Hunter, Avho was down to history

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For the Horse Hunter, Avho was down to history

and the colonel fancied he could smile creep over their faces, as they thought of what he had Capt.

Tucker and Lieut.

Boyd were both hit from shrapnel, but neither were injured, and Sergt.

By McCobb, of Co.

B, had a portion of the rim of his hat carried away by a shell, while his forehead was torn by a sliver from the pile of rails behind which he had taken position for protection.

And there were other escapes as wonderful, which have said to them. balls not come a bit of rest, but at noon were again on the move, going back to near the ground of the fight of the day before, at Barker’s Mills.

Here they went on picket as a dismounted skirmish line, in sight of the enemy, the men putting u}) breastworks, and remained that night, the next day, and until the morning of the fifth.

While on this line the men heard the sounds of the severe battle at Coal Harbor.

On the fifth the regiment moved to Bottom’s bridge, remaining there that night, and the next afternoon marched at a rapid rate back to near Old Church Tavern, crossing the Pamunkey Kiver at Newcastle Ferry, lialf a dozen miles or so below Hanover Town, and going into camp about eleven o’clock.

The morning of the seventh, the regiment, with two divisions of the corps, under Gen.

Sheridan, who by this time wns well known to the men personally, and had won the pet name of ” Little Phil,” started on an expedition against the Virginia Central Railroad, with instructions to Gen.

Hunter, Avho was down to history.

The next forenoon the men got 282 FIRST MAINE CAVALRY. expected to meet Sheridan at Chaiiottsville from the Shenandoah valley, to join his force, then to effectually break up the railroad connection between Richmond and the Shenan- doah valley and Lynchburg, and then rejoin the Army of the Potomac.

This was known among the boys as Sheridan’s second raid, or the raid toward Gordonsville.

The command camped the first night near Aylett’s crossed Altoona swamp the second day, camping that night near Pole Cat Station, on the Fredericksburg Railroad, having marched slowly and halted much during the day marched a while on the direct road to Fredericksburg the third day, and then struck to the left, passing through Newmarket, the regiment doing picket duty that night on the road leading from Newmarket to Bumpass vStation, on the Virginia Central Railroad, and a detachment under Maj.

Thaxter reconnoitring the railroad during the night and marched slowly behind the trains the fourth day, passing by Waller’s Tavern, Good Hope church and Andrews, crossing the North Anna River, and going into camp near Nelson’s Branch, on the road to Louisa Court House.

There was little to distinguish this march from others, only that the orders against taking horses from the column, except with permission or by order, were so stringent and so rigidly enforced, that private foraging had to be done on foot, which, ; ; ; — FIRST MAINE CAVALRY. Luray the December before, for which he has smce been accused by Sergt.



Smith of ” fighting the busy bee with the sabre.” However, the honey was a sucthat of Maj.

Taylor at cess, if the tight was not. The detachment got back to the field of the day before about noon, and went on picket in the afternoon.

During the day other troops had been engaged in destroying the railroad between Trevillian Station and Louisa Court House.

There were sounds of fighting on tlie right along towards night, but this regiment got none of it.

At dark the order was received to ” unsaddle and go into camp,” a very welcome order, and the boys had prepared for a good night’s rest, when a second order came which was not so welcome viz., ” Saddle up, pack up, and be ready to move immediately!” There was no help for it, and those who had been feasting in imagination on the baked beans they were to eat in the morning (confiscated at Louisa Court House) had to take a late supper of parboiled beans, and make the best of it.


Grant’s official report in regard to this expedition says that on the afternoon of this day Gen.

Sheridan advanced in the direction of Gordonsville, and after a heavy engagement, during which his reserve brigade carried the enemy’s works, five miles from Gordonsville, twice and was twice driven therefrom by infantry, night closed the contest, and not having sufficient ammunition to continue the engagement, his animals being without forage and the country furnishing but inferior grazing, and hearing nothing from Gen.

Hunter, he withdrew Tliis is the his command and commenced his return march.

Reason given for the abandonment of the expedition, and ; accounts for the contradictory orders. About midnight the command started on the back track and marched till daylight, halting for breakfast near the campground of the night of the tenth.

Tliis regiment then took the advance, crossing the North Anna, and went on picket The enemy made no sign, for the day near Ty man’s store.

And picketing was quiet.

Indeed, it was too quiet for one of the men posted on aft outpost on a road, who was found on his post by the sergeant in charge of the relief, sound asleep.

It “‘^a Rev. DANIEL W.

DAVIS, Co Amesbury, Mass. I. — Age 22; res.

Fairfield; mus.

Oct. 19, ’61, as private; re-en.

Dec. 29, ’63; pro.

Corp. ’64; wd.

At Boydton plank road, Oct. 27, ’64; died of wounds received at Appomattox Court House, April 9, ’65 the last fight of the A.

P. Age 20; res.

Houlton; mus.

Oct. 19, ’61, as private; re-en.

Dec. 29, ’63; pro.

Corp. ’64; killed in the charge on Lee’s train, April 6, ’65. — — Hunter, John M. — Age 27; res.

Houlton; mus.

Oct. 19, ’61, as private; Russell, George A.


At Middleburg, June 19, ’63; re-en.

Dec. 29, ’63; pro.

Corp. ’64; pris.

At St.

Mary’s church, June 24, “64; died in prison at Andersonville, Sept.

Grave Xo. 8557. 12, ’64 Age 34; res.

Foxcroft; mus.

Aug. 13, ’62; Chandler, Elbridge G. — — — joined co.

Oct. 11; pro.

Corp. ’65; disch.




S3. — Shields, Linneus.

Died July in action at Shepardstown, July 16. 20, 186;], from wounds received Albert Gardiner, 1865. Fairfield.

Died of wounds received at Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865.

John M.

Hunter, Houlton.

Killed in the charge on Lee’s train, April 6, George 1864. A.

Russell, Houlton. E. Died in prison at Andersonville.

Sept. 12, 27, Albert 1864. — res. Rockland; en. 550 FIRST MAINE CAVALEY. Hill, Edavix. —Farmer; age 34; b.

And r.

Garland; en.


D. 1st D.


Aug. 12, ’63, Stetson; mus.

Oct. 15; pris.

At Sycamore church, Sept. 16, ’64; released March 2-P,, ‘()5; disch.

By order, June 30, ’65, at Augusta.


Farmer; age 19; b.

And r.

Clinton; en.

Dec. 5, “63, Belfast; mus.

Dec. 7; joined co.

Jan. 23, ’64; yvd.

At Dinwiddle, March 31, ’65; disch.

By order, June 26, ’65, at Augusta.

Huntington, James C. —Carpenter; age 40; b.

Litchfield; res.

Bradford; en.


D, 1st D.


Sept. 13, ’63, Stetson; mus.

Oct. 15; absent sick at tr.

Joined co.

And m.


With regt.

HuET), CuAiiLES Farmer; age 19; b.

And r.

Exeter; en.


D, 1st D.


Sept. 14, ’63, Stetson; mus.

Oct. 15; absent sick at tr., and disch.

For — ; C— dis. March 23, ’65. Jackson, Geokge W.— Cooper; age 19; b.

Levant; res.

Portland; en.

And mus.


D, 1st D.


June 14, ’64, Portland; pris.

At Sycamore church, Sept. 16, ’64; ex.

And joined co.

March 9, ’65; m.


June 20, ’65.

Jackson, John B.

Mechanic; age 27; b.


Ireland; res.

Portland; — on extra duty as teamster in ap.

Wagoner, June 15, ’63; re-en.

Feb. 1, ’64; m.


Hunter; age 21; b.

And r.

F’avrituck; en.

Nov. ‘Gl, Skowliegan; mus.


O; discli.

For dis.

At Frederick, Nov. 1, ‘()2.

Adektox, Thomas; J.

Farmer: age 28; b.

IJowdoinham; re.s.

Litclifield; served in Co.

F, 24th Me.

Inf., and was m.


With regt.

Aug. 2.”). ‘()3; en.


M, 1st D.


Feb. 25, HU, and mns.

March 18; pris.

At Reams’ Station, June 29; died in rebel prison, Dec. 12, ‘(54.

Farmer; age IS; b.

Lowell; res.

Haynesville; en.



Hikam W. 19, ‘(!2.

Lowell; wd.

At Aldie, June IT, ‘; pris.

On reconnaissance to Little Washington, Oct. 12. “(i:;; ex.

And rejoined co.

Feb. -^n, ‘G4; pris.

On Adams, Tiiara — — — died in prison at Andersonville.

Age IS; b.

Bloomfield; res.

Corinna; en.



Dec. 21; joined co.

Jan. 2:^, ‘G4; sick at Point 2, ‘G;], Bangor; Lookout, Md., Nov. ‘G4; rejoined co.; m.


With regt.

Farmer; age IS; b.


Albans; res.

Ripley; en.

Oct. 7, BADGE15, Natii AX. ’61, Skowhegan; mus.

Nov. 5; disch.

For dis.

At Augusta, Feb. 11, ‘G2.

Millman; age 21; b.

And r.

Bradford; en.

And mus.

Bailey, William E.


M. 1st D.


Jan. 13, ‘G4, Bangor; wd.

And pris.

At Reams’ Station, June 29, ‘G4; disch.



No. 77.

Farmer; age 20; b.

And r.

Bingham; en.

Sept. 27, Baker, Wellixgtox P. “61, Skowhegan, and mus.

Nov. ‘>; re-en.

Jan. 1, ‘G4; acting chief bugler, [See tiekl and ‘G4; ap.

Chief bugler and tr.

To non-com.

Staff, Dec. 5, ‘G4. Dahlgren raid, — George Perkins. Edward F.

Morrill; wounded, Capt.

William S.

Howe, Corp.

Jonathan F.

Pollard, Privates John H.

Dow, George S.

Russell (died), Daniel Sweeney, Edward Wixon.

Killed, Private Joshua B.

Graffam; wounded, Sergt.

George W.



True, Privates George H.

Butters, Lorenzo J.

Heath, William Howard, Clark, — Henry Co.

F. wounded, Corp.

George S.

Kelley (died).

Privates Cornelius Colby, Elijah H.

Coleman, William H.

Daniels, John Getchell, John W.

Goodwin, Alvin Hunter, Henry D.

Picker, Marcellus Wentworth.

Wounded, Wagoner Orrin A.

Snow, Privates James Burns (died), Co.


William H.

Morse, Leroy H.

Tobie, George W.

Whiteknact, Hanson W.


Killed, Private Ephraim J.

McGoon; wounded, Sergts.

John W.



West, Charles H.

Foster, Corp.

Llewellyn C.

Wesley; wounded and — Killed, Privates Michael Nolan, George W.

Woods; — B.

Leslie (died). — prisoner.

Private John Renier. Tibbetts (died), David Tozier (died), Josiah Gatchell, Corps.

John S.

Blake, Privates George A.

Gove, John P.

Gray, Arthur J.

Gross, Richard McCarthy; prisoners.

Privates Chelis Alexander, Levi Bagley, Menander Dennett.

Wounded, Sergt.

Benjamin F.

Carter, Corps.

Beniah W.

Pratt, AusCo.


Tin L.

Jones, Henry E.

Challis, Privates Justin L.

Bray, Lorenzo D.

Chamberlain, Charles B.

Clarkson, George W.

Foster (died), Hiram B.

Ingalls, Edward A.

Mace, Frederick B.


Killed, Corp.

Waterman T.

Lewis, Privates George W.

Gregory, Co.

Charles E.

Long; wounded, Sergt.

Sylvanus Quinn, Corps.

James B.

Harris, Herman R.

Green, Pi-ivates George H.

Bunker, Mauley Copeland, Andrew Fisher, Alfred Foster, Joshua F.

Pratt, Robert T.

Thomas, George Tracy; wounded and prisoner, Private George IT.

Cushman; prisoners.

Privates Sumner P.

Bradford, Llewellyn Green.

Total, sixteen killed; seventy-five wounded, of whom nine died; two wounded and prisoners five prisoners. — Killed, Sergts.

Xahum W.

Mitchell, Edwin T.

Edes; wounded.

Privates Robert Cosgrove, Luther Tibbitts.


K. — Killed, Private Arley P.

Alexander; wounded, Sergts.

William B. — 687 (Deatonsville), April 6. Field and Staff. — Wounded, Adjt.

Tliaddous Little.

Hall; wounded, Capt.

John W.



A. — Killed, Sergt.

James Bailey, Corp.

John Cl)ark\s Co.

E. — Killed, Capt.

John A.

LleaUl, 8erHunter, I’rivatc Nathan 1).

Dollcy; wounded, liugler bur (died).

Farrier Joseph W.

Ross, Privates Juan F.

Henry W.

Folsoni, William ilorrill.

Wounded, Sergt.

Edwin J.

Boynton; wounded and Co.


Vate Elnathan P.


Wounded, Corp.

Herman 11.

Green, Private William Co.


Total, five killed; ten wounded, of whom two died; one liul’us A.

WilFlinn (died), — — prisoner, PriB.

Grindall. wounded and prisoner. Sailor’s Creek, April 6. — Wounded, Lieut.

James W.



C. — Killed, Private William Casey.


F. — Killed, Private Samuel M.


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