F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times Miss Pg

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Equi.Linn Sports Bra - Equi.Linn sports Lingerie - For the Rider Horses-store.comF, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times Miss Pg

Pg. 291: edges + on median line MO 27 Cold to I Jacksons to see black w TS 28 Bought Hicles fine mare paid $30 with note at 8 per cent had west to cut my horse for Fistula yesterday I shall scale the hills now in double quick time Dr Thomson arrived on his way to Irvin to practice med WS 29 At home March TH 1st At home FR 2 Saw Denny burn-healing up trouble with pain in bowels from lead, contine same treatment Brothertons child better can use leg considerable with splints on, but little use without them has seemingly spasms gave wormwood Lansy Garlic in alcohol soon got better cries so when I arrive that I told them to manage It themselves in same way as before.

Made splint in strips narrow between muslim (slips) Continue this + if in time it still remains weak get instrument.

If I has my own way I should administer chloroform + straiten it.

SA 3 Called to see Mrs Griggs She was dying.

Child was born 1~ hours after birth yet adhered no flooding Physician said she took cramp in stomach.

SU 4 Saw Hall leave the road mighty quick for some cause at burying Was Called last night to See Mrs Bish was near gone from Shock at news of Mrs G death nerve centers So Pg. 292: affected that she had rigors could not speak even in whisper pulse very feeble gave Stimulents applied mustard to ankles rists + stomach soon got better MO 5 TS 6 WS 7 TH 8 FR 9 SA 10 A chambers with Dr Thomson conclude to go to Maj Lanes Sunday + break up engagement find Molly will not suit me SU 11 At Maj Lanes took exceptions to certain things told Miss Molly we had better break our engagement + renew it again if we saw fit in future time find things do not suit me near as well as; at first MO 12 A Niblics woman bik confined TS 13 Conclude as I have been thinking of strongly Since quarterly meeting to go + see Miss Sallie Crook a Lady I really think (?) well (?) of but she dont quite fit the bill (this last phrase was written over the original words at some later date; the original words are now illegible) WS 14 At home Tai 15 Trying to buy a horse FR 16 Dr Thomson starts for Irvin Bought from N Griggs fine young mare Paid 4″ 15 again Jan 1st 60 Insures her sound -42 Pg. 293: Was called yesterday to See Mrs Sewel violent Haemorrhage gave Fn opium Gel + Cinamon Dr Thomson came gave alum salt tody I applyed Tampons Haemorrhage ceased all to a quantity nesessary about 3 T.

Spoonfuls in 4 hours had several fainty spells got better we left about 4 oclock Dr C came about 6 o took tampons out found back of cloted blood embryo (she was gone in pregnancy about 2 months.

Made it appear she done the work as to Saving her life.

Went down today to discharge Sewels + not practice any more for them but Mrs S said She believed I saved her life hence I did not discharge them + again I thought they might talk about me (hard) I conclude the best plan Is to pass along + say nothing about such things except explain the matter when necessary.

Recd :Letter with final card from Greensburg Lodge no 50 I 0 of 0.F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times Miss Pg.-294: Sent letter to/S Crooke (sic) yesterday.

SU 18 A Flatwood church went to Covingtons with Miss Cobb she gave me some hints.

MO 19 At Hatcombs (?) home TS 20 at home doing nothing WS 21 at home TH 22 At home FR 23 At home SA 24 Called to see G L ewises wife has has some pain in examination felt head far up.

She is very restless pain ceased through night SU 25 Left Hills early as pain in Mrs L had entirely ceased, she comlains of numbness in her limbs (legs), below knees complained of stomach last night when pain was on, had eaten very hearty of hog joles at noon yesterday at noon.

At meeting in Texas also at Sabbath School taught class of young Lds + Gents, were quite attentive.

MO 26 TS 27 Ws 28 TH 28 (sic) FR 30 Sa 31 At Mart Greens child very sick Miss Sallie talked about right SU Apr I At (?) home MO Aprile 2 At .home TS 3 At office W5 4 Heard of Christopher talking or slandering me to Ramsey conclude to take the matter cooly for it is a christian (sic) ‘spirit to forbear.

Conclude to acquire a greater test (?) in conversation as to finding peoples minds or the run of the mind + converse to suit them Shall try to remain on reserve till know as to their mind think of leaving this place on account of Christophers Slanders TH 5 FR 6 SA 7 Rode mare that I got from Griggs through Texas WM Adams remarked Sunday 8th that she was lame, noticed her lame In pacing 2 weeks ago.

SU 8 At church MO 9 Pg.295: At Hicles all night Sunday with child TS 10 At Hicles mare lame coming home WS 11 At Hicles child better had cholera Morbus then Intermittent fever TH 12 Discharged_ child cured Treatment gave antif ever powds Ta Gel calomel oil veermifuge my mare has distemper FR 13 At office Powel Joe Sick SA 14 Su 15 MO 16 TS 17 WS 18 ‘TH 19 FR 20 SA 21 SU 22 Taught Sunday School class Huet (?) was mighty pleased MO 23 Went to Irvin saw Dr Thomson we talked something of forming a copartnership.

I think it a splendid opening for business, all night at Maj Lanes Miss Molly as pretty + as sweet as ever + much more attentive than usual TS 24 Came home Find gray horse has fistula as bad as ever sold him to Dr West for ¶50 payable on or before Christmas.

Conclude to buy Thomson a horse as soon as possible.

WS 25 Looked at Lewises Pony offered $90 dollars (sic) payable in 12 months he wanted 8 per cent interest would not give I t 1”H 2 6 offered 4150 mt s (?) 6 per cent payable In 12 months asked 8 per cent payable again Christmas FR 27 Sought Pony of Todd near Richmond paid “’70 at 6 percent Inst + attend obstetrical case he insured him sound in presence of W N.

SA 28 At home SU 29 Find I can get as many horse I want on time without Security -43 Pg. 296: MO 30 At home TS 31 At home Consider I was cheated in buying pony for Thomson Should not have bought him if I had tried tried him on level ground, tried him in plowed ground before I bid for him Concluded I was bit (?) when I got on him to ride home, bought wit is the best of wit if not bought to dear TS May 1st At home WS 2 Heard Bruce preach in Texas church crowded Saw Miss Sallie Crook TH 3 At home doing but little now FR 4 At home SA 5 At R Powels Mrs Blanton spoke of my objections to her daught a sly (?) pint (?) SU 6 Taught Sabbath School MO 7 Walked in even with Muggy + Molly I as sometimes tempted to say I wait and try my luck for Molly,she 1s not as rich as some I could get but she is a no 1 girl + will make a number 1 Lady.

Rode my pony like him better than when I bought him.

TS 8 Sent 4 Letters to Ministers of M F.church in different parts to inquire as to a good location WS 9 TH 10 FR 11 SA 12 Recd a most interesting from Rev; R B Jones Lexington Henderson co Tenn as to a locating in that Co his letter is rather flattering He + Rev Brooks think Jack Creek is the place for me SU 13 MO 14 TS 15 WS 16 Th 17 FR 18 SA 19 Nothing doing wrote 4 Letters to different parts of Tennisses (sic) as to a good Pg. 297: Location SU 20th At Flatwood, at Maj Lanes talked to Molly conclude no make any further propositions to as she does not suit me MO 21 TS 22 Sent letters to Henderson, Perry, Wickman (?), Macon + Wilson Counties Tenn think of trying for a location in Tenn + of travelling there this fall.

Conclude to start on a good bases as to location where I can enjoy myself through life while engaged in my calling for I am determined to go on in the medical profession.

I want a location where Lands are rich country level Methodists tolerably plenty but little charity practice plenty of Slaves +c If I start out in earnest in the right kind of place then I will-be neares (sic) right all the time than if I start in mean place.

WS 23 TH 24 FR 25 SA 26 put mare to J Griggs horse SU 27 at Sunday School Mo 28 TS 29 WS 30 TH 31 FR June 1st SA 2 Had debate at Lewises Schoolhouse question is Foreign Emigration an a (sic) advantage to our country F.W.

T. + I were on affarmative (sic) we gained great excitement SU 3 At S School Pg. 298: Mr L revealed to me as to being engaged to be married.

I think strongly of giving up all notions of marrying now + waiting on Miss M.F.B.

I think she would suit me better than any girl I have seen yet.

TS 5 WS 6 TH 7 FR 8 Starled (sic) to Forge took dinner at Esqr Kimbls, at Eckleys all night SA 9 Called to see Miss Jacksons had nice time went to D.

McKinneys SU 10 All night at Esqr Vonds MO 11 At Irvine court came to Maj Lanes colleed (sic ?) ms neg (?) find Dr Ts Sorrel horse is dead while in hands of Dr Thomson in Irvine at the Douglas Hotel Dr T.

Supposed he broke his neck in Stable he says he will pay for him.

TS 12 Asked Miss Molly M.


How she would like to renew a marriage contract with an old lover she said very well but insists on going to school before marrying.

At Majs they pay so much attention to me they put on fire in any room in morning before using it + it almost: summer.

Went back to court come home in evening.

I think something of marrying Miss Lane but dont Pg. 299: know certain.

Consider these marriage engagements a trivial thing as to standing to or breaking though if it could be so I would like think them as strong + stronger than any other contract but it is not so + when I am in Rome I do as Rome does; that is I find from experience a man may make an engagement of that kind + get out of

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    Horses-Store.com and F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times  Miss  Pg
    Horses-Store.com - F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times Miss Pg
    Horses-Store.com and F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times  Miss  Pg
    Horses-Store.com - F, SA 7 put weights on mare to wak (?) pace strikes it at times Miss Pg