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First Aid - For the Horse Horses-store.comScratches : Exhibitors must pick up show packets correct any pending items….

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS 7. Entries may be submitted online at

Entries may also be made on forms available online at entry form and return it with full payment of all fees to: Iowa State Fair, Horse Department, P.O.


Entries submitted online or postmarked July 2 – July 8 will be charged a late fee of $10 per head.

No entries will be accepted after July 8.

No postal meters accepted.

Horses and ponies entered in the show by July 8 may enter other classes for which they are eligible in their division by paying the class entry fee plus a $10 surcharge per class.

Each exhibitor, as a requirement for entry, will pay an entry fee.

Entry Fee must accompany entry or it will be returned.

Payment of fees must be in the form of cash, cashiers check, personal check, MasterCard, Visa or money order.

Absolutely no two party checks of any kind will be accepted. 8. 9. 10. There will be a $20 charge for each returned check and issuer could be liable for up to three times the amount of the check.

Cash, cashiers check or money order will be required if a check is returned for insufficient funds.

All insufficient fund checks must be cleared before October 15.

If such checks are not cleared by October 15, these exhibitors may enter future Fairs only on a cash basis and must include payment of funds past due. 11. No refunds of fees will be made unless cancellation is received IN WRITING (letter, fax or e-mail) by July 21.


No refunds will be given on tickets, wristbands or vehicle permits.

No refunds of $5.00 or less will be issued.

Refunds will be made by mail after the close of the Fair (separate from premium checks). 12. All entries for the Iowa State Fair must be made in the NAME OF THE OWNER OR LESSEE with all horses to be named.

Should any individual enter an animal in a name other than that of a bona fide owner or attempt to perpetrate a fraud by misrepresenting any fact, the entry shall not be allowed to compete for or receive any premium.

In case of question as to the age of an animal, the Superintendent shall appoint an expert whose decision shall be final. 13. Exhibitors are responsible for errors on entries.

Entries that have been erroneously entered may, at the discretion of the Superintendent of the department, be transferred to their proper classes previous to the judging.

If such classes have been judged they shall not be re-judged.

The Management reserves the right to return any entries received beyond the capacity of the facilities offered. 14. The Iowa State Fair reserves the right to refuse entry of any exhibitor who has been barred from any fair or livestock show holding membership in the International Association of Fairs and Expositions on the basis of unethical practices, violation of drug residue avoidance programs, or violation of any Show rules. 15. No exhibitor will be allowed to run a tab.

Any fees not paid upon completion of the show will cause the exhibitor to forfeit all premiums won and be denied future participation in the Iowa State Fair Horse Shows. 16. The Horse Show Office in the Horse Barn will open approximately one hour before the morning show and will close one hour prior to each evening show.

Exhibitors must pick up show packets, correct any pending items, make additional entries, scratches or handler changes prior to the scheduled session in which they are entered.

The Show Office MUST be notified promptly of any entry cancellations or changes. 17. As an Iowa State Fair exhibitor, I hereby acknowledge that my photograph may be taken by the official Iowa State Fair photographer for use by the Iowa State Fair and agree to release and hold harmless the State of Iowa, Iowa State Fair Authority, their officers, employees and agents and any and all parties to whom this or any photograph may be released.

This photograph was taken for artistic reasons or newsworthiness and I agree that it may be released to any medium and may be used in any manner for any purpose whatsoever without compensation. 18. Premises Identification Numbers are not mandatory to exhibit livestock (beef, dairy, horses, swine*, sheep, goats, poultry and rabbits) at the 2013 Iowa State Fair. Producers who choose to register their premises will be better informed to protect their premises and their livelihood.

In turn, they will help prevent disease spread and minimize the economic damage of an animal disease outbreak or animal health event.

Registering a premise involves obtaining a seven-character alpha-numeric “identifier” for the farm, ranch, veterinary clinic or other site where livestock or fowl are handled, housed, managed or processed.

When including the Premises ID number on entry forms, please use the identifier for the location where the animal is primarily housed.

If an exhibitor wants to register their premises, an application form can be found on-line at

An application can also be obtained by calling 888/778-7675.

The application process may take up to 4 weeks to receive the number. *Due to packer requirements Premises ID Number(s) must be provided on entry forms to participate in the Hawkeye Market Swine Show. PREMISES IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 19. All exhibitors are required to pay admission.

Discounted admission tickets at $8 (adults) or $4 (children 6-11 years old) per day are available to purchase when making your entries on the Horse Entry Form.

Additional tickets may also be purchased through the Entry Department and in the Horse Barn Office.

Admission tickets will be mailed in late July or early August.

Without admission tickets, the full price of $11 (adults) and $5 (children) per day will be charged at the gate. 3 ADMISSION/PARKING IOWA STATE FAIR * AUGUST 8-18, 2013 * HORSE & PONY 20. No vehicles or trailers will be permitted around the barns, except while unloading and loading.

Any exhibitor reported being in this area for an extended period of time will be towed at the owner’s expense and forfeit any premiums won. 21. Each exhibitor will be given one unload/load permit.

This permit allows a maximum of 30 minutes to unload/load animals and tack but does not provide parking. 22. Exhibitors may purchase a vehicle parking permit for the Rock Island Lot at $8 per day.

Each exhibitor is limited to two Rock Island lot permits per day.

Any additional passes will be issued for Lot Y.

Vehicle permits must be purchased in advance by indicating the specific days on the Horse Entry Form.

Each vehicle permit will park one car or truck (no trailers) in the Rock Island Lot for one day.

Vehicle permits will be mailed in late July or early August.

Vehicle permits are required to park in Fairgrounds lots on a space available basis.

Rock Island permits will not be available at the gate. 23. A special parking lot for livestock trailers and semis (tractor & trailer) is located approximately three blocks south of the Fairgrounds.

You will be directed to these lots by Livestock Control. 24. If vehicles are illegally parked, they will be towed at owners’ expense. 25. Camping overnight in parking lots on the Fairgrounds is prohibited.

Curfew will be called at 1:00 a.m.

Daily and from that time until 5:00 a.m., only those persons with business may remain on the Fairgrounds (including owners or caretakers of exhibits, guards, persons registered at dormitories, Fair officials and employees). 26. For nonresident truck and trailer permits, reciprocity and trip permits visit the Iowa Department of Transportation website at 27. Arrival and departure times for each breed are listed in their respective section of this Premium Book.

Horses must be in place and are not released until the dates and times designated. 28. All horses must be stalled.

No tying or tethering in aisles will be allowed.

Stall fees are listed on entry forms.

Due to limited barn space, stalls will be assigned in order received to barn capacity.

After the barns are filled, entries will be returned. 29. Stalling requests must be stated in the space available on the Horse Entry Form and all involved parties must state the request.

The Barn Manager will have the stall assignments for the exhibitors upon their arrival to the Fairgrounds.

No exhibitors may switch stalls without the knowledge and consent of the Barn Manager. 30. All horses brought on to the Iowa State Fairgrounds are to be entered and shown in a minimum of one class.

In the case of a mare and foal, at least one of the two must be entered and shown.

Owners/exhibitors found to violate this rule (unless the animal is excused by an Iowa State Fair Veterinarian) will forfeit all premiums and be placed on probation with the Iowa State Fair. 31. The Iowa State Fair strongly encourages exhibitors to share tack stalls if possible.

Please note requests on entry forms.

If the demand for stalls exceeds availability, the number of tack stalls requested will be reviewed for reasonableness based on number of head entered. 32. Straw and woodchips/shavings are the only allowable bedding.

These will be available for purchase on the Fairgrounds. 33. It is suggested that all exhibitors decorate their stalls in an attractive manner.

No alteration of stalls will be permitted.

The space in front of the stall must be kept clean of all debris. 34. All stalls must be cleaned before 8:00 a.m.

Each morning. 35. No smoking will be permitted in any barn on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

This will be strongly enforced. 36. Exhibitors will be responsible for taking their animals’ current health certificates to the Veterinary Office for approval prior to picking up exhibitor packets in the Horse Barn Office.

The Veterinary Office hours will be: 8:00 a.m.

To 5:00 p.m., August 6-18.

Please schedule your arrival to give yourself ample time to go to the Veterinary Office for checking of health certificates. HEALTH CERTIFICATES NOT COMPLETED PROPERLY WILL BE DENIED AND THE OWNER WILL BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A NEW CERTIFICATE AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.

Falsifying or tampering with a health certificate is a federal and state offense and will be grounds for disqualification and removal of all animals listed on the health certificate. (Iowa Code 163.18 and 163.24) Official State Fair Veterinarians are available to inspect animals and complete health certificates if a problem develops. STALLING VET OFFICE

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