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G. Born in County Clare, Ireland in 1869, he became a renowned athlete at Trinity College of Dublin in track, tennis and golf.

He came to America in 1889, and was the first publicity director of the International Livestock Exposition.

He was first employed by the Union Stock Yards and began free-lance writing on golf subjects.

His position as publicity director of the International led to contracts to handle the publicity of the New York Horse Show and the Chicago Automobile Show.

He was press representative of the International Live Stock Show until his death in 1912 SALMON, DR.

DANIEL ELMER He was the first chief of the US Bureau of Animal Industry.

Born Mt Olive, NJ 1850.

Entered Cornell first freshman class, graduating with a degree of Veterinary Surgeon in 1876 after six months of study at Alfort Veterinary School in Paris, working with the great Pasteur.

After graduation he opened a private practice in Newark, NJ and six months later Cornell granted him a DVM degree.

In 1883 he was called to Washington DC to establish a veterinary division in the USDA.

In 1884 the Bureau of Animal Industry was established and for 21 years he was its chief.

Among the benefits to the livestock interests credited to his service is the eradication of cattle pleuro-pneumonia, federal inspection of exported animals and the ships to carry them, improvement of animal quarantine, discovery of the cause of Texas fever and its control, establishment of federal meat inspection, and study of many serious animal maladies.

He received many national and international awards before his death in 1914. S&S Portrait Collection Page 107 SANDERS, ALVIN HOWARD “Dean of American Livestock Journalists”, he was born in Iowa in 1860, raised on a farm, and graduated from Northwestern University in Law in 1881.

That same year he helped the Breeders’ Gazette get started, and in 1883 he was made editor and publisher of that illustrious livestock journal.

He held those positions throughout his active lifetime.

He also wrote many breed histories including History of Shorthorn Cattle (1900), The Story of the Herefords (1914), At the Sign of the Stock Yard Inn (1915), The Road to Dumbiedykes (1916), History of the Percheron Horse (1917), The Black Swans (1918), and In Winter Quarters (1919).

He was awarded several honorary doctors’ degrees.

He was a prolific, interesting, and well-informed writer, and a founder of the Saddle and Sirloin Club. SANDERS, JAMES HARVEY Born in Scioto Valley of Ohio, he moved to Iowa in 1868 and began breeding Percheron horses.

He brought the first purebred bull, a Shorthorn, into Keokuk County, IA.

In 1876 he founded and published the Norman Stud Book, which was the forerunner of the American Percheron Stud Book.

In 1881 he and his son, Alvin Howard Sanders, established the Breeders’ Gazette which was financed primarily by Jerome I.

Case, the Wisconsin farm implement manufacturer.

He wrote books on Horse Breeding (1885) and Breeds of Livestock (1888).

He died in 1899. SCHREINER, L.

A. One of the country’s largest sheep and goat raisers who was a pioneer in developing the wool market in Texas.

He attended schools in Kerrville, Comfort and San Antonio and in 1890 attended Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, NY taking bookkeeping, stenography and banking.

In 1891 he returned to his father’s bank in Kerrville, TX.

He became sole owner of the Charles Schreiner Bank in 1919 and for 71 years was its chief executive.

In 1930, he joined the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers’ Assn.

And accrued a widespread reputation during times of drought for his banking interest with farmers and ranches.

He was an honorary director for life.

He became the only Texan among officers and directors of the National Wool Trade Assn.

He had donated much land and countless gifts of money for Kerr Co development.

He died in 1970 at age 99.

His portrait was presented to the club in 1939. SHAW, RALPH M. Distinguished Chicago lawyer and legal advisor to the Union Stock Yards and Transit Company.

Born Paris, KY 1869.

He was educated at Transylvania University and Yale.

He served on the University of Michigan staff before joining the Yards administration. S&S Portrait Collection Page 108 SHAW, ROBERT SIDEY Professor of Animal Husbandry at Michigan State, Dean of College of Agriculture and President of the University.

Born Woodburn, Ontario 1871, graduated Ontario Agriculture College.

Under Shaw’s direction the livestock program at Michigan State was strengthened by increasing the number of breeds and introducing pedigreed draft horses.

He emphasized marketing as well as production in the curriculum.

Recognized by breeders as a qualified and respected judge of both beef and dairy cattle.

Developed livestock extension programs and promoted the grading up of native cattle by the use of pedigreed bulls.

He was a master at getting breeders’ support for university programs and the purebred herds.

In 1922, he was honored with Doctorate of Agriculture by Michigan State.

His portrait was hung in 1933. SHEARER, PHINEAS STEPHENS Head of the Animal Husbandry Department at Iowa State University and a famous and active livestock judge.

Born at Melbourne, IA in 1889, he earned his BS degree from Iowa State in 1912 and his MS from Wyoming in 1932.

After one year at Nebraska, he joined the faculty of Iowa State in 1913 and completed his active service there.

He served as President of the American Society of Animal Science in 1950.

His portrait was hung by the Society in 1953. SHEPPARD, DR.


H. President of the North Dakota State College and Superintendent of the Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Contest at the International for 33 years.

Born Chariton, IA (1869) graduated Drake University (1883), Iowa State Agr College (1891), MS University of Wisconsin (1893).

Professor of Agr, NDAC Fargo (1893), Dean Division of Agr 1906-1915, Chairman Animal Husbandry Dept 1918 and from 1929-1938 served as president of NDAC.

Iowa State College presented him an honorary doctorate in 1928.

NDSU’s livestock pavilion is named in his honor.

A good teacher, he took an abiding interest in his students.

He constantly looked at improving strains of wheat, oats, barley and rye and livestock that would benefit North Dakota ranchers and farmers.

His portrait was presented in 1921. SHERMAN, JOHN B. Founder of the Chicago Union Stock Yards.

He was elected its president in 1866 and served in that role for 31 years.

Born on a farm near Beekman, NY in 1835, he was a successful participant in the gold rush of 1849.

He returned to Chicago and purchased a farm near the city and proceeded to grow corn and feed livestock.

In 1856 he undertook the management of two railroad livestock markets and later convinced all the lines to build and patronize a common Chicago market.

He died in 1902. S&S Portrait Collection Page 109 SHERWIN, JOSEPH President of Reid and Sherwin Packing Co.

And one of the two founders of the Union Stock Yards and Transit Co.

Born in Dublin, Ireland (1825-1904), he spent his youth in Massachusetts then moved with his family to Madison, IN where he learned to “lay brick in the summer and pack pork in the winter”.

In 1854 he and a childhood companion, John Reid, went to Chicago and formed Reid and Sherwin, builders and packers.

Both businesses prospered and many institutions benefited from his quiet and generous charity.

An active, diligent community leader and church member, he was elected to the Chicago City Council, and was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

He was recognized by the City Council for his philanthropy and generosity to the helpless at the time of the great Chicago fire in 1871. SIEBEN, HENRY Montana pioneer and one of the state’s largest and most prominent sheep and cattle growers.

Born Abenheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany (1848-1937) the youngest of six children.

He came to the US at age 4, settled Dutch Bottom (Geneseo, IL).

His father died in 1857 and he worked on local farms until 1864, when he joined brother Leonard and two companions with four-horse hitch and wagon to Meadow Creek (now Madison Co, MT).

He worked as a freighter, with brothers established their own freight company and got into stock raising.

He was charter member of the International Livestock Exposition Board (1892), active member of the Montana Stock Growers Assn.

And Montana Wool Growers Assn.

And received unusual honors from both Assns.

In 1912 he was chosen honorary president for life by the Wool Growers.

In later years he was active on the Federal Reserve and Union Bank and Trust Boards and many civic organizations in Helena.

At the time of his death, Sieben Livestock was one of the largest sheep concerns in the state. SIMPSON, FANNIE M. For many years employed in public relations by Swift and Company where he did yeoman service in developing a better livestock producers and college livestock staffs understanding between of the meat packing industry and its problems.

His portrait was added to the collection in 1955. SKINNER, DEAN JOHN HARRISON Head of the Animal Husbandry Department and Dean of the College of Agriculture at Purdue University.

Born at Romney, IN in 1874, he earned his BS degree from Purdue in 1897.

He was a member of the Purdue faculty continuously from 1899 until his retirement.

His promotion to dean came in 1907.

He was a prominent livestock judge and served in various roles on many livestock organizations.

He was a strong proponent of silage feeding in Indiana and built a strong faculty and herds at Purdue. — SOULE, ANDREW MACNAIRN Dean of the College of Agriculture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1904-1907) and later president of the University of Georgia.

Born Hamilton, Ontario (1872-1934).

Asso Ont.

Agr College 1892, BSA University of Toronto 1893, ScD University of Georgia 1910, LLD 1916, Dagr 1928.

Chairman Agr Faculty University of TN 1899-1904, Dean Coll of Agr Virginia Polytechnic and Director Virginia Exp Sta; President Georgia State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (University of Georgia).

He organized co-education there and founded the State Extension Service (1908).

He served on many federal and state commissions.

He was Federal Food Administrator for Georgia 1917-1919.

Authored numerous books on agriculture subjects.

Received Fellow Award, Royal Society of Arts (London). SPOOR, JOHN A. President of the Union Stock Yards and Transit Co and chairman of the International Livestock Exposition.

Born 1851 Freehold, NY.

He was educated at the Hudson River Institute, Claverack, NY and went to Chicago in 1886.

He became general manager of the Wagner Palace Car Co, later extending his interests to other railways and Chicago financial institutions.

The Central Manufacturing District was one of his important works.

In financial circles he was known as “J.

Pierpont Morgan” of the Middle West.

He was a trustee of Newberry Library and a member of many civic and social organizations in Chicago, NY and London.

His private library contained many rare specimens of bookbinding collected on his world travels.

He died in 1926. STONE, E.

C. Chief organizer of the Hampshire Swine Record and the breeds first full time executive secretary (1903-1924).

He established the association office in Peoria, IL and was the editor and publisher of the breed’s monthly magazine, Hampshire Advocate.

In 1921 he became owner of the publication.

He was also a purebred Hampshire breeder and ardent promoter, known affectionately as the man who put Hampshires on the map.

His portrait was hung in the gallery in 1939. SWAN, ALEXANDER H. Founder of Swan Land and Cattle Company of Wyoming and Wyoming Hereford Cattle and Land Association (later the famous WHR).

A pioneer in the use of corn belt farms for finishing cattle for market, and for the popularization of purebred Herefords in the northwest.

Born 1831 in PA, he settled in Indianola, IA in 1858 and for ten years was active in raising, buying, feeding, selling and shipping cattle, land speculation and commercial enterprises.

In 1873 he moved to Cheyenne, WY and with his brothers and foreign investors, this spectacular operator established vast ranches covering some 7,500 sections with 120,000 cattle.

He was active in the formation of the Laramie County Stockman’s Assn.

And the Wyoming Stock Growers Assn. (president 5 years).

He was the fifth president of the American Hereford Assn. S&S Portrait Collection Page 112 SWEET, ORVILLE K. A visionary, influential leader who propelled the American Polled Hereford Assoc. (1963-71) and the National Pork Producers Council to new heights under his leadership.

Born Wichita Falls, TX in 1923.

Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross and four Air Metals World War II.

BS Oklahoma State University in 1954 and MS in 1960.

Vocational Agriculture instructor Snyder, OK and had top state FFA chapter in 1954.

Manager Windswept Polled Herefords, Thomasville, GA before appointment as Extension Beef Specialist U.

Of GA.

Where he organized the Georgia Beef Improvement Association.

Membership grew by 300% while President and CEO of the American Polled Hereford Assoc.

He joined NPPC (1979-1989) as EVP.

NPPC became the largest commodity organization in the United States with 110,000 members and 50 state affiliates.

His product promotion program coined the most recognizable slogan in the industry – “the other white meat”.

His portrait was added in 1998. SWIFT, EDWARD F. President of Swift International, SA and Swift Refrigerated Transportation Company.

Born in Chicago, the son of G.



The capitalist was vice president of Swift and Co; Libby, McNeill and Libby; Fort Worth Stock Yards Co and served as director and officer for several noted banking institutions.

He died in 1932. SWIFT, G.

F. Founder of the famous meat-packing establishment of Swift & Co, Chicago, IL.

Born in Cape Cod, MA (1839-1903), he left the family farm to work for a butcher.

Later, he peddled meat on his own from house to house.

He opened a small slaughterhouse and in 1869 became a partner with J.


Hathaway in his plant near Boston.

He moved to Chicago in 1875 and established Swift Bros.

And Co in the Yards.

In 1885 Swift and Co was incorporated with Gustavus as its president.

He was an innovator in the business.

He shipped fresh meat in ordinary boxcars to New York in the winters and was the first to use by-products, using “all but the squeal”.

When he died in 1903, he was the head of the $35,000,000 company that hired 25,000 men. SWIFT, GUSTAVUS FRANKLIN JR. Son of the founder of Swift and Company, he served as President and Chairman of the Board.

A leader in meat promotion through the Livestock and Meat Board.

Born March 1, 1881. S&S Portrait Collection Page 113 SWIFT, LOUIS F. Succeeded his father G.


Swift as President of Swift and Company.

He became known for promotion of livestock loans and his company’s interest in ranch and feeding operations.

Born Cape Cod, MS 1861. TAYLOR, COL.


H. Noted Kentucky Hereford breeder who built the prominent herd of its time at Hereford Farm in Versailles, Kentucky, starting in 1913 and ending with his death in 1923.

His most famous bull was Woodford, purchased from his breeder, Col.



Curtice, for $12,400 in 1913, a record price for a Hereford bull up to that time.


Taylor was also prominent in the distilling business. TERRILL, CLAIR E. A world leader in sheep research in increase efficiency of production.

He developed facts about harm done to sheep industry by predators.

Recognized as one of the founders of the Targhee breed.

Born 1910 in Rippey, IA, graduated Iowa State 1932 and received PhD from University of Missouri in 1936.

Scientist US Sheep Research Station, Dubois, ID 1936-55 and director for 2 years.

Moved to Sheep Branch, Beltsville, MD and became National Program leader for ARS, USDA.

The accomplished lecturer held seminars and consultations on sheep, goats and other animals in New Zealand, Australia and many other countries.

An active member and officer of ASAS and was awarded its Animal Industry Service Award.

Received numerous high honors in scientific and livestock associations in the US and many other countries.

Portrait hung in 1989.

He died in 2001. THOMPSON, ARTHUR W. Prominent livestock auctioneer who brought dignity and respect to the purebred auction.

Born (1887-1970) on a farm in York County, NE, he decided on an auction career at an early age.

He attended York College, Lincoln Business College and Jones Auction School in Chicago.

He became an apprentice auctioneer at age 19 with Col.



Smith and later took over the Smith clientele when he accepted a political appointment.

In 1921 Thompson sold his first registered Hereford sale and for 20 years sold all breeds.

In 1944, he was so popular with his clients he decided to devote his time and talent entirely to the Hereford breed.

The eloquent, knowledgeable, innovative auctioneer set all time breed sales records during his career.

His portrait was hung in 1951

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