Foal : Listen for conditions such as As Is no guarantee as….

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Bridle Bijoux - grey, silver and crystal - Bridle-bling - Gifts Horses-store.comFoal : Listen for conditions such as As Is no guarantee as…. AUCTIONEERS Harold Brown. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Florida Wayne Boyd, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kentucky RING MEN Jason Singleton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kentucky Billy Stallion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …. . .

Kentucky SALES MANAGER WEST KENTUCKY HORSE SALES, INC. Wayne Boyd, Jr., Diane Boyd, Bradley Boyd and Alaina Boyd 10545 Hwy. 62 West Princeton, Ky. 42445 Phone 270-365-7272 Be sure to confirm the correct hip number and price before you sign.

Please print your name and address clearly since this document is used for the American Quarter Horse Association transfers, and invoicing.

A paid receipt or release is required to remove any horse from the sale grounds.

Present the PINK copy of the sales receipt to a sales security officer.

DO NOT REMOVE HIP NUMBERS from horses before leaving the sale grounds.


Announcements: To avoid making costly errors, please pay attention to all announcements made from the sales office and the auction stand, especially concerning horses on which you intend to bid.

Special announcements made concerning individual hip numbers will appear on the tote board.

Please listen carefully to announcements made at the time the horse is sold.

Listen for conditions such as: As Is – no guarantee as to eventual soundness; Broodmare or Breeding Sound Only – not selling for riding purposes, represented as sound enough only to carry a foal or to breed mares.

Care of horses after the sale: Please be reminded that at the fall of the hammer the purchaser assumes all risk and responsibility for the horse and must assume the care of the horse once it is returned to the stall.

All horses must be removed from the sale premises by 9 a.m.

Following the day of the sale.

Horses remaining are left at the buyer’s risk, responsibility and expense.

Any delays in shipment of horses must be approved by the sales office.

Horses being removed from sale area must have sale hip number still visible and paid receipt from the sale office to present to a sale security officer.

TERMS OF SALE Credit Cards: ONLY MasterCard, Visa or Discover cards will be accepted.

ALL SALES FINAL! NOTE: You MUST have credit card in hand to pay by credit card! Buyer’s Premium: There will be a 3% charge on each horse purchased! NOTE: Buyer’s premium will be entirely discounted for purchases paid for by cash or check.


All buyers will need their currently AQHA membership number.

PARKING AND REMOVAL OF HORSES Please park all vehicles and trailers in the pasture on the left marked for parking.

This area is before you reach the big white barn.

The parking lot is for load out.

PLEASE do not block this parking lot. BIDDER’S NUMBER IS REQUIRED Please register with cashiers prior to bidding.

Driver’s license or valid photo I.D.

Required when bidding.

BIDDER’S NUMBER AND PAYMENT Buyers MUST register for a Bidder’s Number. PLEASE REGISTER WITH CASHIER PRIOR TO BIDDING. To register you will need to present: (1) Picture identification such as a driver’s license. (2) Provide payment and bank information. (3) Buyers paying with personal or business checks MUST PROVIDE a letter of guarantee or a letter of introduction from their bank at the time of registration for a bidder’s number.

All accounts MUST BE PAID during or immediately following the end of the sale.

All payments shall be in U.S.

CURRENCY or checks drawn on U.S.

Banks ONLY.

Method of payment shall be cash, cashier’s or certified check, personal check (with proper bank letter of guarantee or introduction and picture identification, such as driver’s license), traveler’s checks or MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Credit cards: ONLY MasterCard, Visa or Discover cards will be accepted.


Buyer’s premium: 3%.

Buyer’s premium will be entirely discounted for purchases paid for by cash or check.

Registration certificates will be mailed to AQHA approximately 21 DAYS after the sale for horses paid for by check.

To obtain registration certificates on the day of the sale, payment MUST be made by CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER.

All returned checks will immediately be turned over to the county district attorney’s office and charges will be filed! Costs of collection, including attorney’s fees, will be assessed to the buyer.

In addition, there is a $50.00 charge for an any returned checks.

YOUR PROTECTION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Please read and be familiar with the Conditions of Sale in this catalog.

The conditions of sale stated in this catalog form a contract for the purchase of your horse.

You will be bound by these conditions even if you have not read them.

The conditions of sale state the protection a buyer receives as well as the responsibilities of the buyer, seller and sale management.

Examine horses before bidding.

Veterinary assistance is available at bidder’s expense on request to the sales company.

Please contact the sale veterinarian through the sales office.

Acknowledgment of purchase: After making the final bid on a horse, you must complete and sign the acknowledgment of purchase form. TERMS and CONDITIONS OF WEST KENTUCKY HORSE SALES, INC. KENTUCKY SALES TAX The 6% Kentucky sales tax applies and will be charged on ALL sales unless you meet and fulfill an exemption.

If buying for RESALE, a number alone is not sufficient — you MUST provide the cashier with a photocopy of your resale or vendor’s tax permit issued you in your state.

If your state does ot require you to hold a permit for the sale of horses, you must sign a statement as to such for resale.

Any other exemption must be fulfilled and signed.

If the exemption is not accepted for any reason the buyer will pay all sales tax owed to sales company. 1.

Terms of the sale are cash and payment in full must be made to the cashier immediately after the sale.

A check is acceptable from properly identified individuals, however, all papers will be retained until such check clears the bank.

Pay the cashier in all cases! In no case shall any part of the purchase money be paid by buyer to consignor as such payment will not be regarded as valid or entitle buyer to delivery of the horse.

On final payment for a horse, the cashier will issue an order which must be presented by buyer to the barn manager for delivery of the animal.

Buyers are cautioned not to lose these orders.

All horses must pass through the auction ring. 2.

The consignor shall be responsible for all transfer fees.

All transfers will be filled out in their entirety according to the rules and regulations of the horse associations.

All membership fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

All registration papers will be withheld 21 days by the sale management until all checks clear the bank.

At such time, the registration papers and transfer certificates will be mailed to the breed association for transfer.


The highest bidder is to be the buyer.

If any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the horse in dispute shall immediately be put up again for advance bids.

If there be no advance, then the horse shall go to the person from whom the auctioneer recognized the last bid.

The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The right to bid is reserved for all sellers unless otherwise announced. 4.

Unless otherwise announced at the time of sale by the owner or the auctioneer, there is no guarantee or warranty of any kind as to the soundness or condition of any animal.

Buyer has the right to have veterinary examination before a horse leaves the sale premises at his expense.

Once a horse has been removed from the sale grounds, no recourse is available. 6.

Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the sale grounds and while the horses are being sold in the ring.

The Sales Management or any of its employees or representatives or Western Kentucky University shall not be held responsible for any accident that may occur to spectators, buyers, horses, equipment, or for loss by fire, theft, or injury in any way or any manner. 7.

The Sales Management acts as agents only and will endeavor to protect the interests of both buyer and seller. 8.

The Sales Management or Auctioneer is authorized to decline any bid by intoxicated or disorderly parties, or by those who defaulted on former purchases, or by anyone who in their judgement is not a reliable or responsible party.

These parties may also be asked to leave the sale grounds. 9.

All horses are sold on the information in the footnotes which were furnished by the consignor.

The Sales Management is neither responsible for any such footnotes or for warranties concerning the horses cataloged.

It shall be the responsibility of the consignor to correct any necessary footnotes by advising the Sales Management or the Auctioneer. 10.

NOTICE: Checks returned marked Insufficient Funds, Accounts Closed and Stop Payment.

KRS 514.040 (1) (3) (6). (1) a person is guilty of theft by deception when he obtains property or services of another by deception with intent to deprive him thereof.

A person deceives when he intentionally: (e) issues or passes a check or similar sight order for the payment of money, knowing that it will not be honored by the drawee. (6) Theft by deception is a Class D felony, punishable by one (1) to five (5) years in the penitentiary and/or $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 fine.

There will be a $50.00 charge for all returned checks. 11.

The 6% Kentucky sales and use tax will be charged on each purchase where applicable.

ATTENTION, CANADIAN BUYERS: All transactions must be with U.S.

Cash, money orders, or bank drafts from a United States bank.

ALL HORSES MUST BE COGGINS TESTED WITHIN ONE YEAR OF THE DATE OF SALE. RESERVE SEATS When you arrive at the sale, you may reserve a seat in the buyer section of the first four rows for $10.00, or any other seat for $5.00.

All seats not reserved by 10:30 a.m.

Are available on a first come, first serve basis only.

Upon the purchase price of a horse, the buyer will receive a full refund on one seat per purchase. SPECIAL WARRANTIES — All cribbers, bleeders, weavers, horses that have been nerved or have navicular disease, horses that have been foundered, or crypt orchids MUST BE ANNOUNCED.

Broodmares will be guaranteed only to have been bred to stallions as indicated.

No guarantee is made of pregnancy status or eventual foaling unless made specifically by consignor.

No return privileges or live foal guarantees accompany mares unless stated by consignor.

Buyers should have broodmares examined before they leave the grounds. WARNING Under Kentucky Law, a farm animal activity, farm animal professional, or other person does not have the duty to eliminate all risks of injury of participation in farm animal activities.

There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept if you participate in farm animal activities. 1-YEAR COGGINS TEST REQUIRED ABBREVIATIONS IN CATALOG AQHA or QH – Quarter Horse • TB or JC – Thoroughbred FQHR – Foundation Quarter Horse Registry WFQHA – World Foundation Quarter Horse Alliance APHA – American Paint Horse Association PtHC – Paint Horse Club ApHC – Appaloosa Horse Club PHBA – Palomino Horse Breeders Association IBHA – International Buckskin Horse Association NSBA – National Snaffle Bit Association NCHA – National Cutting Horse Association NRHA – National Reining Horse Association NRCHA – National Reined Cow Horse Association ARHA – American Ranch Horse Association AHRA – Arabian Horse Registry of America AIF – AQHA Incentive Fund KyBIF – Kentucky QHA Breeders’ Incentive Fund TWHBEA – Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assn. EXAMINE HORSES PRIOR TO PURCHASING. THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY MADE BY AUCTIONEER, SALES MANAGEMENT, OR CONSIGNOR AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY ANIMAL OFFERED FOR SALE IN THIS AUCTION. 5.

Horses shall belong to the buyer when they leave the ring.

The consignor shall be obligated to return the entry to the proper stall and to contact the buyer.

All horses must be removed from the sale grounds immediately following the sale.

If any person shall purchase a horse and fail to pay for it, nothing contained herein shall prevent the Sales Management from compelling such person to pay for it.

Further, the purchaser in default shall be liable for a delinquency or late charge at the rate of one and one-half percent (1½%) per month on the unpaid purchase price from the date of sale until paid (effective annual interest rate of eighteen percent [18%]).

All expenses of collecting (including attorney fees, etc.) arising from the buyer default will be paid by the buyer. LOT 1 CHANCE – Miniature 5 yr Sorrel Gelding —————— ————— footnotes: 5 year old miniature gelding.

Used in a therapeutic riding program. LOT 4 Dody – Grade — LOT 9 ROCK N ROJO – 4251995 AQHA 2002 RedRoan Mare Consigned By Thornton Qtr Horses Blue Valentine Fox Hastings Blue Valentine Missus Robin Two Rocks Miss Otoe Ray San Tip Noon News Jaz Platinum Poco BUENOS BRAVO Miss Pavos Poco Cabin Cruise IMA CABIN CURISE TOO Ima CJ Cutie Gooseberry ROJO BERRY Blue Kewpie Doll Two Rocks Ray ROCKS PEPPY SAN Noon Tip footnotes : Will have to do a color change as he is now a Dunskin or champaign grulla.

Will be big enough to make a rope horse, barrel or reining prospect.

Note white stripe down his neck as well as having a coon tail. footnotes: A beautiful and stout bay roan mare.

We have used her as a broodmare for the past five years and she has been absolutely wonderful.

Easy to breed.

She is sweet, gentle and a very good mother.

Her foals are easy to train and have great minds.

Selling with foal at side. LOT 13 SMOKIN DAKOTA CHISM- 4761981 AQHA 2007 Bay Gelding Consigned By Travis Greenwell Smokin Ovetime Leo Impressions Of Smoke Katys Baby Doll CHISM SMOKIN DUDE Shes A Dainty Dude Perky Rebel Cat UP TOWN YALL Red Spectra Coles Sweet Dude June Del Rey Blue Rebel Cat Perky Liberty Blue Rebel Cat Spectacular Lass LOT 16 CABALLO D – 5233695 – AQHA 2008 Black Gelding Consigned By Longhorn Horses Continental Kind Leolo Tusi Ebon’s Zion Son Juanita Azul Star Continental Leo CABALLO D Kings Annie Dude Bonanzas Champ Bonanza King Stump Spiva’s Fancy MISS DDAKOTA BEE Miss Grey Bee Double Jack Bee Miss Grey Eagle Footnotes : 15 hands, stout made gelding.

Has been my personal trail horse for 2 years.

We have used him to push cows and sort on.

Has a one hand neck rein and an easy to set lope.

He will ride out quiet in a group or alone.

A nice gelding. LOT 14 KINGS MYSTIC FANCY | 4781557 AQHA 2005 RedDun MARE Missy Jo Hollingsworth — Consigned By J & J Farms Doc’s Remedy Fillinic Genuine Doc Seven S Margarita Thornton Qtr Horses Olenas Mint Doc Dell Cutter Pocos Mr Tivios Poxos Smokin Cookie Gray Sugar Cookie Go Tuxedo Go HAIRPIN YOU GO GIRL Smokeys Choice Successor Lil Rebel Successor Crimson Choice Bueno Chex Bueno Chex Willie Nug’s Honey WILLIE NITA BEE JAY Sonitalena Sonitas Lil Mac Liz Mac footnotes : This is a fancy reiner.

She has the best pedigree in the world.

She is NRHA Fut/Derby NOMINATED.

She is cool and will make a big-time show horse.

She is one that can take to the winners circle.

Watch her ride.

She is the real deal.

Paid up in the NRBC. footnotes: A beautiful and stout bay roan mare.

We have used her as a broodmare for the past five years and she has been absolutely wonderful.

Easy to breed.

She is sweet, gentle and a very good mother.

Her foals are easy to train and have great minds.

Selling with foal at side. AQHA IF LOT 38 HORIZONS VALENTINE-4269776 AQHA 2003 Bay Mare Consigned By Barbara Dixon Colenel Freckles Belinda Lena Doc O’Lena Starlet Sequin Jewel’s Leo Bars Christy Jay Fritz Doc Bar Laurie AQHA Inc LOT 40 ZIPPOS BLUE LEGACY- 5407074 AQHA 2011 Buckskin Mare Consigned By Paula Kloiber Figure Four Blue Frosty Blue Comet Annie Eighty FROSTY BLUE CHARGER Good N Te Miss Charger Leiges Chargergirl Zippos BP ZIPPOS GOLD MARQUIS Marquis Meech Zippo Bar Pine Ms Montana Pine Marquis Starr Jr Meechees Sheik SMF Lenas Award LENAS HORIZON Lenas Miss Starlet Colonel Freckles ADD A FRECKLE Adlita Chex footnotes: Can’t say enough about this mare.

Look at her pedigree, it speaks for itself.

She is a nice intermediate level reining horse that jus need a tune up after several years off.

She won a NRHA green reiner class of 20 horses in 2007 with an amateur rider.

She’s a nice trail riding horse, has her NRHA license & registered in the American Ranch Horse Assoc.

If you have a child that is looking for a best friend this summer here she is.

This mare will make a wonderful team penning or take her to the Ranch Horse Show.

She is also in a movie that is coming out 2012-13, “Revelation trail” , a zombie western, where she carries flaming torches and stares down zombies. footnotes : This pretty filly is the last foal by Zippos Gold Marquis who was a beautiful palomino mare.

Laid back just like her dam was.

This is the only buckskin we had so far out of our blue roan stallion.

This filly is a very easy keeper and is absolutely precious (that’s why we call her that).

She is up to date on shots, worming, and farrier. LOT 41 CHINAS ROCKY ROAD – 929,362 APHA 2007 Black/Overo Gelding Tuffern Blackmajic WILL HE BE TOUGH Will O Daniel Hickman Tuff Scoop Honeys Black Majic Fast Anthony Eden’s Lass PRINTED CATALOG AVAILABLE DAY OF SALE Indelibles Image Indelible Moonshine Starnada INDELIBLES CHINA BAR Garys Bar Chub Meyers Chub Bars Princess Meyers footnotes = Gorgeous black and white overo paint.

Rides and drives.

Great ground manners.

Bathes loads clips stands for the farrier.

Beautiful halter horse.

Has been trail road and drove extensively.

Goes through water or traffic.

Anywhere you want to go.

Check him out you won’t be disappointed.: LOT 42 COLEYS SPIDERMAN 4971577 AQHA 2007 Bay Gelding Consigned By Wilford Dean Peppy San Badger Wheeling Princess Doc O’Lena Cancan Miss Beaver Royal Miss Hank King Wheeling Peppy WHEELING THRU DODGE Dodge O Lena Country Royal COLEYS ROYAL QUEEN — 2002 Red Roan MARE Poco Leo Dandy SECO POCO DANDY Seco Kris Doc’s Hotrodder PRARIE NIGHT TOO Prarie Night Shannon Irvin Poco Item Ginger Leo Dandy Seco Wolf Seco Lois Doc Bar Jameen Tivio Captain Jess Little Prarie LOT 56 DUDE OF BOSTON – 844 528 APHA 2005 Black Tobiano Gelding Leonard Maraman Sir Mickey McCue Trooper Tee Mccue Ebony Emphasis BOSTON TEE MCCUE Mr Mac Meyers Mac Midnight Minnies Cool Moon T Town Dude T TOWN MISSY Skippressive I Am Missys Impressive Lobella footnotes : Trail ridden, no holes.

Pleasure bred.

Lots of training, 3-4 months.


Blondy’s Dude Lazy L Pretty footnotes = Frosty has been my personal horse for the past 8 years.

I’ve used her to work & gather cattle and for relaxing trail rides.

She has a nice lope, super smooth jog and a big stop.

Frosty rides like a ranch gelding but you can still raise a foal every year.

Last year’s foal was a beautiful Red Roan stud colt.

You don’t have to be a cowboy to ride and enjoy Frosty. LOT 57 MR CACTUS COTTON DOC – 4546193 AQHA 2004 Palomino GELDING Docovegas Cleo DOCOCVEGAS DOZER AQHA IF LOT 60 FROSTY BLUE POCO TIV–5407218 AQHA 2011 Palomino Mare Paula Kloiber Figure Four Blue Frosty Blue Comet Annie Eighty FROSTY BLUE CHARGER Good N Te Miss Charger Leiges Chargergirl Jessie Tivio TNT Miss Tiff Vista Dude Tardys Gray Lady J & J Farms Doc O’Vegas Boy Lenavegas Vickie Lena’s Vegas Boy Lenasvegas Virgie Rocks Patty Sugs Doc Didget HIGH COTTON DOC Ben Bars Lady Doc’s Sug Senorita Didget Ben Bars Peppy Skoshi Supreme — J & J Farms Diamond Co Star Zoelene Dollor Quincy Bar Bonanza Auctioneers Mpress James Rudolph The Invester Randados Rosa Smokey Music Bar Smokey Commander Cupie’s Fiesty JET SMOKE JASMIN Scenic Blondys Jet Mia Moon Docs Moon Trip footnotes: Big loud colored palomino/white gelding.

He has been trail ridden , pasture ridden and exposed to cattle.

A nice looking horse to have around and enjoy. LOT 68 SHEZA REAL DREAM – 582 342 ApHC 1999 Black Roan Mare Dreamfinder HEZA DREAMCATCHER Sizzlin Tardee Impressed By All IMPRESSED BY JACKIE Fancy’s Lacy J footnotes: ROM Black Roan mare by World Champ.WestPleas stallion HEZA DREAMCATCHER.

Mare has 60 halter points.

We have owned her since she was a 2 yr old and she was a wonderful broodmare for us.

Easy breeder and good mom.

In foal to our homozygous west-pleas.stallionSWITCH TO GLIDE for a Jan foal.

Broodmare sound light weaver, doesn’t weave in the field with other horses.

Really nice mare-doesn’t cause any trouble.

HYPP N/N Barbara Dixon LOT 71 SUPER MOODY BLUE – 829,739 APHA 2005 Black/Tobiano Gelding Ima Superman MOODY SUPERMAN Aint Mood Miss Sutton Place Boy SUTTONS KARBON COPY Karbon Kate Breeze Bar Blondy Sutton Hurds Red Star Goldie Blair Cody Daniel Hickman Super Swift Flash Thru Dude Little Go Buddy Brown Sugar LOT 69 IMA SNOWBIRD – 668191 APHA 2002 Sorrel/Tob/Ov Gelding Ima Tru Skip IMA TRU DELUXE Thornton Qtr Horses — 2004 Black Mare Mr Zippo Win ADDICTING Sheza Two Stepper LOT 96 ROYALTY I AM -3530479- AQHA 1996 Sorrel Mare Heza Royal Step HD ROYALTY Miss Skip Agent Skip Agent SKIPS FANCY AGENT Poco’s Chiquito Skip Agent Dudes Little Bit Splash Bar Wells Honey Poco Harold Longhorn Horses Big Step Seco Jill’s Wolf Dynamic Deluxe Dynamic In The Dark Pocos Unique Fashion TWOSTEPPIN INTHEDARK Mr Twist N Time Sheza Two Stepper Lady Conquest footnotes: Gorgeous 8 yr old jet black AQHA mare by multifuturity winning WP stallion-ADDICTING.

Out of an own daughter of DYNAMIC IN THE DARK. 15 hands, quiet mare, easy breeder and good mom Checked in foal by ultrasound for a Jan 2013 foal by homozygous ApHC stallionSWITCH TO GLIDE-black west.pleas.

Stallion top 10 National Champ.west.pleas and ROM in Halter and points in trail.

Mare was started under saddle by a professional trainer and was riding well as a 3 yr old.

Has since been a broodmare. Hickey’s Miss footnotes : Very pretty mare been trail ridden all over from beginners to experienced.

Real easy to get along with.

Would make a super brood mare or family horse.

Check her out on sale day! LOT 99 LILY OAK – 4332578 AQHA 2002 Cremello Mare Dudes Silver Son DUDES SILVER OAK Thornton Qtr Horses Bondy’s Dude Bars Of Sugar Deacons Fancy Dude Deacons Annie Oakly Top Charging Annie Too Obvious CLUES SUGAR BARS Irish Sugar Bars Intimatar Too Clues Obvious Model Instant Pressure Pacific Dix Irish footnotes: This is a big stout and well muscled broodmare.

There are not too many horses like her around.

She has been a part of our broodmare ban for 5 years and has given us great foals with lots of color every year.come take a look at this one-of-a-kind mare.

Selling without her foal. LOT 100 KIDS LUCKY BABE – 964543 APHA 2009 Sorrel/Overo Stallion Ima Lucky Angel KB LUCKY CHANCE LOT 103 ZZ ONE BUFF FRECKLE – 4425328 AQHA 2003 Red Roan Gelding Jrs Buck JK DOCS FRECKLES Brad Miles Sonnys Lucky Chance Versary Lucky Gay Perry Neal Jr Freckles Jill Gay Bar

Read more about Foal : Listen for conditions such as As Is no guarantee as….:

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