Quarters : Dodart 1634 1707 Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec dodeca twelve….

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Silver plated necklace with horse shoe Horses-store.comQuarters : Dodart 1634 1707 Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec dodeca twelve….

The Names of Plants dimorphophyllus -a -um with leaves of two shapes, di-morfh-fullon Dimorphotheca Two-kinds-of-container, di-morfh-qhkh (the disc florets of cape marigolds vary in structure) dinaricus -a -um from the Dinaric Alps, Dalmatian coast between Slovenia and Albania Dinklageanthus Dinklage’s-flower, botanical Latin from Dinklage and anqoj Dinklageella for Max Julius Dinklage (1864–1935), who collected in Liberia from 1898 Dinklageodoxa Dinklage’s-glory, botanical Latin from Dinklage and doca dino- whirling, dinoj, or terrible-, deinoj (dinosaur) Dinophora Whorl-bearer, dinoj-fora Diodia Two-toothed, di-odouj diodon two-toothed, di-odwn dioicus -a -um, dioeca of two houses, dij-oikoj (having separate staminate and pistillate plants) Dionaea for Dione, the Titan mother of Aphrodite, synonymous with Venus (Venus fly trap) Dioncophyllum Two-hooked-leaved-one, di-ogko-fullon (Dioncophyllaceae) Dionysia for Dionysos, the Greek Bacchus, god of debauchery Dioon Two-egged-one, dij-won (the paired ovules on each scale) Dioscorea for Dioscorides Pedanios of Anazarbeus, Greek military physician (yams) (Dioscoreaceae) dioscoreifolius -a -um with leaves resembling those of Dioscorea Diosma Divine-fragrance, dioj-osmh diosmeus -a -um having a ‘heavenly’ perfume, dioj-osmh diosmifolius -a -um Diosma-leaved, Diosma-folium Diosphaera Job’s-orb, dioj-sfaira diospyroides having a similarity to Diospyros, dioj-puroj-oeidhj Diospyros Divine-food, dioj-puroj (Jove’s-fruit, date plum’s edible fruit) Diotis Two-ears, di-wtoj (the spurs of the corolla, ϵ Otanthus) diotus -a -um two-eared or two-handled, di-wtweij Dipcadi from an oriental name for Muscari Dipelta Twice-shielded, di-pelth (the capsules are included between persistent bracts) dipetalus -a -um having two petals, di-petalon diphrocalyx with a flat and wide calyx shaped like a chariot board, difroj, chairshaped calyx, difroj-kaluc Diphylleia Double-leaf, dij-fullon (the deeply divided umbrella leaf) (Diphylleiaceae) diphyllus -a -um two-leaved, di-fullon dipl-, diplo- two fold-, double-, alternating, diplooj, diplouj, diplow, diplo-, diplDiplachne Double-chaff, dipl-axnh Diplacrum Double-lobed, dipl-akroj (the glumes have two side lobes) Diplacus Two-flat-bodies, di-plakoj (the placenta) (ϵ Mimulus) Dipladenia Double-gland, diplow-adhn (the two glands on the ovary) diplantherus -a -um double-stamened, duplus-antherus, double-flowering, diploujanqhroj Diplarche Two-commencements, diplow-arxh (two series of stamens) Diplarrhena Double-male, diplow-arrhn (two perfect stamens) Diplazium Duplicate, diplazw (the double indusium) diplocrater having a double bowl, diplo-krathr (perianth) Diplocyclos Two-circled, diplow-kukloj (the double border of the seed) Diplomeris Two-partite, diplo-merij (the appearance of the widely separated halves of the anther) diplomerus -a -um having two parts, divided into two, diplo-meroj Diplopappus Double-down, diplo-pappoj diplospermus -a -um two-seeded, diplo-sperma 142 Glossary diplostemonus -a -um having twice as many stamens as petals, diplo-stemwn diplostephioides like a double crown, diplo-stefan-oeidhj (the arrangement of the capitulum) Diplotaxis Two-positions, diplo-tacij (the two-ranked seeds) diplotrichus -a -um, diplothrix having two kinds of hairs, diplow-trixoj Dipogon Two-bearded, di-pwgwn dippelianus -a -um for Leopold Dippel (1827–1914) of Darmstadt, author of Handbuch der Laubholzkunde (broad-leaf timber trees) dipsaceus -a -um teasel-like, resembling Dipsacus dipsaci of teasel, living on Dipsacus (Anguillulina, nematode) dipsacifolius -a -um having Dipsacus-like leaves dipsacoides resembling a teasel, diyakoj-oeidhj Dipsacus Dropsy, diyakoj (Dioscorides’ name in analogy of the water-collecting leaf-bases) (the mature heads of Dipsacus fullonum were the teasels, used to tease a nap on woven woollen cloth, known as fulling) (Dipsacaceae) dipso- thirst-, dipsa, dipsodiptero-, dipterus -a -um two-winged, di-pteruc Dipterocarpus, dipterocarpus -a -um with two-winged seeds, di-ptero-karpoj (Dipterocarpaceae) Dipteronia Twice-winged, di-pteruc (the two-winged carpels of the fruits) dipteryx with two wings, di-pteruc dipyrenus -a -um two-fruited, two-stoned, di-purhn Dirca from Dirce, in Greek mythology, a fountain in Boeotia dis- two-, different-, twice, dissoj, dijDisa from a S African vernacular name Disanthus Two-flowers, di-anqoj (the paired flowers) discadenius -a -um having flat circular glands, diskoj-adhn Discaria Discoid, diskoj (the prominent disc) discerptus -a -um torn apart, dispersed, discerpo, discerpere, discerpsi, discerptum dischianum twice cleft, dij-xiazein Dischistocalyx Twice-split-calyx, di-sxistoj-kaluc disci-, disco- disk-, diskoj, disko-, discus, disci disciflorus -a -um flowers with a distinct disc, with rotate flowers, discus-florum disciformis -is -e having radiate flowers, discus-forma discigerus -a -um disc bearing, discus-gero discipes with a disc-like stalk, discus-pes Discoglypremna Engraved-disc-shrub, disko-glupto-premnon (the flowers have a deeply segmented disc) discoides discoid, disk-oeidhj discolor of different colours, two-coloured, dis-color discophorus -a -um disc carrying, disko-fora Discopodium Disc-footed, disko-podion (the flat receptacle) discotis -is -e disc-eared, disk-wtoj (lobed) disermas with two glumes, with two defences, dij-erma disjunctus -a -um distinct, not grown together, disjunct, disiungo, disiungere, disiunxi, disiunctum dispar unequal, different, dispar, disparis Disperis Two-pouched, dis-phra (the two anther loculi) dispermus -a -um two-seeded, di-sperma dispersus -a -um scattered, dispergo, dispergere, disprsi, dispersum Disporopsis Resembling-Disporum, di-sporoj-oyij Disporum Two-seeded, di-sporoj (fruits are usually two-seeded) disporus -a -um two-spored, di-sporoj dissectus -a -um, (disectus) cut into many deep segments, disseco, dissecare, dissecui, dissectum disseminatus -a -um broadcast, sown, dissemino, disseminare dissimilis -is -e unlike, different, dissimilis 143 The Names of Plants dissitiflorus -a -um with flowers not in compact heads, spaced at intervals, (dissero, disserere,disserui, dissertum)-(flos-floris) dissolutus -a -um loose, lax, dissolvo, dissolvere, dissolvi, dissolutum Dissomeria Two-fold-parts, dissoj-meroj (the petals are twice as many as the sepals) Dissotis Two-kinds, dissoi (the anthers are highly modified in two ways), twoeared, dij-wtoj (the lobes at the geniculate part of the filament) distachyon, distachyus -a -um two-branched, di-staxuj, two-spiked, with two spikes distans widely separated, distant, disto, distare Disteganthus Double-covered-flower, di-(stegoj, sregh)-anqoj (the position of the corolla) Distegocarpus Double-coated-fruit, di-stegw-karpoj distensifolius -a -um having thick, swollen-looking leaves, (distendo; distenno-, destendere, distendi, distentum)-folium distentus -a -um full or swollen, distended, distendo (distenno), destendere, distendi, distentum distichanthus -a -um having flowers in two alternating ranks, di-stixoj-anqoj distichius -a -um, distichus -a -um in two alternately opposed ranks, di-stixoj (leaves or flowers) distichophyllus -a -um distichous leaved, with two-ranked leaves, di-stixojfullon Distictis Double-spotted, di-stiktoj (the double rows of seeds) distillatorius -a -um shedding drops, of the distillers, de-(stillo, stillare, stillavi, stillatum) distinctus -a -um distinct, set apart, past participle of distinguo, distinguere, distinxi, distinctum distortus -a -um malformed, grotesque, twisted, distorted, distorqueo, distorquere, distorsi, distortum Distylium Two-styles, di-stuloj (the conspicuous, separate styles) distylus -a -um two-styled, di-stuloj ditopoda, ditopus enriched-stem, (dito, ditare)-(pous, podus) (the stipe develops a basal covering of cottony fibres) diureticus -a -um diuretic, causing urination, diourein Diuris Two-tailed-one, di-oura (the sepals) diurnus -a -um lasting for one day, day-flowering, of the day, daily, diurnus diutinus -a -um, diuturnus -a -um long-lasting, diutinus divaricatus -a -um wide-spreading, straggling, divaricate, divarica, divaricare divensis -is -e from Chester (Deva) divergens spreading out, wide-spreading, divergent, di-(vergo, vergere) diversi-, diversus -a -um differing-, variable-, diversely-, diverto, divertere, diverti, diversum diversicolor having various colours, diversi-color diversifolius -a -um with different leaves, variable foliage, diversi-folium diversilobus -a -um variably lobed, botanical Latin from diversus and loboj (leaves) dives, divus -a -um belonging to the gods, divine, divus dividus -a -um divided, divido, dividere, divisi, divisum divinorus -a -um of the divine, of the prophets, divinus divionensis -is -e from Dijon, France (Divio, Divionensis) divisiflorus -a -um having flowers with finely divided petals, divisus-florum divisus -a -um divided, divido, dividere, divisi, divisum divulgatus -a -um widespread, divulgo, divulgare, divulgavi, divulgatum divulsus -a -um torn violently apart, estranged, divello, divellere, divelli, divulsum dixanthus -a -um having two shades of yellow, di-canqoj Dizygotheca Two-yoked-case, di-zugo-qhkh (the four-lobed anthers) Docynia an anagram of Cydonia docynoides resembling itself, Docynia-oides, hence Docynia docynoides dodartii for D.

Dodart (1634–1707), Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec-, dodeca- twelve-, duodecem, dwdeka Dodecadenia Twelve-glands, dwdeka-(adhn, adenoj) dodecandrus -a -um having twelve stamens, dwdeka-anhr dodecapetalus -a -um with twelve-petalled flowers, dwdeka-petalon dodecaphyllus -a -um having (about) twelve leaflets or leaves, dwdeka-fullon Dodecatheon Twelve-gods, dwdeka-qeoj (an ancient name used in Pliny) (American cowslips) dodentralis -is -e of one span, about nine inches (23 cm) across, dodrans, dodrantis three-quarters of a foot Dodonaea, dodonaei for Rembert Dodoens, Dodonaeus, (1517–85), Dutch physician and botanical writer dodrantalis -is -e of (about) nine inches (23 cm) in height or length, dodrans (the span from thumb tip to extended little finger tip) dolabratus -a -um axed, axe-shaped, dolabra, dolabrae dolabriformis -is -e hatchet-shaped, dolabra-forma doliarius -a -um having the shape of a large wine jar or barrel, dolium, dolii (doliaris tubby) dolich-, dolicho- long-, dolixoj, dolixo-, doulixodolichanthus -a -um with long flowers, dolixoj-anqoj dolichocentrus -a -um having long spurs, long-spurred, dolixo-kentron dolichoceras long-horned, dolixo-keraj dolichomischon long-pedicelled, dolixo-misxoj dolichorrhizus -a -um having long roots or rhizomes, dolixo-riza Dolichos the ancient Greek name, dolixoj (for long-podded beans) dolichostachyus -a -um long-spiked, dolixo-staxuj dolichostemon with long stamens, dolixo-stemon Dolichthrix Long-haired, dolixo-qric doliiformis -is -e tubby, shaped like a wine jar, dolium dolobratus -a -um hatchet-shaped, see dolabratus dolomiticus -a -um from the Italian Dolomites, of soils of dolomitic origin (dolomite is named for the French geologist Dolomieu (1750–1801) -dolon -net, -snare, -trap, doloj dolosus -a -um deceitful, doloj Dombeya for Joseph Dombey, French botanist who accompanied Ruiz and Pavon in Chile and Peru domesticus -a -um of the household, domesticus dominans becoming dominant, prevailing, present participle of dominor, dominari, dominatus domingensis -is -e from San Domingo, E Hispaniola, W Indies; from the Dominican Republic dominicalis -is -e, dominicus -a -um of Dominica (named by Columbus when sighted on a Sunday (dies dominica, the Lord’s day) donarius -a -um of reeds, donac (habitat) donax an old Greek name, donac, for a reed Dondia an Adansonian name (ϵ Suaeda fruticosa, S.

Epipactis ϵ Hacquetia epipactis) donianus -a -um, donii for G.

Don (1764–1814), Keeper of the Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, or either of his sons, David (1799–1841), the Linnean Society librarian, or George (1798–1856), who collected for the RHS in Brazil Doodia for Samuel Doody (1656–1706), apothecary and Keeper of the Chelsea Physick Garden c. 1691 doratoxylon spear-wood, doration-culon (aboriginal use for weapons) Dorema Gift, the name used by Dioscorides for another plant (gum ammoniac, Dorema ammoniacum) Doritis Lance-like, doru (the long lip of the corolla) dorius -a -um from Doria, the Peloponnese area once conquered by the Dorians; pole-like, doru (tall single-stemmed) dormannianus -a -um for Charles Dorman, orchid grower of Sydenham c. 1880 145 The Names of Plants dormiens seasonal, having a dormant period, present participle of dormio, dormire, domivi, domitum doronicoides resembling Doronicum, Doronicum-oides Doronicum from an Arabic name, doronigi (leopard’s bane) Dorotheanthus Dorothea-flower (for Dr Schwantes’ mother, Dorothea) dorsalis -is -e of mountain ridges, of the back, dorsum dorsi-, -dorsus -a -um on the back-, -backed, outside, dorsum, dorsi (outer curve of a curved structure) Dorstenia for Theodore Dorsten (1492–1552), German botanist dortmanna, dortmanniana for Herr Dortmann (c. 1640), pharmacist of Gröningen -dorus -a -um -bag-shaped, -bag, doroj dory- pole-, spear-, doru, doratoj, doruDoryanthes Spear-flower, doru-anqoj (the long flowering-scape) Dorycnium Dioscorides’ name, doruknion, was for a Convolvulus, reapplied by Miller Doryopteris Spear-fern, doru-pteruc doryphorus -a -um lance-bearing, doru-foroj (long tapering leaves or stems) dosua from a vernacular name, dosi-swa, for Indigofera dosua Douglasia, douglasii for David Douglas (1798–1834), of Perthshire, Scotland, plant collector in NW America for the RHS dovrensis -is -e from the Dovre mountain plateau, Dovrefjell, of S Central Norway -doxa -glory, doca Draba, draba Acrid, a name, drabh, used by Dioscorides for Lepidium draba (whitlow grass) drabae-, drabi- Draba-likedrabifolius -a -um Draba-leaved, Draba-folium Dracaena Female-dragon, drakaina (dragon tree, a source of dragon’s blood) draco, draco- dragon-, drakwn (for dragon’s blood sap or resin) Dracocephalum, dracocephalus -a -um Dragon-head, drako-kefalh (the shape of the corolla) dracocephalus -a -um dragon-headed, drako-kefalh dracoglossus -a -um serpent-tongued, drako-glwssa (division of frond) dracomontanus -a -um from the Drakensberg mountains, S Africa draconsbergensis -is -e from Drakensberg, S Africa Dracontioides, dracontoides Dracontium like, drakontion-oeidhj Dracontium, dracontius -a -um Snake, drakwn, drakontoj, an ancient Greek name, used by Pliny for plant with serpentine roots, dracontia-radix Dracophyllum Dragon-leaf, drako-fullon dracophyllus -a -um dragon-leaved, drako-fullon (the markings) Dracula Sinister, from the name, dragwlya, given to fifteenth-century Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia, renowned for his cruelty (this dark orchid has a jelly-like lip to entice pollinators) Dracunculus, dracunculus Little-dragon, diminutive of draco, draconis (a name used by Pliny for a serpentine rooted plant) Drapetes Breaking-up, drapethj Dregea, dregei, dregeanus -a -um for Johann Franz Drege (1794–1881), German plant collector in S Africa drepano- arched, sickle-shaped, drepanon, drepanto, drepanoDrepanocarpus Curved-fruit, drepano-karpoj (leopard’s claw) drepanocentron curved spur, drepano-kentron Drepanocladus Curved-branch, drepano-kladoj (the arched lateral branches) drepanolobius -a -um having small curved lobes, drepano-loboj (leaves or petals) drepanophyllus -a -um having sickle-shaped leaves, drepano-fullon Drepanostachyum, drepanostachyus -a -um Curved-spike, drepano-staxuj drepanus -a -um arched or curved like a sickle-blade, drepanon Drimia Acrid, drimuj (the pungent juice from the bulbs) 146 Glossary Drimioposis resembling Drimia, drimuj-oyij drimyphilus -a -um salt-loving, halophytic, drimuj-filoj Drimys Acrid, drimuj (the taste of the bark of winter-bark) dros- dew, drosoj Drosanthemum Dewey-flower, drosoj-anqemion (glistens with epidermal hairs) Drosella Little-dewy-one, feminine diminutive from drosoj Drosera Dewy, drosoj, droseroj (the glistening glandular hairs of the apothecaries’ ros solis, the sundew) (Droseraceae) droserifolius -a -um having leaves similar to those of Drosera, Drosera-folius drosocalyx having a calyx with, or appearing to have, spots of dew, drosoj-kaluc Drosophyllum Dewy-leaved, drosoj-fullon (the droplet-tipped leaf-glands) drucei for George Claridge Druce (1859–1932), British botanist Drummondia for Thomas Drummond (c. 1790–1835), of Havana, who collected in N America and died collecting drummondii for Dr James Larson Drummond (1783–1853) founder of the Belfast Botanic Garden, or James Drummond (1784–1863), Curator of Cork Botanic Garden, or James Ramsay Drummond (1851–1921), of the Indian Civil Service, or Thomas Drummond drumonius -a -um of woodlands, drumoj drupaceus -a -um stone-fruited with a fleshy or leathery pericarp, drupe-like, druppa drupiferus -a -um drupe-bearing, druppa-ferw, drupa-fero drusorum of oak woods, druj, druoj dryadeus -a -um of oaks, druoj (Inonotus dryadeus is a fungal parasite on oak) dryadifolius -a -um having Dryas like foliage, Dryas-folium dryadioides of shady habitats; resembling Dryas, druoj-oeidhj Dryandra for Jonas Dryander (1746–1819), Swedish botanist Dryas, dryas Oak-nymph, druaj (the leaf shape) one of the mythological tree nymphs or Dryads (oak-like leaves of mountain avens); of woodland shade drymeius -a -um of woods, woodland, druj, drumoj drymo- wood-, woodland-, druj, drumoDrymoglossum Wood-tongue, drumo-glwssa (the arboreal habitat) Drynaria Woodland, druj (forest margin habitat) drynarioides resembling Drynaria, Drynaria-oides dryophilus -a -um woodland-, shade- or oak-loving, druj-filew dryophyllus -a -um oak-leaved, druj-fullon Dryopteris, dryopteris Oak-fern, druj-pteruc, Dioscorides’ name, druopterij, for a woodland fern (buckler ferns) Drypetes Stone-fruits (the hard seeds), druptw to lacerate (spiny) Drypis Theophrastus’ name, druptw, for the scratching, spiny leaves dualis -is -e two fold, duaj, dualis dubayanus -a -um from Dubai, United Arab Emirates dubitans doubting, wavering, present participle of dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum dubius -a -um uncertain, doubtful, dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum Duchesnea for Antoine Nicolas Duchesne (1747–1827), French botanist duclouxianus -a -um, duclouxii for Mon.

Father Ducloux (b. 1864), collector in Yunnan, China duffii for Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff (1829–1906), botanist, Governor of Madras dulcamara bitter-sweet, dulcis-amara dulciferus -a -um bearing sweetness, dulcis-fero dulcificus -a -um sweetening, making sweet, dulcis-(fingo, fingere, finxi, fictum) dulcis -is -e sweet-tasted, mild, dulcesco, dulcescere dumalis -is -e, dumosus -a -um thorny, compact, bushy, dumosus Dumasia for Jean B.

Dumas (1800–84), French pharmacist and chemist 147 The Names of Plants dumetorum of bushy habitats, of thickets, dumetum, dumeti dumetosus -a -um having a bushy habit, dumetum, dumeti dumicolus -a -um inhabiting thickets, dumetum-colo dumnoniensis -is -e from Devon, Devonian (Dumnonia) Dumortiera, dumortieri for B.


Dumortier (1797–1878), of Belgium dumosus -a -um bushy, dumosus dumulosus -a -um quite bushy, diminutive of dumosus Dunalia, dunalianus -a -um for Michel Felix Dunal (1789–1856), Montpellier botanist dunensis -is -e of sand-dunes, from Old English, dun, for a hill duoformis -is -e having a double form, duo-forma duplex growing in pairs, double, duplicate, duplex, duplicis, dupliciduplicatus -a -um double, folded, bent, duplico, duplicare, duplicavi, duplicatum duplicilobus -a -um twice-lobed or segmented, duplici-lobus duploserratus -a -um twice-serrate, with toothed teeth, duplici-serratus durabilis -is -e durable, tough, duro, durare, duravi, duratum duracinus -a -um harsh-tasting, hard-berried, hard-fruited, duresco, durescere, durui durandii for Elias Magloire Durand (1794–1873) durangensis -is -e from either Durango state, N Mexico, or Durango, SW Colorado, USA Duranta for Castor Durantes (d. 1590), physician and botanist from Rome duratus -a -um lasting, enduring, hardy, duro, durare, duravi, duratum durhamii for Frank Rogers Durham (1872–1947), Secretary of the RHS 1925–46 durifolius -a -um tough-leaved, durus-folium Durio from the Malayan name, durian, for the fruit durior, durius harder, comparative of durus durispinus -a -um having hard spines, persistently spiny, durus-spina durissimus -a -um most persistent or tough, superlative of durus duriusculus -a -um rather hard or rough, diminutive comparative of durus durmitoreus -a -um from the Durmitor mountains, former Yugoslavia durobrivensis -is -e from Rochester (Kent or USA), or Dubrovnik, Croatia durus -a -um hard, hardy, durus Durvillaea for Jules Sébastien César Dumont d’Urville (1790–1842), French navigator duthieanus -a -um, duthiei for John Firminger Duthie (1845–1922), Superintendent of the Botanic Garden, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Duvalia for Henri Auguste Duval (1777–1814), author of Enumeratio plantarum succulentum in horto Alenconio dybowskii for Dybowski, French Inspector General of Colonial Agriculture c. 1908 Dyckia for Prince Salms Dyck (1773–1861), German writer on succulent plants (see Salmia) dyerae for Lady Thistleton-Dyer (née Hooker) (1854–1945) dyerianus -a -um for Sir William Thistleton-Dyer (1843–1928) of the Science Schools Building (forerunner of Imperial College), London dykesii for William Rickatson Dykes (1877–1925), author of Genus Iris and Secretary of the RHS, 1920–25 Dypsis Dipping, duptw (duya thirsty) (slender-stemmed palms) dys-, dyso- poor-, ill-, bad-, difficult-, unpleasant, dusDyschoriste Poorly-divided, dus-xwrij (the stigma) dyscritus -a -um difficult to assess, doubtful, duskritoj dysentericus -a -um of dysentery, dusenteria (medicinal treatment for) dysocarpus -a -um having foul-smelling fruit, dus(o)-karpoj Dysodea Evil-scented, dus-odmoj dysodes unpleasant-smelling, dus-wdhj dysophyllus -a -um having foul-smelling foliage, dus-fullon dysosmius -a -um evil-smelling, dus-osmh 148 Glossary e-, ef-, ex- without-, not-, from out of-, ec-, ek-, e-, ex- (privative) Earinus, earinus -a -um Belonging-to-spring, earinoj (flowering season) eatonii for Amos Eaton (1776–1842) ebenaceus -a -um ebony-like, ebenoj Ebenus, ebenus -a -um Ebony-black, hebenus, ebenoj (Arabic, hebni, cognate with ebony) (vide supra, Family names re Ebenaceae) Ebermaiera for Karl Heinrich Ebermaier (1802–70), writer on medicinal plants (ϵ Chamaeranthemum) eboracensis -is -e from York (Eboracum, Eburacum) eborinus -a -um ivory-white, like ivory, ebur, eburis ebracteatus -a -um without bracts, privative e-bractea ebracteolatus -a -um lacking bracteoles, e-bracteolae ebudensis -is -e, ebudicus -a -um from the Hebridean Isles (Ebudae Insulae) ebulbus -u -um without bulbs; not swollen, e-bulbus Ebulus, ebulus a name, ebulus, ebuli in Pliny for danewort eburneus -a -um, eburnus -a -um ivory-white with yellow tinge, ebur, eburis ecae for Mrs E.


Aitchison ecalcaratus -a -um without a spur, spurless, privative e-(calcar, calcaris) ecarinatus -a -um without a keel, un-ridged, e-(carina, carinae) Ecballium (Ecbalium) Expeller, ekballein (at maturity, the squirting cucumber expels its seeds when touched, ekballw to expel, ekbolh, expulsion, causing childbirth contractions, it also has cathartic properties) ecbolius -a -um casting out, expelling, ekbolh, ekboloj (cathartic) eccremo- pendent, hanging, ek-kremastoj Eccremocarpus Hanging-fruit, ek-kremastoj-karpoj (Chilean glory flower) Echeveria for Athanasio Echeverria y Godoy, one of the illustrators of Flora Mexicana echidnis -is -e, echidnus -a -um serpentine, exidna, echidna Echinacea, echinaceus -a -um Spiny-one, exinoj (the spiny involucral bracts) (purple cone flower) (cf.

Erinacea) Echinaria Hedgehog-like, exinoj (prickly capitate inflorescence of hedgehog grass) echinatoides resembling (Rubus) echinatoides, exinoj-oeidhj echinatus -a -um, echino- covered with prickles, hedgehog-like, exinoj Echinella, echinellus -a -um Little hedgehog, slightly prickly achenes, echinus with diminutive suffix -ellus echiniformis -is -e having hedgehog- or sea-urchin-like form, echinus-forma echino- spiny like a hedgehog or sea urchin, exinoj, exino, echinus, echini Echinocactus Hedgehog-cactus, exino-kaktoj echinocarpus -a -um having spine-covered fruits, exino-karpoj echinocephalus -a -um having a prickly head, exinoj-kefalh (the warty surface of the pileus) Echinocereus Hedgehog-Cereus, exino-Cereus Echinochloa Hedgehog-grass, exino-xloh (the awns of the scabrid spikelets) Echinodorus Hedgehog-bag, exino-doroj (the fruiting heads of some species) Echinofossulocactus Prickly-ditch-cactus, botanical Latin echino-fossula-cactus (wavy spine-clad ridges of the brain or barrel cactus) echinoides sea-urchin- or hedgehog-like, exinoj-oeidhj Echinopanax Hedgehog-Panax, exino-Panax Echinophora Prickle-carrier, exino-fora (the spiny umbels) echinophytus -a -um prickly or hedgehog-plant, exinoj-futon Echinops Hedgehog-resembler, exinoj-wy (globe thistles) echinosepalus -a -um with prickle-covered sepals, exino-skeph echinosporus -a -um having spores covered in small prickles, exino-sporoj echinus -a -um prickly like a hedgehog, exinoj echioides resembling Echium, Echium-oides Echites the name in Pliny for a twining or coiling plant, perhaps a Clematis, viperlike, exij, exidna 149 The Names of Plants Echium Viper, exij (a name, exion, used by Dioscorides for a plant to cure snakebite) (viper’s bugloss) ecirrhosus -a -um lacking tendrils, e-cirrus ecklonianus -a -um, ecklonii for Christian Friedrich Ecklon (1785–1868), apothecary and student of the S African flora eclectus -a -um selected, picked out, ek-legw, eklegein Eclipta Deficient, ekliphj (has few receptacular scales) eco- habitat, dwelling place, oikoj, oikoecostatus -a -um without ribs, smooth, e-costatus (a comparative state) ecristatus -a -um not crested, lacking a crest, e-cristatus ect-, ecto- on the outside-, outwards-, ektoj, ekto-, ektEctadiopsis Appearing-far-distant, ektadioj-oyij ectophloeos living on the bark of another plant, ekto-floioj (symbionts, parasites and saprophytes) ectypus -a -um outside or not agreeing to the type, ekt-tupoj, e-typus edentatus -a -um, edentulus -a -um without teeth, toothless, e-(dens, dentis) Edgeworthia, edgeworthii for M.


Edgeworth (1821–81), botanist of the East India Company edinensis -is -e, edinburgensis of Edinburgh, Scotland (Edinburgum) editorum of the editors, productive, radiant; of heights, from edo, ederi, edidi, editum edo, edoensis from Tokyo (formerly Edo) edomensis -is -e from the Edom area of SW Jordan Edraianthus Sedentary-flower, edraioj-anqoj (the flower-clusters on the peduncles) edulis -is -e of food, edible, edo, esse, edi, esum efarinosus -a -um lacking farina, without a mealy indumentum, e-farina effusus -a -um spread out, very loose-spreading, unrestrained, effundo, effundere, effudi, effusum egalikensis -is -e from Igaliko, Greenland Eglanteria, eglanterius -a -um from a French name, eglantois or eglantier, for Rosa canina egregius -a -um outstanding, exciting, egregius ehrenbergii for Karl August Ehrenberg (1801–49), collector in Port-au-Prince and Mexico Ehretia for George Dionysius Ehret (1708–70), botanical artist ehrhartii for J.


Ehrhart (1742–95), of Switzerland Eichhornia (Eichornia) for J.



Eichhorn (1779–1856) of Prussia (water hyacinth) eichleri, eichlerianus -a -um for Wilhelm Eichler of Baku, who, c. 1873, sent Tulipa eichleri to Regel elachi-, elacho-, elachy- small-, elaxuj, smallest elaxistoj (followed by an organ or structure) elachisanthus -a -um having small flowers, elaxuj-anqoj elachophyllus -a -um small-leaved, elaxuj-fullon elachycarpus -a -um small-fruited, elaxuj-karpoj elae-, elaeo- olive-, ela, elaia elaeagnifolius -a -um, (elaeagrifolia) with Elaeagnus-like leaves, Elaeagnus-folium elaeagnoides resembling Elaeagnus, elaia-agnoj-oeidhj Elaeagnus, elaeagnos Olive-chaste-tree, elaia-agnoj (oleaster) (Elaeagnaceae) Elaeis (Elais) Olive, elaioj (the fruit of the oil-palm, Elaeis guineensis, has assumed huge commercial importance, like the olive) Elaeocarpus Olive-fruited, elaia-karpoj (the fruit form and structure) (Elaeocarpaceae) Elaeophorbia Olive-Euphorbia, elaia-Euphorbia (composite name indicating the olive-like fruits) elaeopyren olive-like kernel, having an oily-kernel, elaia- purhn elaeospermus -a -um having oil-rich seed, elaia-sperma elaidus -a -um oily, like the olive, elaia elaiophorus -a -um oil-bearing, elaia-fora (by analogy with the olive) 150 Glossary elaphinus -a -um tawny, fulvous, elafh, a fawn elapho- stag’s-, elafoj, elafh, elafoElaphoglossum Stag’s-tongue, elafo-glwssa (shape and texture of the fronds) Elaphomyces Stag-fungus, elafoj-mukej elaphro- light-, easy-, nimble-, elafroj, elafroelaphroxylon having light wood, elafro-culon elasticus -a -um yielding an elastic substance, elastic, elaunein, elastikoj elaterium Greek name, elathroj, for the squirting cucumber, elathroj driving away (squirting out seeds), (elathr a driver, for the threads that aid cryptogamic spore dispersal) Elatine, elatine Little-conifer, elatinoj, of pine wood (a name, elatinh, used by Dioscorides) (Elatinaceae) elatinoides resembling Elatine, elatinoj-oeidhj elatior, elatius taller, comparative of elatus Elatostema Tall-crown, elath-stemma; High-renown, elatus-stemma (the inflorescence) elatus -a -um exalted, tall, high, effero, effere, extuli, elatum elbistanicus -a -um from the Elbistan area of eastern Anatolia, S Turkey elbursius -a -um from the Elburz mountain range of N Iran eldorado that of gold, golden one, of great abundance, Spanish fictional country of great plenty electra-, electro- amber-, hlektron (mostly for the colour but also for minor electrostatic features, as shown by amber itself) electrocarpus -a -um amber-fruited, hlektron-karpoj electrus -a -um for Electra, daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology electus -a -um select, electo, electare elegans graceful, elegant, elegans, elegantis elegantissimus -a -u most elegant, most graceful, superlative of elegans elegantulus -a -um quite elegant or graceful, diminutive of elegans eleo- marsh, eloj, eleo-, cf.

HeleoEleocharis (Heleocharis) Marsh-favour, eleo-xarij Eleogiton (Heleogiton) Marsh-neighbour, eleo-geitwn (in analogy with Potamogeton) elephanticeps ivory or large headed, elephantus-ceps elephantidens elephant’s tooth, elephantus-(dens, dentis) elephantinus -a -um large; having the appearance of ivory, elefantinoj elephantipes like an elephant’s foot, elephantus-pes, elefaj-(pouj, podoj) (appearance of the stem or tuber) Elephantopus Elephant’s-foot, elefantoj-pouj (achenes carried on feet and make some species troublesome weeds) elephantotis -is -e elephant-eared, elefaj-wtoj (large pendulous leaves) elephantus -a -um of the elephant, ivory; large, elefaj, elefantoj, elefanto-, elephantus, elephanti (cognate with oliphant, a horn made of ivory) elephas elephantine, ivory-like, elefaj, elefantoj (also variously applied to pendulous structures) Elettaria from a Malabar vernacular name Eleusine from Eleusis, Greece eleuther-, eleuthero- free-, eleuqeroj eleutherandrus -a -um having free stamens, eleuqeroj-anhr Eleutheranthera Free-stamened-one, eleuqeroj-anqhroj eleutherantherus -a -um with stamens not united but free, eleuqeroj-anqhroj Eleutherococcus Free-fruited, eleuqeroj-kokkoj eleutheropetalus -a -um having distinctly separate petals, eleuqeroj-petalon Eleutheropetalum Free-petalled, eleuqeroj-petalon (polypetalous) elevatus -a -um lifting, alleviating, elevo, elevare eleyi for Charles Eley, who hybridized Malus niedzwetskyana with M spectabilis (M. ϫ eleyi) 151

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    Horses-Store.com - Quarters : Dodart 1634 1707 Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec dodeca twelve….
    Horses-Store.com and Quarters : Dodart 1634 1707 Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec dodeca twelve….
    Horses-Store.com - Quarters : Dodart 1634 1707 Parisian botanist 144 Glossary dodec dodeca twelve….