Going : Qarang ~ qanday bahor Will you just look what a….

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“j”la‑ : v.i. ~b gapir‑ to pronounce initial “y” as “j”; to insert a “j” before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin).”j”lovchilar ling.Ozbeks that speak Qipchaq dialects, ie, that pronounce initial “y” as “j”. +ki : introduces subordinate clauses .


Oqibat shunday bo’ldi~…

The result was such that…

U aytdi~…

He said that…+la poet.with (s.

Ila). ‑chi : and?, well?; and, so.

Endi‑~? And now? Siz‑~? And what about you? Ayt‑~! Say it!; Tell! Yozsang‑~! So write! ‑da : conj.

Particle (emphatic particle) well, but, right; and, and then; even if, even though.

To’g’ri‑~! Well, that’s right! That’s sure right! Xatni bukladi‑~, kitobning ichiga soldi He folded the letter and (right away) slipped it inside the book.‑de coll.s. ‑da. ‑e : particle indicating surprise, joy, emphasis, etc.

Yo’g’‑e! No way! Qo’ying‑e! Aw, come on! ‑ey : ‑o!‑ku coll.emphatic particle.

Bor‑~! There are! U ochmagan‑~! But he didn’t open it!. ‑oq : just, exactly; as soon as.

Hozirdan~ right now.

Uyga kelib~ as soon as he came home. ‑u (‑yu) : and; emphatic particle.

Keldiyu ketdi He came and he went.

Yeru ko’k heaven and earth.‑ya (after vowels)huh?, what?, ‑oh!. ‑yoq : s. ‑oq.‑yu (after vowel)and; but, yet.

Kecha‑~ kunduz night and day.

Kitob o’qiydi‑~, ma’nosiga tushunmadi He reads books, but doesn’t understand the meaning.‑yu (after vowel)emphatic particle (s. ‑seni qara‑~! Well look at you! Bo’ldi‑~! That’s enough already! Nima bo’ldi‑~ What the heck happened? A : and (what about)…?, but what about…? ~ qizlar‑chi? And what about the girls? A : interjection used as an intensifier; huh? Right?.

Qarang‑~, qanday bahor! Will you just look, what a spring! U juda quv Ekan‑~! He’s really slick, isn’t he? Men ham boraman, ~? I’m going too, right? A’lam : arch. (arabic) head mufti (interpreter of islamic law). A’lo : (arabic) superb, excellent, high in quality. ~ deb bil‑/~ ko’r‑ to like better, to prefer. A’lochi : straight‑A student; exemplary (worker, etc.). A’mol : obs. (Arabic) activity, activities, work. A’rof : (Arabic) ~da qolgan left not knowing what to do; between the Devil and the deep blue sea. A’yon(lar) : obs. (Arabic) officials, notables. A’zam : obs. (Arabic) great, revered.

Vazir(i) ~ the grand vizier. A’zo : (Arabic) organ, part; member. ~i badan the entire body. A’zolik : membership. Abad : (Arabic) eternity; eternal.

To ~ for all eternity. Abaditylashtir‑ : v.t.

To immortalize. Abadiy : (Arabic) eternal. Abadiya : obs. (Arabic) saodati ~ eternal happiness. Abadiyan lit.

Rare : (Arabic) forever, for all time. Abadiyat lit.

Rare : (Arabic) eternity. — Aviamotor : (Russian) aircraft motor. Avianos : (Russian) aircraft carrier. Aviapochta : (Russian) airmail. Aviarazvedka : (Russian) (= aviatsiya razvedkasi) air reconnaissance. Aviator : (Russian) aviator. Aviatransport : (Russian) (= aviatsiya transporti) air transport. Aviatsion : (Russian) adj.

Of aviatsiya. Aviatsiya : (Russian) aviation; aircraft. Aviazavod : (Russian) (= avia zavodi) aircraft factory. Avitaminoz : (Russian) avitaminosis. Avj : (Arabic) peak, climax, crescendo. ~ ol‑/~iga chiq‑/~i just, exactly, right. ~i yig’im‑terim payti just at the peak of harvest season. ~ida at its peak, going full blast. Avjlan‑ : v.i.

To increase; to reach a peak. [avjlantir‑] Avliyo : (Arabic) saint, miracle‑worker; detached, ascetic. Avliyonamo : dervish or saint‑like. Avlo lit. : (Arabic) better than, superior to. Avlod : (Arabic) offspring, descendent(s); generation; relatives. ~dan ~ga from generation to generation. Avlod‑ajdod : (Arabic) forefathers and descendents; relatives, kith and kin. Avom : (Arabic) common folk, commoners. Avra : outer material (as opposed to inner lining); pillow cover. ~ to’n coat w/o an inner lining. Avra‑ : v.t.

To lead astray, to dupe into s.t.; to hypnotize. [avrash‑] Avra‑astar : outer and inner fabric (of garment or quilt). ~ chopon unpadded coat. ~ini ag’dar‑/qoq‑/so’k‑ to interrogate, to give a good going over; to rebuke harshly, to chew out good and well; to bring out s.o.’s dirty linen. Avrag’ich : s.

Avroqchi. Avral : (Russian) ~ ishlar work involving all hands. Avrash : v.n.

Of ~‑aldawlar fraud and deception, trickery. Avrat : (Arabic) parts of the body which must be covered in Islam; woman. ~ yaproq fig leaf. Avratpo’sh : breechcloth. Avroqchi : hypnotizer; healer who heals bites and stings by hypnosis; trickster. Avsat : obs. (Arabic) middle, medium; moderate. Avto : (Russian) auto. Avtobaza : (Russian) motor transport depot. Avtobigrafik : (Russian) autobiographical. Avtobiografiya : (Russian) autobiography. Avtoblokirovka : (Russian) automatic brake system (on railway). Avtobus : (Russian) bus. Avtochana : snowmobile. Avtogen : (Russian) autogenous. — Ball : (Russian) degree; grade; point. Ballada : (Russian) ballad. Ballast : (Russian) ballast. Balli 1 : bravo! Very good! Excellent!. Balli 2 : ‑point, ‑force.

Besh ~ zilzila earthquake measuring five on the Richter scale. Ballistik : (Russian) ballistic. Ballistika : ballistics. Ballon : (Russian) tank; tire; balloon.balo‑battar coll.this and that; whatever. Balo‑ofat : calamities and misfortunes. Balo‑qazo : all kinds of trouble; calamity, misfortune. Balo : calamity, misfortune, scourge; evil, trouble; something or other, whatever (word used as a substitute for other words, usu.

With negative or sarcastic overtones); super (at doing s.t.), astounding, expert, ?Bad?. ~ bormi? What the heck is there? What the heck are you going to do with that?~dan ham qaytmaydi He doesn?T stop at anything. ~day Eplab qil‑ to do something up right, to carry s.t.

Off well. ~day/~ga qol‑ to be left holding the bag, to be held culpable. ~ga qo’y‑ to get s.o.

Into trouble, to put s.o.

Into a difficult position; to leave s.o.

Else holding the bag. ~ga uchra‑/~i azim great disaster. ~i nogahon sudden, unexpected misfortune. ~yi nafs/nafs ~si one?S just deserts (for vice).

Bir ~ dedi he said something or other.

Bir ~ qiling! Do something!.

Boshga ~ bo’ldi to be a trouble; to be a headache.

Bowga ~ qil‑ to cause trouble for s.o.; to burden s.o.

With s.t.

Boshga bitgan ~ unavoidable/inevitable misfortune.

Bunda bir ~ bor There?S something fishy about this.

Har ~ every darn thing.

Har ~ bo’lsa ham Whatever the hell happens.

Har ~ni biladi he knows everything there is to know.

Hech ~ not a blessed thing, not a damn thing.

Hech ~da yo’q, hech ~ni bilmaydi He can?T do a darn thing.

Nima (ne, qanday) ~? What the heck (is this)?.

Nima ~ bo’ldi? What the heck happened? Nima ~ qilding!? What the hell did you do?!.

Suv ~si inundation, flood.

Tuhmat ~si slander, slanderous situation.

U yerda hech ~ yo’q There?S not a damn thing there.

U juda ~ odam He?S really amazing.

Uni ~ ham urmaydi nothing will touch him, nothing will happen to him.

Uni mening boshimga ~ qilding! You brought it down on me! Balog’at : (Arabic) maturity. ~ guvohnomasi (arch.) High school diploma. ~ga yet‑ to reach maturity. Balogardon : saviour, protector. ~ bo’l‑ to serve as a protector for. Baloxo’r : freeloader, sponger. Baloyi battar : s.

Balo‑battar. Baloyi qazo : s.

Balo‑qazo. Baloyu ofat : s.

Balo‑ofat.balqamboq bot.a type of Russian thistle.balqi‑ 1 poet.to glitter, shine; to flourish. Balqi‑ 2 : to bubble up, swell; to heave, shiver, stir. Balx(i) : ~ jo’xori (bot.) A type of sorghum. ~ tut white mulberry. Bama’ni : rational, reasonable; serious. Bama’nilik : reasonableness. Bamaslahat : with due advice, with consultation. Bamaylixotir : nonchalant. Bambuk : (Russian) bamboo. Bambukzor : stand of bamboo. Bamisli : arch.


Bamisoli. — Baquvvatlik : strength, power, might, toughness. Bar : skirt (of coat, etc.); two outer halves of a garment. ~ ur‑ to gird oneself. Baraban : drum. Barabanchi : drum‑player, drummer. Barabanli qozon : ?? [barabannyy kotel] Barahman : Brahman. Barak 1 : (Russian) barracks. Barak 2 dial. : wonton. [s.

Chuchvara]. Baraka : (Arabic) blessing(s), bounty; profit, good. ~si ketdi or ~ ko’tarildi/xirmonga ~! Invocation made during threshing season.

Qo’lida ~ yo’q/ qo’lining ~si yo’q Money slips through his fingers. ~ top!/bor ~/bor ~ top/~ de(ng)/~ qil(ing) expression used to induce the seller to sell at the price being asked.

Boriga ~ Thanks be for what we have.; Thanks for even this much. Barakali : fertile, prosperous, abundant, fruitful, full of blessings.

Qo’li ~li said of s.o.

Who is gifted, productive. Barakalla : Very good! God bless you! Good going! Barakallachi : s.

Haybarakallachi. Barakasiz : not blessed; unfruitful. Barakat rare : (Arabic) s.

Baraka. Baral(l)a : distinctly, clearly, loud and clear; openly, frankly; loudly, at the top of one’s lungs; unceremoniously, coolly. Baravar : equal, same, same level; at the same time; together; equally; time(s as).

Uch ~ kam three times less.

Uch ~ ko’proq three times as much. ~ kel‑/ ~ ko’r‑/~iga altogether; equally; (in exchange) for, in terms of.

Mehnatim ~iga for my labors.

Pul ~iga in exchange for money. 10 litr sut ~iga 400 gr.

Tuz 400 g.

Salt per 10 l.

Of water. ~ida together with; at the height of; equal to; at the same level as. Baravarla‑ : v.t.

To equalize, make level, to balance. [baravarlan‑, baravarlash‑] Baravarlash‑ : v.i.


Of baravarla‑; to become equal; to line up exactly; to become balanced, matched. [barvarlashtir‑, baravarlashtiril‑] Baravarlik : equality. Baravj rare : at its peak. Barbod : ruined, destroyed, wasted. ~ bo’l‑ to be wasted, squandered; to be spoiled, ruined. Barbodlik : ruin, devastation. Barcha : every, all; entire. Barda : (Russian) leftover mash from distilleries used as animal feed. Bardam : strong, healthy, sprightly. ~ bardammisiz? Greeting used by older to each other. Bardamlik : strength, health, sprightliness. — Beqo’nim : inconstant; restless; drifter.beqonun lit.illegal. Bequsur : faultless, perfect. Bequvvat : powerless, weak. Bequvvatlik : powerlessness, weakness. Ber‑ : to give; to deliver, provide. ‑a ~‑ to continue to do, to keep on doing.

Ta?Zir ~‑ to punish s.o., to teach a lesson to.

Ahamiyat ~‑ to lend importance to, to value, to pay attention to.

Bardosh ~‑ to lend fortitude, give strength.

Bo’y ~‑ to give in, to do as you?Re told; to back off.

Boy ~‑ to lose (game).

Vazifa ~‑ to assign a task; to commission.

Firib ~‑ to dupe.

Foyda ~‑ to augment, help; to be useful, profitable.

Javob ~‑ to answer.

Jilov ~‑ to give free rein to.

Jon ~‑ to give up the ghost. ‑ib ~‑ to do s.t.

For s.o. ~ib ket‑ to drop off, to leave. ~ib tur‑ to give s.o.


For a short time.

Ijaraga ~‑ to rent out.

Imtihon ~‑ to take an exam.

Yig’ib ~‑ to gather for s.o.

Kiraga ~‑ to give out for hire.

Ko’rinish ~‑ to show o.s.

Kun ~ma‑ to torment, trouble, make life difficult or impossible.

Maosh ~‑ to pay (salary).

Olib ~‑ to bring.

Olib borib ~‑ to take s.t.

To s.o.

Omon ~‑ to spare.

Omon ~may unmercilessly.

O’qib ~‑ to read to s.o.

Pardoz ~‑ to decorate, to embellish.

Qarzga ~‑ to loan.

Qo’ldan ~‑ to let escape, to lose.

Qo’yib ~‑ to put s.t.


For s.o.; to let go.

Savol ~‑ to ask a question.

So’z ~‑ to give one?S word.

So’kib ~‑ to yell at for s.o.


Sut ~maydigan sigir a cow with no milk.

Tan ~‑ to concede.

Turib ~‑ to stand still and endure.

Turish ~‑ to hold one?S ground.

Ustiga ~‑ to add to, to augment.

Xabar ~‑ to inform.

Xotin ustiga qiz ~‑ to marry one?S daughter off to a married man (polygamy).

Shahar ~‑ to give up (answering a riddle).

Chap ~‑ to avoid, steer clear of.

E?Tibor ~‑ to consider, pay attention to.

Erga ~‑ to marry off (daughter).

Husn ~‑ to beautify. [berdir‑, beril‑, berish‑]. Berahm : merciless. Berarmon : a giver, one who gives generously or abundantly. Berasi : debt, s.t.

Owed or to be returned. Berch : tough, chewy, rubbery. Berdanka : (Russian) a type of rifle used by the Russian military during the 19th c. Berdi : ~sini aytguncha, urib o’ldirasanmi? You’re not going to let me finish what I’m saying? Beret(ka) : (Russian) beret. Beri : hither, the near side of, this side of, this way; (+~ qara! Look this way.

Yig’lamoqdan ~ bo’l‑ to be on the verge of crying.

Uch yildan ~ for three years. 1987dan ~ since 1987. ~gi the near (one). Beril‑ : pass.

Of ~gan part.

Of ~ganlik enthusiasm, engrossment; devotion. Berilliy : (Russian) beryllium. Berilmovchanlik : temperance; immunity, resistance. Beriluvchan : susceptible. Beriluvchanlik : susceptibility. Beriroq : berk. Berk : closed, closed off, shut, covered.

Boshi ~ ko’chha dead‑end street.berli arch.s.

Beri. Bertole tuzi : potassium chlorate. Beruxsat : w/o permission, unauthorized, illicit. Besabab : w/o cause, w/o reason. Besabr : impatient. Besabrlik : impatience. Besanoq : innumerable. — Betadbir : shortsighted, reckless, unthoughtful. Betahlika : harmless, safe. Betakalluf : w/o ceremony, unceremniously. Betamiz : simple, guileless. Betamizlik : simple‑mindedness, guilelessness. Betaraf : neutral; abstaining. ~ tur‑ to keep o.s.

Neutral, to stay out of (conflict). ~qil‑ to make neutral. ~ qol‑ to remain neutral. Betaraflik : neutrality. Betarafona : in a neutral manner, objectively. Betartib : disordered, chaotic, unorganized; disorderly, unruly. Betartiblik : disorder. ~ qil‑ to put into disarray, to cause disorder. Betashvish : untroubled, easy‑going, carefree, careless, relaxed. Betavfiq : unbeliever, atheist; depraved. Betayin : uncertain; fickle, unreliable, wishy‑washy; questionable, indefinite. Betergov : w/o undergoing interrogation. Betgachopar : brazen, bold. Betimsol : unique, unequalled. Betinch : unpeaceful, troubled. Betinchlik : disturbance, disquiet, discord. Betinim : unceasing, unrelenting, tireless. Betkay : the facing side of s.t. (relative to s.t.


Kunga ~ tomon the sunny side. Betla‑ 1 : to face (up to).

Yuragi ~madi He couldn?T get up the nerve. [betlash‑, betlashtir‑] Betla‑ 2 : to paginate. [betlash‑] Betma‑bet : face‑to‑face. Beto’xtov : unceasingly, w/o stopping; immediately. Betob : ill, ailing, sickly. Betoblan‑ : v.i.

To become ill. — Bo’htonchi : slanderer. Bo’jama : pimple, blemish, acne. Bo’ji : the bogeyman. Bo’k‑ : v.i.

To swell, expand, bloat. [bo’ktir‑]bo’ka 1 zool.gadfly larva.bo’ka 2 zool.

Dial.saiga (s.

Sayg’oq). Bo’kala‑ : v.i.

To become infested with gadly larvae. Bo’kalak : s. ~ or ~i bor buzoq a calf infested with gadfly larvae. Bo’kir‑ : v.i.

To bellow, bawl. [bo’kirtir‑] Bo’ksa : the pelvic area, crotch. Bo’ktar‑ : v.t.

To tie s.t.

Behind the saddle, tie up in a bundle.bo’ktargi 1 zool.harrier (hawk). Bo’ktargi 2 : a bundle tied behind the saddle. Bo’l‑ 1 : v.i.

To be; to take place, happen; to be finished; to be suitable; to exist, be present; to be found; to become; (after V+‑borar ~sang If you?Re going to go, If you?Re thinking of going?; (after V+o’qib ~dim I finished reading it.; (after +day/dek) indicates a condition or state : sizni ko’rib, dadamni ko’rganday ~dim Seeing you, I felt as if I were seeing my father.; (after V+ ~ma‑ indicates impossibility : buni o’qib ~maydi You can?T read this.; V+sa ~‑ indicates possibility, permittedness : buni o’qisangiz ~adi You may read this.

Buni o’qisam ~adimi? Would it be okay for me to read this? Bilan ~‑ to be on the side of, to be busy with. ~adigan (narsa) (s.t.) Which will work, which is acceptable. ~adimi? Is it okay (if)?? ~di That?S enough.

That?S good.

That?S fine.

Okay.; Enough! ~di qil‑ Cut it out., Stop it., Put an end to it. ~dimi? Is that all?, Are we finished? ~gan Ekan Things are not looking good. ~ganicha ~lar Let whatever happens happen. ~ib as, in the capacity of.

Traktorchi ~ib ishlaydi He works as a tractor driver. ~ib chiq‑ to turn out to be. ~madi It didn?T work, It didn?T come off. ~maydi not okay, not allowed. ~magan never existed, never took place. ~magan gap nonsense, b.s. ~masa if not, otherwise?; well, then.

Yuring, ~masa Come on, then. ~masa bu ish undan kelgan Ekan‑da Well then it looks like this is his doing. ~masa‑da/~masa ham even if not, even so; in that case, then. ~sa as for? Men ~sam as for me? ~sa kerak (it) should be, must be; probably. ~sa ham even though. ~sin may it be so; not (even).

Uning aytgani ~sin! May what he says be (done)! Bir lahza ~sin to’xtamadi He didn?T stop for even one minute.

Kim ~masin whoever it may be.

Ma?Lum ~ishicha as far as is known? Nima ~sa ~lar Whatever happens is okay. ‑sa ~adimi? Would it be alright if?; And what do you know? (sudden, unexpected events). ‑sa ~gani It would be good if? Qanday ~masin however it may be.

Hech ~maganda If nothing else?, At (the very) least? [~dir‑] Bo’l‑ 2 : v.t.

To divide, break up, partition; to interrupt. [bo’ldir‑, bo’lin‑] Bo’la 1 : s.

Bo’liq. Bo’la 2 : cousin (children of sisters). Bo’lajak : future. Bo’lak‑bo’lak : in parts, in pieces; separately, in groups. ~ qil‑ to divide up, to separate. Bo’lak : piece, part, section; different, separate.

Gap ~i (gram.) Part of speech. ~ qil‑ to divide into pieces; to form a separate household. Bo’lakcha 1 : differently; different. Bo’lakcha 2 : dim.

Of bo’lak; small piece, bit. Bo’lakdan : once again, over again. Bo’lakla‑ : v.t.

To divide, separate; to renew. [bo’laklan‑, bo’laklat‑, bo’laklash‑] Bo’laklik : difference, distinctness, separateness. Bo’lakma‑bo’lak : separately. Bo’lali : well‑grown, plump. Bo’lalik : cousinhood. Bo’lar‑bo’lmas : not yet been?; nonsensical, absurd.

Bu yerga kelganiga bir yil ~ it had not yet been a year since he?D come here. ~ gaplar nonsense, absurdities. — Bo’nakdor : receiver of advance money, debitor. Bo’pti coll. (< bo'libdi) : fine, okay, alright, agreed Bo'qcha : s.

Bo’xcha. Bo’qoq : s.

Buqoq. Bo’r : chalk. Bo’ra‑ rare : s.

Bo’rala‑. Bo’rala‑ : v.i.

To drive down, fall heavily (snow). ~b so’k‑ to cuss one?S head off. Bo’rboy dial : fat calf.??. Bo’rdoqi : livestock raised for meat; freeloader. Bo’rdoqiboqar : cattleman who raises livestock for meat. Bo’rdoqichilik : raising livestock for meat.bo’ri zool.wolf. ~ yeydimi What?Re you afraid of (is the wolf going to eat you)? ~misiz, tulkimisiz Were you successful? What do you have to show for your venture? ~ tug’di/~ qulog’i ovda The walls have ears.

We are not alone, people are listening.

Qo’yni ~ga topshir‑ to give a job to the worst person possible, give s.t.

Over to the enemy to do. ~ning og’zi yesa ham qon, yemasa ham qon Once a wolf, always a wolf. Bo’ribosar : a shepherd dog capable of chasing wolves.bo’rigul bot.periwinkle.bo’rikalla bot.a type of melon.bo’riko’z bot.hawthorn. Bo’riq‑ : s.

Buriq‑.bo’riq dial.corn or sorghum stalk.bo’ritaroq bot.hibiscus, flower of an hour.bo’rk arch.winter hat. ~ ol desa, bosh ol‑ to go to extremes in punishing s.o. (better expr.??) Bo’rla‑ : v.t.

To whiten with chalk. Bo’ron : snowstorm, blizzard, dust storm, tempest. ~ qushi stormy petrel. Bo’ronli : stormy.bo’roz dial.young woman who has come of age; spinster. Bo’rsi‑ : v.i.

To start going sour, turn bad, to begin to smell. Bo’rsildoq : full, rich, plump, puffy. ~ non puffy, airy bread. Bo’rsilla‑ : v.i.

To fill out, swell up, puff up.bo’rsiq zool.badger. ~ semir‑ to become very fat, swell up, become round like a tomato. Bo’rt‑ : to swell, puff out, stick out; to sprout, come up, emerge. [bo’rttir‑] Bo’rta : chestnut (horse); blond, light‑colored (camel). Bo’rtik : bump, projection. Bo’rtiq : s.

Bo’rtik. Bo’rtma : bump, projection; projecting; relief‑. ~ naqsh high relief sculpted alabster design. Bo’rttir‑ : caus.

Of bo’rt‑; to stress, emphasize; to exaggerate. Bo’sa lit. : kiss. Bo’sag’a : threshold; eve. Bo’sh 1 : empty, free, unoccupied.

Qo’li ~ idle. Bo’sh 2 : frail, fragile, weak; loose, slack, unstable. ~ qo’y‑/~ qara‑ to give free rein to; to let run amuck. ~(ga) ket‑/~ga chiq‑ to be for naught, to amount to nothing.

Joni ~ frail, fragile.

Og’zi ~ loose‑lipped, unable to keep a secret. ~ kel‑ to lose, fail. Bo’sh‑bayov : inept; gullible. Bo’sha‑ 1 : v.i.

To become empty, vacant, free; to be freed, dismissed. [bo’shal‑, bo’shat‑, bo’shatil‑, bo’shattir‑, bo’shash‑] Bo’sha‑ 2 : v.i.

To loosen, soften. [bo’shal‑, bo’shat‑, bo’shatil‑, bo’shattir‑] — Bo’ydor 2 : aromatic, fragrant. Bo’yicha : according to, in accordance with, by; throughout; in, on, about, pertaining to.

Neft’ ~ mutaxassis oil expert. Bo’yimodaron bot. : southernwood (Artemisia spp.). Bo’yin 1 3pp.

Bo’yni : neck. ~ eg‑/~ yo’g’on bully, tough. ~ ber‑ to give in, give up. ~ yor bermadi to not give in, not surrender; to not subject o.s.; to consider s.t.

Too low to do. ~ sun‑ s. ~ tovla‑/~ qo’y‑ to apply o.s., put o.s.

To work. ~ga minib ol‑ to bridle, control, domineer; to take advantage of, be a parasite to, live off of. ~iga osil‑ to cling to s.o., hang on s.o.?S neck. ~iga tush‑ to become one?S responsibility, to fall to s.o.

To do.; to be placed firmly on one?S neck (blame). ~iga qo’y‑ to put on s.o.?S shoulders (blame, responsibility). ~ida on one?S shoulders (blame, responsibility).bo’yin 2 geo.isthmus. Bo’yin 3 : a unit of measure for ploughing fields (app. = 120‑150 paces). Bo’yinbog’ : necktie (s.

Galstuk).bo’yincha 1 dial.s.

Bo’yicha. Bo’yincha 2 : horse collar or its underlying pad. Bo’yinchado’z : a maker of horse collars. Bo’yintumor : a tumor charm worn around the neck by women. Bo’yinturuq : yoke. Bo’yla‑ : to measure the depth of water by wading; to go along the edge or shore of s.t. ~b (going) along, parallel to; throughout, along.

Daryo ~b (going) along the river.

Jahon ~b sayohat qil‑ to travel around the world. [bo’ylash‑] Bo’ylan‑ : v.i.

To smell bad, to begin to smell. Bo’ylash‑ : coop.

Of bo’yla‑; to measure the height of s.t. Bo’ylat‑ 1 : caus.

Of bo’yla‑. Bo’ylat‑ 2 : to let go bad, to let get smelly; to let sniff. Bo’yli 1 : baland ~ tall.

Past ~ short. ~ odam a tall person. Bo’yli 2 : fragrant.bo’yo’sar (bez) coll.glands in the groin or armpit (whose swelling is thought to indicate growth). Bo’yoq : paint, dye, color.

Bo’lar ish bo’ldi, ~i sindi What?S done is done. ~ ber‑ to paint, to color; to tinge. Bo’yoqchi : dyer, painter. ~ning nilimi It?S not what you think, It?S more difficult than you think. ~ning xumi aynidi There?S a false rumor going around. (based on the belief that one could keep the dyer?S vat from spoiling by spreading a false rumor). Bo’yoqchilik : abstr.

Of bouyoqci; (hist.) The dyers? Section of the bazaar, dyers? Quarter of the city. Bo’yoqdor : (multi‑) colored, colorful. Bo’yoqli : s.

Bo’yoqdor. Bo’yov : v.n.

Of bo’ya‑; (dial.) Paint, dye. Bo’yovchi : painter, dyer. Bo’yra : reed basket or mat.

Bir ~ (s.t.) The size or dimensions of a reed mat. ~ puli (hist.) Money exacted from madrasah pupils to pay for floor matting. Bo’yrapo’sh : covering for reed mat or basket. Bo’ysira : in order of size. Bo’ysira : ~ bo’l‑/tur‑ to line up according to height. Bo’ysun‑ : to obey, submit, surrender to, be under the command or direction of. [bo’ysundir‑ bo’ysundiril‑] Bo’ysundur‑ : caus.

Of bo’ysun‑ to subdue, subject. Bo’z 1 : (Arabic) cheap cotton material. Bo’z 2 : light gray colored (horse).

Rangi ~ bo’lib ketdi/~day oqardi to become pale, to turn pale. Bo’z 3 : ~ yer fallow land, virgin land. ~ to’proq serozem soil. Bo’z 4 : ~ bola/yigit youth, young lad.bo’z 5 bot.feather grass. — Borona : (Russian) harrow. ~sol‑/qil‑ to harrow. Boronala‑ : to harrow. [boronalan‑] Borshch : (Russian) cabbage or beet soup. Bort : (Russian) side (of ship).

Kema ~ida on board a ship. Bortmexanik : (Russian) flight engineer. Bos‑ : v.t.

To step or tread on; to press, push on; to print; to cover, fill with; to apply; to walk, go forward, go through; to overcome, put down, subdue; to invade, conquer; to overturn; to apply to, transfer (money, credit); to stitch (hem, etc.).

Barmoq ~‑ to press with the finger. ~ib o’t‑ to travel through.

Ilgari ~‑ to press forward.

O’zini ~‑ to control oneself, get ahold of oneself.

O’pkasini ~‑ to control one’s feelings, keep o.s.

From crying. ~ib ol‑ to take, conquer. ~ib ishla‑ to work hard, to drive o.s. ~ib chiqar‑ to print.

Palla ~‑ to be weighty, dense; to be heavy.

Oyoq ~‑ to take steps. [bosil‑, bosish‑, bostir‑] Bosar‑tusar : ~ini bilmay qol‑to become conceited and oblivious to the effects of one’s actions. Bosar‑tutar : s.

Bosar‑tusar. Bosh‑oyoq : ~ kiyim a set of clothes. ~ kiyintir‑ to outfit, dress in a set of clothes. Bosh‑qosh : boss, the man in charge. Bosh : head; top, summit; beginning; source, headwaters; end, limit; bulb (onion, etc.), bunch (grapes); main, chief. ~ kelishigi nominative case.

Kishi ~iga per head, per person.

Gektar ~iga per hectare. ~ga tushgan/~dan kechir(il)gan/~ og’ri‑ to have a headache. ~iga kel‑ to occur to. ~ bo’l‑/~ida tur to head, lead, direct. ~ gap head clause?? ~ kiyimi headgear, headdress. ~ maqola feature article, main article. ~ to’g’on main dam. ~ xotin first, oldest wife (polygamy). ~ barmoq thumb. ~i berk ko’cha deadend street.

Avval ~i first of all…

Satr ~i paragraph.

Bir ~dan from the beginning; in order.

Qayta ~dan once again, over again. ~i bilan with heart and soul. ~i bog’liq engaged (to be married).

Xotin ~i bilan as a woman. ~i ochiq bare‑headed, unveiled; not yet married or engaged (woman). ~ og’rig’i headache. ~ ustiga As you wish! By all means! Certainly! ~i qorong’i at the stage of pregancy to have cravings for certain foods. ~ harf capital letter.

Yolg’iz ~i all alone, by o.s. ~ ko’kka/~ ko’tarib yur‑ to hold one’s head high. ~ olib ket‑ to pack up and leave for good. ~ oqqan tomonga ket‑ to go wherever the roads leads you, wherever fancy takes you. ~ suq‑/~ tort‑ to bud, bloom; to pull out, back out. ~ing toshdan bo’lsin Don’t get killed! (said to a soldier leaving for war). ~ ur‑ to look for shelter, protection; to bow and scrape. ~i chiqmaydi to not be free of, not escape from.

Bir yoqadan ~ chiqarib to do s.t.

As one, unanimously. ~ Eg‑ to bow down, give in, submit. ~ qashi‑ to scratch one’s head. ~i qot‑ to be confounded.

Mening senga ~im qorong’i oyog’iga ~ qo’y‑ to prostrate o.s.

At s.o.’s feet. ~ qo’sh‑ to butt in, to meddle.

O’z ~iga independently, each for himself. ~iga et‑ to finish off, to be s.o.’s downfall. ~iga ko’tar‑ to revere, hold in high esteem; to raise a din, make a ruckus. ~iga uradimi? What’s he going to do with that? Why should he bother himself with that? ~iga chiq‑/~ga qo’y‑ to revere, emulate. ~ida yong’oq/~ini biriktir‑/~ini buk‑ to subdue, bring to one’s knees. ~ini ye‑ to be one’s downfall, be the death of s.o. ~ini sila‑ to console, comort; to indulge; to take under one’s wing. ~ini tik‑ to swear o.s.

To s.t.

Biror ishning ~ini ushla‑/~ni qotir‑ to confound, bother, plague. Boshboshdoq : lawless, reckless, anarchical. Boshboshdoqlik : anarchy, lawlessness. Boshchi : head, leader, boss. Boshchilik : abstr.

Of ~ida under the leadership of. Boshda : at first, at the beginning. Boshdan‑oyoq : from head to foot, completely. ~ kiyintir‑ to clothe from head to foot. Boshdan : from the first, from the beginning. Boshkesar : bloodthirsty killer, cold‑blooded murderer. Boshla‑ 1 : v.t.

To begin, start; to lead. [boshlan‑, boshlat‑, boshlash‑] Boshla‑ 2 : v.t.

To sew the upper on a shoe. [boshlan‑, boshlat‑] Boshlab : conv.

Of yangi yildan ~ starting from the new year…

Navoiydan ~ Hamzagacha from Navoiy to Hamza. Boshlama : initial, begginning; outset, initiation. Boshlang’ich : initial; primary, elementary; primordial, beginning. ~ maktab elementary school. Boshlanma : beginning. Boshli : smart, intelligent. — Boyvachcha : s.

Boybachcha. Boyvachchalik : abstr.

Of boyvachcha; spoiled, snobbish behavior. Boyvuchcha : wife/daughter of a rich man; housewife; (arch.

Coll.) Wife. Boz 1 : obs.

Furthermore, besides. ~ ustiga in addition, what’s more. Boz 2 zool. : falcon. Bozbon : falconer. Bozilla‑ : to whir, buzz; to become red hot. [bozillat‑] Bozingar : arch.

Dancer; hypnotist, trickster. Bozirgon : obs.

Merchant, dealer, trader. Bozor‑o’char : shopping, going to market, etc.; everything connected with the market and shopping. Bozor : bazaar, market; bazaar day (usu.

Sunday). ~(i) kasod non‑selling items. ~ kuni bazaar day; Sunday. ~ non(i) bazaar bread (as opposed to home‑baked).

Boricha ~ Thanks be for even this much. ~i chaqqon fast‑selling items. ~ ko’tarmaydi the market won’t support it (prices, etc.) ~i o’tmadi It didn’t sell.

It didn’t work.

His trick, etc.

Didn’t work out. ~ qaytdi closing time at the bazaar. ~ga sol‑ to take s.t.

To the market; to display, flaunt s.t. ~(ini) ol‑, ~ qil‑ to sell/have sold one’s wares at the bazaar.

O’zini ~ga sol‑ to make a display of oneself. Bozorbop : sellable, popular, quick‑selling (goods). Bozorchi : seller, bazaar stall owner. Bozorchilik : bazaar business, dealings; bazaar rules and customs. Bozorgir : s.

Bozorbop. Bozorgoh : place where a bazaar is held. Bozori(y) : made for sale; sellable. Bozorla(sh)‑ : to go shopping, to go to the market; to walk around the market. Bozorlik : meant for sale; sellable; a present brought back with the day’s shopping. Brak : (Russian) reject, defective (product). ~ qil‑/~ka chiqar‑ to reject. ~ka chiq‑ to be discarded as defective. Brakchi : worker who produces defective goods. Brakchilik : production of defective goods. Brakovka : (Russian) sorting. Brakovkachi : sorter. Brass : (Russian) breast‑stroke. — Bulon : wild horse. Buloq : spring, spring waters.

Burnidan ~ bo’ldi to be lost, wasted. Buloqi : nose ring worn by women.bultur coll.last year. Bulturgi : last year?S. Bulut : cloud; sponge.

Osmon ~ The sky is cloudy. Bulutday/dek : like a cloud; as high as the clouds; speedy (horse). Bulutlan‑ : to become cloudy, cloud over. Bulutli : cloudy. Bumazey : (Russian) fustian.bunaqa(ngi) coll.s.

Bunday. Buncha : so (much), this much. Bunchalik : so (much), this much. ~ini bilsam If I had known it was going to be like this?Bundaqa(ngi) coll.s.

Bunday. Bunday : like this, such, so; as follows.

Birov unday, birov ~ some are like this, some like that.bundayin dial.s.

Bunday.bundoq coll.s.

Bunday. Bunker : (Russian) bunker, shed. Bunt : (Russian) pile of cotton. Buntla‑ : v.t.

To pile (cotton). Bunyod : ~ bo’l‑/~ga kel‑ to arise, form, come into being; to be born. ~ qil‑/~ga keltir‑ to give rise to, create. Bunyodkor : builder, creator; creative, innovative. Bunyodkorlik : abstr.

Of bunyodkor; creation, innovation. Buq’a : obs. (Arabic) a room in a madrasah set aside for the poor or for wandering dervishes; squalid house, shack.buqa zool.young bull. ~ bo’yin bull‑necked, thick‑necked. Buqalamun zool. : chameleon. Buqalamunlik : changeability, fickleness, vicissitude. Buqoq : inflicted with a goiter; goiter. Buqtir‑ : v.t.


Biqtir‑. Buqtirma : s.

Biqtirma. Bur‑ : v.t.

To turn (around, towards, away), steer, direct; to persuade; to twist closed (mouth of a bag).

Gapni (so’zni) ~‑ to change the subject; to distort, misunderstand (words); to win over, turn around.

Labini ~‑ to wrinkle one?S lip; to pout. [~il‑, ~iltir‑, ~ish‑] Bura‑ : v.t.

To turn, rotate, twist, screw in, wind. ~b gapir‑ (coll.) To distort one?S mouth when speaking, to mutter, mumble.

Dumini ~b qo’y‑ to twist s.t.?S tail, coerce to do s.t. [bural‑, buraltir‑, burat‑, burash‑] — Charmla‑ : v.t.

To put a sole on (a shoe). [charmlat‑] Charog’bon hist. : street lamp lighter; spreader of enlightenment. Charog’on : brightly‑lit, bright; shining, brilliant.charos bot.a type of black grape. ~ ko’z lovely dark eyes.chars 1 ono.crashing or splintering sound.

Oyna ~ Etib sindi The mirror broke with a crash. Chars 2 : forward, impudent; wild, untamed.chars‑chars ono.s.

Chars 1. Chars‑churs : s.

Chars 1. Charsilla‑ 1 : v.i.

To make a crashing or splintering sound. ~gan sovuq deep cold. [charsillat‑] Charsilla‑ 2 : v.i.

To be in a rage, to be bursting with anger. Chartizm : (Russian) Chartism. Charvi : intestinal fat (of animals). ~ bog’la‑ to grow fat; to get rich. Charvoq coll. : s.

Chorbog’. Charx : spinning wheel; wheel (of mechanism); grindstone; revolution, rotation. ~ yigir‑ to spin thread.

Tegirmon ~i mill wheel.

Davr ~i turn of the ages. ~ falak vicissitudes of fate.

Gap ~ini aylantir‑ to keep a conversation going. ~ tovoq a large dish. ~ ur‑ to circle; to spin one’s wheels. Charxak dial. : round, circular; device used to wind yarn in skeins. Charxchi 1 : maker of wheels; (knife) grinder. Charxchi 2 zool.

A small singing bird. ?? Charxchilik : tool or knife grinding; section of a bazaar for knife grinding. Charxla‑ : v.t.

To sharpen (knife); to tell off, to lecture. [charxlan‑, charxlat‑] Charxpalak : mill wheel; ferris wheel.

Tarix ~i the wheels of time. ~ bo’l‑ to fall head over heels; to tumble, to fall. Chashma : spring (water); source. Chashmband : arch.


Chachvon. Chasovoy : (Russian) sentry, (armed) guard. Chastota : (Russian) frequency. Chat‑ : v.t.

To sew together; to sew on a button hole; to tie together, to bring together; to strike. [chatil‑, chatish‑]chatanoq coll.crotch. Chatiq : intertwined, joined. ~ qosh eyebrows that meet in the middle.chatir‑chutur ono.popping, sputtering (of fire). Chatir bot. : a type of grass ?? [Evklidium siriyskiy] Chatish‑ v.t./v.i. : coop.

Of chat‑; to become crossbred; to mix together, to become intertwined; to be related distantly . [chatishtir‑] Chatish : v.n.

Of cat‑; hybrid, crossbreed; adjoining, connected; distant relative. — Chinqir‑ : v.i.

To scream, to shriek. ~ib yig’la‑ to howl and wail (in grief). [chinqirish‑, chinqirtir‑] Chinqiriq : shriek, scream. Chinqiroq : piercing; having a piercing voice.chip ono.rustling or slipping, or sticking noise; s.

Chippa. Chipor : mottled, dappled, speckled. ~ ilon (zool.) Grass snake; type of mottled snake. Chippa‑chin : quite true, real as can be; truly, really. Chippa : ~ yopish‑ to stick well; to fit right in place. ~ bit‑ to become completely plugged (ears).chippak 1 coll.sandals (s.

Shippak). Chippak 2 : ~ka chiq‑ to be for naught. Chipqon : boil. Chipta 1 : bast matting. ~ kavush bast sandals.chipta 2 coll.

Arch.(train) ticket.chiptachi coll.

Arch.ticket seller. Chipxo’r : light eater (s.

Chimxo’r). Chiq‑ : v.i.

To go up, to ascend, to climb; to increase; to get on (conveyance); to rise (sun, moon); to go out, to get out, to leave; to come up/out, to spring up, to arise; to appear (before), to be found, to show up; to come forth, to issue from; to come out, to fall off; to be dislocated (limb); to stick out, to protrude; to come from, to originate; to be printed or issued, to come out (publication); to turn out; to run out of, to wear out; to become tired of; to be over; to win; V+(i)b ~‑ indicates action done from beginning to end or all through a period of time, eg, kechasi bilan yomon tush ko’rib ~dim I saw bad dreams the whole night; qishdan ming mashaqqat bilan ~ib oldim I got through the winter with great difficulty. ~ar must have, probably.

Rasm yaxshi ~mabdi The picture didn’t come out well.

O’g’li yaxshi bola ~ibdi His son turned out to be a fine lad.

Hisoblasam, yuz so’m ~di I figured it came out to 100 soum.

Ko’zlari qinidan ~‑ to have one’s eyes jump out of their sockets.

Og’zining bir chekkasidan ~ib ketadi Easy to say.

Yuz joyiga pichoq ursang, bir joyidan qon ~maydi callous; avaricious. ~magan jondan umid There’s always hope (for recovery). ~asi kelsa if it’s going to happen, if it’s going to come out/to pass. [chiqaz‑, chiqazil‑, chiqazish‑, chiqar‑, chiqaril‑, chiqarish‑, chiqartir‑, chiqil‑]chiq ono.dripping, clicking, or pipping sound. Chiqar‑ : v.t.


Of ~ish klapani release/exhaust valve.

Beshta masala ~dim I solved five problems. [chiqartir‑] Chiqaruvchi : v.n.

Of chiqar‑; producer. Chiqaverish : exit, way out. Chiqilla‑ : v.i.

To tick(‑tock). [chiqillat‑] Chiqim : expenditure(s), expense(s). Chiqimdor : expensive, costly; one who spends large sums. Chiqimli : costly, expensive; quick‑brewing (tea). Chiqimsiz : free of expenses; slow‑brewing, not fragrant (tea). Chiqindi : emission, discharge, waste; (fig.) Trash, scum. Chiqiq : sore, scab; dislocation; dislocated limb; protuberance, bump; protruding, sticking out.chiqir ono.clattering noise. Chiqirla‑ : v.i.

To clatter. [chiqirlat‑]chiqish‑ v.n.coop.

Of chiq‑; to get along; to cogitate, to collude, to get together on. [chiqishtir‑] Chiqish : v.n.

Of chiq‑; rise (of sun, moon). Chiqishoq : affable, friendly. Chiqit : waste, refuse; reject(s). Chir : ~ aylan‑ to spin around, to go around in a whir. — Debet : (Russian) debit. Debitor : (Russian) debtor. Debocha : prelude, introduction; ornate title page.debon poet.s.

Deb. Deduktiv : (Russian) deductive. Deduktsiya : (Russian) deduction. Defis : (Russian) dash (punctuation). Defitsit : (Russian) deficit, shortage. ~ mol product in short supply. Defoliatsiya : (Russian) defoliation. ~ qil‑ to defoliate. Deformatsiya : (Russian) deformation. Deformatsiyala‑ : v.t.

To deform. [deformatsiyalan‑] Degan < de‑ : called, reffered to as (connects names with the common nouns they refer to).

Xalqda “avval o’la, keyin so’yla” ~ gap bor There is a popular saying that goes : “First think, then speak.” Ohakchi ~ ko’cha bor there is a street called “Ohakchi.” … ~ gap/orqaga qaytish‑ o’lim ~ gap Going back would mean death. Degazator : (Russian) decontaminator. Degazatsiya (Russian) : decontamination. ~ qil‑ to decontaminate. Degeneratsiya : (Russian) degeneration. Degrez : smith that makes cauldrons, ploughshares, etc. Degrezlik : abstr.

Of degrez; row of smithing shops. Degustator : (Russian) (wine, etc.) Taster, tester. Degustatsiya : tasting, quality control testing. Dehqon : farmer.

Kolxozchi ~ (hist.) Farmer who entered a collective during Soviet land reform; kolkhoz member.

Yakka ~ (hist.) Independent farmer (not in a kolkhoz).

O’rta hol ~ (hist.) Private farmer (not sharecropper). Dehqonbop : suitable for a farmer. Dehqonchasiga : like a farmer, in the farmers’ way. Dehqonchilik : farming; farm(land). ~ qil‑ to be a farmer; to farm.dehqonchumchuq zool.bunting, yellow‑hammer. Dehqonlik : abstr.

Of dehqon. Dejur : (Russian) on duty; duty person. Dejurlik : duty, watch, shift.dejurniy coll.s.

Dejur. Dekabr” : December. — Estakada : (Russian) arch, overpass; boom. Estet : (Russian) esthete. Estetik : (Russian) esthetic. Estetika : (Russian) esthetics. Estetizm : (Russian) estheticism. Eston : estonian. Estoncha : estonian language. Estrada : (Russian) stage, platform; variety show; western‑style pop music. Esvos : touched; God’s fool. Esxona : ~si chiqib/o’ynab ketdi to be frightened out of one’s wits. Et 1 : meat, flesh, muscle. ~ uzilishi muscle strain, sprain. ~i suyagiga/~ ol‑/~ tashla‑ or ~dan tush‑ to lose weight; to be upset.

Bir ko’lak ~ quite fat.

Bir parcha ~ tiny baby. ~i sizniki, suyagi bizniki phrase said to the schoolmaster when first bringing a boy to school (app. ‘He’s all yours.’). ~i o’lgan numbed, unfeeling; grown accustomed. ~i qotgan grown accustomed. ~ingni bir burdadan qilaman I’m going to tear you to bits. Et 2 coll. U er. Et‑ 1 : v.t.

To do, to make, to perform (usu.

Used to form compound verbs, eg, bayon ~‑, tashkil ~‑, etc.). [etil‑, etish‑, etkaz‑, etkiz‑, ettir‑, ettiril‑] Et‑ 2 coll. : v.t.

To say, to tell (s.

Ayt‑). [etil‑, etish‑, etkiz, ettir‑, ettiril‑] Etaj : (Russian) floor, story (s.

Qavat 2). Etajerka : (Russian) bookcase. Etak‑etak : loads and loads. Etak : skirt; apron‑like sack for picking cotton; outskirts; foothill(s), lower slope(s); mouth, estuary; end, trail end.

Bir ~ a lot. ~ yirtish betrothal ceremony. ~ tutqiz‑ to get caught. ~ tut‑ to hold out one’s skirts (for alms). ~ qayirib rolling up one’s skirts, setting to work with vigor. ~ qoq‑/orqa ~ida yuki yo’q not burdened with children, free of worries. ~ini yig’ishtir‑ to set one’s things straight. ~ini/~idan) tut‑ to grab onto the coattails of, to cling to. Etalon : (Russian) standard (measure). Etan : (Russian) ethane. Etap : (Russian) stage; halting‑place (for troops or deported convicts); lap (on a track). ~ qil‑ to deport (in a group under guard).etda‑betda dial.here and there; from time to time. Etdor : fleshy, fat, chubby. Etik 1 : boot. Etik 2 : (Russian) ethical. Etika : (Russian) ethics. Etikchi : s.

Etikdo’z. — Farahmand : s.

Farahnok. Farahnok : joyful. Farang : arch. (Arabic) French, Frenchman; European, European‑style; skilled, expert. ~ miltiq cartridge‑loaded rifle. ~ ro’mol a type of fine silk scarf.

Ustasi ~ expert, skilled crafstman; sharp, quick, real go‑getter; grabber, self‑seeker, cad.Farangiston geo.

Arch.France; Europe. Faraz : (Arabic) conjecture, hypothesis. ~ qil‑/Et‑ to suppose, to hypothesize; to consider. Farazan lit. : (Arabic) supposing. Faraziy lit. : (Arabic) hypothetical, conjectural. Faraziya : (Arabic) hypothesis. Fard : obs. (Arabic) lone, solitary. Farfor : (Russian) porcelain. Farg’onacha : special to the Ferghana Valley; name of an Ozbek melody. Farishta : angel. ~si yo’q unattractive, nothing going for it. Farishtasiz : unattractive, homely. Farmakolog : (Russian) pharmacologist. Farmakologik (Russian) : pharmacological. Farmakologiya (Russian) : pharmacology. Farmatsevt : (Russian) pharmacist. Farmatsevtika (Russian) : pharmaceutics. Farmon : order, command, decree, edict.farmonachi hist.messenger, announcer. Farmonbardor : obedient. Farmonnoma rare : written order or decree. Farmonomuz : order‑like. Farmoyish lit. : order, command. Farog’ rare lit. : (Arabic) s.

Farog’at. Farog’at : (Arabic) comfort, ease, peace. ~ qil‑ to relax. ~da yasha‑ to live a life of ease. Farog’atli : easy, comfortable, peaceful. Farog’atsiz : unrestful, unsettled, unpeaceful. — Gang : ~ bo’l‑ s.

Gangi‑. Gangi‑ : to be stunned, stupefied, confused, dizzy, in a daze.

Boshi (miyasi) ~‑ to be dizzy, confused. [gangit‑, gangitil‑, gangish‑] Gangir‑gungir : hubble‑bubble, commotion. ~ gap/suhbat lively conversation. Gangira‑ : s.

Gangi‑. [gangirat‑] Gangirakla‑ : s.

Gandirakla‑. Gangra‑ : s.

Gangira‑. [gangrat‑] Gangrena : (Russian) gangrene. Gangster : (Russian) gangster. Ganj lit. : wealth. Ganjina : s.

Ganj. Gap 1 : saying, talk, words, expression; matter, subject; phrase, clause. ~ga aylantir‑ to talk into s.t. ~ni aylantir‑ to beat around the bush; to confuse the issue.

Unga ~ bakor kelmaydi or unga ~ kor/u hech kimga ~ bermaydi He never gives anyone a chance to talk; He never listens to anyone. ~ bilan kunni kech qil‑ to spend the whole day talking. ~ bilgancha ish bil Better to know how to do s.t.

Than just talk. ~ni bir yerga/~ bir joydan chiqdi Everyone was agreed. ~ bitta that’s final. ~ga bichgan/onasi ~ga tuqqan to be a born talker. ~ bo’l‑ to interrupt.

Bir ~ bo’lar Something will happen (to solve the predicament). ~ vaqt yo’qligida emas the point isn’t that there is no time. ~ gapir‑ to give a speech, to talk. ~ni gapir uqqanga speak to whoever may heed. ~ni ikki qil‑ to contradict, to disobey, not to heed. ~ini yo’qotib qo’y to lose track of what one is saying. ~ kelganda otangni ayama When it comes time to speak, spare no one, even your father. ~ga kir‑ to come around, to listen to reason; to begin speaking. ~ kovla‑ to stir up old problems. ~ga ko’n‑ to listen, to consent. ~ ko’p, ko’mir oz Talk is cheap. ~(ini) ol‑ to learn s.o.’s thoughts or intentions. ~ ola chiqdi Things fell apart; The matter ended in discord. ~ ot‑/~ och‑ to begin speaking; to bring up. ~ini og’zidan ol‑/~i og’zida qol‑ to stop short, to be left speechless. ~ning ochig’i actually, truth be known. ~ning po’st kallasi the truth of the matter (s. ~ga sol‑ to bring around, convince. ~ sot‑ to gossip, to chatter idly. ~ning tagiga yet‑ to get to the root of the matter. ~ning tagida ~ bor there’s a reason for everything. ~ tamom, vassalom end of story, that’s it. ~ tegiz‑/~ida tur‑ to stick to one’s word. ~ga tut‑ to buttonhole. ~ga tush‑ to (begin to) speak. ~ga tushunadigan odam someone who understands what others want; someone easy to get along with. ~dan to’xta‑ to stop talking. ~ to’qi‑/~ shu yerda qolsin Don’t let word of this get out. ~ chayna‑ to harp upon. ~ chaqishtir‑/~dan chiq‑ to disobey, to cross.

U mening ~imdan chiqmaydi He never disobeys me. ~dan ~ chiqib/~ chuvi‑ to busy o.s.

With gossip. ~ni cho’z‑ to talk on and on. ~ Eshit‑ to get yelled at, to get bawled out.

Unga sizning ~ingiz o’tadi He listens to what you say. ~ini o’tkaz‑ to get one’s way. ~ o’g’irla‑/~ qaytar‑ to talk back.

Uning ~iga qaraganda according to what he says. ~ qil‑ to make gossip, to make up rumors. ~ qistir‑ to interject. ~ni qisqa qil‑ to come to the point, not to waste time talking. ~ni ~ga qovushtirmaslik to let no one get a word in edgewise.

Bir ~dan qol‑ to lose (contest).

Katta ~ big deal, big accomplishment.

Nima ~? What’s up?; What’s the matter? Shu ham ~ ekanmi? Big deal!, So what?, What an excuse! Hamma ~ shunda that’s the whole problem.

Hech ~ yo’q Nothing’s going on.; Nothing has happened. Gap 2 : regular gathering held by a group of friends. ~ ber‑ to host such a gathering. ~‑gashtak partying and merrymaking. ~ ye‑ to spend much time attending such gatherings. Gap‑gashtak : parties, party‑going. Gap‑so’z : talk, gossip. Gapboz : s.

Gapdon. Gapchi : gossip‑hound, rumor‑spreader.gapchil dial.gifted talker; chatterbox. Gapdon : gifted talker. Gapdonlik : gift of gab; talkativeness. Gapir‑ : to speak, talk.

Og’zingga qarab ~‑ to watch what you say.

Katta ~‑ to talk big, to promise more than you can fulfill. [gapiril‑, gapirish‑, gapirtir‑]gapla‑ dial.s.

Gapir‑. Gaplash‑ : to talk, converse, to have a talk. [gaplashish‑, gaplashtir‑] Gapsotar : idle talker, chatterbox, gossiper. Gapxo’r : one who attends many gap gatherings, fellow participant at a gap. Gapxona : place for holding a gap gathering. Gar lit. : s.

Agar. Gar‑gar kekir‑ : to let out repeated burps; to strut, swagger. Garaj : (Russian) garage. Garang : deaf; dumbstruck; confused, dizzy.

Bosh(i) ~ bo’l‑ to go deaf, be deafened; to be dumbstruck, to be out of sorts. ~ qil‑ to deafen; to make dizzy, to daze. Garangla(n)‑ : to be dumbstruck or confused. [garanglat‑] — Irrigatsiya : (Russian) irrigation. Irrigatsiyalash : s.

Irrigatsiya. Irshay‑ : v.i.

To smirk. [irshaytir‑] Irshod : (Arabic) showing the right way, true guidance; (hist.) Document granting power to intitiate others into a Sufi order. ~ qil‑/Et‑ to direct, guide, teach the right way; to be pious. Irsiy : (Arabic) hereditary, inherited. ~ belgilar hereditary features or marks. Irsiyat : (Arabic) heredity. Irvay‑ : v.i.

To slump, to sag; to smirk. [irvaytir‑] Irvaytir‑ : v.t.


Of irvay‑; to twist into a smirk (mouth). Irvit(i) : ~ quti a kind of small ornate box. ~ yong’og’i pine nut. Irvot : puny, tiny. Is 1 : scent, odor. ~i yo’q (It’s) scentless. ~ini ol‑ to smell, to scent. ~ini chiqar‑ to give of a/its scent. ~ini chiqarmay without leaving a trace, without letting anyone have a whiff of what’s going on.

Odam ~i yoqmagan unsociable. Is 2 : smoke, fumes; soot. ~ chiqar‑ to cook and give away hot food in order to please the spirits or jinn. ~ bosgan coated with soot, sooty; old, delapidated. Isbot : (Arabic) proof, evidence; confirmation. ~qil‑/Et‑ to prove, to give proof. Isbotla‑ : v.t.

To prove, to provide evidence; to confirm. [isbotlan‑]isfarak bot.larkspur; a type of apricot. Isfihon : ~ qilich a type of sword made in Isfahan. Ish 1 : work, job, business, task; matter, affair, thing.

Uy ~i homework. ~ yoqmas lazy; shirker. ~ katta great job, outstanding work. ~ ko’rgan experienced. ~ ko’rsat‑ to serve; to act up. ~ tashlash strike. ~ tashlovchi striker. ~ chiqar‑ to have good results.

Bundan hech ~ chiqmadi This didn’t turn out at all. ~ga layoqatli/~ ko’rsat‑ to perform (a job) well; to play a trick. ~ga boshla‑/~dan ol‑ to dismiss, to get rid of. ~dan chiq‑ to leave one’s job; to break down, to become unusable. ~dan chiqar‑ to dismiss, to fire; to damage, to make unusable. ~dan qol‑ to become unfit for work; to stand idle. ~dan qo’y‑ to hinder, to distract. ~ ber‑ to come in handy, to prove useful; to serve. ~ joyida everything is all right.

Uning ~i joyida He’s doing well.

Uning sizda ~i bor He has some business with you., He needs you for something. ~ ko’r‑ to serve or function as; to undertake.

Unga ~im tushdi I needed him for something. ~(ga) buyur‑ to order work done. ~ga sol‑ to put to work, to put to good use. ~ga tushir‑ to set going. ~lar mudiri affairs manager of. ~ning tagi loyqa shady, questionable business. ~ni xom/~ning ko’zini bil‑ to know one’s stuff, to know the ins and outs of, to know how to do well. ~ning ko’zini top‑ to figure out, to learn the ins and outs of. ~ ko’p things are busy, much to do. ~ chatoq there is a problem; things are going badly.

Bu bizning ~imiz Emas This is not our business. ~ni pishir‑ to come to an agreement. Ish 2 : piece of leather or material (sufficient for making a complete garment, etc.). ~ bich‑ to cut out (material, etc.). ~ tik‑ to sew or stitch.ish 3 dial.s.

Shish.ish‑ dial.s.

Shish‑. Ishbay : piece work. Ishbilarmon : expert, competent worker; know‑it‑all. Ishbilarmonlik : expertise; pretension. Ishbop : suitable for work. Ishboshi : foreman, boss, work‑leader. Ishboshqaruvchi : manager, director. Ishbuzar : s.

Ishbuzuqi. Ishbuzuqi : hinderer, marplot. Ishchan : hard‑working. Ishchanlik : abstr.

Of ishchan, diligence. Ishchi : worker, laborer. ~lar sinfi the working class. Ishchinamo : resembling a worker. Ishg’ol : (Arabic) ~ qil‑/Et‑ to occupy, to take over.ishgir dial.adroit, adept. Ishkal 1 : (Arabic) problem, hindrance, difficulty.

To’rt ~i but everything is hunky‑dory.ishkal 2 dial.cord made of straw or reeds. — Isqot rel. : (Arabic) money set aside to be given away as alms as compensation for one’s misdeeds; ceremony or feast held for such purposes on behalf of the deceased. ~ingga qo’y invective used when angry about s.t.

Belonging to s.o.

Else. Isqoti : something set aside as or given as isqot; (inv.) Damned, good for nothing, blasted. Isrof : (Arabic) waste; expenditure. ~ qil‑ to waste, to squander. Isrofchi : squanderer. Isrofchilik : s.

Isrofgarchilik. Isrofgar : spendthrift, squanderbug. Isrofgar(chi)lik : wastefulness, extravagant expenditure. Isrofla‑ : v.t.

To waste, to squander. Issiq‑sovuq : hot and cold foods; good times and bad; intrigue or magic to cause like or dislike between people. Issiq‑sovuqchi : one who reads incantations to make people “hot” or “cold” towards one another. Issiq : hot; warm; heat; fever; hot food; warm, friendly; inviting.

Ko’zga ~ ko’rin‑ to look attractive or pleasing. ~ jon living being. ~ida while it’s hot, at just the right time. ~ida ketaver Get going while the going’s good. ~ingda qot! Drop dead! ~i baland He has a high fever. Issiqla‑ : v.t.

To gasp, become flushed from heat; not to be able to withstand heat. [issiqlat‑] Issiqlik : heat, warmth; term used for foods high in calories; heat rash; good, benefit. ~ qil‑ to be too hot (for). Issiqsevar : heat‑loving. Issiqsira‑ : v.i.

Yearning for hot tea or food after going without for some time. Issiqxona : steamroom of a bath; hothouse, greenhouse. Ista‑ : v.t.

To wish for, to desire. ~gan yo’ldan any way one chooses. ~gancha as much as one likes; any amount. [istal‑, istash‑] Istak 1 : wish. Istak 2 : willow wands tied to grape vines for support. Istaklik : wand used for supporting grape vines. Istar‑istamas : whether one wants to or not; even though not quite willing, involuntarily. Istara : ~si issiq warm, friendly, genial‑looking. Istarapil coll. : (Russian) rafter. Iste’dod : (Arabic) talent, skill, ability. Iste’dodli : skilled, talented. Iste’dodsiz : untalented. Iste’fo : (Arabic) resignation. ~ ber‑ to resign, to hand in one’s resignation. ~ga chiq‑ to resign. Iste’mol : (Arabic) use, application; consumption. ~dan chiqar‑ to take out of circulation. ~dan chiqib qol‑ to go out of use.

Keng ~ mollari consumer goods. ~ qil‑ to use; to consume. Iste’molchi : consumer. Istehkom : (Arabic) fortification; stronghold. — Istig’nochi : one who behaves diffidently. Istihola : (Arabic) uneasyness, inhibition, embarrassment. ~ qil‑/tort‑ to shy or embarrassed. Istilo : (Arabic) invasion; occupation; conquest. Istilochi : invader, aggressor; conqueror. Istilochilik : (policy of) aggression; expansion(ism). Istiloh : obs. (Arabic) designation, term. Istilohot : obs. (Arabic) terminology. Istinod : obs. (Arabic) support, mainstay. Istinodgoh : point of support. Istiora : (Arabic) metaphor; (arch.

Ling.) Loan‑word. Istiqbol : (Arabic) future; going forth to meet or greet s.o. ~iga chiq‑ to go forth to meet s.o. Istiqbolli : having a bright future. Istiqbolsiz : having no future. Istiqlol : (Arabic) independence. Istiqomat : (Arabic) ~ qil‑/~ joyi residence. Istiqomatgoh : place of residence. Istirohat : (Arabic) rest, relaxation, repose. ~ qil‑ to rest, to relax. Istirohatgoh : place of rest and relaxation, vacation spot. Istisno : (Arabic) exception. ~ qil‑/bir‑birini ~ qiladigan mutually exclusive. ~ qilinsa/qilganda with the exception of; except. Istisnosiz : w/o exception. Istisqo : (Arabic) dropsy, edema. Isyon : (Arabic) insurrection, revolt, uprising, mutiny; rebellion from God’s teachings. ~ bostir‑ to put down a rebellion. Isyonchi : s.

Isyonkor. Isyonchilik : rebelliousness, insurrection; rebellious or mutinous behavior. Isyonkor : rebel, insurgent; instigator. Isyonkorlik : abstr.

Of isyonkor. — Kekkayma : swaggerer, boaster, snob. Kekkaymajon : s.

Kekkayma. Kekkaymaxon : s.

Kekkayma. Keksa : elderly, old (person); ancient, time‑honored. Keksalik : old age.keksar‑ coll.s.

Keksay‑. Keksay‑ : v.i.

To become elderly. Kel‑ : v.i.

To come, to arrive; to occur, to befall; to proceed, follow, or derive from; to fit, to suit; to weigh, to come to (a measurement), to amount to, to be worth; (after ‑kulgim ~di I felt like laughing. (+~‑ to be blessed with good fortune.

Mehnat hisobiga ~gan daromad profit derived from hard work.

Pal’to unga kichik ~adi the coat is small on him.

Qovun olti kilogram ~di the melons came to/weighed six kilos.

Balandligi yigirma metrcha ~adigan daraxt a tree of some twenty meters.

Gugurt cho?Piday ~adigan tikan thorn the size of a matchstick bu yil kuz yaxshi ~di Fall turned out pleasant this year.

Bu pulga ancha narsa ~adi You can get a lot for this much money.

Qani, so’zdan ~ing Well, let’s hear you talk some.

Quruq so?Zni qo?Ying, ishdan ~ing That?S enough empty words, let?S get down to work. ~, qo’y shu gapingni Come on, forget about this. ‑(i)b kel‑ (past) to come from doing s.t., to just finish doing s.t.; (future) to do s.t.

And come back. [kelish‑, keltir‑] Kelajak : future; the future. Kelasi : following, next. ~ zamon the future tense. Kelbat : figure, physique, build. Keldi‑ketdi : people coming and going; visitors, guests. Kelgindi : stranger, newcomer. Kelgusi : next, following; the future. Keli : mortar (s.

O’g’ir). Kelib‑kelib : finally, in the end, after all (was said and done). Kelim : income, profit. ~‑kirim income, earnings. Kelin : bride; daughter‑in‑law, wife of a younger member of the family (she assumes many of the responsibilities of housekeeping as she is brought into the husband’s household). ~ ko’r‑ to have a new daughter‑in‑law; to go to see a new daughter‑in‑law during a holiday. ~ qil‑ to find a wife for one’s son. ~ni kelganda ko’r, sepini yoyganda ko’r Don’t judge s.t.

Until you have seen it. ~ barmog?I (bot.) A type of grape. ~ supurgi (bot.) Diarthron vesiculosum (??). ~ tili (bot.) Peppery waterwort (s.

Suvzamchi). Kelinbaron : s.

Kelintushdi. Kelinchak : young kelin; young married woman. Kelinchaklik : abstr.

Of kelinchak; s.

Kelinlik. Kelinli : having a daughter‑in‑law in the house, having gotten one’s son married. Kelinlik : abstr.

Of ~ka so?Ra‑ to ask for (a woman) to become the bride (for one?S son). Kelinoyi : wife of an older brother; form of address to an older woman married to a close relative or friend. Kelinsalom : ceremony in which the new bride greets the husband’s relatives the morning of the day after the wedding. Kelintushdi : stage of the wedding festivities celebrating the bringing and arrival of the bride at the husband’s family’s home. Kelish‑ : v.i.


Of tili ~maydi to not be able to speak well.

Tobi ~may turibdi to be under the weather.

Qo’li ~adi to be up to the job, to be able to pull s.t.

Off. [kelishil‑, kelishtir‑] — Kesat‑ : v.t.

To gibe with roundabout or sarcastic language. [kesatish‑] Kesatiq : gibe. ~ qil‑ to speak sarcastically (about). Kesik : cut (off or through); a cut, slit, incision, etc.; cutting, clipping; erratic, broken (noise).kesim gram.slice, piece; section, sector; predicate.

Ko’ndalang ~ cross‑section.

Uzunasiga ~ longitudonal section.kesimlik gram.?? [skazuemost?] ~ affikslari ?? Kesish‑ : v.i.


Of yo?Llar ~gan joy crossroads; intersection. Keskich : cutter; cutting (tool). Keskin : definite, certain, clear; serious; sharp, keen, biting, intense; sharply. Keskinlash‑ : v.i.

To become serious, more acute, to intensify. [keskinlashtir‑] Keskinlik : abstr.

Of keskin; sharpness, keenness, acuteness. Keskir : sharp. Kesma : strip, cutting, (cut) piece; cutting (tool). ~ harf cutout letters?? Truncated letters?? [razreznoy azbuka]. ~‑kesar obstinate or spiteful person. Ket‑ : v.i.

To leave, to go; to go along, to proceed; to go by, to pass by (time); to be spent or lost; to go away, to disappear; to move, to be sold; to spread, to reach; to be okay or appropriate, to work; to fit; (after + (portlab ~‑ to blow up; charchab ~‑ to be tired out; (after ‑tushuntira ~di He began quickly to explain.

Arzonga ~‑ to be sold for nothing.

Bu idishga qancha suv ~adi? How much water will fit in this container? Dovrug’i butun olamga ~di His fame spread to the whole world.

Issiq kunda palov uncha ~maydi Pilaw isn’t so good in hot weather.

Ishdan ~‑ to quit work.

Ish sekin ~ayapti work is going along slowly.

Ko’p vaqt ~di a lot of time has gone by or was spent.

Rangi ~‑ to lose color, to fade; to go pale.

Suv tekin ~di to be sold for pennies.

Hushidan ~‑ to pass out, to faint. [ketkaz‑/ketkiz] Ket : backside, behind, back; tail, end (point), the far end (of), the far side (of). ~da qol‑ to be left behind, to fall behind.

Bolalarim, ~imda qolinglar expression meaning “Live long (after I am gone).” ish ~ga (~idan kul‑ to laugh at someone beind their back.

Oldidan kelsa tishlaydi, ~idan kelsa tepadi said of an extremely bad‑tempered or belligerent person. ~iga to/on back of; behind, after. ~ida on back of; on the far side of. ~idan after, following; behind.ketir‑ coll.s.

Keltir‑. Ketkaz‑ : v.t.


Of ket‑; to drive off, to get rid of; to (make) lose (usu.

Money). Ketkiz‑ : v.t.


Ketkaz‑. Ketma‑ket : one after the other. Ketmon : a broad‑bladed mattock or hoe of Central Asia. ~ chop‑ to hoe with a ~ qo?Y‑/ur‑/tashla‑ to swing or wield a ketmon. Ketmonchi : one who wields a ketmon, a hoer. Ketmondosh : fellow hoer. Ketmonkash : s.

Ketmonchi. Ketsiz : boundless, endless. Ketvorgan : fine, handsome, dandy.keyin + danlater, after; then, afterwards; end, finish; rear end.

Eng ~ the last. ~ ket‑ to deteriorate, to regress. ~(ga) sur‑ /~(da) qol‑ to fall behind.

Soatim ~ qolibdi My watch is slow.

Ishdan ~ after work.

Bir yildan ~ a year later; in a year.

Bir necha vaqt o?Tgandan ~ after some time (had passed).

Undan ~ later, (and) then. ~‑~ gradually. Keyincha(lik) : later, after some time, in the future. Keyinda : coming right after, following; in back. ~ qolgan behind, backward. Keyindan : later, afterwards. Keyingi : later, following, next; back, rear(most); last; latest. ~ vaqtlarda lately.

Itning ~ oyog’i (lit., the hind leg of a dog) one in disrepute or fallen from favor. Kez‑ v.i./v.t. : to walk about; to stroll, to wander; to traverse, to travel through, to visit. [kezdir‑, kezish‑] — Kinoyaomuz : sarcastically; half‑sarcastically. Kioska : (Russian) kiosk, stall, booth.

Gazeta ~si newsstand. Kiprik : eyelash. ~ qoqmay/qoqmasdan without getting a wink of sleep. Kir‑ : to enter, to go/come into, to get into; to join; to be included in, to be considered.

Shu yoshga ~ib having lived this long, up to this age, so far in (my) life.

Go’rga ~‑ to enter the grave.

Erga ~‑ to die and be buried; to be mortified (to want the ground to open up and swallow you).

Paranjiga ~‑ to reach the age of wearing the tushiga ~‑ to dream of. [kirgiz‑, kirgizil‑, kiril‑, kirit‑, kiritil‑, kirish‑] Kir‑chir : dirty laundry (of all sorts); dirty, filthy. Kir : dirt, grime (on the body or clothing); dirty laundry. ~ chayqa‑ to rinse or wash laundry. ~ yuv‑ to do the laundry. ~ o’ra pit for wastewater from clotheswashing. ~ tog’ora laundry tub (s. ~ yuvdi ceremony held the third day after s.o.’s burial (the deceased’s clothes are washed and given to the washer).

Ko’nglida ~ yo’q pure at heart. Kira : (Arabic) rent, hire (for transport); (in) exchange, return (for). ~ qil‑ to hire (transport); to make money from hiring out vehicles or animals. ~siga nima berasiz? What will you give me in return? Kirachi : s.

Kirakash. Kirakash : carrier, driver. Kirakashlik : carrying, carrier’s trade; rent of transport. Kirarli‑chiqarli : coming and going, here and there, now here, now not. Kiraverish : entrance, entranceway. Kirchi : launderer, wash‑man or woman. Kirdi‑chiqdi : comings and goings; uneven, crooked. ~ daftari accounts book. Kirdikor : misdeed, wrongdoing. Kirim‑chiqim : income and expenses; accounts. Kirim : income. Kirish‑ : v.i.


Of kir‑; to enter upon, to undertake; to get along with, to befriend; to shrink (material); to be expended on, to be consumed by. [kirishtir‑] Kirish : v.n.

Of ~ man Etiladi no admittance, entry forbidden. ~ haqi/~ so?Zi introductory remarks. ~‑chiqish entry and exit. Kirishimli : friendly, outgoing. Kirka : (Russian) pickaxe. Kirkik : call used to lure quail (bedana). Kirla(n)‑ : v.i.

To become dirty or grimy. Kirlik : dirtiness; vileness. Kirom : obs. (Arabic) dear, honorable. Kirovka : arch. (Russian) gambeson (protective vest worn under a coat of mail). — Klub : (Russian) club, league; lodge. Klyosh : (Russian) flare (on clothing). Klyuch : (Russian) key; wrench. Klyukva bot. : (Russian) cranberry. Knopka : (Russian) button, knob; thumbtack. Knyaz” hist. : (Russian) prince. Knyazlik : princeship; principality. Ko’ch‑ : v.i.

To move (one’s belongings to another place), to move somewhere else; to pass to the next grade; to flake or fall off; to shift.

Qiyin ~‑ to not go easily. Ko’ch‑ko’ron : all and sundry household items being moved. Ko’ch : load of household articles (when moving). ~ ko’tar‑ to move house and home. Ko’cha 1 : street; outdoors, outside.

Gadoy topmas ~ a street not even a beggar could find. ~ga chiq‑ to go out to the street; to go outside. ~da on the street; outside. ~ bolasi street kid.

Istamasang katta ~ Get going, whether you want to or not. ~siga kir‑ to have experience with. ~siga kirmaydigan/~sidan o?Tmaydigan unable to do; having no experience with. ~da qolgan discarded, useless.

Kavushim ~da qolgani yo’q or oyog’im ~da qolibdimi I don?T go out for no reason. ~sidan o’t‑ to have experience with.ko’cha 2 dial.s.

Go’ja. Ko’cha‑ko’y : on the street, everywhere outdoors. Ko’chalik : street (clothes). Ko’chat : seedling; sapling; transplant, shoot. ~ qilib Ekilgan transplanted (as seedlings). Ko’chatxona : greenhouse. Ko’chatzor : seedling or sapling plantation. Ko’chir‑ : v.t.


Of ko’ch‑; to copy; to exorcise an illness (folk medicine). [ko’chirtir‑]ko’chiriq ethn.rites for exorcism of evil spirits from the body. ~ qil‑ to exorcise evil spirits. Ko’chirma : copy; copied, plagiarized. ~ gap direct quote. Ko’chirmachi : cheater, copier. Ko’chirmachilik : cheating, copying. Ko’chirmakash : s.

Ko’chirmachi. Ko’chirmakashlik : s.

Ko’chirmachilik. Ko’chki : avalanche; landslide; mudslide; rockslide. Ko’chma : mobile; traveling; itinerant; moving. ~ kino portable movie projector.

So?Zning ~ ma?Nosi figurative meaning of a word. ~ muz drift ice. Ko’chmanchi : nomadic, migratory. Ko’chmanchilik : nomadism, migration. — Markscha‑lenincha : Marxist‑Leninist. Markschi‑leninchi : Marxist‑Leninist. Marksist : (Russian) Marxist. Marksistik adj. : (Russian) Marxist. Marksizm : (Russian) Marxism. Marksizm‑leninizm (Russian) : Marxism‑Leninism. Marli : (Russian) gauze; cheesecloth. Marmar : (Arabic) marble. Marmarak bot. : clary‑sage. Marmelad : (Russian) fruit candy. Marom : (Arabic) tempo, pace, level, rate; normal rate or tempo.

Ish ~ga keldi work has come to an even tempo, work has begun going smoothly. Maroq lit. : (Arabic) enthusiasm, feeling, passion. Maroqlan‑ : v.i.

To become enthused, to have one’s interest aroused. [maroqlantir‑] Maroqli : inspiring, moving, arousing interest. Marosim : (Arabic) ceremony, rite. Marotaba formal : (Arabic) time, instance. Marra : (Arabic) finish (line), destination, goal; (mil.) Line. ~ bizniki victory is ours.

Ishni ~ga etkaz‑ to take a job to its end, to reach one’s goal.

Mudofaa ~lari lines of defence. Mars : Mars. Marsala : (Russian) marsala. Marsel”eza : (Russian) Marseillaise. Marsh : (Russian) march. Marshal : (Russian) marshal. Marshallik : abstr.

Of marshal; marshalcy, marshalship. Marshrut : (Russian) route; itinerary. Marshrutli : following a certain route. Marsiya : (Arabic) elegy. — Mayib : (Arabic) hurt, crippled, blessed; disturbed, touched. Mayiblan‑ : v.i.

To be crippled or injured. Mayin : soft, smooth; fine, pleasant. Mayinlash‑ : v.i.

To become soft or smooth. Mayish‑ : v.i.

To bend, to bend (over), to become doubled over. Mayiz : raisin.

Tut ~ dried mulberries. Mayizday : nice, gentle, friendly. Mayka : (Russian) sleeveless undershirt, tank top. Mayl : (Arabic) inclination, bent; preference, will; (gram.) Mood.

O’z ~iga qo’y‑ to leave s.t.

Up to s.o. Mayli : fine, okay, will do, well.

Bu ham ~‑ku…

Well, this is fine too (=this doesn’t matter either), (but)…mayliga coll.s.

Mayli. Maymun : (Arabic) monkey, ape. ~ yili the ninth year in the 12‑year animal calendar. ~ bozor zoo, madhouse. ~ emaydi overabundant, going to rot.

Holiga ~lar yig’laydi in an extremely pitiable condition (“enough to make even monkeys cry”).maymunchak dial.raspberry (s.

Xo’jag’at).maymunjon bot.blackberry vine.mayna zool.mina bird; butt or a joke or ridicule. Maynaboz : raiser of mina birds; clown, jokester; trickster. Maynabozchilik : clowning; trickery. Maynabozlik : abstr.

Of maynaboz. Mayoq : (Russian) lighthouse; beacon, guiding light. Mayor : (Russian) major. Mayovka : (Russian) May Day meeting; spring outing, picnic. Mayparast : obs.

Wine lover; drunkard.mayqut zool.warbler.mayril‑ dial.to be bent over, stooped.mayriq dial.stooped, bent. Maysa : sprout, new growth (of grass, crops). Maysazor : newly green field, field full of sprouting plants.mayta dial.dry, fallow land.maytar‑ dial.to hurt, to upset. Mayxo’r : drinker, boozer. Mayxo’rlik : drinking, drunkenness. Mayxona : tavern, drinking house. Mayya : (Russian) a type of thin fabric.?? Mayyit lit. : (Arabic) corpse. Maza : taste, flavor, savor; pleasure, enjoyment. ~ qil‑ to relish s.t., to enjoy o.s. ~si yo’q bad‑tasting; bad, no good; not enjoyable. ~si ketdi/~ yo’q I don’t feel well. — Mister : (Russian) mister. Mistik 1 : (Russian) mystic. Mistik 2 : (Russian) mystical. Mistika : (Russian) mysticism. Mistitsizm : (Russian) mysticism. Misvok : (Arabic) a stick used for brushing the teeth (used by Muslims as a tradition of the Prophet).mita 1 bot.blight, smut.mita 2 zool.wheat worm. Miting : (Russian) mass‑meeting, rally, demonstration. Mitingbozlik : excessive enthusiasm for holding demonstrations, using the slightest excuse to hold a demonstration. Mitropolit : (Russian) metropolitan. Mitti : tiny. Mix : nail.

Ishlar ~ Everything is going great. Mixcho’p : cobbler’s nail; (bot.) Plaintain. Mixday : hard, fast; great, super, in fine shape. Mixla‑ : v.t.

To nail. [mixlan‑] Mixlan‑ : v.i.


Of mixla‑; to sit stock still and stare fixedly. Miya : brain; (coll.) The top of the head. ~si joyiga keldi to come to one’s senses. ~si to’ldi to become grown up. ~siga sig’dirolmaslik inability to comprehend or imagine. ~sini eb qo’y‑ to go crazy or berserk. ~sini chulg’adi to distract completely. ~ni qoqib qo’lga ber‑ to drive batty with noise or talk. Miyali : brainy. Miyasiz : brainless.miyiq dial.moustache (s. ~ida kul‑ to chuckle to o.s. Miyon rare : middle, center. Miyona rare : middle, middling; common, ordinary.

O’rta ~ middle, middling. ~ astar lining of inside of a padded garment. ~sida during, in the course of; approximately, roughly. Miyoncha : fruits and sweets brought in by women on trays during celebration feasts.miyov ono.meow. Miyovla‑ ono. : v.i.

To meow. [miyovlash‑] Mizanstsena : (Russian) mis en sc?. Mizg’i‑ : v.i.

To doze. Mizoj : (Arabic) nature, temperament. ~i issiq or issiq ~ heat‑loving, warm‑blooded. ~i sovuq or sovuq ~ cold‑loving. Mo”jaz : (Arabic) wonderful, marvelous; small, compact. — O’q‑dori : ammunition. O’q‑yoy : bow and arrow; (dial.) Rainbow.o’qaloq zool.gadfly larva. O’qaloqla‑ : v.i.

To stamp, to thrash about (as when a gadfly larva bores through the skin). O’qchi‑ : s.

O’xchi‑. O’qchi : maker of arrows; rifleman, gunner. O’qdon : quiver (s.

Sadoq); ammunition case; cartridge chamber. ~‑kamar bandolier, ammunition belt. O’qi‑ : v.t.

To read; to study; to recite (esp.

Prayers, etc.) ; to give (lecture); to work on, to win around.

Duo ~‑ to recite a prayer, to make a prayer.

Namoz ~‑ to perform one’s prayers. ~b ber‑ to read to. ~gan educated. [o’qil‑, o’qit‑, o’qitil‑, o’qittir‑, o’qish‑] O’qimishli : erudite, learned. O’qish‑o’rganish : learning and study. O’qish‑yozish : reading and writing. O’qish : v.n.

Of ~ga ketyapsizmi? Are you going to school? ~ga kir‑ to start school. O’qit‑ : v.t.


Of o’qi‑; to teach. [o’qitil‑, o’qittir‑] O’qitish : teaching. O’qituvchi : teacher, instructor. O’qituvchilik : abstr.

Of o’qituvchi. O’qla‑ : v.t.

To load (gun). [o’qlan‑, o’qlat‑, o’qlash‑] O’qli 1 : loaded. O’qli 2 : ‑axled. O’qlog’i : rolling pin. O’qloq : s.

O’qlog’i. O’qlov 1 : v.n.

Of o’qla‑.o’qlov 2 dial.s.

O’qlog’i. O’qra : s.

O’qaloq. O’qray‑ : v.i.

To glare, to scowl. [o’qrayish‑, o’qrayt‑, o’qraytir‑]o’qsochar arch.

Coll.machine gun. O’qta‑ : v.t.

To point. O’qtal‑ : v.t.

To threaten with, to hold out as if to strike with. [o’qtalish‑] O’qtin‑o’qtin : from time to time, every so often. — Osha‑ : v.t.

To take food (in handfuls), to eat; to eat a handful of food from another’s hand (and thereby pledge o.s.

As the host of the next gap gathering). [oshat‑, oshattir‑] Osha : imperfect form of asrlar ~ over the centuries.

Yil ~ the next year; over the years.

Daraxtzor ~ over the orchard/stand of trees.

So’qmoq ~ along the path. Oshala‑ : s.

Osha‑. Osham : handful of food.

Bir‑ikki ~ a little, a tiny bit. Oshamla‑ : v.t.

To eat food with the hands. Oshdamgir : cloth for sealing the lid on a pot of pilau (s.

Damgir). Oshifta lit. : love‑crazed. Oshiftahol lit. : disturbed, distracted. Oshig’ich : urgent. Oshiq 1 : (Arabic) lover; in love. ~ bo’l‑ to fall in love. Oshiq 2 : knucklebones (of sheep). ~ ~i olchi to have things going well. Oshiq 3 : more than, in excess of. ~i bilan in excess, with a surplus; at most.

Besh yildan ~ vaqt more than five years’ time. ~ baho bilan sot‑ to sell at an inflated price.

Planni ~i bilan bajar‑ to exceed the plan. Oshiq‑ : v.i.

To rush, to be in a hurry. [oshiqtir‑] Oshiq‑ma’shuq : (Arabic) lovers, in love with one another. Oshiq‑moshiq : hinge. Oshiqcha : excessive, extra. Oshiqin‑ v.i.

Rare : to rush, to be anxious. Oshiqlik 1 : abstr.

Of oshiq 1; love, being in love. Oshiqlik 2 : excessiveness, surplus. Oshiqona : amourous(ly). Oshir‑ : v.t.


Of elkasidan ~‑ to get off of one’s shoulders, to shoulder s.o.

Else with.

Mehnat unumdorligini ~‑ to increase labor productivity.

Planni ~ib bajar‑ to exceed the plan.

Hosildorlikni ~‑ to increase productivity.

Haddan ~‑ to exceed the bounds. [oshiril‑] Oshirma : raised (bread). Oshko’k : greens, leafy herbs (eg, dill, coriander, chives) eaten along with a main dish. Oshkor : obvious, evident, clear; clearly, openly. Oshkora : s.

Oshkor; open, known to all. Oshkoralik : openness. — Oynaband : fitted with windows; mirrored, decorated with mirrors. Oynachi : glazier. Oynador : fitted with glass or windows. Oynak : window; mirror; glasses. Oynakli : wearing glasses. Oynakor coll. : s.

Oynaband. Oynaksoz : maker or seller of eyeglasses. Oynali : fitted with glass, windows, or mirrors. Oynasoz dial. : s.

Oynachi. Oynavand coll. : s.

Oynaband.oynavon dial.s.

Oynaband. Oyoq 1 : leg, foot; end, limit, far end; place in a room closest to the door (ie, farthest from the place of honor). ~ ostida underfoot; near at hand, at every step of the way. ~ bos‑ to walk; to take a step; to go to. ~ kiyimi footwear. ~ osti bo’l‑ to be trampled. ~ osti qil‑ to trample. ~qa bos‑ to take steps, to (begin to) walk; to move forward. ~qa bostir‑ to set on one’s feet; to set going. ~qa tur‑ to stand up; to rise up; to get back on one’s feet. ~qa turg’iz‑/qo’y‑ to set back on one’s feet, to set aright. ~ ustida standing up. ~da/~ ustida/~uzra tur‑ to stand on one’s own two feet. ~dan yiq(it)‑ to topple; to undermine. ~dan qol‑ to lose one’s ability to walk; to break down, to no longer be usable. ~da qoldir‑ to leave standing, to leave in the lurch.

Bir ~i to’rda, bir ~i go’rda to have one foot in the grave.

Suyuq ~/~i engil loose, whorish. ~i olti, qo’li etti overjoyed, on cloud nine. ~ olish behavior, comportment. ~i osmonda foiled, defeated, overthrown.

Og’ir ~ pregnant. ~i kuygan tovuqdek like a chicken with its head cut off.

O’z ~i bilan on his own. ~i osmondan keldi to be overthrown. ~ uchi bilan/~ tira‑ to stand up for o.s., to be obstinate. ~im tortamayapti to have second thoughts about going. ~ uzat‑/~ chiqar‑ to become wayward. ~ ostidan chiq‑ to appear underfoot. ~ qo’y‑ to set to (doing s.t.).

Yuziga ~ qo’y‑ to do s.t.

That flies in the face (of another). ~iga bosh ur‑/~iga yiqil‑ to bow down before s.o., to prostrate o.s.

Before s.o.

O’z ~idan yit‑ to leave of one’s own accord, to make o.s.

Scarce. ~idan tort‑ to tattle on, to sell out (one’s accomplices).

Osmonga chiqsang ~ingdan tortaman, erga kirsang, qulog’ingdan i’ll catch you no matter what. ~ini osmondan keltir‑ to overthrow. ~ini qo’lga urib as fast as one’s legs can carry one.

Ikki ~ini bir Etikka tiq‑/oldingi ~lar forelegs. ~ mashina sewing machine. ~ uchida on tiptoe. ~ chal‑ to trip up. ~ chalishtirib o’tir‑ to sit with one’s legs crossed. ~i ildam quick‑legged, nimble. ~dan hor‑ to have one’s feet get tired. ~‑qo’l hand and foot; helper. ~‑qo’lli/~‑qo’li chaqqon ~i to’rtta bo’l‑ to be married, hitched. ~ uz‑ to stop visiting or frequenting. Oyoq 2 : (originally wooden) dish, bowl; drinking glass. Oyoqla‑ : v.i.

To reach the end (eg, of a field, said of water). [oyoqlat‑] Oyoqlab : qo’sh ~ with two feet. Oyoqlan‑ : v.i.

To rise up, to revolt. [oyoqlantir‑] Oyparcha : beauty (lit., ‘piece of the moon’). Oyposhsha : s.

Oyimposhsha. Oyqara : ~ yop‑ to cover (a person) lengthwise with the two halves of a coat. Oyquloq : gill(s). Oyrot (Mong.) : Oirot. Oysiz : moonless; not for (a number of) month(s). Oz‑ 1 : v.i.

To lose weight, to become thin. [ozdir‑] Oz‑ 2 : v.i.

To go astray.

Esdan ~‑ to lose one’s mind.

Yo’ldan ~‑ to go astray; to go down a bad road.

Ko’ngli ~di to feel nauseated. [ozdir‑] Oz‑moz : a little. Oz : few, little; not enough; seldom, rarely (s. ~ vaqt little time.

Hovuzda suv ~ There’s not much water in the pool.

Bir ~ a little (s.

Ko’pi ketib, ~i qoldi The worst part is over. ~ bo’lmasa nearly, almost. ~ qoldi almost, nearly; We’re almost there/done.

Eng ~i at the very least. Ozar : Azeri. — Pitpiliq : s.

Pitpildiq. Pitra : (gun) shot, slug.pitrak dial.active, busy. Pitro’za coll. : alms given towards the end of Ramadhan (s.

Fitri ro’za). Pivo : (Russian) beer. Pivoxona : beer hall. Pix 1 : spur (on a male bird’s foot). ~i qayrilgan or ~(ini) yorgan jaded, worldly, devious. Pix 2 children’s speech : ~ qil‑ to cut or slice.pix 3 ono.hissing noise.pix 4 dial.mold (s.

Po’panak, mog’or). Pixilla‑ ono. : v.i.

To hiss (of a cat); to wheeze. [pixillash‑] Piyma : (Russian) felt boots. Piyoda : on foot; footsoldier; pawn (in chess). ~ o’choq separate, solitary cooking stove; tandoor that faces upwards. Piyodalab : (going) on foot. Piyodalash‑ : v.i.

To walk on foot as a group. Piyola : (handleless) teacup. Piyon coll. : (Russian) drunk. Piyonista coll. : (Russian) drunkard, alcoholic. Piyonistalik : drunkenness, alcoholism. Piyova : meatless soup. Piyoz : onion; bulb.

Lola ~i tulip bulb. ~i ansuriy a type of wild onion. ~ning po’stiday paper thin (like onion skin).

Qorni ~ning po’stday bo’ldi to be famished. Piyozdog’ : browned onions.piyozgul bot.lily. Piyozi : a thin woolen material. Piypa‑ : v.t.


Piypala‑. Piypala‑ : v.t.

To trample, to squash; to feel, to grope. [piypalan‑, piypalat‑, piypalash‑] Piypasla‑ : v.t.


Paypasla‑. Pizilla‑ : v.i.

To dash around. Plagiat : (Russian) plagiarism. Plagiator : (Russian) plagiarist. — Qaltis : dangerous, tricky; critical, crucial. ~ odam dangerous person, person to be careful about. ~ yedi to be harmed. ~ ket‑ to make a critical mistake. Qaltislik : riskiness, precariousness, dangerousness; critical or dangerous situation. Qama‑ : v.t.

To imprison, to put in jail; to confine, to corral; to stuff (into); (coll.) To ventilate with. [qamal‑, qamalish‑, qamat‑, qamattir‑, qamash‑] Qamal‑ : v.i.


Of qama‑; to lock o.s.

In, to confine o.s.; to be trapped, to be caught, to be stuck (inside). [qamalish‑] Qamal : siege, encirclement. ~ qil‑ or ~ga ol‑ to encircle, to besiege, to lay siege to. Qamar lit. : (Arabic) moon (s.

Oy). Qamariya lit. : (Arabic) lunar (year, calendar; s.

Muharram, safar, rabbiulavval, rabbiulssoniy, jumodilavval, jumodissoniy, rajab, sha’bon, ramazon, shavvol, zulqa’da, zulhijja). Qamash‑ : v.i.

To be set on edge (teeth); to be dazzled (eyes). [qamashtir‑] Qamchi : whip. ~ bos‑/~ irg’it‑ to flail with a whip. ~ o’ynat‑ to twirl or flash a whip. ~sidan qon tomgan murderous, ruthless. ~ soch long beautiful braided hair. Qamchila‑ : v.t.

To whip, to flog; to prod, to force.

Otni ~‑ to get a move on, to get going. [qamchilan‑, qamchilat‑, qamchilash‑] Qamchilash‑ : v.t.


Of qamchila‑; to whip one another.qamchin coll.s.

Qamchi.qamchingul bot.a type of buckwheat.qamg’oq bot.baby’s breath.qamich coll.s.

Qamish.qamish bot.reed. ~dan bel bog’la‑ to roll up one’s sleeves, to pitch into. Qamishit : (Russian) Qamishquloq : having long and erect ears (horse). Qamishzor : reed bed. Qamishzorlik : place covered with reed beds. Qamoq : prison, jail. Qamoqxona : prison, jailhouse. Qamra‑ : v.t.

To surround, to encircle; to hold, to draw in; to include. [qamrat‑]qamsa‑ dial.s.

Qamra‑. Qamti : face‑to‑face. ~ qil‑/qo’y‑ to bring face‑to‑face.qanaqa coll.s. ~si which kind? (bu) ~si (bo’ldi)?! How the heck did this happen?, What’s this? ~siga however.qanaqangi coll.s.

Qanday. Qancha : how much?, how many? ~(dan)‑~ so many. Qand : cube sugar. ~ choy tea with sugar. ~ kasalligi diabetes. ~ingni ur!/e! Bravo!Qanda obs. Qand‑qurs : sugar, candy, etc. Qandak : ~ o’rik a type of apricot.qandala zool.bedbug.qandalat coll.s.

Qandolat.qandaqa coll.s.

Qanday. Qanday : what kind?; how?; (after V+~ qilib how? ~ bo’lmasin/~ qilay What am I to do?Qandaychangi dial.s.

Qanday. Qandaydir : some (kind) or other. — Qizg’in : hot, red hot,; heated, intense, furious, animated, feverish; energetic. Qizg’inlash‑ : v.i.

To become hot, feverish, animated, etc. [qizg’inlashtir‑] Qizg’inlik : feverishness, intensity. Qizg’ish 1 : reddish.qizg’ish 2 zool.s.

Qizqush. Qizi‑ : v.i.

To heat up, to get hot; to get excited; to become animated, to reach a frenzy.

Boshi ~‑ to have a throbbing headache; to have drink go to one’s head.

Ichi ~‑ to run out of patience, to die of anticipation. [qizit‑, qizitil‑, qizish‑] Qizig’ar : rascal, cad. Qizil : red; ruddiness. ~ gul (bot.) Any red flower; red rose. ~ lavlagi (bot.) S. ~ so’z one who only claims to be a communist; gifted talker. ~ taxta/~ Krest va ~ Yarim oy Jamiyati the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. ~ qon (coll.) S. ~ g’oz (zool.) Flamingo. ~ itolg’i (zool.) Baloban falcon.qizilari zool.hornet (s.

Qovog’ari).qizilbosh zool.read‑crested pochard.qizilcha 1 bot.beet. Qizilcha 2 : German measles.qizilishton zool.woodpecker. Qizillik : redness; ruddiness.qizilmiya bot.licorice. Qizilo’ngach : esophagus.qiziloyoq zool.sandpiper.qizilqanot zool.s.

Jarqanot.qizilquray bot.hemp (s.

Kendir). Qiziq 1 : interesting, funny; strange; clown, jester. ~i shuki/~ida at its peak, while it’s going hot, right in the middle. ~ ustida at the right time; while angry or excited. Qiziq 2 : heat. Qiziq‑ : v.i.

To be interested in, to be curious about; to be engrossed in; to follow after out of curiosity. [qiziqish‑, qiziqtir‑] Qiziqarli : interesting. Qiziqchi : clown, jester. Qiziqchilik : abstr.

Of ~ka or ~ uchun for fun, for laughs. Qiziqish : v.n.

Of qiziq‑; interest, curiosity. Qiziqla‑ : v.t.

To tether to a stake. Qiziqlik 1 : funniness, curiousness. Qiziqlik 2 : heat, hotness. Qiziqqon : hot‑tempered; vivacious, vigorous, energetic. Qiziqqonli : s.

Qiziqqon. Qiziqqonlik : hot‑headedness; vivacity. Qiziqsin‑ : v.i.

To be somewhat interested; to seem interested. Qiziquv : s.

Qiziqish. Qiziquvchan : inquisitive, curious. — Qo’shtor : two‑stringed. Qo’shtuyoqlilar : Artiodactyla (animals w/ even number of hooves). Qo’shuv : v.n.

Of qo’sh‑; addition. Qo’shxona : servants’ quarters. Qo’sqi : ragged, tattered. Qo’tir : mange; mangy. Qo’ton 1 : herd of sheep; fold, corral, barn.qo’ton 2 zool.heron. Qo’ton‑qo’ton : herds and herds. Qo’tonla‑ : v.t.

To corral; to divide into herds; to be surrounded by rings (sun, moon).

Kun ~sa kuragingni, oy ~sa oftobchuvog’ingni tayyorla If the moon has rings around it, it will snow, if the sun has rings around it, sunny weather will be here. Qo’tonlab : (in) herds and herds.qo’tos 1 zool.yak.qo’tos 2 dial.a neck ornament. Qo’y‑ : v.t.

To put, to place; to stop, to give up; to put aside; to leave be, to let alone, to let do; to let go, to leave; to install, to fix; to apply, to put on; (after V+(eb ~‑ to eat up; yozib ~‑ to write down; (after V+kelmay ~di He stopped coming; mendan hech kim xabar olmay ~di No one asks about me anymore; aytmay ~a qol Don’t bother saying it; telefon qilmay ~a qolaylik Let’s not bother calling. ~ing shu gaplarni! Stop saying that stuff! ~sang‑chi! Come on! Chekishni ~‑ to stop smoking. ~asanmi, ~maysanmi? Are you going to stop or not? Bugungi ishlarni Ertaga ~ma Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Yo’q desam ham ~maydi He doesn’t leave off even when I say no.

Kim ~ibdi who let him…?, what business does he have…? Uylanishni unga kim ~ibdi? What business does he have getting married? ~ib yubor‑ to let go.

Mayliga ~‑ to leave it up to s.o.

Xotin ~‑ to get rid of a wife.

Ekinlarga suv ~‑ to irrigate crops.

Ovga qush ~‑ to set a falcon onto prey.

Tish ~‑ to grow a tooth.

Soqol ~‑ to grow a beard.

Eshik ~‑ to install a door.

Narx ~‑ to fix a price.

Diagnoz ~‑ to give a diagnosis.

Og’ir ahvolga solib ~‑ to put into a bad situation.

Tarsaki ~‑ to slap.

Kino ~‑ to show a film.

Usma ~‑ to apply ot ~‑ to name.

Og’iz ochgani ~maydi He doesn’t let you open your mouth.

O’ziga ~ib ber‑ Let him do it. ~may or ~arda ~may doggedly, tenaciously, not taking no for an answer.

Bir qatorga ~‑ to consider equals.

O’zini qaerga ~ishni bilmay or o’zini ~gani joy topolmay frantically. [qo’ydir‑, qo’yil‑, qo’yish‑]qo’y zool.sheep. ~ yili the 8th year of the 12‑year animal cycle. ~ ko’z large, dark eyes; s.o.

With such eyes. ~ mizoj/~ og’zidan cho’p olmagan Wouldn’t hurt a flea. Qo’yarda‑qo’ymay : s.

Qo’y‑.qo’ybosh bot.a type of melon. Qo’ychi : s.

Qo’ychivon. Qo’ychilik : sheep breeding. Qo’ychivon : sheep breeder, owner of flocks of sheep; shepherd. ~ it sheep dog.qo’ydi‑chiqdi coll.divorce(s). Qo’yfurush : sheep merchant. Qo’yin 3pp qo’yni : bosom, breast; embrace. ~ daftari pocket notebook. ~ cho’ntak breast pocket. Qo’yingchi : in a word, in short. Qo’yingki : s.

Qo’yingchi.qo’ypechak bot.bindweed.qo’ytikan(ak) bot.Ceratocephalus (a poisonous herb). Qo’yxona : sheep pen. Qo’zg’a‑ v.i., : v.t.

To well up, to surface, to rise, to return; to arouse, to awaken, to stir up.

Masala ~‑ to raise an issue.

Gap ~‑ to start a discussion. [qo’zg’al‑, qo’zg’at‑, qo’zg’atil‑] Qo’zg’al‑ : v.i.

Pass. & reflex.

Of qo’zg’a‑; to rise up, to stir; to move. [qo’zg’alish‑, qo’zg’altir‑] Qo’zg’aluvchan : movable, portable; sensitive. Qo’zg’olon : uprising, rebellion. Qo’zg’olonchi : insurgent, rebel. Qo’zg’ovchi : active part.

Of qo’zg’a‑; stimulus. — Qofiyala‑ : v.t.

To make rhyme. Qofiyalan‑ : v.i.

To rhyme. Qofiyali : rhyming. Qog’onoq : placenta. Qog’oz : paper; paper money; page. Qog’ozboz : red‑tape monger. Qog’ozbozlik : abstr.

Of qog’ozboz; red tape.Qohira geo.Cairo. Qoida : (Arabic) rule, regulation, norm; custom, practice. Qoidalash‑ : v.i.

To become law, to become official. [qoidalashtir‑, qoidalashtiril‑] Qoim lit. : (Arabic) upright, straight; firm, enduring, solid. ~ maqom deputy. Qol‑ : v.i.

To remain, to stay behind, to be left; to stop; (+bora ~! Go!, Leave! Ochiq ayta ~ing Go ahead and say it straight. ; (after V+bilib ~‑ to find out.

Bilmay ~‑ not to find out, not to sense.

Yotib ~‑ to lie down to bed; to fall ill.

Kelib ~‑ to arrive suddenly.

Topilib ~‑ to be discovered.

Charchab ~‑ to become very tired.

Shoshib ~‑ to be confused.

Qarab ~‑ to sit and stare at; to look suddenly or unintentionally at. ~ganlar the remaining, the others.

O’n kunga ~may/~masdan in less than ten days.

Biring ~may every last one of you.

Hamma ish menda ~di Everything’s been left up to me.

Orqada ~‑ to be left behind, to fall behind.

Ko’zdan ~‑ to lose one’s sight.

Tildan ~‑ to lose the ability to speak.

Isitmasi ~di His fever is gone.

Og’rig’i ~di His pain is gone.

Uning bu odati ~madi He’s lost that habit.

Yo’ldan ~ma Don’t be late (for transport).; Get going! Bir o’limdan ~dim I was one inch from death.

Kim ~di? Who’s left? Majlis ~di The meeting’s been delayed.

Qo’lida ~‑ to be up to, to be in the hands of.

O’rtamizda) ~sin This is just between you and me. +ga ~ganda when it comes to…

La’nat tagida ~‑ to be cursed.

Menga ~sa if it were up to me, in my mind.

Foydaning tagida ~‑ to be up to one’s armpits in money. ~a bersa or kuni shunga ~di Now he’s down to this.

Qanday kunga ~dim Now look what I’m down to., What a plight.

Mendan ~gan I know how to do this myself?? Uning har narsa bilan ishi ~gan He’s got nothing better to do (than stick his nose in others’ business). [qoldir‑, qoldiril‑, qoldirish‑, qolin‑, qolish‑] Qoldiq : remainder, remains, relics; vestige. Qolgan‑kutgan : remaining, leftover. Qolip : (Arabic) form, last; mold, die; model, pattern.

Bir ~dagi of one pattern or mold, identical, uniform. ~ga sol‑/tort‑ to fit into a mold; to give shape to. Qolipchi : last‑maker; mold‑maker; molder. Qolipla‑ : v.t.

To form, to shape; to mold, to cast, to fit. [qoliplat‑] Qoliplovchi : molder. Qoloq : backward; obsolete, outdated; failing (student); behind (in fulfilling the plan). Qoloqlik : abstr.

Of ~dan chiqish to free o.s.

Of backwardness. Qomat : (Arabic) stature, frame, build. ~ini rostla‑ to stand up straight.

Quloqlarni ~ga keltiradigan deafening.

Qo’lni ~ga ko’tar‑ to hold one’s outspread hands next to one’s ears while praying. Qomatdor : s.

Qomatli. Qomatli : tall, handsome‑figured.qomg’oq bot.s.

Qamg’oq. Qomus : (Arabic) lexicon; (coll.) Encyclopedia. Qomuschi : lexicographer; encyclopedist; walking encyclopedia. Qon‑ : v.i.

To be sated, satisfied, to be get enough of; to be content with. [qondir‑, qondiril‑] Qon‑qardosh : — Serohanglik : sonorousness. Serpa‑ : v.t.

To strike. Serpardoz : fond of make‑up; heavily made up; heavily decorated. Serpaxta : full of cotton. Serpiyoz : full of onions. Serpul : monied, rich. Serpusht : fertile, prolific. Serpushtlik : fertility, fecundity. Serqadoq : heavily callused. Serqatiq : full of yoghurt. Serqatnov : well‑traveled, busy (street); frequently coming and going, frequent visitor. Serqaviq : quilted in narrow rows. Serqiliq : quirky, unstable. Serqiltanoq : bony (fish). Serqirra : many‑sided, many‑faceted. Serqosh : having heavy eyebrows. Serqum : sandy. Serquyosh : sunny. Serray‑ : v.i.

To be dumbfounded, to stand dumbly or in confusion, to lose o.s.

Momentarily. [serrayish‑, serrayt‑, serraytir‑] Sersabzi : full of carrots. Sersarf : involving much expense, costly. Sersavlat : stately, splendid, elegant. Sersavlatlik : stateliness, elegance. Sershabada : breezy. Sersharbat : juicy. Sershijoat : courageous, brave. — Shef‑povar : (Russian) head chef. Sheflik : patronage. Shekil coll. : (Arabic) s.

Shekilli. Shekilli : apparently, it seems.

Bormadi shekilli He must not have gone. Sheluxa : (Russian) cottonseed husks (used as animal feed). Sher : lion. ~ yurak lionhearted. ~ yigit strong, brave lad. Sherandom : lion‑like in appearance. Sherbachcha coll. : fearless youth, brave lad. Sherenga : (Russian) rank, file. Sherik : (Arabic) partner, buddy, companion, comrade; match (of a pair). ~misan, hammolmisan? Are you going to help out or not?, Are you part of this deal or what? Sherikchilik : partnership. Sheriklash‑ : v.i.

To become partners, to join together, to cooperate. Sheriklik : partnership; shared, common. ~ mulk common property. Sherlan‑ : v.i.

To feel or be heroic, to be filled with might.sherolg’in bot.tarragon. Sheroziy : gray karakul pelt (the highest quality). Sherst” coll. : (Russian) woolen cloth. Sherzod : brave, fearless, or able person. Shesternya : (Russian) cog wheel.shet coll.s.

Shu er. Sheva 1 : dialect; tongue. Sheva 2 lit. : coquettish gesture; habit, practice. Sheviot : (Russian) cheviot. Shevro : (Russian) kid leather. Shezlong : (Russian) chaise longue. Shia : (Arabic) s.

Shiiy. Shibba : rammer, beetle. ~ ur‑/qil‑ s.

Shibbala‑. — Titan 2 : (Russian) titanium. Titiq : ragged, shabby, decrepit; worn or frayed part of s.t. ~i chiqib/~ini chiqar‑/o’ynat‑ to tatter, to tear to pieces. Titkila‑ : v.t.

To rifle or rummage through, to poke through. [titkilan‑, titkilat‑, titkilash‑] Titra‑ : v.i.

To shiver, to shake; to rattle; to quaver. [titrat‑, titrash‑] Titrak rare : quivering. Titroq : shiver, quiver; shivering, shaking, quivering. Titul : (Russian) title. Tivit : downy wool, cashmere.tixir coll.bull‑headed, stubborn. Tixirlan‑ : v.i.

To be stubborn. Tixirlik : stubbornness; objection. Tiy‑ : v.t.

To restrain, to hold back.

Tilini ~‑ to hold one’s tongue.

Qadamini ~‑ to stop going to. [tiyil‑] Tiyg’on‑ dial. : v.i.

To slip. Tiyg’onchiq : s.

Tiyg’onoq. Tiyg’onchoq : s.

Tiyg’onoq.tiyg’onoq dial.slippery. Tiyin 1 : smallest unit of currency (1/100th of a soum), kopeck, penny.

Bir ~(ga qimmat) not worth a penny.tiyin 2 zool.squirrel (s.

Olmaxon). Tiyinli : adj.

Of uch ~ chaqa a three‑penny coin. Tiyinlik : penny’s worth. 50 ~ choy 50 cents’ worth of tea; 50‑cent tea. Tiyiq : composed, self‑possessed.

Tili ~ nafsi ~ self‑controlled, not greedy. Tiyra : obs.

Black, dark. Tiyrak : active, energetic; sharp, keen, perceptive. Tiyraklan‑ : v.i.

To be active, energetic; to be sharp. Tiyraklash‑ : v.i.

To come alive, to be come more and more lively. Tiyraklik : liveliness; sharpness. Tiz 1 : s. ~ cho’k‑/cho’kib o’tir‑ to kneel. Tiz 2 ono. : whooshing or whizzing sound. Tiz‑ : v.t.

To thread or string; to line up, to set in a row; to reel off, to list. [tizdir‑ tizil‑, tizilish‑]tiz‑tiz ono.s.

Tiz 2. — To’polonchilik : troublesome behavior; trouble, commotion. To’pon : chaff; scale, dross. To’ponday : dry, oilless.to’pori coll.simple, simple‑minded.to’potar arch.noontime (< formerly a cannon shot was fired at noon in Tashkent). To'ppa‑to'g'ri : completely straight, straight as an arrow; very true, quite right. To'ppa‑to'sindan : completely by surprise, quite unexpectedly. To'ppay‑ : v.i.

To stick out, to jut out. [to’ppaytir‑]to’ppi coll.s.

Do’ppi. To’pponcha : pistol. To’pposla‑ dial. : v.t.

To beat up (s.

Do’pposla‑). To’ptosh : jacks (game). To’pxona : arsenal. To’q 1 : full; filled, satiated; well‑off, comfortable, prosperous; dark (color). ~ tutadigan filling (food).

To’ng’izdan ~ rich as a pig.

O’ziga ~ well‑off. (mendan) qorningiz ~ Ekan That’s what I was going to say.to’q 2 ono.popping or cracking sound. To’qa : buckle, clasp. To’qay : reed bed; thicket, wood; thickly grown, crowded. To’qayiston : s.

To’qayzorlik. To’qaylik : thicket, copse. To’qayzor : s.

To’qay. To’qayzorlik : place full of thickets. To’qchilik : prosperity, abundance, easy life. To’qi‑ : v.t.

To weave, to knit; to fabricate, to make up; to compose (poetry). [to’qil‑, to’qit‑, to’qittir‑, to’qish‑]to’qillat‑ ono.to make a knocking or tapping sound. [to’qillatish‑] To’qilma : s.

To’qima. To’qim : (felt) saddle cloth; covering made for a tandoor or outdoor stove. ~ ur‑ to throw a saddle cloth (on a horse); to make indebted. ~ tabiat undiscriminating, undiscerning, tasteless. To’qima : woven, knitted; textile, fabric; tissue; plot; fabricated, invented. To’qimachi : textile worker; weaver; fabricator. To’qimachilik : textile manufacturing; fabrication. To’qimla‑ : v.t.

To fit with a saddle cloth. To’qin‑ rare : v.i.

To collide with; to affect, to stir. [to’qinish‑] — To’rtlik : quatrain; foursome; four (cards). To’rtov : the four of… ~imiz the four of us.to’rtovlab dial.(to do s.t.) As a foursome; four at a time. To’rtovlashib : (to do s.t.) As a group of four, all four together. To’rtovlon : all four together, the four (of them). To’rtta : four (w/ countable, non‑unit nouns). To’rttadan : four at a time. To’rttala : all four (of them). To’rttalab : (to do s.t.) Four at a time.

G’ishtni ~ tashi‑ to carry four bricks at a time. To’rva : sack, bag. ~ qoqdi youngest child, last child. To’s‑ 1 : v.t.

To block, to obstruct, to impede, to hinder; to screen, to shield.

Yo’lini ~‑ to block s.o.’s way. [to’sil‑, to’stir‑] To’s‑ 2 : v.t.

To hold a child (while it is going to the bathroom). [to’sil‑, to’stir‑] To’s‑to’polon : mass upheaval, chaos, confusion. To’s‑to’s : ~ bo’l‑ to run away in all directions, willy‑nilly. To’s : birch bark or bast (used in saddle‑making); a special black dye. To’satdan : suddenly, unexpectedly. To’sh : breast, chest; bosom. ~ bezi mammary gland. ~ bog’i front strap securing a camel saddle. To’sha‑ : v.t.

To lay down, to spread out (bedding, carpet, pavement); to pave, to cover. [to’shal‑, to’shat‑, to’shatil‑, to’shatish‑] To’shak : mattress, bed; thick quilt used as bedding. To’shama : flooring, pavement, bedding (anything which is laid down). To’shdor : broad‑chested. To’shli : s.

To’shdor. To’shog’lik : spread out, laid down (with).

O’rin ~ the bed(ding) is laid out. To’sin : beam, girder. To’sindan : s.

To’satdan. To’sinlik : s.

To’sinbop. To’siq : barrier, barricade, obstruction, obstacle; blocked, barricaded. — Turtkila‑ : v.t.

To (continually) poke at or jostle; to harangue, to badger. [turtkilan‑, turtkilash‑] Turum 1 3pp.

Tur(u)mi : hinge.?? Uyning ~ini buzishyapti matchmakers are busting the door down (coming in droves to ask for the daughter?S hand in marriage). Turum 2 : yotib yeganga ~ tog’ chidamaydi No amount of savings is enough for one who is a wastrel.turumtoy zool.merlin.turur arch.archaic 3pp.

Form ?Is?.

Daftari bu ~..his notebook is this. Turush : leavening; sour. Tus 1 : hue, shade, color; appearance, manner. ~ ol‑ to assume a tone or characteristic.

Odat ~iga kir‑ to become a habit.

Jiddiy ~ ol‑ to become serious.

Ommaviy ~ ol‑ to become widespread (among the populus). Tus 2 (< chust) : ~ (nusxa) do'ppi black do'ppi with white almond designs, the most commonly‑worn do'ppi. Tusa‑ : v.t.

To desire. Tush 1 : dream. ~ ko’r‑ to have a dream. ~ bilibmanmi/etti uxlab ~(i)da etti uxlab ~(i)ga (ham) kirmagan never in his wildest dreams.

Endi ~ingizda ko’rasiz You’ll see (that) again only in your dreams. ~ingizni suvga ayting You’re dreaming.; There’s no way… Tush 2 : noon. Tush” : (Russian) India ink. Tush‑ : v.i.

To fall, to go down, to descend, to get off of (transport); (+qo’lga ~‑ to fall into the hands of, to be caught.

Ishga ~‑ to set to work.

Qulab ~‑ to tumble down.

Oshib ~‑ to vault over, to climb over; to be excessive; to outstrip, to outdo. ~ib ket‑ to fall down; (+ga) to leave on (bus, etc.). ~ib qol‑ to fall off; to be left off, to be omitted; to get off, to jump off (transport).

Ichi ~gan gone soft on the inside (melon).

Osmon uzilib erga ~adimi Is the sky going to fall (if you do it)? Og’izga ~‑ to be the talk of the town.

Uning oldiga ~adigan(i) yo’q Nobody is better than he is.

Tramvayga ~‑ to get on a tram.

Daraxtlarga qirov ~ibdi frost has covered the trees.

Qorong’i ~‑ to become dark.

Uyga o’g’ri ~di A burglar hit the house.

Bu pal’to menga juda qimmatga ~di This coat cost me quite a lot.

Institutga ko’p ariza ~di The institute has received a lot of applications.

Ustingizdan shikoyat ~di There has been a complaint received about you.

Lampochka patronga ~mayapti The lightbulb won’t go into the socket.

Chamolyot aerodromga ~di The airplane landed at the airfield.

Men o’rtog’imnikiga ~dim I stayed at my friend’s place.

Bu erlarga katta binolar ~adi Big buildings will be put up here.

Bu joydan katta yo’l ~adi A big road will be constructed starting here.

Vahimaga ~‑ to become fretful (about).

Ishqim ~di i’ve lost my love (for s.t.).

Suvoq ko’chib ~di The plaster flaked off.

Uchib ~‑ to fly down; to fly off, to break off.

Cho’chib ~‑ to be startled, to jump up.

Men tramvayga ~ib ketaman I’m leaving on the tram.

Shaharga tez‑tez ~ib turaman I go into the city all the time.

Men yo’lda ~ib qolaman I’m getting off along the way. [tushil‑, tushir‑, tushiril‑, tushirish‑, tushirtir‑, tushish‑] Tusha‑ rare : to hobble, to shackle. Tushir‑ : v.t.


Of qovun ~‑ to make a mess (of s.t.), to put one’s foot in one’s mouth. [tushiril‑, tushirish‑, tushirtir‑]tushirgi dial.trough for carrying off excess water (eg, on a millwheel). Tushirgich : suv ~ sluice, gutter.

Qozon ~ tripod (for a cauldron) Tushki : midday, noontime. ~ ovqat midday meal. Tushkun : decadent. Tushkunlik : decadence. Tushkur : cursed, blasted.

Qizim ~ haligacha kelmadi My blasted daughter hasn’t come yet. Tushlik : midday meal. Tushmagur : s.

Tushkur. Tushov : hobbles, shackles (for front feet of animal).

Uloviga yarasha ~i like master, like man.

Eshagidan ~i qimmat not worth the expense. Tushovla‑ : v.t.

To hobble, to fetter, to shackle. [tushovlan‑] Tushovli : hobbled, fettered, shackled. Tushum : income, earnings. ~ kelishigi accusative case. Tushun‑ : v.i.

To understand. ~dim I understand.

Mazasiga ~‑ to develop a taste for, to get accustomed to. [tushunil‑, tushunish‑, tushuntir‑, tushuntiril‑] Tushunarli : understandable, easily understood; Of course., I understand. — Valentli : having a certain valence. Valentlik : valence. Valer”yanka : (Russian) valerian. Valiahd : (Arabic) heir apparent. Valik : (Russian) roller. Valine’mat : arch. (Arabic) benefactor, patron.valish dial.s.

Ishkom. Valiy rel. : (Arabic) prophet.vallamat coll.s.

Valine?Mat; guide, mentor; ruler, official, leader, elder; lad, brave, warrior. Valloh(i) : (Arabic) by God. ~ a?Lam God knows what is true; perhaps, must be. Valyuta : (Russian) hard currency. Van : lake Van. Vanadiy : (Russian) vanadium.vang’ coll.ish ~ everything is going well, all is peachy‑keen. ~ bo’lib qol‑ to be struck dumb. Vang’illa‑ v.i.

Ono. : to roar, to zoom.

Suv ~b oqayotir the water is gushing. [vang’illat‑] Vang‑vang : s.

Ang‑ang. Vangilla‑ : s.

Angilla‑. Vanna : (Russian) bathtub, bath.

Quyosh ~si sunbath. ~ qil‑/qabul qil‑ to take a bath (s.

Cho’mil‑). Vannaxona : bathroom, bathhouse.vaq‑vaq ono.the sound made by a frog, ribbit‑ribbit. ~ qil‑ to croak. Vaqf : (Arabic) pious foundation, usu.

Money donated to sustain an Islamic school, mosque, etc. Vaqfnoma : deed of trust for a vaqf. Vaqfxo’r hist. : a religious student living off of vaqf funds. Vaqilla‑ : s.

Vaqirla‑.vaqir‑vaqir, vaqir‑vuqur ono.incessant chorusing of frogs.vaqirla‑ ono.to croak; to boil heavily; to gripe and grumble. [vaqirlash‑] Vaqo : (Arabic) hech ~ yo’q There isn?T a (darn) thing., There?S nothing at all. Vaqt : (Arabic) time; hour, season. ~i kelib/(o’z) ~ida on time, at the right time, in its own time.

Tez ~da in the near future, soon.

U ~(da) at that time; in that case.

Ba’zi ~ from time to time.

Bir ~(lar)da at one time? ~i bilan at the appropriate time.

Alla bir necha ~gacha (not) for some time, for quite a while.

Ayni ~da at the same time. Vaqt‑bemahal : s.

Vaqt‑bevaqt. Vaqt‑bevaqt : at any time; late, at a late hour. Vaqt‑soat : time, hour. ~i bilan at the appropriate time ~i kelganda/etganda when its time has come. Vaqt‑vaqt : from time to time. ~i bilan on certain occasions, once in a while. — Xo’ja : master; head of a line of people believed to represent the first local converts to Islam and descendents of one of the first four caliphs; member of the privileged upper class. ~ ko’rsinga/ko’rsin uchun outwardly, for appearance’s sake. Xo’jabeka : mistress (master’s wife); female member of the xo’ja line.xo’jag’at bot.raspberry.xo’jahroyi bot.a type of grape. Xo’jalik 1 : economy; production; farm, holding; property; household. ~ mudiri property or assets manager.

Planli ~ planned economy.

O’rmon ~i forestry.

Uy ~i housekeeping. ~ tashkilotlari economic organizations. ~ xodimi economic planner. ~ boshqar‑ to manage a household. ~ mollari magazini household goods store. Xo’jalik 2 : ownership; abstr.

Of xo’ja. Xo’jasavdogar zool. : a type of jay. Xo’jasizlarcha : wastefully, neglectfully, improvidently. Xo’jasizlik : wastefulness, misuse. Xo’jayin : owner, proprieter; master, boss; husband. Xo’jayinlik : abstr.

Of xo’jayin. Xo’mray‑ : v.i.

To frown. [xo’mrayish‑] Xo’p 1 : fine, well, okay; quite a lot, very much. ~ bo’ladi fine, sure, as you like. ~ de‑ to say okay. ~ qilibsan You’ve done a great job., Good going. ~ bo’pti Good for him., He deserves it. ~ bo’lmasa fine, then. Xo’p 2 : s.

Xo’ptir. Xo’pam : just fine. Xo’ppa semiz : round, obese. Xo’ptir : mill (turned by animal). Xo’qacha : small pitcher (s.

Ko’zacha).xo’r‑xo’r ono.~ ich‑ to slurp. Xo’r : degraded, abject. ~ qil‑ to degrade. Xo’ra : having a ravenous appetite. Xo’rak : food, victuals, provisions; feed; s. ~ qil‑ to feed. Xo’raki : edible. Xo’rakxona coll. : mess hall, cafeteria. Xo’ram‑noxo’ram dial. : willing or not, by force. Xo’ram‑noxo’ramlik : ~ bilan s.

Xo’ram‑naxo’ram. Xo’randa : diner, customer. Xo’rda 1 : ~ osh rice stew or porridge.

Birovning ~ burdasida bo’l‑ to be at the beck and call of s.o.

Ham ~ni urmoq, ham burdani to do whatever one pleases. Xo’rda 2 : smooth, even.

Pero ~ bo’libdi the pen writes well now. — Xunrez : blood‑shedding, bloodthirsty. Xunrezlik : bloodthirstiness. Xunuk : ugly; disgusting, revolting; terrible; unpleasant, horrible. Xunuklash‑ : v.i.

To become ugly. Xunuklik : ugliness; unpleasantness, horribleness. Xunxo’r : bloodthirsty. Xunxo’rlik : bloodthirstiness. Xunxor : s.

Xunxo’r.xur‑xur ono.snoring noises. Xural (Mong.) : hural (Mongolian gov’t body). Xurilla‑ : v.i.

To snore; to make gurgling noises. [xurillash‑] Xurjun : saddlebags.

Ish ~ things are going badly. Xurjunlash‑ : v.i.

To go awry. [xurjunlashtir‑] Xurma : a dish used for curdling yoghurt. Xurmacha : dim.

Of xurma; stomach. ~si oqarmagan never having had two coins to rub together. ~ qiliq ugly mannerism or habit. ~ning tagini yalaganmiding jest made to s.o.

On whose wedding day it snows.xurmaqovoq dial.

Bot.a type of pumpkin (s.

Oyimqovoq). Xurmo bot. : date (palm); persimmon. Xurmoyi : reddish‑orange in color; name of a type of apricot. Xurmozor : grove of dates; grove of persimmons. Xurofiy : (Arabic) superstitious. Xurofot : (Arabic) superstition(s). Xurofotchi : superstitious person. Xurofotfurush rare : spreader of superstitions. Xurrak : snoring. ~ ot‑/tort‑ to snore. Xurrakchi : snorer. Xurram : joyful, gay. Xurramlik : joy, joyfulness. Xursand : happy, glad, pleased. ~ qil‑ to make happy, to please.

O’zini ~ qil‑ to amuse o.s. — Yiltira‑ : v.i.

To sparkle, to glint, to shine. [yiltirat‑] Yiltiroq : shiny, bright, gleaming. ~ qurt (zool.) Glowworm. Yipran‑ rare : to become torn, to fall apart. Yiq‑ : v.t.


Yiqit‑. [yiqil‑, yiqish‑] Yiqil‑ : v.i.


Of yiq‑; to fall (down), to collapse; to trip and fall; to fail. [yiqilish‑] Yiqiq : fallen, toppled; collapsed. Yiqit‑ : v.t.

To knock down, to topple, to fell. [yiqitil‑] Yir‑ : v.t.

To pry apart; to pry out of.

Ko’zni yirib‑yirtib w/o shutting one’s eyes; opening one’s eyes (suddenly). [yiril‑] Yirgamchik : revolting, disgusting, nauseating. Yirgan‑ : to loath, to be repelled by. Yirik : large; great. ~ pul large bill.

Ishi ~ His work is going well. ~ tangali karp (zool.) Mirror carp. Yirikla‑ : v.t.

To exchange for large bills (money). Yiriklash‑ : v.i.

To become larger or greater.

Ishi ~di His work is moving along nicely. [yiriklashtir‑] Yiring : pus. ~ boyla‑ to become infected; to fester. Yiringla‑ : v.i.

To become infected. Yiringli : infected. Yiriq : crack, chink, fissure. Yiroq‑yaqin : far and near (s.

Uzoq‑yaqin). Yiroq‑yovuq : near and far (s.

Uzoq‑yaqin). Yiroq : far, distant (s. ~da in the distance. Yiroqlash‑ : v.i.

To move away or apart; to move off into the distance. [yiroqlashtir‑] Yiroqlik : distance (s.

Uzoqlik). Yirt‑ : v.t.

To tear; to shred.

Ko’ksini ~‑ to tear at one’s breast, to put through great pain. [yiril‑, yirtish‑] Yirtiq‑yamoq : torn and patched, ragged; torn clothing; mending torn clothing. Yirtiq : torn, ragged. Yirtish : v.n.

Of yirt‑; a length of material given to those who attend a funeral (s.

Oqlik). — Yit‑ : v.i.

To disappear, to become lost, to go away. [yitir‑] Yo 1 : O!, Hey! ~ pirim Oh, my Lord! Yo 2 : or, either…

Or… Yo 3 : (Arabic) the Arabic letter “y”. ~ qil‑ to bend.yo 4 arch.s.

Yoy. Yo’g’ir‑ v.t.

Dial. : to mix together; to stir. [yo’g’ril‑] Yo’g’on : stout, large; great; deep (voice). Yo’g’onlash‑ : to grow stout, to thicken; to deepen (voice). Yo’g’ril‑ : v.i.

Pass of yo’g’ir‑; to mix with, become one with. Yo’l‑yo’lakay : on the way, unexpectedly. Yo’l‑yo’riq : way of doing things, rules, customs. ~ ko’rsat‑/ber‑ to show the ropes. Yo’l : road, path, way, route; tract; journey; time; means; method, manner; stripe, line. ~ida for (the sake of); along. ~ anjomlari traveling gear, luggage. ~ bos‑ to travel, to cover (distance); (fig.) To walk or go down (road, eg To happiness). ~ boshla‑ to lead the way. ~ bo’lsin? Where are you going?; May God help you (said to one whom one doubts will succeed). ~ga kir‑ to begin walking (baby). ~ kira/~ga sol‑ to bring around, to convince. ~ tut‑ to make or head (for); to hold to, to stick to, to follow, to go the way of. ~ga tush‑/Samarqandga ~ingiz tushganmi? Have you ever had occasion to visit Samarqand? ~dan chiqar‑/~dan qaytar‑ to turn back; (fig.) To turn around. ~iga tush‑ to search for, to follow after. ~im tushdi It was on my way. ~ingdan qolma! Keep on your way! ~(ing) ochiq You are free to go. ~(ini) qil‑ to find a way to do s.t. ~i ochildi to be fortunate, to have things go well. ~‑~ striped, lined. ~ kira transportation fee. ~ ol‑ to head off (towards). ~ qo’y‑/~ sol‑ to take or turn off (towards).

Ora ~da qol‑ to be stuck, to be nowhere. ~da qo’y‑ to do a superior, outstanding job of. Yo’la‑ : v.i.

To come near, to approach; to arrive; (dial.) To support, to hold up. [yo’lat‑] Yo’la : bir ~ at one time, all at once. Yo’lak : corridor, passage. Yo’lakay : (while) on the way, while going along. Yo’lat‑ : v.t.


Of u yoniga hech kimni ~maydi He doesn’t let anyone near him.yo’lbars zool.tiger. Yo’lbosar : s.

Yo’lto’sar. Yo’lboshchi : leader. Yo’lboshchilik : leadership, guidance. Yo’lchi : traveler; road construction worker. ~ yulduz guiding star. Yo’ldosh : companion; satellite; placenta.

Umr ~i lifetime companion, spouse. Yo’liq‑ : v.i.

To come across, to meet. [yo’liqish‑, yo’liqtir‑] Yo’lka : walk; sidewalk, pavement. Yo’lla‑ : v.t.

To direct, to show the way; to send (off). [yo’llan‑] Yo’llanma : pass, authorization; schedule of duties (public transportation worker) (s.

Hayotga ~ a pass to the future (said of diplomas, etc.). Yo’lli(k) : striped, lined. Yo’lma‑yo’l : line by line; on the way, while going down the road. Yo’lovchi : traveler, wayfarer, passer‑by; passenger.yo’loyoq arch.going‑away feast; sending‑off. Yo’lpashsha : a large gray fly believed to herald the coming of guests. Yo’lsizlik : roadlessness; aimlessness. Yo’lto’sar : highwayman, bandit. Yo’lto’sarlik : highway robbery, banditry. Yo’n‑ : v.t.

To carve, to shape. [yo’ndir‑, yo’nil‑] Yo’nal‑ : v.i.

To head, to go, to set off. [yo’naltir‑, yo’naltiril‑] Yo’nalish : v.n.

Of yo’nal‑; direction; trend, tendency. Yo’ndir‑ : v.t.


Of yo’qni ~‑ to make s.t.

From nothing, to come up with.yo’ng’ichqa bot.clover; lucerne. Yo’ng’ichqazor : field of clover.yo’ng’iqapoya dial.s.

Yo’ng’ichqazor. Yo’niq : carved, shaped. Yo’nuvchi : v.n.

Of tosh ~ stonecutter Yo’q : there is not; no; (following poss.) Not to have.

Bu yerda suv ~ There isn’t any water here.

Pulim ~ I don’t have any money. ~ deganda if nothing else, at least.

O’zida ~ shod/~ Emas not unheard of. ~ida in the absence of; when not around. ~imda when I am or was not here.yo’qcha dial.very little, a tad, a smidge. Yo’qchilik : neediness, need, poverty. Yo’qla‑ : v.t.

To go to see; to go with gifts for; to ask after/about, to inquire after; to remember (fondly or with respect). [yo’qlan‑, yo’qlat‑, yo’qlash‑] Yo’qlama : roll‑call; (arch.) Class grade book.yo’qlamachi coll.roll‑caller. — Yomg’irsizlik : drought, lack of rain. Yomon : bad; extreme; poorly. ~ gap/~ gapir‑ to yell at. ~ ko’z bilan qara‑ to look at with evil intent. ~ ko’r‑ to dislike, to hate. ~ yaxshi damn good.

O’zini ~ tut‑ to behave poorly. Yomonla‑ 1 : v.t.

To speak poorly of, to defame, to malign. [yomonlan‑, yomonlash‑] Yomonla‑ 2 : v.i.

To fall suddenly ill (livestock). Yomonlash‑ : v.i. (coop.

Of yomonla‑); to go bad, to get worse. Yomonlik : badness, wickedness; wrongdoing, evil, harm. Yomonlovchi : critic, detractor. Yon‑ 1 : v.i.

To burn, to blaze, to ignite. [yondir‑, yondiril‑, yondirish‑] Yon‑ 2 v.i. : obs.

To return. Yon‑atrof : all around.yon‑yoq dial.around, (on/to) all sides. Yon : side, flank; pocket. ~ida next to, near, beside, by; at his side. ~nimda pulim yo’q I don’t have any money on me. ~ida olib yur‑ to carry on/with o.s.

Uning ~iga boraman I’m going to (see) him. ~ qo’shni nextdoor neighbor. ~ bag’ir slope; foothills. ~ ber‑ to lose, to yield, to be defeated. ~ bos‑ to support, to defend; to favor. ~iga kir‑ to lend a hand. ~iga tush‑ to take the side of. ~ini ol‑ to protect, to strengthen. Yonar : (aorist of ~ tog’ volcano (s.

Vulkan, vulqon). Yonash‑ : s.

Yondash‑. Yonbarg : stipule. Yonbosh : side, flank. ~ida next to, beside. ~ga ol‑ to pin (wrestling). ~i yerga tegmagan never been pinned, undefeated (wrestler). Yonboshla‑ : v.i.

To lie on one’s side; to lean, to tilt. [yonboshlat‑, yonboshlash‑] Yonchiq : pocket; purse. Yonda‑ : v.i.

To approach. [yondat‑] Yondama : sideways, crossways. Yondamala‑ : v.i.

To go sideways. [yondamalat‑] Yondamasiga : sideways, crossways. Yondash‑ : to draw near; to side with, to take sides with; to approach. [yondashtir‑] Yondashish : v.n.

Of yondash‑; approach. Yondashtir‑ : v.t.


Of yondash‑; to move close to. Yondosh‑ : s.

Yondash‑. Yondosh : nearest, next, neighboring, contiguous; (arch.) Parallel.

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    Horses-Store.com and Going : Qarang ~ qanday bahor Will you just look what a….
    Horses-Store.com - Going : Qarang ~ qanday bahor Will you just look what a….