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Somehow once in a while an “outsider” may see one of these folks riding one of their finished horses, and it makes the outsider almost salivate! The horseman and their horse work as one, the communication is subtle, their work with livestock is efficient and effective.

And thus, the legend of the “ranch horse” is born, and spreads like wild fire.

So just as I myself have “suffered” from believing the clichés different sports carry, I have realized over the years that although you can obviously find a more quality horse mentally, physically and emotionally over another, what it really all comes down to is YOU! What do you offer the horse? How available are you to “growing” with your horse? How committed are you to your horsemanship and riding? Every answer will be reflected in your horse’s performance and learning.

Good Luck, Sam Private Horse TrailerTwo Spots Available TX-NM-AZ AZ-NV-ID-MT I have room in my trailer for two horses.

Please email me with a pick up and drop off location for a reasonable quote! Leaving TX heading west end of April.

Leaving AZ heading north early May. The Spring “to do” List: I know the weather is warming up as my phone is suddenly flooded with calls about lessons and training.

Each spring I find riders often have a “list” of what they would like to accomplish with their horse.

But somehow by mid-summer, life, weather or unforeseen circumstances have dampened the initial enthusiasm and commitment to the person’s original goals.

So here is what I offer you.

This year, copy down the three questions below: What is your #1 long and short term goal with your horse/horsemanship? Why are these your goals? How are you going to accomplish them? I don’t believe these are “cut and dry” questions, but rather stimulating ones that perhaps can help you dig a little “deeper” as to what motivates you when working with your horse.

Write down your answers and tuck your list somewhere out of sight.

Every few weeks go back and review your goals, and previous answers, and if you have to, “update” your answers.

I truly believe you are the best person to keep you accountable.

Somehow, psychologically, if we write something down, it seems a bit more “real” than if we just keep having thoughts swirl around in the back of our mind.

There is no “right or wrong” in what you write.

The point of this list is to help you learn to assess yourself, and to perhaps realize, you probably have a lot of “answers” without realizing it.

I love it when I have a clinic and people have been thinking “hard” for three days, pushing themselves mentally and physically- even sometimes emotionally, when someone asks some random question, and suddenly stops themselves.

As they finally say their thought out loud, they realize they already “knew” the answer, they were really just looking for confirmation.

Trust your instinct, trust the voice in your head, and your horse will thank you for it! It is clinic time again! It is time to look ahead to 2013 and start marking your calendars.

So far Sam is scheduled to be in AZ, CA, ID, & NH.

The horsemanship clinics will vary from three to five days in length.

There is no rigid “format” as they are designed to cover appropriate topics according to the participants and their horse’s needs.

A variety of topics are covered from how to create a quality partnership and clear communication both in and out of the saddle through addressing the horse mentally, to tack use/fitting, to feeding and health issues and many topics in between.

April 27 & 28- Yuma, AZ Sam will offer a clinic at a private facility.

All level riders and horses welcome.

Yuma Clinic May – San Diego, CA Private Facility June 28-30 & September 6-8- Sandpoint, ID TEC Full Immersion Clinics July 27 & 28- Ossipee, NH Private Facility Please follow the link for all Clinic Registration If you are interested in hosting a clinic please visit link: a samant ha harvey clinic.htm Even if you cannot participate, auditors are encouraged! You’d be amazed at how much you can learn just by watching others! TEC Celebrates 10 Years! Can you believe how time flies? Wow it is hard to imagine this is TEC’s tenth year.

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to all of those who have helped “PR” my services over the years; 90% of all my clients are through word of mouth recommendations.

If it has been a while since I’ve seen or heard from you drop me a line; I always wonder what “the rest of the story was…” in regards to past clients and their horses.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to help share my thoughts and experiences with you; I LOVE feedback as it is the best way for me to continue to improve the quality of what I offer so please send me an email anytime! Sam TEC Summer- Services Ground Work & Charm School – “Tune-up” your horse: address ground manners, vices, disrespectful/dangerous behavior and more! Clinics- Would you like to host Sam at your facility? 3-5 day options – All level riders, horses and disciplines encouraged.

FULL IMMERSION CLINIC INFO Individualized Training Programs- You & your horse- packages by the WEEK Riding Lessons- All disciplines & levels Horse Assessment & Colt Starting – Not sure what to do next? Bring your horse to get an opinion of a direction, any “holes” in its training, and ideas for the future Short Term Board and Layovers- Please email with dates and number of horses for quote.

Contact- Call 866-904-0111 or 208-265-2644 or visit the for details. Consultation Call-Ask the Trainer What is it? Your choice of a 30 minute or one hour private phone consultation with Sam.

She will address any equine related questions, videos or pictures previously submitted by you.

How much is it? Long distance charges may apply for the actual phone call.

Either a $40 or $60 fee (depending on length of consultation) payable via PayPal will register you to participate in the call.

You will receive an email confirmation once your payment has been received and then can schedule a day and time to for your call with Sam.

How do you sign up? Please click the following link Looking for the perfect gift? Why not treat yourself or a fellow equine enthusiast to a gift certificate towards any of the services Sam offers? Please email Sam to find out the details and have a personalized certificate emailed back to you! Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or “just because”- give a gift not only your horse lover will truly enjoy and use, but one their equine partner will appreciate too!!

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