Pony C : Steuart Jose and Helen Diacono Ingrid Shorten Terrey Hills Animal….

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NSHPA RAFFLE: A GREAT SUCCESS! he North Shore Horse and Pony The fund-raising raffle that we held at the end off last year was a great success – raising more than $1,200! There were eight great prizes to choose from, so there were eight lucky winners! The raffle was drawn at the NSHPA Christmas Party by the friendly people from NPWS, Natasha and Chris – thank you – and all prizes have been collected and now being enjoyed. Association was formed in 1975 to ensure that horses and horseriding activities continue to form a vital part of the community and lifestyle in Terrey Hills/Duffys Forest and in Ku-ringgai and Garigal National Parks. P We would especially like to thank the following businesses and people who generously donated towards our fund raiser: B-BAR STUD RUG WASHING SERVICE BENT AND TWISTED SCULPTURES B.




Steuart, Jose and Helen Diacono, Ingrid Shorten, Terrey Hills Animal Hospital, and Ian Charnaud and Forest Hills Pony Club who helped us sell tickets… …and to Northside Riding Club, especially Neralie Coulston, Anne Jeffrey and Rachel Smith, for allowing NSHPA to sell tickets at their very successful Dressage Championships in November… …and to the Rotary Club of Terrey Hills’ Village Market & Car Boot Sale where we ran a (rather damp!) information stall and sold tickets in October.

NSHPA Committee is looking for ideas for an equally if not more successful fund raiser this year.

If you have any ideas on what we can do, or if you would like to help, we would love to hear from you! lease become a member and join us in our efforts. To find out more about the North Shore Horse and Pony Association, contact us: P O Box 333 Terrey Hills 2084 E-mail: willpower33@bigpond.com President: Gillian Eagles 9428 5692 Secretary: Mal Wilson 9450 0546 ANEMBO ARENA RESTORATION OFFICIALLY OPENED Sally White and Gillian Eagles The renovation of the Anembo Reserve Public Horse Riding Arena was officially opened by Michael Regan, Mayor of Warringah Council, on 28 November 2010 at the Duffys Forest Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade 2010 Fire Shed Christmas Party.

Work done included preparation of a new base, rectification of the slope and improved drainage with a new washed river sand topping.

Placement of telegraph poles around the arena boundaries will help prevent runoff of surface, making it even more environmentally friendly in its wonderful bushland setting.

Of course this restoration would not have happened without the hard work and contributions of many! “Thank you’s” are especially owed to the Duffys Forest Residents Association (DFRA), particularly Jenny Harris, for initiating the project by successfully obtaining a $30,000 Community Building Partnership Grant from the NSW State Government; Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater, for his support of this local community project; and Warringah Council for its many contributions to help make it all happen.

Finally very big “thank you’s” to all our NSHPA members and all the businesses, residents, horse riders and horse riding associations who gave generously via the “Sponsor A Log” and the “Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor” campaigns.

Please don’t forget to support those people and businesses who help to support horse riding and us! Anembo Arena is a great community recreational asset that is unique in this part of Sydney.

With almost 600 horse riders in Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest the renovation will help ensure the enjoyment of equestrian activities for years to come… HAVE YOU SEEN THE NSHPA WEBSITE? To access our website you will need to type http://www.nshpa.org.au into a new browser window SEEKING YOUR SURPLUS CHAFF BAGS Peggy Brown of The NSW Animal Welfare League is in need of your chaff bags.

If you have empty ones lying around the shed she would be grateful for them, they can be dropped off to her at the Manly/ Warringah Animal Welfare, 160 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, or alternatively give her a call on 9913 8731 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE RESTORATION OF ANEMBO ARENA The phone number for the National Parks & Wildlife Service if you encounter motorised bikes, or fallen trees on the trails is 9472 8949 which is a multi answer phone service. NSHPA SUBMISSION ON MOUNTAIN BIKING IN NSW NATIONAL PARKS NSHPA Committee In September last year the NPWS released a Discussion Paper: National Parks and Wildlife Service Cycling Policy Review and Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy and invited public comment on the proposals in October.

They concurrently held a number of public forums around the state.

NSHPA submitted a response which had the full support of other local horse groups including Forest Hills Pony Club, Ingleside Riders Group Inc, Manly Warringah & Pittwater Pony Club, and Northside Riding Club.

The main points of concern that the Association raised were:  The current focus of attention and resources on mountain biking may have the unintended consequence of discriminating against other recreational users.   97% of all horse riders in Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest, Ingleside and Belrose are women and children. 60% of all horse riders travel to this area specifically to ride.    There is a very real risk that horse riding activity may be displaced by mountain biking with negative impacts on the local area as many of the local businesses are directly and indirectly dependent on horse riding revenues.     NSHPA requested increased authorisation of horse riding access on more management trails (or “fire trails”) in Kuring-gai Chase and Garigal National Parks to improve safety and recreation for all users.  NSHPA believes that this option is both environmentally sustainable and cost effective as it utilises the pre-existing management trail network infrastructure.  The submission also noted ideas for measures to help enhance sustainable and safe multi-use recreation for all users into the future.

NSHPA applauds initiatives by NPWS to develop a more effective approach to managing mountain biking in national parks and other reserves however we do not want horse riding and other equestrian pursuits to be negatively impacted or discriminated against.

NSHPA also sent copies of the submission to local State and Federal Members of Parliament:  Mr Barry O’Farrell, Member for Ku-ring-gai and Leader of the Opposition  Mr Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater  Mr Jonathan O’Dea, Member for Davidson  Mr Mike Baird, Member for Manly and Shadow Treasurer  Hon Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar (Federal) However we need your help, and the support of all horse riders in the area to protect and grow sustainable horse riding and equestrian activity in the area! The NSW State election is to be held on Saturday 26 March 2011.

Please consider writing to your local Member of Parliament and even all the candidates in your electorate to ask their support for horse riding and increased access to more of the management trails in the Ku-ring-gai Chase and Garigal National Parks! Points you may like to consider using in your letter or email, however brief, may include:  In the Northern Sydney Metropolitan region the vast majority of horse riders are women and children, two groups generally recognised as under-represented in sport and recreational participation and opportunities.  There is huge pressure currently on the NPWS, to provide more recreational routes for bike riders, especially mountain bike riders, but horse riders, who have a long heritage in the area and are predominantly women and children, shouldn’t be forgotten or discriminated against.  Safe recreational access has been greatly reduced in recent years.

Eg In 1986 in the Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest area of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park there were more than 40km of trails were still open.

Now there are currently only 15 km of authorised horse trails.  Safety is a major concern.

The current system of authorised horse trails is inadequate.

Horse riders are increasing forced to ride on or beside busy tarmac roads and negotiate traffic to access trails, arenas, riding schools and Pony Club grounds.

Half of all horse riders are children and safe recreation should be a high priority of concern.  Accessing more trails for horse riding spreads all recreational users more widely – dilution will help reduce the risk of confrontation between different user groups  Authorising more management trails for horse riding on the existing multi-use management (“fire trail”) trail system is environmentally sustainable.

These trails have been constructed and hardened for fire fighting vehicles so the impact of horse riding on these trails on the surrounding vegetation is minimal.  Authorising more management trails for horse riding is low cost and very cost effective.

The trail network already exists therefore the initial development costs are essentially zero with only minimal additional maintenance costs likely.  Using the management trails for horse riding helps keep them clear and open for bush fire management and in emergencies.

Horse riders have long reported access and safety issues such as fallen trees and unauthorised vehicles, and environmental risks such as evidence of wildlife attack by straying dogs.

These are just ideas but please write. “Form” letters are usually ignored so please do not just “copy and paste”.

IT IS EVEN BETTER IF YOU CAN INCLUDE YOUR OWN EXAMPLES! The NPWS Discussion Paper can be viewed at https://mountainbiking.discussions.nsw.gov.au/wp-content/ uploads/2010/09/discussion paper.pdf A list of current State Members of Parliament and their contact details can be found at http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.

Au/prod/parlment/members.nsf/V3ListCurrentMembers If you are not sure which electorate you live in, try http://www.elections.nsw.gov.au/about elections/electoral boundaries/electoral maps .

Here are some contact details that might help you: Mr Barry O’Farrell, MP Member for Ku-ring-gai and Leader of the Opposition Ku-ring-gai Electorate Office Address: 27 Redleaf Avenue WAHROONGA NSW 2076 Phone (02) 9487 8588 Fax (02) 9487 8550 Shadow Ministerial Office Address: Parliament House Macquarie Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Phone (02) 9230 2270 Fax (02) 9221 8208 LOP@parliament.nsw.gov.au www.barryofarrell.com Mr Mike Baird, MP Member for Manly and Shadow Treasurer Shop 2 2 Wentworth Street MANLY NSW 2095 Phone (02) 9976 2773 Fax (02) 9976 2993 manly@parliament.nsw.gov.au www.mikebaird.com.au Mr Rob Stokes, MP Member for Pittwater 1725 Pittwater Road MONA VALE NSW 2103 Phone (02) 9999 3599 Fax (02) 9999 0922 pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au If you wish please feel free to send NSHPA a copy of your letter and/or email for our records and to help us get more attention to horse riders and equestrian activities.

Thank you! Hon Bronwyn Bishop, MP Member for Mackellar (Federal) Mackellar Electorate Office Address: Shop 1 1238-1246 Pittwater Road Narrabeen NSW 2101 Phone (02) 9913 9566 Fax (02) 9913 9577 Parliament House Address: PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Phone (02) 6277 4382 Fax (02) 6277 8424 Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au Mr Jonathan O’Dea, MP Member for Davidson Suite 8A 12 Tryon Road LINDFIELD NSW 2070 Phone (02) 9880 7400 Fax (02) 9880 7488 davidson@parliament.nsw.gov.au Laura Summerhayes mob fax email web +61(0) 402 275 026 +61(2) 9999 2781 enquiries@hvws.com.au www.hvws.com.au 1629 Fosterton Rd, Dungog NSW Australia 2420 22 Chiltern Rd, Ingleside NSW Australia 2101 Snap Mona Vale T: 9997 8066 F: 9997 5933 E: nigel moss@snap.com.au www.monavale.snap.com.au Nigel Moss Terr ey Hills Ri di ng

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    Horses-Store.com and Pony C : Steuart Jose and Helen Diacono Ingrid Shorten Terrey Hills Animal….
    Horses-Store.com - Pony C : Steuart Jose and Helen Diacono Ingrid Shorten Terrey Hills Animal….
    Horses-Store.com and Pony C : Steuart Jose and Helen Diacono Ingrid Shorten Terrey Hills Animal….
    Horses-Store.com - Pony C : Steuart Jose and Helen Diacono Ingrid Shorten Terrey Hills Animal….