Hunter : Win without_____ and lose without_______ A Win without bragging lose….

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(junior) HH46 Q: In showing your horse at halter, how much space should be left between your horse & the nearest horse A: One horse length (junior) common knowledge Q: What builds character faster than purple ribbons? A: Good sportsmanship (junior) HH45 Q: In a show, what side are you supposed to be on when leading your horse? A: Left (junior) HH40 Q: Where is the emphasis placed in a pleasure or performance class? A: On the horse (junior) HH24 Q: On which side of the horse should the ends of split reins fall when using one finger between the reins? A: Same side as the reining hand (junior) HH24 Q: When changing directions on the rail in a horse show, what should you do? A: Turn to the inside (away from the rail) (junior) HSG27/HH42 Q: In the show ring, how many lengths should you stay form other riders? A: One horse length (junior) HH46 Q: When turning the horse in front of a halter show judge, which direction do you generally turn? A: To the right or away from you (junior) HH40 Q: What is the term for a seven and a half minute period in a polo game? A: Chukkar (junior) HH42 Q: When riding in group classes (example – equitation), name one thing you can do to avoid bunching up? A: Pass, cut corner, circle to get to clear area 1 Study Guide – Page 31 (junior) HH45 Q: Do not show a horse at halter until you are sure of what? A: That you can control the horse (junior) HH24/25 Q: If a rider has long hair, what should be done so judge can clearly see your number? A: Fasten or confine it so number is visible (junior) Ref – HH24 Q: How many fingers can be between the reins in a Western Eq.

Class if split reins are used A: One (junior) common knowledge Q: What type of shirt must be worn in a Western Eq.

Class? A: Long sleeve (junior) Ref – common knowledge Q: How many poles are used in pole bending? A: 6 Easy (Easy) HH9 Q: What is the term for having a pleasing, graceful, alert general appearance? A: Stylish (Easy) HH46 Q: What type of turn is generally preferred in showmanship? A: Pivot turn (Easy) Q: What does the term “shown in hand’ mean? A: Shown at halter common knowledge (Easy) HH46 Q: : Besides keeping your horse posed so that the judge gets the best view, name one other thing you should do at all times during a showmanship class A: Be aware of where the judge is or know what’s expected of you (know the pattern) (Easy) HH43 Q: Please fill in the following blanks: “Be a good sport.

Win without_____ and lose without_______” A: Win without bragging & lose without complaining (Easy) HH44 Q: How far ahead of the class starting time should the judge post any required pattern? A: At least one hour (Easy) HH44 Q: What personal equipment is prohibited in showmanship classes? A: Spurs (Easy) HH44 Q: In showmanship, if you are dressed in hunt seat attire, what equipment should your horse wear? A: Hunter style bridle with browband & plain cavesson 2 Study Guide – Page 32 (Easy) HH46 Q: Explain how to back your horse in showmanship A: Turn to face towards the rear of the horse with your right hand extended.

Walk forward beside the horse as it backs up (Easy) Q: What is a “junior horse or pony”? A: One that is 5 years of age or younger HH24 (Easy) HH24 Q: Generally, in horse shows, when is a snaffle bit or bosal allowed? A: When the horse is age 5 or younger (Easy) HH24 Q: When showing with closed (romal) reins in stock seat equitation, what extra piece of equipment must be attached to the saddle? A: Hobbles (Easy) HH40 Q: What do the following horse show classes have in common: pole bending, dressage & harness ponies? A: They are all performance classes (easy) common knowledge Q: Scurry, potato race, speed barrels & pole bending are all activities seen at what type of equestrian event? A: Gymkhana (games, o-mok-see) (easy) Ref HH24 Q: After you have mounted, on which side of the horse should the romal be found? A: Opposite side of reining hand (easy) ref – common knowledge Q: At what marker does the horse & rider enter the dressage arena A; A (easy) HH24 Q: What is a junior horse or pony? A: One that is 5 years old or younger 3 Study Guide – Page 33 EXTERNAL PARASITES – JUNIOR STUDY — 1 Study Guide – Page 55 (junior) HSG2-16 Q: How should you place the saddle blanket on the horse? A: Locate it forward & pull it towards the rear of horse so hair lies flat (junior) common knowledge Q: When braiding a horse’s mane & tail, how many sections should be worked with at one time? A: Three (junior) TH719 Q: What is the proper procedure to using a hoof pick? A: Heel to toe (junior) HH37 Q: What is a rubber currycomb used for? A: Remove excessive mud, loose hair, saddle marks or get out deep dirt & dandruff (junior) HH38 Q: If you wash your horse, what grooming aid is essential? A: Sweat scraper (junior) HH38 Q: In grooming a horse, where is the currycomb never used? A: Over bony area – head, below knees or hocks (junior) HIH710-7 Q: If you have ridden your horse hard, when should you let him have his fill of water? A: After he’s completely cooled out (junior) HH37 Q: How can you remove caked mud & manure from the hoof wall? A: Washing with water & stiff brush or: use hoof brush (junior) HIH1100-13,14 Q: Name 3 grooming tools A: Hoof pick, mane & tail comb, sweatscraper, grooming cloth, curry comb, dandy brush, body brush, clippers, etc. (junior) HH37 Q: How do you clean the currycomb when grooming? A: Strike it on back of brush or boot heel (junior) HH35 Q: How often should horses that are stabled be groomed? A: Daily (junior) HH35 Q: What do you call a tail that has been shortened or thinned by pulling? A: Pulled tail (junior) HH34 Q: Why should you sponge your tack after use? A: To remove dirt & sweat (junior) HH38 Q: If you body-clip your horse, what should be done in cold weather? A: Blanket horse or keep in stable 2 Study Guide – Page 56 Easy (Easy) HH38 Q: What is meant by “picking out” a mane or tail? A: Separating the hairs with your fingers to keep them from tangling (Easy) HH39 Q: How far down the tail is a hunter’s tail braided? A: 8 – 12 inches (Easy) HH36 Q: In what order should you clean your horse’s feet? A: Counter-clockwise – near fore, near hind, off hind, off fore (Easy) HH8 Q: What is the term for rough, harsh appearance? A: Coarse (Easy) HH38 Q: How can you avoid a dull, sunburned appearance of your horse’s coat? A: Turn it out to pasture at night, early morning or late evening instead of during the day (Easy) HH39 Q: How long should the mane be for proper braiding? A: 4 – 6” (Easy) HH35 Q: When should you groom a horse that’s exercised or worked? A: Both before the workout & immediately on return to the stable (Easy) HH35 Q: Referring to grooming, what is roached? A: Term used when the mane is all cut off (so part is left standing upright) (Easy) HH35 Q: If you don’t have a hoofpick available, what common tool can you use in its’ place? A: Old screwdriver bent over about an inch from the blade end \ (Easy) HH37 Q: What type strokes will remove the most dirt when using a stiff brush? A: Short, strong ones with outward action away from the horse’s body (Easy) HH37 Q: What motion is most effective when currying? A Circular (easy) FCH180 Q: What practice most helps the appearance of the horse’s coat? A: Frequent & through grooming 3 Study Guide – Page 57 HEALTH & SANITATION PRINCIPLES JUNIOR STUDY Junior (junior) HIH440-2 Q: What is the best way to control bleeding of a leg wound? A: Apply a pressure bandage (junior) common knowledge Q: Who is trained & skilled in the treating of diseases & injuries of animals? A: Veterinarian (junior) Q: What is the best way to prevent dehydration? A: Adequate water intake BEG/HIH (junior) HIH950-6 Q: How do you check for dehydration in a horse? A: Pull the skin back & if it flaps back into place, the foal isn’t dehydrated (junior) HIH1150 Q: Who can provide the horse owner with the ideal vaccination program? A: Veterinarian (junior) Q: If blood is spurting from a wound, is it an artery or vein? A: Artery HIH440-2 (junior) TH608 Q: What type wound has clean, straight edges & often bleeds quite profusely? A: Incision (cut) (junior) TH608 Q: What type of wound would a nail cause? A: Puncture (junior) TH609 Q: Which is more serious – cutting of an artery or a vein? A: Artery (junior) HIH950-6 Q: What is the term for the condition in which water is lost from the body faster than it is taken in? A: Dehydration (junior) HIH435-1 Q: What is colic? A: An acute abdominal pain – (may be caused by a great variety of disorders) (junior) HIH435-3 Q: What is the most common medical emergency in horses? A: Colic (junior) Q: What is one of the oldest known disorders of horses? A: Colic TH302 1 Study Guide – Page 58 — 2 Study Guide – Page 63 INTERNAL PARASITES JUNIOR STUDY Junior (junior) HIH430 Q: Which is more important in parasite control: treatment or prevention? A: Prevention (junior) HS 56/TH647 Q: After putting your horse on a regular deworming program, when should they be wormed? A: Fall after the first killing frost & in the spring before they go out to pasture OR: daily, 4 times a year, every 2 months (Accept any) (junior) HIH430-1 Q: If you see a rough hair coat on a horse you are looking at to buy, what could the problem be? A: Worms (junior) HIH430-5 Q: What is wrong with an overgrazed pasture of short forage? A: Can be a serious source of internal parasite infestation Easy (easy) HIH430-5 Q: Why should horses be rotated to fresh pasture every 2 weeks if possible? A: To reduce internal parasite infestation; to increase productivity of the pasture (accept either) (easy) HIH 430-5/TH606 Q: Why should you never feed on the ground? A: It allows opportunities for horses to become infested with internal parasites OR Horses fed on the ground may develop sand colic (easy) HS59 Q: Why should you rotate or alternate deworming products? A: They differ in chemical composition & parasites can develop resistance 1 Study Guide – Page 64 JUMPING JUNIOR STUDY Junior (junior) HH20/LTJ17 Q: What is the main ingredient in developing a good hunter seat? A: Balance (junior) LTJ12 Q: What is the ideal ground upon which to jump a horse? A: Flat, dry, soft areas, preferably enclosed (give 1-2 of these) (junior) LTJ5 Q: When learning to jump, the rider should always correct faults before they become what? A: Habits (junior) LTJ6 Q: What skills are required of a rider before starting to jump? A: Basic riding skills (junior) LTJ20 Q: What part of the jump should you always go over? A: The middle (junior) Q: How should you end each jumping session? A: On a positive note (junior) Q: What causes horses to stop at jumps? A: Rider looking down LTJ29 LTJ13 (junior) LTJ28 Q: When learning to jump, what should you do when the horse does well? A: Give him a pat, praise him Easy (Easy) LTJ 20 Q: When turning after a jump to circle around & go over it again, what should you do? A: Change the direction you turn so you aren’t always going the same way (Easy) Q: When learning to jump & you apply pressure with both legs, the horse must go forward.

If he doesn’t, what should you do to reinforce the leg? A: Use a bat LTJ23 (Easy) Q: How long should you warm your horse up before jumping? A: 15 – 30 minutes (Easy) LTJ29-234 Q: If something goes wrong when starting to jump, whose fault is it most of the time? A: Rider’s LTJ 39 1 Study Guide – Page 65 (Easy) LTJ17 Q: What should a rider never use for balance when learning to jump? A: The reins (Easy) LTJ17/HH20 Q: A good seat for jumping is not developed by strength in gripping or hanging on the reins, but by what? A: Balance (Easy) LTJ Q: When learning to jump, without proper position at all times, you can’t have proper what? A: Control (Easy) LTJ12 Q: In which direction should the pole fall when jumping? A: In the direction you’re jumping (Easy) LTJ6/HH54 Q: What are cavaletti? A: Raised jumps made of poles on the ground (OR poles on the ground which are properly spaced) (Easy) LTJ16 Q: For the jumping position, in what direction should the rider be looking? A: Straight forward between the horse’s ears (Easy) LTJ16 Q: When learning to jump, what can the rider use to help maintain his balance instead of hanging onto the reins? A: Neckstrap or hold on to mane (easy) common knowledge Q: In a hunt seat Equitation over fences class, how many times may a contestant circle before approaching the first jump? A: One 2

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