Four : Maybe there’s motive for a protest in the works although….

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First Aid - For the Horse Horses-store.comFour : Maybe there’s motive for a protest in the works although….

HELP! -We need a volunteer who understands the “Partner” phone system and can help us program our phone system correctly.

If that is YOU, please give Ed a call at FiHo, 78-648-2005.

THANKS, we’re struggling! Save the Date! – Saturday, May 15 is the date of our LUCKY 13th annual appreciation night which will be held at our own FIDELITY HOUSE from 6:30-11:00 p.m.

You could be the LUCKY ticket holder to win the $1,000.00 DOOR PRIZE!! The evening will include D.J.

Music from radio personality Hank Morse, hors d’oeuvres, silent auction and a live auction.

Tickets are $35 and are on sale at Fidelity House.

Sponsors, silent and live auction items are now being accepted.

The event is a major fundraiser for Fidelity House.

How can I help? Attend the celebration event! Donate your time, ideas or silent or live auction item.

Help by getting a corporate donation- does your campany do matching gifts? Become a sponsor! Take out an ad in our program book.

Attend the auction – and bid high! It all helps! SPEAKING of SUMMER-Do you know what Fidelity House offers during the Summer? Compare prices- we’re the lowest cost in town and as one camper parent remarked- ”you really get a bang for your buck!” Summer Day Camp for the 1st – 5th grade age and 6th – 8th grade crowd that includes DAILY swimming lessons and free swim for those hot scorcher days, Preschool Summer Days, Kindergarten Camp for kids going into and coming out of Kindergarten, Basketball programs for boys & girls, August Adventure Days for Kindergarten and up age groups, gymnastics and more!.. VOLUNTEER CLUB –WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! The Flower Sale is THURSDAY – SUNDAY.

Flower Sale sign up sheets are located by Lisa’s office! We can’t have a successful flower sale without U!! See Lisa for details.THANKS! All those that help will be allowed to go to the Thankyou ROAD RALLY in May! Basketball Marathon wrap up- FUNdraising that really was FUN for all!! It’s not too late to help raise some funds! We still have some first rate prizes! Highlights from this year’s Marathon…the event took off with the 2 Ball contest & 22 pairs of contestants.

Dark horses Dan Foley & Adrian Mourato pulled out the numbers and the first victory of the night….next came the all star cheerleaders Alyssa Lepore, Eileen Harris, Marisa Opalinski, Carter Kelley, & Francesca Pinard who all had to pull double/triple duty in the Trojan 2/2 tourney….Lou Doherty/Eileen Harris, Dan Foley/Marisa & Francesca Matt Catizone outshot the others to move up the ranks, but it was the young legs of Francesca & Matt C.

Who were able to outlast the elder Marisa & Dan in the finals and claim victory….the 5/5 tourney was the funnest to watch (YES, that’s a word in the FIHO dictionary)…if teams didn’t make the points thru the hoop, they certainly scored in either the team pride or fashion categories (even WITH those sought after scrimmage vests)..Ryan Harrington’s claim to 5/5 dominance wasn’t far off the mark as Ryan, Jaewoo Chung, Will Harris, Pat Keveny and Chris Towle made it to the finals over a Carter, Eileen, Francesca, Anna Ferrick and Nina Abdallah semi victory- but the “Harris Boys”- John Harris, Matt Marino, Matt Catizone, Harrison Roberson & Clauvitch Jean Risme discussed their strategy longer in the locker room and tapped the “play like champions” sign upon entering the gym and well, that tipped the balance….& we learned along the way that most kids prefer Pooh Bear over Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy & Scooby doo…the sound in the gym was deafening during the pressure packed Foul Shootout.

The 3 survivors (based on the honor system) were Matt Catizone, Andrew Flynn and Sabian Jenkins.

Several whammies later and some well timed encouragement, Matt & Sabian moved into the final shootout.

It came down to the last shots….but rookie Matt scored the pig pile rights…the wheelchair game, as always had some great highlights and made us wonder if some of the kids had been actually” practicing” their passing while sitting on the main floor couches..7 kids (that’s right- 7) on the winning team combined for 24 points including Marisa, Francesca, Chris Rikeman, Mikey Maher, Jake Fulton, Edwin Woods and Devaugn Gill and all were constantly passing down court to their teammates…Edwin was clocked with the fastest wheelchair hustle down the court- he must have had some hotwheels…we were surprised that with all Julianna Zucco’s hard work in the chair, the ball didn’t fall in the bucket for her.

We were not surprised however, to see many kids totally out of position, “cherry picking” as Kyle nicely pointed out, down in what SHOULD have been a 3second in the paint violation and sometimes we swear they forgot there even WAS a game going on (Alyssa)…although she didn’t pull out the victory, Amanda Swenson led all scorers with 8 points while Phil Leotsakos, Jake Walsh & Carter K.

Nabbed some crowd pleasers.

On Saturday, the day started out with a well stocked 5th grade boys parent team defeating an energetic squad.

It appears the 5th graders were scared to drive it in with Mrs.

Harris, Mr.

Maher & Coach Rob Scaro dominating in the paint, so they relied on the 3 point shot to keep them within 1 point of the victory.


Laurendeau & Mrs.

Harris swished in 12 & 8 pts.

Respectively while whipper snapper Danny Maher and sharp shooter Mark Tanner hit 12 & 10 for the underdogs.

In the 7/8th grade girls game , the game would’ve been tied had the moms & team just played, but the “adopted” Dad, Mr.

Swenson, tipped the balance.

Maybe there’s motive for a protest in the works (although the paper DID say “parents & coaches”- not specifically YOUR parents or coaches)…the award for most spirited, well attended game goes to , surprise, the 5/6th grade girls team- starting with the “final four” type fans and 16 players on each bench (that’s a whopping 32 players for those of you math challenged!).

Big Brother Aaron Swenson led all scorers while scorekeeper Mr.

Zucco put 8 of his own points on the scoreboard and Mrs.

Noviello led the “mom” scoring….Meghan Connors and Julianna Z.

Led the charge for the gals with 8 pts.

Apiece …In the Trojan slaughter, the Matt’s (Marino, Mancini & Catizone) combined for 28 points while Coach Coyne only chipped in a deuce (he’s still getting over a cold).

The 8th grade boys game, Coach Frannie Cusick is the poster child for how track can keep you in condition for basketball- 35 points! Maybe top 8th grade scorer Phil Leotsakos will be spotted having “Cusick” temporarily tattooed down his arm.

Marino & Mike Leotsakos combined for double digits in the effort.

In the Crusaders game, Molly McLean, Jenny Corso & Catherine McCartin represented their teams well, swishing in 20 points, Meghan Kreider showed promise with 4 pts.

While Anna’s Dad “ruined” Anna’s “perfect shot”, Carter’s Dad made swiss cheese of the defense in the 2nd half and Shelley Mitropoulos poured in her new season high 28 pts…in the Members vs.


Game, the V.C.

Should thank their lucky stars that Aaron Swenson put on his “I can score 10 points in 30 seconds show” and not the longer version…V.C.

Pulled it out, with 12 players – Jake W., Phil L., Francesca, Marisa, Brandon Woods, Lou, Edwin, Anna, Lauren Ramdin, Dan F., Liam Fagan and Adrian M.

Contributing to the final, Danny M., Xheni Lushi, John H, Michaela Noviello, Sarah Mattera and Adam Kleckner kept the members respectable..

In the girls vs.

Boys game, Alyssa L.

Led all scorers while Anna F.

Scored a season high…Foley, Harris & Fagan led the boys squad while Sean Clark broke the ice and netted 2 points- also, Lauren R.

Walked out with something to brag about- a block on twice her size Phil L….in the Staff vs.

Kids romp, Peter Ammondson & Clark Ewen got off a few of the lone buckets but Sheila Abdallah and Julias (Mattera & Joseph) were always hustling on the court…Jackie Woods decided to put on an offensive blitz- 32 points- in the hopes that he can offer some hoop instruction from 2:30 – 3 every day after school and Jeanine Buonopane’s persistence paid off with a hard earned 2 points….in the 6th grade boys game, the 6th graders showed no fear as Clark, Peter, Lou, Edwin, Adrian, Devaugn and Jimbo Doherty nosed their way to the hoop.

The highlight was the Edwin pass thru Eddie Woods legs and Eddie’s swift 3 point answer…in the final game of the evening, big men Adam K.

And Aidan Rojo chipped in 14 points each while Paul Chioccariello had 10, Colin Keyes and Brandon W.

Rounded out the scoring while Alex Aiello trashed talked in 17 points….and a final reflection of the day, a veteran player knows the value of FACE paints for creative expression and next year, we’ll consider adding crazy socks (1 of each) to the prize list! …. 3 pt.

Shootout first round THIS Tues & Wednesday (from 2:15 – 3:00 p.m) -Attention Julianna Z., Matt C, Sean C., M.Marino, Jeanine B.,Carter K.,, Fallon C., Francesca P., Eileen H., Adam K., Amanda S, Meghan K, Patrick H., Mikey & Danny M., Jenny C., Michaela N., Lauren R., Lou D., Catherine McC., Brandon W., Peter & John A. & Aidan R.- this means you.

Once the first round is up- we can post the second rounders…Thank yous to the following individuals who helped chalk up another fun Marathon with their help in the main floor cafe: Victoria Marino, Jessica Farrell & Rachel Buonopane.

Special kudos goes to all the Basketball Marathon players that raised over $30 in funds and received thank you prizes for that.

It was nice to see those same kids not expecting any prizes for their efforts and were demonstrating the spirit of giving back! memorable quotes & notes-” you know I am not one to push exercise, but the marathon was the best time I’ve had in a long time!”…”our 5/5 team is going to dominate”..”did you go to church like that?”… ”.who’d have thought Patrice would be talking basketball up on the main floor”…”I like running”…. EMBED Word.Picture.8 March 30, 2010 BUILDING HOURS Thurs, Fri & Saturday 4/1-4/4 Closed to open membership. (FLOWER SALE!) Preschool/Pre-K, SACCP, Full Day program meet on Thursday.

Full day programs offered on Friday !

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