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A graduate in Animal Science from Texas A&M University, Russell is the most recent addition to the UT Department of Animal Science.

While completing his undergraduate and Master of Science degrees in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Reproduction, he served as a member of the 2002 TAMU Horse Judging Team, President of the TAMU Horsemen’s Association, President of the American Collegiate Horsemen’s Association, and the Assistant Manager of the TAMU Horse Center.

His related experiences in judging, leadership, and instruction of equine training and behavior courses are well-suited for his responsibilities at UT.

Russell’s current duties involve instruction of equine courses, recruitment, Advisor to the UT Equestrian Team and the Tennessee Collegiate Horsemen’s Association, and Coach of the UT Horse Judging Team. Dr.

Bridgett J.

McIntosh: Dr.

McIntosh was recently added to the UT System in early 2008 after receiving her B.A.

In Biology from Hollins College, and her Master’s and Doctorate in Animal Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

She has integrated her prior experiences as a previous member of the Hollins College IHSA team, seasoned hunter/jumper show career, and professional affiliations with the Equine Science Society and the American Society of Animal Science.

As the current UT Extension Horse Specialist and Assistant Professor, her main role is to develop in implement adult and youth Equine educational programs throughout Tennessee. Dr.

Alan G.

Mathew: Upon receiving his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorial degrees from Purdue University, Dr.

Mathew has been an integral faculty member of the UT Department of Animal Science since 1993.

His agricultural experience is expansive, having been an owner-operator of a 200-sow farrow to finish swine operation, member on the Board of Directors for Farmers Cooperative Company in Indiana, and a current owner-operator of a 40 cow, cow-calf operation.

As Professor and Head since 2003, he has taken the responsibility to oversee the research, extension, and teaching operations of the UT Department of Animal Science, and is continually providing the insight and direction for the expansion of our programs. Equine Initiative Our mission: To develop a nationally competitive Equine Sciences curriculum aimed at providing current and prospective students the necessary education, experience, and skill-sets needed to succeed in life. A challenge worth taking for our students’… Faculty Outlook Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to address our many friends and supporters, and indicate my full support to our initiative to grow our equine science program.

We are striving to enhance our equine program to a level expected of a Land grant and flagship agricultural university, such as the University of Tennessee.

Tennessee has a large and diverse equine industry, and it is should be no surprise that a majority of our Animal Science students, and in fact, a large number of UT students, have a high interest in horses and seek learning experiences and activities associated with their favorite animal while they are here.

As Head of the Department of Animal Science, I am fully committed to enhancing and increasing equine-related experiences for our students.

We have the will, the desire, and the commitment to move forward to develop a first rate equine science program.

Unfortunately, we currently lack the appropriate level of resources to do so, thus potentially leaving another group of incoming students without an adequate array of equine activities and learning experiences.

Those crucial opportunities for greater learning and scholarly achievement are an inherent part of the University of Tennessee experience.

The education our students receive at the University of Tennessee, including in our Department of Animal Science, has no equal in the State.

Our classroom instructors are the very scientists and scholars that are daily adding to the scientific knowledge used by other colleges and of our animal industries.

Additionally, many of our students have the opportunity to work in the laboratories of those faculty members and gain an even greater advantage towards their future careers.

This is an experience that is not possible in other agricultural institutions in Tennessee.

By growing and highlighting our equine science program, we will attract a larger number of high-quality students and provide them with those same opportunities and advantages, while at the same time meeting the expectations of the many students who want experiences with horses as a part of their higher education.

Through the help and support of our many friends and supporters, we hope to achieve our goal of providing a full-fledged and high quality equine program to our students.

Within this brochure, you will note many exciting activities and new additions to our equine science and equestrian programs, and will also learn about our plans for the future.

I hope you share in our vision and will take this opportunity to consider this information, and join others who have already provided their support and commitment to our equine science and equestrian initiative.

I greatly appreciate your support, and as you, I remain committed to providing the highest of educational and learning experiences for students, who are indeed our future.

Sincerely, Alan Mathew Professor and Head Alan G.

Mathew Professor and Head UT Animal Science “We have the will, the desire, and the commitment to move forward to develop a first rate equine science program.” Faculty Outlook Dear Friends, The UT Department of Animal Science and Institute of Agriculture have long recognized the need of an Equine program here at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Our goal is to begin building such a program that will be valuable to our students in becoming the future generation of qualified horsemen and horsewomen, as well as to support the success of the Equine Industry as a whole though teaching, research, and extension.

During my short tenure here, I have recognized the interests that our current and prospective students possess in the Equine field of study.

Considering that, along with the $6.09 billion in assets to which the Tennessee equine industry is comprised, it seems common sense that UT, the oldest land-grant university in the state, should have a quality Equine program available to our students.

Over 100 colleges and universities currently offer an undergraduate Equine program, many of which have seen positive enrollment trends since the institution of either a major, minor, or simply an emphasis in the Equine Sciences.

With a new endeavor such as this, UT has an immediate opportunity to structure this Equine program to emphasize business management and welfare, both of which are major challenges currently faced by the industry.

Without a doubt, UT can be one of the premier institutions in the nation to address these issues, and provide the industry with the most qualified leaders and professionals.

It is no secret that we have all been greatly affected by the recent economic setbacks.

Nevertheless, it is still our duty as an academic institution to educate and serve our future generations.

In light of the current state of the economy, we have still managed to develop our institution to keep up with educative demands by proactively seeking innovative ways to offer courses and programs for our students to receive the proper education that is deserved.

Although we have a solid foundation, construction of multi-use working facilities, new faculty positions, and expansion of offered courses are all needed to take our program to a higher level of service.

We have the students, the interest, and the vision to make this goal a reality, although, we need your help.

I encourage you to take the time to browse the following information to gain a better understanding of what our department has to offer, and what it is, exactly, that we are trying to accomplish.

Your resources could, in fact, be the key to so many students’ success in life.

I encourage you to join our campaign to help shape this goal into a reality, and look forward to your support of our program.

Sincerely, Russell D.

Kriewald Lecturer-Equine Russell D.

Kriewald Lecturer-Equine UT Animal Science “Our goal is to begin building such a program that will be valuable to our students in becoming the future generation of qualified horsemen…” Expressing Our Need: A large number of our students have interests in horses, equestrian activities, and other Equine educational and career opportunities.

As Tennessee ranks among the top-ten states in total horse numbers, per capita, it should be no surprise that many UT students and their families are horse owners and that they actively seek opportunities to enhance their understanding of and ability to successfully care for their horses.

Considering the following information, the presence of a UT-operated Equine Teaching Facility is most likely the single most important factor to direct our program to a higher level of service. Our Strategy: We plan to address the above through our Equine Initiative which includes: Raising funds to support scholarships specifically targeting prospective students with high qualifications and strong interests in the Equine Sciences.

Raising funds to support an Endowed Professorship of Equine Science.

In addition to the teaching and research activities expected for such a position, it is anticipated that the highly qualified person selected for this endowed professorship would play a primary role in promoting, establishing, and maintaining a premier Equine Science program at our Knoxville Campus.

Raising funds to establish and maintain an Equine teaching facility, which would provide year-round access to teaching animals, and would have a primary function of supporting Equine Science and equestrian instructional activities at UT.

Raising funds to update academic materials for current courses and to support the introduction of new courses with an aim to develop an Equine Concentration.

Enhance student organizations to compete and succeed at the national level. Our Advantage: The UT Department of Animal Science faculty has a depth and level of expertise that is not readily available in other state programs.

Our expertise in large animal nutrition, reproduction, health, and genetics has been and can be further applied towards Equine, thereby promoting a more advanced level of learning worthy of a State Land Grant university. Our Goals: Student Scholarships Equine Teaching Facility Develop an Equine Concentration Endowed Equine Sciences Professorship Equine Sciences Course Development Expand students’ extracurricular participation Student Scholarships: To support a full tuition scholarship (currently approximately $5500 per year) requires an endowment of approximately $130,000.

Alternatively, annual pledges totaling $5500 could also support a single yearly scholarship.

Our ability to raise such funds will determine the number of students who could be supported.

Additionally, our ability to attract students will in large part depend on our success in funding key components of an Equine Science program, as per below. Endowed Equine Sciences Professorship: It is anticipated that an Endowed Professorship in Equine Science would require a minimum base funding of $2 million to generate adequate annual returns for support a professional salary and basic teaching needs.

Support at a greater level would provide additional funds for technical support, advanced equipment for integrated teaching and research efforts, and for graduate student mentorship.

Expanding our program as prescribed would undoubtedly need the best academic instructors available. Equine Teaching Facility: As a key component of a viable Equine Science program, we are proposing and seeking support for an Equine teaching facility that would enable the maintenance of a small teaching herd and would facilitate hands-on instruction in Equine Sciences.

Additionally, this site would serve the UT Equestrian Team’s practices and competitions.

We propose that such a facility be a part of the Animal Science teaching resources and would be located near the Knoxville campus of The University of Tennessee.

An indoor arena, large enough to facilitate equestrian activities, including round pen work, safe riding, and other skills, would be a primary component of the facility.

To facilitate lecture and seminar activities, a classroom, an activities hall (for larger demonstrations, luncheons, meetings), and a small office would also be included in the facility.

Ideally, the facility would provide access to pasture for horses that may be maintained over long term.

The site would include parking and roadways, as appropriate for vehicles and trailers associated with Equine events.

We anticipate costs for such a facility and associated land would total approximately $10-12 million.

Animal costs for the teaching facility would run approximately $60,000 to $80,000 per year, including management and labor costs.

To help offset operational costs, income would be derived through horse boarding fees and activity fees charged for non-UT functions. Equine Sciences Course Development: Developing new course offerings would enable our Department to offer a concentration in Equine Sciences that would be appealing to students, both in Tennessee and nationally.

Enhancing students’ understanding of business, marketing and welfare issues, along with commonplace knowledge, would be vital to future success.

Additional funding is also essential to provide our students with the most current teaching materials available. Animal Science Equine Student Organizations/Teams The University of Tennessee has a large selection of recognized student organizations to further develop a students experience and understanding of fields related to their major or, others they may have a great interest in.

These organizations provide leadership, responsibility, and educational experiences beyond the classroom. The UT Department of Animal Science facilitates a number of these organizations, and believes in the qualities students can acquire through their involvement.

The Department is proud to offer the following Equine-related student organizations/teams.

UT Equestrian Team Tennessee Collegiate Horsemen’s Association UT Collegiate Horse Judging Team UT Equestrian Team: Affiliated through the Departments of Animal Science and Recreational Sports, UT Equestrian began in the mid 1970’s as a way for students to develop riding skills or continue riding while at college.

With continued involvement, the club team became associated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Currently, the team has approximately 55 active members riding in English (Hunt Seat) or Western (Stock Seat) style classes.

The team is almost entirely student-run, with elected officers overseeing financial aspects as well as keeping the team organized and operating in a smooth and professional manner. The UT Equestrian Team continues to be a strong member of the IHSA, competing in Zone 5, Region 1 events.

Regional schools that compete with UT include the University of Tennessee-Martin, Middle Tennessee State University, Murray State, University of the South-Sewanee, Maryville College, Mississippi State University, Western Kentucky University, Vanderbilt University and Tennessee Tech.

Support from several area farms has allowed the team to thrive over the years.

The Team, coached by Karen Kerch, is currently practicing at Roger and Sandra Elder’s farm near Maryville, Tennessee.

Other area farms have offered their facilities and horses at discounted prices to provide the Team with additional practice time during the week.

It is apparent the dedication of students and the support from the community have driven the success of UT Equestrian. http://web.utk.edu/~equeteam/ — On the following page, you will find additional information on how you can contribute to our efforts and obtain more information about each program. We look forward to your support of The University of Tennessee EQUINE INITIATIVE! Donor Recognition Levels One-time Gifts: <$100 $100 - $499 $500 - $999 $1,000 or more Lifetime Giving: $25,000 - $49,999 $50,000 - $99,999 $100,000 - $499,999 $500,000 - $999,999 $1,000,000 - $4,999,999 $5,000,000 - $9,999,999 $10,000,000 or more Orange Silver Gold Platinum Polo Society Silver Spur Society Snaffle Society Hackamore Society Founder Society Celebration Society Equine Ambassador Contribution Submittal Form Help us move forward! Name Address City State Daytime Phone I would like to contribute to: Equine Scholarship Program Endowed Equine Sciences Professorship Equine Teaching Facility Equine Sciences Course Development Fund UT Equestrian Team Tennessee Collegiate Horsemen’s Assoc.

UT Collegiate Horse Judging Team General Gift Fund Zip Code Email I pledge a total of $ Please remind me for $ annually over beginning semi-annually years. (month/year).

Quarterly Enclosed is the first payment of my pledge I prefer to make a gift by Visa or MasterCard (please contact us directly for a secure method of payment) Enclosed is my onetime gift of $ . I wish to receive information about the University of Tennessee Equine Programs. Please reply to:

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