Four : The Corrector is a patented system of four flexible ventilated….

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Guardian Stable Bedding - For the Horse Horses-store.comFour : The Corrector is a patented system of four flexible ventilated….

COWBOY CLASSIC SADDLERY In today’s era of umbrella companies and automated operators, it’s refreshing to know that when you call Cowboy Classic, M.L.

Or Cheyenne Wimberley will answer your call.

Cowboy Classic’s founders are life-long ropers who have operated the company themselves for decades and touch every saddle that goes out the door of their shop near Stephenville, Texas. “When we got into the business, we wanted to make a saddle that was affordable but kept the horse and rider in mind,” says Cheyenne, a former NFR qualifier. “We wanted the saddle to fit close to the horse and keep the rider in position to rope.” The ground seat design allows close contact with your horse and the location where the stirrup fenders are hung keeps you perfectly balanced to reach as well as sit deep for a rate or stop.

Also, the tree incorporates smaller, flatter bars flared in front to clear a horse’s shoulders and also in the rear to avoid pinching as you log a steer.

Not only are Cowboy Classic saddles made by actual competitors, but they’re priced in three categories to fit every budget. (888) 483-9921, WEAVER LEATHER Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Weaver Leather remembers its early days as Fryburg Shoe Shop—the company founded by Harry A.

Weaver in 1973.

The small shoe repair shop has grown into a worldclass manufacturer of leather and nylon products, but continues Harry’s promise to exceed the expectations of its customers, employees and community. “Part of Weaver Leather’s 40 years of success comes from being in tune with the equine industry,” says marketing manager Laura Rich. “Many of our employees are lifelong horse owners, and we also align ourselves with professional horsemen and women for advice on product trends, testing and information.” One of Weaver Leather’s newest offerings includes the classy Barbed Wire Collection, which got a makeover this season that includes oiled skirting leather construction to better bring out the design, as well as double row stitching, updated styling and specialty hardware with fresh black accents.

Three styles of hand tooled headstalls are available in split-ear or browband designs.complete your style by adding the breast collar, noseband and reins to match at your local retailer or when you order online. THE PROTECTOR On our February cover featuring NFR average winner Clay O’Brien Cooper low-fiving Chad Masters in the Thomas and Mack Center, you may have noticed Cooper’s attractive saddle pad.

But what you didn’t see was the flexible body-armor-type material underneath the felt. “That pad was one of our real fancy models with a lot of gold star conchos,” says Len Brown, inventor of The Corrector. “Clay’s been riding a Corrector for a long time and now he has the Protector.” The Corrector is a patented system of four flexible, ventilated shields within the pad that mold to your horse’s back.

It was named for the way it corrects design flaws in your saddle’s fit, but it also distributes weight more evenly than a regular pad and helps stabilize your saddle.

Now, Rickey Green is a fan of the Protector—a $30 upgrade to the Corrector package that incorporates more space-age materials and results in a lighter, stronger pad. “It has a 3/8-inch spacer material under the protective shields that provides great ventilation but that won’t collapse,” says Brown. “I’m always looking for new technology.

I found this material a few years ago and it works great as an insert.

Now you not only can correct your saddle, but protect your horse.” (330) 674-1782, 76 April 2013 (816) 625-0333, RYAN RIDE LIKE Saddle and Tack Guide Special Advertising Section Spin To Win Rodeo’s SOFT-RIDE EQUINE COMFORT BOOTS Fans at rodeos this spring are likely to see more and more timed-event horses tied to trailers wearing what look like black tennis shoes, but are actually Soft-Ride boots fitted snugly on their feet.

Each pair features an orthotic gel insert that reduces shock and vibration over long hours in the trailer and provides cushioning and support if a horse is stalled on asphalt or concrete at a big weekend roping.

The sole of the boot offers plenty of grip, so your horse also has great traction if you need to unload him on wet asphalt or if he’s penned on slippery footing.

The boots can be worn all night like slippers, or all day in the trailer or stall.

Not only that, but the interchangeable gel inserts come in four densities for therapeutic purposes if your horse struggles with laminitis or is recovering from an abscess or surgery.

Twelve sizes are available to fit anything from a mini-horse to a Warmblood, and the boots work on shod or unshod horses.

For reducing fatigue, enhancing performance and helping treat and prevent injury, Soft-Ride is the way to go. (855) 763-8743, STRAIGHT TIME STIRRUPS The official stirrups of the World Series of Team Roping are a hit with ropers, ranchers and mounted shooters who crave balance and comfort in the saddle.

The patented design is said to alleviate stress on your feet, ankles, knees and back while also making it easier to cue your horse for better performance.

The top of the stirrup is angled to allow the tread to hang parallel with the ground, the way your foot wants to hang while you’re in the saddle.

In addition, the shape of the stirrup hanger rod gives you added stability when you put your weight in the stirrups.

Barrel racers can expect a brand-new model out later this spring from Straight Time Stirrups, which makes each of their nine sizes of stirrups in the USA using heat-treated, aircraft-grade aluminum.

You can choose from among 15 different styles including burnished, powder-coated, copper/nickel, custom hand-engraved or leather-covered. “We can do just about anything you can dream up,” says owner Joe Godoy.

He also recently launched Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays ( through which you can order premium leather belts and shell pouches. (520) 424-3417, 78 April 2013 Cowboy Classic Saddlery Family Owned and Operated by M.L., Christi, and Cheyenne Wimberley Bill Pace – N FR Qualifier

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