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Custer County Fair Shetland/Miniature Show Entry Form # of classes @ $7.00 per class = $________ Make checks payable to: # of classes @ $30.00 unlimited classes horse/pony = $________ Custer County Fair # of classes @ $12.00 per class after July 25, 2012 = $________ # of classes @ $45.00 unlimited classes horse/pony after July 25, 2012 = $________ # of Non-rated classes @ $5.00 per class = $________ Stall Fees: # First night @ $20.00 per stall = $________ (includes 1 bag shavings) # Additional nights @ $13.00 per stall = $ (no additional shavings included) # Tack Stalls @ $13.00 per stall = $________ # Bags Shavings @ $7.00 per bag (no outside bedding allowed) = $________ # Days Camping @ $15.00 per day = $________ # Office Fees @ $5.00 per horse/pony = $________ Mail entries to: # Permanent Back Numbers @ $5.00 per horse/pony = $________ Heather Franklin 911 N Tressin Rd Total Enclosed: = $_________________ Salina, KS 67401 Statement of Responsibility and Liability: This show is approved by and conducted under ASPC/AMHR rules and is open only to ponies and horses registered with, or recognized by the ASPC/AMHR, unless otherwise stated.

By entering this event, I hereby agree to abide, and be bound by all ASPC/AMHR rules and regulations.

I also agree to hold harmless Custer County Fair, the management and sponsors of the show from all liability in case of accident, theft, injuries or loss, either to myself or persons with me, or to any animal in my care, custody or control in any way associated with my participation in this event. Owner/Trainer Name:_______________________________________ Telephone: ___________________ Address: ___________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian Must Sign if Exhibitor is under 18. (This agreement must be signed before participation in event.) Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________ Please remember to enclose the following: Copies of all Registration Papers Copies of all Youth and/or Amateur Cards Copies of all current 60 day or Permanent Measurement Cards Your Payment Non-Rated Class Descriptions Miniature Horse Halter, Mare/Gelding, 38” & Under/Pony Halter, Mare/Gelding, 46” & Under A.

Horses/Ponies to be shown in halter at a walk and trot.

The Judge must ask for the horse to walk past them and then trot away, making an L turn to enable the Judge to view the movement of the horse from the side.


The Horse/Pony is to be shown to its best advantage.

It is preferred that the horse stand square, which means all four feet are flat on the ground and at least one front and one rear cannon bone perpendicular to the ground.


Horses may be clipped or shown in full coat.


Horses may be shown with or without polished hooves.


Horses must be serviceably sound, in good condition, and well-groomed.

Transmissible weakness and unsoundness to be penalized.


No whips and/or crops are allowed in halter classes.


A youth 13 years old and older may show a stallion in open classes.


Any type halter is permissible.

Miniature Horse Showmanship, Mare/Gelding, 38” & Under/Pony Showmanship, Mare/Gelding, 46” & Under A.

In Showmanship classes, only the handler is judged.

The horse is merely a prop to show the showmanship ability of the handler.

Management must choose and post the showmanship patterns.


Appearance of exhibitor: 1. 10 points – clothes and person neat and clean.

Suitable clothes: hats, boots, long sleeve shirts and gloves are required.


Appearance of horse: 1. 40 points – conformation not to be a factor.

A. 15 Points – conditioning b. 15 points – grooming of horse c. 5 points – trimming d. 5 points – tack D.

Showing horse in ring: 50 points.

Judge will discuss the selected pattern with contestants prior to class.

The selected pattern must be posted two hours before the start of the class. 1.

Leading: 15 points Enter ring leading animal at an alert walk in a counter-clockwise direction.

Walk on animal’s left side, holding lead shank in right hand near halter.

The remaining portion of the lead is held neatly and safely in left hand.

Animal should lead readily at a walk.

After Judge has lined up the class in front of spectators, he or she will call on each exhibitor individually to move his or her horse individually.

When moving horse, be sure that the Judge gets a clear, unobstructed view of the horse’s action.

Allow the horse sufficient lead to move freely the required distance, stop, and turn to the right around the horse.

Exhibitor should perform the showmanship pattern as directed by the Judge or Ring Steward. 2.

Posing: 15 points When posing your horse, stand toward the front facing the horse, but always in a position where you can keep your eye on the Judge.

Pose your miniature with his feet squarely under him.

Do most of your showing with the lead strap.

Never touch or kick the horse’s leg into position.

Do not crowd the exhibitor next to you when in a side-by-side position, or in front of or behind you when lined up head to tail.

When Judge is observing other animals, let yours stand if posed reasonably well.

Be natural.

Over showing, undue fussing, and maneuvering are objectionable. 3.

Poise, alertness, and merits: 20 points Keep alert and be aware of the position of the Judge at all times.

Do not be distracted by persons or things outside the ring.

Show the animal at all times.

Be courteous and sportsmanlike at all times.

Recognize quickly and correct faults of your horse.

Respond quickly to requests from Judges and officials.

Keep showing until the entire class has been placed and excused from the ring.

A Judge may ask an exhibitor questions (Example: exhibitor number, horse’s age, body parts of horse, etc.) At his/her discretion a Judge may ask an exhibitor for an additional test after completion of the set pattern.


The half system will be used in exhibiting your horse.

Exhibitor must be on the opposite half of the horse from the Judge.

Miniature Horse Driving, 38” & Under/ Pony Driving, 46” & Under A.

Horses must be serviceably sound.


General 1.

Boots, wraps, etc.

Of any description are prohibited. 2.

Driving whips, if used, must be of suitable style, and the tip of the lash must not reach past the shoulder of the horse. 3.

All pleasure driving vehicles must be of the two wheel type and have a basket.

Undue noise created by a vehicle will be a reason to excuse the entry from the ring. 4.

Harness must be of the light type with breast collars.

No full hames allowed.

Round or square blinders are permissible in pleasure driving classes.

Side or over-checks are required.

When shown, the horse must have blinders and the check must be hooked.

No other appliances may be used on a driving horse other than the harness. (Example: no fly nets on the ears, face, or body). 5.

Bits shall be of the snaffle type.

No Liverpool bits, curb chains or curb straps are allowed. 6.

Martingales may or may not be used. 7.

Check bits may be used but are not required. 8.

Braids, matching the stable colors, one in the foretop and one immediately back of the bridle path as seen on the larger pleasure driving horses are optional. 9.

Dress Code: Headers, Drivers and their passengers should be dressed appropriately.

Dress in the show ring is to complement the overall appearance of the unit, not take away from the appearance. 1.

Hats may or may not be worn by gentlemen.

Horses are being shown, not the driver. 2.

No strapless dresses in any driving class. 3.

No sandals or open toed shoes to be worn by driver or header. 4.

No T-shirts or shorts.


Class Conditions 1.

Ring Procedure: Pleasure driving horses are to enter the ring counter-clockwise (to the right) at a pleasure trot.

To be shown both ways of the arena at a walk, pleasure trot, and extended trot.

To stand quietly and to rein back.

To be judged 60% on performance, manners and way of going; 30% on the condition , fit and appropriateness of harness and vehicle; and 10% on neatness, appropriateness of attire, and overall impression.

Excessive speed will be penalized.


Walk: A free, regular and forward moving 4-beat gait.

The horse should walk energetically, but calmly, with even and determined pace.


Pleasure Trot: The horse should maintain forward impulsion while showing submission to the bit.

The trot is slower and more collected, but the horse should indicate willingness to be driven on the bit while maintaining a steady cadence.


Extended Trot: This is a clear, but not excessive, increase in gait and length of stride.

The horse goes forward freely, engaging the hind legs with good hock action, on a taut but light rein, the position balanced and unconstrained.

Any exhibitor may wear protective headgear (Certified ASTM/SEI) without penalty from the judge(s).

Headgear harness must be secured and properly fitted.

Miniature Horse Trail In-Hand, 38” & Under/Pony Trail In-Hand, 46” & Under A.

The obstacle course must be posted at the Show Office not less than two hours prior to the class.

Horses/Ponies must be at least one year old for Trail In-Hand.

A horse can only be shown by one exhibitor per class.

All obstacles must be numbered on the course in order of sequence.


Classes will be judged 100% on the manner of horse’s performance through the course.


There is a sixty second time limit to complete each obstacle.

After time is used, the exhibitor will be directed to the next obstacle.

Refusals of three (3) obstacles shall be cause for disqualification.


Obstacle requirements: 1.

Must be a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 obstacles. 2.

Tires and stair steps are prohibited. 3.

Jumps are prohibited.


Edible treats to encourage an animal to perform one of the obstacles are not allowed.


All obstacles should be safe for exhibitors as well as for horses.


Off course will result in elimination from the class and no points, ribbons or awards will be presented.

Off course is defined as: 1.

Taking an obstacle in the wrong direction. 2.

Negotiating an obstacle from the wrong side. 3.

Skipping an obstacle unless directed by Judge. 4.

Negotiating obstacles in the wrong sequence. 5.

No physically moving, or coercing the horse by touching.

It is to be the Judge’s discretion to disqualify. 6.

Horse/Pony leaving the obstacle course.

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