Equine Infectious Anemia : All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied….

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Chill Out Treats Horses-store.comEquine Infectious Anemia : All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied….

ADMISSION/PARKING IOWA STATE FAIR * AUGUST 8-18, 2013 * HORSE & PONY 20. No vehicles or trailers will be permitted around the barns, except while unloading and loading.

Any exhibitor reported being in this area for an extended period of time will be towed at the owner’s expense and forfeit any premiums won. 21. Each exhibitor will be given one unload/load permit.

This permit allows a maximum of 30 minutes to unload/load animals and tack but does not provide parking. 22. Exhibitors may purchase a vehicle parking permit for the Rock Island Lot at $8 per day.

Each exhibitor is limited to two Rock Island lot permits per day.

Any additional passes will be issued for Lot Y.

Vehicle permits must be purchased in advance by indicating the specific days on the Horse Entry Form.

Each vehicle permit will park one car or truck (no trailers) in the Rock Island Lot for one day.

Vehicle permits will be mailed in late July or early August.

Vehicle permits are required to park in Fairgrounds lots on a space available basis.

Rock Island permits will not be available at the gate. 23. A special parking lot for livestock trailers and semis (tractor & trailer) is located approximately three blocks south of the Fairgrounds.

You will be directed to these lots by Livestock Control. 24. If vehicles are illegally parked, they will be towed at owners’ expense. 25. Camping overnight in parking lots on the Fairgrounds is prohibited.

Curfew will be called at 1:00 a.m.

Daily and from that time until 5:00 a.m., only those persons with business may remain on the Fairgrounds (including owners or caretakers of exhibits, guards, persons registered at dormitories, Fair officials and employees). 26. For nonresident truck and trailer permits, reciprocity and trip permits visit the Iowa Department of Transportation website at www.iowadot.gov. 27. Arrival and departure times for each breed are listed in their respective section of this Premium Book.

Horses must be in place and are not released until the dates and times designated. 28. All horses must be stalled.

No tying or tethering in aisles will be allowed.

Stall fees are listed on entry forms.

Due to limited barn space, stalls will be assigned in order received to barn capacity.

After the barns are filled, entries will be returned. 29. Stalling requests must be stated in the space available on the Horse Entry Form and all involved parties must state the request.

The Barn Manager will have the stall assignments for the exhibitors upon their arrival to the Fairgrounds.

No exhibitors may switch stalls without the knowledge and consent of the Barn Manager. 30. All horses brought on to the Iowa State Fairgrounds are to be entered and shown in a minimum of one class.

In the case of a mare and foal, at least one of the two must be entered and shown.

Owners/exhibitors found to violate this rule (unless the animal is excused by an Iowa State Fair Veterinarian) will forfeit all premiums and be placed on probation with the Iowa State Fair. 31. The Iowa State Fair strongly encourages exhibitors to share tack stalls if possible.

Please note requests on entry forms.

If the demand for stalls exceeds availability, the number of tack stalls requested will be reviewed for reasonableness based on number of head entered. 32. Straw and woodchips/shavings are the only allowable bedding.

These will be available for purchase on the Fairgrounds. 33. It is suggested that all exhibitors decorate their stalls in an attractive manner.

No alteration of stalls will be permitted.

The space in front of the stall must be kept clean of all debris. 34. All stalls must be cleaned before 8:00 a.m.

Each morning. 35. No smoking will be permitted in any barn on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

This will be strongly enforced. 36. Exhibitors will be responsible for taking their animals’ current health certificates to the Veterinary Office for approval prior to picking up exhibitor packets in the Horse Barn Office.

The Veterinary Office hours will be: 8:00 a.m.

To 5:00 p.m., August 6-18.

Please schedule your arrival to give yourself ample time to go to the Veterinary Office for checking of health certificates. HEALTH CERTIFICATES NOT COMPLETED PROPERLY WILL BE DENIED AND THE OWNER WILL BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A NEW CERTIFICATE AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.

Falsifying or tampering with a health certificate is a federal and state offense and will be grounds for disqualification and removal of all animals listed on the health certificate. (Iowa Code 163.18 and 163.24) Official State Fair Veterinarians are available to inspect animals and complete health certificates if a problem develops. STALLING VET OFFICE 2013 HEALTH REQUIREMENTS FOR THE EXHIBITION OF LIVESTOCK, POULTRY AND BIRDS AT THE IOWA STATE FAIR A.

SECTION 1 – GENERAL All animals, poultry and birds intended for exhibition within the State of Iowa will be considered under quarantine and not eligible for showing until the owner or agent presents a CERTIFICATE OF VETERINARY INSPECTION, stating the animals, poultry or birds are apparently free from symptoms of infectious or communicable diseases as determined on clinical inspection by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days (14 days for sheep) prior to date of entry to exhibition grounds.

INDIVIDUAL CERTIFICATES OF VETERINARY INSPECTION WILL NOT BE REQUIRED in certain classes, if the division Superintendent has made prior arrangements with the Official Fair Veterinarian to have all animals and/or birds inspected on arrival and prior to exhibition.

ANY EVIDENCE OF WARTS, RINGWORM, FOOT ROT, PINK EYE, DRAINING ABSCESSES OR OTHER CONTAGIOUS DISEASE WILL ELIMINATE THE ANIMAL FROM THE SHOW. SECTION 6 – HORSES AND MULES All horses shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection with individual identification or a description of the individual animal.

These requirements apply to all horses entering the Fairgrounds.

Native Iowa horses and mules can be exhibited when accompanied by an individual Certificate of Veterinary Inspection listing a description of the individual animals.

All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection listing a description of the individual animals; and indicating that each animal six months of age and older in the shipment has had a negative official equine infectious anemia test within 12 months of importation.

The testing laboratory, accession number and date of test must appear on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or a copy of the Coggins (EIA) test paper must be presented. B. 37. No injections or medications may be given to a horse without an Official Iowa State Fair Veterinarian being present.

Veterinarians will be looking for drug abuse or physical cruelty to animals in the show and will, upon proper evidence, bar any horse from showing.

Breed show and contest rules on abuse, when available, will be followed.

Any dispute as to age, height or soundness of horses will be referred to the Official 4 IOWA STATE FAIR * AUGUST 8-18, 2013 * HORSE & PONY Veterinarian, and his decision will be final. 38. THE IOWA STATE FAIR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RANDOMLY TEST ANY ANIMAL FOR DRUGS/ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. 39. An official farrier will NOT be on duty.

Exhibitors may use a farrier of their own choice. 40. The exercise schedule for the Jacobson Exhibition Center, Livestock Pavilion and the Outdoor Arena will be at the discretion of the Horse Show Management. 41. The 2-minute rule will be observed following class call. 42. Horse Show Management reserves the right to cancel any class where there are less than five entries. 43. Exhibitors shall wear the correct identifying number properly displayed to the satisfaction of the Horse Show Management. 44. Exhibitors are hereby notified that any act of discourtesy or disobedience by them, their riders, drivers, grooms or agents to the Judges, Officials or Staff shall forfeit all premiums won at the show and may be asked to leave the Fairgrounds.

Horse Show Management shall have full power to act in issuing a ruling in such cases (ie denying participation at future Iowa State Fair Horse Shows). 45. All attendants must be suitably and neatly dressed when entering the ring to show or assist in the showing of horses.

It is the tradition of the show ring that an exhibitor is correctly attired for the class in question and that attendants are neatly and properly presented.

The Management may, at its discretion, bar an entry or person from entering the ring if not suitably attired before the public, without claim or damage.

No person other than the Officials and exhibitors will be admitted to the show ring during a class.

One header per horse may enter the ring at the directions of the announcer.

The header should be dressed neatly and appropriately for the show. 46. Each exhibitor will receive two ribbons per horse entered on entry form (maximum of eight ribbons) for admittance into the Jacobson Exhibition Center.

ADDITIONAL RIBBONS WILL NOT BE SOLD IN THE HORSE BARN OFFICE. Prices for ticketed evening Horse Shows in the Jacobson Exhibition Center (including Cowgirl Queen Contest) General Admission for 12 and older…………………………………………….$5.00 Children 6-11 years of age………………………………………………………….$2.00 Children 5 years and under…………………………………………………………

Free GENERAL SHOW RING REGULATIONS ADMISSION TO JACOBSON EXHIBITION CENTER 47. Premium checks in all departments will be paid as soon after the close of the Fair as possible.

Since the Iowa State Fair fiscal year ends in October, any discrepancies in the amounts of premium checks must be called to our attention before October 15.

No claims for error after that date can be honored. 48. The Iowa State Fair Board is pleased to list special premiums and awards in the Premium Book, but will not be responsible for their payment or delivery unless they have been received by the Competitive Events Director by opening day of the Fair. 49. Special prizes will not be accepted for classes that do not conform to the regular classifications of the department in which they are offered unless for reasons satisfactory to the Executive Committee and the Superintendent of the department in which they are offered. 50. When there is only one exhibitor in a class, the first prize, if merited, will be awarded.

When animals are not worthy of first prize, judges may, at their discretion, award a prize or prizes of such grade as the animals merit.

When there is competition, all prizes may be awarded so far as there are worthy entries.

If two entries are equal, both place monies are to be totaled and divided equally. 51. The Iowa State Fair is required to report payments of $600 or more to the Internal Revenue Service.

Any exhibitor receiving $600 or more will be required to provide the Iowa State Fair with a completed IRS Form W-9 providing a taxpayer identification number.

These exhibitors will be sent a form from the Iowa State Fair Competitive Events Department. PREMIUMS

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    Horses-Store.com - Equine Infectious Anemia : All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied….
    Horses-Store.com and Equine Infectious Anemia : All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied….
    Horses-Store.com - Equine Infectious Anemia : All equine originating from outside the state shall be accompanied….