Ponies M : Members must be suitably mounted and equipped to the satisfaction….

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CAMP COMMITTEE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY MINUTE SECRETARY TREASURER CHIEF INSTRUCTOR ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS HORSE WELFARE OFFICER CAMP FATHER CAMP MOTHER Robert Finlayson David Paull Kerrie Smth Jo Finlayson Nick Pearce Mark Porter Kim Harvey Robin Cameron David Paull 6771 1213 6772 4008 0411 580 564 6771 1213 6771 2408 0408 235 201 0402 049 143 6772 4008 Cindy Clonan & Trudy Hancock 2012 PONY CAMP The Armidale Horse & Pony Club will hold their Annual Camp from Sunday 23rd September to Saturday 29th September.

All necessary details are stated in this booklet.

For further information you may ring the President, Vice-President, Secretary’s or Chief Instructor.

WORKING BEES: A working bee will be held at 10am Saturday 22nd September.

All families with children attending camp are expected to participate at this working bee.

Bring cleaning gear (brooms, gloves, etc).

Another working bee will be held on Sunday 30th September to clean up the grounds, dormitories and stables.

Please attend this day with brooms and cleaning gear.

PLACE: The Armidale Showground, Dumaresq Street, Armidale.

AGE: All riding members between 8 and 16 years of age remain on the premises for the duration of the camp.

Members under 8 years of age must be taken home after the dismissal in the afternoon and return to camp to feed horses by 7am each morning.

Associates are 17 and under 25.

Riding members under 8 years are entitled to all meals (except nippers who are entitled to lunch only).

ASSEMBLY TIME: A meeting will be held for everyone on Sunday, 23rd September at 11am in the GRANDSTAND to welcome members and advise of the week’s activities.

Following the meeting there will be an un-mounted parade with horse and equipment at 2pm for a gear check followed by the first riding session.

Lunch will be provided at noon on the first day however WILL NOT be provided on Gymkhana Day (Saturday 29th September).

PRESENTATION NIGHT: Awards and trophies are presented to riders, rewarding efforts in many areas, including citizenship.

Thursday night at camp – check the notice board for details.

HORSES: Members must provide their own horse/pony and no other person is permitted to ride that horse/pony during camp and the Gymkhana unless authorised to do so by the Chief or Assistant Instructors. COST: Members under 17 years Nippers – morning session only – $ 180.00 – $ 80.00 Per Child Per Child Visitors – $ 220.00 Per child Associates (Instructing no charge if registration received by 16th September Nippers must be accompanied by an adult at all times. (This time does not count towards your 12 hours rostered time!) An additional charge of $250.00 per family will be charged – $200 for any family that does not contribute a minimum of 12 hours rostered work during the week of Camp and $50 cleaning fee for stables that are not cleaned out.

This $250 must be in a separate cheque and will be returned after camp when all criteria is met.

Members must be suitably mounted and equipped to the satisfaction of the Chief and/or Assistant Instructors.

Nippers competition day is usually on Friday 28th September.

Children who have been on a lead rein all week should remain on a lead for the competition.

Children riding as a nipper all week usually compete in the Friday competition and not the Saturday gymkhana.

There is no points score for the nippers competition.

It is a fun competition only.

The Chief Instructor will make a decision in relation to the Nippers Competition Day during the week of Camp after taking into account the safety of all riders.

Members must be suitably mounted and equipped to the satisfaction of the Chief and/or Assistant Instructors All horses/ponies must be shod, safe and suitable for camp and preferably not recently “broken”.

Any unshod horse/pony coming to camp will be assessed by the Welfare Officer.

Unshod horses must have a good explanation.

One horse/pony is allowed for each member throughout camp and the Gymkhana.

However if the mount proves unsatisfactory or is injured a substitute will be permitted at any time during camp up until the commencement of the first event of the Gymkhana, at the discretion of the Welfare Officer, Chief Instructor or President.

If the horse is deemed unfit for competition a Veterinary Certificate may be obtained at the owner’s expense.

ADDITIONAL HORSE: There will be no additional horses allowed at camp this year.

One horse, one rider only.

The only exception will be in the instance of illness or lameness, as determined by the horse welfare officer, and with approval of the Chief Instructor. ITEMS FOR CAMP: The following items will be needed for all 8 to 17 years olds sleeping in at camp: 1.

Sunscreen 15+ (please check the “Use By” date). 2.

Towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. 3.

Personal insect repellent. 4.

Bed and bedding.

Beds should be off the floor due to the colder time of year.

Please note that the pavilions at the Showground will get quite cold at night so extra blankets and doonas would be advisable. 5.

Several changes of riding clothes (jodhpurs are optional). 6.

Raincoat. 7.

Casual clothes for night. 8.

Gumboots, thongs for showers, boots and boot cleaning gear plus any other appropriate footwear. 9.

Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon with tea towel together with a draw string bag for easy access. 10.

Brimmed hat. 11.

Rollerblades, skateboards, bikes mobile phones etc are not permitted into camp and will be confiscated.

All items are to be appropriately labelled with child’s name.

Please note that all children should ride in shirts with collars to prevent sunburn. HORSE EQUIPMENT: The following equipment is required for horse and rider 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.



Saddles must have 2 or 3 buckle girths (or girth and surcingle) and correctly fitting stirrup irons.

Halter and lead.

Two clean thick saddlecloths.

Horse grooming gear including curry comb, body brush, dandy brush, hoof pick and leather cleaning gear.

Feed bin.

Water bucket (2 gallon plastic buckets are not acceptable).

Hay net.

Wheelbarrow, rake and shovel for cleaning stalls.

Stockwhips are not permitted into camp unless otherwise instructed to do so.

All items are to be clearly labelled. ** Feed will not be supplied by the Club.

It is the responsibility of each member to provide suitable feed for their own horse. STABLES: The stables will be allocated prior to Camp and lists will be displayed on the stalls.

Stables will not be allocated until nomination fees are paid.

All stables will be out of bounds outside the times specified.

All sawdust and manure is to be cleared from the stables on the last day of Camp.

Stables will be numbered and a fee of $50.00 will be charged for any stables not cleaned out.

HORSE PREPARATION: Prior to camp, horses should be wormed, adapted to feed and suitably fit for camp.

Problems such as colic can arise from sudden changes in diet and from horses carrying a heavy worm burden.

HEALTH: No child who has been in contact with an infectious disease within the incubation period will be permitted to attend camp.

The Camp Commandant and/or Camp Mother’s decision in this regard will be final.

The parent of any child with a serious health condition must contact the Camp Mother prior to camp regarding sleeping arrangements.

RIDERS SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All riders must wear an approved helmet (please refer to NSW Pony Club website) at all times whilst with their horse either mounted or unmounted.

Insurance will not cover anyone wearing other than the approved helmet.

Bike helmets are not acceptable and no child will be permitted to ride without an approved helmet.

Riding boots are compulsory when mounted and are to be leather and elastic sided with correct heel type and smooth sole. PONY CLUB UNIFORM : The Armidale Horse & Pony Club uniform consists of a long sleeved white shirt, plain bottle green tie, riding boots, bone jodhpurs, bottle green jumper and approved helmet (see NSW Pony Club website).

Optional extras are a club saddle cloth, club badge, club polo shirt, bone stockman cut trousers and pony club sloppy joe.

This uniform is to be worn on Gymkhana Day.

The polo shirt can be worn for sporting events on Gymkhana Day.

The clothing pool will be available during camp and will sell various second hand clothing plus new polo shirts, sloppy joes and caps.

See the Clothing Pool coordinator if you should require any items during camp.comPULSORY CONTRIBUTION: To make it possible to conduct a successful camp it is necessary for all parents to assist during the week as well as contribute to the working bee the day before and the day after Camp.

If your family has contributed a minimum of 12 hours rostered work during the week of camp and your stable is suitably cleaned your $250.00 compulsory contribution will be refunded. DORMITORY ARRANGEMENTS: The dormitories will be allocated depending on the number of children attending camp.

Lists of names will be displayed at the entrance of the various dorms.

All children 8 years to 16 years are encouraged to remain in Camp for the duration.

The Camp Mother/Father must be notified if any child is not staying overnight.

The full fee will still be charged.

No member will be allowed to leave Camp without the permission of the Camp Commandant or the Camp Mother/Father or their delegated authority and only after signing for the child on the register provided.

All members are responsible for their own horse/pony, equipment and personal belongings.

LIGHTS OUT: Junior Dorm 8.30 pm Senior Dorm 10.00 pm Please note that all members will be asked to get ready for bed 30 minutes prior to these times so that lights out is no later than the times specified.

DONATIONS: Donations of eggs, fruit or any other food will be very much appreciated and helps keep costs down.

Slices, cakes, biscuits, etc are needed daily for morning and afternoon teas.

Each family is asked to donate a box of biscuits for the dining room.

All donations can be left in the dining room or given to anyone of the Executive.

MEALS: All meals are provided for members under 8 years attending full day sessions at Camp and all members 8 and under 17 years attending camp.

Lunch is provided for Nippers and any visiting instructors.

Any adult wishing to have a meal in the dining room will need to have a Meal Ticket.

These can be purchased from the Secretary preferably at least a 24hrs notice for catering purposes.

Alternatively a weekly meal ticket can be bought prior to Camp.

Costs for meals are:Breakfast $ 10.00 Lunch $ 10.00 Dinner $ 15.00 Weekly Meal Ticket $ 175.00 – Family (2 adults, 2 children) $ 300.00 – Extra child $ 60.00 GYMKHANA: The Gymkhana will be held on Saturday, 29th September commencing at 8:30 a.m.

All children that have been at camp are expected to participate (Nippers mentioned separately above).

All parents and friends are invited to attend.

Breakfast will be the last meal provided and children then become the responsibility of parents and guardians for the remainder of the day.

However children must still adhere to the instructors directions.

A canteen will be available for those wishing to purchase lunch.

At the conclusion of the Gymkhana there will be a parade.

At this parade there will be a presentation of trophies and awards.

Please note that competition age shall be the age of the child on the first day of camp.

Hack events will be in age groups and not height.

PRESIDENT: The President and Vice President are responsible for the overall running of the camp.

Please feel free to talk to them should you have any concerns.

CHIEF INSTRUCTOR: The Chief Instructor is responsible for the camp’s activities involved with horsemanship and general safety aspects of the camp in relation to riding.

A complete gear check will be done on Sunday 23rd September before any child is allowed to ride.

Any unsafe equipment will have to be repaired before the rider can continue at camp.

For those persons having problems with a horse and/or their child’s ability in riding should contact the Chief Instructor immediately so that other arrangements can be made for that child.

The Chief Instructor is always available for assistance.

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    Horses-Store.com - Ponies M : Members must be suitably mounted and equipped to the satisfaction….