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We are dedicated to providing a safe environment in which our youth may learn and compete, in a setting that is primarily staffed by volunteers.

Good sportsmanship is required at all events and we have a zero tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse, whether directed at humans or animals.

If you are concerned about inappropriate behavior involving horses, parents, leaders, volunteers, trainers or other exhibitors please bring your concerns to the attention of the Show Management so the appropriate corrective steps can be taken. Failure to comply with any of the Snohomish County 4-H Youth Horse Program rules may result in your dismissal by the Show Committee from the Horse Show and forfeiture of all awards and points.

Gross abuse of these rules may be cause for removal from the 4-H program. HAVING FUN – LEARNING BY DOING The Snohomish County 4-H Youth Horse Program is not all about rules – we also feel confident that you will have fun at events and be able to take great pride in your accomplishments as you work on your 4-H Horse Project. Snohomish County 4-H Youth Horse Program ~ Reference Guide Page 24 Revised April 2005 Additional Safety Considerations ENGLISH English Saddles are designed with a safety release where the stirrup leathers attach.

This attachment should always be left in the “open” position.

Ideally, if a rider fell and had a foot go through the stirrup iron, the entire leather would come off, preventing the rider from being dragged.

Realistically, a small, light-weight rider may not have sufficient weight to release the stirrup leather, so preventing the foot from going through the iron is most important! • Be sure the iron is neither too large nor too small – it should have ½” clearance on each side of the foot. • Always ride in a boot/shoe with sharp heel of adequate depth. • Safety Stirrups (Peacock stirrups) are available which have an elastic strap on the outside instead of a metal bar.

This strap would easily release a foot wedged sideways.

WESTERN Western Saddles have “fixed” stirrup leathers that will not release.

Therefore, it is very important that the stirrup fit the rider and that safe footwear be used. • The stirrup should have 1/2 inch clearance on each side of the foot. • A high heel with a sharp angle at the sole may prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup. • A loosely fitted boot would slide off your foot if caught in a stirrup, however, lace-up boots will not release a foot! • Stirrup keepers are to be used at all times.

HELMETS A properly fitted safety helmet (ASTM/SEI equestrian approved) is required at all times when mounted or driving at any 4-H activity for 4-H members, and at all county events for both youth and adults.

TACK & ATTIRE • All riding must be done with a bridle (or Hackamore).

Horses shall not be ridden at any time with improper equipment. • Footwear for Performance and Gaming classes must comply with the footwear appointments in the appropriate rules (ie, boots approved for Equitation or Western Games).

For other 4-H mounted activities the following requirements must be met.

Footwear must have a sharp heel with no greater than 90 degree angle between heel and sole and fully enclose the foot at least up to the ankle.

When leading, longeing or anytime handling the horse from the ground, shoes or boots are required. (They must fully enclose the foot – examples: tennis shoe, loafer, boot, paddock shoes, etc.

No clogs, sandals, thongs, etc.). • No type of running martingale or draw reins are allowed with a leverage bit even in warm up arenas.

PLAN AND PRACTICE Think through a “worst-case scenario”: • Practice an emergency dismount. • If you are ever in the position of having a foot wedged into a stirrup, immediately roll over on your stomach – this should allow your foot to release from the stirrup. • If you are in a place where you think your horse may have trouble (steep trail, spooky obstacle, etc.), pull your foot part way out of the stirrup. Snohomish County 4-H Youth Horse Program ~ Reference Guide Revised April 2005 Page 25 FACILITY USE DURING 4-H EVENTS • No riding double. • Only 4-H Members may groom, school, ride or otherwise handle a horse (except in an emergency situation).

Adults may HOLD a horse while a Member does the work! • All riding must be at a WALK outside of arenas!! Intermediate gaits on gaited horses such as a “running walk” are not permitted outside of arenas. • Do not ride on pedestrian walkways in front of barns – use the roadway. • No hay nets (hay bags are acceptable at horse-shoulder height) are allowed in the stalls. • Buckets must be hung in the front of the stall (may be on the ground if it has no handle).

For miniature horses, buckets may be hung from the ring on the back of the stall. • Rider or handler not having horse under control shall be disqualified from the class and asked to leave the ring.

Difficult and unruly horses can be pulled from the arena or denied entry in further classes by show management. • Longeing is only allowed in the designated areas – not in the arenas. • Horses will not be tied to arena fences or rail or any place that would constitute a hazard. • Horses will not be tied by the bridle or with the chain over the muzzle or under the jaw at any time.

Whenever a horse is tied, it MUST be tied with a halter and lead rope. • Horses shall not be congregated around nor obstruct any walkway, doorway or gate.

Horses shall be in the paddock area only when waiting to enter the next class. • Horses to leave ring at a walk in all classes.

Drill Team exit is the only exception. • Horses that kick MUST have a red ribbon in the tail. • Horses that bite MUST have a red ribbon tied on the head. • Bathing of horses/ponies is permitted at shows and fair, however, no hoses are provided, area must be kept clean, and bathing is only allowed during daylight hours. • No coaching of exhibitors is allowed during classes.

Coaching in the warm-up arena is allowed, however, only from the rail (no one on foot in the arena). • While in the warm-up arenas, do not walk, stop, or stand on the track.

Leave the track (next to the rail) open for those working at a trot, canter or lope. • Trail classes at county shows will have a published cut off time for placing ribbons.

Any riders participating after the cut off time will not be eligible for placing ribbons (which count toward high point). • Medal Riders at County Shows must enter at least two other classes, regardless of seat, to be eligible to ride in Medal Classes (or a total of three classes). • Parking is allowed only in parking areas. • Any 4-H Member spending the night on the Fairgrounds must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21.

Members must be in the Equine Park area by 10:30pm and in bed by 11:00pm.

Any youth without an adult or not in the proper area at curfew time will be sent home. • 4-H Members may not spend the night in horse trailers or cars/trucks or in tents. • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the show grounds at any time with the exception of assistance dogs. Snohomish County 4-H Youth Horse Program ~ Reference Guide Page 26 Revised April 2005 Clothing And Tack Requirements State 4-H Policy is that all 4-H Youth in Washington State 4-H Horse Projects and activities will wear protective headgear (ASTM/SEI Equestrian approved helmet) at all times at a 4-H Horse Event when mounted, riding or driving. WESTERN PERFORMANCE ATTIRE REQUIRED • ASTM/SEI Equestrian Approved Helmet (Western Hat may be worn in Showmanship). • Long-Sleeved Shirt With Collar or Jacket ASTM/SEI Western with collar.

Style Helmet shown • Jeans, Trousers or Western Pants. • Belt. • Western Boots.

OPTIONAL • Tie, Pin or decorated collar (for example, embroidered or beaded). • Chaps (riding classes only). • Vest (belt is optional when vest covers belt loops). • Jacket or Sweater. • Gloves. • Spurs (in riding classes only). • Exhibitor Number may be displayed on the Rider’s back, or, on both sides of the saddle pad (Member responsible for supplying second number). WESTERN PERFORMANCE TACK

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    Horses-Store.com - Spooky : If you are in a place where you think your….