Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….

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Bridle Bijoux - blue, silver and crystal Horses-store.comFell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….

T HE F ELL P ONY S OCIETY M AGAZINE Spring 2010 – Volume 21 Catriona Paterson’s ‘Flying Fell’, Meres Just-A-Mo, going clear round a 2’9″ cross country course in 2008.

Photo, Equestrian Services Thorney (Cambridgeshire). Snow and more snow and frozen water makes so much extra work … but here is ‘The Workers’ Day Off on New Years Day’ – Linnel Rosie, Linnel Songbird, Linnel Damsel watching the tobogganers.

Photo, Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron: Her Majesty the Queen President: Mrs G Williamson Chairman: Miss M G Longsdon MBE Vice-Chairman: Mrs C H Robinson Secretary: Mrs Elizabeth Parkin Society Office Ion House, Great Asby Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6HD tel/fax: 01768 353100 e-mail: fellponysocietysecretary@hotmail.co.uk http://www.fellponysociety.org.uk Council To retire 2010: Mr R B Charlton, Mrs G M Cockbain, Mrs J A Hill, Mrs C S Millard To retire 2011: Mrs S Brunskill, Mrs M Dodd, Mrs C H Robinson, Mr A Thorpe To retire 2012: Mr P Boustead, Miss J Glass, Miss M G Longsdon, Miss B W Walker To retire 2013: Miss B Bell, Mr T B Capstick, Mrs M C Murray, Mr D Wilkinson To retire 2014: Mr G H B Mallinson, Mr P Metcalfe, Mr W S Potter, Mr C Roberts Magazine Editor: Sue Millard Daw Bank, Greenholme, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3TA tel: +44 (0)1539 624636 — e-mail: sue@fellpony.f9.co.uk Fell Pony Sales List: Barry Stamp tel: 01785 822723 Show Affiliation Secretary: Mrs G Williamson Suilven, 11 Mearness Drive, Ulverston, LA12 9PE tel: 01229 581002 — e-mail: gwen.tarnbeck@btinternet.com Press Officer: Ian Smith, Doune Park Kennels, Buchany, Doune, Perthshire, FK16 6HD.

Tel. 01786 841790 — email: smiths@bracklinnfellponies.wanadoo.co.uk Registered Office: Langdales Accountants Ltd, Enterprise House, 56-58 Main Street, High Bentham, Lancaster LA2 7HY 3 Contents—Spring 2010 Council Information ………………. 5 Editorial ………………………….. 6 Letters …………………………… 7 Chairman’s report ……………….. 8 Secretary’s report ……………….. 9 Notice of AGM …………………… 10 Report of Autumn Meeting ……… 11 Report of January EGM ………….. 17 Membership Fees ………………… 21 Council Elections ………………… 22 Sub committees …………………. 25 Foal Show ……………………….. 26 Training Day at Littletree Stud …. 28 Show and Sale …………………… 30 Learning with Fells ……………… 31 Competition Results, 2011 Calendar37 FPS Registration Fees ……………. 38 Performance Trials 2009 ……….. 39 Performance Awards ……………. 40 Performance Trials 2010 ……….. 41 Overseas Sub Committee ……….. 42 Colour Photo section ……………. 43 Probationer Judges Scheme …….. 47 Calendar of Events ……………… 48 200 Club …………………………. 49 NE Area Support Group …………. 50 Shows 2010 ……………………… 51 SW Area New Show ……………… 51 ME Area Support Group ………….. 52 MESG Events 2010 ……………….. 53 MESG Spring Show ……………….. 53 Southern Breed Show Report …… 54 NW Area Support Group ………… 63 Advertising fees………………….. 64 FPS Endurance Awards 2009 ……. 65 Upcoming Overseas Breed Show .. 66 Overseas Branch News ………….. 67 News from Overseas …………….. 73 People and Ponies ………………. 78 Ponies Past ……………………… 90 Merchandise Price list …………… 91 STOP PRESS—FIS …………………. 20 Dates for 2010—in Brief 2010 27 March—AGM, Orton, Cumbria 18 April—MESG Spring Show 15 May—Stallion & Colt Show 29 May—Cumbria Fell & Dales Show 12 June—South Cumbria Show 20 June—Derby Fell & Dales Show 7 August—Breed Show 22 August—Ride & Drive 12 September—Southern Show 25 September—Probationer Judges Assessment Day 26 September—Performance Trials 22 October—Show & Sale 23 October—Autumn Meeting More details on p48.

Please check the FPS website for any late alterations to dates. 4 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Council Information Barbara Bell Home: 01697 478644 Peter Boustead Home: 01524 383665 Susan Brunskill Home: Barry Mallinson Home: 01228 675814 Mobile: 07967 050353 Paul Metcalfe Home: 01539 621655 Sue Millard Home: 01539 624636 01228 670555 Thomas B Capstick Home: 01931 714656 Bob Charlton Home: 01434 673262 Fax: 01434 673852 Glenis Cockbain Home: 01768 772133 Mary Dodd Home: Jane Glass Home: Judy Hill Home: Fax: 01946 861302 01509 880261 01455 552534 01455 552534 Margaret Murray Home: 01833 650474 Fax: 01833 680808 Bill Potter Home: Fax: 01931 716267 01931 716267 Colin Roberts Home: 01539 624291 Christine Robinson Home: 01946 862439 Fax: 01946 861397 Andrew Thorpe Home: 01706 853843 Betty Walker Home: 01768 777202 David Wilkinson Home: 01768 352861 Mary Longsdon Home: 01629 640709 Fax: 01629 640709 Disclaimer Whereas every care is taken to publish accurate information, the Editor and Council of the Fell Pony Society do not necessarily agree with all the views expressed within the Fell Pony Society Magazine and cannot accept any liability for erroneous opinions or suggestions in the Magazine. 5 Editorial Outside the window as I write it is snowy and very cold, and has been since before Christmas.

So if we are getting real winter weather at last, perhaps we shall be allowed a proper summer in 2010? I do hope so.

We heard fantastic news from the researchers into the Syndrome at the end of November when a carrier test was finally announced.

Please see the notes on p17 from the Extraordinary General Meeting in January which discussed many details of the research findings and their implications.

Thank you to all the people who wrote, emailed or phoned with concern for our grand-daughter Naomi following the little article in the Autumn Magazine.

She is still undergoing chemotherapy, but should be finished with that by early April.

In November, Jen and Rob and Naomi were also flooded out from their Cockermouth home and had to move into our holiday cottage next door, but Naomi is taking it all in her stride as young children will.

She continues to thrive, going for occasional carriage drives or rides on Mr T or Ruby, though Ruby gets very jealous if Mr T goes out with “Her Baby” and she is left behind.

May I in turn pass on my commiserations to any others who’ve suffered from the flooding.

I hope your insurance companies have risen nobly to the claims.

Thanks to all our contributors who have sent in copy nice and early for the Magazine—your material got precedence.

Incidentally, letters and articles about your ponies are not considered to be “advertising” and are not subject to any fees, so please don’t hold back on that account! Mind you, we don’t pay either! Now—the Campaign to Save Editors from Baldness. “Less is more.” I will repeat my usual plea to contributors: PLEASE DON’T put your photos into a word processed file.

PLEASE DON’T design your own layouts for the material you send to the Magazine.

And for Show and other results, make your own life and mine easier by not using word-processed tabbed layouts to produce columns, which take hair-tearing hours to untangle and reduce to A5.

Just give me a straight list or an Excel spreadsheet, with one set of details per line (pony name, rider name, owner name, whatever you have).

It doesn’t matter if your list covers a dozen pages, because I never print it, and it is MUCH MUCH easier for me to convert into the Magazine format.

You will also earn the blessings of the FPS webmaster, and of sub-editors of newspapers and equine magazines to whom Ian Smith sends-on your results.

The Office, incidentally, is brilliant at supplying easy-to-handle copy, and so are some of the Show Secretaries.


You give me the time to deal with the complicated submissions.

I hope that, despite the hair-tearing, I have managed to fit everything in and not forgotten anyone.

Deadline for the Autumn edition is 1st September 2010.

Have a good summer.

Sue 6 Letters Hello My name is Lisa and I’m coming from Streefkerk, a small village in the Netherlands.

I have since February 2009 a Fell pony.

Her name is Dene Devotion and she is 15 years old.

Looking on the Internet I saw many more brothers and sisters of Dene.

I want to let you know that she’s doing very well.

I’m very happy with her and I’m riding her almost every day.

Recently we’ve done a cross-training, she really loved it.

Favourite of Dene is jumping, she does it very good and really goes for it.

Dene is a friendly horse but has a strong character.

At the moment she is eating lots of grass, she loves to eat, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Because of that I have to put her on a diet, she’s a little too heavy at the moment.

Excuses for the bad English, I don’t use it every day.

Lisa de Zeeuw Bergstoep 28 2959 AB Streefkerk Nederlands Border Black Prince II with Albert Postma in a Netherlands snow scene 7 Chairman’s Report As I write this at the beginning of January, the weather is rather too seasonal for me and I am sure I am not alone in being ‘fed up’ playing with kettles and water pipes.

Maybe it heralds a fantastic summer?! Anyway surely the Good News comes from Liverpool University and the Animal Health Trust with the discovery of a genetic ‘carrier test’, for the foal Syndrome.

The Society is so grateful for all their hard work and dedication and the generous sponsorship that has taken place over the last decade and heartily congratulate the whole team on such a successful result.

It is now up to our Society to decide how we are going to proceed, without damaging our bloodlines, to slowly eliminate this distressing genetic discrepancy from our breed.

We very much hope that Professor Stuart Carter and Dr June Swinburne and Laura Fox-Clipsham will be able to attend our AGM and answer all your questions.

We will soon have a General Election looming over us, but meanwhile do use your postal vote for our own Council Election.

This year we have 6 candidates, all bubbling with enthusiasm, which is a healthy sign for the state of our Society.

Our thanks go out to all our Council members, who also work on various committees and put in a great deal of time and effort on your behalf.

A special thank you to Bob Charlton and Judy Hill who are not standing again for Council.

They have both made a tremendous ‘input’ over the recent years and have been very much appreciated.

My thanks also to Jean Ward who has been chairman of our show committee, which has the enormous task of running all three shows every year and sorting all the complications that go with them, with tact and a sense of humour.

Our President, Mrs Gwen Williamson also comes to the end of her two year term of office and we thank her for all her support and her interest and her continuing work for the Society.

I am sure you realise how lucky we are to have two absolute ‘GEMS’ working in the office, so please help them by sending in your paperwork correctly and on time.

It is amazing how the work load is forever on the increase and yet Elizabeth and Katherine cope admirably and the whole Society owes them a debt of gratitude. ‘Thank you’ also to all our members.

Best wishes, Mary. 8 Secretary’s Report 2009 didn’t go very smoothly in the office – the new passport regulations and formats took up a lot of my time and also meant that we had a considerable backlog of foals to register once we had the formats agreed.

This time last year we had only seven registrations left to resolve – I don’t even feel like counting the ones that are waiting to be completed and we know there are some that we still haven’t received.

We only started issuing 2010 memberships this week (January), so our apologies to those who paid in November and have been wondering where their cards are.

Hopefully you will have got them and we will be up to date by the time you are reading this.

Actually, we will have to be up to date by 15 February, so that we know who is eligible to vote in the Council Elections and can include their voting papers with this magazine – please use your vote and have your input into who represents you on Council.

I spent nearly a whole week before Christmas sending out notices for the EGM, which will take place on 19 January to give members the opportunity to ask questions about the new carrier test for Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and to put forward their views as to how this test might be used to benefit the breed and the Society.

We also included a sample letter, which you can send to your MP if you wish to object to the proposed ‘Horse Tax’, and several members have already thanked us for this and said they have distributed copies to their friends.

The annual accounts for last year are also included with this magazine – we had a healthy year financially, with a slight increase in membership and in registrations, despite the current recession.

It will be interesting to see how things go this year – early indications are good with several new members already.

Elizabeth 7 January 2010 9 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Company No 3233346 Registered Charity No 1104945 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING To be held on 27 March 2010 at 1.00 pm At ORTON MARKET HALL, ORTON, PENRITH, CUMBRIA CA10 3RJ *** PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE *** ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AGENDA 1 Apologies for absence 2 Approval and adoption of Autumn General Meeting Minutes 24 October 2009 3 Matters arising from the Minutes 4 Chairman’s Report 5 Result of Postal Voting for Council 6 Adoption of Accounts for year ended 31st October 2009 7 Resolution to appoint Langdales Accountants Ltd as Accountants to the Society 8 Secretary/Treasurer’s Report 9 Reports from Delegates and Sub-Committees 10 Any Other Business 11 Presentation by the AHT/University of Liverpool on the research done to identify a carrier test for Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome, opportunity for members’ questions, and the results of any decisions taken on how the test should be used.

Notice of General Meeting – Memorandum and Articles of Association 5.2 The accidental omission to give notice to or non-receipt of a notice of a meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.

DIRECTIONS to ORTON MARKET HALL From Junction 38 of the M6, take the B6260, signed to Orton and Appleby.

Follow the road for three miles to Orton – the Market Hall is in the centre of the village opposite Kennedy’s Chocolates. 10 Autumn General Meeting 2009 MINUTES OF THE AUTUMN GENERAL MEETING OF THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Held at Low Hesket Village Hall on Saturday 24 October 2009 Miss Longsdon opened the meeting and welcomed members to the new venue, especially our President, Mrs Gwen Williamson, and thanked everyone for attending. 1 Apologies for absence Apologies were received from: Ms S Albrecht, Mrs F and Miss L Awde, Mrs S Barbour, Dr J Barker, Miss W Black, Mrs L & Miss C Brooks, Mr D Byas, Miss G Callister, Mrs S Camp, Miss D Chadwick, the Charlton family, Mrs G Cockbain, Mr D Eltringham, Mrs M Enser, Ms J Fairburn, Mrs P Finch, Mr & Mrs W Ford and Miss D Ford, Mrs J & Mr C Grant, Mr N Hill, Mrs D Key, Miss C King, Mr & Mrs J Langcake, Mr & Mrs P Leach, Mr M Lupton, the Mallinson family, Miss D Meikle, Miss A & Mr G H Morton, Mrs H Moss, Mrs M Murray, Mrs S Rees, Mr R Relph-Briggs, the Roberts family, Mr W Robinson, Mrs C & Miss I Slack, Mr B Stamp, Miss B Walker, Mrs E Whittam and Mr D Wilkinson 2 Approval and adoption of Annual General Meeting Minutes of 4 April 2009 Acceptance proposed by Mr J Greener and seconded by Mrs S Brunskill. 3 Matters arising from the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 4 April 2009 Miss Longsdon reported that the Southern Show had gone well at its new venue and they had had a fine day.

She thanked Sadie Densham, the new secretary, for all her hard work, and told members that she had the sponsor board available for next year’s show.

She had tried to contact the Animal Health Trust for an update on syndrome research but had been unable to get in touch with Laura Fox-Clipsham before the meeting and hoped to hear from her soon.

The DVD was selling steadily – Miss Longsdon told members that it would make an ideal Christmas present.

Everyone spoke very highly of it and she felt the Society could be well pleased with its success.

She reminded members that candidates for Council should be notified to the office by 31 December – there would be two vacancies next year as neither Mrs Judy Hill nor Mr Bob Charlton would be standing again.

She thanked Mrs Hill, who was present at the meeting, for all her work over the last ten years, and also Mr Charlton who had done an enormous amount and was our Chairman for years – she could say with some feeling that he had given a lot of his time to the Society, 11 being Chairman was very time consuming.

Our grateful thanks were due to both of them – applause from members.

David Murray was currently in the Hadrian’s Wall area preparing for his walk with Fell pack ponies – this would take place next year now.

He would still appreciate help from anyone in the area and we hoped that his walk would be good publicity for us.

We were still in discussion with our Daughter Society over the issue of stallion licensing – we had had a good meeting after the Stallion Show in May.

A meeting was proposed between Defra and the Dutch equivalent body, and our Daughter Society was meeting at the end of November. 4 Chairman’s Report Miss Longsdon said that it had been a busy summer despite July and August being so wet.

The shows had gone extremely well, not only our own Breed Show; Fells had done well up and down the country.

She and Miss Glass had taken the stand to various places, some of which they wouldn’t be returning to next year! They had attended two successful country fairs and met new people there.

The Learning with Fells project had proved very successful and she was most grateful to those who had welcomed the young people to their studs.

They had found it very interesting and she had had good feedback from them.

It was suggested that they should write about their experiences for the spring magazine.

We hoped to repeat the project next year and anyone in the 11 – 18 age group who was interested in taking part should contact the office before May.

We would again receive our welcome grant from the Horserace Betting Levy Board next year, but would not now be able to use part of it to pay the microchip subsidies.

Council had discussed this and proposed paying a subsidy to owners of mares producing live foals eligible for registration in the main section of the stud book.

We had been informed that the Shetland Pony Society had made Miss Amy Edge an honorary member following her 100th birthday last year and all agreed that we should do likewise.

Miss Longsdon said she still wondered about the Autumn meeting and whether we should change the format of it and there would be an opportunity to discuss this later in the meeting.

Finally she thanked Mrs Robinson and Mrs Dodd and everyone else who had helped prepare the teas. 5 Secretary’s Report Mrs Parkin reported that our new passport pages had finally been given a sort of approval by Defra last month – they wouldn’t conclusively say they were OK as if they had missed spotting an error, they didn’t want to be held responsible.

The office had started issuing passports again and had now cleared the backlog with 306 foals registered so far this year in total.

Special thanks to Penny Eminson, 12 who was present at the meeting, for dealing with all the printing so efficiently.

Clearing the backlog wasn’t helped with the usual problem of foals entered for the Sale and registration applications still not received in the office.

Also as usual, most of the Sale entries arrived at the mart on the last possible day, and some the day after, making producing the draft catalogue a very intensive process.

There had been 125 ponies in the catalogue – not so many as last year but up on the years prior to that. 115 were forward on the day of which 76 were foals, and 65 foals and 24 older ponies were actually sold.

The foal prices ranged from 90 to 670 guineas with the average being 249.

Older ponies ranged from 160 to 1,050 guineas, the average was 496.

The overall average price was 316 guineas, falling again from last year’s reduction.

Most buyers transferred their ponies on the day and we acquired several new members for the Society.

Merchandise sales went well, taking £1,260, slightly less than last year but still very good.

She thanked Mrs Wilkinson for helping her with the mountain of paperwork and also thanked the ladies who ran the stand.

Having resolved the passport issue, which had taken up so much time in the summer, Defra then had another little surprise in store for us.

We had had to complete a Data Protection survey earlier in the year, something that was sent out to all Government departments, requiring us to specify how we store our paper records and computer held data.

This was presumably initiated because of the cases reported in the media where data had been lost by Government departments through laptops being lost or stolen and unencrypted data being lost in the post.

We had complied pretty well with most of the requirements except that of total encryption of our IT systems.

There was no indication that full compliance would be required by a particular date and our software provider encrypted the backups that we store to make us more secure.

However, last week we had received a formal warning saying that unless we were fully compliant by 27 November, they would withdraw our status as a passport issuing organisation.

This affected all users of the Grassroots system and probably many more organisations as well, so we were working with Grassroots to find a solution to the problem.

On the Finance side, income from foal registrations and transfers showed no sign of a reduction as yet; we had over seven thousand pounds in the current accounts, £34,400 in the deposit account, and £9,400 in the Trust Fund.

The end of the financial year was only a week away, so it would be time to get the books ready for the accountants.

Some members were already in front of her and had paid their subscriptions for 2010 at the Sale yesterday.

Miss Longsdon said thanks were due to Mrs Parkin and Mrs Wilkinson for all the work they do – she had noticed in the previous minutes that they had been hoping for a quieter time, and told members that this quieter time never comes – the work in the office is non-stop.

They worked extremely hard and we were extremely grateful to them for the fact that the Society is so well organised. 13 6 Reports from Delegates and Sub-Committees Mrs Robinson reported that they had had ponies grazing in Ennerdale through the summer and that Natural England had been very happy with them – hopefully this could be extended in the future.

She reminded members to get the Performance Points entries back in good time.

She also referred members to the article in the newsletter about the Fell Pony Breeders Association film project and their request for the loan of old pictures, press cuttings, cine film etc and/or for people willing to talk about their past experiences.

The project was going well – Tom Lloyd had been filming at the Sale yesterday, and had also been working in schools in Tebay and Sedbergh – hopefully this would bring Fells into the limelight in the local areas.

There was no report from the Judges Sub-Committee.

Mrs Millard, Overseas Sub-Committee, said they were not handling nearly as much business as they had in the past, which was a compliment to Mrs Parkin and Mrs Wilkinson in the office and to Mr Morrissey, our webmaster, for using all kinds of media to communicate with the membership.

Roy Ottink in the Netherlands was hoping to organise an international Fell pony show in central Germany in 2010 with the help of Mia Aerdts of our Belgian branch.

We had had applications from two groups in Denmark for branch status and Council would consider these at their next meeting.

There were reports from France, Germany and Sweden in the autumn magazine.

A new version of the article ‘About the Fell Pony’ had been posted on the website, shortened so that it was easier to read on-screen, and we would be asking our French and German branches and our Dutch Daughter Society to help us to translate the new version.

Miss Longsdon said that Roy Ottink was hoping that his show would be truly international and that ponies would come from the UK as well, so she encouraged members to consider going on holiday and taking their ponies along to the show, which would be held once every few years rather than annually.

Mrs Hill, Publicity Sub-Committee, said they had had a quiet year.

Barbara Dunne had agreed to take over the organisation of the calendar from next year, and she hoped members would send her lots of photographs.

The photographs for the 2011 calendar were being judged by representatives from the North West support group and the calendar should be available from the AGM next year.

Miss Longsdon warned members that stocks of the 2010 calendar were going down and they should buy today before it was too late.

Mrs Brunskill, Show Sub-Committee, said that the shows had gone well, and organisation for next year’s shows was well in hand.

She had the usual plea for helpers at the end of the day’s showing.

We had been told by Lowther that although the driving trials were going ahead in 2010, the rest of the event would have a new format which would not include provision for a Fell pony show.

Miss Longsdon said a huge thank you was due to the committee who did an enormous amount of work to make our shows so successful. 14 Mrs Walker, North East support group, said they had had a successful show at The Linnels in July with entries for the separate Fell pony classes exceeding their expectations.

The group had purchased a trophy for the champion which was won by Mr Cowings’ Greenholme Vicky.

The ride at Osmotherly had been not so well supported with five riders taking part, so she might need to rethink her original plan of moving the ride around the area, although Mr Charlton was organising a ride on Hadrian’s Wall for 2010 and they would return to Hamsterley in 2011.

These were planned for the first Sunday in October, though could be made earlier if this was not popular.

The annual Sunday lunch would be on 7 February at the Aston Hotel, Darlington – 74 had attended in 2009 and she hoped they would all come back.

In May, Jan Grant and Sarah Charlton were planning a Pony Club weekend at the Linnels – details would be posted on the website.

Miss Longsdon said that she heard the North West groups was going well but couldn’t persuade any of the members present to talk about it.

Roger Muttitt, South East, said they had had a year off due to a perceived lack of enthusiasm, so they were going to take a different approach for 2010 and organise the events and hope that people would turn up.

They had now established a core of people who were interested in taking part and hoped to have a social event in late February/early March where they could discuss ideas for future events.

In June they hoped to add some Fell classes to a show run by the SE Dales group, and Charmian Ross-Thomson was looking for a new venue for her pleasure ride.

They hoped that 2010 would be a better year.

Miss Longsdon reported that the South West group had their usual show at Dunster Country Fair – she and Miss Glass had taken the stand but the weather had been so bad they hadn’t even tried to put the tent up, and had just sold a few things out of the back of the car.

Judy Hill reported that Midlands East had been quite busy – very busy in North Leicestershire and Nottingham, but they were trying to stir up more interest from members in the Essex area.

The Sandringham show was going from strength to strength and was now run by a committee of six, with classes for Dales as well as Fells.

The Spring show in March had gone well.

There was some wonderful riding available in the area including coastal sea treks in Norfolk. 7 Members’ Suggestions Mrs Newall expressed concern that she had heard that some people in the North East had had problems contacting the group.

Miss Longsdon assured here that if they contacted Mrs Walker, whose details were in the magazine and on the website, they would be sure to get involved in everything that was organised.

Mrs Hill wondered if, following on form the success of the Learning with Fells scheme, we should organise a Youth Committee or Council, which needn’t meet in person but could communicate online and make suggestions to Council as to what could be done for the youth of the Society.

Miss Williamson thought they could communicate via the office in the same way as other members and Mrs Hodgson suggested that perhaps something could be written in the Spring 15 magazine encouraging young members to contact Council members if there were issues they wished to raise.

Any Other Business Miss Longsdon announced that the Lownthwaite Rob Trophy, for the pony that publicises the breed by being out and about doing things other than showing, was to be awarded to Southolme Blossom, owned by Sarah Norris, and she could not think of a better example.

This was the pony that had completed 100 miles in less than 24 hours.

Miss Longsdon had just attended the NPS Judges conference, where she had been given ten minutes to talk about the history of the breed, the conformation of the breed, the way it went, and how the old ideas related to the modern pony.

This could easily have taken a couple of days, but she had told them about Southolme Blossom and Vyv Wood-Gee’s ponies that had travelled from John O’Groats to Lands End and said that the ponies were bred hundreds of years ago to do just this and were still doing it today, and you couldn’t have a better advert than that.

She presented the trophy to Sarah Norris, who said that she was absolutely honoured to accept it on behalf of her pony, who had done some amazing things – thinking about her covering 100 miles in 16 hours still brought tears to her eyes.

The pony had travelled all over Britain representing Scotland, and most importantly the breed, and had attracted a huge amount of interest and support.

She was a pony that could turn her hoof to anything.

Miss Longsdon returned to the idea of changing the format of the autumn meeting – members agreed that it was good to have a get together at this time of year, particularly for those who were already travelling to the area for the Sale.

It was suggested that something more informal might be appropriate, including a lunch.

After some discussion, members voted to keep the meeting in its present format.

Mr Howe raised the issue of the low prices at the Sale and asked members to consider who would be able to afford to breed Fell ponies in future years.

There was a long discussion about the increased costs of breeding and the effects of recession and increased legislation, and whether the Society should be giving more financial support to breeders, particularly to those few who still had ponies on the hill.

It was noted that it was cheaper to buy a foal at the Sale rather than covering a mare and breeding a foal and the question of whether we were breeding beyond our market was asked.

Miss Longsdon agreed to raise the issues in Council.

Mrs Millard reminded members that she was keen to receive more articles for the magazine.

We needed to publicise what Fells could do, and suitable articles should also be forwarded to our Press Officer, Ian Smith.

Mrs Morton expressed thanks to all those who helped the Society and were patient with those who complained.

Miss Longsdon thanked Council as well – they did try hard to address all these matters but it was not straightforward.

She added her thanks to all those who helped and declared the meeting closed and time for tea. 16 Extraordinary General Meeting 19 January 2010 Extraordinary General Meeting of the Fell Pony Society Held at Orton Market Hall, Cumbria, 19th January 2009 at 2.30 pm Miss Longsdon welcomed Professor Stuart Carter and Laura Fox-Clipsham (Liverpool University), and Dr June Swinburn (Animal Health Trust) who had come to speak to members on the history and new developments in research into Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIS).

FIS has been renamed because it affects not only Fell ponies but also Dales ponies and possibly other breeds.

Background Dr Carter outlined the research into the disease over the past decade and a half.

FIS causes foals to become anaemic and suffer opportunistic infections because of a compromised immune system.

Any foal born with FIS will appear healthy at first, but fall sick between 3 and 12 weeks of age, as the defensive antibodies provided by its mother’s milk begin to decline.

Illnesses such as respiratory infections, joint infections and diarrhoea will recur, despite constant treatment, until it dies.

FIS is an autosomal recessive genetic disease probably stemming from one individual with a mutated section of gene 26.

This kind of disease, not linked to the sex of the foal and not expressed in any outward form, can spread undetected through many generations of a population without causing a problem.

It is likely to have spread during two genetic “bottlenecks” in the 1950s and 1960s when, through the Enclosure system, the breed used relatively few stallions each year.

Inheritance of the disease Laura Fox-Clipsham explained that a foal receives half its genetic makeup from its mother and half from its father.

A healthy foal will be born if it receives at least one copy of the dominant gene that produces immunity to FIS.

Its second copy of the gene can be either another dominant (healthy) gene or a recessive (faulty) gene.

The risk of foal death occurs when two carriers of the mutated gene are bred together – ponies that both carry the recessive as well as dominant genes.

There is a 25% chance of producing a foal that does not receive any copy of the mutated gene (homozygous clear); and a 50% chance of receiving one copy of the mutated gene (heterozygous carrier).

Finally it has a 25% chance of receiving two copies of the gene (homozygous carrier), and such a foal will die.

The condition is a major consideration for all Fell breeders.

Best choices Although even a carrier to carrier mating has a 75% chance of producing a healthy foal, the best choices are a carrier to clear mating or a clear to clear, 17 which will both have a 100% chance of survival.

Most importantly, by defining the status of the clear ponies, about which we could previously only make a good guess, we can now make informed choices about breeding.

We should be able to avoid ever breeding another Syndrome foal.

Having also tested samples from Fells which were not involved in the Syndrome research, the researchers estimate that at least 60% of ponies in the breed are likely to be free of the defective gene.

Testing Dr.

Swinburne said that the new DNA test to identify genetic status with reference to the Syndrome will be available at the Animal Health Trust from 1 February 2010.

The DNA test distinguishes the three categories of genetic status: homozygous clear, heterozygous carrier and homozygous carrier – a Syndrome foal.

Dr Swinburne said that the test is done, as for a DNA sample, using hair from either the mane or tail, which must be pulled, not cut, as the root of the hair is needed to obtain the DNA.

DNA samples already archived with the AHT, for instance from stallion licensing applications, can also be used to determine status.

Sample bags can be obtained from the Animal Health Trust; it remains to be decided (at the date of the EGM) whether this should be through the FPS office or through a vet.

Any age of pony can be tested.

Turnaround time and costs The sample is sent to the AHT and for adult ponies the results will be guaranteed to return within 30 days, but probably much sooner.

The owner will receive a certificate of the animal’s status.

In the case of sick foals, the samples will be fast-tracked and turnaround is expected to be 3 days.

The cost of the test, on a non profit basis, is £40 per sample which does not include the vet fee.

While this may be a concern, Dr Carter pointed out that the test only has to be done once in an animal’s lifetime and thereafter the breeder has the information which, for adult ponies, can prevent the birth of a Syndrome foal.

Mr Wilkinson said that the immediate cost was of less importance than ensuring the future health of the breed.

The members present were asked for their feelings on whether it should be a vet or the owner who should obtain the sample and a large majority thought that a vet should do this as it would guarantee the probity of the sample and its link to the individual animal.

Miss Longsdon remarked that this would also prevent fraudulent use of the hair! Questions Several important questions were discussed, with regard to future policy on testing.

Dr Carter said it was important that the Society published a clear policy on testing.

There was a long discussion of potential implications, the administrative and financial impact on breeders and the possible inadvertent creation of a “devalued” class of carrier ponies.

Opinions varied from a request 18 for the Society to formulate policy before releasing the test, to a strong feeling that since breeders had been dealing with the Syndrome with reasonable success for some time without the help of the test, they should be allowed to decide individually how and when they wished to use it, or to publicise the results.

Examples of some questions on which future FPS policy might be based were: should the test be voluntary, or mandatory? Should owners request the test via the FPS office, or via their own vet; who should obtain the sample; and who should own the results? Should results be kept private, or made public? Should the results be recorded in the Stud Book or only on the pony’s passport? Miss Longsdon asked for a show of hands on some of these topics but emphasized that she was only requesting an indication of members’ general feelings and not a vote.

Members will be asked to vote formally on policy issues. (Editor’s note: Council will decide whether this should be by postal or other ballot.

If it is postal, a voting form will be included with this Magazine.) Paul May, BVMS, MRCVS, who first drew attention to the Syndrome in 1993, emphasized that one of the first requirements for the carrier test will be to distinguish “ordinary” sick foals from Syndrome foals this year and permit owners to euthanize Syndrome foals before their declining health causes them to suffer.

It will then enable breeders to prevent the birth of such foals by identifying the status of the proposed sire and dam.

The Future The team said that the ultimate aim for the future would be the elimination of the FIS gene from the Fell pony breeding population.

This would require the GRADUAL withdrawal of all carrier ponies from breeding.

Dr Carter’s hope was to breed no more affected foals.

Breeders were more cautious.

They would not entirely reject carrier-to-carrier matings because these may still give not only live foals but also clear, non-FIS foals—and such foals will carry on good quality lines as well as being FIS-free.

Dr Swinburne agreed with breeders that realistically, preventing the breeding of carriers may in fact be undesirable, particularly if high quality animals may prove to be carriers.

The defect is only one aspect of a carrier’s genetic make-up and the desirable characteristics carried may outweigh this fault.

One advantage which the new carrier test provides is that carriers CAN now be confidently used in breeding programmes with no fear of producing an affected foal.

Extreme responses such as gelding carrier stallions or excluding mares from breeding would create a rapid reduction in eligible breeding stock, and would in fact replicate the genetic bottleneck that is theorised to have originally spread the FIS gene—thus possibly starting another recessive problem in future generations.

In the long term, the aim for the breed should be to reduce the frequency of carrier-to-carrier and carrier-to-normal matings, to bring FIS down to near zero levels, whilst maintaining desirable genes.

The research has been made possible thanks to funding from The Horse Trust and the support of the Fell Pony Society and the Dales Pony Society who have supplied DNA samples. 19 STOP PRESS – Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome Testing Following the FPS Council Meeting on 2nd February 2010 ALL TESTING IS VOLUNTARY The test results remain the property of the owner of the pony and it is solely the owner’s decision whether to publish them or not.

Where test results are returned via the FPS Office, they will be passed on in a sealed envelope to the owner.

TEST KITS Hair sample bags can be requested via your veterinary surgeon or via the FPS office.

A vet must obtain the sample from your pony and complete the label on the sample bag.

The Animal Health Trust (Newmarket) charge a flat, no-profit £40 per test.

Postage and vet charges over and above this will vary according to location and practice.

SICK FOALS To encourage testing of sick foals on welfare grounds, the FPS will subsidise the cost of the test kit (£40) if the sick foal is then diagnosed with the Syndrome.

The breeder of the foal must be an FPS member to qualify for the subsidy.

LICENSING OF STALLIONS To encourage testing of stallions when they are first presented to a vet for licensing, the FPS will subsidise the cost of the FIS test kit (£40).

The hair taken for DNA profiling can be divided into two samples which are sent separately to the AHT for DNA profiling and for FIS testing.

The owner of the stallion must be an FPS member to qualify for the subsidy.

SAMPLING AT SHOWS Ponies who are entered for classes at the Stallion Show and the Annual Breed Show, and POSSIBLY at others where a vet is in attendance, may have hair samples taken for FIS testing on the day of the Show.

Information about this will be available in show schedules.

ANNUAL REVIEW The FPS Council will review the Society’s position with regard to Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome on an annual basis.

Members may raise issues at any time during the year.

Council will review current subsidies, regulations and policies at the November meeting, so that information can be passed on to members in the Spring Magazine.

INFORMATION Information with regard to Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome will be updated via the Society’s Magazine and website, http://www.fellponysociety.org/ 20 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY 2010 Membership Fees Membership Type Full Associate Junior Family UK Fee £25 £15 £15 £50 Overseas Fee £30 £20 £20 £60 The range of membership types has been extended to mirror the UK types, with an additional charge to cover the cost of Overseas postage.

An Associate member is unlikely to own a pony and therefore will not wish to take advantage of the pony related privileges of membership.

Family membership may be applied for by married or co-habiting couples and their children under the age of 18 years, all residing at the same address.

The two adult members enjoy the rights and privileges of full membership, and the children the rights and privileges of junior membership.

Full details are in Section 2 of the Articles of Association. 21 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Council Elections 2010 The following retire and are eligible for re-election: Mr R B Charlton, Mrs G M Cockbain, Mrs J A Hill and Mrs C S Millard.

Mr Charlton and Mrs Hill have indicated that they do not wish to stand again.

There are therefore two vacancies on Council. 4 new candidates have been proposed.

The candidates’ election addresses are below.

Numbers in brackets indicate the number of regular meetings which have not been attended by serving Council members over five years (30 meetings). NEW CANDIDATES SEEKING ELECTION MRS S CHARLTON—prefix ‘LINNEL’ (proposed by Mr W S Potter, seconded by Miss M G Longsdon MBE) Ponies have always been part of my life, and during the last 30 years, particularly Fell Ponies.

After I married Bob we took over The Linnels Stud, which at the time had diminished to one stallion and one mare; we have since slowly re-built it.

I ride twice a day, I show, hunt, do dressage and pleasure rides, but best of all I enjoy my early morning rides with the dogs and a friend.

I run the FPS Performance Trials, Hexham Native Horse and Pony Show, and I am very involved in the running of British Eventing’s Hexham One Day Event which we host at The Linnels.

Previously I have been on the committees of our local Pony Club and RDA Group.

I am on the FPS Show Committee and the North East Area Support Group Committee.

I am interested in all equine disciplines and believe we can all learn a great deal from other Societies and equine spheres.

I believe in encouraging and championing the next generation of Fell Pony Enthusiasts, who in their time will inherit this heritage.

I also feel it is very important that the Council ensures that the right advice and careful direction is given to our breeders to work to eradicate the Foal Syndrome, without damaging our small gene pool whilst aiming to protect and preserve semiferal herds and the breeding of ponies that are ‘true to type’ to guarantee the continued growth of the breed.

If elected, I realise it will be a steep learning curve, but with me I will bring my husband’s many years experience which I will 22 draw on as well as my own, and a great enthusiasm to protect the heritage of ‘our Fell Ponies’.

If elected to Council I look forward to making many more friends and working alongside you for the betterment of the Fell Pony Society.

MR MICHAEL RAWLINSON – prefix ‘THORNBECK’ (proposed by Mrs G M Cockbain, seconded by Mr A Thorpe) From being a small child I have grown up with horses, showing and breeding began in my teens with my Dad with Shire Horses.

I bought my first Fell pony approximately 26 years ago and it has continued from there.

I keep a stallion and brood mares to breed ponies true to type that will excel in any sphere, either shown, ridden, driven or family pet.

I also keep geldings mainly for ridden and driven purposes.

I have shown for many years: in hand, under saddle and driven; also in fun classes and fancy dress.

Approximately seven years ago I started doing endurance rides and two day driving trials both for enjoyment and to promote the Fell pony in other competitions.

I was very honoured to be accepted on to the Society judging panel 2 years ago.

After having had over 25 years of pleasure and fun with Fell ponies, I feel I would like to and could give a lot back to the Fell Pony and the Society, and therefore I would like to stand as an active Council member, to help maintain traditional breed standards, to encourage new members and to continue to promote the Fell pony in all aspects as the all round family pony that it is, suitable for any generation.

MISS CLAIRE SIMPSON – prefix ‘FARLETON’ (proposed by Mr P Metcalfe, seconded by Mrs B Metcalfe) I would like to propose Claire Simpson for election to the Council.

I have known Claire for many years.

In my opinion, she would be an asset to the Council for a number of reasons.

Claire is a very successful driver of Fell ponies, and has studied breed type for a number of years.

She is always willing to give help and advice to novice drivers and riders.

If elected, I believe Claire will bring some new ideas to the Society.

Paul Metcalfe 23 MR CHRIS THOMPSON—prefix ‘DRYBARROWS’ (proposed by Mr G Guy, seconded by Mr W S Potter) Chris Thompson has kept Fell ponies for close on fifty years.

He has one of the few herds which run on the open fells and has been a show judge for many years, judging both Fell and Dales ponies.

I feel he would be an asset to the Society with such a long history of breeding ponies.

W S Potter MEMBERS STANDING FOR RE-ELECTION MRS GLENIS COCKBAIN—Prefix ‘CARROCK’ (3) I have been involved with Fell Ponies all my life, first showing and breeding ponies with my late father Eddie Wilson and now with my sons John and James under the “Carrock” prefix.

I have served on council for several years and help run the Fell Pony 200 club with Katherine Wilkinson.

I am also on the trainee judging panel, something I enjoy and think is important for the Society as encouraging youngsters and new members is vital to the future.

If re elected to council I will continue to do as much as possible to promote Fell Ponies and the interests of members new and old.

MRS SUSAN MILLARD (5) I have worked with or owned Fell ponies since 1972 and own two ride-and-drive ponies.

I have not yet used my prefix ‘Daw Bank’, because my mare is such fun to drive.

I have served one term on Council, which has been a pleasure and a challenge and has gone by incredibly fast.

I chair the Overseas Sub-Committee which works to support owners and enthusiasts of the Fell pony abroad.

I also edit this Magazine, which although hard work is great fun; now I am self-employed again, I have more time to fit it in.

I am a web manager, and run two web forums of interest to Fell pony owners as well as managing the Fell Pony Museum’s web site.

I see the coming few years as important for the breed because we now have the tools to identify and eventually reduce the number of carriers of the Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome—ideally without incurring crippling expense for our native heath breeders.

We also have to resist any notion of a Horse Tax.

If re-elected I will continue to offer my technical skills to serve the ponies, owners, breeders and supporters to the best of my ability. 24 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Sub-Committees Conservation Sub-Committee Chairman: Mrs CH Robinson, 6 Crossgates, Lamplugh, Workington, Cumbria CA144TU.

Telephone: 01946 862439.

Miss GM Callister, Mr RB Charlton, Mrs M Dodd, Mr WS Potter, Mr A Thorpe.

Judges Sub-Committee Chairman: Mr P Boustead, 33 Meadowside, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 3AQ.

Telephone: 01524 383665.

Secretary, Mrs E Jones, Mill Cottage, Sparket Mill, Hutton John, Penrith CA11 0LZ Mr TB Capstick, Mrs GM Cockbain, Mr TH Harrison,, Mr P Metcalfe, Mr AW Morland, Mr WS Potter.

Overseas Sub-Committee Chairman: Mrs Sue Millard, Daw Bank, Greenholme, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3TA.

Telephone: 01539 624636.

Mrs GM Callister, Mr TB Capstick, Mrs JA Hill, Mr GHB Mallinson, Mrs MC Murray, Mrs CH Robinson.

Publicity, Promotions and Projects Sub-Committee Chairman: Mrs JA Hill, The Bothy, Hall Lane, Bitteswell, Lutterworth, Leics.


Telephone: 01455 552534.

Mr RB Charlton, Miss Jane Glass, Mr GHB Mallinson, Mrs P Norris, Mr I Smith, Mr B Stamp.

Show Sub-Committee Chairman: Mrs S Charlton, Linnel Wood, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 1UB.

Tel: 01434 673262, email: bob.charlton@ukonline.co.uk, Fax: 01434 673852 Mr P Boustead, Mrs S Brunskill, Mrs M Dodd, Mr J Greener, Mrs MC Murray, Mrs CH Robinson. 25 FPS NW Area Foal Show The weather held fine for this year’s FPS North West Area’s Foal Show, held on 21 November at the Inglewood Equestrian Centre.

Rain started to fall just after the final Championship rosettes had been handed out.

How lucky we were, as we were forecast bad weather! Our Judge, Jeff Hunter from Tebay, said his winner Greenholme Dora was a top contender right from the word Go.

In both classes the top two ponies were very good but the filly class was much stronger than the colt class.

The Champion had good all round quality, with good legs and a sweet pony-like head; she was shown by John Potter of Tebay for the foal’s owner, his daughter, Rebecca Jade Potter.

Dora is out of Greenholme Nancy by Greenholme Look at Me. GREENHOLME DORA, Owned & Bred by Rebecca Jade Potter, Tebay A new Trophy was kindly donated by Mr and Mrs David Howe of Dufton for the best Hill Bred Foal.

Dora took this home along with the Champion Foal cup and best Filly Foal cup.

The judge commented that on the whole all the foals were well behaved and had obviously had a lot of work put into them prior to the show.

He took his hat 26 off to them as with all the poor weather that we have been having that would have been a hard task at home.

The judge also commended the Foal Show as being a good end of season event for all Fell Pony Breeders and enthusiasts to gather and meet.

There was a very good number of spectators at the Show, just the same as last year’s first Foal Show.

The show sponsors were Leanne Huschka of Northern Pet Supplies, herself a keen Fell Pony Enthusiast, and Colin Roberts of the Bybeck Stud, Tebay.

The FPS North West Area thank them and all their trophy donors for making the show what it was.

The next show will be held on the same date at the same venue next year.

Further information can be obtained from Ellen Jones 017684-83511 or 07787570736, www.sparketmillcottage.co.uk RESULTS FILLY FOAL CLASS 1ST, GREENHOLME DORA, Owned & Bred by Rebecca Jade Potter, Tebay, SHOW CHAMPION 2ND, DALEWIN MAISIE, Owned & Bred by Edwin Winder, Ravenstonedale, RESERVE CHAMP 3RD, BYBECK KIRSTY, Owned & Bred by Colin Roberts, Tebay, 4TH, DALEFOOT FERN, Owned & Bred by Barbara Potter, Tebay, 5TH, DALEWIN MAGIC, Owned & Bred by Edwin Winder, Ravenstonedale 6TH MURTHWAITE HILL SONG II, Owned by Thomas Capstick, Ravenstonedale COLT FOAL CLASS 1ST, DALEWIN MC FLY, Owned & Bred by Edwin Winder, Ravenstonedale, 2ND, BRACKLINN JACK DANIELS, Owned by Ms C Hald, Denmark, Bred by Mr A.

Smith, Perthshire 3RD, GREENHOLME DIEGO, Owned & Bred by Rebecca Jade Potter, Tebay 4TH, MURTHWAITE PRIME SUSPECT, Owned & Bred by Thomas Capstick, Ravenstonedale 5TH, WAVERHEAD GUARDSMAN, Owned & Bred by Miss Barbara Bell, Wigton 6TH, HIGHSTELL ALPHA, Owned & Bred by Mr T DALEWIN MC FLY, Owned & Bred by Edwin Winder Spence, Richmond. 27 Training Day at Littletree Stud, Great Asby More people than expected attended a super Training Day hosted by the Woolley Family at their Littletree Fell Pony Stud, at Great Asby, on Saturday 5th December.

The Day was organised by the FPS North West Area and DPS Cumbria Area, run by Ellen Jones and Hilary Jones of Penrith and South Stainmore.

The Training Day was the idea of Emma Woolley and her fiancée Brian Williams who are both experienced producers and trainers of Fell and Dales ponies.

The day started at 10am with Emma and Brian demonstrating all stages of the breaking process starting with lunging and long reining and then backing a 3 year old fell pony. Emma at the head of Murthwaite Mr Right in the backing demonstration.

Emma talked through particular problems you may come across with Fell ponies.

Emma finished off the morning with a demonstration on her striking mare, Stennerskeugh Frances who has qualified for Olympia this year for a second time.

Frances showed the audience more advanced lateral work such as shoulder in and half pass in addition to some lovely collected work in all paces.

This was a good end to the morning as it showed the training process from start to finish. 28 The afternoon was given over to demonstration lessons.

There were six participants all on different Fell or Dales ponies of a different standard.

The first pony was a newly backed 3yo Dales gelding and the emphasis was on the pony moving forward in a free responsive manner.

Ponies with “issues” were then taken on. Emma working with Alison Morton on Lownthwaite Honnington aka Zorro. “Unfortunately due to the weather we haven’t been able to work on the things Emma told us to,” said Alison, “but I really enjoyed the day and found it very useful.

I will definitely be putting her tips into practice once the snow melts!” There was a pony who was really quite lazy, and needed to learn to be more instantly responsive; and there was a pony who found it very difficult to obtain the correct canter strike off which makes for a badly balanced ride.

The last pony was well established in Dressage, so their Demonstration lesson was about furthering balance and cadence.

The Day was such a success that a further clinic is planned in March and details can be obtained from the DPS or FPS offices, or Ellen 01768483511, or Hilary 01768341417.

The Day continued into the evening where Members enjoyed a Christmas Dinner at Appleby Manor Hotel.

Ellen Jones 29 FPS Annual Show and Sale Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart conducted the annual show and sale of registered native breed ponies within the mart.

A much increased entry comprised 125 Fells, 8 Welsh, 11 Dales, 4 Exmoor and 2 Shetland.


Paul Metcalfe acted as the judge for the Fells and the championship was won by Thornbeck Leo while reserve honours went to Rackwood Duke.

Fell mares and fillies: 980gns Heltondale Magic XII; 900gns Kerbeck Night Spirit; 560gns Wansfell Violet; 510gns Wansfell Wanderer.

Fell stallions and geldings: 1,050gns Bybeck Evolution, 860gns Wellbrow Drifter; 580gns Lunesdale Black Ice II; 570gns Wellbrow Major; 560gns Lathomdale Roamer.

Fell filly foals: 670gns Mayden’s Pauline’s Surprise; 610gns Murthwaite Aunt Polly; 500gns Wellbrow Caprice; 480gns Thornbeck Sparkle, 440gns Wellbrow Candy; 410gns Lownthwaite Orient Express; 400gns Wellbrow Celia; 400gns Murthwaite Trick; 400gns Greenholme Daisy 2nd; 360gns Mayden Surprise.

Fell colt foals: 550gns Drummersdale Black Diamond; 500gns Rackwood Duke; 450gns Greenholme Danny Boy 2nd; 410gns Wellbrow Cash.

SHOW RESULTS Class 1 Colt or Filly foal 1st Thornbeck Leo – Mr J M Rawlinson 2nd Rackwood Duke – Mrs E A Walker 3rd Lownthwaite Victor – Miss L P Awde 4th Ralfland Skylark – Mrs J E Wood 5th Greenholme Danny Boy II – Greenholme Stud 6th Summerhouse Don – Mr P Boustead Class 2 Registered Pony – any age 1st Rackwood Samone – Mrs E A Walker 2nd Rundales Ned – Mr R D Howe 3rd Heltondale Magic XII – Mr M J Woods 4th Wellbrow Major – Mr J M Rawlinson 5th Lathomdale Roamer – Mr M J Woods 6th Dalehead Karl – Mrs C A Morland Class 3 Registered Pony – shown under saddle 1st Kerbeck Night Spirit – Mr C A Mallinson Champion: Thornbeck Leo – Mr J M Rawlinson Reserve: Rackwood Duke – Mrs E A Walker Murthwaite Aunt Polly sold for 610gns — www.littletreestud.com Breeding and Training Top Class Ridden Fell Ponies.

We offer breaking and schooling services from the beginning to the competition pony.

We have experience in breaking Fell Ponies as well as other native ponies and competition horses.

We are based in the Village of Great Asby, Cumbria and possess not only top class facilities but also around the clock supervision of your pony during its stay.

We will also be standing the following stallions at stud for the 2010 season. Murthwaite Mr Right (s.

Murthwaite Look at Me) Littletree Limited Edition (s.

Littletree Bodini) 31 Learning with Fells Within the 2009 ‘Learning with Fells’ education scheme we participated in many tasks that must be done to sustain a semi-feral herd.

From these events organised by the society we learnt many lessons and met many new people.

Some of the lessons we learnt were the ways of filling out paperwork for p a s s p o r t s a n d microchipping (with Thomas Capstick), the methods of training a foal Showing how vast the Howgill Fells really are.

To the halter (with Barbara (Group photo in centre pages).

Photo, Kerrie Price.

Bell), the importance of bonding within a mare hierarchy before a stallion is introduced (with Bill Potter) and the amount of work/people it takes to gather a herd from the fell land (with Colin Roberts).

One of the main things that struck me was the extreme environment that these ponies live in.

This was evident when it became difficult sometimes for even a quad bike to manage the terrain.

But the one thing that I enjoyed hearing about the most was everybody’s different idealisms in the Fell pony.

It became apparent that everyone has a clear idea within their head of what a Fell pony should look like.

This was highlighted by an argument on feather: some people liked to see plenty that covered the hooves whereas others liked to see less but what was there had to be silky.

It seems that although everyone is breeding the same breed they are all aiming for different things.

This is to suit their own needs, the showring and in some cases the market.

I think this education scheme as a whole has been a great benefit to me and although I do not have access to a fell myself I believe that the lessons I have learnt from these established breeders can be applied to my ponies and their living conditions.

I think that scheme is a great benefit to all young people with a genuine interest in the breed therefore I encourage more people to enjoy it if it is to be run again.

Have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and must thank everyone who has helped to organise it.

If it is possible in the future, I would be more than happy to take part again in this or anything similar …and another point that I must make is that Cumbrian hospitality is second to none ! Kerrie Price, Highstell Fell ponies 32 Learning with Fells I would like to say a big thank you to all who helped this project happen council members and pony breeders for having the enthusiasm, giving their time to help us learn and meeting some Fell pony Legends – the studs Murthwaite, Waverhead, Greenholme and Bybeck.

Our first visit was to Murthwaite, near Kirkby Stephen with Mr.

Thomas Capstick.

A 245 mile journey from home (so Dad came with me!) The late May morning dawned bright and clear, the sun came out and most of us got a little burnt, it was that unusually warm.

Thomas was very welcoming and we soon got stuck in, bringing foals into the farmyard with their dams from the nearby fields.

Once penned, we separated the foals and dams a pair at a time to microchip, earmark, fill identification forms and worm.

This was also an opportunity to check the mares’ well being.

Time flew by.

Soon it was picnic time, we sat on the grass and enjoyed the scenery.

After lunch we jumped on the quads for a trip up onto the fells.

We drove up to see a magnificent waterfall.

I was riding on the back of Colin Roberts quad, he really looked after me.

Some of the gradients were so steep it was quite frightening but very exciting.

I have never seen the real ‘fells’ before, I now understand why our ponies are so sure footed.

We returned to Murthwaite to see a visiting mare covered by Thomas’s stallion Murthwaite Look at Me.

He had the stallion in hand and talked us through the procedure.

Unfortunately I missed the Waverhead visit with Barbara Bell due to a very sick pony at home.

Greenholme Stud near Shap with Mr.

Bill Potter was our next visit.

Again because of the long distance we travelled up the night before.

The welcome was warm, we were made to feel at home with tea, sandwiches and friendly chat before starting off to the fields to view some ponies.

Bill Potter was very informative, giving us lots of information on the ponies we saw, and pointers as to what he looks for in a pony.

There were some great anecdotes – how the pony ‘Fingers’ got her name, to mention just one! We saw Greenholme Look at Me running with his mares.

We walked on down the fields over the stream on to see Greenholme Warrior with his herd.

Bill explained each stallion’s particular temperament, likes and dislikes.

Both herds were friendly and inquisitive.

The youngest foal was just two weeks old.

Throughout the visit Bill was answering our questions, pointing out various ponies and telling their stories.

Bill had selected two mares with their foals to be bought in the following Friday for washing ready for the Breed Show.

This would be the first time the foals had come in, as they are all foaled outside. 33 Usually the mares come down off the fells to foal in the fields close to the farm and return to the fells later.

Greenholme foal around 17 – 20 mares each year.

After a fabulous lunch with more tea and chat, we mounted the quads (the best way to traverse the fells) in the yard and set off onto the fells to find some Greenholme ponies, we looked high and low but could we find the herd? Not one pony was to be seen, but it was a wonderful experience travelling in convoy across such a dramatic landscape.

We then went on to Bybeck – Colin Roberts’ stud.

There was a herd of mares, foals and a stallion out in the farm field.

The job was to separate the stallion and mares without foal at foot.

With Colin’s gated barn this was done swiftly and professionally.

The stallion was taken to his stable, the mares to go back onto the fells were ready to be transported and the remaining mares with foals at foot were separated ready to go back into the farm field.

The temporary confinement allowed us to closely examine the mares and their foals.

The individual mares were pointed out by Colin, their breeding and personality explained.

The insight I have gained into the breeding of Fell ponies by visiting these studs and talking to the breeders is something that could not be obtained from books, or the internet or any other source.

The knowledge that is willingly given is invaluable and being able to listen and learn has been a truly unique experience.

I found this year’s project very useful, and it would be lovely if perhaps more studs (maybe some down south) took part to be able to compare the differences, or similarities, between traditional Fell bred ponies and those out of their ancestral environment.

Christina Brooks, Oxfordshire. Thomas Capstick’s ponies on the Sedbergh side of the Howgills.

Photo, Courtney Savage 34 Learning with Fells Throughout the year I have taken part in learning with Fells, where we have been given the opportunity to learn from the various breeders, Tommy Capstick, Colin Roberts, Barbara Bell and Bill Potter.

First of all we went to Tommy Capstick’s (Murthwaite Stud).

We had a brilliant day, by first of all looking at one of his stallions Murthwaite Look At Me.

Tommy showed us how to serve a mare in hand (which was an experience!).

We then went on to look around all his mares and foals.

He showed us how to fill out a passport for foals which was very useful.

We also got to see the foals up close at a young age.

It was good to see a lot of foals together to see the difference in quality of foals and how well they’ve done off their mothers.

To finish off the day Tommy took us up the fell on the Quads.

This was great as we got to see the rest of his ponies running out on the fell, I saw that the condition of the ponies is much different than the ponies on low ground, they are very fit and they seem to have a lot more awareness on the fell as they have to survive themselves and they are quite independent.

The ponies are also a lot more sure footed as they travel over rough and steep ground.

I had a great day learning about the ponies and listening to Tommy talking about his ponies.

Thanks for a wonderful day Tommy and for showing me all his ponies.

In October we visited the Bybeck stud at Tebay.

Colin took us the fell first and we gathered the ponies in on the Quads.

We had to separate the mares from the foals.

The mares and foals had to run approximately 25K to get home, they were very fit.

It was a great experience seeing the ponies run down off the fell.

We then separated the mares from the foals, took the mares back to the hill and took the foals back home.

After we had finished we went back to Colin’s where Heather Roberts had made us a lovely dinner, when we had time to talk about the ponies.

Again it was another great day where I learnt a lot about the ponies.

Especially the condition of the ponies up on the fells and ponies down on low ground like mine are.

The ponies carry a lot less weight; they seem to have more hair up on high ground because of the conditions and the dryer ground.

Thanks again to Colin and his Family for a great day and showing me some brilliant ponies.

Thanks Colin and Tommy for giving your time and teaching me about your ponies.

I hope to breed some good ponies like yours in the future.

I have also been up to Tommy’s throughout the summer which was great as I got to see the ponies change through the whole year.

My apologies to Barbara Bell and Bill Potter as I was unable to go to their days because I was competing at the Royal and Highland shows.

But I understand they both had great days too.

Thanks again, Courtney Savage 35 Learning with Fells Having come from a very non ‘horsey’ family, (let alone Fell ponies), the Learning with Fells was a fantastic experience, giving me the opportunity to see the ponies in their natural environment; see the types of ponies, talk to the breeders and hopefully learn a small segment of their knowledge.

The stud visits were a rollercoaster.

We began our journey at the very breezy (understatement of the year) Murthwaite Stud, where Thomas Capstick gave us the fantastic opportunity of hands on experience of worming and haltering foals.

He also showed us the diversity of Fells in Heltondale Misty, a numerous show champion who can be compared to a chameleon: a being that is as at home on the fell in her breathtaking natural beauty, as when she is performing at Olympia.

Next stop was Waverhead Stud, on a glorious day in June, where we saw the beginning of life in the new foals, and the complex thought process that goes into breeding.

This was evident in Barbara’s knowledge of every pony in her herd and their individual characteristics.

Greenholme Stud came next.

Where after nearly a non starter (Yes I did get lost!), I had a fantastic day.

Walking around Bill and Isobel’s vast herd, when listening to Bill what became apparent that these ponies which we were seeing were from a lifetime of work and it really showed how much has to be learnt if future generations want to carry on the standard of the breed.

We ended the day with a trip to the Bybeck stud after having no faith in my navigation skills; they provided me with a sat-nav, Isobel, a journey which neither of us will forget.

Last stop was Bybeck Stud.

I never got lost.

Bonus! Things were off to a good start.

The visit was in late October and we had the truly memorable experience of herding their ponies from the fell to lower pastures for winter.

We saw the journeys of the foals, from being taken off their mothers to being put under the watchful eye of Ruby the Clydesdale, who appointed herself chief babysitter.

It is this knowledge that I believe forms the backbone of The Society and hopefully with not only this scheme but ones in the future, this knowledge can be passed on to the future generation, to carry on the breed standard.

I’d just like to thank The Society for organising the visit days to the several studs and I would like to thank the breeders for their infinite generosity and patience (with my bizarre questions).

Once again thank you to every one.

Melissa Brennand 36 Competition Results for 2011 FPS Calendar We asked two members from the NWSG to judge this year.

They will each receive a calendar with our thanks.

Each picture will qualify for a free calendar, and overall winner Gwen Williamson and runner-up Fleur Hallam receive a £10 and £5 FPS Voucher.

Cover picture January February March April Hay June July August September October November December Georgina Blair Gwen Williamson Fleur Hallam Hannah Bottrill Mary Jefferies Diana Slack Gwen Williamson Tim Taylor Debbie Dallaway Katherine Wilkinson Fleur Hallam Katherine Wilkinson Gwen Williamson Buckinghamshire Cumbria France Wiltshire Norfolk Cumbria Cumbria Buckinghamshire Kent Cumbria France Cumbria Cumbria The 2010 Calendars were sold out by early December 2009.

We are printing more for 2011 so keep supporting the Society and buy copies for family and friends.

Available from the AGM, March 27th 2010.

Points to remember for the 2010 competition, ie the 2012 Calendar: 1.

Closing date 23rd October 2010 (Show and Sale weekend). 2.

Send recent, sharp clear pictures which will scan & enlarge in detail. (Some nice subjects have to be left out as they don’t reproduce well at Reed’s Printers.) Landscape, ie wider than high, suits the calendar shape best. 3.

To show the versatility of our ponies, ideally we would like pictures from around the World, showing various work/activities in all weathers.

Foals, grazing herds, and heads can have the ‘wow factor’ but we also need working, riding, driving, and playing ponies too, not forgetting original sketches. 4.

Paper copies are easiest for Judges to look at together.

SAE please if you need them returned.

Also indicate if they are available on disc or if they can be emailed direct to Printers if chosen.

Please do not send pictures already printed and used elsewhere.

Last, but not least; I will be stepping down from my various duties after over 10 years of active service.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed supporting our ponies and meeting 37 many members, but nearing three score years and ten, I feel it’s time to make way for some fresh enthusiastic younger people.

I’d like to introduce and welcome Barbara Dunne who has kindly offered to take over the Calendar duties from now on.

PLEASE SEND PICTURES DIRECT TO HER ADDRESS: Barbara Dunne, West Briscoe, BALDERSDALE, Barnard Castle, Co Durham.

DL12 9UP UK.

Tel 01833 650059.

Thank you.

Judy Hill THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Registration and Other Fees To Register Colt or Gelding – registrations received to 30 November £10 To Register Colt or Gelding – registrations received 1 – 31 December £20 To Register Filly – registrations received to 30 November £15 To Register Filly – registrations received 1 – 31 December £30 Late Registration (does not include cost of parentage test) £50 Duplicate Passport (does not include cost of parentage test) £50 Transfer of Ownership (UK) £10 Transfer of Ownership (Overseasincludes postage charge) £15 Transfer to Gelding FOC Stallion Licence (includes cost of DNA kit) £50 Register a Prefix – UK Rate £40 Register a Prefix – Overseas Rate £60 DNA kit £50 Please note the increase in registration fees for applications received in December. 38 FPS Fell & Native Pony Performance Trials—September 2009 RESULTS—FELL: OVERALL 1 Sunnybrow Mark Sandy Mawson 2 Linnel Rosie II Lucie Charlton 3 Linnel Poppy Lucie Charlton 4 Kerbeck Night Serenade Amy Messenger DRESSAGE 1 Sunnybrow Mark Sandy Mawson 2 Linnel Poppy Lucie Charlton 3 Raisbeck Casino Joanna Exley 4 Guards Joseph Sue Wardle X COUNTRY 1 Linnel Rosie II Lucie Charlton 2 Sunnybrow Mark Sandy Mawson 3 Linnel Poppy Lucie Charlton 4 Kerbeck Night Serenade Amy Messenger FELL JUNIOR RIDDEN Amy Messenger and Kerbeck Night Serenade FELL BEST NEWCOMER Anna Clowes and Spenruss Flight BEST FELL MARE Linnel Rosie II BRACKENBANK MEGAN TROPHY LARGE BREEDS OVERALL 1 Cefncoch Crusader Kate Sanderson 2 Dunedin Rhuann Chris Grant 3 Lambrigg Black Jack Lesley Dawson 4 Kirtle Tarragon Susanna Brown DRESSAGE 1 Lambrigg Black Jack Lesley Dawson 2 Cefncoch Crusader Kate Sanderson 3 Moorbank Hale Bopp Jade Thompson 4 Dunedin Rhuann Chris Grant X COUNTRY 1 Cefncoch Crusader Kate Sanderson 2 Dunedin Rhuann Chris Grant 3 Lambrigg Black Jack Lesley Dawson 4 Kirtle Tarragon Susanna Brown SMALL BREEDS OVERALL, DRESSAGE, X COUNTRY 1 Caroworth Pensive Emilia Hastings 2 Hollybeck Teasel L Gray 3 Springwater Ambassador C Short 4 Gunthwaite Gossamer Jessica Anderson FASTEST IN TIMED SECTION Dunedin Rhuann Christ Grant DENE PALMY TROPY HIGHLAND TROPHY Dunedin Rhuann Chris Grant BEST CONNEMARA Kirtle Tarragon Susanna Brown BEST SENIOR OF THE DAY Joanna Kain THE KERBECK STUD TEAM COMPETITION 1 The Tartan Tornados (Highland) 2 The Bailey’s Irish Colleens (Connemara) 3 The Fiendish Fell Fillies (Fells) 4 The Dolly Mixtures (Mixed Breeds) BEST TEAM NAME The Bailey’s Irish Colleens 39 FPS Performance Awards 2009 Once again the show season was blighted by the weather, with numerous shows called off due to the weather, whilst some others went ahead in truly awful conditions.

However that did not seem to deter many of the entrants to the Awards scheme, although it would be nice to see a few more Juniors competitors coming forward and having a go.

Forms, as always can be obtained by sending me an SAE, or from the Fell Pony Society website.

Christine Robinson Foals (4 entries) 1st Birkett Bank Pollyanna FP5041.


Mr R Relph-Briggs. 830pts 2nd Rackwood Annie FP5053.

Owner/ Exhib.

Mrs E A Walker. 390pts 3rd Thornbeck Sparkle FP FP4978.


Mr M Rawlinson. 270pts 4th Brackenbank Gary FP71399C.


Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson. 180pts Yearlings (9 entries) 1st Brackenthwaite Duke FP71222C.


Mr R Relph-Briggs. 900pts 2nd= Brackenbank Flash Harry FP71155C.


Mr M Rawlinson. 530pts & Brackenbank Ebony FP4780.


Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson.530pts 4th Linnel Whistler FP71215C.


Christina Brookes. 5th 6th 525pts Carrock Heather FP4787.

Owner/ Exhib.

Mr M Rawlinson.. 490pts Farleton Fern FP4798.

Owner/ Exhib.

Miss C Simpson. 460pts Two Year Olds (2 entries) 1st Rackwood Bonnie FP4601.


Mrs EA Walker.370pts 2nd Townend Misty FP4548.

Owner/ Exhib.

Mr R Relph-Briggs. 140pts Three Year Olds (4 entries) 1st Brackenbank Gypsy III FP4421.


Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson. 820pts 2nd Carrock Petal FP4387.

Owner/ Exhib.

Mr M Rawlinson. 330pts 3rd Kerbeck Night Crystal FP4416.


Mr M Rawlinson. 220pts 4th Kerbeck Night Rose FP4417.


Mrs C H Robinson. 170pts Four Year Old and Over – Inhand (18 entries) 1st Townend Ruffle FP2611 Owner/ Exhib.

Miss J Williamson. 1425pts 2nd Bracklinn Maggie FP3184.


Sharron Camp. 960Pts 3rd Shirdleyhill Tara FP3039.

Owner Mrs J Hill.

Exhib Christina Brookes. 895Pts 4th Brackenbank Rosanna FP4182.

Owners Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson.

Exhib Miss M Brennand. 880pts 5th Aylestone The Merrie Monk FP70061G.

Owners Mesdames J S 40 6th Ball & I K Meadows.

Exhib Miss A Meadows. 850Pts Brackenbank Romany FP3006.

Owner/Exhib Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson. 780Pts 6th 560Pts Kerbeck Thor’s Fire FP51178G.

Owner Mrs S M Morris.

Exhib Mrs C H Robinson. 340Pts Four Year Old and Over – Performance (14 entries) 1st Aylestone The Merrie Monk FP70061.

Owners/Exhib as above. 2900pts 2nd Townend Ruffle FP2611.

Owner/ Exhib as above. 2540pts 3rd Tarnbeck Liberty FP4138.

Owner/ Exhib Mrs H Jones. 1780Pts 4th Dene Decoris FP3330.

Owner/ Exhib Miss S Pringle. 1510Pts 5th Brackenbank Rosanna.

Owners/ Exhib as above. 1020Pts 6th Linnel Rosie II.


Owner Mr & Mrs R B Charlton.

Exhib Miss L Charlton. 955Pts Dressage (10 entries) 1st Aylestone The Merrie Monk.

Owners/Exhib as above. 1990Pts 2nd Meres Julie-Anne FP3082.

Owner/Exhib Mrs D McGrail. 1410Pts 3rd Eagland Dainty FP2112.

Owner/ Exhib Ruth Jubb. 890Pts 4th Aylestone Chamlee FP70357G.

Owners Mesdames J S Ball & I K Meadows.

Exhib Miss A Meadows. 620Pts 5th Heskett Tinka Belle FP 3509.

Owner/Exhib Sara Fleetwood. Driving (4 entries) 1st Orton Hall Dennis FP51003G.

Owner/Exhib Mr M Rawlinson. 790Pts 2nd Lownthwaite Finger Print FP4050.

Owner/Exhib Miss A Morton. 530Pts 3rd Lownthwaite Honnington FP70622G.

Owner/Exhib Mr J Greener. 340pts 4th Foggygill Jack Flash FP50017G.

Owner/Exhib Miss C Simpson. 335pts Junior (5 entries) 1st Aylestone The Merrie Monk.

Exhib Miss A Meadows. 2900 pts 2nd Brackenbank Rosanna.

Exhib Miss M Brennand. 1020Pts 3rd Brackenbank Romany.

Exhib Miss M Wilkinson. 500pts 4th Aylestone Chamlee.

Exhib Miss A Meadows. 410pts 5th Oldmill Mystique FP 2771.

Owners Mesdames J S Ball & I K Meadows.

Exhib Miss A Meadows. 40pts Stallion Premium: Murthwaite Look At Me FP51001C* Mare Premium: Townend Truffle II FP1796 FPS Fell & Native Pony Performance Trials—2010 I had to wait for The Great North Run to make up their mind on their date, before finalising the date of the Performance Trials.

We must avoid their date as we are otherwise unable to get any Red Cross cover.

The date for this year’s Trials is Sunday 26th September 2010.

Sarah Charlton 41 Overseas Sub Committee Most of the Overseas News is contained in the Magazine reports, sent in by the Branches and by enthusiasts in countries where FPS does not yet have a Branch.

Please read them and admire what our Fell pones and owners have been doing.

The most exciting news over the winter was the announcement of the DNA marker test for the Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome gene.

We will soon know the results of voting on the administrative issues involved, and from that FPS will decide on how owners can apply to test their ponies.

I know our Branches will want to translate this procedure for their members and for the FPS web site.

We would also be very happy to publish translations of the information on the Syndrome which can be found on the web site and in this magazine.

Along with translating FPS paperwork and the “About the Fell Pony” article that has been revised and shortened, the Branches are working hard for their members and for the breed! We welcomed the Fell Pony Denmark group as a FPS recognised Branch in November.

The Dansk Fellpony Forening is also under consideration.

FPS does not restrict the number of Branches per country so there is, from our point of view, no bar to having two or more recognised groups of Fell pony supporters.

Our hope is that they will use their energies in the same way that the Support Groups do in Britain, for Fell pony activities and education and enjoyment of their ponies, and when there is more than one Branch in a country, that they share these activities with other Branches in a friendly spirit.

We know that there are State organisations that prefer to deal with “one Society” for a breed.

However, Branches, unlike Daughter Societies, have no administrative responsibilities.

They don’t register foals, license stallions, record transfers of ownership or transfers of stallions to geldings, or decide policy on showing or breeding.

So, the existence of more than one FPS Branch in a country shouldn’t – theoretically – cause any difficulty.

The Fell Pony Society in Britain is the “one society” with whom State equine groups or agricultural ministries should be doing business about Fell ponies.

A helpful reminder here also: in countries outside Britain, if ponies are correctly passported by their country’s National or State stud book and have two parents registered with FPS, their passports can normally be overstamped by the FPS for a nominal fee.

The stallion also needs to have been licensed in accordance with FPS rules – we might need to do some checks if he hasn’t been licensed by us.

The ponies are then recognised as registered Fells and will be recorded in that year’s volume of the Stud Book.

In the Netherlands, the Daughter Society currently issues all Fell passports, and these registrations are passed on to the FPS office and recorded in the FPS stud book.

A Happy New Year to all our Fell pony enthusiasts and I hope you have an enjoyable year’s activities.

Sue Millard 42 Colour Photo Section Bracklinn Jackpot at the Scottish NPS Finals at Blair Castle where he won youngstock and supreme overall M&M champion for the second successive year.

He was Fell and overall M&M champion at the last ever Royal Show and won the Shalbourne Trophy for the best M&M stallion.

He was Fell champion at Malvern and at Great Yorkshire.

Along with Bracklinn Norah, he won the St.

John’s Wells Trophy at the Royal Highland Show for the best two ponies by the same sire (Carrock I’m Yer Man). 43 44 At the Breed Show, 2009.

Left, Supreme Champion, Mr T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Magic Moment.

Right, Reserve Supreme Champion, Mr W S Potter’s Greenholme Amy Good Un.

Photos, Susan Gooderham Left, Courtney Savage and the late Bracklinn Jo-Jo on Carrock Fell Right, Castle Hill Raven, f. 2004, S Castle Hill Jerry D Heltondale Princess III.

Bred by the late Mr Don Crow, owned and ridden by Hayley Reynolds, Raven qualified at the Scottish Horse Show 2008 for The Horse of the Year Show. 45 Learning with Fells: the group out on the Howgills.

L to R: Colin Roberts, Bill Potter, Courtney Savage, Melissa Brennand, Thomas Capstick, Christina Brookes.

Photo, Kerrie Price.

See report on p28. Right: Skelgill May (Precious) turned out for a drive in France, driven by Libby Robinson.

Libby is retiring as chairman of the Association Francaise du Poney Fell, which is seeking new officers.

Photo, Fleur Hallam.

See report on p53. 46 FPS Probationer Judges Scheme As a breed Society, we operate a list of Fell Pony Panel of Judges who have achieved a standard of Fell Pony knowledge that the Fell Pony Judges Committee have approved to be good enough to be a Fell Pony listed Judge.

It is important that we maintain a healthy list of approved Fell Pony Listed Judges in order that the standard of judging of our Fell Ponies is consistent and correct.

The current list of FPS Judges is available on the FPS web site.

Two new names were added to the FPS Judges List in 2009 and this is what we as a Society need.

Potential FPS Judges have to serve a Probationary period of judging under experienced Judges, which could be anywhere from one to three years.

The Probationers’ progress is monitored as they make their way through this training period so merely being on the scheme is no guarantee that the Probationer will make a Listed Judge at the end of the Scheme.

Should you feel that you would like to become a FPS Judge, please apply to the FPS Probationary Judges Scheme through myself.

You will need to have been an FPS Member for five years, and you will need the signatures of two FPS Judges or Breeders to support your application.

Please be aware that Probationary judging is time consuming and can be expensive if you live away from Fell Pony Country because most of the shows that you will be expected to attend will be in Cumbria.

Please give your application much thought.

All applicants will need to attend the FPS Judges Assessment Day which this year is on 25th September 2010 at Inglewood Equestrian Centre, Penrith.

All applicants will have an opportunity to test judge some In Hand ponies, and from this Assessment, the Judges Committee will choose the 2011 FPS Probationary Judges.

Everyone on the Judges Committee would be delighted to welcome all Potential Judges on that day.

Should you wish to apply for the Assessment Day, please contact me in the first instance for an application form.

Mrs Ellen JM Jones, Sec, FPS Judges Committee 017684-83511 or 07787570736 or sparket@btinternet.com 47 Calendar of Events 2010 27 March 18 April AGM at Orton Market Hall, Cumbria MESG Spring Show at Bury Farm, Slapton, Bucks.

Tel: Georgina Blair on 07796 685992 or send SAE to 18 Gurnells Road, Seer Green, Beaconsfield HP9 2XJ.

Stallion & Colt Show, Dalemain, Cumbria.

For schedule please send SAE to Mrs M Murray, Park Farm, Baldersdale, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, DL12 9UT TEL 01833 650474.

Cumbria Fell and Dales Show, Clifton, Cumbria.

Contact Ellen Jones, 07787 570736 or sparket@btinternet.com, 017684 83511; or Hilary Fawcett, 017683 41417 or 07976 106513.

South Cumbria Fell Pony Show, Westmorland Showground, Cumbria.

For schedule please send SAE to Mrs M Murray, Park Farm, Baldersdale, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, DL12 9UT.

Tel 01833 650474.

Derbyshire Fell and Dales Show, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

For schedule please send SAE to Miss M Longsdon, Eaglets, Little Longstone, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1NN.

Fell Pony Society Breed Show, Penrith, Cumbria.

For schedule please send SAE to Mrs M Murray, Park Farm, Baldersdale, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, DL12 9UT TEL 01833 650474.

Ride & Drive, Barbecue & Open afternoon – Brackenbank Fell Ponies, Murton, Nr Appleby, Cumbria.

Tel: 017683 52861 for details. 15 May 29 May 12 June 20 June 7 August 22 August 12 September Southern Fell Pony Society Show, Tel: Georgina Blair on 07796 685992 or SAE to 18 Gurnells Road, Seer Green, Beaconsfield HP9 2XJ.

Website: www.fellsouthernshow.com 25 September Probationer Judges Assessment Day 26 September Performance Trials, Linnel Wood, Hexham.

For schedule please send SAE to Mrs S Charlton, Linnel Wood, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 1UB.

Tel: 01434 673262, email: bob.charlton@ukonline.co.uk, Fax: 01434 673852. 22 October 23 October Show & Sale of Ponies, Penrith & District Farmers’ Mart, Cumbria Autumn General Meeting—venue TBA. 48 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY The 200 Club: Draws 2009 Nos July ’09 1st 267 2nd 232 £15.00 3rd 416 4th 281 Aug ’09 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sept ’09 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Name Prize Nov ’09 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Dec ’09 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Nos Name Prize Mrs J Copeland £25.00 Miss DJ Chadwick Mrs M Scott Mr D Beddows £10.00 £5.00 369 370 208 289 Mrs E Marshall £25.00 C Boardman £15.00 Ms N Ash £10.00 Mrs A Bessin £5.00 289 331 281 218 Mrs A Bessin Mrs CM Graves Mr D Beddows Mrs EA Walker £25.00 £15.00 £10.00 £5.00 386 301 203 338 Miss GK Ellis £250.00 Tim Merry £125.00 Mrs SM Ventress £50.00 Mrs S Morris £25.00 — Mrs S Clowes Mrs JR Howard Mrs A Robbins Mr I Elliot £25.00 £15.00 £10.00 £5.00 Oct ’09 1st 421 2nd 275 3rd 408 £10.00 4th 244 Mrs E Mole £25.00 Mr K Flesher £15.00 Mrs SM Ganderton Mrs S Rowe £5.00 Remember, your friends and family can join the 200 Club …

They do not need to be members of the FPS. Still only £12 to join – and look at the prizes! All profit goes to the Society’s funds.

Please send your name, address and cheque for £12 made payable to: The Fell Pony Society to Glenis Cockbain, Rakefoot Farm, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 4TE 49 North East Area Support Group I am delighted to report that the North East Area Support Group continues to flourish.

My energetic and enthusiastic committee are very busy organising events for 2010 and I urge you all to come along and join in. Our 2009 autumn pleasure ride took place on Sunday 4th October and although poorly attended for a variety of last minute problems, once again, was blessed with good weather.

We met up on the moors above Osmotherley in North Yorkshire at a place called ‘Square Corner’ and rode, to what seemed to be the top of the world, as we followed the route of the Cleveland Way.

The views over the Yorkshire Dales were breath taking and we all wished that we had carried our cameras.

My thanks go to Anne and Heather Mawrey for planning the route and to Anne for escorting us in her 4×4 to take photographs and provide refreshments.

We concluded the day with a picnic lunch and a good chat about our ponies and future events.

Our winter social event is on Sunday 7th February 2010 and is a 2 course lunch followed by a talk and demonstration on ‘Laminitis’ at the Aston Hotel near Darlington.

This venue has been carefully chosen to provide easy access for most N E members and was very much enjoyed last year.

Further details and an application form are available on the FPS website.

In May we are holding a new event in the form of a joint Fell & Highland Pony Camp to be held at Linnel Wood, near Hexham.

This will take place between Friday 7th May and Sunday 9th May 2010.

Places are limited so if you are 50 interested and would like more information and to book a place then please contact Jan or Christopher Grant Tel: 01912671610.

On Sunday 25th July, as part of the Hexham Native Horse & Pony Show, we will be holding our summer picnic and running separate classes just for Fell ponies.

The NE Area Group sponsor special rosettes and a trophy for the Champion Fell pony so please come along and support us.

Schedules available from Sarah Charlton Tel: 01434673262 Eileen Walker Tel: 01388763607 Mobile: 07990521205 Email: rackwoodeileen@yahoo.com Shows 2010 At the Show Committee’s meeting in October 2009, Mrs Jean Ward retired as the Chairman and Mrs Sarah Charlton agreed to become our new Chairman.

The Committee wish to express their thanks to Mrs Ward for all her hard work over the last ten years.

There are few changes to the shows, but perhaps the biggest difference in 2010 will be the loss of Lowther Driving Trials, which means that our Lowther Show and the venue are no more.

There are some small alterations at the Breed Show, so pleas read your schedules carefully, as they are all listed there.

Due to rising costs, the entry fees etc will have to be increased.

All entries will be £5 per pony per class, except the Olympia Qualifier which will be £15 per entry.

Catalogues will be £3 each and gate entry £3 per person.

As we look forward to the showing season, let’s hope for three sunny show days! Margaret Murray South West Area Support Group: New Show The South West Group are running a Dorset Fell show on 9th May 2010.

It will be held at Higher Merley Farm near Wimborne, Dorset.

There will be In Hand & Ridden classes.

The Schedule will be available on the FPS website.

I will also be able to send it via email if you get in touch with sharron.camp@montybear.co.uk (please note there are 2 r’s in sharron) or you can send an S.A.E.

To 24 Cedar Ave, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 7EF.

Sharron Camp 51 Midlands East Area Support Group We aim to support all members in the east Midland area with fun and friendly events.

Our membership is growing and if you would like to join us for a modest cost please ring Janet Copeland and she will be more than happy to send you a form (0797 362 0191).

Last year was very successful one for MESG with new events such as the Spring show at Bury Farm run by Georgina Blair and her very able band of stewards.

We are really looking forward to the 2010 event, which will have qualifiers for the Top Spec dressage champs.

Lisa Dunger and her helpers also put on a very nice show at Sandringham, which is a very important point of contact for our members in east Anglia.

Please support this event in 2010 as there is an added bonus of being able to enter a pleasure ride on the Sunday.

Christine Poole has also run a series of low-key and fun shows at Gotham over the summer – if you haven’t had a go at showing this is your chance as a novice! See next MESG newsletter for details of Christine’s 2010 dates.

The Christmas show at Canaan Farm was also a great success thanks to Angela Cairns, Janet Copeland and Jane Glass – we had 12 ponies in the open class which is not bad for a local show.

The children and the judge (Jean Andrews) loved the surprise visit from Santa Claus! We are also a very sociable group! Kate and Bruce Merry hosted a delicious lunch in October and over 70 people attended the Christmas Dinner at Six Hills at the end of November.

We are all looking forward to the points awards dinner and presentation evening on Friday 26th February – we have some amazing rosettes.

If you haven’t had a go at this please do so in 2010 – there are categories for all types of performance – not just showing! Our members have also been very active in all disciplines.

Several members have already qualified for the Top Spec dressage champs at Addington in April 2010.

Anastasia Meadows one of our youngest members has been particularly active in pony club and qualified for the Top Spec dressage champs in 2009 as well as being a member of a team that came 3rd in the NPS Young Judges Competition at Malvern last August.

She is an inspiration to us older members and you can read more about her achievements in our last newsletter.

We are planning a full range of activities for 2010 including ‘a ride a dressage test’ day in the Spring (Notts area) and hopefully a weekend riding on the beach in Lincolnshire.

See next page as well as the Autumn Magazine for events, membership forms and 2010 points sheets.

Please ring Denise Bumford for any general MESG matters (01327 262959) and Janet Copeland (0797 362 0191) for details of FPS-MESG membership. (Continued on page 53) 52 MESG Events 2010 Friday 26 February, MESG Points Award Dinner & Presentation – Six Hills Hotel on the A46 between Leicester and Newark.

Dinner £14.95 each.

Please ring Jane Glass to reserve your space on 01509 880261.

Sunday 18 April, MESG Spring Show at Bury Farm, Slapton, Bucks.

Full range of showing and performance classes for registered Fells only.

Further details below.

Saturday 15 May, Sandringham Fell & Friends Show – contact Lisa Dunger (01485 541097) for details.

REMINDER: 12 September FPS Southern Show, Crown Farm, Ascott-underWychwood, Oxon.

Schedules SAE to G Blair, 18 Gurnells Road, Seer Green, Beaconsfield, HP9 2XJ or see www.fellsouthernshow.com Entries close: 16 August.

Keep up to date with planned events by checking the MESG page of the Fell Pony Society website – go to www.fellponysociety.org/UK_Area_Groups/Mideast/ All best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010 with your ponies.

Denise Bumford (MESG area co-ordinator) MESG Spring Show The Midlands East Support Group held a very successful inaugural Spring Show in 2009.

Thirty-seven Fells were entered from all over the south of England and supreme champion was Jules Jordan’s stallion Llancloudy Gabriel with George Guy’s mare Severnvale Sadie taking reserve.

This year the Spring Show will take place on Sunday 18 April, once again at Bury Farm, Slapton, Bucks LU7 9BT.

The show is open to all registered Fell ponies, and offers a full range of classes, as well as dressage and working hunter pony.

New classes added this year include young handler, traditional ridden, walk/trot dressage and in-hand handy pony.

Special rosettes are to be awarded to ‘mature riders’ of 50 years or more.

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Gwen Williamson and Miss Judith Williamson who will be coming all the way from Cumbria to judge at the show, while Ms Debbie Spears will judge the working hunter ponies and children’s classes.

Overnight stabling is available on the showground and there will be a pre-show dinner at a local pub.

Information is available from the show website (www.fellspringshow.com) or Georgina Blair on 07796 685992, or for Schedules send an SAE to G Blair, 18 Gurnells Road, Seer Green, Beaconsfield HP9 2XJ.

Entries close: 1 April. 53 20th Southern Breed Show Report – Sunday 13 September 2009 It’s a bright, dry September Sunday morning in rural Oxfordshire.

Typical Cotswold honey coloured stone cottages can be seen nestling in the beautiful countryside.

It’s early, and apart from the odd cyclist taking advantage of the peace and quiet, the roads and lanes are empty…..

Except that is for dozens of equine transporters, whose intelligent, well groomed, very hairy occupants gaze interestedly from strategically placed windows and wonder where on earth they are going.

The inventor of SatNav was truly a genius, but the postcode for Crown Farm, Ascott under Wychwood, venue for the 2009 Southern Show, covers some 450 acres – a fact the “talking boxes” are sadly not aware of. “Next year I’m going to follow the directions and map in the schedule rather than listen to my SatNav.

If I’d done that in the first place I’d have been here an hour earlier” was the most frequently heard comment in the Secretary’s tent during the day!! This year the Southern Show celebrated its 20th anniversary—one year on—the 2008 Show having been cancelled due to a flooded showfield.

Mary had arranged for each competing pony on the day to receive a commemorative gift—a packet of Hilton Herbal treats—whilst owners were presented with either a plate or bowl inscribed “Southern Show 1989—2009”.

After almost 20 years at Shotover the committee knew it was going to be difficult to find a new venue for the Southern which would retain all the traditional values.

Of course everyone would like the Show “just down the road” from their home, but the area covered by the Southern Breed Show is every county south of the River Mersey, and finding a suitable venue within reasonable travelling distance for all members was incredibly hard.

Judging Oxford to be roughly the centre of “the South” we searched for a showfield within a 30 mile radius, and the only one that ticked the majority of the boxes was Crown Farm.

Successive wet summers and the fear of lorries churning up fields has deterred many a “would be” host from permitting the show to be held on their land.

Crown Farm enjoys a “show must go on” reputation, and after meeting the friendly and helpful owners – Janet and Chris Badger – seeing the field which would be our showground and noting the easy access, it was decided to make the commitment.

The committee were concerned that a combination of new venue and economic downturn would impact adversely on entries, and by show day that prophecy had come true, with a total of 37 entrants and 66 ponies (8 entrants less than 2007).

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as the majority of those missing members had contacted Sadie to explain their absence this year and to pledge support for the location and their intention to attend in 2010.

Jules Jordan has generously presented a special carriage whip to be awarded to the winner of the driving class in 2010.

Sadly entries for the driving class have steadily diminished over the years, and it is hoped this lovely prize will act as an incentive for members to dust off their carriages (and ponies!) and revitalise the class. 54 In order to discover whether or not those attending on the day favoured the new location, members were asked for their views.

In all 19 individuals responded, either by completing questionnaires or by posting comments on the web-sites.

The consensus of opinion was that the perfect traditional Fell Pony showfield had been found.

In fact some people considered it to be an improvement on Shotover, due to better ground and the distinct absence of mole hills! Without exception, those that stabled ponies overnight said they were very impressed with the quality of the stabling, and their friendly and helpful hosts.

The 24 who attended the Saturday night “get-together” all enjoyed themselves and there was an overwhelming vote of confidence for the quality of food available from the refreshment van on show day (this bears out our suspicions that Fell Pony people judge the success, or otherwise, of a show by the standard of the food on offer!) Apparently the bacon rolls were judged to be the best ever.

However, it wasn’t all roses.

There were some negatives, although happily very few.

The main problem was that three of the rings were on the small size.

This was a particular issue for one of the afternoon’s ridden classes, but thanks to the initiative of the Judge (Russell Sutcliffe) and Steward (Sue Muttitt), that particular ring was enlarged to cope with the volume of entries. (We guarantee all the rings Waiting for the judge’s call.

Will be standard size in future!) One major incident which occurred during the day could have had very serious consequences for the future of the FPS, not to mention our Chairman, but was thankfully averted by the quick actions of a (fortunately) tall spectator – local Scoutmaster Alan Cockbill – and Bob McNamara.

A sudden vicious gust of wind caught the merchandise tent, just as Mary had her hand on the centre pole, and she and the tent were only saved from taking off when Alan and Bob wrestled them back to earth.

Please note.

There will not be a recurrence of this entertainment in 2010 as Bob has promised to make some heftier tent pegs.

It was a particular pleasure this year to welcome Mrs Dobson to the show, who presented the Packway Rosebowl (Brood Mares) to Tina O’Donnell’s Underwoods Kestrel.

It is hoped that next year Christine Rear will exhibit at least one Packway pony, which would be a fitting tribute to Peggy Crossland.

The four new classes which had been added to this year’s schedule – Traditional Walk/Trot Mares, Traditional Walk/Trot Geldings and Stallions, Dressage Walk/ Trot and Dressage Preliminary * – were very well supported and will become a permanent feature for future shows.

One member’s suggestion for additional fun classes was considered, but it was sadly impossible to fit these into the already tight timetable. 55 The equine related trading stall proved popular, and will definitely be a feature in 2010.

Please hunt out any unwanted riding gear, pony wear or indeed any equine related items and bring them to the show. (The Southern’s commission will be just 10% on all items sold).

There will also be a notice board to advertise larger items for sale, ie ponies, carriages etc.

At a cost of 50p per item.

Once again we were incredibly lucky to have such excellent judges – Carole and Bert Morland, Russell Sutcliffe, David Sykes, Dr Liz Whitley and dressage judge Lynne Kerrison.

They were ably assisted by Stewards Sue and Roger Muttitt, Libby Reeves, Tim Jordan, Margaret Al-Kubaisi, Beth Blauser and Alejandra Trujillo.

Without a dedicated band of “helpers” no show could function, and the Southern is no exception.

The committee are indebted to Simon Barguss for organising the raffle, Ronan Heffer for his sterling work in the Secretary’s tent, Adam and Gary Edwards for safely managing the traffic and general help, Nick McNamara for his WHP course building skills and Tim Densham for managing the PA system and announcements.

Last, but by no means least, the committee wish to formally thank all of the sponsors, as well as those who unstintingly give their time.

To Sue and Roger Muttitt of Seatallan Engineering and all those who so generously sponsor rosettes, prize money, championships, sashes, catalogues, trophies, raffle prizes and other miscellaneous items, we extend a million trillion thanks.

Without the commitment of you all we would not be so bullish about the future, and without the competitors, and the ponies of course, there wouldn’t be a show.

Thank you all for making it happen.

There were several local spectators at the Southern, and they commented on how amazingly versatile Fell Ponies are.

One of those spectators has since purchased a pony and is planning to attend in 2010 as a competitor! Aylestone The Merrie Monk certainly confirmed his versatility by scoring the highest number of points (59) during the day and winning Reserve Supreme Champion, Ludworth the coveted FPS special rosette.

The ponies’ versatility is undoubted, their Donna FP3094 intelligence and beauty unrivalled, and if (Owner Miss S Bloomfield) you want proof all you need to do is buy 56 the Brian Blessed narrated DVD and prepare to be enthralled from the comfort of your armchair.

If watching that doesn’t prompt you to fill in those 2010 entry forms – nothing will!! The committee – Mary Longsdon, Georgina Blair, Lorna Brooks, Wendi Davies, Sadie Densham, Sue Giles, Jane Glass, Michael Goddard, Judy Hill, Bob and Sue McNamara, Helen Plank, Charmian Ross-Thomson and Liz Whitley – very much appreciated all the feedback they received on the 2009 Show, and after taking into account all the comments which members had made, it was unanimously agreed to hold the 2010 show at the same location.

So…a firm date for your 2010 diaries please – SUNDAY 12th SEPTEMBER AT CROWN FARM, ASCOTT UNDER WYCHWOOD, OXFORDSHIRE.

Sadly Judy has decided to retire from the committee in order to devote more time to other interests, and the committee would like to take this opportunity of extending sincere thanks to her for all the time and effort she has expended on the Southern Show over the years.

Good luck for the future Judy.

The 2010 Southern Show is going to be the best ever.

It’s the only specific FPS breed show south of the River Mersey.

It’s a great place to renew old friendships as well as make new ones.

We’re a friendly crowd and we have a lot of fun along the way.

Please come and join us.

Georgina Blair, who has been appointed Show Secretary for 2010, manages a site specifically for the Southern Show – www.fellsouthernshow.com All details for the 2010 show will be published there in due course.

Sadie Densham 20th SOUTHERN BREED SHOW RESULTS In-Hand Class 1 – Stallions 2 years and over (Judge – Mr A W Morland) 1st Llancloudy Gabriel FP70055C (Owner Mrs J Jordan) Class 2 – Mares 4-8 years (Judge – Mr R Sutcliffe) 1st Bewcastle Blossom FP4092 (Owner Mr M Goddard) 2nd Hollyhouse Opal FP 3635 (Owner Mrs B Hall) 3rd Chyvounder Waterlily FP 3785 (Owner Mrs A Devonshire) Class 3 – Mares 9 years and over (Judge – Mr R Sutcliffe) 1st Shirdleyhill Tara FP 3039 (Owner Miss C Brooks & Mrs Judy Hill) 2nd Lathomdale Crystal FP2885 (Owner Mrs H Parker) 3rd Townend Bluebell FP3055 (Owner Mrs B Hall) Class 4 – Brood Mares (Judge – Mr R Sutcliffe) 1st Underwoods Kestrel FP3500 (Owner Mrs C O’Donnell) 57 — (For the breeder of the winner of the Shilstone Rocks Blackberry Performance Trophy) Mrs J S Ball & Mrs I K Meadows SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP Bewcastle Blossom FP4092 (Owner Mr M Goddard) SHILSTONE ROCKS BLACKBERRY TROPHY Reserve: Ludworth Donna FP3094 For the pony accumulating the most (Owner Miss S Bloomfield) Southern Show Supreme Champion, Mr M Goddard’s Bewcastle Blossom FP4092 62 North West Area Support Group I write this as we are in the middle of the snowiest weather I have seen for a long time.

True Fell Pony weather! The Fell Ponies outside seem to be fine.

I just hay them and check they are all right.

We can’t go anywhere, so now is the ideal time to put pen to paper to let you know what is planned for 2010.

Following on from last year’s successful Horse Talk at Soulby, the North West area plan to hold another horse talk in Tues, 2nd March at Soulby Village Hall again.

Soulby is very easy to get to, and the Hall is spacious and modern so we don’t have to shiver and keep our coats on.

There will be nice pony related products to buy as well, so bring your purse! The talk will be veterinary again and we will probably discuss the major topics of the day, which as I write are the new Carrier test for the Syndrome, and a life-threatening condition that can affect ponies (mainly native types) living outside in the winter.

Speakers will be Paul May, Equine Vet, Sam Galloway, Equine Vet and vet Lesley Sanderson will chair the meeting.

Should you wish to bring an equine related stall, just let us know, and we will allocate you a space to sell your wares! Entry fee is only £4 which includes a cuppa, so it’s good value.

Do come along for an informative evening! Following on from the Training Day held at Stenkeld on the 5th Dec, Emma and Brian have kindly offered to host another Training Day on Saturday, 20th March, this time with the emphasis more on individual assessment and training as opposed to a demonstration.

This will be in the Indoor Arena, so don’t worry about the weather! The cost will be £20 either for a half hour private, or an hour shared with one other rider.

Please telephone Emma Woolley on 07900692520 or 01768352190 for further details and to book.

Cumbria Fell and Dales Pony Show is in its 4th year now, and will be held on Saturday, 29th of May.

Classes are split between Fells and Dales, with WHP, In Hand and Ridden classes as well as Dressage, Driving and Best Turned Out.

We award quite a few championships and have NPS Qualifiers in all sections, so the show is well worth attending.

Please email either Hilary Fawcett, co-organiser, or myself for a schedule.

Whilst ridden classes are always very well attended we lack entries in the WHP section for both breeds, and could do with more entries for these classes.

If you know of anyone who would like to help or be a steward for the day, we can reward them with a nice lunch and a bottle of wine, so do let us know if you would like a job on the day! We are all very busy with our ponies in the summer, enjoying and showing them, but it would be nice if we had an Open Day somewhere.

If someone volunteers in this capacity, we’ll put it on the FPS web site.

The North West Area Foal Show will be held on the second Saturday in November again, the Saturday, 13th Nov at Inglewood Equestrian Centre.

This is the only Breed Foal Show we have as a Society so it is something for our Area to be proud to host.

Do come along to watch if you don’t have a foal to bring.

It’s a great 63 opportunity for folk to get together before the winter sets in! Should you wish to enter, please contact me for a schedule.

A review of the 2009 Foal Show is included in this Newsletter.

The last event that we have planned will be the joint FPS/DPS Area Christmas Dinner.

The 2010 Christmas Dinner will be on the first Saturday in December, the 5th.

Whilst we all had a super time at Appleby Manor, we will change the venue next time to somewhere a little less formal, just for a change. The joint DPS/FPS Dinner at Appleby Manor was a good finale to 2009.

Every year our activities seem to get bigger and more enjoyable for us to get together with our ponies or without.

With best wishes to you and your ponies in the forthcoming year, Ellen Jones, 07787 570736 or sparket@btinternet.com 017684 83511 www.sparketmillcottage.co.uk Hilary Fawcett, 017683 41417 or 07976 106513 Advertising Fees for Autumn Magazine Full page ……………………… £60 Half page …………………….. £30 Quarter page …………………. £15 Small box ……………………… £10 Picture in any of the preceding +£10 Classified lineage, text only ……… …………………….. £2 per 20 words Please send your advertisement to the Secretary, by 1st September, with the appropriate fee payable to FPS. 64 FPS Endurance Awards 2009 Entries are down this year, which is understandable with the present economic climate and its knock-on effect on things.

Remember though, that any rides done go towards the accumulative count and it is surprising how fast it adds up.

Accumulative rosettes are presented for every 250km to 1000km then they go in increments of 500km.

If you are not a member of egB.

Or S.E.R.C.

Then compete in the Taster class, as long as you are a member of the F.P.S.

If you need a ride form then either phone me at 01539 821790, E-Mail at fionacarradus682@btinternet.com or post to Overdale Crook road Staveley Kendal Cumbria LA89NG.

It is also a good idea to make a photo copy of your ride card before you send it in by the end of November just in case it gets lost in the post! All the best for 2010, and have fun.

Results: Endurance Award Scheme 2009 Highest Mileage Competitive Award and Fell Pony Society Trophy L i z W o r t h y , D a l e w i n Beauty, 162kms.

High Point Award and Bramble Trophy 1.Liz Worthy, Dalewin Beauty, 270 points.

Highest Mileage Pleasure Award and Hillhead Minstrel Trophy 1.

Liz Worthy, Dalewin Beauty, 370 kms 2.

Lynda Cornall, Stennerskeugh Joanne 2nd, 145.5kms. 3.Fiona Carradus, Littletree Smokey Joe, 140kms. 4.

Karen Hemmings, Linnel Sunbird, 95kms.

The Taster Award and Uldale Black Raven Trophy 1.Barbara Hartley, Townend Beth, 42.5kms Fiona Carradus and Littletree Smokey Joe at the Training ride at Caldbeck.

Photo, Paul Shakesby Accumulative Kilometres Liz Worthy, Dalewin Beauty, 500kms, 750kms (924). 65 The club Training Ride at Caldbeck in August raised money from raffle tickets and photos which was donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s Silloth Branch towards their new boat, which helped out in the floods at Cockermouth in November.

Thanks to Heather Park for organising the ride and to Paul Shakesby for the photos.

These rides are open to all, and local Fell pony owners should go and join in and get their endurance card signed.

For anyone who thinks they might like to have a go at endurance riding, I would recommend that they look at the egB.

Website, www.endurancegb.co.uk/ as it tells you all you need to know, from putting you in touch with your local group to information on Race Rides and keeping up to date with any rule changes and everything in between! You can also give me a shout on the telephone, 02476 697929.

Fiona Carradus Upcoming Overseas Breed Show The enthusiastic Fell pony breeder in Europe has in general the disadvantage that, due to the fact that there are not a lot of Fells in Europe, there are not too many opportunities to participate in a breed show except of course a visit to the UK.

There are several shows, but they are small in number and also the number of entries is relatively small.

It is always a good thing to visit other breeders and during my visit to Roy Ottink last summer we started talking about this.

This is how things got started.

Our goal is to organise a breed show early September 2010 open to all Fell ponies in Europe.

The show will be organised according to the Fell Pony Society rules.

Judges from the United Kingdom will be invited to come to the Netherlands to judge the various classes.

The classes vary from young stock to 10 years and up.

It will take a lot of effort to get things organised and we are very glad that the Fell Pony Society will support us any way they can.

At this moment we are busy with planning, fundraising and hoping that people will get as enthusiastic as we are.

We will go for it and only can be stopped by lack of funds.

Our plans include an educational element (what are the good qualities in a Fell pony?) and of course some entertainment with an opportunity for the breeders to meet new people and share ideas and opinions.

We hope to get reactions from the European breeders and Fell owners.

Do you like the idea? Any suggestions? We always will be needing sponsors so if you want to help with this we will not mind! All reactions are welcome! Roy Ottink (tottie1980@hotmail.com) Mia Aerdts, (m.aerdts@hetnet.nl) 66 FPS Overseas Branch News: Belgium After the breed show in October 2008 and the enthusiastic reactions of the participants I hoped that I could take this good feeling into 2009.

With great expectations I started to organise a stallion show motivated by the remark of a lot of people that they would be looking forward to a stallion show.

However, although I got responses from Fell friends in Germany and France, the number of entries was too small (4 in total) so I had no other choice than to cancel the show.

In general the reason for the owners not to visit the show was that the distance would force them to travel sometimes up to two or even more days.

Often the combination with having to take days off from work made them decide not to participate.

More disappointing for me personally however was the fact that only R.Ottink and C.

Van Dongen entered a stallion although I made the effort to invite all Dutch stallion owners to the stallion show.

One would expect that the stallion owners would welcome every chance they can get to show their stallions to breeders in other regions of the country! Roy Ottink was so kind to invite us to visit him, and during this visit we (that is my father and I) learned a lot.

We share the same ideas on the Fell pony and during the day we started talking about the difficulty I experienced in organising a show, a stallion show or a breed show, with enough entries to have a competition.

The next day Roy called me with the question if I would help him to organise an international breed show in 2010. (See previous page.) After that day in summer we started planning, which hopefully will result in the breed show in early September 2010.

With the help of the Fell pony Society it will be really worth trying! This is also the main reason why I decided not to organise a breed show in 2009.

I hope that the show in 2010 will have as a secondary result that I can reach a bigger crowd for a breed show organised by the Belgium Branch in 2011.

Perhaps it then will be possible to organise a breed show on a more regular basis.

Mia Aerdts Representative Belgian Branch 14 January 2010 67 FPS Overseas Branch News: France Firstly I think it best to mention on behalf of Branch Representative Elizabeth Robinson and I (Fleur Hallam) that we have made the decision to step down from our positions within the Branch in the autumn of this year.

Due to personal commitments, and for myself a growing photography career with another native pony book due to be published, this decision is for the best, even though we will continue to personally support and promote the breed in France.

Thank you to Jan Cardwell – former secretary – for all her hard work and support over the years, also to the people who have supported the Branch and Breed.

It would be good to have found another keen person to take over the reins by the autumn.

We strongly feel that this should be a bi-lingual person, preferably someone French.

We will both remain in our current positions in the Branch until the 28th September 2010, mainly because of a couple of events already planned for the spring and summer.

The French Overseas Branch is organising a randonnée Pleasure Ride and Drive – from Le Marnier, 16500 Abzac on the 23rd May 2010.

There will be a buffet lunch offered after the randonnée, along with a raffle to help raise funds for the Branch.

Entry fee : 5 euros.

Entries close 16th May.

For an entry form and further information please contact the Branch secretary.

A number of Fell Pony owners will, we hope, again be attending local events and competitions over the spring and summer of this coming year, which all helps to promote the ponies and show their versatility.

If possible, the Branch hopes that the breed will be accepted to participate at a large departmental Equine Fair, which is usually held in the autumn of each year.

It is somewhat difficult trying to have a rare and unrecognised breed (within France) accepted at these big Equine Salons, so it would be a good achievement if possible.

For further information please see our website at www.freewebs.com/associationponeyfell, or contact us at fellponyfrance@aliceadsl.fr Fleur Hallam, AFPF Secretary 68 FPS Overseas Branch News: FPSNA The Fell Pony Society of North America, Inc. (FPSNA) suffered a great loss in 2009, with the unexpected death of founding member and former Chairman, Wendy Ihlang (pictured, right).

Wendy, along with her husband Larry, owned Musta Hevonen Fell Pony Stud in Washington, USA.

Wendy is also survived by her sister, Roxanne Dimyan, another long-time Fell pony owner.

The Mustahevonen Fell ponies have since found homes with various FPSNA members in the western parts of the USA.

We will all miss you, Wendy! On a brighter note, our members have Wendy Ihlang and her first Fell pony, continued to participate in a variety of Midnightvalley Wild Rose (photo from venues across the country, with our Fell Roxanne Dimyan) ponies earning top honors in a number of prestigious events.

FPSNA once again sponsored numerous competitions designed to encourage participation by our members, promote the breed and of course also have fun with our ponies.

These included sponsorship of the USDF All-Breeds Program.

In this program, registered Fell ponies may compete in in-hand or dressage classes (Training Level through Grand Prix) in recognized USDF/USEF competitions and earn special awards for Fell Ponies sponsored by FPSNA.

The following are the FPSNA USDF All-Breeds Award recipients for 2009: Hinter, a 6-year old stallion, was Training Level Champion with a score of 65.657%, ridden by Jessica Viveiros and owned by Ann Tarsagian of Rhode Island; Laurehighland Victor, a 5year gelding was Training Level Reserve Champion with a score of 64.974%, ridden by Keri Erickson and owned by Lisa Lindholm of Minnesota; and Littletree Bodini, a 7-year old stallion was Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (InHand) Mature Horse Champion with a score of 66.375%, owned by Melissa (continued on p 62) Kreuzer of Wisconsin.

Hinter ridden by Jessica Viveiros (photo from Ann Tarsagian) 69 FPSNA also co-sponsored the 2nd Annual National Dressage Pony Cup in July, 2009 in Wilmington, Ohio, including Fell Pony High Point Breed Award (for Ridden Dressage Classes for Ponies ages 4 years and up), and Fell Pony Individual Breed Class Awards for In-Hand Ponies of all ages.

There were over 35 ponies competing, including five Fell Ponies — Littletree Bodini and Lunesdale White Heather (owned by Melissa Kruezer), Hinter (owned by Ann Tarsagian), as well as Laurelhighland Victor and Laurelhighland Frivolity (owned by Lisa Lindholm).

All 5 Fell ponies competed under saddle, and 3 (Hinter, Bodini, and Heather) also competed in-hand.

Top honors went to Laurelhighland Victor, who was FPSNA Left to right: Volunteer with National Dressage Pony Cup Banner; Laurelhighland Victor; trainer Keri Erickson; “S” judge Robin Brueckmann; NDPC volunteer with show cooler; Melissa Kreuzer FPSNA Promotions Director; and Lisa Lindholm holding the NPS America banner, sponsors of the Mountain and Moorland Division. (Photo: Phelps Photos) High Point Ridden Fell Pony Champion, NPS America High Point Ridden M&M Champion and National Dressage Pony Cup Performance Ridden Fell Pony Champion.

Hinter was In-hand Champion and Lunesdale White Heather was Reserve In-Hand Champion.

Generaal de Knip, a 7-year-old gelding owned by Elaine Olsen in California, also won the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Horse of the Year National Championship for Single Pleasure Driving Pony.

Elaine and her Fell pony successfully accumulated enough points in open classes at USEF-sanctioned events to earn this prestigious award.

The Federation’s award program is one of the oldest nationally-recognized multi-breed awards programs in the USA.

In addition, FPSNA co-sponsored several Mixed Mountain and Moorland competitions – two in Wisconsin which were hosted by Welsh of Wisconsin, and another in Brookside, California in September.

The latter event was the Pacific Coast Classic and was judged by Kerry Wainright, Skellorn Stud, Adlington, Cheshire, UK.

Attendance was down this year due to weather and economy, but 70 there were still 13 ponies competing nonetheless.

Braeberry Anne (shown by Nicole Vaillancourt, owned by Fell Legend Farm, René Bender) won Reserve Supreme M&M Champion and Champion Fell/Best of Breed (In-Hand).

Laurelhighland Rose Petal (shown in-hand by Tomas Herrera, ridden by René Bender, and owned by Fell Legend Farm, René Bender) won Reserve Champion Fell/Best of Breed (In-Hand) and 2nd Place M&M Ridden Novice (during her under saddle showing debut) Braeberry Whimsical Legend (shown by Christel Grignard, owned by Fell Legend Farm, René Bender) won 2nd Place M&M In-hand, 3/under.

The M&M shows in Wisconsin were both attended by Melissa Kreuzer (also of Wisconsin).

These events were the “Bit of Wales” Show at Ladysmith in June, and the Showtime Summer Shows in Deerfield in August.

FPSNA sponsored both inhand and ridden classes.

Lunesdale White Heather won the Ridden Championship and Littletree Bodini won the In-hand Championship at both events, while Dreamhayven Aurora won 1rst Place for M&M 3/under (In-Hand) at the Deerfield Show.

In addition, we held the 2nd Annual FPSNA Pony Points Program in 2009, a yearlong competition aimed at getting all our members out and about and helping to promote the breed with their Fell ponies.

For the 2nd year in a row, our winners were Oregon’s Sherry Bouris with MustaHevonen Taisto, whom she calls “Royce”.

The variety of events these two participate in is exciting indeed, including branding cattle, a desensitizing clinic, and the unveiling of a new bronze statue in the city center.

Both Anita Castricone with Stonecreek Lily and Ann Riveiro with Laurelhighland Pearl tied for runner-up in New York and Pennsylvania.

FPSNA members also attended several large exhibitions where spectators were able to learn more about the Fell Pony.

Among these were the Minnesota Horse Expo featuring Littletree Bodini and Dreamhayven Aurora, owned by Melissa Kreuzer of Wisconsin, along with Hardendale Henry and Garrighyl Duchess, owned by Alison Emslie-Smith of Minnesota; as well as the Massachusetts Equine Affaire featuring Hinter, owned by Ann Tarsagian of Rhode Island, and Stonecreek Lily, owned by Anita Castricone of New York.

We look forward to sponsoring many more programs and events in 2010.

For more information, please see our website at www.fpsna.org, or contact us at info@fpsna.org.

Mary Jean Gould-Earley 71 Overseas Branch News: Fell Pony Denmark Fell Pony Denmark is a new organization for Fell Pony enthusiasts of all kinds.

We were founded in the summer of 2009 but it is hard to believe that we only have half a year on our backs with everything that has happened.

Most importantly, we have been accepted by FPS as an FPS branch in Denmark.

It was very important to us to achieve this status as we believe that only with a strong network of competent Fell Pony people we can help each other to promote our wonderful breed and at the same time stay true to its origin.

At the moment we count 97 Fell Ponies belonging to Fell Pony Denmark members, which is more than 80% of all Fell Ponies in Denmark.

Our members seem very serious about what they should breed from and what not to, and we can honestly be proud of the material at hand.

We can look back on a nice breed show in September where the ponies shown by our members achieved very good remarks Bracklinn Jack Daniels, owner C.

Hald by an approved FPS judge, and with Denmark, breeder I & A Smith.

The young stock recently imported, we rest assured that the Fell Pony as a breed will grow stronger in Denmark over the coming years.

Our members are keen learners and are eager to bring forward the Fell Pony in Denmark, not only by buying quality ponies in England but also by breeding.

In 2010 our goals are to promote the Fell Pony in general, to bring knowledge to our members and to create a forum where our members can enjoy our mutual hobby with one another.

This year Fell Pony Denmark has a broad range of activities in order to reach our goals; in March we will be attending a winter show for Mountain and Moorlands in Denmark (the first ever of its kind), and several regional shows all over the country.

The national horse show in September will be visited by both show ponies and Dick Turpin Parade 2009 our own parade—last year we did a Dick Turpin act, but what we will do this year is still a secret. 72 In November we are arranging a Fell Pony day for our members with the possibility to get a thorough evaluation of their ponies.

Besides that we will be arranging numerous social gatherings and last but not least, a large group of members will be going on a field trip to England for the Stallion show in May and at the same time visit some English breeders.

All in all Denmark is in for a year with plenty of Fell Ponies.


Rikke Wulf-Andersen Secretary of Fell Pony Denmark News from Overseas: Denmark The Danish Fell Pony Forening are making an effort to attend as many Danish horse arrangements as possible, to present the Fell Ponies.

We have made a show team, who have obligated themselves to attend the two biggest horse events in Denmark.

The purpose of the team is, by the development of a show, to present the various uses of the Fell Pony.

We are looking very much forward to the shows and events of 2010.

We are confident that 2010 will be lots of fun, and cosy getting together, for the Danish Fell Pony people.

The latest event we have had, was our annual Fell Pony show.

Here our ponies were judged, and a Fell Pony foal seminar was held.

At this seminar we were taught about what to look for in foals.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Judges, Mr Boustead and Mr Ottink.

Also we had a very educating Fell Pony seminar, with Mr Boustead, who enlightened us about the Fell Pony in every way.

We had a great weekend, and are so much looking forward to repeat the success next year, hopefully also with some riding competition.

Best regards Iben Toft Simonsen, Show Committee DFPF 73 News from Overseas: Czech Republic Let me tell you about what has been happening in the Czech Republic.

In September 2008 the 2nd M+M Championship was held on Pardubice racecourse during the biggest horse exhibition in our country.


Kenneth Scott from Scotland was invited to judge the show.

Despite the fact that he is a Shetland pony breeder, he granted the Supreme Champion title without any doubt to 18 year old Fell pony stallion Lunesdale Mountain Mist.


Scott remarked that his quality is really outstanding and he is still looking and moving like 8 years old. Lunesdale Mountain Mist In addition, some Czech ponies have successfully participated in the shows abroad.

Lunesdale Mountain Mist got the reserve Stallion Champion title in Austria.

Two year old grey filly Goodshapes Dusty Lady, sired by Lunesdale Tarquin, got Youngstock Champion and Supreme Champion in Germany (judge was Mrs.

Penny Randall from England) and Zeldale Kim got reserve Youngstock Champion in that show. 74 There were about 7 Fell pony foals registered in 2008 and some new mares were imported from Holland.

In 2009 we registered about 12 new foals, and some more Fell ponies were imported from Belgium and England, including the very promising colt Lunesdale War Cry.

The 3rd M+M Championship took place at Pardubice again with Mr.

Jimmy Wilson from Scotland judging.

Lunesdale Mountain Mist successfully defended his Supreme Champion title.

For the 2010 season there will be at least 4 licensed stallions available for stud and about 20 mares could be used for breeding.

The total number of Fell ponies in our country is now around 50.

Some articles about Fell ponies and breeding in the Czech republic are regularly published in all Czech equine magazines, but we feel that we need now to show people how useful and versatile they are.

Therefore we would like to encourage Fell pony owners to present more ponies in driving, dressage or jumping.

In August we plan to hold special Fell classes as part of the regional Shetland pony Show in Chomutov.

We have been very grateful for the help of the Czech Shetland Pony Society, which allowed us to participate in their show.

It is gratifying that Bert and Goodshapes Dusty Lady Carole Morland (Lunesdale stud) have been invited to judge.

We believe that because the show ground is very close to the German border, some German breeders could come to show their ponies too.

In September the 4th M+M Championship will be held again in Pardubice during the horse exhibition “Horse in action”.

We would like to invite all to participate in the Championship Show as well as in the program of all 3 days’ exhibition.

Please feel free to contact us.


Gabriela Jasurkova Mikutova Goodshapes Fellpony Stud, Czech Republic www.fellpony.cz 75 News from Overseas: Switzerland Peter Moor writes: In the Swiss Championship of the Society of Ponies and Small Horses, “…

The most successful rider of the tournament was Fabienne Friedli.

She achieved a medal in all three disciplines.

With her lacblack Fell pony mare Lo-Pe Supple she rode to victory in the Gymkhana and took third place in dressage.” Pferdewoche 21.10.2009 (Horse Weekly newspaper) Lo-Pe Supple born 17.4.2002 CH FP Nr 6/97 Sire: Townend Heath FP 726 C, Dam: Townend Scilla FP 1514 Greetings to all Fellpony friends – You will be welcome in Switzerland. Visit us: Lotti and Peter Moor, Lo-Pe Stud, Bodenstrasse 106, Ch 3783 Grund bei Gstaad.

Tel. 0041 33 744 99 63, mail lope.stud@bluewin.ch 76 Lo-Pe Elderflower born 25.4.2004 CH FP 5/04, Sire Townend Heath, Dam Lo-Pe Silka FP 3390, owner Bettina Salzmann, CH 3714 Frutigen.

Elderflower was best in show on 2nd Sept 09 in Aarberg. Lo-Pe Supple born 17.4.2002 CH FP 6/97 Sire: Townend Heath FP726 C— Dam: Townend Scilla FP 1514 77 People and Ponies: Maggie’s story It was four o’clock on a Friday morning in April when Maggie arrived and only Sasha was there to know.

In fact, after carrying Maggie around for eleven months, she had carefully picked the time for that very reason.

Reilly, two stables away, was the only other one in earshot and must have had an inkling of the event, but he has always kept that to himself.

Next day came and Maggie had sorted some things out.

The big grey horse was Mum and the people called her Sasha.

There were also places outside the stable and it was soon time to go and see them.

The little paddock had a fence and some hedges around it and an interesting small hill at one end.

Maggie spent the first day learning to use these new found legs.

During her first hour, on the previous day, she had tottered, then stood and even walked around the stable, but now she had the opportunity to try running on them.

She couldn’t get far, the paddock was too small and every time she moved away Mum followed at once, keeping a very close watch.

Still it was fun to have a go and running as fast as she People arrived after an hour or so.

By that time Maggie was tottering about on her long wobbly legs, trying to figure out what had happened to her.

Why had her world had changed from a warm comfortable place where she did nothing but occasionally turn over, to this stable full of lights and smells and sounds and a big grey horse that, strangely, seemed familiar? The big grey horse had licked her and nudged gently, as Maggie lay on the straw covered floor taking deep breaths of this newly found air and smells, and would not let up until at last Maggie had struggled to her feet and eventually managed to stay upright. — and her very own carrot sticks and nuts in her very own bowl.

Then she goes into Mum’s stable, to keep her company during the night – it’s the least she can do, after all Mum’s done for her over the past half year.

Anne Davis 79 People and Ponies: Three Ludworth Fells I have owned Jack, Ludworth Viking, for only three months.

He has won several championships and many reserves and qualified for Equi Fest, Royal London, Bluechip Festival of Champions, Equestrian Life, Showland Native, plus more!! He has been on his first ever hack (only up a short lane).

It just proves what amazing ponies they truly are.

I’ve had Jester (Ludworth Morning Star) for 7 years and he is the best ridden pony, slightly bigger at 14 hands, but better for me! He has had many championships reserves and supremes, but had lots of time off due to a sarcoid on his face, then a suspensory ligament problem which needed shockwave treatment etc.

This is still on going so he is out of action for now, as they are treating his other back leg for bone spavin! Nightmare, and such a hypochondriac.

Merlin (Ludworth Viking Silver) is a 5 year old.

I have had him since 6 months, a little grey as I always wished for one.

He was backed last November and is doing novice classes and lots of tack and turn out! Left all winter, he came back into work slowly in February and the year he has had is amazing.

He’s a stunning pony, 80 and has qualified for most shows and is just finishing championships.

Wow he is a head turner.

All thanks to Pam Kell, my mum, my best friend Karen Duncan, Richard for putting up with us all, and all the judges we have met to help us and advise us for making all this possible as we are getting higher up the ladder and loving it.

We attended the rare breed show at Newark Showground, with Ludworth Viking and Ludworth Viking Silver on the Saturday and the Sunday and I have attached some pictures as we raised £100.00 for FPS which was just two lots of raffle money.

We all did our bit and slept in a cold lorry! The boys were so well behaved, and we had the Fell stall next door so was nice to meet Jane and Angela.

We also won the best exhibit in show! Also gave Jane a Fell pony banner we had made up.

Jack looked after the raffle but Merlin was taking all the bits out of the baskets! I couldn’t have done this without the help of Karen Duncan who rides Merlin for me, and Mellissa and Bev Cumberland, and all our sponsors who helped donate prizes.

Nichola Ash Ludworth Viking, Morning Star and Viking Silver xx 81 People and Ponies: Castle Hill Raven I purchased Raven as a three year old unbroken colt who had been shown previously twice.

I wasn’t even looking for another pony never mind a Fell but saw an advert that, despite no picture and being over 200 miles away, caught my eye.

A few weeks later he arrived at my yard as a gelding where his flatwork training began and a successful in hand career continued.

In 2008 he attended his first major ridden show at Malvern in April, the NPS Spring Festival, where to my absolute delight he won his Picton class and went Champion.

The icing on the cake was yet to come when he went to Cheshire County Show, my local showground, and won his novice class and went novice champion.

Due to his recent results I decided to try him in a Horse of the Year Show qualifier at NCPA Staffordshire country festival, to see how he compared to the HOYS ponies.

Well he gave me a shock of a lifetime and finished 2nd, beating a previous HOYS winner and several other previous HOYS finalists! A 4th was to follow at The Royal show out of an amazing 48 forward, and then finally a win and a championship title at the HOYS qualifier in Scotland (see photo in centre pages).

He attended HOYS that year and finished a creditable 13th despite being the youngest pony there by a considerable mark. 2009 brought a big change, I fell pregnant and Raven was lightly shown by a friend of mine who also introduced him to some working hunter classes until I was able to ride again.

He attended ‘The Three Counties Show’ with my friend jockeying, and stood 2nd in the HOYS qualifier to Dunedin Marksman.come July I was back in the saddle and I took him to Royal Lancs, for an Olympia qualifier.

He rose to the occasion yet again, winning his class and standing reserve champion, narrowly missing out on his Olympia ticket.

We then attended Ponies UK Summer Champs and stood 2nd in the HOYS again, where, to my absolute delight the pony that came forward to win had already qualified, so we had secured our return ticket back to Birmingham again! Attending HOYS 2009 with absolutely no expectations Raven was first out to do his show and gave a performance well beyond his 5 years.

Then into the conformation and then back into the main ring where to my delight we were pulled into the final 11.

As they counted down in reverse order my heart was in my mouth, after 5th had been pulled in I couldn’t believe I could be any higher than that when suddenly at 3rd place they shouted Raven’s name.

It was the most amazing feeling of my life and not only was he 3rd at the Horse of the year show he was also the highest Fell and ended up joint 2nd on the marks.

He also achieved an overall mark high enough to have won any of the other M&M sections! I’d love for him to manage his Olympia ticket next year but I don’t expect any more from this wonderful, truly stunning pony, my best friend who has already made my wildest dreams come true.

Hayley Reynolds 82 People and Ponies: Banksgate Galway Girl Our homebred 3 year old filly Banksgate Galway Girl (Sire: Townend Rally.

Dam: Banksgate Bonny Lass) was Champion fell pony at the Westmorland County Show last month in strong well filled classes.

Also this summer she was Fell Pony Champion at Weardale Show.

She also took the Reserves at Keswick, Dufton and South Cumbria this summer.

We did not take her to the Breed Show this year but she was Reserve Youngstock Champion there in 2008.

Galway Girl is named after the catchy song by American singer Steve Earle.

Its about a beautiful young Irish woman but some of the words fit eg “You ain’t never seen nothin’ like the Galway Girl” etc.

The photo was taken when we got home after Westmorland Show.

We have a copy of Sue Millard’s book “Hoofprints in Eden.” The young man pictured with his colt at the end of the book (Page 238) is our son Alan now aged 19 and twice the size! He is an Apprentice Farrier just completing his second year training.

Thank you very much.

Regards, Tony Ashcroft 83 People and Ponies: Tredellans Justin I am the proud owner of Tredellans Justin (FP71044G, s.

Graysons Lucky Robbie d.

Graysons Floss) aka Jet.

My interest in Fells started after seeing a stunning advert in Horsedeals a few years ago on the Stallions at Stud section where Gina Feakins’ Llancloudy Stud did a page.

From then I became a member of the FPS and received newsletters.

As we had just purchased a house in France I took note of the Globetrotter Stud in the Charente where I had many an interesting conversation with Libby Robinson about her ponies.

One of Libby’s ponies, Globetrotter Mosquito, is in Guernsey and is owned by a lady who does very well carriage driving with Moss.

I think Jet and Moss are the only Fell ponies in Guernsey.

I bought Jet from Barbara Hall, Truro, Cornwall from the Tredellans Stud June 08 as a fluffy, shy 9 month old colt.

He has been and is a joy to own.

I have grown to understand the true love of the Fell pony and how addicted you become.

Jet is learning daily handling skills like being tied up, respecting fencing, being groomed and wearing rugs.

He is excellent to do all of these things.

He is a late foal and will be three in September 2010.

I intend to start longreining in the spring in preparation for backing when he is a three year old.

Jet already accepts the bridle and roller with no problems.

I have moved him from home to a small friendly yard so he can socialise with new people and meet other horses.

I intend to show him in the spring and summer this year at our local Riding Club and Parish shows.

We will enter youngstock and M+M classes.

I have been practising with hosing his feet down in preparation for bathtime later on.

He is beautiful and I can’t wait to be riding him in the future.

I look forward to many happy years with Jet and am totally hooked on this beautiful breed.

I enjoy receiving the newsletters and love the beautiful pictures and interesting and sometimes educational articles that are printed.

Regards, Mrs Annette Bessin Guernsey, Channel Islands 84 People and Ponies: Triumphant Fells at Castle Howard Two Fell ponies took part in the Pleasure Ride at Castle Howard, North Yorkshire on Sunday 4th October 2009, and they won the Pairs Competition.

The ride was organised by the North & East Yorkshire Group of Endurance GB and, as a special event for the last ride of the season, a pairs competition was held.

Twenty six pairs were entered in the competition and around 100 riders took part overall in the ride covering distances of 18km and 30 km.

Special rosettes were sponsored by Carlton Services for the Pairs event.

Castle Howard is a wonderful place for a day out, and the venue was at the side of the lake near to the house itself so many of those accompanying the riders took the opportunity to go to the house and grounds for a look around.

Dalewin Beauty, ridden by Sue Willmington (and owned by Liz Worthy), was paired with Browdale Austin owned and ridden by Liz Forster.

They scored maximum points from the judge.

Both ponies and riders enjoyed their day out.

Beauty regularly takes part in EGB Pleasure Rides and was the winner of the 2008 Fell Pony Society Pleasure Ride Competition, but this was Austin’s first Pleasure Ride.

The pair went around in true Fell fashion keeping in step throughout the ride and both riders and ponies seemed to have a permanent smile on their faces.

The views of Castle Howard, the lake and surrounding land were wonderful and the ride took in many of the local bridleways and additional paths and tracks not normally open to the public.

Long canters on grassland and tracks through woodland made this one of the best rides of the season.

Liz Worthy Dalewin Beauty (left) ridden by Sue Willmington (and owned by Liz Worthy), paired with Browdale Austin owned and ridden by Liz Worthy.

Photo Ian Forster 85 People and Ponies: My Versatile Fell Pony—Hades Hill Fay II What a year we have had.

It all started at the MESG Spring Show held at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre on Sunday 22 March.

Fay did quite well in the in-hand and veteran classes, following which I was asked by Margaret Anderson whether I would consider putting Fay out on loan for the purpose of her taking part in the Native Pony Demonstration at the Royal Show.

We were so thrilled we just could not believe it was happening.

After due consideration it was agreed that Fay should go out on loan to livery at Barrow-on-Soar where Margaret’s daughter would bring Fay up to fitness for the purpose of riding her at the Royal.

She behaved absolutely fantastically, did all that was asked of her and duly gave two performances a day for the duration of the last Royal Show, plus taking part in the opening and closing ceremonies.

In June she had a break from her training, came home, and we took her to the Aylestone Native Pony Show on a very wet day where she came home with three rosettes, two firsts and a second.

Then we had to start preparing for the Southern Breed Show in September, but whilst she was at livery a young girl, Bethan Audley, asked me whether she could take Fay in the Young Handler class at the Southern.

We agreed that Fay should stay a little longer at Barrow-on-Soar.

We eventually had Fay home and work started towards the Southern Breed Show, and what a Show we had.

My Versatile Fell Pony came home with 15 rosettes and two trophies after being shown In-hand, Veteran, Dressage, Junior Handler, Traditional Ridden and Driving including two Best Turnout, Best Brown and Reserve Champion.

None of the above would have been possible without my husband driving the lorry, Karen Chambers showing in-hand, ridden, and preparation, Jane Rawden showing at the Royal, and of course Bethan Audley, Young Handler.

Mrs Margaret Enser Cottage Farm, Hall Lane, Bitteswell, Lutterworth, Leics. 86 People and Ponies: Anastasia Meadows Anna started riding her Fell Aylestone The Merrie Monk in 2008, concentrating on her Dressage Training and Riding Club activities. 2009 saw a step up in the level of Competition, first attending the Preliminary round of the Pony Club Dengie Winter Dressage League.

Anna also rode Merrie’s dam Oldmill Mystique and although she failed to qualify for the Novice Area Competition she managed to qualify both ponies for the Open Section.

The Area Competition however was on the same day as the Midlands East Support Group Spring Show.

We followed our hearts and went to the Spring Show.

We had a fantastic day; we took both ponies and between them won the In-Hand Pairs, Ridden Pairs, Ridden Mares, and Child Ridden 6-12yrs, Intermediate WHP, Handy Pony, and Family Pony.

Anna also qualified for the NPS Dressage Finals.

In April we decided to miss the NPS Dressage Finals to take part in the Pony Club Winter Dressage Championships at Moreton Morrell.

Anna took Merrie in the Dressage to Music Section in the main indoor arena in front of a large crowd which was quite a daunting experience.

Then Merrie and Anna and Oldmill Mystique along with fellow Atherstone member Beatle Payne took part in the Dressage to Music Pairs and came 4th.

Anna’s Music Team also came in 4th.

In July Anna and Merrie made their first Photo, Pete Morris appearance on the Atherstone Pony Club’s Novice Dressage Team for the Area Competition, with a creditable 64%.

August saw the pair competing at the Pony Club Championships at Draycott House.

Anna’s Novice Music Team came in Third and along with myself and Oldmill Mystique we came second in the Family Music Pairs.

This year Anna competed at the NPS Summer Championships as a member of the NPS Area Xl Team for the NPS Young Judges Competition.

They came an amazing third out of the eleven teams that took part, (many thanks to Russell Sutcliffe who helped train Anna at the NPS Area Xl Show back in May.) She spent the rest of the Show helping Steward the WHP Rings but is desperate to take the ponies next year and has already started saving the money for the stabling.

The year ended with Anna being awarded the NPS Area XI President’s Award by Mrs Elizabeth Mansfield-Parnell.

It was a huge honour of which we are most proud.

Isabel Meadows 87 People and Ponies: Thornbeck Jade This fall, we were fortunate enough to schedule Thornbeck Jade for a month of training with Ivan Swain in Springfield, Missouri.

Ivan is a Natural Horsemanship instructor, specializing in Parelli methods.

We quickly discovered that Jade is extremely intelligent and often comes up with unusual ideas of her own rather than what we think should be the normal, obvious answer.

For example, when presented with an obstacle such as barrels, Jade stopped and checked to see if there was a way under the barrels first before deciding on her approach.

In the end, she decided simply moving the barrels out of her way was the answer.

She nudged them aside, then ran through the obstacle quite pleased with herself for solving the puzzle.

I thought asking her to approach at a trot would convince her to jump the barrels but she just kicked them out of the way faster that time.

In the end, we did get her to start jumping the barrels.

Her favourite trick became standing on the tree stump with her front Images courtesy of feet.

I have no doubt Eternal Image Photography if I could find a Eternalimage.biz bigger stump, she’d stand up there with all four.

The most unusual training session consisted of teaching her to load in a trailer while I was sitting in a lawn chair.

You can see the video of it on our farm website.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

I can’t believe how easy it is to load her now and I ride her with just a halter – no bit.

There’s no need.

Magic’s Galileo is currently undergoing 2 months of training with Ivan.

Galileo is very energetic and works hard to please.

He’s broke to ride now and rides easily with just a halter.

I never would have thought about riding without a bit before this training. Dana Henry and Kimber Bishop Kimberlake Farm, www.kimberlake.com, Missouri, USA 88 “Caution?” On the left is Vikki Jenkins & Farleton Freddie and on the right Rosemary Wilson & Foggy Gill Jack Flash – enjoying the view from Farleton Fell. Reminder from the FPS Office: deceased ponies We know how hard it is to lose a pony, but by law the owner should return the pony’s passport to the Society for cancellation.

It can then be returned to you if you wish to keep it. 89 Ponies Past: Bracklinn Jo-Jo (1999—2009) Bracklinn Jo-Jo, Simply The Best! Jo-Jo was the pony of my lifetime.

I could never have asked for anything more of my loving pony.

He was truly remarkable, whether we were in the show ring parading round, feeling like we were on top of the world or galloping around the fields bareback without a care, Jo-Jo would always feel like a king.

We bought Jo -Jo at the Fell pony sales in 2002.

As soon as we saw him we knew he was the one, so we brought him home for me and my sister.

I trusted Jo-Jo.

Straight from the start we clicked together, we were inseparable.

I was only seven at the time but I still managed to get up out of bed, sneak outside and ride Jo-Jo by myself then get back into bed before anyone realised I’d even been out.

In the Show ring we won many championships, including Open ridden M&M Champion and Junior M&M reserve champion at Hexham native pony show, Reserve ridden champion at South Cumbria and in-hand male Champion at the Breed show.

He also won the trotting races for the past two years.

He was a star, he always tried his little heart out.

I was so pleased with Jo-Jo that we bought his full brother Bracklinn At the FPS Breed Show in 2007, Bracklinn Bertie.

Bertie has very big hoof prints Jo-Jo and Courtney Savage to fill from his brother but Jo-Jo will be proud of him.

In the last year Jo-Jo stepped back from the show ring and enjoyed jumping and hacking up the fells, however his last show will always be a memorable one as he won the Gelding Open Ridden at the breed show.

We had achieved our goal, I wanted nothing more out of him but to be my best friend forever and he will always be, nobody will ever take that away from him.

Whenever I’m riding he always will be by my side.

You will never leave me.

Thank you Jo-Jo.

Rest in peace boy.

Courtney Savage 90 Society Merchandise Price List FPS MERCHANDISE PRICE LIST and P & P Items Selling Price P&P CLOTHING (with FPS logo) Riding Mac £30.00 £5.00 Reversible Showerproof Fleece Lined Jacket £26.00 £3.00 Reversible Waterproof Waistcoat £24.00 £3.00 Rugby Shirt £30.00 £2.50 Hoody £22.00 £3.00 Fleece Sweatshirt (collar & straight hem) £21.00 £3.00 Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Adult) £17.50 £2.50 Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Child) £14.00 £2.50 Polo Shirt (Adult) £15.00 £2.50 Polo Shirt (Child) £12.00 £2.50 T Shirt (Child) £10.00 £2.50 Fleece Waistcoat (Adult) £22.00 £2.50 Fleece Waistcoat (Child) £16.00 £2.50 Fleece Hat £7.00 £1.00 V Neck Lambswool Jumper (Navy only) £15.00 £2.50 Hi Vis Waistcoat £10.00 £1.50 Tie £10.00 £1.00 Baseball Cap £8.00 £1.00 MISCELLANEOUS Towel £6.00 £2.00 Facecloth £3.50 £1.00 Key Fob £1.00 £0.25 Ballpoint Pen £1.00 £0.25 ‘Softgrip’ ballpoint pen £2.00 £0.50 Pencil £0.50 £0.25 Badge £2.00 £0.25 Car Sticker – Round or Oblong £1.00 £0.25 Car Tax Disc Holder £2.00 £0.25 Mouse Mat £3.00 £0.50 Tea Towel £3.00 £0.50 Coaster £2.00 £0.50 Fridge Magnet £1.50 £0.50 Boot Bag £12.00 £2.50 Monostrap Bag £14.00 £2.50 Tote Bag (large) £7.00 £1.50 Tote Bag (small) £4.00 £1.00 Tote Bag (coloured) £7.50 £1.50 Drawstring Bag £10.00 £1.00 Waistpack £8.00 £1.50 Shoulder Bag £8.00 £1.50 Wallet £6.00 £0.50 CARDS Calendar £5.00 £2.00 Christmas Cards (pack of 5) £2.50 £0.50 Notelets (pack of 5) £2.50 £0.50 Total £35.00 £29.00 £27.00 £32.50 £25.00 £24.00 £20.00 £16.50 £17.50 £14.50 £12.50 £24.50 £18.50 £8.00 £17.50 £11.50 £11.00 £9.00 £8.00 £4.50 £1.25 £1.25 £2.50 £0.75 £2.25 £1.25 £2.25 £3.50 £3.50 £2.50 £2.00 £14.50 £16.50 £8.50 £5.00 £9.00 £11.00 £9.50 £9.50 £6.50 £7.00 £3.00 £3.00 Postcards (pack of 12) assorted Postcards (pack of 10) BOOKS / VIDEOS/ CD A Lifetime with Ponies (Roy B Charlton) Dales Ponies The Fell Pony (Clive Richardson) British Horse & Pony Breeds (Clive Richardson) Jubilee Book One Fell Swoop (Sue Millard) Hoofprints in Eden (Sue Millard) Walk on the Wild Side (Carole Morland) Spirit of the Fell Pony (Fleur Hallam) Know Your Horses (Jack Byard) Showing Native Ponies Binder for newsletters or studbooks History CD STUDBOOKS / NEWSLETTERS Black Stud Book 1898-1980 Studbooks to 1999 (each) 2000 to 2006 (each) 2007, 2008 (each) Newsletter Back Copies PICNICWARE Clear Tumblers Mugs Bowls Plates Cutlery Sets £2.00 £1.50 £20.00 £15.00 £7.50 £18.99 £5.00 £2.75 £17.00 £12.50 £4.99 £4.99 £4.95 £7.00 £13.00 £5.00 £1.00 £5.00 £6.00 £1.00 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50 £3.00 £0.50 £0.50 £2.50 £2.00 £2.50 £22.50 £2.50 £17.50 £2.00 £9.50 £3.01 £22.00 £2.00 £7.00 £1.00 £3.75 £3.00 £20.00 £2.50 £15.00 £1.01 £6.00 £1.01 £6.00 £1.00 £5.95 £1.00 £8.00 £1.00 £14.00 £2.50 £0.50 £1.00 £1.00 £0.50 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £7.50 £1.50 £6.00 £7.00 £1.50 £3.50 £3.50 £3.50 £3.50 £4.00 Please contact the office for details of available colours/sizes for clothing and picnicware.

Send order and cheques payable to The Fell Pony Society to: The Secretary, The Fell Pony Society, Ion House, Great Asby, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6HD Tel/Fax 01768353100.

All prices quoted for P&P (post and packing) above are for shipment within the UK.

Different prices apply for shipments outside of the United Kingdom. 91 Christine Robinson and Kerbeck Night Destiny taking part in an impromptu race after the Trotting Races at Crosby Ravensworth Show .

Photo, MJ Gould-Earley.

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Read more about Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….:

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    Horses-Store.com and Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….
    Horses-Store.com - Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….
    Horses-Store.com and Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….
    Horses-Store.com - Fell Pony : Photo Sarah Charlton 2 THE FELL PONY SOCIETY Patron Her….