Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….

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Sports G-string Horses-store.comLope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….

Check it out! Over 100 head of REAL RANCH HORSES have entered the “Best of the Remuda” Ranch Gelding Competition – these horses will compete in a JUDGED Ranch Horse Competition on Friday at 3 p.m.

At the climate controlled HorsePalace Arena.

Your chance to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! You are invited and encouraged to attend this Ranch Horse Competition – watch just what these horses can do! Eliminate the guess work – see it for yourself! We’ll have fresh cattle to cut on Saturday – watch the cutting horses do their stuff! We ALWAYS have good roping steers and we rope at EVERY BLS horse sale (weather permitting!) In addition to offering using horses this month, check out the ponies and kids horses! A list of haulers is included in this catalog and – call us if you have ANY questions! Enjoy the sales, enjoy Billings, and we are glad you came! Bill and Jann Parker Bill and Jann Parker, Horse Sale Managers. Phone Bids: Please contact our office prior to the event to arrange to bid by telephone 406-245-4151 HIPS 1-348 Saturday Catalog Horses HIPS 401-505 Sunday Catalog Horses HIPS 1000 + Loose Horses HIPS 801-899 Open Consignment Horses Our Soundess Guarantee Buy and sell with confidence Credibility and Dependability are important to us.

At Billings Livestock Horse Sales, all horses that are ridden through the ring and sell as a result of being ridden through the ring, are GUARANTEED SOUND until Monday Noon following the Saturday Sale and Tuesday Noon following the Sunday Sale unless otherwise stated from the block.

To further define our policy, if the horse sells at 6 p.m.

On the Saturday of our sale, the horse will be guaranteed sound for an additional 42 hours – Noon on Monday.

What we here at BLS Horse Sales consider sound is: Sight out of both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four, and not to crib.

Your confidence in our sale does make a difference! See you at the sale – and remember – at BLS, We Like Horses! “Best of the Remuda” RANCH HORSE COMPETITION Friday, May 24 • 3 p.m. Cowboy will lead horse to the center of the arena, drop bridle and rebridle the horse.

Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining pattern: Lope two circles to the left, the first slow the second faster.

Switch leads and lope two circles to the right, the first slow the second fast.

Change leads make one half circle, go down the fence, stop, rollback to the right, down the fence, stop, rollback to the left, back down the fence, stop, back up fifteen (15) feet. 360 degree spins.

OPTIONAL: Rider will then call for the steer.

Steer will be released into the arena.

Cowboy will box steer on short end of arena to show horse’s ability to control a cow.

Cowboy will then rope steer by the neck and pull him a sufficient distance to show horse’s ability to pull from the horn.

Cowboy will then pen and shut gate at end of arena.

End of competition. HorsePalace Arena Exit 437 on I-90 Index of Consigners: May 25 & 26, 2013 Catalog Sale pg 1 Hip 117 Hip 4, 84, 292, 292X, 316, 436, 452, 461 Amos, Brian Hip 218 Anderson, Curt Hip 79 BLS Horse Sales Hip 114 Bassett, Peggy Hip 62 Bauer, Robin Hip 55 Beer, John Hip 40 Benson, Jeanne Hip 69 Berg, Kelsey Hip 49 Boothe, Bruce Hip 409 Boulder Horse Company Hip 13, 57, 96, 148, 155, 208, 231, 275, 302 Briese, Torie Hip 161 Brogan, Brady Hip 58 Brown, Billy Hip 30, 243 Buchanan, Billy & Elizabeth Hip 11, 232 Bulkley, Ryan Hip 54, 156, 246, 270 Burch, Ivan Hip 102 Calvert, Wendy Hip 25 Cantrell, Ken Hip 229 Carl, Dawn Hip 135 Circle A Livestock Hip 1, 85, 94, 301, 434, 458 Conlon, Tom Hip 23 Crago, Kim Hip 147 Crazy Mountain Ranch Hip 33, 109, 166, 276, 422, 441, 448 Cremer, Pat Hip 122 Crosson, Roy Hip 95 Cunningham, Terry Hip 412 D & G Horses Hip 27, 113, 170, 271, 424, 447 Dakolios, Dennis & Jodee Hip 104, 310 DeBoer, Sam Hip 39, 273 Diamond D Cattle Co Hip 401 Dooley, Mike & Frances Hip 82, 199 Downy, John Hip 24 ER Ranch Hip 16X, 20, 68X, 118 Edwards, Jeff Hip 31, 168 Erb, George Hip 28, 187 Evans, Clint Hip 121 Eymer, Brittany Hip 70X, 111 Farmer, Trevor Hip 97 Foster, Katherine Hip 411 Fox, Joe Hip 110 Frost, Sarah Hip 419 Garrison, Cheyenne Hip 52 Geldard, Judy Hip 183 Gibbs, Alisha Hip 123, 123X Glade, Wyatt Hip 174 Gleason, Kenny Hip 89 Guptill, Scott & Audrey Hip 142, 261 Haalands T Bone Feeders Hip 127 Hahn, Charley Hip 101 Hall, Jay Hip 226 Hansen, Art Hip 198, 291 Harrington, Don Hip 129 Hart, Shawn Hip 92, 253, 282 Hayden, Ryan Hip 140, 259 Hill, Rozen & EmmyLu Hip 151, 266 Hirschy, Fred & Lynn Hip 179, 209, 217 21 Ranch inc 4K Horses Ingram Quarter Horses JFW Corporation Jorgensen, Lisa Kamps, Craig Kautzman, Ted & Reann Kelly, Trent Kerns, Mark & Savannah Knudson, Chris Kolander, KC Koubek, Jess Kunesh, CR LaFrance, Valerie Lasseter, Dusty Last Chance Horse Co Lazy EL Ranch Lindaman, Michael Lloyd, Taylor Lone Mountain Ranch Long, Rita Lytle, Brita Mannygoats, Oliver Marmon, Michaell Matlick, Marc Matthews, Broden Mayfield, Derry Hip 126, 225 Hip 176 Hip 80 Hip 220 Hip 32, 175 Hip 260 Hip 149 Hip 9, 233 Hip 48, 93, 139, 202, 230, 245, 254, 281 Hip 3, 90, 192, 215, 288 Hip 134 Hip 185 Hip 234 Hip 2, 86, 138, 289, 300, 433, 451, 460 Hip 56X, 107, 157, 304 Hip 38, 103, 223, 263, 421, 446 Hip 19 Hip 406, 439, 445, 454 Hip 98 Hip 420 Hip 211 Hip 46, 158, 249, 272 Hip 29, 169, 269 Hip 120 Hip 56, 92X, 163, 164X, 224X, 404, 408, 410, 415, 435, 440, 463 Hip 144, 285 Hip 197, 432 Hip 17, 125, 178, 207, 297, 418, 442, 462 Hip 68, 133, 188, 279, 299, 314 Hip 26, 116, 173, 210, 236, 257 Hip 119, 177, 311 Hip 414, 427, 449, 456 Hip 417, 437 Hip 228 Hip 7, 40X, 81, 100X, 131, 182, 189X203, 244, 294, 298, 313, 317, 413, 438, 444, 455, 459, 464 Hip 100 Hip 190, 280, 303 Hip 99 Hip 423, 453 Hip 106 Hip 12, 205, 296, 312 Hip 64, 238 Hip 145 Hip 65 Hip 251 Hip 37, 108, 165, 180, 212, 242, 268, 278 Hip 50 www.billingslivestock.com McEwen, Todd McLean, Linda Meadow Valley Ranch Miller, Chuck & Diane Miller, Dan & Becky Mills, Lynette MonDak Livestock Monteaux, Richard Monteaux, Jon Mortenson, Riggin Mullanix, Rainie Nielson, Thayne Olson, Trina Partridge, Robert Paulson, Justin Pearman, Lynn Peterson, Ross & Chrissy Peterson, Kaitlin Pierce, Jeremy Qualm, Jenita K RMO Horses Redding, Skeeter Index of Consigners: May 25 & 26, 2013 Catalog Sale pg 2 Hip 88, 195, 235, 258 Hip 130, 426 Hip 61 Hip 172, 200 Hip 407 Hip 18, 83, 141, 204, 214, 247, 287, 416, 443 Schnabel, Arion Hip 21, 309, 402 Schwartz, Edward Hip 5, 47, 91, 256 Seafield Farms Hip 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 Sears, Brian Hip 53, 248 Severe, Daric Hip 59, 152, 240 Slagowski, Joe & Nicole Hip 44, 250 Slaveson, Greg Hip 6 Small, Clinton Hip 171 Smith, Cindy Hip 10, 42, 66, 160, 201, 213, 222, 267, 293, 305 Smith, Marlene Hip 164 Steere, Danielle Hip 35, 237 Steinmetz, Cheri Hip 153 Stellflug, Duanne & Nicky Hip 132 Sterkel, Thomas Hip 34, 167, 224, 308 Stevies, Todd Hip 16 Stockton, Wendy Hip 8, Stromme, Sid Hip 43, 159, 221, 265, 295 Sussey, John Hip 425 Swanke, Neil Hip 194 Swick, Brent & Jessica Hip 154, 241 TK Livestock Hip 45, 87, 137, 196, 216, 290, 315, 318, 431, 450, 457 TN Roping Horses Hip 41, 67, 163X, 186, 219, 255 Thompson, Leslie Hip 70, 143, 252, 284 Tresch, Debra A Hip 429, 429X Tripp, Samuel Hip 15 Turner Performance HorsesHip 128, 184, 206, 227 Two Two Sr, Vincent Hip 105 Ulloa, Juan Hip 146 Valentine, Serra Hip 264 VanEaton, Jack Hip 60, 262, 428 Vashus, Lawrence & Susan Hip 63, 150, 239 Veltkamp, Phil Hip 189, 283 Vining, Dustin Hip 51 Voegel, Bobbie Hip 14 Wagoner, Zane Hip 22 Walsh, Lyndon Hip 286 Warneke, Terry Hip 112 Watson, Oryn Hip 36, 274, 307 Weher, Laurel Hip 136 Wendt, Dean Hip 115, 115X, 403 Western Training Stables Hip 430 Willey, Ashley Hip 90X, 236X Willey, Eric Hip 181, 240X Willey, Shawn Hip 124, 277 Winifield, Katie Hip 405 Wormser Livestock Hip 162, 306 Yoder, Jerry Hip 193 Zuber, Ian Hip 191 Reurink, Jeremy Rodenbough, Jesse Russell Land & Livestock Sallee, Scott & Sandy Salveson, Ken Schmitt Horse Ranch — Leroys Legend 1999 Black Mare (4468477) Cougars Zeus 2005 Sorrel Gelding (4896704) Hip No. 180 High Brow Hickory { Smart Little Kitty Nice broke broodmare from one of the last Here is a fancy bred, nice looking, stocky Jet Deck High Brow Cougar Jet Smooth colt crops of My Leroy Brown SI-94, made gelding.

He is a grandson of High Brow { Lena’s Bar (TB) Smart Little Lena { Jay $55,961, My producer of race, NFR and arena Cat on top, Smart Little Lena on his top Rey Lena Girl Leroy Brown Moss Bar None Bob winners.

Out of WPRA barrel racing winner side, and Freckles Playboy on his bottom side.

Bars Bob Kitten { Freckles Playboy Jiggs’ Cindy mare.

Easy breeder, bred every time exposed He’s bred to work a cow.

He’s been shown RG Hard N Fast { Lenas War Doc to stud.

Throws good color.

Bred to Fuel On in ranch versatility, trained to cut, and has Rebel Cause RG Fastimes Stocks Fuel N Bonds { Willon Credit, palomino son of Oklahoma (Jet been the ranch.

He stands about 14.2 and Bandtimes Gal War Doc Leo I Win { Olee’s Band Time Dilly Deck)out of Chick Bugs Alive In 75 mare.

Has built like a tank.

He’s got a smooth jog, easy Go and Dial nice handle.

Nice looking gelding buckskin colts by him.

Parentage verified.

Lope, Dial’s Dolly { Hep’s Alice NOTES : Cougars Zeus is a fancy bred, nice looking, stocky For more information call 406-491-3116 or that is bred to work.

Good Ground Manners, lpepsi@montana.com Coggins made gelding.

He is a grandson of High Brow Cat on top, Shoes, Hauls, and up to date on worming and NOTES: Leroys Legend is a nice broke broodmare from one shots.

Call Joe at 801-361-6772 if you have Smart Little Lena on his top side, and Freckles Playboy of the last colt crops of My Leroy Brown SI-94, $55,961, any questions.

To watch video go to http:// on his bottom side.

Producer of race, NFR and arena winners.

Out of WPRA w w w .

R o c k y m o u n t a i n o u t f i t t e r s .

C o m / He’s bred to work a cow.

He’s been shown in ranch versatility, trained to cut, and has been on pages?page=24 Rocky Mountain Outfitters barrel racing winner mare.

Easy breeder, bred every time Endorsed Guide Service of theHe Year” the ranch.

Stands about 14.2 and built like a tank.

He’s exposed to stud.

Throws good color.”2013 BRED to FUEL ON in North America by ORVIS Coggins.

Got a smooth jog, easy lope, and nice handle.

Nice CREDIT, palomino son of Oklahoma Fuel (Jet Deck)out looking gelding that is bred to work.

Good ground manof Bugs Alive In 75 mare.

Has buckskin colts by him.

Ners, shoes, hauls, and up to date on worming and shots.

Parentage verified.

For more information call 406-491Call Joe at 801-361-6772 if you have any questions.

To 3116 or lpepsi@montana.com.

Watch video http://www.rockymountainoutfitters.com/ PRODUCE RECORD: pages?page=24. 2007 Lucys Buckskin Beau, f.

By Beaus Double Bid.

By HIGH BROW COUGAR (2000). $156,267: 3rd, NCHA 2008 Dashers Leroy, g.

By Spirited Dasher.

Open Futurity; Suncoast Winter Open Derby Re2009 Lucys Black Dasher, f.

By Spirited Dasher.

Serve Champion; Del Mar Cutting by the Sea Open 2011 Fuel A Legend, g.

By Fuel On Credit.

Derby Champion; money-earner in the NCHA Open 2012 Fuel It Up Leroy, g.

By Fuel On Credit.

Super Stakes & Open Derby.

Sire of 31 moneyBy MY LEROY BROWN (1973). 12 wins to 3, $55,961, Leo earners, earning in excess of $510,000.

Handicap, Los Ninos H.

Juvenile Inv.

H, 2nd Cow Capital Turf Club Derby, Northwest Montana Fair 1st dam Derby, Western Montana Fair Derby, 3rd Fun Sun RG Fastimes, by RG Hard N Fast.

This is her first foal.


Sire of 46 winners, 52 ROM, 14 stakes horses, 2nd dam including DEVIL WHO SI 106 ($254,389, 25 wins to 6, Bandtimes Gal, by War Doc Leo.

NCHA money-earner.

Dam of-Yakima Fall F., Fun Sun Derby, Helena Last Chance WAR LENA CALIE (War Lena Bars). $53,610: finalist, Derby, Chicado V.

H), GAS IT SI 105 (26 wins to 8, NCHA Open Futurity and Open Super Stakes; 6th, $79,688, Charlie Russell Futurity, 2nd Fun Sun FutuGold Coast 4-Year-Old Open Derby.

Dam of-rity, Portland Meadows F.), POP A LEROY SI 104 (9 CALIE DEL REY. $109,260: 4th, Abilene Spectacular wins to 4, $33,583, Northwest Montana Fair Derby, Open Derby; split 6th, NCHA Open Super Stakes.

Yakima Fall Derby), LEROYS BEST SI 105 ($33,291, MILLIE DEL PLAY. $83,482: split 5th, Millionheir Burst of Enery Futurity, 2nd Wild Rose Derby).

Open Derby, 7th in the Non-Pro. 1st dam DUAL LENA BARS. $45,610.

Dilly Chick, by Stocks N Bonds.

AQHA Open Performance 3rd dam point-earner.

Dam of 8 foals, no AQHA performers.

OLEE’S BAND TIME, by War Olee. 51 AQHA points & 2nd dam $2,718: money-earner, NCHA Open Futurity; SupeDial’s Dolly, by Go Dial.

Dam of-rior Cutting.

Dam of-Rapid Dolly (Rapid Bar). 4 AQHA Youth points.

WAR LENA DILLAN (War Lena Bars). $17,798: finalist, Miss Snipper Chick (Ponca Chicks). 2 AQHA Open NCHA Non-Pro Futurity.

Svp-5/13 Performance points.

Dilly Chick (Stocks N Bonds).


Svp-5/13 BRED TO FUEL ON CREDIT { { { { High Brow Cat www.billingslivestock.com Smartest Lil Angel 583338 00 APHA Black Tobiano Stallion Eric Willey Bayard, NE Mr San Peppy Peppy San Badger Sugar Badger Smartest Little Pep Smart Little Lena Barb A Doc Cal’s Cindy Anne Smartest Lil Angel Hy Diamond Dandy Hy Diamond Bouncer Bouncer’s Josey Baby Tender Love Bugs McCue Jr Monika McCue Butches Doll SanMan is an outstanding Stallion with a super sweet disposition.

He has been used in parades, trail rides, brandings, pasture doctoring, calving, reining, cutting, barrels, poles, and other gymkhana events by young children and adults.

He has tremendous cow sense and is very catty.

He is a super smooth horse and very well mannered around other horses.

When he was five he cut his back leg and after healing, he has never been lame at all.

His foals have been level headed and with the same disposition as him.

Our kids usually pick his colts before others to train and have used these colts to rodeo on.

He has roped out of the box on both ends and some calf roping.

His pedigree would enhance any breeding program or he could be gelded and used for just about anything by anyone.

We are only selling him because we are reducing our herd size.

For more information call 308-641-1820.

Coggins. HIP 181 HIP 186 — NOTES: Stylish Peppy Solano is an opportunity to get an own son of Stylish Hickory out of Western Ranches mare MH Lil Peppy Solano.

A gelding that is handy, kind in the face and eyes and is easy to look at.

He is first to greet you in the pasture, is friendly and rides super.

He is by the same sire as Stylish Windy.

He has been in cutting and cattle work training with Keith Marquart for 4 months For more information call 406-688-9047.


Sire of STYLISH WINDY ($118,313: Utah CHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion; Meadow Vue Cutting Non-Pro Futurity Champion; Idaho CHA Amateur Derby Champion; Utah CHA Marker Non-Pro Derby Champion; Idaho CHA Amateur Gelding Derby Champion; 4th, South Coast Winter Cutting Amateur Derby), LIL SHEEP DIP (NCHA earner of $2,308: finalist, Meadow View Open Futurity; finalist, Montana CHA Open Derby), SHEEP CAMP SALLY (Gem State Stock Horse Association money-earner), JUST TD STYLE (NCHA $1,228), TIVIO STYLISH TO (NCHA money-earner), COWBOY WITH CASH (NCHA money-earner). 1st dam MH Lill Peppy Solano, by Little Peppys Ultimo.

Dam of 6 foals, no performers to date. 2nd dam LADY SADIE SOLANO, by Doc’s Solano. $20,932 & 11 AQHA points: Gold Coast All/Age $10,000 Amateur Co-Champion, Co-Reserve in the $20,000 Non-Pro; 6th, Nevada Spectacular Non-Pro Futurity; Open ROM.

Dam of-MH LAY DOWN LADY (Little Dyno). $319,854: Millionheir Non-Pro Classic Champion; 3rd, Breeders Invitational Non-Pro Classic/Challenge.

Dam of-LADYS SURPRISE CD. $20,616: money-earner, NCHA Non-Pro Derby; finalist, 2012 Breeders Invitational Non-Pro Classic.

SHANNON HAULER (Bodee Boonsmal). $30,910: 5th, Millionheir $200,000 Amateur Challenge.

MH LADYANDTHETRAMP (Bodee Boonsmal). $30,355: Suncoast Fall Non-Pro Futurity Champion.

Ladys Silver Spoon (Hes A Peptospoonful). 86.5 points: 2012 AQHA Reserve High Point Select Team Penning; Open & Amateur ROM.

Wils Pretty Lady (Peppys Lil Wil). $6,020: finalist, NCHA Nationals West $50,000 Amateur. 3rd dam Holly Model, by Sport Model.

Dam of-SHORTYS HIGH BROW (High Brow Hickory). 33.5 points & $53,209: 3rd, AQHYA World Show Cutting.

BRINKS HICKORY MAY (Doc’s Hickory). $30,564: split 3rd, Houston NCHA Non-Pro.


Above.svp 5/13 www.billingslivestock.com HIP 203 Dewzer Grade Palomino Gelding Riggin Mortenson Dupree, SD Seen everything, good bone, color, gentle and is sound.

Coggins. HIP 206 Ranch Horse HIP 200 Teacup 03 Grade Grullo John Mule Scott & Sandy Sallee Emigrant, MT Teacup is 13.3 hands and is an easy to get on short mule who is really sweet.

He loves people and has been ridden all over the mountains.

Easy to catch and handle.

Teacup is good about his feet and ears.

He is an unusual color and has a long mane.

He had his teeth floated in March.

Teacup has good withers and holds a saddle well.

He has also been packed.

Teacup has been a family mule.

Anyone looking for a smaller gentle experienced mule would love him.

Current on vaccinations and wormer.

For more information (406)222-7455 or www.blackmountainoutfitters.com Coggins.

I Am Cowboy 5128045 08 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding Schmitt Horse Ranch, Holland, IA Redmount Blue Krog Classy Cowboy Korgs Boo Kros Frosty Cowboy Duster Dillon Paldew Stew Paldew I Am Cowboy One Scotch Delight one Sonnys mac Jay Bee Hi Lo Bid me One Sonny Beaus Prinschamin Baus Sonny Bid Sheza Sonny Bid Frosty is a gorgeous blue/gray gelding with a long beautiful mane and tail.

He rides very nice in the arena, bends at the poll, moves off your legs, and has an outstanding lope.

He has had lots of miles put on him outside as well.

We have been dragging the log on him and using him to pull the donkey to work our heel horses.

Frosty is an attractive young gelding that rides good and is a phenomenal head horse prospect.

Sound, current on deworming, shoes, and coggins.

For more info check out www.schmitthorseranch.com or call 608-434-4789 HIP 204 Ranch Horse Smart And Dusty 07 AQHA Red Dun Gelding Turner Performance Horses Stevensville, MT Smart Little Lena Smart Mate Freckles Playmate Smart Amigo Peppy San Badger Miss Pepi Ole Miss Doc Ola Smart And Dusty Bobby Bo Badger Dun Bo Badger Dried Up Boon Eclipse Doc Fort Knox Shesa Sugar Doc Knox May Be Sugar If you came to find a gelding you will absolutely fall in love with, come meet Dusty.

He is an exceptional gelding, with a huge heart and you will not fault him conformation.

Dusty is drop dead cute! A super ranch and trail gelding, you will not fault any aspect of ranching duties.

He is VERY quiet to ride outside, will guide easily through timber and rocks and is good footed.

A fancy rope horse, he is qualified for the 2013 AQHA world show in the amateur breakaway and a 1/2 point away for qualifying in the calf roping.

With run one down in pasture and work rope with out a jerkline.

Dusty is also an extremely talented heel horse, works correct and has so much feel.

Such a fun horse and we are pleased to offer him to you.

Guaranteed sound, for more information visit www.turnerperformancehorses.com or phone 406 381 2347.

Watch Dusty in the ranch horse competition or come and ride him for yourself. HIP 201 Micky 08 Grade Bay Gelding Cindy Smith Sterling, KS Micky is a super broke little gelding that you can use in all phases of ranch work! For more information (620) 664-8711.

Coggins. HIP 202 Ranch Horse Skip To Dash 5261933 09 AQHA Palomino Gelding KC Kolander Jackson, MN Skip N Don DW Dons Assault DW Double Assault DW Skips Bright Eyes Social Skippa Skippa Parfait Bright Flame Skip To Dash Skip Sav Skippa Lent Skip Rullah AC Skip N Seel Dash For Cash Sixy Bucks Raised To Streak Very attractive gelding that gets noticed everywhere! He has done all kinds of light duty work around the ranch.

Checked miles of pasture and fence on him last fall and this spring.

He is ready for someone to take and go on within the arena.

Good minded and gentle! Super nice young gelding that’s gonna make a good one! Coggins. HIP 205 — Tonto 07 Grade Buckskin & White Pony Gelding Brian Amos Laurel, MT Talk about a pretty pony, here he is! He was driven on the Kearney Ranch in South Dakota, we have not driven him.

Taylor has spent a lot of time going up and down Johnson Lane on him including a few trips to McDonalds.

He will only get better with age.

Thanks. Pedros Conquest 4188370 01 AQHA Grullo Gelding Sid Stromme Manhattan, MT Dash For Cash Final Conquest Vandy’s Lass CH Conquest Isle Breeze Sheza Rascal Ole Rascala Pedros Conquest Hicrest King Pedro Command Julie Command Trishies Spring Trish Bar Trishie Bar Pacific Bea Sis Grulla 12 yr.

Old gelding, He is nice and gentle for anyone to ride, Been used on a working ranch, roped on, nice fast walk, easy to catch, He is a joy to ride, and extremely gentle.

This guy is the real deal.

Coggins. HIP 224 Watch Mister Moon 5228087 09 AQHA Sorrel Gelding Thomas Sterkel Morrill, NE Peppy San Badger Smartest Little Pep Borderline Smart Barb A Doc HIP 222 Cuttin Colonel Colonels Diamond Cut Miss Poco Dry Watch Mister Moon Joe Jack Honey Bar Moon Badger Jack Miss Jack Moon Watch Miss Moon Impressionable Zip Impressionable Jill Rhinestones Lady Nice, fluid mover with a rocking horse lope.

Has speed when asked for it and a nice stop.

Willing and soft in his face.

Has the talent, bloodlines and brains to go any direction.

Coggins. HIP 219 Betsy 98 Grade Dun Mare TN Roping Horses Lawton, OK Youtube: http://youtu.be/fUHpCxrGanQ 15 year old dun mare. 14.2, 1000 pounds.

Calf horse, very gentle, lots of cow, very easy to rope on.

Real solid, has been hauled – this mare can really run and give you a throw.

Coggins. Cee Bar Boonlight X0687325 09 AQHA Gray Gelding Cindy Smith Sterling, KS Peptoboonsmal Boonlight Dancer Little Dancer Lena Boonlight Freckles Colonel Freckles Annieote Freckles Annie Glo Quixote Cee Bar Boonlight Docs Borrego Docs Cee Bar King Blue Badger Beauty OSR Cee Bar Two Two Fox Keno Os Two Eyed Bar Bay Mossbar Snuffy Buff Nice young gelding really bred the way you want and has had a lot of riding outside in the big country! (620) 664-8711.

Coggins. HIP 224X Hank 09 Grade Brown Gelding Derry Mayfield Seward, NE Hank is a big gelding that has been rode in the pastures and feedlots checking cows.

He has been on trail rides.

Broke for anyone.

Coggins. www.billingslivestock.com HIP 227 Ranch Horse — HIP 280 Gypsy 07 Grade Grey Mare Thayne Nielson Twin Falls, ID Gypsy is ranch broke and ready for ranch rodeos.

We have branded calves, doctored all sizes of cattle off her.

Would make a great heel horse.

She is very gentle, great with people.

Good to put shoes on and sound.

Coggins. HIP 278 Ranch Horse CR Pick Hit 4093110 01 AQHA Dun Gelding RMO Horses Heber City, UT HIP 281 Ranch Horse Music Mount Whiskey Music Lady Revenue Snippr Music Explosive Man Snipper Tody Snippy Spud CR Pick Hit Sierra Mount Sierra G Son Boot’s Surprise Sierras Rose Petal Amigo McCue Leafy May Falling Leaf If you are looking for COLOR, Music has it.

He’s got all the looks, build and attitude you could hope for in a horse.

He is a big solid gelding that is built to last and has plenty of years under his belt with many many more to go.

He rides outside, on the mountain, around cattle, and will go where you point him.

Head up the trail and he will do what you ask.

Smooth and easy lope, stock, back, and does what you ask.

He’s got a real laid back attitude, you can ride him bareback if you like.

Take this horse home and he will be the first noticed anywhere you go.

Good ground manners, shoes, hauls, and up to date on worming and shots.

Call Joe at 801-361-6772 if you have any questions.

To watch video of Music go to http:// www.rockymtnoutfitters.com/?pages=24 Rocky Mountain Outfitters “2013 Endorsed Guide Service of the Year” in North America by ORVIS Coggins Macrific TwoEyed Bar 4589752 04 AQHA Sorrel Gelding KC Kolander Jackson, MN HeirDriffik Macriffik Sweet Sophistication Macrific Whisper Mr Redford Bars Prairie Whisper Rossberttie Champs Macrific TwoEyed Bar Cutters Gold Lad Cutters Gold Storm Jay Bars Liberty TwoEyed Cutter Bar Skippa Stage Codys Sassi Lass Sassy Eyed Lady Hes big, pretty, and gentle.

Very handsome, eye catching gelding that has done all the daily tasks around the ranch and has been trail ridden by the dudes.

He has tons of profile and shape! Picture perfect to look at! Very good minded for any level or rider to get along with and made the way everyone likes.

Coggins. HIP 282 Ranch Horse Dunny 02 Grade Dun Gelding Shawn Hart Mitchell, SD He is 1200lb and 15.2 hands tall.

If you are looking for a horse to take care of you or your kids, if you can sit up in the saddle and hold the reins, you can ride this horse! He is a finished head and heel horse, very good in the box and every aspect of team roping.

He has been to several USTRC and Wrangler Team Ropings, and if you want a kid to learn how to rope, you won’t find a better horse out there! He has done everything on the ranch and has also taught several small kids how to ride.

IM TALKING BOMB PROOF QUIET! You can view his video on www.greatplainsperformancehorses.com , 605-999-6628 for any questions.

Coggins. Chrome Profits 5188783 09 AQHA Chestnut Gelding Phil Veltkamp Manhattan, MT Dash For Cash First Down Dash First Prize Rose Profit Increase Zevi Zevis Doll Docorative Dolly Chrome Profits Start Charging Royal Three Charge Three Loves Royal Jacee Rebel Rocket Rebelynne Radiance Classy Kohincor Chrome Profits June 2009 gelding.

Barrels? Rope? Ranch? What direction do you want to go?? Beefcake has the size, bone and pedigree to take you anywhere you want to go.

Professionally started at 2, we rode him all last fall in the feedlot and mountains then turned him out for the winter.

This March and April he was back to work with a professional working cow horse trainer for a little over 2 months before coming home to work in our feedlot.

This is a big, solid guy in a handsome chrome package and all the hard work is done! He is ready to finish any way you want and Beefy hasn’t even reached his 4th birthday yet! A sweetheart to be around, he loads, ties, crossties, clips, bathes, will cross and swim water, has travels some, and will stand tied to a trailer all day.

He is hand enough to get where you need to be, has a huge stride and if you want some speed…WOW! Potential head horse? Barrel horse? Go-To ranch horse? More photos and video coming soon.

Montana 406284-6506.

UTD on worming, feet and vacs.

Sire’s Futurity Nominations: Barrel Breeders Incentive, Valley Girls Barrel Breeder Race, Speedhorse Races, Iowa Double Gold Races, North Dakota QH Races, Southwest Desert Classic Barrel Races.

Chrome Profits Link to more photos https:// www.facebook.com/media/set/ ?set=a.4624878668832.1073741828.1498721088&type=3 Coggins HIP 284 Ranch Horse Girl 04 Grade Buckskin/Dun Mare Leslie Thompson Melville, MT Beautiful buckskin mare by Mike Pierson’s Tallywood.

Sells bred to my blue roan High Rolling Roany grandson.

This cross has given me 3 nice buckskin/dun babies Mare sells grade.

Lost papers.

Due late June/July. www.billingslivestock.com HIP 285 Ranch Horse Wiggles 99 Grade Sorrel Gelding Todd McEwen Red Lodge, MT Rode on ranches, feedlots, yearling outfits.

Roped and doctored cattle on.

Dragged calves to the fire.

Sorted cattle on.

This horse has seen lots of miles and savvys cow work — Clyde Park, MT Winchester is a smaller grade gelding.

Over the last several years he’s been used as a trail horse on a guest ranch.

He has also trailed cattle.

Easy to trim, shoe ad load in the trailer, nice little horse.

Coggins. HIP 423 Hanks Cowboy Special 701796 02 APHA Sorrel Tobiano/Overo Gelding Robert Partridge Cascade, MT Easy Dynamite White Limouzine Miss Whizzer Reed Flying Hank Sundance Bars Jettie Quick Jet On Jackie Hanks Cowboy Special Easy Dynamite White Limouzine Miss Whizzer Reed White Flier Toledo Bar Juan Flying Paint Brush Lady’s Bow Easy to handle, load, shoe, work.

Selling due to owners health problems. Bear Creek Hank 629136 01 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding John Sussey LaGrange, WY Colonel Freckles Master Jay Missy Jay Jays Dusty Tucker Major Bonanza Dust My Tucker Docs Tommie Tucker Bear Creek Hank Snappy Bobby WDL Snappy Tom Bar HRH Revla We Twist Judys Surprise WDL Snappy Tom Bar Bear Creek Judy Call Me Judy This horse is well broke.

Been used both on a ranch and feedlot.

Coggins. Shado Of A Prince 622041 03 ApHC Chestnut Gelding Jack VanEaton Hot Springs, SD Ha-Dar Honey Ha-Dar Shado Jinny Chic Shados Zip Tease Sully Socorro Zippo Pine Melody Zippoette Bar Shado Of A Prince Prince Plaudit Prince Skipa Nick Skips Majorette Princes Nickel Might Peavy Peavy Wyn Oil Wyn Oil 15 hand and 1190 lbs.

Fast walk, nice trot, and rocking horsr lope.

Very pretty with mane and trail.

Cows, pulls exceptionally strong.

Has not bucked, but may act threatening on a cold morning or if fresh.

Fun horse to ride and work.

Call him “Warrior”.

This gelding has some good foundation Appaloosa horse in him.

Prince Plaudit, Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, Wapiti and some really great AQHA foundation in him.

Skipper W, Billy Maddan, Red Dog, Joe Reed, Leo (twice) Super Bars by Three Bars, Manfield’s Comanche, Joe Hancock, Gold Heels (twice), Zippo Pine Bar For more information call 605-8901459..

Coggins. HIP 429 429X Ladys Lil Hancock 4644659 04 AQHA Bay Mare Debra A Tresch Lewistown, MT Lowry Star Casino Charm Coors Elegant Charm Lowrys Lil Hancock Rich Liz Ladys Lil Hancock Ole Richard Miz Liz Hancock HIP 426 Smarty 07 Grade Sorrel Gelding Jesse Rodenbough Moran, WY Smarty is a very intelligent, well broke gelding.

He stands 15 hands and weighs 1100 pounds.

He has been used on the ranch and in the mountains.

He has been roped off of and is gentle.

Coggins. HIP 427 Buck 09 Grade Buckskin Pony Gelding MonDak Livestock Billings, MT Here’s a nice little horse that will make some person or great horse.

Good color and fresh from the country.

Ready to go to work.

Coggins. Docs Jen N Tonic Docs Dynamic Basco Dyna Music Bascos Lady Leo Gray Leo Badger Badgers Molly Valmont Sue Stitch is a broke broodmare with filly at side.

Mare broke but needs tuneup and experienced rider.

Neck reins, leg cues, packed a flag in the past in a 4th of July parade.

Used mostly as ranch horse and occassionally trail rides.

Will go through water, over logs, very quick and athletic.

Follows a cow.

Rides bareback and double.

Read more about Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….:

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    Horses-Store.com and Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….
    Horses-Store.com - Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….
    Horses-Store.com and Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….
    Horses-Store.com - Lope : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….