Jilov ~‑ to give free rein to

Bridle-bling - Gifts Horses-store.com Jilov ~‑ to give free rein to

Bepul : moneyless; free. Beqadr : s.

Qadrsiz. Beqaror : undecisive, vacillating; fickle, unreliable, capricious; unsettled. Beqarorlik : capriciousness, irresoluteness. Beqasam : striped material used for making chopons. Beqiyos : incomparble; immense, boundless. Beqo’nim : inconstant; restless; drifter.beqonun lit.illegal. Bequsur : faultless, perfect. Bequvvat : powerless, weak. Bequvvatlik : powerlessness, weakness. Ber‑ : to give; to deliver, provide. ‑a ~‑ to continue to do, to keep on doing.

Ta?Zir ~‑ to punish s.o., to teach a lesson to.

Ahamiyat ~‑ to lend importance to, to value, to pay attention to.

Bardosh ~‑ to lend fortitude, give strength.

Bo’y ~‑ to give in, to do as you?Re told; to back off.

Boy ~‑ to lose (game).

Vazifa ~‑ to assign a task; to commission.

Firib ~‑ to dupe.

Foyda ~‑ to augment, help; to be useful, profitable.

Javob ~‑ to answer.

Jilov ~‑ to give free rein to.

Jon ~‑ to give up the ghost. ‑ib ~‑ to do s.t.

For s.o. ~ib ket‑ to drop off, to leave. ~ib tur‑ to give s.o.


For a short time.

Ijaraga ~‑ to rent out.

Imtihon ~‑ to take an exam.

Yig’ib ~‑ to gather for s.o.

Kiraga ~‑ to give out for hire.

Ko’rinish ~‑ to show o.s.

Kun ~ma‑ to torment, trouble, make life difficult or impossible.

Maosh ~‑ to pay (salary).

Olib ~‑ to bring.

Olib borib ~‑ to take s.t.

To s.o.

Omon ~‑ to spare.

Omon ~may unmercilessly.

O’qib ~‑ to read to s.o.

Pardoz ~‑ to decorate, to embellish.

Qarzga ~‑ to loan.

Qo’ldan ~‑ to let escape, to lose.

Qo’yib ~‑ to put s.t.


For s.o.; to let go.

Savol ~‑ to ask a question.

So’z ~‑ to give one?S word.

So’kib ~‑ to yell at for s.o.


Sut ~maydigan sigir a cow with no milk.

Tan ~‑ to concede.

Turib ~‑ to stand still and endure.

Turish ~‑ to hold one?S ground.

Ustiga ~‑ to add to, to augment.

Xabar ~‑ to inform.

Xotin ustiga qiz ~‑ to marry one?S daughter off to a married man (polygamy).

Shahar ~‑ to give up (answering a riddle).

Chap ~‑ to avoid, steer clear of.

E?Tibor ~‑ to consider, pay attention to.

Erga ~‑ to marry off (daughter).

Husn ~‑ to beautify. [berdir‑, beril‑, berish‑]. Berahm : merciless. Berarmon : a giver, one who gives generously or abundantly. Berasi : debt, s.t.

Owed or to be returned. Berch : tough, chewy, rubbery. Berdanka : (Russian) a type of rifle used by the Russian military during the 19th c. Berdi : ~sini aytguncha, urib o’ldirasanmi? You’re not going to let me finish what I’m saying? Beret(ka) : (Russian) beret. Beri : hither, the near side of, this side of, this way; (+~ qara! Look this way.

Yig’lamoqdan ~ bo’l‑ to be on the verge of crying.

Uch yildan ~ for three years. 1987dan ~ since 1987. ~gi the near (one). Beril‑ : pass.

Of ~gan part.

Of ~ganlik enthusiasm, engrossment; devotion. Berilliy : (Russian) beryllium. Berilmovchanlik : temperance; immunity, resistance. Beriluvchan : susceptible. Beriluvchanlik : susceptibility. Beriroq : berk. Berk : closed, closed off, shut, covered.

Boshi ~ ko’chha dead‑end street.berli arch.s.

Beri. — Bo’rsilla‑ : v.i.

To fill out, swell up, puff up.bo’rsiq zool.badger. ~ semir‑ to become very fat, swell up, become round like a tomato. Bo’rt‑ : to swell, puff out, stick out; to sprout, come up, emerge. [bo'rttir‑] Bo’rta : chestnut (horse); blond, light‑colored (camel). Bo’rtik : bump, projection. Bo’rtiq : s.

Bo’rtik. Bo’rtma : bump, projection; projecting; relief‑. ~ naqsh high relief sculpted alabster design. Bo’rttir‑ : caus.

Of bo’rt‑; to stress, emphasize; to exaggerate. Bo’sa lit. : kiss. Bo’sag’a : threshold; eve. Bo’sh 1 : empty, free, unoccupied.

Qo’li ~ idle. Bo’sh 2 : frail, fragile, weak; loose, slack, unstable. ~ qo’y‑/~ qara‑ to give free rein to; to let run amuck. ~(ga) ket‑/~ga chiq‑ to be for naught, to amount to nothing.

Joni ~ frail, fragile.

Og’zi ~ loose‑lipped, unable to keep a secret. ~ kel‑ to lose, fail. Bo’sh‑bayov : inept; gullible. Bo’sha‑ 1 : v.i.

To become empty, vacant, free; to be freed, dismissed. [bo'shal‑, bo'shat‑, bo'shatil‑, bo'shattir‑, bo'shash‑] Bo’sha‑ 2 : v.i.

To loosen, soften. [bo'shal‑, bo'shat‑, bo'shatil‑, bo'shattir‑] Bo’shan‑ : to give birth. Bo’shang : weak‑willed; boneless, spineless, wimpy; lax. Bo’shanglik : abstr.

Of bo’shang. Bo’shanqira‑ : to give way a little, loosen up a little. Bo’shash‑ : v.i.

Coop., reflex.

Of bo’sha‑ 2; to loosen, become loose;l to lose strength, become fatigued; to die down, lose steam, lose integrity. [bo'shashtir‑] Bo’shashuvchilik : slackness, lack of discipline. Bo’shat‑ : v.t.


Of bo’sha‑ 2. [bo'shattir‑] Bo’shat‑ : v.t.


Of uyni ~‑ to empty or vacate a house.

Dilni ~‑ to pour out one?S troubles. Bo’shla‑ v.t.

Dial. : s.

Bo’shat‑ 2. Bo’shlik 1 : abstr.

Of bo’sh 1; vacantness. Bo’shlik 2 : abstr.

Of bo’sh 2; instability; looseness; irresoluteness; sluggishness. Bo’shliq : space, emptiness, void, vacuum. — Davola‑ : to treat, care for. [davolan‑, davolat‑] Davolash : v.n.

Of davola‑; treatment. Davom : continuation, duration; attendance. ~ Et‑/~ Ettir‑/so’zida ~ Ettirdi he continued speaking. ~ fe’li verb with continuous aspect. ~i bor there is more. ~ida during, in the course of. Davomat : attendance. Davomchi : continuer, successor. Davomli : continuing, long‑lasting, long‑term. Davomsiz : having poor attendance. Davosiz : incurable. Davoxona : s.

Shifoxona. Davr‑davron, davru davron : age, time of prosperity, golden age, golden years. ~ sur‑ to live one’s golden years. Davr : age, era, period, time. ~ sur‑ to rein; to live happily and in prosperity. ~i falak vicissitudes of fortune. Davra : (Arabic) circle; round, tour; cycle; ceremony held before one’s funeral for the forgiveness of sins (where a gift of charity to be given in the deceased’s name is passed in a circle). ~ ol‑/yasa‑/qur‑ to form a circle. Davriy : (Arabic) cyclical, periodic. ~ kasr continued fraction. Davriylik : periodicity. Davron : ages, times, epochs. ~i falak the vicissitudes of fate. ~ charxi, charxi ~ the wheel of fortune. ~ sur‑ to live happily in prosperity.davur dial.fancy decorated horsecloth. Daxl : (Arabic) relationship, association, connection. ~ Et‑/qil‑ to touch, to affect. Daxldor : connected with, associated; participant. Daxlli : s.

Daxldor. Daxlsiz : having nothing to do with, not related to; inviolable. Daxlsizlik : unconnectedness; inviolability. Daxma lit. : mausoleum, tomb, charnel house. Daxmaza : excessive troubles, headaches, etc.

Menga ko’p ~ qilma Don’t give me a lot of trouble. Daydi‑ : v.i.

To wander about, ramble, stray; to sneak about. Daydi : vagrant, shiftless; stray. ~ bulut stray cloud. ~ gap fast‑spreading rumor. ~ it stray dog. ~ shamol shifting wind. ~ o’q stray arrow. Daydilan‑ : to wander about, ramble. Daydilik : abstr.

Of daydi; unsettledness, vagrancy. — Ixtilolchi : rebel, insurgent. Ixtiol : (Russian) ichthyol. Ixtiolog : (Russian) ichthyologist. Ixtiologiya : (Russian) ichthyology. Ixtiro 3pp.

Ixtiroi : (Arabic) invention, discovery. Ixtirochi : inventor. Ixtirochilik : invention, innovation. Ixtisos : (Arabic) speciality, field of expertise. Ixtisoslash‑ : v.i.

To specialize. [ixtisoslashtir‑] Ixtisosli : qualified, trained, specialist. Ixtiyor : (Arabic) choice, option, free will. ~ Et‑/~ingiz It’s up to you, It’s your choice. ~(i) o’zida He can do what he likes. ~ qilgani shu that was his choice, that’s what he chose to do.

Ketishga ~ qildim I chose/opted to leave.

O’z ~iga qo’y‑ to give free rein to, to let one do as one pleases.

O’z ~iga ol‑ to take charge of. ~ida bo’l‑ to be at the disposal of. ~dan chiq‑ to no longer be in one’s control. Ixtiyoriy : (Arabic) optional, voluntary. Ixtiyoriylik : voluntariness; freedom to choose. Ixtiyorli‑ixtiyorsiz : involuntarily, without thinking. Ixtiyorli : voluntary. Ixtiyorsiz : involuntary. ~ ravishda involuntarily. Ixtiyorsizlik : involuntariness. Ixvat : obs. (Arabic) brotherhood. Iy‑ : v.i.

To soften and be ready for milking (udder); to soften, to lighten up. [iydir‑, iyin‑] Iy : whoa!, hey!Iya coll.yeah. Iyak : chin. ~ tashla‑/qoq‑ to be in the throes of death. Iyar‑ v.i.

Dial. : to follow. [iyart(ir)‑] Iyd : (Arabic) religious holiday (s. ~i ~i qurbon s.

Qurbon hayit. Iydir‑ : v.t.


Of iy‑; to win over; to placate. [iydirt(ir)‑] Iydlik : present given to one’s schoolteacher during a religious holiday. Iye : s.

Ie. — Jildlik : set aside for or appropriate for making a cover; enough to make a cover. Jiletka : (Russian) vest. Jilg’a : rivulet, stream, brook. Jilla (neg.

Only) : (not) so much, (not) very much, (not) a bit. ~ uzoq Emas not very far at all. ~ qursa/bo’lmasa/bo’lmaganda if nothing else, at least. Jilmay‑ : v.i.

To grin, to smile. [jilmayish‑] Jilmayish : (v.n.

Of jilmay‑); grin. Jilo : (Arabic) shine, luster, gloss, polish; beauty, jewel. ~ ber‑ to polish, to shine; to embellish, to lend beauty to. Jilola‑ : v.t.

To polish, to shine. [jilolan‑] Jilolan‑ : v.i. (pass./reflex.

Of jilola‑); to shine, to gleam, to shimmer. [jilolantir‑] Jiloli : polished; smooth and shiny, lustrous. Jilov : reins. ~ini qo’lga ol‑ to take the reins. ~ini qo’ldan berib qo’y‑ to hand over the reins of power. ~ ur‑ to rein in. ~ini bo’sh qo’y‑ to give free rein to. ~ini tortib qo’y to rein in, to harness.jilovbardor hist.groom, horse keeper; flatterer, sycophant. Jilovdor : groom, horse keeper; horse‑holder, running attendent. Jilovla‑ : to bridle. [jilovlan‑] Jilovxona : gazebo or hall at the entrance to a palace or mosque. Jilpang‑jilpang : ~ qil‑ s.

Jilpangla‑. Jilpangla‑ : to writhe, to coil; to sashay, to flounce, to be coquettish. [jilpanglan‑, jilpanglat‑, jilpanglash‑]jilt coll.s.

Jild. Jilva : (Arabic) delicate movements; coquetry; lustre, splendor. ~ qil‑ to make graceful movements; to iridesce, to shimmer. Jilvador : s.

Jilvali. Jilvagar : s.

Jilvali. Jilvalan‑ : v.i.

To sparkle, to shine, to dazzle; to shimmer. [jilvalantir‑] Jilvali : coquettish; shimmering. Jilvir (qog’oz) : sandpaper. Jilvirla‑ : v.t.

To sandpaper. [jilvirlan‑] Jim : quiet, still. ~ bo’l‑ to be still, to be quiet, to not move. ~ tur‑/~ bo’lib ket‑ to become quiet. Jimi‑ : v.i.

To become still, to be quiet, to stop talking. ~inglar! Be quiet, everybody!, Silence! Jimiq‑ : v.i.



Jimiqib ket‑ to become quiet, to disappear w/o a trace. — Osoyishtalik : peace, calm, quiet. Ost‑ust : s.

Ostin‑ustin. Ost : bottom side, bottom, underside. ~ida/daraxtning ~ida underneath the tree.

Binoning ~ qismi the lower part of the building.

Er ~i underground, subterranean.

Er ~i boyliklari underground resources.

Suv ~i underwater.

Suv ~i kemasi submarine.

Deraza ~i windowsill.

Yo ~idan, yo ustidan one way or another.

Er ~idan qara‑/razm sol‑, ko’z qirini tashla‑ Ostanovka : (Russian) (bus, tram) stop; the distance between bus or tram stops (roughly 2‑3 city blocks).

Uch ~ yurasiz You have to walk (the distance of) three stops. Ostin‑ustin : one upon the other, crowded together; topsy‑turvy. Ostki : lower, lowermost. Ostlik : support, rest, pad. Ostona : threshold; entrance, portal; rapids.

Shahar ~larida at the gates of the city. ~sini yala‑ to kiss the feet of. Osuda lit. : peaceful, untroubled. Ot 1 : horse; knight (in chess). ~ yili the seventh year of the 12‑year animal calendar. ~ zavodi horsebreeding farm. ~ kuchi horsepower. ~ o’yin (arch.) Circus; merry‑go‑round. ~ yili ~ sol‑ to charge (on a horse). ~ qo’y‑ to give free rein to; to charge (on a horse). ~ sovutar to cool off. ~dan tushsa ham, Egardan tushmaydi To be still on one’s high horse after losing one’s position. ~ni qamchi bilan Emas, em bilan hayda Use the carrot, not the stick. ~ olmay oxur tuzat set your house in order (before doing s.t.). ~ingni yaxshi ko’rsang, aylini mahkam tort Spare the rod and spoil the child?? Aravakash ~ cart horse. ~‑arava transport, conveyance. Ot 2 : name; noun; species, type. ~iga(gina) superficially. ~i yo’q scorpion (lit., ‘the nameless one’). ~imni boshqa qo’yaman …

Or my name’s not… (expression used when making a promise). ~ qo’y‑ to name. ~ chiqar‑ to win a name for oneself.

Oti borning ~i chiqar The man of means (lit., with a horse) will find fame. ~ga ko’chgan sifat noun derived from an adjective. Ot‑ : v.t.

To throw; to shoot; to take or swallow (snuff, drink, etc.); to put forth (petals, etc.).

Yaxmalak ~‑ to slide on an ice slide.

Palak ~‑ to put forth shoots (of a vine plant).

Odim ~‑ to take steps.

Oshiq ~‑ to throw tomir ~‑ to beat (pulse).

Nafsi hakkalak ~adi to pant or gasp heavily. [otil‑, otish‑, ottir‑] Ot‑otakam : (playing) horsie. Ot‑ulov : mounts, riding animals. Ota 1 formal : father, forefather; father figure; term of addressed used for older men. ~si term of addressed used by a wife for her husband.

Bor ~ngga, bor onangga the big runaround. ~ngga rahmat Bravo! Good for you! ~ngizga o’rgatmang Don’t tell me what I already know.ota 2 dial.s.

Orol. Ota‑bobo(lar) : forefathers. Ota‑buva(lar) : ancestors. Ota‑ona : mother and father, parents. Otabezori : hoodlum, black sheep, blackguard (so despicable that his own father disowns him). Otalarcha : fatherly. Otali : having a living father. Otalik : fatherhood. ~ qil‑ to be a father to s.o. Otaliq : patronage, sponsorship; patron, sponsor; (hist.) Advisor to a khan. ~qa ol‑ to take as a sponsor. Otamlash‑ : v.i.

To pour out one’s grievances together. Otar 1 : aorist of ~ puli money given to performers at a banquet.

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