Garnett as Convener of the Fell Pony Committee

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MONTHLY I; numbered the same as those in the opening class, and here the Bishop’s Stortford representative was again second, being beaten by Mr . ( Norris Midwood ‘ s Sincerity, a bay filly by Victory H .; she did not, however, have a great deal in hand of Mr .

Gilbey ‘ s Sunlight, an attractive hay daughter of Right For ‘ard .


Wills this time came third with Water Melon, another daughter of the scone sire .

Mr .


Hurtlev secured the fourth place with Jane, a daughter of that good sire Spanish Hero, now eighteen years old.

There vi ere seven entries for the two-year-old colts or geldings class, and here one of last year ‘ s winners, the chesnut gelding Good Boy, shown by Mr.

Gilbey, scored with some ease .

He is a credit to his sire, Right For’ard, and is another of Good Girl II .’s progeny .

Mr .

Hurtlev this time did better, getting the second prize with the bay gelding Fusilier by Daylight, and another Bishop’s Stortford candidate secured third award, this being the chesnut gelding Bowdawn by Bowdon .

Mr .

J .

Willis Fleming was fourth with another of Right For ‘ard’s progeny, Sir Roger.


Gilbey also scored in the class for two-year-old fillies with the charming filly Marcia by Bold Marco .

Nor was this Marcia’s only success during the afternoon, as she was awarded a reserve to her stable companion Naughty Girl for the Gold Medal for the best polo pony brood mare or filly in the Show.

Second to her was placed Mr .

Midwood ‘ s bay daughter of Chief Butler, Colleen IV., while third and fourth positions were occupied respectively by Captain J .

S .

Bakewell’s Stolenwings by White Wings and Mr .


Howard Taylor’ s Plume by Field Marshal.

Mr .

Taylor carried off the next class, for three-year-old colts, with Calcium, a very attractive (lark chesnut son of White Wings.

Mr .

Midwood’s Kilrain by Arthur D .

Was second, and the winner of last year ‘s special prize for the best young pony bred and exhibited by a lady member, the Hon .


Drury-Lowe’s Wherstead, was third .

Mr .

Gilbey was again to the fore in the class for three-year-old fillies and geldings with his fine filly Naughty Girl by Right For’ard .

Mr .

King’s Denmark by Wildfire and Miss Tyrrell’s Memoir by Woolwich Arsenal were placed second and third, respectively.

The light-weight brood mares mustered five in the catalogue, and the leader here was Captain Bakewell’s five-year-old Flu by White Wings, which later on also won in the light-weight class for polo-bred mares .

In this earlier class her runners-up were Mrs .

Oscar Muntz’s y-year-old Bush Girl by The Squire, the Hon.

Mrs .

Drury-Low’s Osmunda by St .

Osmund, and Mrs .

Murray’s Sprite by Flashlight ; while in the later class she was followed by Mr . ‘ Taylor’s Calceolaria and Mr .

S .

G .

Hough ‘s Miss Whiskers, the latter of whom had in the preceding heavy-weights class taken fourth place .

Silverleaf, shown by Mr.

Midwood, a nice chesnut daughter of Norton Lad, won in the heavy-weights from Captain Bakewell’s eleyen-year-old Robbery and Mr .


Balding ‘ s Verdi . THE POLO MONTHLY [MARCH, 1916. There were fiye groups in the first of the produce classes for the clam of the best two animals shown, of any age .

Here Mr.

Gilbey’s Good Girl II . , worthily represented by Good Boy and Naughty Girl, came out on top, with Mr .

Taylor ‘ s Polo Qwen, represented by Favourite and Field Marshal, two stallions five and nine years old respectively, second .

The second class, in which the prizes were for the owner of the sire of the best two animals in certain classes, saw Bold Marco the winner, with Mr.

Gilbey ‘ s Marcia and Patrician, Field Marshal (Mr .

Taylor ‘ s) coming next with Plume and Freda.

The Riding Classes were well up to the average .

Polo ponies four years old were led by Mr .

W .

Jackman’s Forward Girlie, who scored from Mr .

Gilbey ‘ s Patrician, and for the anyage class Mr .

A .

Balding’ s Rupert won from Mr .

W .

Balding ‘ s Bloater, with Mr .

M .

J .

Kingscote ‘ s Nuts and Wine third .

In the children ‘ s riding class Ruby was the best pony, and Master C .

Bonner and Miss J .

M .

Trevena were adjudged the best boy and girl rider.

In the Mountain and Moorland section the ten-year-old blueroan New Forest pony Burton Bluebell, shown by Mr .

A .


Burry, was placed first, with the Dartmoor pony Qlympia, a bay of the sime age, and exhibited by H .R .H .

The Prince of Wales, second, and Sir C .

T .

Dyke-Acland ‘ s Exmoor Bradley Moors I.

Third .

His Highness was also second in the new group class with his three Dartmoors, the winning rosette going to the Fell trio entered by Mr .

F .

W .

Garnett as Convener of the Fell Pony Committee .

The third place was occupied by Mr .

Burry ‘ s three, one of the New Forest groups.

The four Shetland classes went to The Ladies Hope with Electric Light (stallions four years old and upwards), Mrs.

Duffus ‘ Puck of Penniwells (two and three-year-old colts), Captain the Hon .

W .

R .

D .

Forbes’ Floreat (brood mares four years and upwards), and Mrs .

Duffus’ Flourish of Penniwells (two and three-year-old fillies).

Of the remaining special prizes, the ” Lord Arthur Cecil” Memorial Challenge Cup for the best Mountain and Moorland brood mare was won by Burton Bluebell, with H .R .H .

The Prince of Wales ‘ Olympia reserye, and the ” Country Life” trophy for the best pony among the groups went to Mr .

John Ralph ‘ s black Fell stallion Glengarry .

This trophy is a silver replica of a ” James I .

Salt, ” and is valued at 50 .

The Cup for the best riding pony was won by Rupert (Mr .

A .

Balding), with Bloater (Mr .

W .

Balding) reserve .

The Shetland special awards were won by Flugarth Bah (Mr .

H .

Whitley), Electric Light (The Ladies Elope), and Flourish of Penniwells (Mrs .


The following are the full details of the awards in all classes : BREEDING CLASSES.

CLASS 1 .-Yearling Entire Colts or Geldings (5 entries). 1st-Mr .

H .

J .

King ‘ s Dandy Peter (by St .

Petersburg out of Dainty V .) . Ph lu by -_-_ l~tslt L DONOVAN RUPETBYIAOUTFMIS 1st and Challenge Cup for the best Riding Pony, the property of Mr .

A .

Balding, and bred by Major Durham Matthews . — THE POLO MONTHLY 27 Special .—Gold Medal for the best Polo Pony Brood Mare or Lilly in Classes a, 4, 6, 7, S, and 9.

Winner—Mr .

Tresham (=ilbev ‘ sNaughty Girl.

Reserve—Mr .

Tresham Gilbey ‘ s Marcia.

Special .—Challenge Cup, value fso, offered by the proprietors of The Ladies’ Field, for the best Polo Pony in Classes 15 and 16.

Winner Mr .

Arthur Balding ‘ s Rupert.

Reserye—Mr .

W .

Balding’ s Bloater.

Special .—The ” Lord Arthur Cecil ” Memorial Challenge Cup, presented by members of the Society, will be annually awarded to the best Registered Mountain and Moorland Pony Brood Mare exhibited in Class 18 .

To be held for the year by the successful exhibitor.

Winner–Mr .

A .

E .

Burry ‘ s Burton Bluebell.

Reserve H .R .H .

The Prince of Wales ‘ Olympia.

Special .—A solid Silver Replica of a ” James I .

Salt, ” value 65o, offered by the proprietors of (cuiiiry Life for the best Pony exhibited in Class 19 .

To be held for the year by the successful exhibitor.

Winner—Mr .

J .

Relph’s Fell Pony Glengarry.

Reserye—Hon .

Mrs .

Walrond ‘ s Exmoor Pony Dunckery. .Special .–A Miniature Silver Cup, offered by Miss Broughton, for the best Shetland Pony of either sex, foaled in or before 1913, not exceeding 33 inches in height.

Winner—Messrs .

W . & H .

Whitley ‘ s Flugarth.

Reserye—Mrs .

Etta Duffus ‘ Faldoretta of Penniw’ells. .Special .–A Silver Cup, offered by a member of the Society, for the best Shetland Pony of either sex or any age exhibited in Classes 20 to 23, to be shown under saddle.

Winner The Ladies E .& D .

Hope’s Electric Light.

Reserye—Mr .

H .

Whitley ‘ s Primley Cadet. S’pecial .– Silver Horse Shoe, offered by Mrs .

Etta Duffus, for best Shetland Colt or Filly in Classes 21 and 23.

Winner—Mrs .

Etta Duffus’ Flourish of Penniw ells.

Reserye—Mr .

R .

W .

R .

Mackenzie ‘ s Rose of Earlshall. .Special .–A Silver Medal, offered by the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, for the best Shetland Pony in Classes zo to 23.

Winner–Mrs .

Etta Duffus ‘ Flourish of Penniwells.

Reserye—The Ladies E .&- D .

Hope ‘ s Electric Light.

Special .—Cups offered by Captain H .

Faudel-Phillips, for the best boy and girl riders in Class 17.

Winners–Master C .

Bonner and Miss J .

M .


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