Ponies P : For those buying and selling Fell ponies please observe the….

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Blue Lanyard with Horse print - Gifts Horses-store.comPonies P : For those buying and selling Fell ponies please observe the….

DNA The Council rescinded the rules regarding DNA testing.

It was decided that there had to be random DNA testing of 2% of all foals . EXPORT The only requirement now is that all ponies, regardless of sex, must be micro chipped before being exported.

Secretary’s Note I would remind those of you selling ponies that before the pony is to be exported, a Certificate of Transfer form must be filled in and sent to the office along with the pony’s registration document and correct fee.

There are no excuses why this cannot be done.

The registration document will then be returned so that it can accompany the pony being exported. SALE OF REGISTERED NATIVE PONIES Friday 20 October 2000 Judging of the entries will commence at 0930 hrs.

This year’s judge is Mr Clive Richardson.

Catalogues will be available from Friday 13 October.

The cost for a catalogue is £2.50 payable to Penrith Farmers’ & Kidd’s plc, Agricultural Hall, Skirsgill, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0DN.

Tel No 01768 862323 Fax 01768 863962 The Secretary of the FPS will be in attendance to deal with transfers of ownership and general enquiries – please go to the Sales Stand in the foyer. For those buying and selling Fell ponies please observe the following rules:All registration papers must be sent/handed in to the FPS Office no later than a week before the sale.

These must be accompanied by a correctly filled out Certificate of Transfer form which has been signed by the vendor.

On the day of the sale ‘Exit Passes’ MUST be stamped by the FPS Secretary before any vehicle leaves the Auction.

These passes will be checked at the exit gate.

Paul May (MRCVS) will be in attendance at the Auction to micro chip any ponies REMEMBER – Those vendors selling this years filly foals must have the foal micro chipped if sold at the Sale or before she leaves her holding of birth. SALES LIST OF REGISTERED STOCK If you have a pony to advertise, please apply to the office for a form.

At the moment it is a free service for both vendors and purchasers and in order for this to be a success the information needs to be correct and up-to-date.

Please support it by letting the office know immediately if a pony is sold and/or can be removed from the Sales List.

Page 11 The office is currently receiving at least five enquiries each week for registered fell ponies from riding and performance ponies to prospective stallions and brood mares.

I wish to thank Mary Longsdon for all her hard work whilst she has been doing the sales list, without her help and knowledge we would be quite a few members short.

Mary wishes to thank Sally Rowe for all her magnificent help with the typing and COUNCIL INFORMATION Results of Council Elections 2000At the Society’s AGM on 1st April 2000 there were ten candidates offering themselves for 5 Council vacancies.

Mr B Allen and Mrs A A D Newell said that they were not standing for reelection .

Mr RB Charlton, was re -elected and Mrs G Cockbain, Mrs C Morland, Mr I Smith and Mr I Dixon were successful as new candidates.

Mr I Dixon would serve until 2003 as the extra vacancy had been created due to the death of Mr Mike Allen.

Nominations for Council Elections should be sent to the Secretary by 1st January 2001.

Nominations must be in writing and signed by two members.

Members are not eligible for election to the Council unless they have been Full members of the Society for at least five consecutive years. Regulation Changes Identification 1.

The Council rescinded the present rules on registration (microchip and DNA of all filly foals). 2.

All filly foals to be identified by either micro -chipping and/or five identification markings (to include colour).

In any event all filly foals must be micro-chipped before being sold from the holding of their birth. 3.

It was decided that there had to be random DNA testing of 2% of all foals. 4.

For all colts five identification markings were sufficient with all colts then to be micro-chipped upon licensing. 5.

It was decided by Council to rescind the rule of parentage testing before export.

The only requirement now is that all ponies must be micro-chipped before export. 6.

Please remember All ponies must be registered by 31st December in their year of birth with the following exception:- Recognised and approved ‘Native Heath Breeders’.

Equine Passport applications must be submitted by 31st May or before the first anniversary of foaling date, whichever is the sooner. Postal Voting A Sub-Committee has been formed to consider the process of Postal Voting and they will report to the January Council Meeting.

Subject to that meeting’s approval, there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting before the 2001 Annual General Meeting to approve Postal Voting and an application for Charitable status.

Page 12 — Margaret Wilson Page 25 Minimum Values I had always presumed that The Minimum Value forms as required by the Ministry Of Agriculture Fisheries and Food [MAFF] as part of the export procedures for equines was a relatively recent piece of legislation.

I was therefore somewhat surprised to learn that such legislation has roots deeply embedded in English history.

Going back to Saxon times we discover that Athelstan, who was dedicated to the improvement of the horse, made the exportation of all horses illegal.

This was probably almost impossible to police and fell into abeyance with the Norman Conquest.

The crusades saw an improvement in agriculture.

This brought with it a need for heavy, draught horses these were imported into England from the Low Countries.

The regulation was re -introduced by Edward III in 1328 when he banned the exportation of horses not only overseas but also to Scotland.

It remained a felony to export horses to Scotland for several centuries.

While in 1386 Richard II went even so far as to restrict the price that might be paid for horses within England.

Dividing the country into what he perceived as the four major breeding regions, Lincoln, Cambridge the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire.

The Wars of the Roses devastated England.

So it is not until the end of the fifteenth century, during the reign of Henry VII, that this regulation re-appears. “Henry VII continued to prohibit the export of stallions, but allowed that of mares, when more than two years old, and under the value of six shillings and eight pence.

This regulation was, however easily evaded; for if a mare could be found worth more than six shillings and eight pence she might be freely exported upon payment of that sum. [Modern Farriery, M.


Miles MRCVSL, William Mackenzie, London, 1896] Henry VII’s intention was to keep within the realm of England all the best horses.

The exception given to mares may indicate that they were considered to be less important than stallions.

What of geldings? Were they of even less worth than a mare? When in 1588 the Spanish Armada threatened England, Elizabeth I could raise no more than 3,000 cavalry.

This does not necessarily mean that the policy of Henry VII had failed.

Times had changed.

Henry VIII’s insistence upon having only horses of full stature had led to the importation of horses from Turkey, Naples and Spain.

While the continued improvement in agriculture and the introduction of the coach by Fitzgerald, the Earl of Arundel, all probably led to the use and possibly the breeding of horses for specific rather than general purposes.

But predominantly the defence of England has moved on her defence is to be masterminded by the Royal Navy at sea, rather than by cavalry at home The Minimum Value Certificates required today were designed to prevent the exportation of equines of little worth, whose destination may presumed to be the slaughterhouse.

As such, this legislation has little in common with the regulations of Henry VII..

C Morton Page 26 FELL PONY SOCIETY AREA S UPPORT GROUPS NEWS & R EPORTS Scotland : Judy Fairburn Tel/Fax 01343 890472 or Heidi Sands Tel: 01340 871770 Email; sambo@sandsi.freeserve.co.uk” The Scottish Group visit to the Balmoral trekking ponies.

On the fifteenth July, thirty one members, friends and family of the FPS Scottish group gathered together on Royal Deeside at Balmoral to meet, view and hear about the Balmoral trekking ponies and in the case of twelve lucky people take part in the afternoon trek around Balmoral estate. The Fell ponies have rushed off in front— Riders on the Highlands in front of Balmoral Castle are Judy Fairburn Scottish Group leader and Jenny Charlton daughter of our Chairman .

The pony man and the two trek leaders gave an introductory talk on the work of the trekking ponies, including a look at both traditional and more modern deer saddles, and gave a behind the scenes glimpse of the involvement of H.M The Queen, in the lives of her native ponies.

Topics ranged from grass sickness to foaling and questions were encouraged by the pony staff.

Eight Highlands three Fells and a Haflinger took part in the afternoons trek and the history and breeding of the Fells in particular was discussed at some length before the group taking part in the trek mounted up and headed off in front of the castle for a two hour ride.

I must say for one who did not take part in the ride that the sight of the ponies passing the front of Balmoral itself is one which will stay in my mind forever even the sun was shining! For those of the group not able to take part in the trek the afternoon was filled with visits to other aspects of Balmoral including the ballroom, a look at the Page 27 beautiful carriage display stunning gardens, gift shops and much needed cups of tea! All in all it was a most successful summer visit enjoyed by everyone there.

Some travelled from as far away as Somerset and Derbyshire to be with us on the day! My grateful thanks to all for making it such a memorable occasion not least the staff at Balmoral who made us feel so welcome.

As a footnote it may be possible to organise another trip along the same lines at sometime in the future if there is enough interest.

Anyone who feels they might like to join in or to come along again please let me know you can contact me on 01340 871770, and we will see what we can do.

The Scottish Group are holding a Stud visit in Cumbria on the morning of the Autumn Meeting.

Please note that the date in our Newsletter was incorrect and should be October 21st.

Anyone interested please Tel Judy 01343 890472 Thankyou.

Heidi Sands FPS Scottish Group Secretary. ***** North West England Beverley Hodgson Tel: 01524 241428 During the year so far in the North West we have had two pleasure rides.

One in the north of the area in April thanks to Christine Robinson and one in the south of the area in June thanks to Rachel Woodruff.

Anyone willing to host a ride next year please let me know.

In May we had a very informative evening where a number of us learned a lot more about Le Trec from Anthea and Mark Kendrick from Windermere who very kindly gave up their evening.

In June Sue Millard, kindly offered a hands on driving demo and a select group of people had a most enjoyable time with a very patient Fell pony, thank you Sue and Tommy.

The week after Peter Forsman and family agreed to share the working hunter qualifier with some clear round jumping practice and a few Gymkhana games.

The qualifiers were actually cancelled due to very low entries but the fun stuff went ahead.

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough juniors and seniors to have separate classes but the seniors somehow managed to hold their own.

Everyone ended the day with smiles on their faces.

Thank you Peter.

The Herdwick Inn Penruddock was the venue for a very enjoyable meal, which followed an informative slide presentation by Jean Ward.

An appreciative group of members had a very pleasant luncheon in very good company.

Thank you Jean.

Gareth Thomas from Liverpool University came to the area on 1 st September to give an update on the Foal Syndrome research so far.

A slide presentation was followed by members questions.

Refreshments were served and a raffle enabled me to cover the cost of the room hire, refreshments and boost group funds.

Thank you to the generous members who donated raffle prizes and thank you Gareth.

Still to come this year Rachel Craystons ride on 30 September please Tel 01946 823259 Page 28 After the autumn meeting there will be a chance for some of you to try side saddle.

There is already a list of interested members if you would like to join in.

Please let me know and I will add your name to the list.

The trip to Olympia will unfortunately not take place due to there not being enough people to fill a coach.

The reason may be that not enough Fell ponies have qualified.

So come on everyone qualify your pony and we can take all of your supporters to watch you next year.

I have asked Margaret Murray to do a Team demonstration.

Some of you will already be familiar with the technique, interested members are welcome to contact me and we will arrange a date.

Due to the cost of postage I will not be sending out any more information sheets this year.

For next year if you want to know what has been arranged for the area and you wish to join in you will have to send £2.00 to me payable to the FPS and your name will be added to the mailing list for 2001.

There are many things that we have not yet tried in the area if anyone would like to arrange something near to where they live please let me know.

Photo competition postponed until next year.

New schedules will be available at the Spring meeting.

Finally if enough people are interested in having a Christmas Lunch somewhere in December I will make a reservation.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Suggestions for a venue welcome. ***** North East England Margaret Raines Tel: 01748 824547 NPS Mountain & Moorland Ridden Championships Monday, 18 TH December 2000 NPS AREA 4 COACH TRIP TO OLYMPIA £35.00 Pick up points: Scotch Corner, A1; Boroughbridge, A1; Wetherby, A1; Ferrybridge A1 and Woodhall (M1) Details from : Margaret Raines 01748 824547 As the result of interest expressed by our NE supporters we were very privileged to be invited to the Lunesdale Stud along with members of the Breeders Association to see the herd brought down from the fells, a traditional “gathering” , on a glorious summer’s day in early July.

I wish to thank Bert and Carole Morland once again for all the hard work that went into organising such a memorable occasion.

Ponies living up on the fell do not take kindly to their seasonal routine being disrupted and see no reason to appear on cue ,even if it was to create a riveting and enthralling spectacle.

Stallions, Youngstock, Brood mares and their foals, together with a wonderful display by Julie Robinson and Paul Metcalfe, of the Fell Ponies Ridden and Driven versatility PLUS a lunch AND excellent and appreciative company, made a unique day.

Thanks to everybody involved, not forgetting the” garage cleaners”!! and, most importantly, the Pony gatherer, Steve.

If some of us went home with a better understanding of the difficulties faced by our semi -feral herds and their “keepers” then the day was even more of a resounding success.

Page 29

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    Horses-Store.com - Ponies P : For those buying and selling Fell ponies please observe the….