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Scale of the fires’ disruption on display at San Diego stadium Wed Oct 24, 2007 Studio veteran crafts a fire story with a happy ending Wed Oct 24, 2007 PRISON INMATES R HELPING FIGHT FIRES : As Fires Rage for Fourth Day, Hopes Rest …

Wed Oct 24, 2007 FREEWAY 5 BTW L.A. & SAN DIEGO IS/WAS CLOSED DUE 2 SMOKE : As Fires Rage for Fou…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 The Denver Post – A great way to grow Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: 250,000 Urged to Flee in California as Fires Spread – New York Times Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: Pasadena Star-News – Two pedestrians killed on 10 Freeway Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: News: Presidential candidate holds rally in Village | republican, village, s…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: News: Crystal Cathedral graffiti repairs continue | church, rhodes, glass, v…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: Re: SHIRLEY, ANY FIRES BY U IN YORBA LINDA ?Calif.

Fires overwhelm firefight…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 Fw: They have never been this wicked. “SANTA ANAS” : 250,000 flee San Die…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 FW: A story from South Africa Wed Oct 24, 2007 9k Fw: News: Presidential candidate holds rally in Village | republican, village, s…

Wed Oct 24, 2007 — This USC call should be clear Tue Oct 23, 2007 A checklist for evacuations Tue Oct 23, 2007 What FEMA will and won’t pay for Tue Oct 23, 2007 Governor visits fire-ravaged Lake Arrowhead Tue Oct 23, 2007 More evacuations and new fires Tue Oct 23, 2007 Fw: 250,000 Urged to Flee in California as Fires Spread – New York Times Tue Oct 23, 2007 MARIE OSMOND FAINTS ON STAGE Mon Oct 22, 2007 Pasadena Star-News – Two pedestrians killed on 10 Freeway Mon Oct 22, 2007 CAUTION : Windblown soot, gas and dust pose threats Mon Oct 22, 2007 Traveling, only the connection is remote Mon Oct 22, 2007 WOMAN TRAPPED IN CAR FOR 2 DAYS : Woman spends 2 days in overturned car – U.S.


Mon Oct 22, 2007 FIRST TIME I’VE NOTICED THE SO-CALLED “SANTA ANAS” : 250,000 flee San Diego fire…

Mon Oct 22, 2007 ROCKIES HAVE WON LAST 21 OF 22 GAMES : Boston Red Sox – Red Sox roar into World …

Mon Oct 22, 2007 — February 8, 2005 IN Affluent Glen Ridge New Jersey a soldier was involved in shooting at his ex-wife (injuring her) as well as a man that was with her and then killing himself..

He was involved in a case back in 1989 in which a group of popular kids raped a mentally retarded girl with a broom and baseball bat. Corchoran the son of a police lieutenant was one of several involved but was acquitted or not charged …three other boys were sentence to jail…in ’97 Corchoran won a $200,000 settlement… in a federal civil rights lawsuit that charged Essex County with malicious prosecution…Corchoran was in Afghanistan for a year. 13 year old Devin Brown was shot and killed by police after he stole a car and backed into the police vehicle.. 9 year veteran age 31 fired the shots and six year veteran age 26 was also involved. Britain’s Ellen Macarthur became the world’s fastest person to sail solo around the world.. 71 days 14 hours.

Israeli born officer says China will take over the U.S.

Economically by 2025… author’s name is Oded Shenkar… book entitled The Chinese Century and he is a professor at Ohio State Univ.

A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own testicles to celebrate Wales beating England in rugby… age 26 was so convinced that England would win Saturday’s match Geoff Hush told fellow drinkers at a club that he would cut off his testicles if Wales wins… he is hospitalized in serious condition they discovered a new species of monkey in Brazil..

Highest bidder gets the honor of naming it… carbon increasing on all planets. Notre Dame upsets Boston College in Top 25 basketball. .

Man found with rusty nail in neck…stalker arrested for swimming across Miami Beach Bay and laying spread eagle naked on the beach near her house… a four year old in Sand Lake Michigan drove his mom’s car to a video store he would jump down hit the gas and then jump back up to see where he was going..… at 2:00 in the morning and made it there without incident but hit two cars and then a patrol car on the way back.

Refugee camps in Sudan. Man who video tapes prostitutes for public awareness is arrested for allegedly paying the prostitutes to do their sexual acts in front of the camera. Hakeem Olajuwon, former Houston Rockets star, is under investigation for contributions his mosque made to various terrorist related organizations…researchers are now saying it may be possible to predict some tsunamis by watching the coastline ..

A phenomena called subsidence before a quake..as the oceanic plate dives under the continental plate it pulls the continental plate down slowly and eventually so much so that it snaps..

There seems to be a bending before it snaps… so that the shoreline/tide levels decrease slightly—by watching for slight decreases (which can also be determined by the life of microorganisms along the shoreline) it may be able to predict future tsunamis but without any way of saying exactly when..

But not all earthquakes move up and down for example the San Andreas fault moves laterally. They are less concerned about this happening on the southwest coast than the Cascadia subduction Zone which stretches from North California to British Columbia, and also mentioned parts of the Northeast coast. The moose population in West Wyoming has become lower than normal..

Now about at 2700 some studies suggest malnutrition and starvation , others say it was due to grizzly bears , 8% caused by car crashes, wolves 2%, …North Korea acknowledges for the first time it has nuclear weapons..

Young gals and women are being sexually abused in Congo… new U.N resolution makes it unlawful for them to have sex with the Congonese women…Zimbabwe arrest man for competing as a woman athlete..

Boy stunned by police officers in Chicago with a stun gun experienced cardiac arrest and has still not regained full consciousness… the problem of actor missionaries. February 10, 2005 Story about “John of God “ in remote Brazilian village Abediania who calls himself a healer and has an avid faithful following of people coming to him for healing ..

Some say he is successful… actor Corey Feldman has been subpoenaed to appear in the Michael Jackson trial. Now researchers are saying that even so-called “healthy” juices are not much better for children (or adults) than sodas—the juices being simply sugary water, not much different than soda…better off drinking milk… a newborn boy was tossed out the car window with umbilical cord still attached found on the grass less than an hour old ..serious condition in hospital.

Found in plastic bag..

In Fort Lauderdale — Man in Philadelphia was walking around naked at 9th & Market at 5 pm.

Accosted by police officer, officer shot the man after he attacked the officer.

The man then took the officers car and hit a bus.

Andre Kasechenkin, a cycler in the Tour De France, was hit in the face by a spectator during the 16th stage of the Tour de France on Tuesday…unclear whether it was intentional or otherwise.

His nose started bleeding but he was able to continue. July 22, 2005 Scientists now say the earthquake that caused the Indonesian tsunami … they estimate the Indian plate slipped 33 to 50 feet and that it lasted ..

The fault shook for at least 8 minutes, whereas the typical earthquakes lasts about 8 seconds.

Angels beat yankees—second game in a row. July 23, 2005— The terror suspect in London who was killed by London police, turned out not to be linked to terror at all—the London police treated him as suspicious because he came out of a house they had under surveillance—was wearing a overcoat and they chased him on to the subway—but despite the fact that the man was already in the grasp of the police—they shot him in the head and torso and killed him. !!! New system used by LAPD to identify bad cops—developed by Sierra Systems Group along with Bearing Point… it combines databases of complaints, pursuits, lawsuits , use of force..and other records that might be overlooked or ignored by supervisors or judges ..

In the past much of that data only existed on paper spread across bureaus, making it difficult to compile. July 26, 2005 Aruba is draining a lake in hopes of finding Natalie Holloways body. 22 year old man married a 13 year old gal in Kansas, but then when they went to Nebraska—and he is being charged and prosecuted for having sex with a minor.

He’s married to the gal. OJ Simpson has been ordered to pay $25,000 to DirectTV for bootlegging broadcasts—he was caught using the bootleg devices at his home in Miami. Garlic Festival in Gilroy CA this weekend.

In January there are lettuce days in Yuma (CA or AZ).

In Encino? Tomato mania.

Stockton has asparagus festival.

Testical festival in Missoula Festival—celebrating Rocky Mt Oysters.

On Sept 16.

Wisconsin has a national Mustard Museum.


Horeb Mustard Museum.

Ohio has sauerkraut festival on Oct 8.

Washington has the lentil festival Aug 19.

IN April—on weekends there’s the salsa festival in Scotsland AZ.

Collinsville IL has a ketchup celebration, every June. Michelle Kramer was a 25 year old graduate student when she met mark Weinberger, an Ivy league educated doctor who had been married twice before..

He had a medical practice, seemed to be doing well, he was taking her on trips..

And then on a trip to Greece on Sept 24, 2004 she woke up to discover he was gone, and it turns out, Weinnberger, age 42, is alive and is on the run.

His patients had filed over 330 medical malpractice suits.

His clinic was more than 6 million dollars in debt.

His physicians license in Indiana was revoked in May, 2005. July 27, 2005 Estranged couple with 12 children has split up after husband admitted he was gay.

Mum Alina Look dumped her husband, Hannes, after the shocking revelation.

Hannes had announced he was leaving the family home for another man.

He told his wife that he made her pregnant only so that she would have something to do. — The Rover reached the 270 foot high summit, about the height of the Statute of Liberty on August 21.

This is day 591 of the originally planned 90 day mission.

Five silverfox unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) equipped with thermal imaging technology to detect the body heat of storm survivors are enroute to New Orleans. “With thermal imaging capabilities you can actually see into the buildings and see the body image of a person still alive, said Wheldon, vice-chairman of the House Arms Services & Homeland Security Commission.

The lightweight drone, about five feet long, can be operated with a laptop computer. Frist, a physician turned congressman, says that 8 to 10 people are dying per day at the triage center in the Orleans Intl.


Pet dogs have been taken from the ruins to Houston.

Natural coral bridge in Aruba collapsed before dawn on Friday, destroying one of the islands biggest tourist attractions.

The bridge is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean, 25 feet high and 100 feet long, a formation of coral limestone cut out from 100’s of years of pounding waves and strong winds. 100’s of visitors walked across it each year. Not long after the tsunami devastated south Asia the better Business Bureau began receiving numerous complaints of charity scams, and warn Americans about donating to just anybody.

Salvation Army & Red Cross have done a great job of providing help, but if you want to donate to another charity they say check on websites such as charitynavigator.org.

Which ranks charities. Ten Germans are attempting to soap themselves down for 101 hours in hopes of breaking the record for the longest shower, two women and eight men , ages 18 to 22, will try to remain under the constant stream of water from Wednesday through Sunday.

They are allowed a ten minute break for food water and toilet trips and to rub cream into their skin to protect it from the constant stream of water.

A doctor is also on hand to make sure a lack of sleep does not affect their health Justice Renquist died—after 33 years on Supreme Court, age 80, surrounded by 3 children, appointed in 1971..

Elected to chief justice by Reagan in 1986.

Makes it into world cup by beating Mexico 2-0..first time since 1984 since America has been the first team into the world cup for north and central america and the caribbean .. 5th straight world cup for the Americans who are ranked 6th in the world one spot behind Mexico. Lance Armstrong will donate $500,000 from his foundation to katrina victims with cancer—to help them get treatment.

Armstrong survived a bout with testicular cancer that spread to the lungs and brain before winning the 1st of his record 7 straight Tour de France titles. Kenye West—the singer..

Said Bush doesn’t care about black people and that when media shows black people going into stores for food they say they are looting but when white people go in they are saying it is for survival 13% of the female students at Timken Sr.

High School are pregnant. 64 students in the senior class are pregnant .

Expecting students get 6 weeks maternity leave. 30 people died at a nursing home at St.

Bernard parish.

California is the world’s largest producer of wine after France, Italy, & Spain.

Steve Lee found a 1.22 carat gem quality diamond at the Crater Diamond State Park in Murfreesboro worth about $1000.

He said he’s going to give it to his mother. Fire in Caledonia Township, Michigan (not Caledonia Kent County) ..

House/barn exploded..

Felt miles away—six people killed. ..

Health official concedes that the death toll from the New Orleans disaster could be in the 1000’s. …Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had declined to estimate the death toll but conceded that an untold number of people could have perished in swamped houses and temporary shelters.

Human services secretary Michael Leavitt conceded the death toll could be in the 1000’s. Valerie Bennett was evacuated from a New Orleans hospital.

Rescuers told her there was no room in the boat for her pet dog.

She pleaded, offering him her wedding ring and her mom’s wedding ring , the 30 year old nurse recalled on Saturday, adding, “He wouldn’t budge.” At one hospital a doctor euthanized some of the animals at the request of the owners who feared they would be abandoned and starve to death.

He set up a small gas chamber out of a plastic wrapped dog kennel.

The bigger dogs were fighting it.

It took them longer. “When I saw that I said I can’t do it” said Bennet’s husband Lorne.

Valerie Bennet left her dogs with anesthesiologist who promised to care for about 30 pets on top of the hospital roof for as long as he could.

Louisiana State Treasurer, John Kennedy, who was helping out with the evacuation said some owners refused to leave without their pets. Bartenders in New York are selling drinks for $10 ..Big Easy Classics like the Sazerac, the Ramos, the Gin Fizz, Pimms cup, and the Hurricane..

Along with a free set of Mardi Gras beads..

The money they make to support New Orleans bartenders and bars.

Wilderness Park city of Downey. .. ..

Singer Macy Gray is helping out at the Astrodome in Houston..

On Sunday Salvation Army conducted an outside religious service including songs such as “What a Friend we Have in Jesus” outside the Astrodome. Natural disasters are caused by sin in the world said Major John Jones the area commander for the Salvation Army..who led the service, ‘The acts of God are what happens afterward…all the good that happens.” Tim Washington, age 42, said that “God made all this happen for a reason.

This city has been going to hell in a handbasket spiritually.” “We’re getting reports how some religion-based aid groups are trying to fly evangelists into stricken areas and how some Army Chaplains are carrying Bibles, not food & water, to comfort people” said Ellen Johnson president of American Atheists in a statement. “People need material aid, medical care, & economic support, not prayers & preaching” she said.

Article in Reuters News. — 27% of LAUSD students were absent on Monday due to the ”Day Without Immigrants Protest” .

The absences could cost the district more than 2.1 million dollars in funding, double the amount lost due to walkouts in late March (Story by Naush Boghossian) Fellow by the name of Willingham in Texas was found guilty of killing his three daughters by arson.

They had so-called experts testify that all the indicators were present showing it was most likely an intentionally set fire.

He was found guilty and executed on February 17, 2004.

The Innocence Project which works to get people off death row if there is any indication of a bad trial.

They paid new experts to look at the evidence and found that there was no evidence of arson and that the prosecution’s witnesses were completely wrong.

Another fellow who spent 17 years in prison also had the evidence in his case re-examined and was subsequently exonerated and released from prison. Barry Bonds hit home run #712 in San Diego–sending a 97 mph fastball on to the roof of the concession stand behind the center field fence.

He needs two more to tie Babe Ruth, three to overtake.

Laker lost .

Kobe Bryant was ejected from the game for arguing with the referee.

Earlier, another player for the Suns, Bell, was ejected for a flagrant foul against Kobe Bryant. Massive warehouse fire in Brooklyn, NY–suspected arson.

Praying for Flo and her family in Washington.

Flo Bode.

Stop at Nancy Venema Groom-Texas. May 3, 2006 Zacharias Moussaoui was given life in prison by the jury .

Father of Tiger Woods, Earl, died at his home today at age 74.

Earl Woods was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 1998.

He was treated with radiation but it returned in 2004 and spread throughout his body. A California judge may declare that those students who did not pass the California Exit Exam should graduate anyways.

He says he is inclined to say that the exam discriminates against those who are impovershed.

Steve Vaught walked across the USA from Oceanside to New York to try to lose weight.

He has a website entitled “Fat Man Walking” and says he lost 100 pounds along the way.

It took him a year to make the journey.

He weighed 410 pounds at the time he started and said he was suffering from depression due to an accident in which he killed two elderly pedestrians while driving. GO TO MSMBP (MIDDLE POINT OR BREAKING POINT) AND THEN SCROLL UPWARD

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    Horses-Store.com - Spread : Wed Oct 24 2007 The Denver Post A great way….