Morgan : LOT 32 PAL POCO KEYS 5119128 AQHA 2008 Dun MARE….

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Equi.Linn Hipster underpants Horses-store.comMorgan : LOT 32 PAL POCO KEYS 5119128 AQHA 2008 Dun MARE….

Jack’s Gemini Chandlers Dee Ann Miss Bee 77 footnotes : This is a nice bay gelding.

He has had lots of trail ridding experience.

This is a nice foundation gelding that will make a nice using or ranch horse.

This is a quiet gelding. TardysCowboythree Tardys Tuffcowgirl Tuffys Bar Hopper footnotes : This is a royally bred prospect.

His sire needs no introduction.

He is rally pretty and has lots of balance and shape.

He is started riding nice and should make a super show horse.

Look him up. LOT 32 PAL POCO KEYS – 5119128 AQHA 2008 Dun MARE Poco Mini Stripe POCO GORILLA LOT 35 JOSAMA SILHOUETTE – 138989 MORGAN 1996 Black Mare Consignor: Jo Ann Anderson Lippitt Morc Ashmore Sweet Success AnD Equestrian Poco Stripe Tri Mini King A Twist of Poco Jeremys Honey Poco Bonanza Sammy Jo Poco Toedoe PTS GOLD SKIPPA KEYS Skippa Wicincala Toedoe Play Miner Poco Tami Skippa Lent Skippa Gold Nugget Meredith Bruce WOOD RUN MANDRAKE Royalton Ebenezer Royalton Facrlee Alert’s Miss Muffet Morc Hill’s Adonis Stillwater Indigo Natick Moro Independence RYECATE REONITA Morc Hill’s Adonis Stillwater Emelita Morc Hill’s Emelyn footnotes: 14.3 blue black Morgan with 100% Lippitt family lines, very old.

This mare has performed in the top 10 four years at the Morgan Grand Nationals, placing each year.

She performs in the following divisions; Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, and Halter.

The mare also is an excellent trail partner for anyone as she rides on the trail, in parades, down ditch lines or just down a highway.

Silhoutte is a super nice junior exhibitor performance mare for that beginner rider just starting into any level of showing.

She responds well to soft hands, leg cues and voice commands.

She is very forgiving and kind in both spirit and attitude.

This mare is wonderful with her foals and produced a stamp of her likeness. Footnotes: This filly will get your attention with her line-back and tiger striped legs everywhere she goes either on the trail or in the arena. “Bingo” has been used for trail riding and also rides in the arena.

She has been broke and ridding consistently by a 14yr old girl over the last year.

Bingo has a inyour-pocket personality and loves attention.

She could have a strong future as a ARHA show horse in multiple events, she moves pretty enough for rail work and this filly could even make a Reiner because she can really stop and use that rear-end.

Has the basics ready for a job.


Does not crib or weave. LOT 33 Rio Scooter W – 5438714 AQHA 2011 Buckskin STALLION Golden Boy Mike Rio Grandes Bill Rios Mystic Fancy Gargers Fancy Dixie Coosas Stripe Coosas Chicaree Chic A Darin Darin’s Skip Wimpy,s Snoop Coosa Barefoot Susie Travis Greenwell Keen Count Lil Golden Scooter Scoot On Over LOT 36 ENLIGHTENED FELLA – 4931568 AQHA 2007 Palomino Gelding Sierra Te ENLIGHTENED FELLA — footnotes = We have done everything with this mare.

She has APHA points in Reining, Working Cow Horse, Goat Tying, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Halter.

We have used her extensively on the ranch, roped calves in the pasture and heeled on her in the arena.

She is sweet and friendly and a pretty mare to look at. LOT AQHA INC LOT 62 CHR COOTER BROWN – 4951008 AQHA 2007 Sorrel Gelding Mr Yella Fella JMK SKIP THE YELLA Parr For Skip Showa JESSIE MAE SEAL Highfliers Prissy 65 Jo Ann Anderson MADRONA LADY BROOK–142396 MORGAN 1997 Brown MARE Lippitt Ethan Ash Royalton Ashborrk Darling Royalton Joan Darling EQUINOX SEAUBROOK Equinox Royalty Equinox Sarah Mia Royalton Darkomia Meredith Billirubin MADRONA LADY JANE Meredith Lass Stillwater Indigo Majoy’s Nubbin Lippitt Moro Ashmore Sealect Lady Jane Russell Price Page Impressive Lets Skip Town Ima Cool Skip Deck Parr Impressive Blondie Lou Moore Obviously American Seals Highflier footnotes : This is a big pretty gelding with a lot of shape and looks! We bred and raised him.

We have just used him as a recreational and trail horse.

He has no problems and has been a pleasure to have around.

HYPP N/N LOT 63 BETT IM FANCY CHIPS – 5246155 AQHA 2008 Chestnut MARE Zips Choclate Chip BETT N CHIPS Bett A Song Shadow Mite Black Song Billy Gammel Zippo Pine Bar Fancy Blue Chip footnotes: 14.1 hand black/brown Morgan Mare with 100 percent Lippitt family lines.

Very old type.

This mare has performed in many breed and open shows taking many top placings.

She performs in the following divisions: Western Pleas, and Halter.

Brook has been used as both a show mare and a lesson horse for children 11 yrs and up.

She rides on the trail, in parades, down ditch lines, highways or just on your basic trails.

She responds well to soft hands, leg cues and voice commands.

She is very forgiving and kind in both spirit and attitude.

This mare is very correct in conformation.

She is wonderful with her foals and produces a stamp of her likeness. LOT 66 MR DOC PALOMA – 5215434 – AQHA 2009 Sorrel Gelding Gay Lean Doc PALOMA DOC Paloma Hickory Docs Grand Image DUCHESS ELIZABETH Doc’s Hickory Paloma Quixote Doc’s Drifter Kathy Hancock Longhorn Horses Doc O’Lena Gay Lady Chick Zips Chocolate Chip Dont Skip This Chip Skippa Bonita Too FRECKLES N CHIPS Heirogant Son Crystal Heirogance Sassy Bar Zippo footnotes = Really nice show horse.

Ready for the big shows.

Shown in local shows always placing 1st and second places.

Shown indoors and out.

No bad habits,sound. LOT 64 CODY DOC O LENA | 5063027 AQHA 2008 Palomino Gelding Straw Jerry STRAW J SABER Docs Lady Crockett Figure Four 229 MISS PEPPY WYOMING Wyoming Peppy Miss Tys Poco Hombre Ima Poco Duchess Too Poco Cow Duchess footnotes ; Really nice stocky gelding with lots of eye appeal, broke very well, has been roped on, tracked cattle, trail ridden many times.

He will go any way you want and work all day! Loves people and attention, one of the best colts we’ve raised! Has been ridden by a 13 year old boy as well as adults.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own a great one! — LOT 94 CHICS DUN PATCHIN – 4938059 AQHA 2005 Buckskin Gelding CL Buckley PATCH THE BUCK Decorated Miss Levi & Tiffany Mayse Gold Classic Rose Opies Opal Skippa Ward Miss Trophy Buckle Bright Chic Bar Chicks Dun Kiden Zipp A show CHICKS DUN CLASSIC Heart Of Borrego My Leo Red Hearts Little Red Hearts footnotes: Here is a 16 hand gelding with lots of color – bald face, glass eye, with black mane and tail.

Has been trail ridden.

Gets along well with other horses.

Has had 30 day reining training-has great handle.

Shod all the way around and ready to go.

No cribbing or weaving-100% sound and very easy keeper.

Also reg.

In APHA and Ranch Horse Assoc.

HYPP N/N LOT 95 WILLO POND BELHEIR – 168072 MORGAN 2005 Black Gelding Meredith Knight COVENANT KNIGHT HEIR Jo Ann Anderson Meredith Tiger Sarah Ashmore AQHA-IF LOT 97 HEZA COOL FOX – 5274726 AQHA 2010 Chestnut Gelding A Skip For Sure SKIPS PLAY Valiant Roxanne Valiant Play Roxanne J & J Farms Heza Fox Lads golden Girl Moro Hill’s Magician Covenant Karah Moro Tradition Kathy Dei Stillwater Indigo Border View Bay Jose Spearland Reba Ash MISTY MT NORA BELLE Lippitt Norman Nabob’s Selnora Trilbrook Bell Miles footnotes: 15 hands chocolate Morgan gelding with 100% Lippitt family lines-very old type.

This gelding has performed in the many morgan breed shows from 8 weeks old up to age 4 in halter classes taking both his 2 yr old and 3 yr old futurity class.

Bel-Heir has been started slowly and is doing nice in the walk/trot area.

He has a light mouth and a big stop.

His measurements of his flat bone is over 9.5 inches in diameter making him a fantastic reining prospect.

He has a quiet mind and an all business attitude.

We have taking Bel-Heir on trail rides and he has no issues going down ditch lines, through fields or just down a highway.

Bel -heir is not for a beginner, as he needs more work put on him.

He has not started his canter.

Bel-Heir was a stallion until April of this year, but never bred or covered a mare.

He responds to soft hand, leg cures, and voice commands. Skipsters Bid Bids Midas Touch Rewards Miracle SHYLIZ DREAMCATCHER Mister Aok Ima Cool Shyli Jazzy Jana Footnote; This is a quiet gelding that will make a nice riding horse.

He is easy to handle and easy to catch, ready to ride. AQHA IF LOT 98 Barbara Dixon Zippo Pine Bar Miss shy Wind Mr Twist N time Lady Conquest TWO STEPPIN TIL DARK – 4589087 – AQHA 2004 Black Mare Mr Zippo Win ADDICTING Sheza Two Stepper LOT 96 ROYALTY I AM -3530479- AQHA 1996 Sorrel Mare

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