Reining : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….

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Sports G-string Horses-store.comReining : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….

Check it out! Over 100 head of REAL RANCH HORSES have entered the “Best of the Remuda” Ranch Gelding Competition – these horses will compete in a JUDGED Ranch Horse Competition on Friday at 3 p.m.

At the climate controlled HorsePalace Arena.

Your chance to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! You are invited and encouraged to attend this Ranch Horse Competition – watch just what these horses can do! Eliminate the guess work – see it for yourself! We’ll have fresh cattle to cut on Saturday – watch the cutting horses do their stuff! We ALWAYS have good roping steers and we rope at EVERY BLS horse sale (weather permitting!) In addition to offering using horses this month, check out the ponies and kids horses! A list of haulers is included in this catalog and – call us if you have ANY questions! Enjoy the sales, enjoy Billings, and we are glad you came! Bill and Jann Parker Bill and Jann Parker, Horse Sale Managers. Phone Bids: Please contact our office prior to the event to arrange to bid by telephone 406-245-4151 HIPS 1-348 Saturday Catalog Horses HIPS 401-505 Sunday Catalog Horses HIPS 1000 + Loose Horses HIPS 801-899 Open Consignment Horses Our Soundess Guarantee Buy and sell with confidence Credibility and Dependability are important to us.

At Billings Livestock Horse Sales, all horses that are ridden through the ring and sell as a result of being ridden through the ring, are GUARANTEED SOUND until Monday Noon following the Saturday Sale and Tuesday Noon following the Sunday Sale unless otherwise stated from the block.

To further define our policy, if the horse sells at 6 p.m.

On the Saturday of our sale, the horse will be guaranteed sound for an additional 42 hours – Noon on Monday.

What we here at BLS Horse Sales consider sound is: Sight out of both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four, and not to crib.

Your confidence in our sale does make a difference! See you at the sale – and remember – at BLS, We Like Horses! “Best of the Remuda” RANCH HORSE COMPETITION Friday, May 24 • 3 p.m. Cowboy will lead horse to the center of the arena, drop bridle and rebridle the horse.

Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining pattern: Lope two circles to the left, the first slow the second faster.

Switch leads and lope two circles to the right, the first slow the second fast.

Change leads make one half circle, go down the fence, stop, rollback to the right, down the fence, stop, rollback to the left, back down the fence, stop, back up fifteen (15) feet. 360 degree spins.

OPTIONAL: Rider will then call for the steer.

Steer will be released into the arena.

Cowboy will box steer on short end of arena to show horse’s ability to control a cow.

Cowboy will then rope steer by the neck and pull him a sufficient distance to show horse’s ability to pull from the horn.

Cowboy will then pen and shut gate at end of arena.

End of competition. HorsePalace Arena Exit 437 on I-90 Index of Consigners: May 25 & 26, 2013 Catalog Sale pg 1 Hip 117 Hip 4, 84, 292, 292X, 316, 436, 452, 461 Amos, Brian Hip 218 Anderson, Curt Hip 79 BLS Horse Sales Hip 114 Bassett, Peggy Hip 62 Bauer, Robin Hip 55 Beer, John Hip 40 Benson, Jeanne Hip 69 Berg, Kelsey Hip 49 Boothe, Bruce Hip 409 Boulder Horse Company Hip 13, 57, 96, 148, 155, 208, 231, 275, 302 Briese, Torie Hip 161 Brogan, Brady Hip 58 Brown, Billy Hip 30, 243 Buchanan, Billy & Elizabeth Hip 11, 232 Bulkley, Ryan Hip 54, 156, 246, 270 Burch, Ivan Hip 102 Calvert, Wendy Hip 25 Cantrell, Ken Hip 229 Carl, Dawn Hip 135 Circle A Livestock Hip 1, 85, 94, 301, 434, 458 Conlon, Tom Hip 23 Crago, Kim Hip 147 Crazy Mountain Ranch Hip 33, 109, 166, 276, 422, 441, 448 Cremer, Pat Hip 122 Crosson, Roy Hip 95 Cunningham, Terry Hip 412 D & G Horses Hip 27, 113, 170, 271, 424, 447 Dakolios, Dennis & Jodee Hip 104, 310 DeBoer, Sam Hip 39, 273 Diamond D Cattle Co Hip 401 Dooley, Mike & Frances Hip 82, 199 Downy, John Hip 24 ER Ranch Hip 16X, 20, 68X, 118 Edwards, Jeff Hip 31, 168 Erb, George Hip 28, 187 Evans, Clint Hip 121 Eymer, Brittany Hip 70X, 111 Farmer, Trevor Hip 97 Foster, Katherine Hip 411 Fox, Joe Hip 110 Frost, Sarah Hip 419 Garrison, Cheyenne Hip 52 Geldard, Judy Hip 183 Gibbs, Alisha Hip 123, 123X Glade, Wyatt Hip 174 Gleason, Kenny Hip 89 Guptill, Scott & Audrey Hip 142, 261 Haalands T Bone Feeders Hip 127 Hahn, Charley Hip 101 Hall, Jay Hip 226 Hansen, Art Hip 198, 291 Harrington, Don Hip 129 Hart, Shawn Hip 92, 253, 282 Hayden, Ryan Hip 140, 259 Hill, Rozen & EmmyLu Hip 151, 266 Hirschy, Fred & Lynn Hip 179, 209, 217 21 Ranch inc 4K Horses Ingram Quarter Horses JFW Corporation Jorgensen, Lisa Kamps, Craig Kautzman, Ted & Reann Kelly, Trent Kerns, Mark & Savannah Knudson, Chris Kolander, KC Koubek, Jess Kunesh, CR LaFrance, Valerie Lasseter, Dusty Last Chance Horse Co Lazy EL Ranch Lindaman, Michael Lloyd, Taylor Lone Mountain Ranch Long, Rita Lytle, Brita Mannygoats, Oliver Marmon, Michaell Matlick, Marc Matthews, Broden Mayfield, Derry Hip 126, 225 Hip 176 Hip 80 Hip 220 Hip 32, 175 Hip 260 Hip 149 Hip 9, 233 Hip 48, 93, 139, 202, 230, 245, 254, 281 Hip 3, 90, 192, 215, 288 Hip 134 Hip 185 Hip 234 Hip 2, 86, 138, 289, 300, 433, 451, 460 Hip 56X, 107, 157, 304 Hip 38, 103, 223, 263, 421, 446 Hip 19 Hip 406, 439, 445, 454 Hip 98 Hip 420 Hip 211 Hip 46, 158, 249, 272 Hip 29, 169, 269 Hip 120 Hip 56, 92X, 163, 164X, 224X, 404, 408, 410, 415, 435, 440, 463 Hip 144, 285 Hip 197, 432 Hip 17, 125, 178, 207, 297, 418, 442, 462 Hip 68, 133, 188, 279, 299, 314 Hip 26, 116, 173, 210, 236, 257 Hip 119, 177, 311 Hip 414, 427, 449, 456 Hip 417, 437 Hip 228 Hip 7, 40X, 81, 100X, 131, 182, 189X203, 244, 294, 298, 313, 317, 413, 438, 444, 455, 459, 464 Hip 100 Hip 190, 280, 303 Hip 99 Hip 423, 453 Hip 106 Hip 12, 205, 296, 312 Hip 64, 238 Hip 145 Hip 65 Hip 251 Hip 37, 108, 165, 180, 212, 242, 268, 278 Hip 50 McEwen, Todd McLean, Linda Meadow Valley Ranch Miller, Chuck & Diane Miller, Dan & Becky Mills, Lynette MonDak Livestock Monteaux, Richard Monteaux, Jon Mortenson, Riggin Mullanix, Rainie Nielson, Thayne Olson, Trina Partridge, Robert Paulson, Justin Pearman, Lynn Peterson, Ross & Chrissy Peterson, Kaitlin Pierce, Jeremy Qualm, Jenita K RMO Horses Redding, Skeeter Index of Consigners: May 25 & 26, 2013 Catalog Sale pg 2 Hip 88, 195, 235, 258 Hip 130, 426 Hip 61 Hip 172, 200 Hip 407 Hip 18, 83, 141, 204, 214, 247, 287, 416, 443 Schnabel, Arion Hip 21, 309, 402 Schwartz, Edward Hip 5, 47, 91, 256 Seafield Farms Hip 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 Sears, Brian Hip 53, 248 Severe, Daric Hip 59, 152, 240 Slagowski, Joe & Nicole Hip 44, 250 Slaveson, Greg Hip 6 Small, Clinton Hip 171 Smith, Cindy Hip 10, 42, 66, 160, 201, 213, 222, 267, 293, 305 Smith, Marlene Hip 164 Steere, Danielle Hip 35, 237 Steinmetz, Cheri Hip 153 Stellflug, Duanne & Nicky Hip 132 Sterkel, Thomas Hip 34, 167, 224, 308 Stevies, Todd Hip 16 Stockton, Wendy Hip 8, Stromme, Sid Hip 43, 159, 221, 265, 295 Sussey, John Hip 425 Swanke, Neil Hip 194 Swick, Brent & Jessica Hip 154, 241 TK Livestock Hip 45, 87, 137, 196, 216, 290, 315, 318, 431, 450, 457 TN Roping Horses Hip 41, 67, 163X, 186, 219, 255 Thompson, Leslie Hip 70, 143, 252, 284 Tresch, Debra A Hip 429, 429X Tripp, Samuel Hip 15 Turner Performance HorsesHip 128, 184, 206, 227 Two Two Sr, Vincent Hip 105 Ulloa, Juan Hip 146 Valentine, Serra Hip 264 VanEaton, Jack Hip 60, 262, 428 Vashus, Lawrence & Susan Hip 63, 150, 239 Veltkamp, Phil Hip 189, 283 Vining, Dustin Hip 51 Voegel, Bobbie Hip 14 Wagoner, Zane Hip 22 Walsh, Lyndon Hip 286 Warneke, Terry Hip 112 Watson, Oryn Hip 36, 274, 307 Weher, Laurel Hip 136 Wendt, Dean Hip 115, 115X, 403 Western Training Stables Hip 430 Willey, Ashley Hip 90X, 236X Willey, Eric Hip 181, 240X Willey, Shawn Hip 124, 277 Winifield, Katie Hip 405 Wormser Livestock Hip 162, 306 Yoder, Jerry Hip 193 Zuber, Ian Hip 191 Reurink, Jeremy Rodenbough, Jesse Russell Land & Livestock Sallee, Scott & Sandy Salveson, Ken Schmitt Horse Ranch — HIP 48 Ranch Horse HIP 46 Ranch Horse HIP 43 Ranch Horse Buddy 04 Grade Sorrel Gelding Sid Stromme Manhattan, MT Here is a gentle nine yr.

Old gelding.

Been used on a Ranch, Very nice, Light rein, side passes, and anyone can ride him .

If you are looking for a horse that can get the job done and is kid gentle, he might be the one! Coggins. HIP 44 Ranch Horse Smokin Hummer 4190528 01 AQHA Gray Mare Joe & Nicole Slagawski Hamer, ID Big Step Jamzey Step Leo Bugler Lou Mr Rattle N Hum Blair Cee Susie Blair Bego Susie Bego Smokin Hummer Smokin Jose Doc N Jose Doc N Peppy Smokin Concert Bids Rocky Pine Rock Concert Sweet N Royal Goose is a gentle mare who has done it all.

We have used her on the ranch to sort and brand calves.

She has been shown in the Idaho Reining Assc and is a money earner.

You can take her home and use her on the ranch, show her or let your daughter queen on her.

She will be shown in the Best of the Remuda Ranch Horse Competition.

For more information (208) 680-5731.

Coggins. MDM Two Bars 5238082 09 AQHA Red Dun Gelding Michael Marmon Ronan, MT Sugar Bars Sonny Sugar Glitter Mount Sugar Bars Show Off Lobo Blue Lobos Showoff Little Dod MDM Two Bars Quincy Sun Dun Sun Dunit Snippy Revlon Bar Fly Dunit Ima Bar Fly Ima Bar Fly Cutie Pop Corn Cutie Nice big gelding.

Will watch cattle.

Rope etc.

Real nice young ranch horse.

Gerald has roped and doctored cattle outside and inside.

Goes wherever you point him.

Video on website.

Sound, shoes, loads etc.

This is a real deal horse to go any direction you want. raised and ridden here.

Coggins. Fist Full Of Bees 4707904 05 AQHA Gray Gelding KC Kolander Jackson, MN Cowboys Ace High Heza Ace High Skipas Sassy Lassy A Fistful Of Aces Spanish Array Surenough Magic Social Enuf Skip Fist Full Of Bees Jackie Bee Joshua J Bee Tam’s Star Bar Bee Misty Moon Moonlite Gold Moonlites Petty Cash Misty Luna Lady Prime aged, full made gelding that was born and raised and ranch used in the pan handle of Okalahoma most of his life.

He is dependable everytime you need him and is the same everytime he has been layed off for long periods of time.

Solid gelding that is gentle.

Guests have rode him all over the ranch.

He has been pastured roped on, calved on, brandings, and has had a lot of colts ponied on him.

Solid horse for anyone or any job! Coggins. HIP 47 TNT Chrome HIP 47 4931057 HIP 45 Sally 05 Grade Sorrel Molly Mule TK Livestock Jackson, MN Sally is exceptionally well broke and very gentle.

She has been ridden and coon hunted on in the Ozark Mountains.

She is very sure footed and will go over deadfall and cross streams.

Easy to catch and a very kind disposition; well broke to ride.

Coggins. Frost Hollywood Jac 05 AQHA Bay Cash Gelding 3818449 Riggin Mortenson SD 99 AQHA Red DunDupree, Gelding Sun Frost Country Edward Schwartz KK Sanford, Bay Frost CO Smoky Blue Hollywood Jac Bar 86 KK Bay Frost Country Master Cowboy Jac Double Bee Miss Country Rebel Terra Cotta Kips Cowboy Country Comma Mr Midland John’s Lobo Chosen First TNT Chrome Frost Bobbibar Sun FrostBob Hollywood Jac Cash Sun Frost Country Kips Dash Country Comma For Cash TNT Cajun Country Power Of Cash Sun Frost Witch PC Hula SocialRiver Socker Cashs Lula Rapid Bellewood Rocking Easy A gelding you can Easy do anything on.

Has a lot Hula Too of heart, a lot of run, rides real well.

Does Lulu Hula Too anything asked, gives 110% effort.

Sound and gentle.

Here isCoggins.

A roping horse deluxe; a finished head and heel horse that will take you to the pay window everytime.

Have won saddles on him.

He will go to a steer evertime and knows he is in position. 100% Sound.

No vices.

Only reason selling him is that we have too much young stock to train.

Coggins Ranch Horse — HIP 67 HIP 62 Kings El Dorado 4088561 01 AQHA Black Gelding Peggy Bassett Roundup, MT Quincy Bar Lee’s Domino Helen Lee Els Domino King Atomic Ed Bitterroot Baby Frisky Countess Kings El Dorado Bayou Barred Keppie Ubar Tee Bar Fossel Stars Ubar Star’s Witt Becky Witt Bar Miss Fore I broke this horse, hoping my grandkids could rodeo on him, but he’s just not a horse for little kids.

He is gentle and he likes them, but they are just not experienced enough.

He is current on shots and worming, has perfect ground manners and can really walk.

He is black, 16h and about 1200#.

OH, and he runs a good barrel pattern.

For more information call 406-259-4561. HIP 65 Almost Pocito 3710009 98 AQHA Brown Gelding TN Roping Horses Lawton, OK Mr Comrie Black Letters Mc’s Shady Baby Almost Never Magnolia Charge Taterette Delight Taterette Almost Pocito Poco Bueno Pocito Bien Sharon’s Ruby Pocito Leo San Lightning San Li San Pond Fly Clay’s Juliette AQHA brown gelding, 15.2 hands.

Big, stout, eye-catching head and heel horse.

Super solid, been hauled by a #6 roper – plenty of run, real stout off the horn and easy to catch cattle on.

Watch video at Youtube: http:// Coggins. Pokey 09 Grade Sorrel & White Paint Mini Gelding Jeremy Pierce Malta, MT Pokey is a loveable 4 year old sorrel and white 36 inch tall mini horse.

Pokey has been ridden by two small children.

Pokey has been ridden in an arena and out on the ranch.

He lopes circles like a reining horse and stops hard the second you say the magic word “whoa”.

He neck reins and spins.

Pokey can be used to gather cows and sort pairs from cows needing to calve.

You can twirl a rope off of him.

Don’t miss out on a great well broke pony.

For more information call 406580-9490or email for video and photos.

Babes Ben Cuttin 4651990 04 AQHA Bay Gelding Cindy Smith Sterling, KS Mr San Peppy Peppy San Badger Sugar Badger Hollywood Pepin Lena Doc O’Lena Lena O Hollywood Holly Bingo Babes Ben Cuttin Cutter’s Dix Bubba Dexter Dells Fancey SDCC Babe Dexter Mister Circle Vee Speedy Circle Vee Nikis Sparkle Really shapey bay gelding used on the ranch and at the ropings.

Going good on the head side! Scores good and quiet , plenty of speed, rates and pulls hard at the horn! For more information (620) 664-8711.

Coggins. HIP 68 Versarys Kachina 877759 06 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare Chuck & Diane Miller Sawyer, ND Versary Bars Billy Penny Spook Versarys Master Gold Streak BR Sweet Charity Versarys Kachina Good Luck Time HIP 63 JA Sunfox Bandit 5154792 08 AQHA Palomino Gelding Lawrence & Susan Vashus Lamar, CO Doc’s Jack Frost Sun Frost Prissy Cline PC Citisun Cline Tuff Time Peppy PC Peppy Kate Cross Fire Kate JA Sunfox Bandit Orphan Drift Wilywood Oui Oui Wily Foxarita Mr Flintrock Baretta Bandit Bar Baretta Bought him as a baby raised him.

Broke him here on the ranch.

He’s pretty very gentle.

He watches a cow.

I’ve started heading steers on him.

He’s 15.3 hands and 1400lbs.

I’m 68 and rebuilt.

No vices.

Shots. 100% sound.

Coggins. HIP 66 Hank-A-Chief The Old Man Ole Mans Gal Badlands Lacey Pasa Paul Skip Badlands 413 Skip Badlands 13 Kachina likes attention and is good with hoof trimming.

She goes back to the performance horses Versary Bars and Hank A Chief.

Kachina sells open.

She’s used to dogs and crossing water.

Kachina has been saddle but not ridden.

Coggins. HIP 68X — Hollywood Jac 86 { Miss Doll Pine Jac 86 { Hollywood Boggie’s Last Bar Lee { Taco Fantastic Bar Genuine Doc Zans Summer Sun Shiners Lena Doc Boogies Bay Request NOTES: Shiners Diamond Son came from Carol Rose here at BLS.

The dam was Carol’s personal horse.

She was bred Shiners Diamond SonLena Doc and this was her last foal.

Diamond to Shiners is bred for disposition, trainability and athletic prowess.

Diamond has had 4 months of cutting and reining training by Keith Marquart.

Diamond’s grandsire was Carol Zans Summer Rose’s great Sun stallion, Zans Diamond Sun x Zan Parr Bar and out of the great Diamonds Sparkle.

Call Mike for more information at 406-668-9047.

By SHINERS LENA DOC (1998). $91,890: NRBC Open Reserve finalist in the NRCHA We boughtDerby this great geldingChampion; from Carol Rose Open Derby (Reserve here at BLS.

The dam was CarolsChampion personal of the Rein Work); horse, was bred to NRHA Shiners Lena Doc and split 6th, Open Derby; Santa Ynez RCH Open this was her last foal.

Diamond is bred for Futurity Reserve Champion.

Brother to A SHINER disposition, trainability and athletic prowNAMED SIOUX ($154,971: NRHA Open Derby Coess.

Diamond has had 4 months of cutting and reining training Champion).

By Keith Marquart.

DiaReserve Sire of SHINERS LENA DUST monds dams sire was finalist Carol Rose’s great stal($76,844: in the NRHA Open & Intermediate lion Zans Diamond Sun x Zan Parr Bar and Open Futurities), JUSTINS LENA DOC (ApHC) (2out of the great Diamonds Sparkle.

Call Mike time ApHC at World Champion Junior Reining Horse).

For more information 406-668-9047. 1st dam HIP Zans 83 Summer Sun, by Zans Diamond Sun. $3,405: 6th, NRHA Limited Open Derby; 3rd, Lazy E Limited Open Sparkin In Hollywood Reining Classic; top 15, AQHA World Championship 5016618 Junior Reining, 8 AQHA Open Reining points.

Dam 07 AQHA Sorrel Gelding of 10 foals, 4 performers-Schmitt Horse Ranch Holland, IA(f.

By Smart Shiner). 82.5 points SMART SUMMER FUN & NRCHA money-earner: AQHA High Point Working Cow Horse; Superior Working Cow Horse.

Genuine Summer Sun (f.

By Genuine Doc). 10.5 AQHA Jacs Electric Spark Reining points and $1,240: Novice Horse Open Reserve Champion at the Ontario RHA Pickering Reining; AQHA ROM.

Genuine Summer Sun (f.

By Genuine Doc). 10.5 Open Sparkin In Hollywood Performance points: Open ROM.

Dam of-Genuine Cher (f.

By SR Hallmarked).

Point-earner. 2nd dam Miss Otoe Smoke, by Smoke 49.

Dam of 5 money-earners, Boggies Bay Request including-SHINING IN SEATTLE (f.

By Shining Spark). $15,950 and 139 AQHA points: 6th, NRCHA Non-Pro Futurity; 4th, High Desert Non-Pro Snaffle Bit Futurity; NRCHA Non-Pro Stallion Stakes finalist; Spark is a very well broke gelding that is an AQHA Superior Heeling andSpark! Heading.

Own son of Jacs Electric He has been rode both SARAH in the arena and on (f.

The DIAMOND byoutside.

Mr Diamond Dude). $5,161: Spark has quick roll backs, nice pivots, side NRHA Limited Non-Pro World passes, and takes his leads with ease.

He is Champion; 3rd, Congress NRHA Non-Pro; winner of 18 Limited good with a rope, rides laid back outside and has all the ability to make a top-notch rope Non-Pro classes.

Dam of-horse.

Sound, current on deworming, shoes.

Finalist in the NRHA MR DIAMOND DUN IT. $15,342: For more info check out Open Futurity, Lazy E Classic 4/5-Year-Old Open or call 608-4344789.


And West Coast Spectacular 3-Year-Old Open; AQHA ROM.

Destined Diamond (Mr Diamond Dude). $4,755 NRHA. svp 5/13 NOTES: Sparkin In Hollywood is a very well broke gelding that is an own son of Jacs Electric Spark! He has been ridden both in the arena and outside.

Spark has quick roll backs, nice pivots, side passes, and takes his leads with ease.

He is good with a rope, rides laid back outside and has all the ability to make a top-notch rope horse.

Sound, current on deworming, shoes.

For more info check out or call 608-434-4789.

By JACS ELECTRIC SPARK (1998). $85,907 and 38 AQHA points: finalist, NRHA Open Futurity; top 10, NRHA Open Derby; top 10, NRBC Open Derby twice; 3rd, Canadian Breeders Classic Open Reining Derby twice; Kansas Sunflower Slide Open Futurity Champion; Sagebrush Slide Open Derby Reserve Champion; Open ROM.

Sire of the earners of $1,000,000, including ELECTRIC CODE (215,402: 3rd, NRHA Open Futurity, Champion of the Intermediate Open Futurity; SW RHA Open & Intermediate Open Futurity Champion), ELECTRICAL FLASH ($94,522: 4th, NRHA Open Futurity; split 5th, NRHA Open Derby), CHICS BLAZIN SPARK ($87,202: split 5th, NRHA Open Futurity; split 3rd, 2010 NRBC Intermediate Open Derby, finalist in the Open), LOST IN TINSELTOWN ($81,194: split 6th, NRBC Open Derby; split 5th, NRHA Open Derby; 3rd, AQHA World Championship Junior Reining), HOLLYS ELECTRIC SPARK ($56,659: split 3rd, NRHA Intermediate Open Futurity), WHOLE LOTA JAC ($24,717: 3rd, NRHA Intermediate Open Derby). 1st dam Boogies Bay Request, by Boogies Flashy Jac.

AQHA Amateur Performance point-earner and NRHA moneyearner: Southeast RHA Futurity Ladies Champion; East PA RHA Limited Non-Pro Reserve Champion; 3rd, OH Valley RHA Limited Open.

Dam of 7 foals, no performers to date. 2nd dam Lea Taco Bar, by Taco Bar Lee. 4 AQHA Open Performance points.

Dam of-AXELLE NOWATA STAR (Joe Nowata Star). $15,840: finalist, NRHA Open & Limited Open Futurity; split 5th, Farnam Open Futurity.

Lele In The Sky (Boogies Flashy Jac). 3.5 AQHA Open & Amateur points & NRHA money-earner: Main Event Limited Non-Pro Champion; NC Memorial Day Limited Non-Pro Champion.

Le Survenant (Shogun Too).

NRHA money-earner: Eastern Ont RHA Novice Horse Non-Pro Champion. 3rd dam Fantastic Bar, by Sugar Bar Dell.

Dam of-Fantastic May (Two Eyed Beaver).

NRHA moneyearner &13 AQHA points: Open ROM.

Lea Taco Bar (Taco Bar Lee).


Svp-5/13 HIP 84 Concho 03 Grade Chestnut Gelding 4K Ranch Jackson, MN Seasoned ranch horse that has been there and done that! He’s done everything- calving, sorting pairs, brandings, and gathering yearling cattle out of the pastures.

Pasture roped a lot of cattle on him and will absolutely go all day long, and do any job that needs done.

Super all around ranch using gelding.

Coggins. HIP 91 Playboys Big GBH BlueDiamondDrift 5229848 09 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding Circle A Livestock Jackson, MN Orphan Drift Ciderwood Poco Judy Sue LS Speedywood Drift Snippys Driftwood Redwood Sky Driftys Lightning GBH BlueDiamondDrift Sierra Te Sierras Notion Nasty Notions CW Diamonique Te Dee Bars Feature Dee Zircon Jackie Jackie Jules Diamond is a fancy true blue roan that has been rode all outside and always wants to please.

He is ready for any direction you send him. 100% sound. 507-459-8653.

Coggins. HIP 85 HIP 89 — Mr San Peppy { Sugar { Sugar Badger Badger Doc Bar Doc Bar { Tasa { Tasa TivioTivio Oak { Docs { Doc’s Stylish Docs Stylish Doc’s Oak Mr San Peppy Beckwith Playboy Walpu Bar Zuhra Star Naja Star Tari Tari Trista Doc Bar { Doc Trista Tari Tari { Doc Sons Round Sons Round Tuit Tuit Doc’s Starlight Butte County Playboy Tasa Tivio NOTES : Azucar Del Cielo is a good reining cow horse, NOTES: Azucar Del Cielo is a good reining cow horse, PERFORMANCE RECORD: 3.5 AQHA Points in Del Reining Azucar Cielo suitable for multiple uses, tremendous slides, stops and suitable for multiple uses, tremendous slides, stops and and Working Cowhorse & NRCHA Money Earner; Top Doc’s Oak turn arounds.

She is a good leaded horse.

She’s been turn arounds.

She is a good leaded horse.

She’s been Docs Stylish Oak Ten IBHA World Show in Open Reining; WFQHA World exposed to river mountain terrain.

Exposed to river andand mountain terrain.

Show Reserve Zuhra Star Grand Champion Stallion; 5th, WFQHA Docs Stylish By GALLO DEL CIELO [ROOSTER] (1989). $28,437: finalBy GALLO DEL CIELO [ROOSTER] (1989). $28,437: finalWorld Show Amateur Reining; 2003 BH Horse Shows Stylish Sugar istthe in the NCHA Open Derby, Chisholm Trail Open ist in NCHA Open Derby, Chisholm Trail Open High Points in Reining and Trail; 2003 Black Hills Stock Doc Tari Derby Abilene Western Open Derby.

Brother Derby andand Abilene Western Open Derby.

Brother to to Tari Show Reserve Champion in Ladies Ranch Horse Com- Trista GRAYS STARLIGHT.

The NRHA’s #7 All-Time LeadSons Round Tuit GRAYS STARLIGHT.

The NRHA’s #7 All-Time Leadpetition, 2004 Central Ladies Ranch Horse Butte County Playboy is an States AQHAFair point ing Sire; and an NRCHA Top 10 All-Time Leading ingsuitable Sire; and an NRCHA Top 10 All-Time Leading earner in Reining and Working Cowhorse, a Good reining cow horse, Champion Saddle Winner.

For mulSire, siring the earners of over $5,300,000.

NRCHA money earner, placed in the top ten fancy Sire, siring the of over $5,300,000.

Tiple uses, tremendous slides – stops – earners turn NOTES : Butte County Playboy produces colts, with a in IBHA World in Open Reining and has arounds, good leaded 1st dam horse, exposed to river 1st dam lot of eye appeal and color, duns, grullos, blacks, and placed in WFQHA World Shows.

He was the and mountain terrain.

Stylish Sugar, by Docs Stylish Oak.

Dam of 11 foals, 5 Coggins.


He has proven his versatility in the arena and on Stylish Sugar, by Docs Stylish Oak.

Dam of 11 foals, 5 2004 Central States Fair Ranch Horse performers-performers-Champion, saddle winner and has placed in the ranch.

He’s drug calves and worked a lot of cattle.

He STYLIN STARLIGHT (c.Grays by Grays Starlight). $16,958: other Ranch Horse Competitions.


By Starlight). $16,958: has a super disposition, ready and willing to do duces fancy colts, with a lot ofalways eye appeal finalist, NRHA Open Futurity.

Finalist, NRHA Open Futurity.

Whatever you askblacks, of him.

And He has speed, rate and comand color-duns, grullos, roans.


By Reminic). $11,621: REMINICS STYLISH (f.

By $11,621: 6th,6th, Butte County Playboy has proven his versamon sense.

He is a smooth mover with a running walk NRBC Intermediate Open Derby.

Dam tility in that theis arena on the ranch.

He’s not a trace of Doc NRBC Intermediate Open Derby.

Dam of–of-fun to and cover country on.

There’s STYLE IN STORM . $35,013: finalist, NRHA Open drug calves and worked a lot of cattle.

He STYLE IN STORM . $35,013: finalist, NRHA Open Bar in his pedigree, yet he’s full of cow! The “Beckwith has a super disposition, always ready and Futurity, split 6th in the Intermediate Open.

Futurity, split 6th in the Intermediate Open.

Dun” have proven their cow ability and versatility willing to do horses whatever you ask of him.

He WHO IS MY DADDY 44 AQHA points & $15,259: 5th, WHO IS MY DADDY . 44.AQHA points & $15,259: 5th, has speed, rate and common sense.

He is a outcross for some for many years and they make a good NRHA Intermediate Open Futurity.

Smooth of mover with a running walk that is NRHA Intermediate Open Futurity.

The modern day Doc Bar bred horses.

He will sell Starlights Stylish (f.Grays by Grays Starlight). $2,617: fun to cover country on.

There’s not a trace Starlights Stylish (f.

By Starlight). $2,617: breeding sound only.

For more information (605) 210of Doc Bar in his pedigree, yet he’s full of Canadian Breeders Classic Limited Non-Pro Fut.

Canadian Breeders Classic Limited Non-Pro Fut.

Ch.Ch. 0705.

Cow! The “Beckwith Dun” horses have proven 2nd dam 2nd dam their cow ability and versatility forfoals.

Many SIRE RECORD : Sire of 33 AQHA TRISTA TARI, by Doc Tari. $51,338: 6th, Gold & Silver years they make a good (1992).

Outcross for , by Doc Tari. $51,338: 6th, Gold & Silver Byand BECKWITH PLAYBOY Sire of BUTTE COUNTY TRISTA TARI Stakes 4-Year-Old Open; Tropicana 4-Year-Old Nonsome of the modern day Doc Bar bred horses.

Stakes 4-Year-Old Open; Tropicana 4-Year-Old NonPLAYBOY AQHA (Reference), POCO SNAFFLE (NRCHA Accomplishments; Point Earner in Pro Futurity Champion; Lazy E Non-Pro Derby Pro Futurity Champion; Lazy E Non-Pro Derby FOXYS FANCY BECKWITH (NRCHA Reining money-earner), and Working Cowhorse, NRCHA Champion.

Dam of -Money Earner, Top Ten BECKWITH IBHA WorldCOPPER Show (6 AQHA Open Champion.

Dam of -money-earner), DOC PER DODGER (Doc Per). $92,048: split 4th, NCHA in Open points).

Reining, Son WFQHA World Show Re- Sire of MR DONE DOC PER DODGER (Doc Per). $92,048: split 4th, NCHA DUN.

Of BECKWITH Non-Pro Futurity; 3rd, NCHA Limited Non-Pro Futurity.

Serve Grand Champion Stallion, WFQHA Non-Pro Futurity; 3rd, NCHA Limited Non-Pro Futurity.

BAR Amateur (15.5 AQHA points & $2,157: World Show Reining -5th Place, AQHA Reserve LENA TARISIS (Lenas Telesis). $87,857: finalist, NCHA LENA TARISIS (Lenas Telesis). $87,857: finalist, NCHA 2003 BH Horse Shows High Points Team in ReinWorld Champion Amateur Penning; 4th, AQHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic; 6th, Abilene Specting and Trail, 2003 Black Hills Stock Show Penning), MR Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic; 6th, Abilene SpectWorld Show Open Team acular Non-Pro Classic.

Reserve Champion in Ladies Ranch Horse acular Non-Pro Classic.

CHOCKECHERRY (11.5 AQHA Open & Amateur TRISTA TELL (Lenas Telesis). $39,842: Music City Competition, 2004 Central States Fair LaTRISTA TELL (Lenas Telesis). $39,842: Music City points: 4th, AQHA World Team Penning).

Dies Ranch Horse Champion SaddleShow Winner.

Limited Non-Pro Classic Reserve Champion; 3rd, Limited Non-Pro Classic Reserve Champion; 3rd, He 1st will dam sell breeding sound only.

For more Bonanza Amateur Classic.

Information (605) 210-0705.


Bonanza Amateur Classic.

Zuhra Star, by Walpi Bar.

Dam of-Oh Stylish Sugar (f.

By Docs Stylish Oak).

Dam of-Oh Stylish Sugar (f.

By Docs Stylish Oak).

Dam of-Butte County Playboy (c.

By Beckwith Playboy).

OH STYLISH LIZZY. $45,706: Bonanza Open Derby OH STYLISH LIZZY. $45,706: Bonanza Open Derby svp-5/13 Reference.

Svp-5/13 Reserve Champion.

Svp-5/13 Reserve Champion.

Joe { Starbeggar Leota Star Stylish Sugar Stylish Sugar Gallo Del Cielo HIP 149 Ranch Horse Wyola, MT Zan Parr Bar Zans Two Eyed Bar Chubbys Jackie San Par Bar Peppy San Desireto San Barrett’s Desie Sans Silver Rocket Beduino Beduinos Farewell Chi Cheng Beduinos Bay Breeze Wyoming Drifter Miss Roving Drifter Bradys Rover Rocket is a snappy, easy moving ranch horse.

He is a flashy and beautiful gray gelding that has a very light handle with a huge motor.

Rocket has been used extensively on the ranch; he has been used to doctor bulls, drag calves, ride in the feedlot and cover rough country.

Rocket watches and hunts a cow like a pro and can cover any kind of country in a hurry.

He has been used in town at ranch rodeos and has taken home money.

Rocket is both friendly and easy to catch.

Coggins Sans Silver Rocket 5034424 07 AQHA Gray Gelding Mark & Savannah Kerns JCF Blue Roan Joe 5101841 08 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding Rozen & Emmylu Hill White River, SD Blue Valentine Rowdy Blue Man Hydel Girl 44 WWR Blue Hancock Hancocks Blue Boy Elaine Hancock Nachie 12 JCF Blue Roan Joe Wild Horse Breezy Pig Creek Roan Friday’s Angel Rebecas Roan Lady Zack Badger Rebecas Lucky Lady Buckless Blob Joe is a big gentle ranch horse.

He stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1300 lbs.

He is a Blue Valentine, Hancock, Pig Creek Roan bred 5 year old gelding.

He stands on hard, dense foot and bone and has a very quiet, gentle disposition.

He is a good traveler and would make an excellent trail/pack horse.

Joe is the first one to find you anywhere and loves to go to work. 100% sound! Coggins. HIP 151 HIP 153 Ranch Horse Cisco 00 Grade Buckskin Gelding Cheri Steinmetz Lingle, WY Cisco is a finished reining horse.

He is a serious competitor and cow eating machine.

Watch him in the Ranch Horse Competition on Friday May 25th.

He is quick, smart and experienced.

Coggins. HIP 154 HIP 150 Jackie Blu Star 5201211 09 AQHA Gray Mare Lawrence & Susan Vashus Lamar, CO Watch Joe Jack Joe Star Joe Dot Pat Star Joe Star Ace Blondy’s Dude Dudes Little Jewel Scooter’s Jewel Jackie Blu Star Two Eyed Jack Jack Two Star Starabar Miss Jackie Blu Snip Linebars Blueboy Blue Frosty Face Brownskin Baca Gray filly bred by a 50 year old breeder Ronald Welch on Tulia, Texas.

I have had several of these colts and not a bad one.

I’ve had here since a baby.

Raised and broke here on the ranch.

Tracked hot heels.

Tracked and roped some in the arena.

Very gentle, I’m 68 and rebuilt.

Coggins. HIP 152 Ranch Horse Cheechos Tune 5061526 07 AQHA Bay Gelding Daric Severe Oakley, ID Fritz Command Cee Bee Command Jay Bee’s Best Tune Smith Hollywood Jac 86 Denim Jac Frosted Linig Cheechos Tune Doc Bar Doc’s Solano Susie’s Bay Cheecho Solano Cee Bars Cee Bars Echols Dorellie This is a very pretty horse that stands out from the rest.

Nice ranch horse used outside, good to shoe, hauls well.

Nice turnarounds and a big stopper.

Likes people and attention.

For more information (208) 4316300.

Coggins. Toot Jet Toot 5014771 07 AQHA Brown Gelding Brent & Jessica Swick Alliance, NE Bob H Again Son A Bob Gee Hollis Beauty Buddy Son A Bob Gee Peavy’s Chris Clawdean Gee Claw Due Toot Jet Toot Tyroan Jet Bensun Jet Ben Toot Toot British Jet British Warlord British Dove Steve is an honest and gentle ranch gelding that got started late.

He has been used on the ranch in the sand hills of Nebraska, doing everything from roping cattle outside to dragging claves to the fire to pulling kids on a sled.

If you are looking for a gentle ranch horse take a look.

Coggins. — BRED TO FUEL ON CREDIT { { { { High Brow Cat Smartest Lil Angel 583338 00 APHA Black Tobiano Stallion Eric Willey Bayard, NE Mr San Peppy Peppy San Badger Sugar Badger Smartest Little Pep Smart Little Lena Barb A Doc Cal’s Cindy Anne Smartest Lil Angel Hy Diamond Dandy Hy Diamond Bouncer Bouncer’s Josey Baby Tender Love Bugs McCue Jr Monika McCue Butches Doll SanMan is an outstanding Stallion with a super sweet disposition.

He has been used in parades, trail rides, brandings, pasture doctoring, calving, reining, cutting, barrels, poles, and other gymkhana events by young children and adults.

He has tremendous cow sense and is very catty.

He is a super smooth horse and very well mannered around other horses.

When he was five he cut his back leg and after healing, he has never been lame at all.

His foals have been level headed and with the same disposition as him.

Our kids usually pick his colts before others to train and have used these colts to rodeo on.

He has roped out of the box on both ends and some calf roping.

His pedigree would enhance any breeding program or he could be gelded and used for just about anything by anyone.

We are only selling him because we are reducing our herd size.

For more information call 308-641-1820.

Coggins. HIP 181 HIP 186 Mo 96 Grade Sorrel Gelding TN Roping Horses Lawton, OK Youtube: 17 year old sorrel gelding, 14.2 hands high and 1050 pounds.

Calf horse, scores great, can really run, plenty of stop, works a lot of rope.

Has been hauled and won on in open competition – very gentle and solid.

Coggins HIP 184 Ranch Horse HIP 182 Pendleton 08 Grade Buckskin Gelding Riggin Mortenson Dupree, SD Seen big country, good color and conformation.

Safe and gentle for family.

Coggins. Elans Snappy Tom 5347877 09 AQHA Sorrel Gelding Turner Performance Horses Stevensville, MT Hollywood Jac 86 Hollywood Dun It Blossom Berry Peppy N Dun It Peppy San Badger Espina San Otoe Espina Elans Snappy Tom Freckles Playboy Elans Playboy Miss Elan Lenas Cracklin Rose Jameenalena Lenas Little Fubar Docs Robetty Pine Tom is a handsome and extremely talented gelding.

This gelding rides like a 6 year old, has a ton of feel and is broke.

He is a horse that does not have to be ridden often, and one you can saddle up and get on.

Tom lopes nice collected circles, has a good turnaround and can stop.

He is good to ride outside on the ranch, and enjoys it.

He has been started in the heeling and breakaway, will also make a very nice calf horse.

A super nice horse that is an investment and one to watch.

Guaranteed sound, for more information visit or phone 406 381 2347.come and root for Tom in the ranch horse competition.

UTD on dental, worming, farrier and vaccinations. — Hip No. 209 Consigned by Fred & Lynn Hirschy, MT Angels Playin Ruf 1997 Sorrel Mare (4224464) Freckles Playboy Miss Safari Peppy San Badger Docs Blue Angel Hip No. 209 Miss Dual Doc Excellent reining cow horse, multiple use, can really watch a cow, exposure to river and mountain terrain, good leaded horse, Smart Chic Olena anyone can ride.


HA Chic A Tune { { BRED TO PEPTOS STYLISH LENA Playin Safari Doc’s Remedy { Miss Brooks Bar Little Lena { Smart Gay Sugar Chic Baron Red { Mr Jack’s Tune { { { Gay Jay Jewel’s Leo Bars Mr Linton { Queens Heiress San Peppy { Mr Sugar Badger Clabber { Doc Misty Blue Gold Tune Miss Red Osages Little Angel HIP 209 PERFORMANCE RECORD: NRHA money-earner: top 10, Angels Playin SW RufRHA Limited Non-Pro Futurity. 4224464 NOTES : HA Chairmans Fortune is an excellent reining cow 97 AQHA Sorrel Mare horse, multiple use, can really watch a cow, exposure to Fred & Lynn Hirschy MT river and Jackson, mountain terrain, good leaded horse that anyone can ride.

By IM CHAIRMAN (2000). $70,570 & 94 points: AQHA Reserve World Champion Senior Cutting; AQHA Playin Safari World Champion Junior Cutting, etc.

Reserve 1st dam HA Chic A Tune, by Smart Chic Olena.

Dam of 12 foals, Angels Playin Ruf 4 performers-HA The Looney Tune (c.

By Im Chairman). 27 AQHA points & $1,568: 3rd, 2012 Red Bud Jr Reining; Osages Little Angel Open ROM in 2012.

HA Starlights Chic (g.

By Starlights Gypsy). 11.5 Open & Amateur points & NRHA money-earner. 2nd dam TUNE MISS RED, by Mr Baron Red. 148 points: Superior This mare came from Western States Heading & Heeling.

Dam of-Ranches in Texas.

Easy breeder, bred early DA CHICS TUNE (Smartcolts Chic Olena). $58,459 & every time exposed to a stud.

Throws with good heads, great bone, deep girth and 33.4 AQHA points: NRHA Intermediate Non-Pro great hips.

In foal to Pepto Stylish Lena, Futurity Champion; Amateur grey son of Peptos Stylish Oak out of daugh- & Youth ROM.

MISS HOLLYWOOD (Hollywood Dun It). 18 ter of Doc O TUNE Lena.

Parentage verified.

For more information call 406-491-3116 or AQHA points & $10,244: NRBC Non-Pro Derby Coggins.

Reserve Champion; split 7th, NRHA Non-Pro Dby.

Martins Impression (Impressive Matador). 14 AQHA points: Open ROM.

Smart Blonde Chic (Smart Chic Olena). $7,855 & 17 AQHA points: 3rd, NRBC Intermediate Open Derby; Youth ROM.

Dam of-SMART LITTLE WHIZARD. $40,617: 3rd, NRCHA Limited Open Derby.

DA Smart Tune (Talk About Smart).

Dam of-TRADITIONALLY SMART. $13,389 & 18 AQHA points: PHBA Reserve World ChampionJunior svp-5/13 Reining; Open ROM. NOTES: Angels Playin Ruf came from Western States Ranches in Texas.

Easy breeder, bred early every time exposed to a stud.

Throws colts with good heads, great bone, deep girth and great hips.

BRED to PEPTOS STYLISH LENA, gray son of Peptos Stylish Oak out of daughter of Doc O Lena.

Parentage verified.

For more information call 406-491-3116 or

PRODUCE RECORD: 2004 Playguns Playin Ruf, g.

By Lethal Playgun. 2006 Playin Double Ruf, g.

By Beaus Double Bid. 2007 Beaus Lil Angel, f.

By Beaus Double Bid. 2009 Angel With Dynamite, f.

By Doc O Dynas Sugar. 2011 Playin Ruf Dynamite, g.

By Doc O Dynas Sugar.

By PLAYIN SAFARI (1990). $88,842: Abilene Western Open Derby Champion; El Cid 5/6-Year-Old Open Champion; 5th, NCHA Open Classic/Challenge; 5th, Bonanza 5/6-Year-Old Open & Abilene Spectacular Open Derbies; NCHA Open Futurity semi-finalist; top 10, Gold Coast 4-Year-Old Open Derby & Abilene Spectacular 5/6-Year-Old Open; Chisholm Trail 4Year-Old Open Derby finalist; Denver National NCHA Open Champion.

Out of MISS SAFARI ($50,789: NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion). 1st dam Osages Little Angel, by Peppy San Badger, Dam of 5 performers-Steady Osage (c.

By Steady Tradition). $5,150: 2012 PHBA Reserve World Champion Performance Halter Stallion; 4th, 2012 PHBA World Amateur Barrel Racing, Amateur Pole Bending & Sr Barrel Racing.

Raisin A Rukus (f.

By Smart And Trouble). $2,522: NCHA Certificate of Ability.

Cricket Hickory (g.

By Doc’s Hickory).

NCHA moneyearner.

DA Nics Angel (f.

By Reminic). 4 AQHA Amateur & Youth points: top 10, Regional Experience Novice/Amateur svp-5/13 Reining. HIP 214 Hairpin Rollin Eddie 5057657 07 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding Dan & Becky Miller Rexburg, ID Roan Prairie High Rolling Roany Vanzi Reno Bar Rollng Jax Copper High Rolling Roany High Rolling Copper Jax Copper King Hairpin Rollin Eddie Easy Jet Clipper Flight Topless Dancer Hairpin Eddie Flight Flying Deck Fly Becky Bar Deck Blue Eddie 1 Big Ed is by a double bred son on High Rolling Roany and he looks the part.

Big sturdy made gelding.

Pulls a deep cinch with good bone. 16 hands and will weigh a strong 1350#.

Just a 6 year old with his whole life ahead of him.

We have used “Big Ed” for all the ranch jobs.

He has branded lots of calves the past 2 years, doctored some outside, and will watch a cow.

He is big hearted with a good work ethic.

Rides in about any bridle and travels real good.

He is a nice horse to use outside, sure footed and tough, with no bottom.

Gentle to be around.

Stands quietly hobbled or tied, good to bathe, shoe, haul.

Overall, very polite to handle.

Could go many directions with Big Ed.

Questions call 208221-1090.

Coggins. HIP 210 Ranch Horse JC Plenty Blue McCue 06 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding RMO Horses Heber City, UT Plenty Try Plenty Roanwood Junewood Miss Plenty Blue Wood Golden Gray Hancock Goldie Kitty Hancock Katie Kittn Hancock JC Plenty Blue McCue Skipa Star Skips Otto Star Oto Cher Skip Star McCue Dr McCue Fly McCue Fly Holey Fire Fly Vegas is a nice looking 15 hand athletic made gelding.

He is good to ride, travels out really nice, he goes where you point him.

He has pushed cows, been ridden a ton on the mountain through rough terrain and handles it all great.

He has a good handle and is just coming into the prime of his life.

He’s worked behind cattle.

Nice horse for the mountain, ranch or pleasure.

Guaranteed Sound.

Good Ground Manners, Shoes, Hauls, and up to date on worming and shots.

Call Joe at 801-3616772 if you have any questions.

To watch video go to http:// pages?page=24 Rocky Mountain Outfitters “2013 Endorsed Guide Service of the Year” in North America by ORVIS Coggins. HIP 212 Ranch Horse Leo Wiggy Bar 5169894 08 AQHA Gray Gelding Schmitt Horse Ranch Holland, IA Leo Hancock Hayes Hancock Wiggy Bar Dixies Finale Hairpin Rozet Wiggy Clipper Flight Rozet Miss Miss Tonta Jet Leo Wiggy Bar Mr San Peppy Tenino Tuffy Tenino Fair Tuff Jazz Bar Bob Candy Bar Bob Red Dodo Wiggy is a big hipped young gelding with lots of outside miles.

He’s been used for light duties on the ranch such as gathering and sorting cattle.

He’s working very well in the arena as well and is ready to take to the roping arena.

Sound, current on deworming, shoes.

For more info check out or call 608-4344789.

Coggins. — HIP 238 Ranch Horse Spice Raven Jubilee 151156A 02 ASPC Sorrel Pinto Mare Chris Knudson Arvada, WY Silver White Fashionable White Flash Silver White’s Peggy 4 G’s HF Silver White’s Wink Cadet’s Danny Sunlight Wink’s Timbrel Wink’s Showdeo Praise Spice Raven Jubilee Hillswicke Blue Too Custom Maid’s Peter Pan Kewpie Doll’s Custom Maid Shy Anne Jubilee AAA Blue Chip Blue Chips Letty VB Indiana Red Ace’s Sally Spice is an 11 year old Shetland pony.

She is broke to drive and ride.

She is great to lead a small kid on and she will keep up with you on the outside circle if needed.

She is broke to ride and handles decent but she is pretty energetic for a young kid by themselves.

She does not have spoiled pony habits and is good to be around.

Sweet disposition and trustworthy around kids.

She sells harness and cart…everything in the picture except Grandpa.

Coggins. HIP 236 Ranch Horse Okie 04 Grade Palomino Gelding Dan & Becky Miller Rexburg, ID Okie is an extremely cute palomino gelding.

He isn’t very tall, but really stout and shapely.

A very easy mover with lots of talent.

He has a big time stop and can roll over his hocks with ease.

Very handy little horse and lots of fun to ride.

Well started heeling and could go on to make a good one! Will work a cow pretty good as well.

Questions call 208-221-1090.

Coggins. HIP 236X Wyo Dream 08 PAAHA Bay Gelding Ashlee Willey, Bayard, NE HF Dream On Wyo Dream Gai Warsaw Poker is a 5 year old bucksin gelding.

He moves very nice at any speed an dhis stop will tear up the ground.

He picks up both leads and can go all day.

He is a nice reining prospect..

Coggins. JK Mr Copper Dunit 4958470 07 AQHA Dun Gelding Ross & Chrissy Peterson Sturgis, SD Smart Little Lena Lean With Me Chexy Lady Dunits Lean Dream Hollywood Dun It Redun It Docs Miss Ace JK Mr Copper Dunit Doc Bruce JK Copper Bruce The Coppernental JK Copper Baretta Van Bar Dee Vanelta Bar Doc Miss Docetta Dunit is an eye catching, graceful, and smooth moving, dun gelding.

This big stout gelding has lots of bone and comes from a long line of top performance horses.

Dunit is started in roping, is gentle, likes people, and is often ridden by our 9 yr.

Old daughter.

Dunit is so versatile, he will excel in the rodeo arena, horse shows, trail riding, or being an all-round family horse.

Watch him in the performance.

For more information (605) 347-9166.

Coggins. HIP 239 HIP 239 Welch Cat Welch Cat 5312136 5312136 10 AQHA Gray Mare 10 AQHA&Gray Mare Lawrence Susan Vashus Lamar, CO Lawrence & Susan Vashus Lamar, Watch Joe CO Jack Joe StarWatch Joe Joe Jack Joe StarDot JoePat Star Dot Pat Star Joe Star Ace Blondy’s Dude Joe Star Ace Dudes Little Jewel Blondy’s Dude Scooter’s Dudes Little Jewel Jewel Welch Cat Scooter’s Jewel Two Eyed Jack Welch Cat Jack Two Star Two Eyed Jack Starabar Jack Two Star Jackie One Star Linebars StarabarBlueboy Linebars Jackie One Star Jackie Jackie Buckskin Linebars Blueboy Bred by a 50 year Linebars old breeder Ronald Welch Jackie on Tulia, Texas.

I have hadJackie severalBuckskin of these colts.

Not a bad one.


Rides and Bred by a 50 year old Very breeder Ronald Welch logs great.

Should have had a lot of cow.

On Tulia, Texas.

I have several ofShould these make youth mare.

She is gentle. 15 hands.

I’mand 68 colts.

A Not a bad one.

Very Rides and Coggins.

Logs rebuilt.


Should have a lot of cow.

Should make a youth mare.

She is 15 hands.

I’m 68 and rebuilt.


Mind Your Own Bet 5120514 08 AQHA Bay Roan Mare Daric Severe ID Mind Your Own Oakley, Bet Doc O’Lena 5120514 CD Olena 08 AQHA Bay Roan Mare CD Chica Daric Severe Oakley, ID San Badger Bets CD Doc O’Lena Freckles Playboy CD Bet Olena Yer Blue Boons CD Chica San Badger Royal Blue Boon Bets CD Mind Your Own Bet Doc Tari Playboy Freckles Zack T Wood Bet Yer Blue Boons Lintons Royal Lady Blue Doc Boon Wood Mind Mind Your OwnUBet Jae Bar Fletch DocFletch Tari Ms Jay Bar Zack T Wood Lady Bambi Leo Ladycalves, Doc Pretty, gentle, lots of Lintons cow, drags Wood U Mind used outside, hauled to town, nicely broken, Jaehorse Bar Fletch reins well.

Will show in ranch compeMs JayCoggins.

Bar Fletch tition. (208) 431-6300.

Lady Bambi Leo HIP 241 Ranch Horse HIP 240 Ranch Horse HIP 240 Ranch Horse JP Jose 5016466 07 AQHA Red Roan Gelding Brent & Jessica Swick Alliance, NE Snickelfritz Chex Snickelfritz Flip Dusters Lena MJ Blue War Flip Jo Bert Jo MJ Redstar Bert Red Star Pokey JP Jose Beggar Berry 75 JP Equal To None Tesas To Handle JP Pitchfork Sue Isle Dial Pitchfork Clarbar Flashy Clara Bar Here is a nice good moving red roan gelding that has been in the ranch in the sand hills of Nebraska doing everything from gathering large bands of broodmares to doctoring cattle to dragging calves to the fire.

This horse is for an experienced rider.

He is a little skittish on the ground, but good to ride.

Coggins. — HIP 286 Zupan 605965 06 JC Bay Gelding Lyndon Walsh Lakeside, MT Zupan Baby I Lied Shipmate Sam BackOnTheBackside Great ranch horse.

Loves to work.

Coggins. HIP 287 Lonesum Sugar Frost 5068979 08 AQHA Buckskin Gelding Schmitt Horse Ranch Holland, IA Sun Frost PC Sun Socks Frenchman’s Sox Hunts Lonesum Frost Mr Sparkle Bar Hunts Little Meo Nisswa Lonesum Sugar Frost Sonny Sugar Ole Sugar Alamitos Alamitos Lolly Virginia Sugar Johnny Boone Virginia Boone Bessie Bea Frost is a very attractive young gelding coming into the prime of his life.

He’s been rode in the arena, lopes collected circles, and is a real athlete.

He has also been rode a bunch on the outside, through the woods and brush, and along the road.

Frost has had many wet saddle pads this spring and is ready for a full time job.

Sound, current on deworming, shoes.

For more info check out or call 608-4344789.

Coggins. Nifty Hot Cash 5208003 09 AQHA Bay Gelding TK Livestock Jackson, MN Nu Cash Nu Chex To Cash Amarilla Chex Cash My Bar Chex Barlon Barlons Honey Honey Stuff Nifty Hot Cash Hollywood Jac 86 Hes A Nifty Jac Nifty Rose Lee Ms Nifty Jack Jimmy Mac Brick Babie Doll Brick Sonnys Miss Susan Cash rides like his pedigree reads.

He is very well broke and a gentleman to be around.

He was ridden and used in a feed yard last Summer and has had 45 days of reining training this Spring.

Cash is a very gentle, well minded, talented young gelding that can go any direction.


Miss N Trouble 5418932 11 AQHA Gray Mare Art Hanson Jackson, MN Dash For Cash Miss N Cash Doc N Missy Miss N My Boots Dry Doc Boot Scootin Dry Art Glow Beat Miss N Trouble Mr Illuminator TR Double L Badger Miss L Straw Badgers Double Cinch Beaus Red Trouble Go Beau Cinch Grans Go Go Miss is a royally bred grey filly that has a big future ahead of her.

She is very gentle and lunges her circles very well.

She is a super prospect for someone. 100% Sound. 507-459-8653.

Coggins. HIP 293 Watch Joe Glo Blue 4847337 06 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding Cindy Smith Sterling, KS Watch Joe Jack Queenies Last Star Queenie Pat Star Jodis Red Handed Beaus Hired Hand Sassy Hired Hand Sassy Petunia Watch Joe Glo Blue A Real Te Tes Handyman Kathy Jo Glo Gypsy Blue Glo Super Joe Sparky Super Blue Gypsy Blue Gypsy Queen Joe is a finished heel horse that is extra broke and very cowy.

Has been hauled to many USTRC ropings.

For more information (620) 664-8711.

Coggins. HIP 291 HIP 294 Gunny 09 Grade Dun Gelding Riggin Mortenson Dupree, SD Has had calves roped off of him and tagged.

Been calved on all Spring.

Coggins HIP 295 Ranch Horse Dolly Lady 301044 06 PHAA Black Mare Sid Stromme Manhattan, MT HIP 292 — HIP 311 HIP 308 Dunny 99 Grade Dun Gelding Thomas Sterkel Morrill, NE Dunny has done it all.

This thick, stout yet athletic gelding has been used as a pickup horse and loves it! Was heeled off of in college and he will take you to the short round.

Won money on him in US Ropings.

Gentle, cinch up and ride off.

No buck!! Pulls like a freight train.

Coggins. HIP 309 Tall Dark N Real 929040 07 APHA Bay Overo Gelding Arian Schnabel Ackley, IA Mr Supreme Bonanza Mr Fancy Bonanza A Real Lover Real Bonanza Real Luck Hay Mary Ole Mans Girl Tall Dark N Real Sonnys Solo Halo Racey Remarque Patchy Lassy Shes Got A Remarque Big Leaguer Shes Got A Look Dear Josie Socks is a solid 15 hand bay gelding with a lot of chrome.

He is out of one of APHA’s top sires, Real Bonanza.

Real Bonanza was an all around performance horse with points in Western Pleasure, Halter and Roping.

Socks has a very nice way of moving.

Socks rides well and is ready for you to take him in any direction. 100% Sound.

Coggins. Cimmaron Doll 1017556 12 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Mare Lynette Mills Ten Sleep, WY Doc’s Silver Bar Spooks Silver Bar Holly’s Spook Spooky Rip Rip Rip Rips Nachie Nachie Roan Cimmaron Doll Cimmaron Saint Arapaho Scout Arapaho Rebel Leahs Arapaho Shadow Spooky Rip Bold Poca Leah Bar Southern Dell Fox Ranch raised yearling filly out of my gentlest broodmare.

Black tobiano APHA dam stands 15.1 and gray 1991 AQHA sire stands 14.2.

This filly’s pedigree is mostly made up of quarter horses, with just one line of paints.

Gentle filly with lots of athletic potential for reining, cutting or roping.

She’ll be cowy, smooth to ride, is already easy to catch and is certainly the type to be a kids horse.

She comes from a great extended pedigree including Doc Bar, Leo, Blue Valentine, The Saint, Echelon’s Top Spot, Class Bar and Kachina Rebel.

Mountain raised as a foal, so she’ll be able to handle rough terrain.

Loads, trimmed, wormed.

For more info see Coggins. HIP 315 Reining Dobbin Doc 953194 08 APHA Bay Tobiano Gelding TK Livestock Jackson, MN Freckles Playboy Young Gun Lenaette HR Young Gunner Peppy Twice La Lassie Lynx SR La Lynx Reining Dobbin Doc Triple Dixie Silent War Drum Miss Robin Joe Docs Reining Diamond Doc A Holey Docs Wonder Money Miss Money Jane Doc is a well bred, good minded young gelding.

He has been day worked on the ranch, he is gentle and will do anything asked of him.

Very handy in the bridle.

Ready for his next occupation.

Coggins. HIP 316 HIP 312 Pokey 04 Grade Bay Gelding Lynn Pearman North Platte, NE Pokey stands 15 hands and is gentle.

For more information call 308-650-0320.

Coggins Hanks Gold Hunk 4548136 04 AQHA Buckskin Gelding 4K Ranch Jackson, MN Diamonds Cross Dudes Gold Cross Dude’s Sugar Bar Mr Gold Chugger Heza Chugger Too Miss Chugger Too Miss Angle Express Hanks Gold Hunk Poco Merlin Poco Merlin Juinor Jess’ Magic One Of Hanks Social Command String N Social Strings Chant He’s foundation bred and a good colored buckskin! He’s been working for a living on the ranch in eastern Oklahoma most of his life.

One hand neck reins, lopes collected and pivots everytime you ask him.

Really cows up and has the speed to catch one.

Ranch roped a lot of cattle and has drug tons of calves to the fire.

Excellent horse to use everyday on the ranch or arena.

Coggins. HIP 313 Jim 03 Grade Grey Gelding Riggin Mortenson Dupree, SD Good, shapey, grey gelding that has seen anything and everything on a ranch.

Coggins HIP 314

Read more about Reining : Cowboy will mount the horse and perform the following reining….:

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