Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital

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Horse Shoe Key Chain Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital

Evander Holyfield loses to Larry Donald—in an apparent embarrassing fight for the former four time heavyweight champion.

MSU beats Wisconsin.

The unclaimed baggage center in Scotsborough Alabama.

ODB the rapper dies of an apparent heart attack (Old Dirty Bastard) November 15, 2004 Condoleeza Rice is named Secretary of State, Colin Powell resigning; Man sets himself on fire outside the white house says they hear him crying “allah, allah”; Hussein took 21 billion from the oil for food program —smuggled it.

They’ve found the Lost City of Atlantis off the coast of Cypress.

Mormons are the fastest growing denomination in America.

Peruvian drug smugglers are caught with drugs inside a squid. November 17, 2004 NASA successfully launched the Scram jet which went 7000 mph over the Pacific Ocean New translation of the Pentateuch Robert Alter.

A deer wandered into the O’Hare baggage claim area.

This CIA agent who just quit says that at one point a top Osama Bin Laden associate was trapped and they knew where—the hotel and the exact room and the CIA told the military but the military declined. At the Vibe awards in Santa Monica—at a Santa Monica airport hangar—there was a fight and somebody got stabbed—apparently a man approached Dr.

Dre and slugged him and then David Buck aka rapper name stabbed Johnson.

Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital.

David Buck is wanted by the police.

NASA has a research center in Langley and were part of the participants in the SCRAM jet experiment.

News I s Margaret Hassan Dead? They’re starting to think so.

Sears and K-Mart are going to merge. November 18-19, 2004 Billy Graham .They’ve discovered the skeleton of what they now consider to be the last common ancestor of all great apes.

Peyton Manning is quarter back for the Baltimore Colts.

His brother Eli is with the Giants.

Their father is former Saints QB Archie Manning Only 13% of Americans think that God had no role in the creation of the world, but yet we still have evolution being taught in almost all the schools.

However, Dover area school district in southeastern Pennsylvania has decided to teach “intelligent design.” Last time U.

Of M.

Was national champion was in 1997 when they were co-champs with Nebraska.

OSU has beat U of M in 94, 98, and 2002; UM won in 96 and 2002 and is 11-4-1 against OSU in the last fifteen games.

In 1998 OSU defeated UM to thwart their hopes of an undefeated league record.

This is Billy Graham’s 416th crusade and his next to last. NASA launches spacecraft named “Swift” to search for black holes.

World’s oldest living man dies at age 113.

Michigan loses to OSU but will go to Rose Bowl because Wisconsin lost to Iowa.

Charles Manson got turned down for a record contract by the son of Doris Day who died today.

Prince William of England says he does not want to be “mollycoddled” if the order is for him to go to war Lori Berenson has been in prison in Peru since 1995 based on terrorism charges. Flash floods kill 250 in the Philippines, Quezon province.

Yale fans fool Harvard fans by making them hold up signs to read “we suck.

Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion finally lost.

Dianna Deetric Berns is subject to excessive force by Atlanta police and it is caught on video at the airport.

Officer Clarence Alexander was the instigating officer, seven other officers arrived thereafter.

The district attorney was Bob Keller, Berns attorney is Steven Lister. Airplane attempting to make first round the world nonstop , non-re-fueled flight.Dick Ebersol the NBC sports announcer was in an airplane that crashed in Colorado.

He apparently was returning from the Notre Dame-USC football game and has one son at USC and another son at Notre Dame.

He and his older son survived but his youngest son apparently died.

Kevin Grady or O’Grady, of East Grand Rapids High School, is breaking all the Michigan high school football records. December 2, 2004 — February 13, 2005 Red Roses are banned in Saudi Arabia due to Muslim religious rules.

Neo-nazis marched on the 60th anniversary of the Allied bombing in Dresden, marring an otherwise usually bright moment in history for Dresden to re-live.

Dresden is known in Germany as the “Florence of the North” and was untouched by WWII battles until Feb 13, 1945 only a few months before the war ended when it was bombed by British and American planes. The neo-Nazi march was scheduled by the German’s National Democratic Party (NDP) and Udo Voight one of the leaders of the rally expressed great admiration for Adolf Hitler.

The leader of the Christian Party in Iraq was abducted.

Lucia de Jesus de Santos (Sister Lucia Martos) was one of the three children who saw the vision of the Fatima Virgin in 1916 died.

She was born in Aljustral, Portugal.

Her two siblings, Jasunta and Francisco, died shortly after the vision around 1920, both of them were beatified by the pope. One of Lucia’s last visitors was Mel Gibson who brought her a copy of his dvd in July, 2004.

She says the main theme of the visions was the struggle of Atheistic communism against Christianity.

A fire in Madrid, Spain destroys a sky scraper. February 14, 2005 Michael Jackson is lining up defense witnesses which include Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jay Leno.

Have to wonder about the wisdom of putting Kobe Bryant as a character witness for Michael Jackson.

Prince Charles is getting re-married..

The initials HRH mean “Her Royal Highness” and it is a coveted title says AP News concerning the upcoming marriage of Prince Charles to Camila Bowes who will become the Royal Duchess rather than a , and it was “HRH’ that was taken away from Lady Di when she and Charles got divorced.

Michael Jackson comes down with severe flu on the way to court—goes to hospital for help—is in stable condition… delays jury selection process.

Cup of coffee per day may be good for you they say now….

Can help prevent liver cancer February 15, 2005 100’s mourn the death of Devin Brown—the teenage boy show stole a car and was shot to death after a chase..

Subsequently the LAPD is revising their shooting policies for moving vehicles.

Baby 81 is re-united with its parents in Sri Lanka—after the baby was swept away from the mother’s arms in the tsunami… 8 couples claimed the baby was theirs—but DNA tests proved whose it was…entering Vacaville at 124 a.m. ..

Department of Interior Secretary Gale Norton took a trip through Yellowstone to see how the snowmobiles affected the environment and seemed pleased that they did not seem to have a negative effect on the wildlife. The presumed myth of Romulus and Remus—the two babies who lost their mother and were raised by wolves, breastfed by wolves… the myth is that these two babies founded Rome in 1753 B.C.

And Romulus and Remus were the twin sons of the god Mars, the god of War..

Recently they found archeology that uncovered more royal remnants than previously realized..

The previous archeologists found only huts.. .. discovered traces of regal splendor… at least 8 passengers departed from the Cruise Ship Voyager with broken bones after waves pounded the cruise liner in the Mediterranean Sea near Menorca (which is not far from Mallorca). ..

Pummeled by Force 11 gales and waves u p to 45 feet while on route from Tunisia to Barcelona… Harnessing the energy of the waves is becoming a new challenge for energy companies. St.

Patrick was first taken to Ireland as a teenager when raiders kidnapped him from his Roman parents British home…and used him as a slave… he escaped years later but returned later as a clergyman…religion has him introducing Christianity to the pagan islanders and banishing snakes…historians dismiss both claims saying there have never been any snakes in Ireland and there’s evidence that other Christians had attempted to convert the island previously.

However, Patrick was an astute converter who incorporated pagan imagery into Christian evangelism…celebrating Easter with bonfires…and placing a sun at the center of the cross…to produce a Celtic cross..Patrick tried hard for 40 years to make Christianity work… and truly dominated Ireland by targeting Irish Gaelic aristocrats… February 17, 2005 Shots fired on bus in Milwaukee, 1 dead. … Former prime minister of Lebanon was laid to rest today after being assassinated a few days ago..Giuliana Sgrena a 56 year old Italian journalist was kidnapped a week or so ago and was now forced to appear on videotape to plea for her life.

She was a journalist for the Communist Daily II Manifesto.

Two ships collide in the foggy port of Hong Kong.

At least 100 people injured Woman who dressed up as a giant Hummer in New York is suing the city for false arrest saying she had the right to speak and demonstrate against the sale of giant SUV’s. Panda bears are expanding their territory according to a study of their feces found in new areas.

New emphasis on frog safaris. — Sheehan, mother of the son who died in Iraq..

Is now an outspoken anti-war advocate..

Wanting to meet Bush in Crawford..she grew up in Bellflower.

Jerry Lewis still tours as a rock’ n’’ roller..

House now closed for tours. Burns Harbor..

Indiana—two gals drowned while playing in lake, now the thirteen year, Esther Niebauer also died..

She had tried to save her two sisters..

Her sisters Naomi, age 13, and Miriam, age 8..

Were in a roped off swimming area at lakewood In Monrovia, CA—Energy CS has converted two Prius’s to use as little as one liter per 100 kilometers .. 230 mpg..

By using powerful lithium ion batteries—it is forming a new company, e-drive systems, that will convert hybrids to plug ins for about $12,000..

Next year.. Albuqurque , New Mexico..

A retired judge and his wife were found dead.

Gerald Cole shot his wife nancy, 65, and then turned the gun on himself.

Article re.

Keeping the mind active, agile, mental calisthenics..

Staving off onset of alzheimers..

And senility..

Or helping you live with it… Marine by the name of Daniel cotnoir, age 33, was awarded Marine of the Year by the Marine Corps Times.

And was a marine corps mortician who actually prepared the bodies for open casket funerals..

He’s been back living in Mass.

With his wife and two daughters. Wyoming woman killed in her first skydive, a tandem dive with an instructor… Julia (?) Bond of Evanston WY died in a hospital after the jump..

And John VanCleave was in stable but serious condition..they hit a building on the way down making the chute collapse,,,and they fell 20 feet together to the ground. A Bulgarian student who apparently drowned in the Connecticut River may have been participating in what Dartmouth students call the Ledyard Challenge… Todorov Valkov a student from Trinity College in hartford CT was found in the river..

The tradition of swimming naked across the river is well known by Dartmouth students… it’s legal to be naked in Vermont but not in New Hampshire..

The challenge is to run across the Ledyard bridge naked to Vermont and then swim back and get your clothes on before getting caught . Officer Francisco age 25, pled guilty to smuggling cocaine into the United States from Columbia using military aircraft. August 16, 2005 Stampede in Virginia to get discount laptops.. 1000 laptops, 5000 people pushing and shoving.

BTK sentencing begins this week.

Madonna fell off a horse, broke ribs, collarbone, and hand outside a country home in London.Plane crash in Venezuela kills 160. August 17, 2005 William Taft, Governor of Ohio, is being criminally charged for not reporting gifts received while governor, especially golf outings, among other things. 40 % of school teachers plan to exit the profession in the next five years. , the highest rate since 1990, and it is expected to be even higher among high school teachers. 42% of teachers are age 50 or older.

BTK killer, Dennis Rader, called himself a “monster” and told authorities about a chilling conversation with an 11 year old girl he said he targeted because of sexual attraction.

After he had killed her parents and brother , he took the girl to the basement…Judge Gregory Waller gave Dennis Rader 10 consecutive life sentences, 175 years in jail with no possibility of parole. Cindy Sheehan, the mother of the boy-soldier who was killed in Iraq, and who has been camped outside President bush’s Crawford Ranch for several weeks, had to leave to return to Los Angeles after she found out her mother had a stroke. ..Gal age 17, …Hilderbrand, was killed by a Siberian Tiger who was posing for photos at a family run animal sanctuary in southeast Kansas.

Native Americans—have started their first suicide hotline—because of the high rate of suicide especially amongst teens in the Native-American population.

Prison Riot in Calipatria state prison near San Diego..

Brothels are now required to issue health certificates for their prostitutes in Tijuana. — Getty Museum is being accused of knowingly purchasing stolen Italian art work.

Getty Museum curator Mirian True has been charged by Italian authorities of conspiring to traffic looted Italian antiquities.

The Getty acknowledges they purchased stolen Italian art but said they did not do so knowingly.

Trial is proceeding in Rome. Reports of violent crime in the United States are at the lowest level since the government began maintaining statistics 32 years ago.

Story about the power and presence of Samsung corporation in S.


One of every two S.

Koreans uses a Samsung phone.

Samsung has 2500 PH.D’s on its payroll.

Samsung posted a profit of about 10 billion last year.

They have also been accused of bribing politicians, but also hiring former politicians as advisors.

The average pay at Samsung is more than $70,000 more than triple korea’s per capital income.

They do chemicals, electronics, TV picture tubes, etc.


Insurance, finance, credit cards, securiies, communications, .

The chairman of Samsung is Lee Kun Hee..with an estimated fortune of 4 billlion dollars. “Willful blindness” is one aspect of determining negligence.

Article about the woman who had HIV –had two children—refused to have either of them tested for HIV, and also breastfed them—claiming she does not believe HIV causes AIDS.

Suddenly her daughter died.

Woman’s last name is Maggiore. Cindy Sheehan was arrested in Washington D.C.

For a sitdown protest by the White house without a permit. Edward Hale age 64 goes by the name Papa Pilgrim—who lives in Alaska—has been charged with sexual assault and incest—he has a wife and 15 children–.

He’s on the run. 30 felony counts including 10 sexual counts , 8 counts of incest, 3 counts of assault. Fired employee in New York walked into a nail polish factory Monday and shot the co-owners and the manager in the head before killing himself.

All three shot by Victor Piazza survived the shootings—although one is in critical condition.

Piazza was fired by Verla International after being arrested in 2004 on charges he had child pornography on his company computer.

He was sentenced to ten years probation.

Factory co-owner Mario Maffei , age 57, and Robert Roth, age 65, were in stable condition.

JoAnn Obrien age 49, was in critical condition. Angels need two more wins to clinch the division!.

Feng Shui –the practice of using space and placement of furniture etc.

Has its roots in Taoism some say—it is practiced in China but not endorsed by the government—now opponents are raising an outcry because a government run university is teaching it. Big debt relief package is being planned in Congress—along with a few other countries (ie “big eight”) to cancel the debt of some of the most poverty=stricken nations .

Treasurey Secreatry John Snow said “The plan is an extraordinary opportunity as well as an enormous challenge.” It could win approval within a week from various world banks and IMF Board, and would forgive an estimated $40 billion dollars in debt, most of them African countries.

Eighteen in all.

Group of economic powers are offering to pay the debt.

It would push the amount of debt cancellation to more than $55 billion.

Article by Jeanninne Avirsa.

Verizon News,.

Cindy Sheehan met with Sen John McCain who is also a Vietnam Vet, story by Jennifer Talhelm September 27, 2005 Mother of the missing Holloway girl in Aruba contends the Dutch boy in Aruba (Vandersloot) is lying–.

And said that she is going to go to the Netherlands to keep the story alive.

Dutch boy is going to the university there now Lady who was accused o fhaivng sex with teenage boys who wanted to be a “cool mom” in Denver—is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow.

She was out driving in an SUV with a 14 year old driver—the driver crashed—rolled over the van—injuring the mother and her two childen—who are all now in serious condition in the hospital. 41 year old Sylvia Johnson.

Lindy England is sentenced to three years in prison for her involvement in the abuse of Iraq prisoners-of-war September 28, 2005 Tom Delay has been indicted on a conspiracy charge for illegally funnelling corporate cash to Repoublicans in 2002.

Delay says he is a victim of partisan vendetta by the democratic District Attorney in Austin, Ronny Earle.

Delay said, “My defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic .

It will be categorical and absolute.” “Mr.

Earle & his staff know it, and I will prove it.” Earle denied political motivation saying in Austin 12 of the 15 cases he has prosecuted have been against Democrats.

In 1994 a case prosecuted by Earle against Kay Bailey Hutchinson was tossed out of court on the first day of trial.

If convicted Delay could face upt to two years in prison and a fine of $10,000. — Religious groups are calling for an art exhibition showing naked women posing among fruit vegetables to be banned.

Carla Bobadilla’s exhibit is made up of giant series of nudes amongst fruits vegetables in Chile.

Some of them are explicit. January 26, 2006 Hostage situation at a bank near Fresno CA ended without any deaths—some escaped, some were let go, and the final one was grabbed by sheriff’s deputies, without incident or gunfire. Authorities said they discovered more than two tons of marijuana in a cross-border tunnel that began near the Tijuana airport and ended inside a warehouse on the USA side.

IT had a cement floor and lights mounted on one side of the wall with a pulley system. Kuala Lumpur—southern Malaysia—experts have been appointed to try to track down a giant beast—bigfoot like beast—which was allegedly spotted two or three times recently. World News Tonight Correspondence Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were seriously injured when their convoy was hit by an explosive in Taji, Iraq today.

Both were hospitalized and are in stable condition. January 27, 2006 Michelle Kwan—the ice skater—is getting another chance at the Winter Olympics.

She has 5 World Championships and 9 U.S.

Championships but no gold medal yet.

She has won a silver (1998)and a bronze (2002) / . ..

She’s 25 years old now.

The last person to get a medical bye on to the Olympic Team was Nancy Kerrigan who bumped 13-year-old Kwan back in 1994. 7.7 earthquake hit Indonesia—around Bali—causing fears of tsunami, but a tsunami did not form. January 28, 2006. Hurricane Katrina refugees—rivals of gangs have been arrested for several murders in Houston—the gangs carried their turf battle to Houston.

Andrew Rose and Lloyd Hollman both of Colorado –allegedly approached a local food contractor to discuss how they could inflate the number of meals served by FEMA workers in exchange for kickbacks. Golfer John Daley is playing in Torrey Pines in San Diego—his wife just started a prison sentence for federal charges of conspiracy for her involvement in what authorities said was a drug illegal gambling operation.

Her parents also received prison time.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Spaceship Challenger explosion.

The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish in Hawaii has been dethroned as the state fish. Mayor of Rancho Mirage California-admits he lied on his resume, Alan Seman claimed he had degrees from Northwestern University and New York University—as it turns out he was at Northwestern for a week in an army training program during WWII.

And later he took a few retailing courses at NYU in 1946-47.

He’s 81 years old.

Nearly 11,000 Filipino children brushed their teeth—in an attempt to break a record for a simultaneous “brush off” and raise awareness about the problem of tooth decay. The town of Washington, PA changed its name to Steeler PA for a month—a town of 15,000 people—a temporary change to show their support for the Steelers in the Superbowl.

Britain’s Lewis Pugh reached sports “Holy Grail” becoming the first person to complete a long distance swim in the world’s five oceans—swimming from Bondi Beach in Sydney Australian—for six hours.

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