In fact, the horse showed the symptoms of stringhalt

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Sports G-string In fact, the horse showed the symptoms of stringhalt

1-800-343-0093 The Valley Equestrian Page 8 The Dynamics of Animal Communication and Healing By KATHERINE WINDFEATHER THOMPSON of a healer.

Talk about taking a These days, there can be no doubt that so-called animal com- plunge off the deep end! municators are coming out of the So let me share with you a few of the more profound things woodwork.

In my experience I’ve learned in the 15 years I’ve this is part of a much bigger been working as an animal picture.communication has little to do with being able to “talk” to animals in a verbal dialog, although that can be a lot of fun and very entertaining.communication is really opening a doorway to a deeper understanding of animals, an awareness of our own, innate abilities to see and hear more.

It often indicates the need for healing at deeper levels.

This point of view is not where I started out in my relationships with animals.

I grew up in a very traditional environment as the daughter of a cattleman and feedlot communicator and a certified owner.

If you would have told clairvoyant healer.

First and me that I’d be transitioning to foremost is the obvious fact a life working on an energetic that animals often mirror issues level with animals, I’m pretty sure I would have told you point we’re working on, in both an emotional and physical level.

Blank that you were full of that fertilizer that cows so abundant- These issues will manifest in a behavior or physical probly produce.


So, in essence, they take But the truth is, I literally had on “our stuff” in order to help a heavenly push toward takus process it.

We don’t always ing this unorthodox approach recognize this, and if and when to relating to horses.

It was so we do, then fixing it is the next strong that I shifted from a career as a racehorse trainer to that challenge.

That’s where people like me come in.

Most approaches to healing from traditional veterinary and medical science perspectives are ones that deal with the symptoms of disease in the body.

We now know that all forms of illness or injury have a root cause in the emoTo find out more tional body.

While the emotional body is outinformation about what side the realm of our experience, it we do or physical doesn’t take rocket scito validate that it to apply ence exists.

Science knows quantum physics for and shows! I’m working funding When on an animal, I’m not or a grant, practicing veterinary medicine on the physicall or visit cal body.

I’m working on the emotional body our website.

And the charge therein that has created the problem in the physi13055 Riverdale Drive cal.

Inevitably, when charge is removed, NW, Suite 500 PMB202 that a shift, in both the and the Coon Rapids, MN 55448 emotional physical, is facilitated.

The results are 763-755-7739 Often, visible to even an uneye. practiced Let me give you an example of this.

Some time back a woman came to me at a horse expo for a reading on her gelding.

During this reading, I told her some things about this horse of which I had no previous knowledge.

It was clear to me that he’d tangled with some barbed wire and had considerable tendon damage in one of his rear legs; there was a lot of scar tissue buildup that interfered with fluid movement.

In fact, the horse showed the symptoms of stringhalt.

I also told her some other things that she felt only she could have known, so she was quite blown away by my accuracy.

She took my brochure home and later called and asked me to do a long distance healing for her.

Over 2,000 miles away from my home, she went out to her horse’s paddock to watch what would happen at the prescribed time.

While I was doing the healing, several times her gelding jerked his head up from grazing and took some very deep breaths.

His owner became extremely emotional and began feeling queasy, with heavy pressure in her chest and throat.

The end result within two weeks was remarkable.

The horse’s canter became smoother, he lost some of his girthiness and became much less cranky to be around.

So this is just one example of how communication is really about healing — and all about you! Pilot Therapy Program Fundraising Successful July 2009 The Valley Equestrian Dedicated to promoting Minnesota’s growing equine community! Katherine Windfeather Thompson has over 20 years experience as a Where do you want to pick professional licensed trainer, and up your free copy of The owner-operator of a race barn, with Valley Equestrian Newspaper? several wins and track records to her credit.

She has also been a Call us.

We will arrange for ranch owner, manager of lay-up, the VE to be at your favorite breeding and training facilities for tack or feed store.


She has extensive hands-on knowledge of the equine industry, including equine behavioral physiology PRESENTS THE: and psychology, man45TH GREAT MIDWEST INDOOR HORSE SHOW agement, RED RIVER VALLEY INTERNATIONAL SELECT SIRE FUTURITY and sales, and has SHOW & SELECT SIRE STALLION SERVICE AUCTION successfully Red River Valley rehabilitated OCTOBER 10TH – 11TH, 2009 Great Midwest International Select many retired Sire Futurity & Stallion ND WINTER SHOWS BUILDING Indoor Horse Show race horses Service Auction For more VALLEY CITY, ND to go on For more information information contact: and become Renee Flom at APPROVED APPALOOSA talented contact: 701-428-3042 show and Jean Fredrich at & QUARTER HORSE performance 701-725-4420 or Ted Johnson at horses. 701-945-2331 Animal Assisted Therapy has become a respected means for treating survivors of traumatic events like natural disasters, war, rape, and other catastrophic events.

It’s no wonder someone in the Twin Cities is investigating its use to treat domestic violence survivors who have suffered years of physical, emotional, and sometimes sexual abuse at the hands of their intimate partner.

But the animal of choice this time isn’t a dog or cat.

It’s a horse and if you ask the experts you’ll find there are good reasons for picking such a large, intimidating animal for a program like this. “Horses can’t talk so they use their teeth, feet and bodies to bite, kick and push each other to communicate what they want,” says Shannon Bruce, Program and Curriculum Director for the pilot project at Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women. “A lot of people are afraid of horses but horses respond instinctively to someone with confidence and leadership.

They are natural followers that want a strong leader.

So if you develop your confidence with them and earn their respect and trust, you can teach them to NOT bite, kick, or push into your space.

They are ideal for this program because the women are learning how to regain confidence, be assertive and protect their personal boundaries.” The University of Minnesota’s new Leatherdale Equine Center was the location for the pilot project’s fundraiser June 13, 2009 and featuring Parelli Natural Horsemanship™ 3 Star Professional Nita Jo Rush with her top students performing with their equine partners.

Human/horse communication demonstrations, riding, and playing with horses at liberty were all part of the venue.

The pilot project will be held at the new Equine Center and is planned for September this year.

Participants will come from Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women and will attend a total of 16 hours of therapy.

A licensed psychologist and equine specialist will lead the sessions and the women will participate in ground play sessions with their assigned horse and trained handlers. “One of our goals in the program is to expose participants to healthy relationships.

That means intimate partner relationships, friendships (male and female) and families.

Many of them have grown up in abusive homes and have never seen what an emotionally healthy relationship, of any sort, looks like.

We’ve gone out of our way to find and evaluate suitable couples, and particularly men, who are Parelli Natural Horsemanship™ students to participate as horse handlers,” says Bruce. “We know it’s important these women develop their social skills, as well as their confidence and leaderships skills so they can make the changes needed in order for them, and their children, to thrive in our communities. “ For more information on the program contact or Shannon Bruce at 763-4799970.

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