on long rod with base to hold pen and photo frame 95.00 1831 Postcard Reichssportfuhrer von Tschammer Osten 10 piece ribbon bar Hoffman card 15.00 1832 Postcard Reichsleiter Dr Ley Iron Cross ribbon has 1st pattern collars with metal cap eagle through them by Hoffman 15.00 1833 Luftwaffe dagger with dark orange handle straps marked RZM & DRGM ¾” waer mark to starp and knot strap blade some Fading to chrome handle has been off in past very slightly loose swastika top off to right 1/4” 425.00 1834 Olympic Medal 1936 with court mounted ribbon ring stamped 34 silver with remains of matt silver finish 110.00 1835 Afrika Italy medal maker lorioli Milano 75.00 1836 Luftwaffe buckle & belt late type buckle direct into belt size 95 , buckle has 40% Lw blue paint non maker 115.00 1837 WW1 British ribbon bar on original card with full medal description on rear slight discolour 15.00 1938 Large RAF wood plate with RAF cap insignia and motto with dates 1941-1946 impressive 11.1/2” accross 65.00 1939 Large USAF for 9th with the coat of arms and France-Luxemburg-Germany 1944-1946 impressive 11.1/2” across chip in edge 55.00 1940 Ribbon bar War Merit Medal & swords/ Customs Long service medal with eagle/ October medal 40.00 1941 Ribbon bar WW1 Iron Cross with WW2 bar / 1914-18 & swords/Luftwaffe long service & eagle / Bavaria 14-18 Hospital medal 65.00 1942 RAF Bubble Sextant AM markings with all all black finish and no damage 9%5 finish has hand marked serial number 4059 40.00 1943 Stickpin WW2 Iron Cross/WW1 Iron Cross with 1939 bar/WW2 Silver Wound badge 45.00 1944 Autograph Kriegsmarine KC Alfred EICK U boat 510 wearing white jacket signed front 30.00 1945 MG34 ammo box with 5 sets link & starter tab these all greased and mint box eagle & Wa mark overpainted Russian Green 50.00 1946 German practice stick grenade with steel metal head 45 % paint good wood shaft dent in metal none maker 65.00 1947 German Lw Incendiary bomb with full ordnance maker marks on cap and body fins push on pins removed 40% green & dent 90.00 1948 Fire Brigade walking out parade bayonet perfect chrome finish scabbard 80% paint finish very nice piece 70.00 1949 German rifle grenade ground dug some marks in metal slight remains yellow paint bakerlite dated 1944 some scrubbing 30.00 1950 RAF Bubble Sextant with AM and maker H Hughes & Son London serial no 2663 / 40 ( 1940) 95% finish 60.00 1951 Cap ribbon Torpedoboot Falke in wire full length 75.00 1952 Cap ribbons :-2U Schiffstamsdivision Ostsee 2 U ,, 2 Schiffstammabteilung der Ostsee 2 ,, DEUTSCHE SEEMANNSSCHULE All full length and wire 25.00 1953 Cap ribbons with red and white edges SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND ,, GROSSHERZOGIN ELISABETH full lengh 30.00 1954 RAF machine pattern cigarette holder with KC RAF insignia stamp numbered inside and scratched inside full serial number And initials L.E.N. minor dents still has elastic holder inside 35.00 1955 RAF wrist watchstill works cream face normal numbers maker Aviator “ made in England “chromed with leather strap 85.00 1956 Postcard 12 NCOs all with 82 on eppaulttes three have marksman lanyard 5.00 1957 Postcard NCO full uniform with slip on strip on epaulette letter & number unreadable 5.00 1958 Postcard close up has early uniform with wire on bevo eagle numbered epaulette has Olympic ribbon bar signed 12.9.39 5.00 1959 Postcard close up early OR uniform slip on strip 230 on epaulette pencil date 1942 with surname 5.00 1960 Postcards two of RAD upper body with belt wearing side cap one in tunic one in overcoat signed and dated 16.4.40 8.00 1961 Postcard RAD with Deutsche Armband with wife upper body has eagle ink stamp on rear 4.00 1962 Postcard NCO with dress cap has General Assault & black wound badge wire eagle on bevo on tunic 5.00

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