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Which color would NOT have a black mane & tail? a.

Black b.

Buckskin c.

Bay d.

Chestnut 2.

Which parasite does not bite the horse? a.

Mosquitoes b.

Deer fly c.

Bot fly d.

Tick 3.

Which part of the horse is located between the heart girth & flank? a.

Ribs b.

Gaskin c.

Thigh d.

Throatlatch 4.

Which part of the saddle is NOT found on an English saddle? a.

Pommel b.

Cantle c.

Fender d.

Skirt 5.

Which disease would you be most concerned about your horse getting if he stepped on a nail & had a puncture wound in the bottom of his foot? a.

Thrush b.

Influenza c.

Colic d.

Tetanus 6.

What conformation problem would a horse have if his front hooves point outward? a.

Pigeon toed b.

Splay footed c.

Coon footed d.

Turkey toed 7.

What is the proper name for the first milk produced for a foal immediately after birth? a.

Cholesterol b.

Mammary milk c.

Colostrum d.

Foal nutrient 8.

Which of the following parts of the female reproductive system would the egg enter first? a.

Cervix b.

Infundibulum c.

Uterus d.

Vas Deferens 9.

Which of the following is NOT lost when there is heavy rain on nearly cured mowed hay? a.

Protein b.

Vitamin A c.

Carbohydrates d.

Calcium 10.

Which of the following is NOT an official in a horse show? a.

Announcer b.

Ring master c.

Exhibitor d.

Judge 11.

Which of the following is NOT part of a hackamore bridle? a.

Bosal b.

Cavesson c.

Mecate d.

Fiadore 12.

Name the pressure point that is NOT produced by a snaffle bit.


Poll b.

Corners of the mouth c.

Bars d.

Tongue 13.

Name the disease that would cause swollen lymph nodes.


Rabies b.

Founder c.

Thoroughpin d.

Strangles 14.

Which of the following is NOT used to determine the age of a horse? a.

Interdental space b.

Cups c.

Shape of tooth d.

Angle of incidence 15.

Which of the following is NOT related to the hoof? a.

Plantar cushion b.

Coffin bone c.

Ventricle d.

Laminae 16.

Which breed is famous as a running horse in races? a.

Morgan b.

Pinto c.

Paso Fino d.

Thoroughbred 17.

Dust in baled hay will NOT cause a.

Heaves b.

Bad tasting favor c.

Founder d.

Respiratory problems 18.

Which of the following is a type of incisor? a.

Corner b.

Premolar c.

Canine d.

Molar 19.

What is a gymkhana? a.

Race without jumps b.

Type of jump c.

Program of games on horseback d.

Reining maneuver 20.

Which of the following does NOT describe heaves? a.

Difficulty forcing air out of the lungs b.

Is permanent lung damage c.

Can be prevented by a vaccination d.

Is also called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 21.

Which of the following is NOT a type of tick? a.

Nightshade b.

Lone Star c.

American Dog d.

Rocky Mountain 22.

What is the proper horse term for a western canter? a.

Jog b.

Lope c.

Rack d.

Gallop 23.

What is the name of the containers used to carry equipment & supplies on a pack saddle? a.

Mecate b.

Panniers c.

Breeching d.

Saddle bags 24.

Which of the following is NOT produced by grooming a horse? a.

Removes dirt & dandruff b.

Promotes shiny coat c.

Removes loose hair d.

Reduces chances of founder 25.

What is the capacity of the large intestine in gallons? a. 8 – 10 gallons b. 14 gallons c. 32 gallons d. 56 gallons 26.

Which of the following compounds do NOT make up carbohydrates? a.

Nitrogen b.

Carbon c.

Oxygen d.

Hydrogen 27.

What part is located between the vagina & uterus in the female reproductive system? a.

Fallopian tube b.

Ovary c.

Cervix d.

Ovum 28.

What is another name for Vitamin C? a.

Thiamin b.

Folic acid c.

Riboflavin d.

Ascorbic acid 29.

What triggers a horse to start growing a winter hair coat? a.

Colder weather b.

Lack of regular exercise c.

Shorter daylight hours d.

Snow 30.

Which of the following is NOT an endocrine gland of the horse? a.

Thyroid b.

Gall bladder c.

Pituitary d.

Adrenal 31.

What is considered to be the oldest pure breed of horse today? a.

Arabian b.

Miniature horse c.

Quarter horse d.

Morgan 32.

Which toe was the largest of Mesohippus? a.

Hind toes b.

Front toes c.

Middle toe d.

None of the above 33.

Which of the following is NOT a color pattern of the Paint horse? a.

Overo b.

Blanket c.

Tobiano d.

Tovero 34.

Where would you most commonly find navicular disease in the horse? a.

Front feet b.

Lungs c.

Head & neck d.

Rear legs 35.

What is the term for a horse & rider that makes the rest of the class wait on them because they were not ready on time? a.

Delayed team b.

Late entry c.

Penalty rider d.

Tardy rider 36.

Which of the following is NOT a place that would normally be clipped on the horse’s head? a.

Muzzle b.

Throatlatch c.

Pasterns d.

Ears 37.

Name a device that promotes quicker drying of mowed hay by crushing the hay between rollers after the cutting bars.


Hay rack b.

Forage squeeze chute c.

Hay dryer d.

Hay conditioner 38.

Which grooming tool is usually used in a circular motion during the grooming process? a.

Finishing brush b.

Sweat scraper c.

Curry comb d.

Body brush 39.

Name an infectious disease that is not contagious.


Influenza b.

Strangles c.

Tetanus d.

Rhinopneumonitis 40.

Name the part of the hoof that is NOT affected by thrush.


Frog b.

White line c.commissures d.

Bars 41.

Which horse term best describes the mother of a foal? a.

Dam b.

Sire c.

Mare d.

Filly 42.

Which of the following is NOT usually part of the training of a foal? a.

Halter breaking b.

Leading c.

Picking up feet d.

Accepting the saddle 43.

Which stomach enzyme helps to break down protein? a.

Hydrochloric acid b.

Pepsin c.

Lipase d.

Bile 44.

Which of the following is NOT an age in which a premolar erupts? a. 2 ½ years b. 3 years c. 3 ½ years d. 4 years 45.

What is a soft, flabby swelling on the elbow of a horse? a.

Curb b.

Thoroughpin c.

Shoe boil d.

Bog spavin 46.

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of lice? a.

Lots of scabs that form a circular pattern b.

Rubbing against objects c.

Biting of skin d.

Patches of skin without hair 47.

What is NOT a term for a mare that has a foal that is still drinking milk from her? a.

Lactating mare b.

Wet mare c.

Spayed mare d.

Nurse mare 48.

Which of the following is an ectoparasite? a.

Ascarid b.

Mite c.

Strongyle d.

Bot larva 49.

Which of the following is NOT a type of mouthpiece of a bit? a.

Pelham b.

Jointed c.

Twisted wire d.

Medium port curb 50.

What is the term for a male horse that has had its testicles removed? a.

Sire b.

Colt c.

Stallion d.


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