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Equi.Linn Sports Bra Athens Horses-store.comShoeing : If you can not be present for the vet we….

RISK OF LOSS: DISCLAIMER While your horse is agisted at Oatleigh, the agistor shall NOT be liable for any sickness, disease, injury or death suffered by the horse or any other cause of action arising from or connecting to the agisting of your horse.

All reasonable and proper care of the property is taken by Oatleigh, but all risks are assumed by the owner of the horse.

The agistee agrees to hold Oatleigh harmless from any loss or injury to the agisted horse.

All costs, connected with agisting are borne by the horse owner.

It is the horse owner’s responsibility to insure their horse and horse equipment against all risks while they are on the property or being transported.

In the unfortunate event that a horse dies, we can bury the horse here at Oatleigh for a fee of approximately $300.

Euthanising a horse will have to be quoted upon by a vet. OWNERSHIP/ LEASE OF HORSE NOT FROM OATLEIGH: If you are not the rightful owner of the horse being agisted at Oatleigh, but have it on lease from another party, you must agree to pay all agistment fees and costs to the agistor until such time as the horse leaves Oatleigh.

If the lease of the horse is terminated before the horse leaves Oatleigh, you are still liable to pay all costs, and care for the horse, until the rightful owner or new lessee signs an agreement with Oatleigh, or removes the horse from Oatleigh’s property.

The rightful owner’s name, address and telephone number must be given to Oatleigh on signing this contract. WE RECOMMEND YOU BRING: We recommend each horse arrives with a halter, and a thin waterproof (combo if possible) rug.

It does not get very cold here so padded rugs are not necessary.

The thin waterproof rugs are ideal for the wet season so the horse does not get too sweaty, and is perfect in winter over the horses own winter coat.

Also a feed bucket and bins for storage of feed to prevent contamination from mice and visiting possums. VET AND FARRIER: You are responsible to call and pay for your own vet and farrier as required.

If you can not be present for the vet, we charge $30 per horse to attend and organise a visit and $10 per horse to organise and be present for the farrier for a trim only, and $20 for a shoeing.

If you do not have a farrier I can recommend several to you.

Please do not attend the farrier in any areas that are used for vehicular traffic as nails cause punctures.

Please clear away hoof trimmings.

Oatleigh will notify the horse owner immediately if they become aware that the horse is suffering from any significant or noticeable sickness, disease or injury.

At the end of this contract we ask you to state your vet and farrier’s name and phone numbers along with any phone numbers that you can be contacted on in an emergency.

If your horse is badly injured or very ill and we are unable to contact you immediately, we will call your vet on your behalf.

All costs must be paid for by you, the agistee.

Please advise us if you change vet or farrier.

If you have not specified a vet on your Agistment Agreement form, or we cannot get in contact with your specified vet, then we will call the nearest vet in the area in the case of an emergency, and you will be liable for all vet costs.

Our vet that we recommend is Stuart Bryce on (07) 5447 6655, mobile 0419 799611 , and he says; “As I live in Pomona, to travel to Oatleigh would be a zero travel” You are required to make sure that you or your farrier cleans up after himself ie sweeps up all hoof clippings and nails and put them in the bins provided, and take with him old horse shoes.

The agistor will not remove agisted horses from the property without the horse owner’s consent, except where the horse is being sold to cover costs by Oatleigh, or there is an emergency (for example, fire or flood) or the horse is being relocated to another paddock on Oatleigh’s property.

In this case the agistor will promptly inform the horse owner of the new paddock location of the horse.

Currently we have 6 paddocks spanning 100 acres. FEEDING/ WASHING/ WATERING/ RUGGING/ RUG MENDING /GROOMING: It is your responsibility to pay for supplementary food for your horse.

The agistor can feed your horse for you, this service costs $20 per week which entitles you to up to two feeds a day or $4 per feed per horse, which ever is the lesser.

The agistor can rug horses; the fee for this service is $3 per day per horse, or $15 per week.

Rugs can be washed at $5 per rug, horses shampooed at $20 per horse, Rugs found and mended $POA.

We can thoroughly groom & pick out your horse’s feet for a $5 fee.

We do however occasionally groom horses and pick out feet on a need to basis for free at our own discretion.

Oatleigh will maintain all water troughs and fences, but please advise us if you notice a problem with them.

We can supply you with top quality hay and feed at well below produce store prices.

Please ask for a price list or let us know your requirements for a quote. WORMING, DRENCHING, MINOR MEDICALS, VACCINATING, TEETH: It is your responsibility to maintain the condition of your horse’s teeth and to regularly vaccinate your horse against tetanus and strangles.

All horses will be wormed at the same time on a 10 weekly basis in the summer, and 3 monthly basis in the winter.

It is your responsibility to worm your horse at the requested time.

Alternatively, the agistor can worm your horses for you; the fee for this is the cost of the paste, plus $5 per horse to administer it.

Minor medical procedures including applying sprays or ointments, creams once daily, will be charged at $3 per horse per day plus $1 for the medical product if not supplied by you.

Attending an equine dentist will be charged at $20 per horse.

He presently charges $100 per horse, or approx $80 per horse for group bookings.

He sedates & uses a power float. RIDING FACILITIES: RIDING LESSONS, HORSE EXERCISE Oatleigh is designed for trail riders, and is located next to hundreds of kilometres of stunning mainly grass horse trails, leading to forests and mountains.

Trails features water troughs, picnic tables with shade and horse yards for overnight camping.

Free maps are available.

We are right in the middle of the Noosa Trail network.

We regularly attend organised trail rides, and invite experienced riders to join us.

It is a very strict rule at Oatleigh that NO ONE is allowed to ride a horse in Oatleigh’s paddocks as these areas are for the horses to graze only.

The exception to this is through the retirement paddock to access the bottom gate on to that trail or when lunging or exercising in the arena after notifying the agistor of your intention to do so.

Riding lessons are available; please ask to make a booking.

The instructor teaches you on your own horse, and takes you out on trail rides.

Lunging is permitted in the round yard provided which are reserved for agistees (and friends of) who have signed an indemnity form.

If you have someone who regularly lunges or rides your horse, for example a family member or instructor, then please organise for them to obtain one of our indemnity forms to sign and return to me before lunging/riding commences.

Anyone found riding a horse or even sitting on one, on Oatleigh property without a signed an indemnity form, will immediately be asked to dismount.

When we have time to do so we are happy to exercise quiet sound horses only.

Please be fully aware that this is at your own risk, and no financial responsibility will be accepted if a horse is injured or dies as a result of the ride.

We will accept no payment for exercising your horse, and by signing this contract we waiver all financial responsibility. HELMETS AND SAFETY BOOTS: It is strongly advised that all persons riding a horse from Oatleigh’s property should wear an Australian Standards Approved riding helmet.

You MUST wear protective shoes while on the property, riding boots or similar; absolutely no thongs, sandals, or canvas shoes.

This includes all other persons entering the property; agistees, friends, family, children, instructors, or prospective horse buyers.

All agistees are held responsible to inform any persons entering the property on their behalf that they must adhere to these rules. WASH BAY/ UNDERCOVER AREAS/ SADDLE UP AREA: These areas are provided for your use.

You are expected to keep them clean.

Pick up any rubbish, horse hair etc.

And put it in the rubbish bins provided.

Clean up any manure and put it in the wheel barrow provided.

Lights are provided in all areas of the facility shed for your use; please turn them off when you have finished.

Please remember to turn off the tap.

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