Shafts : For example the 1977 Washington Post reported that….

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Equestrian Concierge Conditioner travel pack Horses-store.comShafts : For example the 1977 Washington Post reported that….

“… What is clear, is that the gigawatt and above effectively radiated power, energy density deposited in limited regions of the ionosphere can drastically alter its thermal, reflective, electromagnetic [radio frequency] and optical spectrum.” “…Diagnostic for ELF Generation Experiments: These could include a chain of ELF receivers to record signal strengths at various distances from the heater;… A magnetometer chain, to observe changes in the earth’s magnetic field in order to determine large volume ionospheric currents and electric fields…” The HAARP specification sheet continued: “The most important diagnostic equipment is a set of ELF receivers in the 30-200 hertz frequency range” [a far wider ELF range than is admitted in most of the HAARP documentation, which claims that the new system will only generate ELF waves in the70-150 hertz frequency range] “located in the near-and far-fields of the heater generated ELF…” HAARP will involve “the coupling efficiency between the generated ELF in the ionosphere down into the earth-ionosphere waveguide” where, its ELF waves will penetrate and interfere with the earth’s natural dynamo. [It should be noted that Dr.

Eastlund has not been associated with ARCO for some time and apparently is not directly associated with HAARP, even though the system is obviously based upon his government-assigned patents.] After the 08/11, 1987 patent, two additional Eastland patents, related to his invention and the subsequent HAARP project, were released: Patent number 4,712,155; 12/08, 1987 [co-authored with Simon Ramo] and U.S.

Patent number 5,038,664; 08/13, 1991.

The 1991 patent describes how HAARP will work: “This invention provides a method for establishing an upper region of a high density [ie, electron concentration], high energy plasma as a selected altitude, eg, at least about 1500 km, above the surface of the earth.

Plasma [ie, charged particles] which normally exist at a lower region, eg, altitude of at least about 250 km, is excited by first electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase the charged particle energy.

This is done by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation from a point at or near the location where a naturally-occurring dipole magnetic field [force] line intersects the earth’s surface.

The radiation is deliberately transmitted at the outset in a direction substantially parallel to and along the field line which extends upwardly through the region or regions of plasma to be altered…” [Part of the protective magnetic belt that shields earth, will thus be zapped on a large scale.] “…The earth’s magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet.

As such, the earth’s magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line intersecting the earth’s surface at two points on the opposite sides of the equator.

The field lines which intersect the earth’s surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth’s magnetosphere, while those closest to the equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere and below… In both the earth’s ionosphere and the magnetosphere, plasma is present along these field lines…” In addition to the previously mentioned network of ionosphere heating ELF weather-engineering transmitters, the U.S.

Government has also been running other secret ionosphere-zapping generators inside America.

A pre-HAARP system called the Ionospheric Research Instrument [IRI] was set up at Mineral Wells, Texas.

At Stanford, California Stanford Research Institute is now running ionospheric modification programs.

The official HAARP specification sheet also reports that the U.S.

Is running a “Brazilian Ionospheric Modification” transmitter. Other pre-HAARP work has taken place at Poker Flat, Alaska.

The ionosphere heater ELF transmitter at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, has been concealed as part of a giant radio telescope project at the same location.

That ELF facility was apparently opened by the U.S.

As part of the 1974 Valdivostok joint Soviet-U.S.

Weather-engineering agreement.

The Puerto Rico transmitter was turned on about three years after the start of the Soviet Woodpecker system. Unusual Lightning Effects During 1993 Great Floods Observed Over U.S.


Transmitter — Strange skyglow anomalies and weird lightning and plasma-type effects have been seen all over the former U.S.S.R., near the Woodpecker transmitter sites.

For example, the September 23, 1977 Washington Post reported that “…a strange, star-like ball of light was sighted over Petrozavodsk in Soviet Karelia, spreading over it like a jellyfish and showering down shafts of light.” Similar plasma effects have been created by the U.S.

Ionosphere-zapping ELF transmitters, at the height of 1993’s Great Midwest Flood: The 09/24, 1993 Kansas City Star reported that a research team from the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute [which is involved in work on HAARP] discovered “mysterious flashes of light that shoot from the tops of storm clouds into the upper atmosphere… over the Midwest during summer floods.” This sighting occurred when the area was being hit with giant standing wave, long-lasting weather-blocking systems that were generated by a combination of the Russian Woodpecker ELF waves and U.S.

Gwen Tower VLF waves.

The newspaper reported that these mysterious flashes “…resemble jellyfish.

They are brightest where they top out – typically about 40 miles high – so you have the jellyfish body at the top with tentacles trailing down.” Other similar flashes have been recorded from space shuttles and from high-flying aircraft.

The description of these observations bears an uncanny resemblance to the 1977 Petrozavodsk, jelly-fish-in-the-sky sighting. [At that time the Journal of Geophysical Research carried an article by Dr.


Turman stating that U.S.

Military satellites reported sighting apparent monster lightning bolts over the Soviet Union.


Turman revealed that the “superbolts” were thousands of times more powerful than any previously sighted there.

He stated that these superbolts had electrical power to about 10 trillion watts and total energy of more than a billion joules.

Such superbolts were first seen shortly after the Woodpecker system began transmitting.

Prior to that date, the most powerful lightning bolts ever recorded were 10 billion watts and contained total energy of one million joules.] Additional information about the mystery flashes over 1993’s Midwest Flood appeared in the 05/27, 1994 Science Magazine, which reported: “Atmospheric Scientists Puzzle Over High-Altitude Flashes.” The article described events over the Fort Collins, Colorado area during the floods. [Nearby, to the south, there is a powerful transmitter facility [similar to HAARP] that utilizes a high frequency vertical ionosphere heating ELF generating system.

The government alleges that this site at Platteville, Colorado is “closed down.” However, the mysterious flashes were observed on 15 nights in an area of the upper atmosphere very near to that Platteville ELF transmitter… Magnetic Earth — The 01/24, 1985 PBS television show, “The Nature of Things,” reported: A “magnetic force comes from the liquid core of the planet and forms an envelope around it from pole to pole… A great many processes on earth – life processes, and even our weather and climate may be affected by the fact that the earth is an enormous magnet.” “… As the earth rotates, aligned with its axis, it is an all-enveloping field of force… The [earth’s] magnetic field is constantly on the move.” The field of the earth looks very much “like the magnetic pattern around the bar magnet.

It’s called a dipole field.” “… To give an idea of how it works, the lines of force of the dipole field of earth at the surface…extend down through the core, through the liquid metal.

So as this core churns about, it winds and wraps these liens of force and stretches them around and round and round with the passage of time.

And in fact, you eventually get a field wrapped up in the [earth’s] core.” “… The field is prevented from dying away by the constant regenerating motions of the liquid core.

The earth’s core is a dynamo.” The fluid motions are very slow, but are “still able to generate the field.

It’s over such a large scale that it’s able to manufacture the field.” “… If you watch the field closely, you discover that there are patterns in its variations.

In addition to the slow churning of the field [generated by the core], there are continuous regular cycles.” “… Every day at noon, the field strength rises and then dips.

The magnetic record is like a clock, and it also follows the seasons… When records are analyzed, a number of other regular cycles becomes immediately apparent: monthly cycles, cycles in phase with the ocean tides, regular peaks and troughs in the magnetic field – which come not from the core, but from another – much weaker – dynamo.

They’re generated by a system of electric currents flowing in the ionosphere.” “As the ionosphere conductivity varies from night to day, and from winter to summer, the cyclic patterns are produced.

And they are reinforced by even weaker dynamos, operating in the oceans.

The earth’s field is a complex product of all the electrical activity within and around our planet.” “Understanding earthquakes, volcanoes and other geological phenomena depends largely on fathoming the forces at work within the planet’s mantle, the thick layer of rock that stretches form the core to within an average of 30 miles of the surface.

The behavior of the mantle seems to be determined by the core.

The molten center also acts as an electromagnetic dynamo, creating the magnetic field that shelters earth from the high-energy particles that stream from the sun” [06/13, 1988 Time Magazine]. Artificial disruptions [such as created by the Russian Woodpecker transmitters and the new U.S.

HAARP ELF system] dangerously interfere with both the earth’s internal dynamo and the external, magnetic shield – thus exposing humans and animals to deadly high-energy particles from the sun. The 06/21, 1977 New York Times reported that the U.S.

Shipped a 40 ton magnet [the largest in the world at that time] and a team of American scientists to the Soviet Union.

That 40 ton device could generate a magnetic field 250,000 times greater than that of the earth.

The purpose of that shipment was to build a more efficient Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic power generator, which was used to greatly increase the power of the then new Soviet Woodpecker transmitters.

This MHD power system helped the Russians repeatedly override, blank out, and interfere with the earth’s natural magnetic field.

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