Frog : Burping Contest 5 Meri Finds a Trap Door 6 Gallery….

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Bridle Bijoux - blue, silver and crystal - Bridle-bling - Gifts Horses-store.comFrog : Burping Contest 5 Meri Finds a Trap Door 6 Gallery….

Burping Contest 5 Meri Finds a Trap Door 6 Gallery Oscar Party Aerio Enters Down the Ladder Aerio Saves the Day And Baby Makes Two Ekla’s Return Party Hearty Kiss a Frog? Screetches 86 Septic Troubles Back to the Surface Riddle Mania 117 Apology Sitting at the bar in The Burping Troll Celebsul: It’s WEDNESDAY, and if Idril says there’s a PJ Burping Competition, then there must be.

So, I’ve been eating pickled gherkins and mushy peas.

My entry has been fermenting all day.

As I never win anything, I’m getting my retaliation in first.

You got about 30 seconds to stop me …. *gurgle, gurgle* — Celebsul: Ow, my head hurts.

BTW, Sevilodorf, is it you who has the Magical Hangover Cure…?

Blooming heck, look at the mess in here.

I suppose Ekla’s gonna want me to fix this place up.

I don’t think I’m up to that today.

If I can just worm myself out without waking Erin or the Warg, maybe I can find somewhere to hide. 

Hmm, what’s the greatest risk, Ekla or the Jabberwock? 

Okay, back down the hole it is.

There was some really inspiring music last night.

I think I’ll sing as I go. 

I love to go a-wandering
Under the Burping Troll
And as I go I love to sing
’Cos it echoes in this hole
Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra
Val-de-ra, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Val-de-re, Val-de-ra
’Cos it echoes in this hole

Oh, may I go a-wandering
Until I get quite lost
Or stray into Shannara 
Or get dragged back by the Boss
Val-de-re, Val-de-ra
Val-de-ra, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha 
Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra 
Or get dragged back by the … Ekla waltzes in looking nothing like she did the previous evening.

There is a look of hatred in her eyes and revenge in her heart.

Ekla: Men!!!!! I leave him alone for ONE NIGHT!!! And he’s off with two other women on the sly!!! Human men are so hasty, life is all of a rush……wasting my heart on such a man as that…I should have known better…….foolish, foolish Ekla! [Ekla bites her lip, holding back the tears and her head dropping a little….for a long time she sups the quart of Sevilodorf’s hangover cure and thinks…..a plan of revenge..] Can’t kill him quickly…no fun in that…..steal his soul and abandon him in limbo for all time…liking the sound of that already!!!! No matter, back at the pub now…must sober up and stop wallowing in self pity – perhaps think about husband number 2….perhaps not think about men at all!!! [sniff, sniff]

Sees everyone strewn upon the floor in various states of hungoverness (is that a word?).

Lobs a piece of haggis on the floor, accidentally on purpose for the Wargy.

Meri is snoring on op of a heap of elven lads…nice to see things don’t change.

Erin is semiconscious and so Ekla thrusts tankards of the tonic into her hands to help bring her back to sobriety quickly.

Aerio is snuggled up on the hearth, his face half black with soot and he’s dribbling into the coal bucket whilst hugging a very stern looking dwarf…*interesting!!* Ekla remembers he’s such a tight hugger…..good to know for future reference…..although clear the dance floor when he hits it!!! Bramblerose is remarkably sober and is tucking into a plate of last night’s cold haggis…gasp, heave, wretch…don’t puke now! And talking to Sevilodorf about if it’s possible to overdose on Hangover Cure???

There is movement in the Burping Troll, but it is feeble and half-hearted, and given the general state of intoxication most certainly half-witted.

Ekla: People…..People..come on!!! Before we go any further in our adventures, we must have a bit of a tidy up so we have a home to come back to!!! Celebsul, where are you? You’re in charge of overseeing the repairs…..As long as the place looks kinda sturdy then that’s fine with me!!! I reckon 15 minutes tops and we’ll be done.come on!!! 

Now bent and brittle bodies creak into semi-vertical positions, and begin to move.

Meri stares up at the ceiling muzzily blinking, groans, sits up – and promptly falls off her slumbering heap of Elves.

Aerio mumbles and rubs his cheek cozily into more soot.

His dwarven companion does not move.

Might be dead.

Or just dead drunk.

The Warg yawns cavernously, the gaping gleam of pearly fangs startling a previously snoozing Orc – now how did he sneak in here? – into a shrieking leap to his feet and a hasty exit.

A good thing the front door is still hanging only by one hinge.

Ekla bangs a few trays on the bar and people begin to wince and grab their heads.


Meri’s green eyes flutter open in the shafts of bright morning light.

She wiggles and stretches and is just about to snuggle in closer to the Elven bed she has slept in..

Then she realizes she is face to face with a pair of sparkling blue eyes! 

Meri: Whoa.. [blush] good morning, my fine Elf! [she sits up and looks around her to see she is in a ‘bed’ of Elves! All who are now awaking in her scramblings to realize her surroundings.]

She stumbles to the floor, [* LOL, OKAY, I WROTE YOU FELL OFF, BUT WHATEVER WORKS! Tee-hee!*} while grabbing a throbbing head..

Gives a winning smile, albeit on a face wrinkled on one side from the beaded fabric of one Elf, and her hair rather touseled from being caught in a harp.

She looks up to see a very stormy Ekla banging pots and pans and generally rousing the house. 

Ekla: I’m nipping upstairs for a short while to straighten the books and stash….erm…I mean cash the takings. 

Ekla walks towards the stairs and her foot catches something on the ground…it’s her new crossbow.

She picks it up and holds it a moment before hurling it back to the floor.

Ekla: Stupid fickle men!!! I need chocolate to fill my cleaved heart. [She runs up the stairs and her gorging commences amid sniffles and sighs and the odd tear.]

As Ekla storms upstairs, still muttering, the Warg bounds to her feet – Erin’s head hits the floor a resounding smack – and wargy pads quietly over to slurp up a blob of haggis.

Or something.

She is first to begin her morning clean up duties, the floor being her special province, and anyhow Wargs don’t get hangovers like other creatures .Meri: Looks like it is Monday..

Must be cleaning day, and laundry day! [after taking a quick swig of the hangover cure she gets up and smoothes out her dress.]

Meri: Hmmm, Breakfast anyone? [running to the kitchen she whips out omelettes, sausages and pancakes in a blur of steam and flour] Indeed, this is a hearty bunch Ekla? I made a chocolate chip pancake for you..

With chocolate syrup…

Looks like you may need the extra… it gives? Sorry about the problem with your man…

They can be so difficult! Would you like this special prune juice I whipped up with extra..



Roughage to slip in his drink later on tonight? It should make him live in the bathroom for several days at least. [flashes her a wicked grin and turns]

[musically calling] My sweet beautiful Elves..come have some tasty morsels for breakfast.. [whisper, whisper…toffees..whisper…SMILE] The Elves set down their instruments and after devouring a nice breakfast, begin cleaning the Troll, top to bottom] ************

Meanwhile, as yet unnoticed by the groaning, moaning, crawling, – and in some cases retching – inmates of the Burping Troll, Celebsul’s fading voice drifts from the open trapdoor in the kitchen …
 Celebsul: Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra
Val-de-ra, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Bet Ekla’s mad.

Nope, on second thoughts, love is blind and she’s probably not even noticed I’ve gone.

They’re all be awake now and making up super songs which I’ll have to ask them to sing all over again when I get back.

Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra 
Or get dragged back by the Wuss

Now here’s an interesting looking chamber. 

And a chest. 

YAHAY, treasure maybe. 

Noo, just this little stick inside.

Wonder what it’s for?

*swish, swish, swish*

Doesn’t appear to do any… 

 @ @
 () ()
 ” ” ” ” 

Amid the growing bustle of industrious sweeping, scrubbing, and slurping – that’s the Warg – Sevilodorf suddenly raises her head and pauses.

Sevilodorf: Say, guys? Did you hear that?

Erin mumbles, as she clings to her broom: Huh

Sev: A frog.

I heard a frog.

Erin: So?

Sevilodorf shrugs, and reached to tip a toppled bench off a still-snoozing guest: Oh, it’s the first frog I’ve heard this spring, is all.

It just seems a bit early for frogs, yet.

{*THUD*} The bench breaks in Sevilodorf’s hand, leaving her holding one leg as the seat hit the floor.

Sev: Oops, this wants fixing.

Say, has anyone seen Celebsul this morning?
Meri: Oh..

They are soooo good to me! [Walks over to the window and throws it open, dusting cobwebs and spiders out the window, casting the glorious morning sun into the Troll, waking even more of the slowly sobering crew.]

[She walks over to the kitchen and grabbing an unsuspecting Ranger and the Balrog…

Puts them to work washing and….drying the tablecloths and towels in the pub.] And you Mr.


Why don’t you wash your cloak and at least your shirt..


Strip down..

You can use this towel to wrap around your skivvys..

You have to get something clean on! [Meri admires his chest and WOW..

Look at those rippling muscles..

And the THIGH! Ouch..

Better go tell Ekla..

This view might just cheer her up…grin, and a little bite of the lip before she peeks out the door] Oh..



And still, as yet, no one has connected Celebsul’s absence to the strange, early-season frog-voice briefly heard from the kitchen trap door …. 

Erin, giving up on the broom because it involves moving too much: Hey, Meri, need some help washing the Ranger – I mean, dishes?

Meri pause for a moment on her way to the kitchen with a platter of dishes: Can’t say that I have.

Erin, weren’t you and the Warg cuddled up with Celebsul last night?

Warg pauses her cleaning of the floor and goes to sniff the corner where the trio had huddled.

After sneezing twice from the dust being raised by Meri’s cleaning crew of elves, Warg begins to track a rather twisted path across the floor toward the kitchen.

Pippin mutters: She has to be following Celebsul, I’d recognize that drunken wobble anywhere.

Aerio, meanwhile has awoke and in the manner of Elves everywhere has with a simple swipe of his had managed to wipe off all traces of his evening with the coal scuttle.

His hair gleaming in the morning sun, Aerio checks his sabre and follows the Warg. Aerio: Knowing how valiant is Celebsul, I’m sure he has once more taken up our explorations of the tunnels below.

Realizing that Aerio is probably right, the companions rush to gather their supplies and follow the Warg and Elf.

Some time later, Ekla runs down the stairs and urgently searches for something…..

Ekla: Not here……..not there……..not there either……………A HA!!! Got you!!!

She reaches for the Crossbow and notices an out of season frog chirping away on it. 

Ekla: Eeeewwwwww!! Wallop! Meri, up to her elbows in a batch of sweet rolls looks up as Ekla thwaps a frog across the kitchen

Frog is airbourne…estimated arrival time in kitchen bin approximately 3.2 seconds……splat!

[Meri gives Ekla a glare] Ekla? You just splatted a frog across the kitchen! 

[Ekla looks up with bow clutched to her breast] Ekla: What? It was on my bow! That is just gross.

Meri: YES! It is…

Now there is frog pee on the wall that I just whitewashed this morning! [she wipes off flour and dough onto her apron and walks over to the sad looking unconcious frog]

Poor thing..

Just look at it…

It has a noble air to it though…[picks it up gingerly with two fingers] I am not sure if it would cook up very well in the Frog stew…

But it is a little early for frogs….[sets it down on the counter and inspects it closely]

HEY! This has magic dust on it…

I wonder if it is a Prince changed into a frog? Who wants to kiss this Enchanted Frog?

[silence, crickets chirping] 
Meri: Where’s Wargie?..

She kisses lots of nasty things…Well, maybe we ought to wait for it to regain conciousness before we try any kissing..


Of course, maybe you have to be a beautiful princess to change it…

Any beautiful princesses in here?

[She moves the floppy frog over to a newly cleaned dishtowel on the counter so it will be out of the way] I have some more baking to do…Wargie…

Got a nice hambone left over from last night’s Easter dinner ..only eat a little at a time.. [sets down the bone]

Meri: Erin..


Do you need more hot water..

For the Ranger? I got some ready for you..[muttering]He is definitely worth another peek. BadWargMama, forgetting about Ekla and her troubles for the moment, grows instinctively concerned …

Something very bad has happened! …

Her nose to the floor, she ignores blobs of stale haggis and other normally intriguing scents to follow that of Cel’ the only elf who can draw worth a darn …

Er …

Well …

Maybe not, but he sure is colorful when he’s drunk …

Which is always …

Heh heh heh …

Anyway, Warg knows more than CherryB has happened to the fellow so she’d better find ‘im …

Soon …

She tracks him …

To the trap door …

Down the ladder ….

Down the hall through the very interesting muck … *sigh* …

Sure would lie to roll … *sigh* maybe latter …

Hmmm …

A room …

A chest …

A stick on the floor …

Cel’s scent disappears …

Wait …

New smell …

Similar to Cel’s but …

GREEN? …. ??? 

BWM decides to follow green smell …

Out the room …

Back up the hall toward the ladder …

Up the ladder …

Into the kitchen …

Out into the main room …

Right to where …

The smell was gone …

Ekla’s new bow had been there but it was gone too …


Frustration! EKLA!!!

The Warg pauses to sniff more thoroughly, as gallant and dashing Aerio goes gallanting and dashing past, the rest of the Intrepid Explorers scampering, skedaddling, and stumbling at his heels in various stages of hangoverness. (That’s not nearly as nice as Inverness, I’m told.) Suddenly realizing they had lost their tracker, Bramblerose grabs Aerio and yanks him to a halt.

Bramblerose: WAIT, good Elf! (Hmm, she thinks, might have to try that grab thing again sometime.)

Bumpbumpbumpbump the others all flounder to a staggering stop – Erin at the front windmills *splat* into the muck, then groans.

Bramblerose: Wargy’s got something, Look, she’s doubling back.

Pippin kindly but gingerly plucks the now-reeking Erin hobbit-person from the muddy floor and sets her upright. ” Pippin: Well, let’s go see what she’s onto.

Aerio: Oh, NOOO! Danger! {*hiccup*} I can sense it! (A little Cherry B residue?)

And off they go again, this time stampeding back up the muddy, sloppy passageway in the other direction, towards home. 
Wargy runs back into the kitchen where Meri is dangling the ham bone and immediately forgets about Celebsul …

Ham!! Yummy yummy …

Eat only a little at a time? … *snork* yeah, right, sure ….

Snarf …

Chew chew …

Gnaw gnaw gnaw …

Snarf snarf … 

The rest of the menagerie minus Erin pop up through the trap door and see wargy contentedly chewing on a bone … “uh, Wargy, where’s Cel?” BWM: “Huh? Cel who?” … *gnaw gnaw chew chew chew* … 
Meri pause for a moment on her way to the kitchen with a platter of dishes: Can’t say that I have.

Erin, weren’t you and the Warg cuddled up with Celebsul last night?
Meanwhile, trudging drearily and greenly in the rear, Erin mutters to herself: Why didn’t I just stay with Meri in the kitchen and take hot water to wash the Ranger? I mean, so he could wash – oh, bother!


Erin: What’s this?

A small chest, trampled in the gallant haste of the others, empty and uninteresting …

But for a small stick lying beside it.

Even more interesting, however, is that here also lay Celebsul’s sword, (half-under the toppled chest,) his favorite pen knife …

And something else.

Erin: Uhh…


At Erin’s hobbity yell, gallant Aerio screeches – that is, slithers to a halt – the others bumpbumpbumpbump behind him, but Elves don’t fall splat under most circumstances – and wheels to face back down the corridor.

Aerio: What is it, little hobbit? What peril hast thou found? (He gets dramatic under pressure, it’s an Elvish thing.)

Erin: I’m not sure.

But I found a chest, a funny-looking stick, Celebsul’s weapons …

And this!

Gingerly, carefully, warily, she held up with two fingers …

Celebsul’s favorite Pokemon boxer shorts. (How do we know they are his favorite? It’s the Cherry B ….)

Aerio: Alas, what devilry has befallen our comrade?

Then from away up the passageway to home, again the warg’s howl rings out: 


Meri: [noticing the crew coming out of the trap door] Oh.

Hey guys…

I hope you have been cleaning down there..

It reeks..[looks around the sparkling kitchen] Well..

I think we’ve got the Troll all suitable again..

I gotta get the frog pee off the wall though [picks up a sponge]

Erin: Uh..

Have you seen Celebsul?

Aerio: We found traces of him…boxer shorts and the like…

Meri: Really..

Let me see! [glares at Pokemon boxer shorts] Whew..

Throw those in the wash bin..

He needs to change those more often..

Well, I haven’t seen him..

But we do have an Enchanted Frog over on the counter..

He may be coming around here soon. 

The problem is we need someone to kiss him..and if it is Celebsul..well, Anyone want to kiss Celebsul? [looks around] Well, it looks like he will be naked when it does happen….


Oh My! The Rolls..

Excuse me! [Meri pulls out an incredibly delicious batch of sweet rolls, sending fresh bread smell wafting all throughout the Troll, causing several Elven heads to come popping into the kitchen hungrily] Okay..

Give them a sec to cool, then help yourselves.

[Meri goes over and finishes cleaning off the frog pee] This is gross..must be Celebsul..

Smells like Cherry B!

BWM: … *gnaw gnaw scrape scrape lick lick* …

Hmmm, this bone is just about polished clean …

Must go bury it for later … *picks up bone and carries it outside …

Dig dig dig dig …* MEEEOOOORRRRWW …

Oh, sorry kittty ….


Geeeze I said I was sorry …

Oh, are those your babies? AAAAAWWWW so cute ….

Er, I mean so edible ….


I was just kidding …

Heh heh heh …

Wouldn’t hurt ’em, they’d give me hairballs in my gullet *snerk* RRRREEEEOOOOWWW …

Okay okay I’m leaving … 

Wargy returns into the kitchen and sees everybody staring at a comatose frog on Meri’s …

Er …

I mean Ekla’s clean kitchen counter: WAZZZUP? … Everyone looks at her and then back at the frog: It’s Celebsul.

Aerio: I’ll kiss th froggy!!! I mean, it’s okay bein’ the only guy here…but,” [looks around] Nobody else hither has volunteered. [smirk] right…STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE I’M….I’m not! But isn’t it cute…the frog, I mean.

Hehehe. [thinks] oh how I look forward to this…hehe But what does he want to do about this…uhh…his being unclothed? [pause…silence] [rubs hands together] I’ll save you master – I’m coming, master Celly.
 Meri looks at Aerio..

And stifles a giggle..

Then composes herself..

And picks up the stick.

Meri: I think we should try the wand [waves it one way..

With Erin, Wargie and an Aerio ducking for cover] I think Professor Warg is probably got the answer? [Waves wand the other way, sending Pippin Sevilodorf and Ekla diving behind the counter top] What? Why do you guys keep hiding? [looks at wand] Oh..

Hee,hee..] Well, here goes [waves the wand and points it at the Frog and covers her eyes]


[Meri peeps out from behind her fingers to see…A very odd looking rabbit.

It is green with purple dots and floppy ears, but it is awake and moving now]

Meri: Oh..


Now he’s a rabbit! What do we do now? Well …

At least now he’s a bit more pleasant to kiss! {*To Aerio: nudge-nudge, wink-wink*} Or does that only work for frogs …? Uh-oh ….

Say, dare we try to put the Pokemon boxer shorts back oh him, yet? 

Aerio: Kiss.

Or give the wand another -careful – shake. [Eyes grow very wide! Excitedly, and ecstatically, leaps over to where the slightly stunned rabbit sat and quickly snatches him up.


Aerio slowly says: That wasn’t bad at all. [watches intently.]
 BWG: Once Celebsul was a grand ole elf
and a grand ole elf was he,
But he tried one day to ‘scape his chores
and the rest is history.

He found a stick left in some ole chest
and he waved it in the air
what happened then was that all the rest
of the gang saw he weren’t there.

They all looked high and the warg looked low
But the only thing they found
Was a poor smeared frog from Ekla’s blow
and a stick upon the ground

Then Aerio tried to kiss his friend
o, but much to our dismay
Tho’ he puckered up and risked Cel’s grin
He’s not to be saved that way.

Then Merithehobbit waved the stick
A puff of smoke and a zap.
Celebsul gave his long ear a flick.
and Hopped into Sevi’s lap.

One more time the young elf tried to save
the bunny Cel’ with a kiss
Meri gave the magic stick a wave …

After all this Cel’s gonna come walking in through the door like nothing happened and we’re gonna be left wondering what the deal is with this ribbit/rabbit. 
 Ekla slightly recovered from her shameful gaming exposure rallies to the front.

She shoves Aerio out of the way much to his obvious disappointment…and announces: Ahh, Celly old MATE! How I have waited for this opportune moment to repay a kindness that you did once do for me…..

She carefully and slowly leans over him, puckering her lips ready for the kiss…and at the last minutes, pulls sharply away and shoves on Orc onto Celly’s rabbity lips instead!!!


Celly back to normal, but naked (wit woo!!): Gasp, heave, wretch, gag……lick lips, back for another……(Te he he)

Everyone else in the room: Puke! Puke! Puke!!!!

Ekla: Satisfied smile…which turns to rage as Celly is actually quite enjoying the torment!!!!!
 Sevilodorf: For being a few thousand years old, not bad Celebsul.

But here, there’s a draft coming from the trapdoor and we wouldn’t want you to experience too much shrinkage.

Sevilodorf hands Celebsul a towel from the counter as his Pokemon underwear seem to have disappeared.

As she passes the window, Sevilodorf sees the Ranger Meri was washing slip around the corner of the yard.

He has on Celebsul’s Pokemons and nothing else.

Faint sounds of shrill screams and rapidly running feet reach the kitchen, the Ranger streaks by the window followed by an enraged horde of NAZGIRLS

Sev: Maybe I should have warned him they were hunting in the area.

Oh well Celebsul: Ha, Ekla, I was quite relieved to get that kiss.

Being a frog’s not so bad, except when colliding with walls.

But being a buck rabbit, now that’s something else.

Gotta tell you, those hormone levels! If you ever see a six foot rabbit heading your way, run like the clappers.

Thanks guys, particularly Meri for scraping me off the wall. 

Weapons and magic wand got rescued too.

I think I’ve got a book tucked away somewhere on how to use those stick things.

Just been counting up: orc kiss = orc kiss, chucked in bin = ??? ‘Scuse me while I go dress, and read. (On second thoughts, I don’t think I’ll extract my revenge just yet.

Ekla seems to be in enough trouble.

Might do some other research instead.)

Great song, Warg.

Why has the sig expired?…….

And they are NOT my underpants.

I only wear Elvin Klein’s Aerio: I guess Celebsul’s still in his Elvish prime.

Wonder how long that lasts….

I’m in my prime and I’m not even one Yeni(*).

Ahh well. [Stares at his master…eyes follow him wherever he goes] fresh..hehehe…

And I bet Meri is enjoying this.

O’ master SilverWind (can I call you that?), what’s my first lesson gonna be? [Grins, and persists to stare] What ever it might be, master, I anticipate it mightily… [hops up on top of the nice clean (I think) counter] O master, master, master! [hugs the other Elf, and begins to chatter endlessly about certain things hardly mentioned]

Erin: “Elvin Klein …

That’s Calvin’s younger half-brother whom nobody talks about, right? The one who set up the Orc Undies Boutique over by Barad-Dur?” *snerk!* 
Celebsul: I have NO idea. [His cheeks – no, the ones on his FACE! – also beginning to blush a pretty pink] And furthermore, I shan’t care until I’m properly attired.

Meri: snicker.. [blush] snork: Good one Erin!

[[Meri covers her eyes with her hands…mostly.

”EEPS!” Erin gasps and whirls around to hide her face in Meri’s cloak – mostly.

Meri: (fans self with a bit of parchment paper) Elves…

They do keep themselves in shape [blush].

Erin blushes an even brighter PINK.

Mumbling from the concealing woolen folks, Erin says: I hadn’t noticed.

Meri: Well now.. [Scoots clean folded laundry bin over to him with her foot..

Stifling her laughter as Celebsul hasn’t bothered to be embarrassed by his re-appearance in the buff.] 

Erin: For that matter neither has Aerio.

Elves are rather ..

Um, earthy folks, aren’t they? Of course, after a few thousand years, one supposes there is really very little they haven’t seen, if you follow what I mean.


Meri: I think I’ll just go whip up some sandwiches and more supplies as it appears that things are all neat and tidy here at the Troll.

What say you my friends…

Shall we do a bit more exploring? That last adventure didn’t end too disastrously? After all what could happen..

We are only at the foot of Mt.


Just then..From the trap door an eerie sound issued forth….

ssssccccrrrrrreeeetttttttccchhhhhhhhh sccccccreeeeeeeettttttccccccccchhhhhh

Meri: Whaaaa! [Jumps up on the counter and peers over the shoulder of Aerio who, while startled, quickly recovered and was looking much safer than the naked Celebsul.] What’s that? 

Erin is only a half-second in bounding up behind Meri, wide eyes fixed on the open trap door.

As Celebsul exits stage left with as much dignity as total nudity and a dish towel will allow, Aerio holds up one hand in warning, the other clasping the hilt of his saber.

Aerio: Beware, friends and little ones! Let the Warg and I examine this strange, new devilry! Come, brave Warg, let us sally forth once more! Here is a chance to redeem yourself from the dread reputation of cuddliness, and I shall recover from the silly, scandalous looks gotten from kissing an after all perfectly harmless rabbit….

Bramblerose and Pippin exchanged looks, and sigh.

Elf men can be SO dramatic

Meri: [looking at Erin] My sentiments exactly..


Still, other than the fact that they pull that androgynous stuff… [nudges Erin] they are a pretty sight..

Even when pausing to strike a pose! giggle

 Meanwhile, Bramblerose fills a tankard with cold water, and prepares to dash it upon Aerio, who’s attention nonetheless seems to waver between Celebsul’s unusual exit and the threat of eminent peril. I think Aerio has been alone out in the Greenwood a tad too long .

Aerio: Danger? Danger? What danger? Ohhhh yeah, that danger! Oh yeah, no fear.

BWM to self : “Okay …

Now …

I’m a big bad brave b**ch …

No scary noises from the dark celler scare me …

No sirree …

Uh-uh, here I go …

With brave Aerio …

Wait a minute …

Where’s he goin’ …

Hey come back here …

That’s the way Cel went …

You’re supposed to go down the trap door over there …

HEY ….

HEY … *wails* …

I don’ wanna go down there by myse-e-elf! ….]] 

Aerio: Okay, I’m coming, Wargy….I’ll try to look forward to it.

I guess he’s coming too.

Are you coming maidens? Or shall I, this Warg, and my master – whenever he’s ready – go alone, eh? 

Meri: Noo.. [flutter of the lashes]We’re coming..

What did you think I made up several dozen sandwiches for? [grabs her backpack, tossing in a few more things] Aerio: Aaaaaaaactually, that tunnel could go for a good cleaning, and hey – I have all the time in the world – plus, I’m sure you have showers here, don’t you? 

Meri: snork..


Just baths…

Long hot ones [smirk]

Erin: With lots of bubbles, and various scented oils [sidelong glances]snerk…

Aerio: But…[looks down on the Warg] I’m not sure if the Warg wants it clean.

Anyways, best be going… [looks at Bramblerose who’s about to douse him for getting distracted again, and smiles.

Then turns to run down the passageway, but falls to an eery cripple, for the missing rail was forgotten…but only for a moment.

And gets back up with a few painful sounding cracks and grunts.] Alright, what was it emanating from… [ Slips in a mundane pool of something…and falls flat on the ground]

Meri: C’mon Erin..

I think we need to keep a couple pairs of eyes on this one…[tentatively goes down ladder..little hobbit foot feeling around for the missing rung]

Aerio (who has obviously regained his balance): OW! Watch it Meri..

That was my ear!

Meri: Oh..

Sorry Aerio..

Does it need any kisses? [smirk, just as she thinks she has made a cute/flirty like remark she slips on the rung and WHHHOAAAA….Plop! [lands on top of Aerio, who gracefully brakes her fall]

Umpfh! [embarrassed and troubled look] Sorry, Aeiro! [gets up and brushes herself off…taking care to brush off and adjust the various weaponry and finery she has displaced on Aerio’s physique] 

Meri: Watch out for the rail under the broken one Erin..

It’s slippery…

 BWM: Whoo-hoo!! Another adventure! Bounces around eagerly (her cowardice forgotten) impatient for Erin to get down so she can go too.

She loves it when the hobbits go as there is always something to eat …

Uh …

Not the hobbits …

The food they carry … *sheesh* …

When Erin finally gets down Wargy leaps thru’ the trap door … {{ CRASH }} …

She lands right on top of Erin, Meri and Aerio and all four go down in the muck …

Bramblerose, Sevilodorf and Ekla look down from above at the …

Uh …

Doggy pile … *snerk* …

Below … Boy, this adventure is starting off with an awful lot of *snerk*-ing! LOL!

Well … *PHFFFSTH* (warg hair) …

If we can get untangled, here – and if Meri ever gets done rearranging things on Aerio’s physique – I mean, his attire – I mean – oh, bother! Somebody GEDOFFAMEE! I can’t breathe!

And stop laughing up there, you three, or I’ll fling a glob of whatever it is we’ve fallen in, THIS time! 😉 Aerio grumbled from the bottom of the pile, and goosed the hobbits laying on him, and didn’t dare touch the Warg’s behind.

After waiting more than two seconds for the others to get off, he decided to nibble who ever’s feet it was in his face. Aerio: Heo, feet! thbbuut, stymbba…

NEED MORE CHERRY B! Anyone pack the Cherry B?! [Rubbing his hands in the grubby, wet floor beneath himself.] Meri: WAHHHHHHOOOOO! Some one is nibbling my toes! [squirm, wiggle..

Props self up and starts out with the baby wipes on herself] Baby wipes anyone..

These suckers take off everything..

EEEEEEEWWWWWW this stuff is gross [wipe, wipe, hands over wipes]

Above the mumbling and wiping and straightening of the adventurers apparel a sound emerges from the tunnel..

Slowly and distant, but scary nonetheless…


Meri and Erin cling to Aerio’s sides and look wide eyed down the corridor.

Aerio: Where’s the lantern?

Meri:…it is. [a shaking Meri hands the lantern to Aerio who holds it up to lighten the passage.]
 Erin sticks her hobbity little self as close to this tall, strong, well-armed, and (hopefully) highly dangerous Elven warrior as prudence allows. (Don’t want to interfere with his sword arm, you know – even if at the moment he is more fastidiously concerned with making good use of the baby-wipes.)

Erin, whisper-mumbling in a wee, shaky voice: Screetch is not good.

Good things don’t go screetch.

Screetch is bad.

Screetch is very bad.

Screetch is very, very bad.

Screetch is – owch!

She scowls poutingly (if that’s a word) and rubs the stinging spot on her bum where Warg teeth had just pinched her.

Wargy does not look very happy, either, but neither does she want to hear a mantra on how good the situation is not.

Behind them feet thump softly through the trapdoor, and Sevilodorf’s whisper precedes her.

Sev: I’ve got the Cherry B and the food. [The brief clangle of a carefully-laden pack signals her approach.] Bramblerose is right behind me, and I think Ekla just sent for Celebsul to hurry up and quit primping.

C’mon, what are we waiting for?

Erin whimpers: Screetches.

Meri nods vigorous assent, if only because she’s not in a hurry to quit clinging to the Elf.

He is the handiest and most clingable Elf there, at the moment, after all.

Reluctantly, however, and not wanting to shame his mentor – (whenever he gets done redressing and regrooming and rejoins them) – Aerio pries himself out of the hobbits’ clutches and once again bravely, gallantly faces forward, saber in hand.


 Aerio mutters: Right.

Heroic Elf Warrior and all that rubbish.

Why am I always first, anyhow?

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