Colic : Owner’s Name s Home Phone Work Phone Cell ____________________Home Address….

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1  Welcome to Westwood Stables, the Equestrian Center at Skywind Farm.

Our mission is to provide the healthiest and safest environment for you and your horse.

This folder should contain: • Boarding Contract • Farm Rules • Liability Release Please contact Elissa Eckman at or at (541)673-5351 with any questions. Skywind Farm, LLC, DBA Westwood Stables 1335 Heydon Rd.

Roseburg, OR 97471 2  WESTWOOD STABLES BOARDING CONTRACT OWNER’S INFORMATION SHEET (Fill out one for each horse boarded.) Owner’s Name(s) ____________________________________ Home Phone # _____________ Work Phone #_______________________ Cell #____________________Home#______________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ Email: ________________________ Anticipated arrival date ____________________ Does Horse have any dangerous propensities? If yes, describe: _____________________________________________________________ Medical History of Horse: Colic____________ Frequency_________________ Founder_____________ When ____________________________________ Allergies, if known __________________________________________________________ Other ____________________________________________________________ DATES OF SHOTS AND WORMING-must be completed at least one week prior to arrival 4-Way and Rhino (or 5-way) ________________ Strangles_____________ West Nile ____________Last worming and drug______________________ Current Feed Grain type(s) and amount______________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Supplements___________________________________________________ Special Care Requirements________________________________________ Habits________________________________________________________ To be contacted in case of emergency, if owner cannot be reached: _____________________________________________________________ Is Horse insured?_________ Insurance Carrier _______________________ Policy #_________________________ Carrier’s Address_____________________________ Insurance contact for emergencies and phone number: __________________________ Veterinary emergency contact: _____________________________________________ Name & Phone__________________________________________________________ **STABLES recommends horse owners carry insurance for all losses.

As detailed in #5 and #6 in boarding stable agreement, there is no coverage provided by stable, therefore owner accepts responsibility for all losses** This Horse is/is not considered a surgical candidate in the event of colic or serious illness (circle one). _____IS _______IS NOT Known allergies to feeds_________________ Owner’s Initials_______ 3  BOARDING STABLE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT, for good and valuable consideration receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, dated the __________ day of ____________, ____ made by and between Skywind Farm, hereinafter referred to as “STABLE”, providing services as an independent contractor, located at 1335 Heydon Rd.

Roseburg OR 97471 and (Owner’s name)__________________ residing at (Owner’s address) _________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “OWNER.” These parties warrant that they have the right to enter into this AGREEMENT. 1.

FEES, TERMS AND LOCATION In consideration of $ 275 per horse per month paid by OWNER in advance on the First day of each month, STABLE agrees to board the herein described horse (s) on a month to month basis commencing ____________, 20__.

Partial months board shall be paid on a pro-rata basis based on the numbers of days boarded in a standard 30 day month.

The initial fee will include both first and last month’s rent, a total of______.

Late Fees: Boarding fees paid between the sixth and fifteenth day of the current month due will be subject to a late fee of $15.00.

Fees received after the sixteenth will be subject to a late fee of $25.00.

Initials _______ 2.

DESCRIPTION OF HORSE Name: ___________________________ Age: __________Color:______________ Sex: ___________ Registration/Tattoo_______________________Breed:____________________ 3.

FEED: STABLE agrees to provide the following, in addition to normal and reasonable care and handling: Grass hay twice a day Grain purchased and supplied by owners will be fed by staff.

Any other type of supplement must be prepackaged.

Initial______ 4.

VACCINATIONS AND WORMING Upon arrival of horse to STABLE proof of current vaccinations is required.

A negative current Coggins test is required for all horses arriving from out of state.

All horses must be wormed every 2-3 months, rotating wormer formulas/types.

If owner wants staff to administer wormer, Owner will be charged.

All recommended Vaccinations must be given yearly: 5-way, West Nile, Strangles, etc.

Direct any questions or concerns to barn manager Elissa Eckman.

Initials_________ 5.

RISK OF LOSS During the time that the horse (s) is/are in the custody of STABLE, STABLE shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, theft, death or injury which may be suffered by the horse.

This includes, but is not limited to, any personal injury or disability the horse may receive while of STABLE’s premises. 4  Initial_____ 6.

INSURANCE: OWNER fully understands and hereby acknowledges that STABLE does not carry any insurance on any horse s) not owned by STABLE, including, but not limited to, such insurance for boarding or any other purposes, accidental injury, theft or equine mortality, and that all risks relating to boarding of horse (s), or for any other reason, for which the horse (s) is/are in the possession of STABLE, are to be borne by OWNER.

Initials_________ 7.

HOLD HARMLESS: OWNER agrees to hold STABLE harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by said horse, OWNER or his guests and invitees, to anyone, including but not limited to legal fees and/or expenses incurred by STABLE in defense of such claims.

Initials_______ 8.

EMERGENCY CARE: STABLE agrees to attempt to contact OWNER, at the following emergency telephone number (________________), should STABLE feel that medical treatment is needed for said horse (s), provided however, that in the event the STABLE is unable to so contact OWNER within a reasonable time, which time shall be judged and determined solely by STABLE, STABLE is then hereby authorized to secure emergency veterinary care and/or blacksmith care, and by any licensed providers of such care who are selected by STABLE, as STABLE determines is required for the health and well-being of said horse (s).

The cost of such care secured shall be due and payable by OWNER within fifteen days from the date OWNER receives notice thereof, provided however, that STABLE is authorized to arrange direct billing by said care provider to the OWNER.

Initials_________ 9.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Boarder and anyone else who rides or in any way handles a Boarder’s horse must sign the release of liability(provided herein on pg. 8).

Only veterinarians or farriers engaged in their professional work are exempt.

Initials__________ 10.

MINOR RIDERS: Any rider under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

Initials__________ 11.

NON-BOARDERS: Non-Boarders may not be the exclusive rider of a horse covered under this agreement and may not keep tack or equipment at the barn.

Permission to use a horse covered under this agreement must be given in writing by the horse’s owner and posted on the stall door of the horse.

Any guests MUST sign the release as noted at provision number 9.

Initials__________ 5  12.

EXTRA CARE: Blanketing, medical care, farrier holding and other necessary services will be administered by staff if needed and later billed to owner.

Initials_________ 13.

OWNER ABSENCE: When a horse owner is on vacation or unable to ride or handle the horse for medical reasons, Elissa Eckman shall be notified in writing 48 hours in advance and a sign must be posted on the horse’s stall door stating who has permission to ride/care for the horse in the horse owner’s absence, that person(s)’s phone number(s), the starting and ending dates of the vacation or medical reason and any emergency phone numbers.

Initials_________ 14.

TRAINING AND INSTRUCTORS: No outside trainers may teach or train horses on the property unless permission is given by management.

A fee may be charged.

Initials__________ 15.

DEFAULT: Either party may terminate this AGREEMENT for failure of the other party to meet any material terms of this AGREEMENT, including but not limited to Stable Rules.

In the case of a default by one party, the other party shall have the right to recover legal fees and expenses, if any, incurred as a result of said default.

Any payment due STABLE under this AGREEMENT shall be due and payable by the tenth day of the month and immediately in the event of termination.

Failure to make any payment by said due date shall be a material breach of this contract and place OWNER in default hereunder.

Acceptance by STABLE of any late payment shall not constitute a waiver of subsequent due dates or determinations of default.

Initials__________ 16.

ASSIGNMENT: This AGREEMENT may not be assigned by OWNER without the express written consent of STABLE. 17.

TRIAL PERIOD: The first 30 days of boarding is a time for both the stable and the owner to decide whether to continue the contract.

During this time, either the owner of the horse or the stable may decide to terminate the contract.

After the trial period, normal notice of termination applies, and Owner agrees that 30 days notice shall be given to STABLE as to the termination of this AGREEMENT.

Initials__________ 18.

RIGHT OF LIEN: OWNER is put on notice that STABLE has and may assert and exercise a right of lien, as provided for by the laws of the State of Oregon and ORS 87.159 for any amount overdue for the board and keep of horse(s).

Initials_________ 19.

LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY STORED ON STABLE’S PREMISES: 6  OWNER may store certain tack and equipment on the premises of STABLE at no additional charge to Owner.

However, Stable shall not be responsible for the theft, loss, damage or disappearance of said property, and same is stored at the Owner’s risk.

Initials_________ 20.

HORSE TRAILERS: Owner may store trailer(s) on premises for $25 per trailer per month.

Stable shall not be responsible for the theft, loss, damage or disappearance of said property and same is stored at the owner’s risk.

Initials_________ 21.

STABLE RULES Owner hereby acknowledges receipt and understanding of the current STABLE Rules, which are herein incorporated by reference, as if fully set forth herein.

OWNER agrees he/she and his/her guests and invitees will be bound and abide by these Rules, and accepts responsibility for the conduct of his guests and invitees according to these Rules.

STABLE may revise these Rules from time to time and OWNER agrees any revision shall have the same force and effect as current Rules.

Failure, as determined in STABLE’s sole discretion, of OWNER or OWNER’s guests and invitees to abide by STABLE Rules may result in STABLE declaring OWNER in default hereunder and result in termination of this AGREEMENT.

Initials_________ 22.

RULES OWNER acknowledges the Rules include but are not limited to the following: 1.The hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. 2.No riding or mounting/dismounting is permitted in the barn aisles.

No running, bike riding, skate boarding, rollerblading or bare feet or open toed shoes are permitted in the barns. 3.

No smoking, alcohol, or any illicit substances allowed. 4.

Children must be with an adult at all times. 5.

Boots and helmets are required for riding. 6.

Everyone who rides or handles horses at Westwood stables must sign a release of liability. 7.

Except when in the stalls or paddocks, all horses must have a halter or bridle on and be tied or under hand control at all times.

When leading a horse through a barn, follow courteous and safe procedures.

Owners of tied horses must move their horses to allow horses being led through a barn to proceed safely.

Horses tied in the barn aisles must not be left unattended. 8.

Tack rooms and arena lights must be turned off when not in use. 9.

All tack and equipment must be hung on hooks, stored on racks/shelves or kept in the tack boxes. 10.

Clean up all manure, hair or other debris from a horse in the barn aisles while the horse is still in the aisle, and immediately after returning the horse to the stall and after taking the horse out to arenas.

No debris is to be left in the aisles when the horse owner has left the barn area.

Scoop up your horse’s manure in the arenas after your ride. 7  11.

Park all cars and trucks by the indoor arena, except when unloading supplies.

This does not apply to farriers or veterinarians. 12.

A horse may be washed only in the wash racks.

After using, recoil all hoses and remove any manure. 13.

If more than one horse is being ridden in an arena, follow the standard “rules of the road” (pass left shoulder to left shoulder).

Any mounting must be done clear of those already riding. 14.

A horse let loose in the covered arena must be attended at all times.

If horse becomes dangerous (bucking, kicking walls, threatening to jump out of arena) horse MUST be removed immediately. 15.

Lessons have priority in arenas and use of equipment. 16.

If using jumps, return them to their original height and positions after use. 17.

All gates must be closed upon entering or exiting an arena or exercise run. 18.

Jumping your horse may only be done with the permission of the stable.

Minors are never allowed to jump without permission of the stable and must be attended by an adult at all times.


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