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Yellow Cream saddle 3

DISNEY EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTIONS, 1972 Grade Levels: 4-7 89 minutes DESCRIPTION Justin Morgan knows Figure is a special horse, even though he’s a runt, so Justin keeps him.

Word spreads that Figure can pull heavy loads and also outrun thoroughbreds.

Based on Marguerite Henry’s Newbery honor book about the father of America’s first breed of horse–the Morgan.

ACADEMIC STANDARDS Subject Area: History – Topic 4 – The History of Peoples of Many Cultures Around the World  Standard: Understands major discoveries in science and technology, some of their social and economic effects, and the major scientists and inventors responsible for them • Benchmark: Understands differences in the methods of travel from various times in human history and the advantages and disadvantages of each (eg, the use of animals such as horses and camels; nonmotorized vehicles such as chariots and hot air balloons; motorized vehicles such as railroads, automobiles, and airplanes; modern space advancements) (See Instructional Goal #1.) Subject Area: Language Arts – Reading  Standard: Uses reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of literary texts • Benchmark: Understands the basic concept of plot (eg, main problem, conflict, resolution, cause-and-effect) (See Instructional Goal #2.) INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS 1.

To depict the use of horses in the New England states in the 18th century. 2.

To introduce the story of a horse who becomes the founding father of America’s first breed of horses, the Morgan. 1 Captioned Media Program VOICE (800) 237-6213 TTY (800) 237-6819 FAX (800) 538-5636 EMAIL WEB Funding for the Captioned Media Program is provided by the U.S.

Department of Education VOCABULARY 1.

Colt 2.

Saddle 3.

Saddled with debt 4.

Foreclose 5.

Empty-handed 6.

Carries himself 7.

Bay (horse) 8.

Indentured servant 9.

Can’t get blood from a stone 10.

From good stock BEFORE SHOWING 1.

Find Vermont on a map of the United States.

Discuss what life was like in Vermont in the 18th century.

Consider customs, styles, attitudes, and historical events. 2.

Discuss the Morgan horse. (See Related Resources.) List distinguishing features of the breed. 3.

List personal experiences with horses.

AFTER SHOWING f Discussion Items and Questions 1.

Who is an indentured servant? 2.

What does Squire Fisk think about Figure when he first sees him? What does Justin think about the colt? 3.

Who is racing in the carriage race? Who wins? What are the consequences for Justin and Figure after the race? 4.

What is Figure’s temperament? 5.

What strategy does Justin use to help Figure win the log-pulling contest? 6.

Who is responsible for setting up the races between Figure and the other horses? 7.

How does Fisk react when Figure beats Princess? How does that make Justin feel? How do the workers react? 8.

After losing Figure, what does Justin decide to do? How does Kathleen feel about that? 9.

Why doesn’t Justin leave town? What is the first thing that Justin asks Fisk to give him if Figure wins the race? What agreement do Fisk and Justin make in the end? 10.

What happened in the first race between Figure and the New Yorker’s thoroughbred? 11.

Why is a second race run? Why does Justin ride? What decision does Justin make during the race to help Figure get ahead and win? f Applications and Activities 1.

Read Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite the book with the video.


Which characters appear in the book that aren’t in the video? b.

Why is Joel not in the video? Which character takes his place? c.

How is Justin’s role in the video different from his role in the book? Robert Evans’s role? 2 Captioned Media Program VOICE (800) 237-6213 TTY (800) 237-6819 FAX (800) 538-5636 EMAIL WEB Funding for the Captioned Media Program is provided by the U.S.

Department of Education 11.

Has my stamp on it 12.

Burden 13.

Tack 14.

Stable 15.

Thoroughbred 16.

Drawing a carriage 17.

Breed 18.

Horse shoes 19.

By a head 20.

Shrewd d.

Why does the video end after Figure races the thoroughbreds? What happens in the book after that? e.

When was Little Bub’s name changed to Justin Morgan in the book? Was the horse’s name changed in the video? f.

How did the Morgan horse and Joel become reunited in the book? 2.

Retell the video story from the perspective of one of the characters: Kathleen, Squire Fisk, or Robert Evans. 3.

Pretend that Figure could talk.

Write a dialogue between Figure and Justin for one of the following scenes.


Following Fisk’s offer to buy Figure for $1 and Justin’s refusal b.

After the race through the quarry c.

When Justin comes to the track for a farewell ride before he leaves town 4.

Create a newspaper article that Mr.

Maze, the reporter, might have written about Figure’s race against the New York thoroughbreds.

RELATED RESOURCES CAPTI NED CAPTI NED MEDIA MEDIA PROGRAM PROGRAM • • • National Velvet #6303 (Video) National Velvet #8994 (DVD) Today’s Horse For Today’s Kids! #9451 World Wide Web The following Web sites complement the contents of this guide; they were selected by professionals who have experience in teaching deaf and hard of hearing students.

Every effort was made to select accurate, educationally relevant, and “kid safe” sites.

However, teachers should preview them before use.

The U.S.

Department of Education, the National Association of the Deaf, and the Captioned Media Program do not endorse the sites and are not responsible for their content. •

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