Pleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1….

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GIFT VOUCHER Horses-store.comPleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1….

B) Cotton Rows Friday August 31st 9:00 AM 1) Open Model/Conformation 2) Open Model/ Conformation Championship 15 minute break 3) TWH TP Western 2-G 4) ADP Western 2-G AOT 5) TWH LS Western 2-G 6) SSH LS Western 2-G 7) ADP Western 2-G 8) MH/NEC Open Western Pleasure 9) TWH TP Western 3-G 10) SSH TP Western 2-G 11) TWH TP Western 2-G ATR 12) ADP Western 2-G ATR 13) TWH TP Western 2-G AOT 14) RCK Western Pleasure Racking 15) TWH PP Western 2-G 16) TWH TP Western 3-G ATR 17) AB Roy Rogers/Dale Evans 50 & Over 1 Hour Break Friday Afternoon TBA 18) MH/NEC Jr.

Horse (5 & under) 19) RCK Style Racking 20) TWH Open Gaited Pleasure E/W 2-G/ 1” shoe 21) TWH PP English 2-G 22) ADP Youth Obstacle E/W 2-G 23) SSH TP English 2-G ATR 24) TWH LS English 2-G 25) ADP Jambalaya E/W 2-G 26) TWH TP English 2-G 27) MH/NEC Novice Horse/ Rider 1st Year Showing 28) RCK Country Pleasure Racking 3-G 29) ADP Give It a Whirl/ Go as you Please 2-G 30) TWH LS English 3-G 31) SSH LS English 2-G 32) MH/NEC Gentlemen to Ride 33) TWH PP English 2-G ATR 34) TWH E/W Novice Horse 2-G 35) TWH LS English 2-G ATR 36) MH/NEC Open Classic Pleasure 15 Minute Break 37) MH/NEC Open Trail Pleasure 38) ADP GUMBO E/W 2-G 39) TWH TP English Youth 2-G 40) TWH PP English 3-G 41) TWH LS English 2-G AOT 42) AB Water Glass 43) RCK TP Racking English 44) MH/NEC Open Sr.

Horse (6 & Over) One Hour Break WESTERN CHAMPIONSHIPS 8:00 PM 45) TWH TP Western 2-G Championship 46) TWH LS Western 2-G Championship 47) SSH LS Western 2-G Championship 48) RCK Western Pl Racking Championship 49) TWH PP Western 2-G Championship — Pays back: $25, $15, $10, R,R,R Championship Classes $25.00 Pays back: $50, $35, $25,R,R,R Best of Show Class $25.00 Pays back: $100, $50, R, R, R, R Gait for the cure class #85: $15.00 PPWHA will donate all entry fees to Susan G.

Komen for the Cure. Note: If classes are not full (6 horses per class) paybacks begin at 2nd place. All paybacks will be mailed to the owner unless specified that pay backs are to be mailed to the trainer within 45 days of close of show.

Please make sure our secretary has your full mailing address on the entry form for paybacks. All Classes are Open unless otherwise specified All Day Pleasure horses may enter any other class/division Trail Pleasure and Lite Shod Horses may NOT cross enter. Classes #20 , # 83 and # 97 must have 3 or more entries to hold the class ATR- Amateur to ride AOT- Amateur owned and trained ADP –All day pleasure AB- All Breed PP- Plantation Pleasure LS- Lite shod TP-Trail Pleasure 

DONATIONS: The NAPC is proud to benefit the Susan G.

Komen for the Cure and The Linda Howland Scholarship.

Please feel free to make donations for either or both worthy causes at the show.

Donations in your name will be announced at the show. 

 Saturday September 1st 8:00 am Main Arena Open to all breeds
Honorable: Diane Sept 53) Open Trail Obstacle 54) Jackpot Obstacles 55) Suitability to be a Dressage Horse
9:30 Outside Ring Dressage: 56) Intro Test A 57) Intro Test B 58) Training Test Level #1 Honorable: Lonnie Kuehn Main Arena Show Time 9:30 AM 59) MH/NEC Ladies to Ride 60) TWH LS 2-G ATR 61) TWH Novice Horse English 2-G 62) SSH LS 2-G ATR 63) TWH PP 2-G AOT 64) TWH TP 2-G AOT 65) SSH LS 2-G ATR 66) MH/NEC 17 & under Trail Pleasure 67) AB Let the Good Times Roll/ New to showing 2-G 68) RCK TP Racking English ATR 69) ADP Ladies to Ride 2-G 70) TWH TP English 2-G 71) TWH Youth 17 & under 72) TWH PP 2-G 73) MH/NEC 14.3 & under trail pleasure BREAK: TBA 74) AB Crawfish Pie Costume Class 75) Pleasure Driving Stake 76) AB Team to Ride 77) TWH TP English 2-G ATR 78) AB Poker Ride/cash prize 79) TWH TP English 3-G 80) ADP Gentlemen to Ride 2-G 81) TWH English Lite shod 2-G 82) AB Juvenile 11& under (Handlers allowed) 83) TWH Open Gaited Pleasure E/W 3-G/ 1”shoe 84) MH/NEC Amateur Trail Pleasure 85) AB Gait for the Cure- PINK CLASS 2-G 86) RCK Ragin’ Cajun Speed Racking 87) AB Rag Pocket-Grooms Class Labor Day Mardi Gras Picnic Served by the PPWHA
 ****Followed by PIG TOSS**** In Center Ring ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS 7:00 pm 88) Stick Horse/Free entry/bring your own horse 89) AB Tot Lead line 8 & under 90) AB/Best of Show 2-g Championship 91) MH/NEC Open TP Championship 92) ADP 2-G Championship 93) TWH LS 2-G Championship 94) TWH TP 2-G Championship 95) ADP Youth 11 and under 2-G Championship 96) MH/NEC Open Classic Championship 97) TWH Open Gaited Pleasure E/W 2-G 1”shoe CH 98) RCK TP Racking Championship 99) SSH LS English 2-G Championship 100) ADP Youth 17 and under 2-G Championship 101) ADP 2-G Championship 102) TWH PP English 2-G Championship 103) SSH TP English 2-G Championship 104) TWH LS English 2-G ATR Championship 105) RCK Country Pleasure Rack Championship 106) TWH TP English 3-G Championship 107) TWH LS English 3-G Championship 108) ADP 3-G Championship 109) TWH PP English 3-G Championship LOOK FOR: Open Gaited Pleasure classes 1” shoe maximum. Have some fun entering our Mardi Gras themed classes with free beads given away to all who enter. #’s 25,38,74,78,84,85 New to Showing? Give it a whirl and let the good times roll ! Classes 29 and 67 are for folks who want to take a spin around the big arena.

Just spiff up your tack and wear something nice. Time to goof off and have some fun with our Thursday evening free entry classes! Helmets recommended. Youth – Kids can enter all the youth classes.

Try the ADP Obstacle class, run as a rail class with 2 simple obstacles. Team to Ride – 2 riders, one 1st way and 1 second way, switch in the middle. Anyone for Poker? Get your hand at the in gait and take your chances.

Cash prize of $25.00 to the poker champion. For specific details see the rules/class descriptions section. NOTICE TO ALL NAPC EXHIBITORS: KNOW YOUR RULES!! NAPC Classes have been established under NWHA guidelines and will be adhered to by the NWHA rules. For specific rules you may visit For UMH or Karen Maier at Visit our Face book page at NAPCBlues or our website: for prize list and more information

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  • Equestrian Products – Guardian Horse Bedding, Equiderma Skin Products, Equilinn Sports Bra, Learn more about GIFT VOUCHER HERE: and Pleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1…. - Pleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1…. and Pleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1…. - Pleasure : B Cotton Rows Friday st 9 00 AM 1….