Pedigree : She thought Daddy would be angry when he got back….

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Frenchman’s Fox, Frenchman’s Luck, and Frenchman’s Lady.

All four sisters earned their bragging rights by being top race fillies, and then following in their dam’s footsteps by being top producers themseves – producing a combined total of 38 foals.

Every one of these foals went on to become “somebodies,” as they all exhibited versatility while being used to their full potential by outstanding horsemen and women.

The credentials of these horses include race Register of Merits (ROMs), rodeo money earnings in the barrel racing, calf roping, and team roping disciplines, NFR filly that more recently brought $39,000.

Crossed with Leige Lord, a 1982 bay by Alamitos Bar out of a Sugar Bars daughter, Casey’s Ladylove produced three standout sprinters – Frenchman’s Topaz, Love A Lord, and Casey’s Lord.

Frenchmans Topaz, a 1981 buckskin mare, earned a race ROM in 1983 and has since produced barrel futurity money earners.

Love A Lord, aside from winning the Youth Barrel Racing at the 2000 All American Quarter Horse Congress, has earned open and youth ROMs, as well as a youth Superior in barrels.

The 1982 buckskin gelding is owned by Terry Moore, Casey’s Lady Love, pictured in 1981 (five years before her death) at age 20, was the blue hen producer that headlined the elite Loiseau broodmares. A program based solely on a world-class set of broodmares developed by Frances and the late James Loiseau Frenchman fundamentals T By Amanda Luchsinger he “Frenchmans” prefix is fast becoming nationally known for superior perfomance and speed horses in the arena and on the track.

With a skilled and experienced eye for good horses, Frances and the late James Loiseau, Flandreau, S.D., established a select broodmare band.

Many people would think that these mares were most likely the daughters or granddaughters of one great foundation sire.

That, however, wasn’t the case at all.

To this day, the Loiseau broodmares all trace back to one particular mare – Casey’s Ladylove.

Casey’s Ladylove, a 1961 buckskin mare by Casey’s Poco out of Lady Diane by MC Rusty, was purchased by the Loiseaus as a 2year-old at a sale in Walnut Grove, Minn.

According to their daughter, Lis Hollman, Hot Springs, S.D., Frances bought the mare without her husband knowing. “Daddy had left for a while, and when he was gone, Casey’s Ladylove came in,” she said. “Mom had said she was the most beautiful buckskin she had ever seen in her life, and she bought her.

I think she paid $700 for her.

She thought Daddy would be angry when he got back, but when she said, ‘I bought that buckskin mare,’ Daddy said, ‘Good for you!’ ” With her pedigree full of the “good ’ole boys” – Poco Bueno, King, Pretty Buck, and Joe Hancock – Casey’s Ladylove produced outstanding horses, especially when crossed with stallions of running origin.

The Loiseaus never owned a stallion, but took full advantage of the opportunities to breed to different stallions in hopes of finding that “magic cross.” With Casey’s Ladylove, however, all the crosses seemed magical. “James and Frances never owned a stallion for any long period of time,” said Joni Hunt of the Open Box Rafter Ranch. “So the strength was in the broodmares, who still all go back to that one mare (Casey’s Ladylove).

It’s really a story of a matron one mare can make the whole program.” The first successful cross was with Laughing Boy AA, an own son of Lightning Bar, sire of Doc Bar and 117 other performing horses, out of a daughter of Joe Reed II.

Four out of five products of this cross were the mares Frenchman’s Bars, qualifications, barrel futurity championship titles and money earnings, and NCHA money earnings.

One example of the versaility of this line was exhibited by Lord Alamitos, a 1981 gelding by Lord Alamitos AA out of Frenchman’s Lady.

After being a stakes winner at 2, the horse moved on to the cutting pen as a 3- and 4-year old, winning titles in the SDCHA and BHCHA associations, as well as being the WRCA Snaffle Bit Futurity Amateur Champion in 1984.

Lord Alamitos also proved to be successful around the cans, winning five prestigious barrel futurity championships – Black Hills Classic, Fizz Bomb Classic, Eight State Barrel Futurity, Nebraska Cowgirls Futurity, and High Plains.

The horse was also Reserve Champion at the Barrel of Fun Futurity, and placed fifth at the Lazy E Derby in Oklahoma.

After this huge winning stint, which all occurred in 1986, the gelding was purchased by Martha Josey.

Aside from being top arena performers, many of these foals went on to be outstanding sires and dams themselves – one, namingly, being Frenchman’s Guy, owned by Bill Myers, South Dakota.

A 1987 palomino son of Sun Frost out of Frenchman’s Lady, Frenchman’s Guy has sired numerous successful barrel racing futurity horses and is the sire of the top horses that sold for records in the Open Box Rafter Ranch sales in 1997, 1998, and 2000.

Besides Laughing Boy, Casey’s Ladylove was a successful complement for other stallions as well.

A mating with Tiny Circus (by Tiny Watch) in 1978 produced Caseys Charm – a mare that went on to be a “million-dollar mama” by producing Kristie Peterson’s World Champion Barrel Horse, French Flash Hawk, or “Bozo.” Crossed with Frenchmans Guy, Caseys Charm produced the three aforementioned top sale horses – See You In Vegas, a 1997 mare that sold for $21,000, Frenchmans Fabulous, a 1998 stallion that sold for $30,000, and Frenchmans Cabaret, a 2000 Arkansas.

Casey’s Lord, a 1983 bay gelding, accompanied cousin “Bozo” at the 2000 NFR in the barrel racing.

Owned by multiple NFR qualifier Marlene McRae, the gelding came through for McRae and helped her qualify for the prestigous event.

The horse also earned an open performance ROM in 2000.

Obviously, the Casey’s Ladylove line was going strong in the arena long before it became nationally-known.

This is proof that the quality and versatility of these horses is “legit” – it’s not just hype that began with the success of “Bozo.” All of the Casey’s Ladylove daughters have so far been 100 percent successful at producing winning performance horses.

There’s not much of a gamble involved with these horses.

To know that this outstanding record began with one single blue hen producer makes it all the more astounding.

What exactly is the magic formula that makes these horses so special? Frances attributes the success to the old bloodlines. “You were getting way back there when you bred a mare that was 25 in 1986, and Laughing Boy was an own son of Lightning Bar,” she said. “It kept those old bloodlines real strong.

You don’t get them that close to that anymore.” She also said that they (she and James) were lucky in the sense that, when they had the mares and were breeding, there were good horses close. “Now with AI, you can breed to just about anything,” Frances explained. “But at that time, you couldn’t of course.

We were lucky that there were good horses close” Lis gives credit to the good mares for the horses’ success, as well as the people that have gone on with the horses. “Those mares put so much common sense in the horses,” Lis said. “They are so smart and so willing to do whatever you want.

We had horses that were all raced as 2- and 3-year olds, and then were ridden in snaffle bit reining futurities.

We cut off of them, too, and then put them into barrel training.

It’s just their versatility – they have such good minds. “It’s amazing that (with) the variety of stallions they (the mares) are bred to, how well those mares have consistently produced.

A mare has one chance a year to produce an arena winner, while stallions have endless opportunities.

When you take one mare, like Casey’s Ladylove, that’s produced 15 foals, and what’s accomplished out of that, it’s amazing. “We’ve also been fortunate that good horseman were interested in those bloodlines.

A lot of good trainers that have thought these were good horses are coming back and buying more.” Although Casey’s Ladylove was physically responsible for these horses, credit should be handed to the ever-deserving Loiseaus, who started adding the prefix “Frenchman” to their horses’ names when they were showing in halter classes.

No one could pronounce their last name, but with the prefix, there was no question who the horses belonged to.

Frances Loiseau, although no longer with her husband since his death in December 1978, has continued on with the elite broodmare band that Casey’s Ladylove began, despite the doubts of others.

Many people encouraged Frances, now 77, to sell the mares, but she would have nothing to do with it.

She didn’t hold back in continuing the passion that she and her husband had once shared together. “After Daddy died,” Lis said, “she (Frances) worked pretty hard to hang onto those mares.

Even after he died, she kept taking the horses to the race track and racing them.

It was pretty amazing how she held those horses together.” According to Frances, two of her best days after James’ death came when his mares, Frenchmans Jet and Frenchmans Gojet – full sisters by Jet Mack out of Frenchman’s Luck – won back-to-back races in one day in 1979, and the day “Bozo” won the World the first time.

Joni Hunt recalls Frances saying to Jim (Hunt), “Looking back, what if I had done it (sold out).

Look at what I would’ve missed.” “Frances is a very modest lady,” she said, “but there’s no doubt that she is very proud of her horses.

Three years ago, when that filly sold for $21,000 at our sale, she was able to go out and buy a different car.

She was so excited.” Frances has not only helped the industry with her eye for good horses, but also with her kind personality and delightful humor. “Mom has an incredible sense of humor,” Lis said. “No matter how bad a situation might seem, she’ll find something to make a joke out of.

She’s also helped a lot of people in the horse business.

She hasn’t hesitated to sell horses to people on time and never ask for interest.

They paid her when they could, and she was willing to take a chance on people that way. “The most amazing thing about my parents, was their determination.

Val, our youngest brother, was born with cerebral palsy.

They took him to specialists and of course, 36 years ago, they said the boy would be a vegetable the rest of his life, and they encouraged my parents to institutionalize him.

They refused and devised their own physical therapy by reading books and using common sense.

My brother walks and rides horses and has done anything he’s ever wanted to do because of the support of my parents.

That’s just the kind of people they were. “It’s that kind of determination that enabled her (Frances) to not give up on those mares.” ■

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