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Bridle Bijoux - Silver & crystal - Bridle-bling - Gifts Horses-store.comEventing : What IS Equestrian QLD EQ is the over arching organisation….

Front Cover: Chelsea Higgins on Holstein Park Comedian and Chantal Wigan on Ferero Photo By: Tammy Stephens Photography Salute Vol. 5 No. 2 Next issue due April 2012 Deadline Friday 16th March 2012 Page 1 The official magazine of Dressage Queensland . .

Welcome to a brand new year! What is it going to bring? What is going to make 2012 any different for QLD Dressage Riders? What is going to make it better? What is on the cards??? For one, 2012 will bring opportunities to increase QLD rider’s access to affordable and expert coaching for both regional and SE QLD centric riders – to increase our pool and standard of judges for another, showcase our sport and our state to the Nation – FOR SURE! Our clubs will need support to develop their facilities, our organisers need ways to find a balance between affordable, well run and value adding competitions, our volunteers need our support to stay involved and feel their contribution is worthwhile and appreciated.

We need to find innovative ways to bring people into the sport, and even more so, to KEEP them in the sport.

We need to keep the QLD flag flying madly with our Senior and Junior Squads and High Performance Program, we need to look after our sponsors, and seek new contacts and develop partnerships with new ones.

Also, we need to pay attention to the details of the sport across the state – the rules, regulations, upgrades/downgrades and be the conduit between issues affecting QLD dressage riders and the Australian Dressage Committee.

We also need to keep abreast of changes involving Equestrian Sports in QLD through the EQ office, and also in Equestrian Australia.

And after all of this, we need to keep in touch with YOU – the Dressage Rider, The Dressage Fan, The Rider’s Parent, The Organiser, The Breeder.

Without YOU – we have nothing.

So with the start of the year upon us/underway, it’s a great chance to clear up some information – What IS Dressage QLD? We are a sport discipline committee (known as a SDC), in charge of administering and developing the sport of Dressage in QLD.

What IS Equestrian QLD? EQ is the over-arching organisation that coordinates the QLD Sport Disciplines (Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage, Carriage Driving, Vaulting etc.) into a cohesive unit.

It handles things like the coaching programs and Equestrian Sport initiatives which involves a whole of Equestrian Focus, including memberships and fees, as well as liaising with QLD Government on our behalf.

What IS Equestrian AUSTRALIA? EA is the Head of all things Equestrian in Australia.

EA is the conduit for all sports to access the FEI (that’s the International Dressage Federation for those who are not sure of the lingo).

EA handles things like National coaching, official development and National squads for Olympics and World Equestrian Games, also programs for rider development such as the youngster’s Go Gallop program.

So WHO is the ADC? This is the Australian Dressage Committee.

Their role involves coordinating issues affecting the sport of dressage in Australia, such things as Rules, Regulations and Judge training schemes, EA dressage tests and timetabling of significant events across the country.

This means, that when you want to compete in Equestrian Sport in QLD, you join EQUESTRIAN QLD (EQ).

Now to compete in dressage officially, you then register your horse with EQUESTRIAN AUSTRALIA (EA).

The EQ office helps you with this; EQUESTRIAN QLD will help you with your first DRESSAGE PERFORMANCE CARD and BRIDLE NUMBERS.

DRESSAGE QLD then create and administer support schemes to help you move into the sport and access training and competions.

AFFILIATED CLUBS also run their own tailored programs and competitions to suit their member base.

You can access these by joining an individual club of your choice.

DQ endeavours to support these clubs as much as possible with grants, schemes and subsidies for training both riders and officials.

Now, you may have heard of some other strange acronyms in your travels…

Such as the JSC.

This is the DQ Judges Sub Committee, in charge of administering judge training pathways, seminars and workshops for dressage judges across the state.

Or perhaps the letters YR – this is the Young Rider Sub Committee, in charge of implementing programs to encourage the growth and development of young dressage riders in QLD.

This involves the YR Squad management, training camps for the young riders, plus fundraising for this sector.

And of course, you all know FOD (Festival of Dressage – which really needs no introduction as you have already marked this in your diary for July 21st 2012!).

All these acronyms kind of make learning the letters of the dressage arena look easy, doesn’t it! So in a nutshell, DQ has a very busy and exciting 2012 ahead – Key Focus Areas Include: • • Implementation of the trial QLD Rider Division Scheme to be held at nominated Two Star Events.

The details of this innovative scheme are further in this newsletter for your information.

Club level facility development; thereby benefit riders of all levels.

More information coming on this! So stay tuned to the DQ website! Continued… Page 2 The official magazine of Dressage Queensland Salute Vol. 5 No. 2 From the President’s Stable From the President’s Stable continued… • The Brisbane CDI-W and CDI-Y (incorporating the QLD YH Champs).

Want to volunteer at this event? Contact Nicole Magoffin email nicolemagoffin@gmail.com or general info to leasa@gypsielodge.com.au Planning stages for grass root development programs to assist clubs in servicing members.

Ideas? Send them in to us! Regional Training opportunities for our non – SE QLD based riders.

More DQ Subsidised clinics with State Coach and other visiting trainers to both Regional and SE QLD based riders. • • • Thanks also need to go to Gary Lung for a very successful High Performance Camp earlier this year, and also to the Judges Subcommittee for the HUGELY popular Isobel Wessels clinic! What a HUGE year we have ahead of us, and it’s a very exciting time to be a part of the sport, and a wonderful time to get involved somehow! Why not contact your local club and see just how YOU can make a difference.

Be a part of the spirit that is Dressage in Queensland! Hope you all have a happy and fun filled season – Leasa Stephen (DQ President) leasa@gypsielodge.com.au Dressage QLD is proud to announce it is hosting an International Dressage Event the “Brisbane CDI” This event is held over 3 days from 27th to 29th July 2012 at our new state equestrian centre, QSEC at Caboolture.

The Brisbane CDI is brought to you by Prydes Easi Feed –

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Horses-Store.com and Eventing : What IS Equestrian QLD EQ is the over arching organisation….
Horses-Store.com - Eventing : What IS Equestrian QLD EQ is the over arching organisation….
Horses-Store.com and Eventing : What IS Equestrian QLD EQ is the over arching organisation….
Horses-Store.com - Eventing : What IS Equestrian QLD EQ is the over arching organisation….