Miniature Pony : The Pony Picnic This is similar to a teddy bears….

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Congratulations to this achiever:Emily McDonald for passing her K Certificate!! 1 DC Report I am really pleased daylight saving is back because it gives riders more time to ride after school.

If your horse has that spring feeling you will need to ride him more often for longer periods and maybe lunge him a bit before you hop on.

With spring feed and the grass running up to seed, this is the easiest time to founder a pony – so please reduce the available feed for fat ponies.

Sam Potter is a university student and for theory this month she will be presenting a theory session on horse nutrition and laminitis (founder).

She is also doing a survey (see separate email to newsletter). DC Report The rally plan: Showing with Lauren Jantzen This is the second session – Lesley Brown did show ring skills last rally.

It is good to get two perspectives from experienced showies.

BPC has the free gymkhana coming up in December and so Lauren will talk about show ring presentation, show ring work outs and the difference between smartest on parade, rider classes, handler classes and ridden horse/pony classes.

The presentation skills she talks about are also excellent tips for the dressage horse and rider – we all want to look our best at a competition and know what things give us the winning edge.

Cross country with Deb Lynch and Katrina Doodt The riders in the first 6 groups will have the opportunity to try out the grade 5, 4 or 3 cross country course.

Some of the junior riders might just ride by on a trail ride –so don’t stress my little treasures.

We will mark with flags these three courses so that you have the opportunity to ride the full course which was ridden at the BPC Horse Trials a couple of weeks ago.

The other focus will be riding the course as close as possible to the set time.

To help the instructors we will need some parents with stop watches during the second half of the lesson.

To ride a full course is an invaluable experience.

The Pony Picnic This is similar to a teddy bears’ picnic, however the riders from miniature pony and Shetland groups are encouraged to bring a stuffed pony (a teddy will be fine if you haven’t got a soft pony).

We will play some games in the clubrooms to help the group really get to know each other and we will also be making a jigsaw puzzle of our pony ( the photo will be taken in the first session and printed) The children will back it and laminate it.

The whole idea is for the children to get to know each other really well.

At the same time the parents of these riders are encouraged to come in for morning or afternoon tea and a talk with the Deb Bain, current president and any other committee members who happen to be available.

This will also be a get to know each other session and a two way information exchange – what the committee does and what you as parent envisage your child’s pony club experience should include.

Certificates: We have 4 riders Shannon Foss, Millie Jones, Clare Jacobson and Georgia Bain sitting for the D* certificate and Annie Elliot is going to do her D Certificate at this rally.

Please let me know if 2 you want to do a D or D * certificate.

You have to be 7 years old to do your D certificate and 9 years old to do your D Star.

Please also let me know if you would like to start preparing for you C or K certificate, which have assessors from Barwon Zone come on a specified day.

I know Holly Walker and Caitlin Westwick are two candidates.competing Finally congratulations to the 20 riders from BPC who competed at our very successful horse trials in October. – a report on results and photos is elsewhere in the newsletter.

Thank you so much to all the people who worked so hard doing all the different jobs on the weekend and before and after the weekend.

The profit is not finalised yet, but I believe it is around $8,000.

The 220 riders who entered made it the biggest field ever at the October pony club horse trials.

Two of our riders have excelled in horse competitions outside pony club events.

Jordan Smith has had some great wins and placings in Dressage and Thoroughbred dressage competitions and had been awarded a scholarship from the Ballarat Foundation.

Well done.

Hannah Cashmore drove all the way to Queensland with her pony Wizard for the National Schools dressage and combined training competition.

She came third in the primary schools dressage test, but went onto win the primary school rider combined training, with the best dressage score and having to jump last in the show jumping – nothing like a bit of pressure for one so young.

Triple Chance Series Planning is now under way for the three show series.

It would be great if families could find some sponsorship for this event – see letter elsewhere in the newsletter.

Don’t forget the free gymkhana and show jumping competitions, which are arranged for the December rally. Helen Kirkpatrick Ballarat DC The office will only be open in the morning at P.C.

If you need anything please do it before lunch. 3 Gear check will be done by one of two nominated parents before the first mounted lesson of the day either 10am or 11am (if the first session is theory).

Could the first nominated parent please collect a folder from the office with the paperwork. Rally Plan – November 2012. Miniature Pony Ruby Wilson Kiera Mc Donald Charlotte Anderson Helena Cook Grace Anderson Kate Anderson Taylah P Ella Overington Wurthington Coffield Shetland James Dawes Annie Elliot Riley Deeker- Fradd Mia Clark Teisha Erdody Keeley Trainor Ebony Overington Jessica Clark Isabella Brown – Sullivan Welsh Pony Millie Jones Georgia Bain Shannon Foss Clare Jacobson Groups 10 – 11am Games Grass arena 11.05 – 12.05pm Flat Jan McIver Arena 2 1.25pm – 2.25pm Theory at clubrooms Pony picnic Deb Bain 2.30 – 3.30pm Cross Country Katrina Doodt Meet at clubrooms — 5 November Roster Putting out show jumps 9:45 – 10 Putting flags on cross country course Gear Check 9:40 10:10 Sweeping club rooms & emptying rubbish bins Putting away show jumps 3:30 – 3:45 Families associated with Thoroughbred group or doing theory from TB group – first group to use them – Sendall, Dolling, Arnott, Macdonald, Gray, Daffey, King, Forster Kirkpatrick gr 3, Doodt gr 4, Cashmore gr 5 Deeker-Fradd, Daisley, Sendall Miniature Pony Group Families associated with Arabian group 9:30 – 10:30 two people Canteen Griffin, Forster 10:30 -11:30 – one person Erdody 1 – 2 pm – clean up 11- 12 one person Walker

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